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Expressions Challenge with Remington (ʘ言ʘ╬)

painted a spotted hyena as some practice, unfortunately i completely lost the source of the picture i used as reference for this one (´∩`。)


“What are you looking at?” Newt asked softly, looking at me from the corner of his eye as he continued to make some sort of brew thing. I will admit, I was staring at my best friend/traveling partner/beast catcher and care giver.

“I’m counting your freckles, Newtie. You just have so many. My skin is boring. I just want to take some of your freckles, ‘cause you got so much. Won’t you share?” I asked him. It was true, he had so many freckles and I just absolutely admire them. They make Newt look so cute.

“If I could I would most certainly share my freckles with you, (Y/N),” he answered with a laugh. I smiled at him and continued to watch him put some ingredients together. I liked when he would scrunch his eyebrows together when he was thinking.

“Ok I’m getting the feeling you’re bored,” he said and pushed everything he was doing to the side and looked at me smiling. I shrugged my shoulders. I wasn’t exactly bored but I wasn’t having the time of my life either.

“I don’t know, come sit with me on the couch,” I explained, getting out of my chair and extending my hand towards him to take. He playfully rolled his eyes and grabbed my hand, allowing me to pull him over to the blue, worn down couch. I sat down at the edge and he laid down on the opposite side, his feet extending over my side and over the arm rest. We were just sitting there, relaxing before I got an idea.

I pushed his legs off of me and got up then sat on him in a somewhat straddling position on his hips. Newt got all flustered and red. “W-what are you doing?” he babbled out all embarrassed. I laughed at him and poked his nose.

“Do you think I could count your freckles?” I asked him, pinching his nose.

“S-sure,” he mumbled, still embarrassed. I began to count his freckles on his face starting with his nose. It took me a while to get past his nose so I decided to go down his face. I was at 71 freckles when my eyes landed on his lips for longer than they should have. But they are just so perfectly shaped. I looked up into Newt’s eyes to see he was already staring into mine. A tint of pink on his cheeks from which I assumed was caused by my staring at his perfectly kissable lips. I felt my own cheeks get warm, I shouldn’t be thinking about Newt like that…he’s my best friend. But I couldn’t help myself from leaning closer to him…

When our lips connected it was as if fireworks went off. Newt kissed me back right away and honestly it was the best kiss I’ve ever had. It felt so… right, like our lips were designed perfectly to fit within the other. When I pulled away we both said nothing, just looked into each other’s eyes. A hint of surprise and fondness in his and I assumed in mine as well.

He began to sit up and I positioned myself so that when he was sitting up right I was still on his lap, legs on both sides of him. For once I had nothing to say and I always have something to say.

“You know how they say the longer you wait, whatever you were waiting for is 100 times better?” he asked, breaking the silence. I nodded my head softly, not breaking our eye contact. “Well they’re right!” he declared, smiling widely at me. I smiled happily back at him and his nerdiness and he kissed me again.


I’m not sure how much I like this but I got the idea so I had to write it. Thanks for the read and feel free to message me to correct anything wrong in it or to request anything!

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Can you do headcanons for the main 3 and how they'd be when their s/o accidentally sees them naked? ;D

i most certainly can!


  • it would most likely be when he was coming out of the shower and his towel dropped, or maybe if you walked in on him in the shower or something
  • he’s not very embarrassed, and might even pose or something or wink at you this dork
  • its not a big deal for him and he just kinda moves on after that like oh its nothing 
  • but if Viktor is in “the mood” then he might come towards you and try to initiate in the sexuals
  • “why don’t you join me, _____~?” he would probably whisper that in your ear whilst giving you kisses on the shell of your ear and your neck 


  • hes completely taken aback if you see him naked, most likely when he was changing or stepping out of the onsen 
  • he’s blushing and trying to cover himself and apologizing for you having to see him so suddenly like that
  • once he successfully is able to find some coverage for himself, he would apologize to you once again
  • Yuuri would still be somewhat embarrassed because of the incident even if it had been a few hours
  • although it’s unlikely that he would get into the mood, he might want to use the mood in order to avoid the shame of the situation this lil guy 

【 YURI 】

  • this would most likely happen when he was in the middle of changing, i can’t really think of any other way it would happen
  • rip yuri plisetsky because he dies once you two make eye contact
  • no matter what, he scrambles to cover himself up and he’s super embarrassed and blushy 
  • it can go two ways with him really, on the first one, he would just blush and become super embarrassed, and would not want to speak to you for a little bit because wow that was awkward
  • on the second one, he’d become angry-embarrassed, and would yell for you to get out or something and huff a bit ( but he loves you and he doesnt mean it he’s just an embarrassed bean )
She’s Out There, I Promise (Cinderella AU Pt. 6)

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,405

Warnings: Self hate, taking the blame for something (if that even counts) SUPA FLUFFY of course ;) not sure if there’s anything else.

Summary: Dean is searching for his mystery girl does he find out that it’s you or someone else?? (hehehehe I’m such a tease;) ) There will be a part 7!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

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i think one of the cutest things about bunny is that if kenny and butters started dating then butters would be happy to be karen’s new playmate like if karen wanted to play dollies then okay butters would play dollies and he’d put on high-pitched voices for the dolls and he’d dress them up no problem and if karen wanted to play tea party then okay butters would play tea party and he’d dress up too and he’d make the pouring-tea sound effects and if karen wanted to play house then okay butters would play house he’d even be the baby if she wanted him to or he’d be the pet dog and he'd put his all into barking he wouldn’t mind and karen would love it and kenny would love butters for it.

Emergency update: You have gotten permission to visit Rusty in the hospital.

… If you’re going to do so, it is… highly recommended you do it now. The doctors are not hopeful.

If you would like to visit him, you may do so anytime, I believe, and most certainly between 8Am and 8pm. If you would like to, please contact me and I can give you the information.

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For me there is only one reason for antis existence: they all hate Cait fiercely and are envious of her as a woman of a stunning beauty, talent, success and the place she has in Sam's life. There isn't another reason for me for them being against the idea of them two to be together, so they want any other female (better if this one has insignificant skills and a common beauty) near Sam. So they attack people who loves the idea of Cait, with virtues they'll never reach, be Sam's heart owner.

Most of them are selfish… they don’t want a potential relationship between Sam and Cait to ruin THEIR show. That is what it boils down to. Part of it is Cait but most of it is selfishness. If there was a guarantee that they would not break up and would remain together throughout the duration of the series I think most anti’s would be on board. It certainly has nothing to do with respecting anyone’s privacy. It certainly has nothing to do with TRUTH. It’s all about the threat that a SC relationship in real life would ruin the show if they broke up. 

Plain and simple. 

If they aren’t then they aren’t. Who cares. Why spend so much time worrying about it unless they feel threatened… 

Stay here, don’t make a sound and don’t blink come out until it’s safe. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

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hiya love, I'm obsessed with you(r fics) as always ugh help plz it's unhealthy, anyways would you ever consider writing any fantastic beasts fics? Cause I'm almost as big of a sucker for fbawtft as I am for dramione & it just popped in my head and now I can't get rid of it

Hello my love! Ah, my darling, I would most certainly consider a one shot in Amortentia. I actually have had something in mind for a couple of months now but to be totally honest with you it is Utter Filth, and I should probably state a few things upfront, namely that I don’t care for Tina. What’s with Joanne’s heroines always hesitating in crucial moments? “Jump, Tina!” was basically this franchise’s “there’s no wood!” - you know what I mean? Frustrating. V frustrating.

Anyway, my point is that I ship Newt and Queenie a little bit. I won’t lie to you. I really love the moment where he’s all “pls don’t read my mind” and I have A LOT OF really inappropriate THOUGHTS on where that could go from there. I sort of like Tina and Graves, too, which might be really messed up but like… i don’t know

So TL;DR: provided you’re willing to trust my wild shipping tendencies I will happily write you something??

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Who are your closest friends on tumblr?

Hi anon!!

This is a good ask cause I love bragging about my friends and my love for them ☺️

@robertssofttouchxaaronssoftlad and @apositivelifeaffirmingway are the two I would most certainly call my best friends on tumblr. I talk to these two every day (99.9% of the time). April once called us the three musketeers which was the cutest thing ever and I just really love these two because they are so kind and supportive and smart and funny and I love having discussions with them.

@youslicetheginger @escapingreality51 @wellyfullofale @evak-malec @aarondinglestears @sapphicsugden @dasoni @darlingaaron are all others I consider close friends. I talk to them all quite frequently and they are always there for me no matter what and I can talk to them about anything. All of these people are beyond lovely and talented as hell and smart and funny and make this fandom what it is for me. I wouldn’t have stayed on this god forsaken site if it wasn’t for them.

All of these people have been so wonderful and have been there for me during these past few weeks which have been fucking awful both on here and irl. Whether it was talking about my struggles, talking about our boys, or just sending things to make me smile…they have made my experience here amazing and worthwhile.

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I have no one to talk to, and i have something to get off my chest and your blog is one of my faves sooo... Well,I live in a Muslim country,with a strict Muslim family.I'm a Christian,and they are being so mean to me.My own family.Because of what I believe.I just can't stand it anymore. It makes me extremely sad. Please pray for me that I can get through this, and pray that my familys financial situation gets better so they can afford my education in US. I want to leave this place. I'm so sad.

I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this…Really, I can’t imagine what that must be like. I will most certainly pray for you and your family. I pray that God would comfort, strengthen and uphold you through these difficult times, as well as meet your every need. I also pray that you would be a light and example to your family and those around you, so that they might come to know Christ through you. Lord, may their eyes be opened and their hearts softened to the truth of You and Your gospel…Bless this dear soul in Jesus’ name, and please be with and comfort those who all likewise struggle.

God is always with you, and I know He will bring you through this. He is ever faithful and He loves you very, very much. God bless you.

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Tsukishima, Ennoshita and Tendou? For the ask thing :D

Awesome! :D

Tsukishima- How do you feel about dinosaurs? 

Meh, I’m pretty neutral towards them tbh. 

Ennoshita- Are you the only responsible person in your friend group? 

I’m not the only responsible person, but I would certainly consider myself the most responsible. 

Tendou- What kind of “monster” are you? 

Already answered, but it would definitely be something to do with memory. I have a weirdly good memory and I kind of hate it bc it leads me to remembering faces of people I met in preschool. It’s kind of awful. 

Thanks for the ask! <3

Fun Haikyuu!! Asks!  

Ten Minutes Ago (Part 11)

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Cinderella Au)

Words: 1,453

Summary: The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Warnings: Fluff

Tags: @a-girl-who-loves-disney @supernatural508 @sadanddeadwinchester @tsunshunkami @docharleythegeekqueen @mygirlthatis

Tags: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

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“No, Your Highness. Of course not.” Ms Knight replied and Dean felt his temper spike, knowing she was lying and losing his patience.

“I’ll looking for Ella, I know she’s here.” The prince finally said and the sisters gasped.

“But I am Princess Ella! My feet are just swollen from dancing so much last night, I’m sure if you let me try the shoe on again-“ Ruby tried to slip in, walking up and trying to grab the slipper.

Dean glared at her, ripping the shoe from her reach. “You most certainly are not miss and I am appalled that you would suggest that.” He turned to the older woman. “Now, please tell the truth, where is the other maiden occupying this household?”

“I’m here! I’m here!” A heavenly voice came from behind and the three men turned. A dirty maiden with bloody knees and red-rimmed eyes was running down the stairs. At the pace she was going, she should have tripped, but it was obviously Ella, and Dean knew that this girl could run down grand staircases in heels without stumbling.

The prince’s heart leapt at the sight of his love. She looked exhausted, dirty, and poor but Dean couldn’t care less, pushing past his entourage.

She skipped the last two steps and landed gracefully at the bottom, walking quickly to close the difference between them. Before she could get far though, Ms Knight stood between them, facing the prince.

“Oh, her? She is just our maid. She is no princess and her name is not Ella… Her name is… Cinders. She is dirty and poor. You don’t want her, Your Highness. Besides,” The woman stood up defiantly. “She is engaged to someone else.” The woman and her words enraged Dean, made him want to throw up. He didn’t want to believe what she was saying.

You do not tell me what I want, Madam. I don’t care if you were my mother’s friend, I will not let you insult the future queen of Winchester.” Dean gestured for her to move and she did, her face red and mortified, scurrying off in shame. “Castiel, Sam, please escort these ladies out of the room so that I may speak to this one alone?” His friends did as told and soon, Dean and his love were alone.

The girl now stood only a couple feet from him, timidly holding her hands behind her back and avoiding his eyes. She must have been scared of how he had reacted and Dean inwardly cursed his temper.

Slowly, still holding her glass shoe, Dean walked forward until he was standing right in front of her. She curtsied low, not rising until he spoke. “Look up at me miss.” She did and Dean stared into those beautiful glistening eyes and fell in love all over again. “What is your name?”

“Y/n Y/l/n.” She replied and Dean felt a smile spread across his face as memories flooded his mind. All he needed was her name and he remembered. He remembered the games and the songs and the flowers. He remembered her mother (who was very much not Ms Knight) and their tea parties. He remembered her.

“Y/n.” He breathed, wanting to scream it from the roof tops. He wanted to tell everyone that this was his mystery princess, this was his love. But he had other things to deal with first. “Is what that women said true? Are you engaged to another man?”

Y/n looked down and nodded. Dean felt his heart sink, but the girl spoke. “She told me yesterday, promised me away to a rich man named Crowley. He is coming to collect me tomorrow.”

“Do you want to marry Crowley?” Dean asked, the words barely making it past his teeth. He knew who Crowley was alright. He is slime, dirty, gross, slime that would contaminate this outstanding girl and then leave her to die. The prince was hoping against hope that Y/n would say no.

His prayers were answered when the girl shook her head vigorously. “Absolutely not.”

Dean visibly relaxed, his heart making an appearance in his chest again and beating fast as he held up the lost slipper. “May I see if this shoe fits you, Y/n?”

The girl looked down shyly, then glanced into his eyes and finally nodded. “You may, but I need you to tell me something first.”

“Anything.” The prince promised.

Y/n took a deep breath. “I do not wear big fancy dresses, or dance in front of hundreds of people. I do not eat in the moonlight, or run at midnight. I do not own fancy carriages or have glass slippers. And I am not a princess.” Dean smiled a little at that. “But, if that slipper fits, will you take me for what I have: love for you, and your family and your kingdom and a special song that my mother and a queen taught me long ago?”

Dean felt like he was going to cry. He loves this girl so, so much. She is perfection. So, he nodded. “Yes. If this shoe fits, I will take you for your love, and your song, and all the things you have that you don’t realize.”

Y/n nodded contently and sat down in a chair, raising her already bare foot. Dean placed his hand gently on her heel and slipped it easily in the glass slipper.

“A perfect fit.” He whispered, looking up to her. “Made just for you.” And he grabbed her hands and pulled her to stand up. “Because Y/n? You were meant to be my bride, my queen, and I love you.”

Y/n smiled and put her hands on the back of his neck. “I love you too, Dean, I know now. Thank you for not giving up on me.”

“Never.” They drew closer, the prince moving his hands to cup her cheeks and wiping the red under her eyes with his thumbs. He never wanted her to cry again. He also really wanted to kiss her, glancing at her lips before flicking up to her eyes again and again. “I’m gonna kiss you now.”

“You better.” She retorted just before his lips collided with hers, moving in perfect symphony together. Dean smiled into the kiss and heard her sigh happily. They had waited so long for this moment.

When they pulled apart, Dean couldn’t stop smiling, resting his forehead against hers and looking into her deep eyes. “You have a lot of explaining to do, miss.” They laughed lightly and pulled away. Dean didn’t want to lose contact though so he slipped his hand into hers, intertwining their fingers. “But for now let’s get you to the palace.”

They walked out of the sitting room hand in hand, smiling dreamily at each other and Sam laughed. “Finally!” He muttered and Dean threw him a dirty look.

Ruby and Meg stared at them with wide eyes and mouths. The mother stared them down with a grim look, turning sour when her daughters curtsied as they passed. “You’ll always be Cinderella.” She sneered.

Dean looked at Y/n and was surprised to see her smiling kindly still. The maiden shook her head. “No, you’ll always be the wicked stepmother. But I will always be me, and I always was. You are the one who thought differently, and I forgive you, but don’t come near me again.”

Dean looked back to Ms Knight with a cold stare to reinforce Y/n’s declaration. The woman was completely taken aback, staring at them as they continued to walk out of the dark and dreary house.

Dean looked at his love with pride and turned to his head guard. “Please make sure the future queen’s wishes are carried out.” He told him and then resumed his stride to the horses.

“You’re being awfully presumptuous about me being queen.” Y/n said. “What if I don’t want to marry you?”

“Oh, I mean, that’s you choice but-“

Y/n laughed, a beautiful sound that made Dean smile. “I’m just kidding,” She chided, kissing his cheek and he blushed. “You’re blush is adorable by the way and I do expect a full proposal.”

“Oh, most definitely.” Dean replied and lifted her up onto the horse before mounting it himself, the younger prince doing the same.

“You two are going to make me sick.” Sam announced and Y/n laughed again.

Dean turned to gaze into his mystery princess’ magnificent eyes and smiled. “Oh, you bet.”

Then they galloped off, Y/n’s arms around Dean, humming a familiar tune in his ear. Because that was all behind them, the mystery, the running, the Knights, it was all ten minutes ago.

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A friend of mine recommended me TBFE but I'm a bit afraid to continue read it since it seems to be a bit dark dark (and about to get even darker by your hints) so I just wanted to ask if you are going to put up warnings before you post anything triggering in a new chapter? ;_; Victor seems a bit yandere in your story and I'm afraid there will suddenly be dubcon/rape without warning so I wanted to ask and make sure..

I would most certainly have tagged the story with non:dub-con/rape if such a scene were to be included. I can promise you that. However, (spoilers) similar issues may be alluded to, given the nature of Yuuri’s profession in this AU. It’s only ever implied and then discussed, but never shown and that chapter will have a warning in the notes beforehand.

I didn’t think Victor was yandere, just intense but I’m seeing it now. xD Poor thing, I just love indulging his jealous tendencies and the nature of the power imbalance between Yuuri and Victor at this time. But this is something else that will be addressed as the story moves along.

I’m glad you asked, just in case anyone else was having these worries! But no, there won’t be any non:dub con/rape scenes in this story.

I hope this helps! I’m sorry to have had you worry, but I will always tag the whole story for such intense topics.