i moon shine



so i heard that the sun and the moon are girlfriends

(i wonder if they meet in twilight or dawn)


just taeil things
   ↳ #happytaeilday! ❤

happy birthday to my sun and my moon, vocal king and strony boy moon taeil. it’s been years since we’ve started this journey together and there hasn’t been a single day in which i regretted supporting and loving you. your extraordinary ways, as awkward as they may seem at times, have always managed to put a smile on my face, even on the worst of days. i’m so grateful, and words couldn’t possibly describe that. i hope you feel at least fifty times the amount of happiness that you’ve brought to me on this special day of yours, because you deserve nothing less than utter contentedness and love and i hope whoever surrounds you will give you just that! happy 23rd birthday, taeil! (sub cr.) (sub cr.)


She could almost see herself glowing much brighter than ever. 

And even though it was such a rare occurance, she could remember it very well while he approached — almost as if it was her own light, and not his. That burning sensation, that blinding light. Something lingering in the back of her head, like a feeling, or memory long lost.

She could only trap his light for a few moments. But she always felt that slight connection, as if something was amiss. 

Was he that mysterious, with his blue smile and sweet words? No. Maybe it was just her curiosity towards those moments. But deep down, she felt, there was something else, hidden between the cycles, waiting for them to find out.

There was something about them.

About him.

About her.

She could only wonder. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy that moment, even if for a little bit.

The Eclipse

I saw @illustraice AU some time ago and got hooked. What an amazing AU! so I decided to make a fanart about it cause yaaaassssss it’s so good ç~ç

Signs as Mythical Creatures

Aries: Werewolf 

“Every time the moon shines, I become alive”

Taurus: Nymph

“She was free in her wilderness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city”

Gemini: Fairy

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”

Cancer: Siren

“You have witchcraft in your lips”

Leo: Goddess

“She was dangerous, independent, and strong. The sound of her heels against the marble floor shook the devil up”

Virgo: Angel

“She wasn’t given wings to see the world from a tree”

Libra: Unicorn

“Your sparkling optimism has not gone unnoticed”

Scorpio: Vampire

“We enjoy the night, the darkness, where we can do things that aren’t acceptable in the light. Night is when we slake our thirst”

Sagittarius: Centaur

“Oh, darling, can’t you see? I’m an alien and you are just a human to me”

Capricorn: Pixie

“In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar”

Aquarius: Elf

“You’re a work of art. Not everyone will understand you, but the ones who do, will never forget about you”

Pisces: Mermaid

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air”