i missed you guyz


Man I have so much work, I just realize that F is for Family season 2 is out on Netflix ! Yeeepee!

Lots of great memories working on this show. It wasn’t a piece of cake but it was one of my favorite experience so far. I so thankful for meeting so many great and talented people that I can call friends now. By the way, I Miss you guyz !

I had the chance to do some design on the show. One of them can be seen on episode 7. My very first comic book page! Frank is using a newspaper comic page as a wrapping paper for his gift.

The idea was to draw it in the “Peanuts” style. I was given total freedom on the story. Actually I didn’t have much time to think about it. I just did it and have a blast !

No more talk, here is a screenshot of the show and the whole page.