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·· I was under the impression that quinces were bow-and-arrow using savages…But after witnessing that, I guess they’re quite civilized… ··

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Baby Driver

Talk about a movie that hits on all cylinders (literally). I was hooked in the first minute and in love by the end of the first scene. What the critics are saying is true, Baby Driver is an instant classic and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it turn up in a future SAC course.

At the risk of staring the obvious: this remixed trailer is the shit and has been on repeat for like the last three days.

• The film was shot from Baby’s perspective. You see it in the camera work and you hear it in the audio. The most prominent example I can think of is how the camera moves with Baby as he dances, and the audience hears what Baby hears. The music gets louder when he turns up the volume, it’s louder on one side when he’s sharing earbuds with someone else, during meetings the audience only hears the song Baby’s listening to - we don’t can’t hear what Doc is saying until Baby repeats his plan back to prove he was paying attention.

• The MUSIC!! The pulse of this movie lies in it’s music. Have you ever seen a gun fight take place to the beat of “Tequila” by Button Down Brass? Cause it’s fricken awesome. Bullet shots, foot steps, cuts, camera sweeps, dialogue, background noises, it’s all paced to the beat of whatever song Baby is listening to (again, Baby is our narrator).

• Pacing like a Boss!!! This movie never lulled. It was long, but it didn’t feel long. It’s not easy to do that. I think the music and setting the pace of the film to the beat of the music is what really made Baby Driver fly.

• Let’s talk about how there was a Deaf character and HoH protagonist who’s disabilities aren’t treated as such. Baby and his dad carried out entire conversations in sign language and the movie absolutely treated it the same way as any other verbal conversation. We are given these Deaf/HoH characters who aren’t defined by being Deaf/HoH, but their being Deaf/Hoh isn’t ignored either. Their disability wasn’t made into a “thing” and in Baby’s case it was seen by some of the other characters (especially Doc) as almost offensive to think that, because he was HoH, Baby couldn’t do his job. Baby is HoH and he can drive circles around you in his sleep bitch, deal with it.

• The comedic timing in this film was spot. on. Visual gags, perfectly timed gestures/actions, and an inside Disney/Pixar reference that comes back in the greatest way possible. Bravo.

• 2017 is the year I go broke spending all my money on film soundtracks. Yet another great soundtrack that I will be listening to on repeat for weeks to come. (Also, way to make me miss the 90s, jeeze).

• The COLORS!!!! Omg this movie was beautifully colored and absolutely gorgeous. From the lighting, to the way they used the flash in car headlights when you turn them on/off, to the FRICKEN LAUNDRY. Honestly, I didn’t think laundry could be aesthetic but here I am.

• The 90s/iPod nostalgiaaaaaa

• A movie about crime and fast cars that actually has a decent plot - whaaaat??

• Hello John Hamm - the celebrity crush I didn’t know I had

• HELLO Eiza Gonzalez, where have you been all my life???

• An actual non-cringey relationship between Buddy and Darling?? I was pulling for their team, fam. They love each other so much it makes me want to gag. There was no room for tolerating any derogatory language/behavior toward Darling, she and Buddy shut. that. down! Honestly, forget Joker and Harley Quinn. If you want your “relationship goals” to be based around a crazy couple steeped in the dark life of crime I would like to introduce you to Buddy and Darling. Much healthier situation than J/HQ (though still not completely healthy cause, let’s be real, they’re a crazy couple steeped in the dark life of crime).
10/10 - wholesome crime fam vibes af

Please go see Baby Driver, you won’t regret it.  

#Melanin #WarOnMelanin 

The Aeta (Ayta, pronounced eye-tə), or Agta, are an indigenous people who live in scattered, isolated mountainous parts of the island of Luzon, the Philippines.

These peoples are considered to be Negritos, whose skin ranges from dark to very dark brown, and possessing features such as a small stature and frame; hair of a curly to kinky texture and a higher frequency of naturally lighter colour (blondism) relative to the general population; small nose; and dark brown eyes. They are thought to be among the earliest inhabitants of the Philippines, preceding the Austronesian migrations. The earliest inhabitants of the Philippines lived some 40,000 years ago.

The Aeta were included in the group of people termed “Negrito” during Spanish Era. Various Aeta groups in northern Luzon are known as Pugut or Pugot, an Ilocano term that also means “goblin” or “forest spirit”, and is the colloquial term for people with darker complexions. These names are mostly considered inappropriate or derogatory by fellow Negritos of northern Luzon.


The Aeta are the indigenous people of the Philippines. The pale skin Eurasians you see there today are Mongoloid – not Negrito. The Mongoloids are invaders to the islands. Those they could not kill they have tried to breed out. The Aeta have been dealing with genocide longer than the Australian aborigine, and long before any Europeans set foot on the island. Most people suffer some sort of cognitive dissonance around this issue. It is inconceivable that Asians are killing black people and Asians have been killing black people and stealing their land for ‘thousands’ of years. There is no stigma like that of the European slave trade. The Arabs and the Mongols have essentially gotten away with the mass murder of hundreds of millions of black lives. Most see the people of India as a race and not genocide. To be clear – Indian is a nationality not a race. People are not aware of truly how much suffering black people on this earth have had to endure. 800 years before the transatlantic slave trade there was the Arab slave trade. The Arab slave trade was still going on when the European slave trade began and has never quite ended. It is said that the Arab slave trade was equal to the European slave trade if not worse. Before the Arab slave trade the Mongols killed upwards of 40 million people (some estimates are as high as 80 million). At this early time in human history that is almost half of what would have been the worlds known population. The Mongol Empire eventually stretched from Central Europe to the Sea of Japan. The black people in China and Japan were genocided out of history (some say they still remain in pockets). The black people of Thailand(the Mani), Cambodia (the Khmer) and Vietnam (the Champa) are all still there despite the genocide. In India the black people there have been under attack for 3500 years. Today black people in India are extremely confused about their identity. Most people alive today still dont know how it is that black people came to have straight hair even though the science is there. This may come as a surprise but black people were even the first Hawaiians and Hebrews. Racism did not start in Europe. Racism started in the East and spread towards Europe, which explains why they were the last ones to take part in the enslavement of indigenous black people. What the Mongols couldn’t finish the Arabs took up and what the Arabs couldn’t finish the Europeans took up. WE HAVE HAD NO FRIENDS YET NO RACE COULD HAVE ENDURED WHAT THE BLACK RACE HAS ENDURED AND STILL BE ALIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT. WE ARE THE TRUE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF ALL TROPICAL LAND ON THIS EARTH AND WE ARE STILL HERE…

[Message for the racists that commented on this post]

I know exactly what I’m talking about.


None of our scholars used the word “colorism” because none of them saw the need to. It has only been popular for a couple years now and already I have seen this word used to cover up anti-black racism a thousand times over. Even when a situation is clearly anti-black racism rearing its ugly head people will say “colorism exists everywhere”… Even when all points are indicating that it’s black genocide and erasure, people are saying “colorism exists everywhere”…
All you hair revolutionaries and social services revolutionaries need to take a seat, and/or read a book.      

“Shadeism” was a popular term long before colorism, and still is. Do your research. Pigmentocracry is also another term you should all get familiar with.
Those terms do not apply to this image, and neither does colorism.

Just in case you missed it: Those terms do not apply to this image, and neither does colorism.    

It’s messed up that only one non-black person accurately saw this image for what it is. She wrote “98% sure that last girl is actually African and her white counterpart is….welll. not filipino”. The way the word colorism is being used is not serving our best interests. It should find its place among ethnic white people – where it belongs.


Black people fought to no longer be called “coloured”. As soon as we rid ourselves of that term – here comes “colorism”… I found that very coincidental, and suspect.  

The word “colorism” may have some place (most likely among ethnic white groups) but as it stands it only serves to confuse the narrative. How many times did you hear Master Teacher MLK or Malcolm X use the word “colorism”? How many times did Master Teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke or Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan use the word? Were you ever once confused by the words our black scholars used? What about the rest of our African historians? Did they too lack the intelligence? Do you think they lacked the proper vocabulary to express themselves? Could you dare think such a thing?


The struggle for black people is real. The Black Holocaust is real. Black Genocide is real. Anti-Black Racism is real. Black Erasure is real. Fix your lips and call this what it is. “Colorism” is a nice soft word like “colonialism” that white people use to make themselves feel better about what is happening and what has happened. They are two very watered-down definitions that mask the brutality and continual injustice and unjust circumstance black people are now dealing with.  





Can white people say BLACK LOVE MATTERS?












Why does Investiture seem to affect the eyes so much?

I mean, hemalurgy has a very powerful bind point at the eyes. Sand mastery sucks water from the eyes to the point of them basically not existing with overuse. Shardblades burn them out. Soulcasting makes them seem gem like after extended use. Surgebinding changes eye color to the extent that one could never tell the original color.

Why always the eyes? I wonder if there’s a constant here I’m missing…


yeah alright, that’s a fair question, heh… so here’s a rough setup preview for you! <3

it’ll be animated, and it’s actually missing 2 characters here. there’ll be (at least) 3 gifs in total, mocking some ‘dialogue’ and ‘game movement’ as i’ve been vaguely referencing it as in my head. hmmm i wonder what’s going down in this scene… >v><3

… also, these colors are definitely not final, haha… gah i cannot wait until i can properly gauge what colors i’m actually selecting, thanks grumpy old laptop;;

Modifying Masks

As promised, here’s a quick tutorial on cutting/sculpting stuff on masks. Now I won’t be going too much into the process of sculpting itself, since there are plenty of great tutorials already out there for sculpting (and to be honest my sculpting skills are pretty basic). Let’s start off with some of the tools I use the most.

Here we have a dremel with a sanding bit and a cutting bit, two varieties of putty, and modelling knife. The dremel will only be used at the very beginning for rough work, since it chews through plastic pretty quickly. As for the putties, I mostly use the Tamiya putty, which is a liquid putty. It’s great for filling in small gaps and smoothing out seams in combo masks. I used to use liquid green stuff, but found that liquid green stuff doesn’t smooth out as well, and is much better for adding texture. The milliput I use for large gaps and sculpting new details. You can also use green stuff for this, but green stuff can’t hold as sharp of an edge, and again, doesn’t sand as smoothly, so is better for organic sculpts.

Step one:

First we need to cut out the area we’re filling in. I use the cutting bit of the dremel to make a slit, then the sanding bit to trim down the edges to where I can start carving away with the knife.

Step two:

Now we cut a bit more of the excess material away with the knife. Remember, it’s easier to cut more off than it is to sculpt stuff back on, so it’s best to whittle away in small slivers rather than trying to cut out large chunks all at once.

Step three:

Sand down the areas you cut out to get rid of any rough edges. I used a 600 grit sandpaper for this mask.

Step four:

Now we’re getting into the additive part of the tutorial. Since I don’t want to have to accidentally push the teeth inwards or make holes in them, I’m using a piece of plasticard as a base to put the putty on, cutting it to size with the dremel and making sure it’s tall enough to cover the whole mouth area. It’s pretty flexible, so it can be bent to match the contour of the mask, but make sure you don’t snap it in half like I did my first time around. You can also let the plastic sit in hot water for a few minutes to make it bend a bit easier as well.

Step five:

Now we apply a layer of milliput to the plastic and apply glue to the areas inside the mask where the piece will fit in, then fit in the piece while the milliput is still drying, since we want to do some rough sculpting while it’s in the mouth.

Step six:
Using the back of the knife, I’ve made some lines in the putty to make teeth. It’s pretty rough, but we’ll be doing some sanding after the putty dries overnight to smooth it out.

Step seven:

General sanding and smoothing. I used a color of paint that I never actually use on completed masks to determine how smooth things actually are, as it’s a huge hassle to only see a seam once you start painting the mask and have to go back and sand it, prime it, and start painting all over again. This is especially important when you’re trying to get a smooth transition between the putty and the material of the mask, as it’s very easy to miss a tiny seam when the two materials are different colors. You can see here that the teeth aren’t perfectly smooth, but I find letting them have a little bit of texture makes them seem more organic.

Step eight:

Prime your mask, and double check that everything is smooth.

And that’s pretty much it. This was a pretty general tutorial, since I wanted to cover more the basics of conversions rather than how to make one specific mask, but if you guys have any questions on specifics or want to know about something I forgot to cover, feel free to ask!

Spectralism: Brief Explanation Meta

Be forewarned, this is largely based off my own experience in similar topics as spectralism, studies of spiritual practices, and digging around the MTMTE comics like a heathen in a garbage heap. 

So what I share here, is my own interpretation, and is fallible. I can be proven wrong. My opinions can be missing info, biased or illogical. I’m willing to accept critique and constructive criticism. I also accept if any blogs would like to use this as their own ‘canon’ for their blog, that’s alright with me, but let me know.

Under a read more because Lots Of Text.

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anonymous asked:

O.O I saw the pencil sketch of your dragon OC on the other Blog but how did you line art and color it on Paint?!! with a TRACKPAD? ._. And how did you erase the sketch? I'm sorry I'm a n00b but could you do a tut in your spare time for us people without fancy technology? PS: I bow before your skills TT^TT

OKAY INSIDE IS A PRETTY IN-DEPTH TUTORIAL, i didn’t leave out any steps or tricks i use. possibly the most useful ones are terminating the sketch, and how to use the eraser tool to color-swap which makes the following processes a lot easier:

  • putting markings on a color while without worrying about getting out of the lines

  • putting down some shading

  • coloring lineart

  • marking behind a drawing

(if you didn’t know about that, i recommend checking it out in step 4)

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Because I made them a little while ago and don’t even use them so here, have some colored icons from some of the latest updates

  • Original art by Himaruya Hidekaz
  • Edit by me
  • Reblog/Like if used.
  • Do not claim as your own
Imagine having to give Dean his present a little late...

Originally posted by ehghtyseven

He opened the door to the bunker as softly as possible, the light of the moon beaming in as he and his brother sneak in, blood splattered on their clothes from the latest hunt.
Upon closing the door they saw that the house was lit up by the soft glow of Christmas lights. For around the banister was lights and blue garland covered in sliver snowflakes. The tree, which was two days overdue, still sat in the middle of the space, the lights on, and the cheap, plastic, colorful bulbs hung all over it. Under the tree, however, was not presents of every shape size and color, but pine needles, which demanded sweeping. The smell of Gingerbread still could be sensed in the home.
“So do you really think she isn’t mad that we missed Christmas?” Sam whispered as they both started down the stairs.
“ When I called her on Christmas and explained that we weren’t going to be here she seemed fine with it, and told us to be careful and not worry about her.”
“Yeah, and we promised her we wouldn’t work on Christmas, and. Then promised we be back by Christmas for the party she wanted to throw.”
“Sam I am sure she is fine. Now you go get some sleep, or shower cause you smell like ass.”
“Hey you were the one who decided that a hotel with no water was a good place to stay the past 4 days.” Sam quietly smiled before heading into his own room, as Dean placed his hand on the handle of his shared bedroom, unsure exactly what he would find when he opened the door.

When he opened the bedroom he saw you laying in the memory foam, your figured illuminated by the soft glow of the Christmas lights hung in the room. As he got closer, he could see the features of your body, for most of it was hidden under the bulging comforter over the bed, it looked as though you were curled in a ball however. Your hair was laying on the pillow under your head, your mouth slightly opened, and your eyes fluttering in your sleep. The breathes you took barely were audible, the only sigh of them was the slight raising and falling of the bulge on one side. He smiled as he gently rubbed a callused hand over your head, and softly sneak to the bathroom to shower. A smile spread across your face as you listened to the bathroom door close.

When Dean reopened the door, his hair was dripping wet, and his body covered only by a pair of baggy sweatpants, which you bought him in the beginning of your relationship. He noticed that you had moved over to the other side of the bed, a smile slowly forming as he realized you were waiting for him.
He slowly climbed into the comforter and nestled his head onto your shoulder as you hummed, leaning your back into him, his arms engulfing your frame, as your hands wrapped his hands.
“Merry Christmas babe.” He whispered in your ear, he could feel your whole body shivers against him when he did.
“Merry December 27th. How was the case?”
“Long, the stupid vampires were not where we expected, turns out instead of being in a creepy abandoned mansion, they were in a heavily populated night club. So we had to draw them out, which was slightly harder but we got it done.”
“Well I am glad you are home, I have a present for you.” You whispered.
“Is it you? Because I would love to unwrap that present.” You giggled at his response as you rolled out of Dean’s grasp, and reached towards the night stand drawer.

“Well seeing how you have seen that gift multiple times already, I figured I would try to get you something different.” You beamed as you handed him a small box, which was wrapped in pale green wrapping paper and decorated with a shiny red bow.

“Is it a box of Cond…” He started however you just raised your hand towards him.

“I will not tell you what is in it, so I guess you have to open it to find out what it is.” You replied as he slowly started to open the paper around it, careful not to ruin the paper as he did. His eyes meeting the top of your head, as he observed you watching his hands play with the wrapping. His eyes then fell back upon the closed box, and upon opening it he discovered a engraved, metallic flask.

“No way, where the hell did you find a Metallica flask?” He asked as he started to pick it up, feeling that it was slightly weighted.

“Ebay, plus I went to the story the other day after the party, since Bobby accidentally drank all your supply, and bought you a newer and bigger bottle of whiskey. I figured I would fill it too this afternoon. So it should still be…”

The rest of your sentence was lost however, when Dean crashed his chapped lips into yours, and slowly began making out with you, as he did he softly whispered, “Best present ever.”

“You think that is good, you should se….” Your sentence was once again lost though at the sound of Sam throwing your door open and the sound of bells as a lump of golden fur leapt up onto your bed.

“Oh no no no no no.” Dean started as the lump of fur collapsed into your legs, as your hand began to pet the lump.

“Dean, she might be the best girlfriend you have ever had.” He exclaimed as you giggled at the thing fallen next to your legs. Dean watched as you interacted with the fur ball and sighed lovingly, “Yeah, she really is.”


I’ve always been fond of @theenglishgent OC’s cause they are all unique and cute. I miss Marie’s old outfit she used to have with the sweater, jeans, and cute red sneakers.❤️ I also just wanted to show here what things look like before and after I color my drawings.😊💙 A few of my friends are fond of his other goil Cora so I’ll post them when they are done doing them. For now enjoy dis and I hope ya like it.

pdturfman  asked:

Show us the power of Face Magic - Reva/MCK

I mean usually you can find this answer under the “my shitposts” tag on my blog ((have a link to that while we’re here lol)) but

here I guess, have a repeat post.

99% certain this is a face edit of @breathingcolorsdraws stream WIP from a WHILE back but, if by some deranged reason it’s not, GUESS COLORS GETS TO ENJOY THIS TOO.

On Gems and Colour

(i hope it’s ok to ask through submission, because i’d have to split it up into several asks)

I’m not sure it can be called a theory, but i’ve been thinking about how much gems can and cannot influence the color pallet of their pysical forms.

Tbh i don’t remember if you were the one making a post about this, but i remember someone pointing out the fact that there seems to be a difference in color shades and/or intensity depending on the age of the gems. I’ve been looking through your Ruby posts again and you said that in Hit the Diamond it was Leggy’s first mission, so she’s probably the youngest. Leggy is the darkest of the Ruby squad. Then there’s Eyeball who is the oldest (if i remember correctly) and her colors are the most faded.
So, this is something they probably don’t have any control over.
Then there’s the thing that gems are usually similar colored to their Diamond or share a color in some variation with them. (eg: Peridot – YD, Sapphire – BD, Rose - PD)
My theory (kind of) is that Pearls are the only ones (maybe Bismuths too) that can change their colors according to their Diamond (or whoever their respective owner is). Real life pearls do shimmer in all kinds of colors after all.
This would explain why our Pearl looks so different from Blue and Yellow Pearl, who stick strictly to the color of their respective Diamond. Could it be that our Pearl changed her color pallet to show that she doesn’t belong to anyone? I think this might be another way to show her struggle of understanding change (as seen in Three gems and a baby) and her willingness to try for Rose.
We’ve seen Amethyst change the color of her clothes multiple times, but her color pallet always stays the same. Pearl on the other hand is the only one who uses very different colors. Looking at her everyday outfits from before Steven was born up until now, she seems to move further away from pink everytime, and her current outfit even has quite a lot of yellow in it. She is basically a mix of the colors of Y, B and PD.

So, to conlude, I think Pearls can change their colors more drastically than other gems (and even if all gems can, none do it except Pearls)

Can I get your thoughts on this? Did I miss something here?

Hi there! Of course you can send in submissions, and thank you for your comprehensive submission here :D

If I could summarise your main points, it’s that:

  • Gems’ colours fade as they age and they can’t control it
  • Gems’ colours reflect their diamond and faction 
  • Except Pearls, who may be able to control their palette after regeneration

I think these are really interesting ideas! :D 

1. Fading Colours

So far our only glimpse at gems of the same type is the Ruby Squad and our own Ruby. And you’re right in pointing out Eyeball has a lighter colours compared to the other Rubies. Leggy is the Newbie and has the darkest, almost purplish coloration. Navy, whom we’re assuming is young as well, has a lighter purple to her, while Doc, Army, and our Ruby have similar colours. 

I like this idea because it shows that even if gems don’t physically, there are still signs of their years passed. And you’re right in saying gems can’t seem to control that. When gems regenerate, they maintain their colour palette and can’t change things like the colour of their skin.

I feel this can be broken down into two ideas. First, not all gems of the same type come out exactly the same. There will be little differences. Just like how some of the Rubies are more on the orange-red end of the spectrum while others are on the violet-red of the spectrum. 

When we talk about intensity of colour though, that’s interesting too. In fact, Eyeball supports this statement in Bubbled. When she and Steven are careening through an asteroid field, Eyeball is still outside the bubble and she’s running, jumping, and dodging asteroids for her life. 

At one point, she gets tired and pants: I think I’m losing my lustre…

Which is said in the context and tone of most people going, “I’m getting too old for this!”

So gems do have a concept of ageing in the form of losing their lustre. And it may be true that after facing a lot of battles or just being exposed to the elements a lot, a gem can have a lot of very small scratches, that make it appear dull, unlike the scratches on a phone screen after a lot of use. 

But it’s very subtle, because gems, in reality, don’t actually age. They do feel time passing and the weight of the years on them though, and it would be interesting if it manifests in their physical appearance as well. 

2. Reflecting their Factions

This is a topic that I’ve covered on the blog before, but it’s worth discussing again! Gem colours reflect the colour of their factions. It makes sense that in The Answer, Sapphire and the other gems aligned with Blue Diamond are different shades of Blue, even in their silhouettes. 

One new thing to bring up is that we see some gems who are a definite mix of two Diamonds’ colours. I will be the first to say that Quartzes come in all colours, and that the gem colours in the show are definitely partly based off the kind of material the gem incubated in.

Nonetheless, it’s interesting that, say, the Kindergarten Control Room and Hand Ship are green, even though they’re areas for Yellow Diamond. That Peridot, the embodiment of technological development under YD’s faction, is green means that there might be room for collaboration between diamond factions in post-war Homeworld, particularly between Yellow and Blue Diamond.

3. Pearls’ Colours 

This is something I also agree with! That Pearls cut across factions (gems of any faction seem to be able to own Pearls, who are given as merit awards) means that they might not be made with a particular colour in mind. When we see Pearl in The Answer, her colour is stylised as a light blue-green. And we get hints of that now when she blushes. But you’re absolutely right in saying that she has yellows, greens, and even pinks in her colour palette and these are things that she adds on as she regenerates. There was even a time Pearl had purple leggings in her leg warmers phase.

And it would mean that Pearls may come from the white faction. They’re malleable and sort of start out with a template, much like the White Diamond is a template or the archetypal diamond. As such, they’d be given the ability to change colours more easily than do other gems.

It’s also worth noting that Pearls are created through organic means, so they aren’t like other gems. That could be the key to making them able to change colours. 

Finally finished 1/9 WIPs I have in my sketchbook 😁😂 I wanted to finish this since I really miss using colored pencils and I’m very glad that I was able to apply here my color choices in watercolor (especially in the black)

Who dares to choose between Ladynoir and Adrienette? Well I can’t so I guess I combined them here 💕

Mark Rothko, Saffron, 1957, Oil on canvas, © VBK Wien, 2007, Albertina, Vienna, permanent loan of Batliner Collection

This is a very interesting new scan of Saffron. It’s certainly more resolved than our previous scan here. Followers of this blog know I like to replace posts with the best, most accurate scan i can so the posts evolve with the most realism. However, in this case I am not quite ready to replaces the old scan and say this is more accurate. I realize the old scan is pushed a lot on the contrast end and certainly there’s more brush detail here. However, this scan may be on the red/orange side and the old one may be closer to the actual color. We’ve seen this painting bright yellow to dark red. Am I being overly cautious not replacing something I know is better resolution? Perhaps, but the ability to have both for a while may also be of value. I’m going to leave them both up for now and be happy for this high quality new version and hope someone in Vienna can tell us what we’re missing.


I’m starting college next month and I’m in a need of some money (my top priorities rn are covering book costs and to buy new glasses since my current ones are 6 y old and I see nothing with them and have a horrible headache 24/7 and if I get enough money I can maybe also get shoes that don’t have a hole in the bottom lmao)
SO I’m opening commissions! 

I’ll draw anything, nsfw, gore and guro, furry!
Backgrounds are extra based on how complex it is.

You can choose the medium which you would like the color illustration to be done in! I can do markers, watercolors, ink painting (the example for bust is ink!), acrylics, color pencils, all kinds of mixed media and digital.
However, I prefer to work with traditional media.

You can message me or send an ask, but I would definitely prefer you email me at noorapan@gmail.com so the asks don’t go missing in tumblr ask box jungle as they tend to.

If you’re interested in commissioning something that isn’t listed here, you are welcome to send an email anyway!
These commissions are for non-profit use only! If you have a for-profit project that you would like to commission art for, email me and we can discuss it.

I would be super grateful if you could signal boost this !!

Manic Panic Review

I rarely post reviews on here, but I thought this might be helpful for those who have never tried Manic Panic.

Manic Panic was one of the first brands I used when I started dyeing my hair, for me it was the best brand in the world (wrong, I know). As I started using more brands, I realized that Manic Panic can be a hit or miss. I will write a very short honest review of each color I used.

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Re[arctan(z)] (blue) and Im[arctan(z)] (red) plotted from [0, 2π]

holy shit y’all
So when I was writing up the description for my arctan sculptures last post I had initially written [0, 2π] instead of [-π, π] and then thought about it a little harder and realized I’d never actually looked at any of these trig functions from [0, 2π], all the plots and animations and everything I’d ever done was always [-π, π]. And I looked at what arctan looked like, and I wondered what the hell the [0, 2π] version would look like and kind of imagined it as something that puckered out in the middle and tapered off at the ends. WRONG. NOT EVEN CLOSE, AND WOAH THAT’S COOL. So I am now sitting in a chaise lounge in the fancy hotel this conference is at just trying to hammer out animations of all the ~shape variations~ of all four “trig families” (can I just start calling them that for my own sake? The regular, inverse regular, hyperbolic, and inverse hyperbolic? They lil families? Mom, dad, brother, sister, baby trig functions? I just really like making up my own terms for things to make my life easier?).

Anyway, here’s the first one, and with a color scheme that actually follows the one I’m more or less standardizing for my sculptures: real parts cool colors, imaginary parts warm colors, since the real numbers are ~familiar and comforting and calm~ and complex numbers are (legitimately) more dynamic and full of life and movement herp derp derp. So yeah just finished up coth so I’ll dump that one on you here shortly. Er mer gerd I’ve missed making these animations, going to hopefully actually download some gif making software so I can make them on the drive back since I usually just use gifmaker.me.