i missed this guy so much


@knifeofroses. Here’s the Grumpy Heart General!♥ Listened to some ToA music as I started drawing this for additional feels… and now I miss them a lot.|||orz

I remember how much I drew ToA before. Wow… It was fun drawing the other half of my ToA OTP.

Anyways,this is still open if anyone got any request. I am still in a Tales Series mood.♪

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I STOPPED watching because moonlight lost and i missed that whole fiasco I am so mad at myself!

oh my god i ALMOST did esp when the guy from la la land was like ‘i want to thank my blue eyed wife’ …….. i was like ok my phsyical nausea is about to overpower me and then EVERYTHING HAPPENED AND I WAS JUST SO SHOOK WTF 

good thing there are 10000000 videos of it everywhere now for you to replay on loop (tbh i feel bad for the la la land ppl and i also hope this shit doesnt eclipse how phenomenal moonlight is and how much it truly deserves the award but.wow. gotta love live tv holy shit)

i’m so nervous so i can’t sleep even though i’m so exhausted.

i’m gonna miss y'all a lot. especially interacting with you guys. it’s become one of the few things that makes things not so bad lately.

i really love and appreciate all of you so much. i’m constantly so amazed about how kind people can be if you give them a chance, and part of the reason i’ve been able to do that recently if because of all of you, so thank you.

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I used to identify as gay. Until I started liking guys. I realised I was actually bisexual. I'm in a great relationship with a guy but sometimes i worry if I'll miss dating a girl.. is that normal? I know people always say bisexuals always go back to one gender but I'm just worried I'm over thinking all of this. I love this guy so much but sometimes I miss being with a girl. I always thought I leaned more to a girl than a guy.

I think you’re overthinking this. Don’t listen to people who say these things about bisexuals. You can be with one gender and be happy and it’s also okay to miss another gender a bit. If it’s getting too much, you could consider talking to your boyfriend about it and maybe you can figure something out together. But I really wouldn’t worry about it too much

Hey guys!

I haven’t been very active this week because it’s been my birthday week! I’m now officially 20!
So I’ve decided I’m going to stop counting calories and I’m going to just eat clean and eat as much as I feel I need. I’m thinking four small meals a day 😊 I hope this new way of eating will make me feel less like I’m missing out and happier because I’m satisfied. I’m just kinda sick of obsessing over calories, just think this new way will be better for my mental health.
Love you guys!


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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God bless all the Japanese speakers who translate interviews for the Yuri on Ice fandom

We’d be missing out on so much information from the creators if it weren’t for you guys and you just deserve all the gratitude this fandom can give.

You’re doing a very important job and I just wanted to say that it’s very much appreciated.

Thank you for everything!

I’M BACK!!!!

Finally Thanks to @cosmicglitteredpumpkin we finally finished my part in @gfdeepwoods -project!!! NOW I’M FREE!!!! I can come back (you were gone?) and draw what ever I want!!!!

You have no idea how much I missed Mullet Stan~ But now I’m back and I’ll be more active~

Not mention that I get cold and I’m still a little bit sick so I had to draw a little animation about Mullet Stan a little cold but still reading journal. I think he looks good with glasses <3

shoutout to the kpop fans who translate vidoes for us who don't speak korean

Y'all are the real mvp and should be proud of yourselves for showing the world that multilingual ass of yours.

I know translating videos or adding subtitles are hard work, especially with timing and making sure what you’re translating is what they’re saying, I really appreciate all of y'all. And the sad thing is y'all don’t get enough recognition in this kpop world, I feel like all of y'all should receive some type of Grammy shit to award you on your hard work.

Staying up til 3am just so you can upload the ENGSUB version of EXO’s interview. Skipping homework just so you can upload the ENGSUB version of Mamamoo’s latest fan meet.

I truly do appreciate you guys out there, without any of you I wouldn’t be laughing at Jooheon when he falls over, I don’t get to cry with Namjoon when he tells us he loves us, I don’t get to tell Chanyeol he’s a stupid little shit for thinking the green chilli was capsicum. Why? Cause I wouldn’t understand what they were saying.

So thank you. Thank you a million times for existing and taking time out of your daily lives for us non-Korean fans.

Thanks to those kpop fans who also upload Vlive+ videos for us who can barely afford food on the table. I don’t care if it’s seen as illegal, to me it’s seen as you helping out a die hard fan falling asleep at night with a smile on their face by watching the videos they can’t afford to buy.

Thank you, thank you and thank you.