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Future kid-verse:  [Bitty] [Caitlin] [Chowder] [Nursey] [Dex] [Lardo] [Shitty] [Jack]

The one where they all have kids.  Prompted by this headcanon

College versions

|| vanilla ||

ohhh boy, this is going to be a trial run, since I’m not sure how I feel about writing for a legit celebrity 。゚(TヮT)゚。 if I like how this turns out, I may continue writing for tom,,, however if this story is somehow hated, then I won’t try anymore ;w;

also this whole self indulgent story was inspired by a David So video.

disclaimer: this is a work of fiction and is not meant to represent the celebrity’s actual life/lifestyle.

**do not plagiarize/repost this story**


The young woman was in the midst of reading a trashy, young adult novel while laying on her couch. Her eyes were sparkling as they drank in the words of love and devotion spouted from the main character’s lips. “I cannot picture a life without you. You are my heart and soul,” she reads the sentence aloud before placing a hand over her heart, “God, this boy is so sweet!”

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Made another Frisk and Chara for fun. They’re basically just designs and personalities I originally had in mind, just revamped and more interesting. I don’t plan to do much with them, just draw them from time to time. As they have nothing to do with this blog in particular (this is Pyro and Bluebell’s blog after all), I’ll draw them more on my art blog @taidoodle !

You're allowed to be upset

I miss OT9 concerts and goofing around too and I can imagine just how much the boys and Yixing miss each other too. What is not okay is the hate I’m seeing towards Yixing.

Don’t forget that from even before New Year Yixing was talking about a fixed, carefully planned and paced schedule of his before SM even announced Exo coming to North America, let alone dates. So if anyone is at fault it’s SM not even taking into account Yixing’s own activities just like last year. Yixing cannot help clashes when he has already agreed and signed to an activity, something SM should pay far more attention to, him being their only foothold in China. I can promise you Yixing is just as frustrated, he loves Exo, Exo-ls and performing on stage. It’s very important to remember this. Yixing is part of Exo, Loves Exo and is only being let down by SM’s tour planning and management.

Adding to this as it’s been further clarified that there are massive political tensions between China and Korea (+ U.S) and Yixing is very much stuck in the middle career wise. He works too hard for this and it would make it very awkward for him to be seen to be over there at the moment. Frankly I’m tired of making posts purely on dismissing all the doubt and distrust surrounding Yixing, he sure as hell doesn’t work this hard and protect all his fans to be dealing with this external shit only to get tossed aside. He deserves trust and a hell of a lot of it. Those who don’t could all learn a few things from him to be honest.

Best Friends- Fred Weasley

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Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader (Platonic)

Characters: Fred Weasley, George Weasley

Warnings: N/A

Request: Wattpad Request- “I want my best friend back.”

Word Count: 477

Author: Charlotte

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• studying abroad

@trashyemonerd requested: I sent a request like 24 hours ago but I wanna send one again. Can you please write a Kj imagine where Kj will be staying out of NZ for months to film Riverdale and his career like blows up so he’s doing tons of projects and decides to stay in the US. And the reader, his gf, is left in NZ to study but then surprises Kj that she’ll study in a Uni near him? Omg. Im getting the feels from this haha bc Im having a uni interview tomorrow. Ahh ty

A/N: This is rather late, I apologize for that but I hope you did a good job on your university interview. I hope I did an alright job as I’ve never really been anywhere outside of the U.S but I’d love to travel and visit other places, especially Italy or Japan. I did do a little research on universities in NZ and the States / Canada so there we go. You, the reader are from Massey University (NZ) to U/N which is University Name since I’ll let you decide where you want to go to school as originally I was going to have you in VSAA (Vancouver School of Arts & Academics) but decided to change and let you do the picking. I decided to change up the parents a little so please don’t hate me, just change it to ‘dad’ or something if you don’t like having two moms. I’m trying to be more diverse with my writing and if you forgot, YN/N is your nickname. This does mention the whole KJ liking a comment that is fat shaming people which really has been blown up and I really don’t mean to offend anyone out there by mentioning it. Also this turned out rather long by accident, oops. Posted from my library near my apartment so yeah. . Ships are closed for the time being and requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!


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                                Relationship(s): KJ Apa & Reader 

You remember when you had to say goodbye to KJ when he was picked to play Archie Andrews for the new show called Riverdale, it was a big chance for him and you wanted to be supportive. Even if that meant you would be stuck in New Zealand while he was going to the States and Canada as you never have had left your home country. You were still studying at the Massey University in Wellington before and after he left. It was okay for the first few months while you stayed and watched Riverdale which was surprisingly becoming one of your favorite shows, totally not being biased or maybe you were a little. But it did make you miss him a little more than you thought even texting and skyping was a difficult due to the wacky time zones and KJ’s schedule not being in his favor. You decided to do probably the biggest choice you’d make in your life, well one of them anyway and you decided to ask your parents about it.

“Well what do you think? I promise to stay in school and not be like that crazy college kid who just drinks and parties. Plus I’ve gotten such good grades during my first year at the university.” You say with pleading eyes to your parents who kept looking either you, each other, or your little PowerPoint you even made for extra brownie points. It was happening so fast for your parents that you wanted to go out of the country, let alone study aboard in a different country. Even though your parents did house some foreign exchange students while you were in high school. Eventually they agreed as long as the school board was okay with transferring your existing credits to the school you already picked out, U/N. Which so far has worked out smoothly as you stopped to see your parents whom came with you at the airport as you moved the strap of your carry on bag to hug them more comfortably.

“Remember we expect you to call when arrive safely, okay Y/N?” Your birth mother says with a serious facial expression on her face, “I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.” She says as she gave you a hug before went to hug your stepmom whom was very excited to see you go study aboard since she did it herself when she was younger.

“Be good okay? Remember I packed a camera in your bag so be sure to send plenty of pictures, I can’t wait to see your adventures out there. Oh! Don’t forget to say hello for us when you see KJ.” She says as she presses a kiss on your forehead while you nod before waving goodbye to them as your plane was calling your passengers.

 { time skip due to long and boring flight across the pacific ocean . }

You remember telling KJ that you were just visiting but you didn’t quite tell him that were actually studying abroad as you looked around being noticing a familiar face that you missed so much. He seemed to have noticed as well while you both ran up to hug each other after it seemed like forever. You let out a squeak as he picked up you just a little before you let go. He didn’t look much different well, excluding his hair that was still in that noticeable Archie Andrews auburn ginger. “Gosh, it feels weird not being New Zealand anymore. But I miss you, you big goof.” You say as you nudge him in the forearm before walking along side to get a move on with the crowds of people in airport, not noticing that cameras were on you.

“I miss you too, YN/N. It’s been crazy since Riverdale really took off on CW, I didn’t expect it to suddenly give me such big projects or popularity. Or the scandal that’s going that I’m sure you’ve heard of me liking a comment that was very inappropriate and shame on my part. I guess people are hating me but like you said Y/N. ‘You can’t expect everyone to love you, some will hate you and try to bring you down’ right?” He says while absently rubbing the back of his neck, “And you know, I haven’t mentioned you yet to the public because I’m scared that they’ll start turning to you and spread all sorts of mean things.” KJ mutters as you gave him a one armed hug while you remember that before picking up your suitcases from baggage claim. The former burnet furrows his eyebrows at your bags in confusion, “I thought you would pack less for what you said you were coming here for.”

You brought up a mischievous grin on your face, “That’s because I wanted to surprise you. I’m going to start studying at U/N now so we’ll have a more time together with your crazy schedule, plus New Zealand isn’t the same without you.” You say as you start chuckling at KJ’s shocked face and you elbowed him once more, “You look like some gaping bird waiting for a worm. Oh and my moms say hello. I need to call them soon to let them know I arrived safe.” You snicker as the other just shook his head at you while you followed him.

“You are full of one too many surprises YN/N for your own good you know?”

Hello!!! I’ve been away for quite some time lmao well im on my final year of uni atm so everything is crasy cheeseballs ; ngl i miss goofing around drawing the things i love but my health’s been going south lately and my homework keeps gettin pilled up so it might take a longer while before i can share my doodles again;;;; ;; ;

also P5 is just like me extending the borrowing period of library books that i havent got around to finish reading   

Thought You Forgot About Me

Title:  Thought You Forgot About Me

Author:  Emily

Pairing:  Thomas Shelby x Reader

Dates Written:  Thursday, July 14, 2016 - Friday, July 15, 2016

Date Posted:  Friday, July 15, 2016

Word Count:  2,067

Request:  Yes!  “Hiiiii I would like to request a Tommy Shelby (loooovvvee him soo much,so fucking fine lol) reader known the shelbys since she was a little girl,but got sent away,years later she’s back to visit them,reader capture Tommy attention cause how beautiful she grew up to be causing the Shelby boys to flirt with her,Tommy gets possessive and protective over her”

Author’s Note:  This is my first request and I have never been so excited and nervous!  I really hope that you guys and the anon who requested this enjoy!  I do feel though that this one is kind of a let down but hopefully not!  Feel free to request what you guys want to read!  And if there are any Supernatural fans, we have a SPN imagine coming soon from our amazing writer, Jordan!

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