i missed them both so much

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Also I don't want to pressure you or anything but I miss your spirit fam posts and I need them in my life. =p <3

I’m glad that you sent this in, because it’s something that I wanted to address! <3

So…I haven’t been talking much to my spirit fam recently out of guilt. Two of my companions’ vessels went missing (after months of wearing them both with no issue, go figure) and talking to those two became a bit more difficult.

It had me thinking not good things, like “I don’t deserve to work with my spirit fam” and “Why are they with me when they could be with someone better?”. I didn’t wear their vessels for close to a week out of sheer guilt and shame.

I wanted to share this because I feel like there’s a lot of pressure in the spirit companion community to be the *best communicator EVA*, with perfect clairvoyance and astral abilities. New spirit companions feel like they’re unable to compete with reports of perfect visual contact and even meditation experiences like the one that I shared with C a month ago.

I can say now that I’m not perfect and that spirit work of any kind is a PRACTICE! Which means that it takes practice! :P

 I’m stepping back into working with my fam again, but I want to actually work on improving my own abilities as well, so that something like this isn’t debilitating to my practice. I’m looking forward to writing about my spirit fam again! <3

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In a world both frightening and unlucky, there are a few comforts. One of them is making new friends. Friends can make you feel the world is smaller and safer than it really is because you know people who have similar experiences. When you meet people like that, you may find your world feels a little more complete. Like the missing piece of a puzzle.

“I just need you to need me too!” She cried as they stood together under the rain. “I spent so much time waiting for you to show me you care. It’s just too hard, I can’t stay when someone doesn’t miss me when I’m gone.”
They stood together in silence, him not being able to mutter even a single word. Both of them knew that it was over. It wasn’t because they didn’t love each other. No, a blind man could see how in love they were. Sometimes no matter how much you love someone it just isn’t meant to be.
—  It wasn’t because you didn’t love me, excerpts from a book I’ll never write #17// 4am
Now that Moon Lovers is ending I would just like to say:

1.) Wang So and Hae Soo falling apart was meant to happen, so let’s not feel so bad. Hae Soo was only meant to love him and to help him become king, she was not meant to be with him until the end. notice how they started falling apart after So became king? it’s because her purpose for being sent back to Goryeo period is done, fate is taking its course to let them know that she is no longer needed there. it’s absolutely unfair for two people who love each other so much, but history must happen in the way it was always meant to happen. she needs to go, and sadly there’s nothing she, nor So, nor Baek Ah, nor you and i can do about it

2.) Wang So and Hae Soo’s love story was one of the most poignant yet beautiful love stories i’ve ever come across with. it hurts to think that they can’t be together in Goryeo, but we have to accept it. we shipped a ship that was meant to sink. but their moments, the stories they told each other, the things they did for each other, all are such beautiful memories, i’m sure will remain in their hearts forever. if we get a modern day Wang So with no memories about Hae Soo at all, he just won’t feel like the same person, i know. i’m sad about that, too

but at this point, the best thing we can do is believe that two hearts that are meant to be together will always gravitate back to each other


“They say you cannot love two people equally at once. And perhaps for others that is so. But you and Will—you are not like two ordinary people, two people who might have been jealous of each other, or who would have imagined my love for one of them diminished by my love of the other. You merged your souls when you were both children. I could not have loved Will so much if I had not loved you as well. And I could not love you as I do if I had not loved Will as I did.”

Mr. Darcy: Ah, congratulations, Miss Elizabeth. I see you’re on time today.

Elizabeth Bennet: So sorry to disappoint you.

Mr. Darcy: Oh, but I’m not disappointed, far from it. Merely surprised.

Both Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy: [fake laugh]

Jane Bennet: They always argue, why is that?

Mrs. Gardiner: Well it’s a simple chemical reaction, you see, when two people like each other very much-

Jane Bennet: They like each other?

Mrs. Gardiner: Well, I think so.

Jane Bennet: They like each other very much? Well, don’t you think we should tell them?

Mrs. Gardiner: They’d never believe us.

Graduation from Hogwarts

I think it’s so weird that we literally get no information about each years students who graduate. Like??? Sure we get that Oliver Wood like cries when they win the Cup in his last year but???Why is there literally no moment (at least none I can think of) where we get that part. I mean Dumbledore never said something to the graduation class at the last dinner of the school year and there is no thing like a senior prank and it makes me so sad??? Like do they get a goodbye?
Because I can see McGonagall hugging her students goodbye especially during both wars because there is the possibility they’ll never meet again.
And what about all the seniors from every house (yes Slytherin as well come on they’re humans and it’s also the end of school for them) just pulling pranks on everyone and the teachers are fine because yeez the deserve it? And just you see bawling 7th years everywhere because shit they are gonna miss this so much.
And the whole senior class having a party at the lake the day before they leave just celebrating all these memories and friends they made at this place. And every year without fail the day the terms ends and everybody packs there are just 7th years walking around hogwarts just looking at every little thing. Just taking in their second home one last time because they probably won’t be there ever again. The place they grew up in and became the witch/wizard they are now.
We never got that and it makes me so sad because I would be heartbroken to leave this place:(((

maybe the red string of fate
  is made of the same type of material they make bungee cords with
  because no matter how hard i try
  or how far i think i’ve gotten away
  i always find myself coming right back to you
  but that would mean this feeling goes both ways
and i’m not sure that it does
  maybe it’s me
   maybe i’m just so much like a boomerang
  and no matter how hard you throw me
  i can’t help but to keep coming right back to you
—  Anonymous said: Can you write something about trying to move on but at the same time you miss them a little too much? Thank you <3
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I’m legit crying over Kara right now because she’s so alone. Alex is now spending more time with Maggie (which I don’t blame her for of course, she deserves to be happy with Maggie and have all the things that she missed out on before). She’s still tense with James and Winn about the whole guardian thing. Cat’s gone. Mon-el has feelings for her that she doesn’t want to deal with. She has no one. 

Except Lena. Which is why I’m looking forward to them getting closer because they both need a friend so much, they need each other and even if it isn’t romantic I still need to see their relationship grow and allow them to find comfort and familiarity within each other.

So Ginny still lives in a hotel.
Livan lives in a hotel.

Obviously this means that the McDimples twins…the dynamic dimple duo, should find an apartment and become roommates. Both of them have missed out on the college experience. Both of them are away from family. Livan is a poor kid from Cuba who didn’t have much. Ginny is a fairly isolated kid who didn’t get to experience much. They get along so well, have things in common, and there would be so many perks. Livan could drive them to work everyday. Ginny probably makes the best breakfast every morning. Livan is that dude that walks around naked. Ginny sings off key in the shower. They hang out and have inside jokes. They bicker like a married couple over who forgot to stock up on groceries (Ginny did, Livan never forgets to pick up food because he knows what it’s like to not have enough of it). He likes having a girl for a best friend (Ginny helps him pick out gifts to send to his gf Isabella, gives him advice, and just listens to him when he gets all nostalgic and homesick). They stopped using names and only call each other “mami” and “papi.”

They should totally be roomies.

This is so very sad, but it’s also going to have some fluff. It’s still not the intense angst I’m wanting to do much later. I hope you like this, @eevee-lee! If you have any questions, message me.


• Out of all of them, I feel as if the Junkers would be affected the most. They’ve been through a lot, and they don’t want to think of their S/O not making it.

• Both men would be at your side the entire time, leaving only for short moments. They refuse to miss the second you wake up, especially since they know you’ll be scared.

• Junkrat will be more visibly stressed. Roadhog is the type to silently suffer. You’d see Junkrat cry first when you eventually wake up. He’d hug you, sobbing, and them you’d notice how tense Roadhog was.

• He’d remove his mask and hold you both, his crying more silent. The three of you would remain like that until Angela comes and says she needs to do some tests.


• Genji would be an absolute mess. He’d constantly pace around, watching you with nervous eyes.

• Zenyatta or Hanzo would have to come and calm him down, telling him that this wasn’t what you’d want him to do.

• When you did eventually wake up, Genji couldn’t believe it. He’d cling to you from that moment, not even trying to hide his tears.

• Not long after, you’d cuddle him, knowing he hadn’t slept for a while.

Soldier: 76

• It would tear him apart to see you in such a situation. He’d blame himself, fearing he’d lose you like he’d lost his friends.

• He would never leave your side. He would watch you for signs of waking up, stressed and exhausted.

• Soldier: 76 would also eventually climb into the bed and hold you, falling alseep. He’d wake up to you stroking his face, a smile on your lips.

• He would start to cry in that moment, holding you to his chest until you have to breathe.

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

On Yuri and Viktor learning how to build a life together

I’m not disappointed that Yuri came in second. The show has never really been about Yuri’s journey in competitive skating. It’s about Yuri’s and Viktor’s journeys in life. They both start the series feeling like they’ve been focusing so much on skating that they have lost track of what makes them happy. They both know something is missing in their lives and are considering leaving skating to go find it.

That’s what the show is about. It’s about Viktor and Yuri finding their joy again. Viktor and Yuri make each other feel more alive than they’ve felt in a long time, maybe ever. They realize that, in each other, they’ve found what they were looking for.

Viktor’s top priority is staying with Yuri, but Yuri’s anxiety doesn’t allow him to see that. Yuri thinks Viktor would be happier off skating without him. Viktor has found a new depth of happiness in the last eight months with Yuri. He doesn’t want that to change. At the beginning of episode 12, Yuri thinks that Viktor wants to go back to skating, and Yuri doesn’t want to hold him back, but also doesn’t want to skate without Viktor as his coach, so Yuri wants to retire. Viktor doesn’t want to skate if Yuri’s not skating, so when Viktor finds out Yuri wants to retire, Viktor wants to retire. Through the rest of the episode Yuri comes to understand how important he is to Viktor and realizes that he doesn’t need to sacrifice Viktor and let him go live his dreams. They can live their dreams together. Viktor realizes that what he has with Yuri won’t change if he returns to skating and that with Yuri by his side he can love skating again.

By skating together, they both find a love for the sport that they had lost. They’re both so used to fighting alone on the ice, and a big part of why they were both considering ending their skating careers at the beginning of the season is because they were tired of fighting alone. Skating together, fighting together on the ice, is bringing them new joy and fulfillment in the sport that they haven’t experienced before. I see people writing that Viktor’s and Yuri’s sudden change in plans from retiring to continuing their careers came out of the blue, but I think it’s perfectly in character. They both still don’t want to skate like they’ve been skating in the past. They’ve just come to the realization that they get to do this together, and they’re so ready to do this together.

So the climax of the season isn’t the medal podium. It’s Yuri and Viktor figuring out how to build a life together.