i missed the glove on the other hand

I’ve never noticed this before (engineers hand)

I don’t know if anyone has made a post about this before but I think its a pretty cool detail.

I was recently rereading tf2 comic 6 when I noticed something I found kind of cool. Well, we all know that Engineer is either missing a hand in game or covers it with a glove. however, in the last few panels of the comic we can clearly see him with two hands even though he could be BLU engineer and not RED engineer. o upon closer inspection I noticed lines along his forearm where the hand would normally be missing.

I first thought it was just a one panel thing until I noticed it recurring in several other panels which is pretty cool. It looks like it could either be a prosthetic or he reattached his hand. Either way I think this is an interesting detail.

These comics never cease to amaze me.

The player on center ice

A Check Please Soulmate AU

Yes, another one. This is a one-shot.

Warnings: time-travel. Don’t try to make sense of it, it’s just fluff.

Sometimes, your soulmate came back in time to give you a pep-talk. Not that you remembered who they were and what they said, but the feelings remained. 

This story is set during Bitty’s first year. 

Eric was about to quit hockey. He would quit hockey, then quit Samwell altogether, and go back to Georgia his tail between his legs and prove right every single person that said he wasn’t strong enough for such a manly sport.

Jack had chewed him out again- in front of everyone.

(more under the cut)

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Jason Todd X (female) Reader: Spanked

Summary: Jason brings his girlfriend to meet his family for the first time, and she’s super nervous and breaks out in sass. Spanking and angst ensues.

Warnings: Swearing

Key: Y/N=Your Name, Y/N/N=Your Nick Name, Y/L/N=Your Last Name Y/Na=Your Nationality


“Babe?” Jason asked you, disrupting you from your thoughts as you stared out the window of the limousine.


“We’re here.” He held his hand for you to hold as you stepped out, taking in the ginormous mansion before you. You’d never been here before, and it took you a moment to realize that your run-down, mangy mutt for a boyfriend lived here. Suddenly, you felt terribly out of place in your ripped jeans and free tee from someplace you didn’t remember. But looking at Jason, you noticed that his jeans and ragged tee resembled your own. Yeah, you’d be fine.

“Are you okay, Y/N/N?”

“Peachy.” You pasted a smile on your face and slipped your arm through his, making your way into the Wayne Manor.

An older man with neatly groomed hair and a grim expression greeted them. “Master Jason. Welcome back. And I trust this is Miss Y/N?”

“Yeah, my Y/N.” He beamed at you as you shook Alfred’s gloved hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss. Please, follow me to the den. The others will join you shortly.”

“Thanks, Alfred, but I can show her around.”

The butler nodded, bowed, and exited Stage Right. Jason gripped your hand and practically dragged you to the den.

“A little excited, are we?” You gave a light laugh as you sat on the couch, side by side. You curled up against him.

He gave you a strange look.


“You’re only sarcastic when you’re nervous, hon.” His arm moved up and down in a relaxing massage on your arm.

“I’m fine, Jay. Honest.” You looked up at him, gazed into his eyes so he could see that you were telling the truth.

He leaned down and gave you a peck on the lips. “You better be.”

“TT, who is this, Todd?” Damian walked in, arms crossed, scowling at you.

“I’m Y/N.” You stuck your hand out, probably too quickly, and Damian reacted with lightning-fast reflexes and was going to strike your arm, but jason grabbed Damian’s hand with equally quick motions.

“You hurt her and I’ll put you back in that coffin,” Jason growled so low, it gave you chills up your spine and bare arms.

“TT, you couldn’t even if you tried. Besides, she attacked me.”

“A handshake is a universal gesture of friendship!” You raised your voice, shocked at this kid. He didn’t look more than twelve.

“Please don’t yell. My senses are already buzzing with this much lack of sleep.”

“Drake.” Damian mumbled.

“Tim, this is Y/N L/N.” You stood and shook his outstretched hand. Jason joined you, staying close.

Tim offered you a genuine, albeit half-crazed, smile. “It’s a pleasure, Y/N.”

“L/N? Y/Na?” A man who looked to be in his late thirties entered, with a small smile teasing at his lips. You’d know this man anywhere; he was a public figure in Gotham and the States.

“Bruce Wayne! Jason, you know Bruce Wayne?”

“Well, we are at the Wayne Manor. It makes sense, since I live in his house.”

“It would have helped if you’d told me I was meeting a national celebrity. I would’ve dressed up a bit nicer.”

“You’ll dress up for my dad, but not me?” He fake-pouted.

“He’s rich. You’re a broke-ass punk that broke into my apartment drunk and dazzled me into not calling the police because you claimed you could fix my sink.”

“And I did!”

“It still drips, babe.”

“Someone call?” Dick entered, eyes immediately falling on you. He winked.

His supportive arms wrapped around you, and suddenly you regained your spunk.

“Back off, Dickhead. This goddess is mine.”

“What, you kidnapped her?” Damian remarked. You felt your inner sassmaster come out to defend yourself and your punk-ass boyfriend.

“For your information, Damian, it was more like a live-in repairman and master chef. With benefits.” You winked up at Jason as the entire group, with the exception of Damian, erupted in laughter that warmed your core. Dick had to lean his forehead on Bruce’s shoulder to prevent from falling over. You heard your own hearty giggle mixing with the baritones of the group.

You felt a sharp sting on your ass. Looking around, Jason was the only one in close enough proximity to do it. You glared up at him, but he was looking at his brothers and father, laughing. Your glare must’ve caught his attention, because he sobered up immediately and looked quite remorseful. You interpreted his “I’m sorry” look and proceeded to have a good time with his family, but you both knew that once it was over, you two would have a less-than-fun conversation.


You entered your shared apartment first, followed closely by Jason, who shut the door behind himself.

“I like your family. A lot,” you said, hoping to start casual conversation.

“Yeah, they’re pretty great.” He opened his mouth to say more, but no words came out.

Silence settled between you like a concrete wall.

“So, about earlier…Y/N, I’m so sorry. I–”

“Why, Jason? You knew I was uncomfortable. What the hell made you think that smacking my ass would help?!”

“I…I don’t know. I’m sorry. I fucked up, I get it. It won’t happen again.”


“You know I love you, Y/N/N. I love you so much.”

You rolled your eyes. He had no idea how much that nickname fucked with your reasoning.

Before he knew how to react, you crashed into him and pressed your lips to his. In an instant, his hands were in your hair and at the small of your back.

“Does this mean we’re good now?” he asked breathlessly.

You laughed. “Yeah, Jay. We’re good.” He pressed a tender kiss to your jaw, which drove you over the edge of logic and reason. “Ah, fuck it. Spank me anytime you like, Jaybird.”

I’m Counting On It*Peter Quill x Reader*

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Summary: You are sent to retrieve an important artefact, only someone is coming between you and the precious, expansive item. 

Idea given to me by @firewolfkelly because I wanted to test if I could write Star-Lord before I ask you all to send requests. 

You pushed the old ruins door open, your heeled boots clicking against the stone floors that were crumbling away, you gave a small sigh and pulled the scarf covering your mouth from your face and walked further inside. What was left didn’t look that great, the roof was almost all caved onto the floor, various small creatures bustled around the floors watching you.

You skipped up few steps and looked around for a door or anything out of the ordinary, your job consisted of collecting important artefacts for potential bidders, it was a tough business but the more valuable the artefact the better the pay you’d get.

Your eyes catch something moving, something much larger, a man size large. Dancing. He looked to be around six feet, red long coat and he seemed to be dancing with some weird thing covering his ears, the only question you had in your head was how he knew about this place? It had been off the radar for years, no one ever really thought to come this far out just for this now, uninhabited planet. You crossed your arms as he shook his hips in an odd fashion, whoever this guy thinks he is, he clearly doesn’t know what an utter loser he is right now.

He turns to face you but his head down as he continues to dance, a small rectangle object in his hand as he spins on the spot and the music? You’d never heard before was blasting through the weird mechanics covering his head. He glanced up before double taking, stopping dead in his tracks as he stares at you in shock, didn’t expect to see someone else clearly. You quirk an eyebrow and he quickly pulls the object covering his ears off and looks around awkwardly.

“How long have you been standing there?” He asked his voice holding minor embarrassment.

“Long enough,” you answer back with nonchalance, “Who are you?” You uncross your arms and place your hands on your hips, flashing the blaster guns in their thigh holsters and he glances down at them for a second before looking back to you.

A small smirk edges its way on his face, “Peter Quill but you may know me as Star-Lord!” You frown and look at him, you had no clue what or who a Star-Lord was but apparently he is. “C’mon Star-Lord,” it sounded like a whine, “legendary outlaw?” You shrugged at him in response and he sighed, “who are you then?”

“Y/N,” You turn on your heel and walk away from him but he quickly runs in front of you, looking down at you with curiosity in his blue eyes. “Can I help you. Star-Lord?”

He nodded, “What exactly are you doing here?”

“I don’t have to answer that,” you tell him stepping around him, “but since you don’t seem like a threat, I’m actually scavenging for something, an important something and you’re in my way, so please, go back to whatever I walked in on.”

You walk up to a door with Peter Quill trailing behind, “Excuse me? Don’t seem like a threat? I’m an outlaw.” You refrain from rolling your eyes.

“So is half the Galaxy, but please, do continue your little rant.”

“I will-” You hold up a finger and he promptly stops talking as you kneel on the floor and begin to unlock it, these old types of locks were always the hardest to crack but usually, in your time of doing this held the most remarkable of interests. Once opened you nod at him to continue as you step inside.

You smile when you see the golden artefact shining on the wall, it was part of a whole painting on the back wall, it looked magnificent; you almost felt bad for taking away the possession but you needed it. You walked over not bothering to look or even continue to listen to Peter if he was talking, you stared up at the small golden disc, a few pieces of the wall had gone missing it was enough to enable you to get close enough. You began to climb the wall, thankfully you had fingerless gloves on, once you were close enough you reached a hand towards the artefact and pulled it from the wall. Holding and releasing your breath when it set nothing off.

Jumping down with a small proud smile to yourself. “-As I was saying earlier, I’m gonna need you to hand that over to me!” You had forgotten about Quill, turning around you notice his own weapon aimed at you, his other hand outstretched. “Legendary outlaw, I did warn you.”

“You didn’t tell me you were here for this!” You quirk an eyebrow at him.

“You didn’t ask.” He motions with his hand for you to hand it over, you remain staring at him, “it’s just business, babe.” He smirks confidently.

That hit a nerve, as he reached over you threw the object in the air causing him to look up, you quickly kicked him in the chest and he fell landing on his back. You grabbed the golden disc and picked up his blaster aiming at him with a small smirk, walking over with a cocky grin as he groaned and looked back up at you, holding his hands up.

“It’s just business, honey.” You recall voice edging dripping with sarcasm and laced with challenge, he gave a gentle sigh as purse your lips, “I doubted you, you are a threat to me and I am not entirely sure in what way yet,” he cocked an eyebrow despite laying on the ground with a gun pointed at him. “Don’t get too cocky, Star-lord. I’ll be seeing you around!”

You turn swiftly and before you could step away you feel a hand grab your ankle, yanking you to the floor and you fell with a thud, gun falling out of your hand as you groaned. Rolling onto your front as Peter grabbed the disc in a flurry, you yanked him down by the coat and he landed next to you, on his front and you straddled his back. The disc inches from both of your hands as you struggled to both grab it in the haze of winning. Shoving his head into the dirt floor, you reached for it and grinned, leaning down to Peter’s ear.

“Better luck next time, Star-Lord.” You jumped off his back and skipped down to the door, turning as Peter lifted himself onto his knees.

“I’m counting on it,” instead of looking angry or defeated, he was grinning like this was a game for him. You laughed out of slight shock and amusement, nodding before slinking out of the door and back towards your spaceship.

Slightly counting on seeing Quill next time.

(First time writing Peter, hope this okay. If I ruined Peter Quill tell me and I’ll stop writing for him because I know how badly I can write some characters. - Rosalee)

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Princess Pink - Daddy Daze (Steve)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Daddy!Steve x Reader

A/n:  This story was inspired by my own dad who use to paint my nails when I was little cause my mom was allergic to the smell.  Finally back sorry it took me so long.

Daddy Daze Masterlist | Tagging and requests are open

Steve loved your 5 year old Maggie.  Adored her.  She was his best girl and the only girl he could ever love more than you.  Steve had been gone more than normal recently and was really missing his girl.  He missed you too, but Maggie was his everything.

When Steve stepped into the house late in the evening, the sight of you sitting on the couch nursing a cup of tea with Maggie lay fast asleep beside you, made his heart swell.   He dropped his shield and bag, flinching when it hit the floor loudly.

Giving him a smile you don’t even move to get up for a kiss.  He only had eyes for his little girl.   You knew you would get your attention but he needed his princess and she needed him.

“Can I wake her up?”  Steve whispered to you before crouching in front of Maggie.  Nodding at him to wake her up, you got up and headed to your room, running your hand along Steve’s back as you passed.

“Just make sure she isn’t up too late.”

Steve gently rubbed Maggie’s arm, causing her eyes to flutter open softly and a big yawn to escape her. “Da-Daddy?”  

“Hey doll.  I’m sorry I woke ya,  just missed ya while I was gone.”  She gave him a heart melting smile before wrapping her arms around his neck.

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Tricky Love - Derek Hale x Reader

As always, thanks to @julieanncupcake  all credit for the amazing mood board goes to her!

Derek Hale Masterlist

(Y/n) shuffled towards the exit of the emergency room, more than happy that her twelve-hour shift had finally come to an end. She could think of nothing better than getting home to a warm shower and the comfort of her own bed. Her feet had barely made it through the door when she heard someone call her name. Dread pooled in her stomach, knowing that voice and what it meant all too well.

Stiles jogged towards her, his gear dirty from a day spent riding around the mud track. A heavy sigh escaped (y/n)’s lips as she shook her head.

“For god’s sake Stiles, you were only here yesterday. What the hell have you done now?” Stiles only smirked, looping his arm through hers as he guided her back into the hospital. (Y/n) glared at him as he led her towards a curtained-off bed but Stiles was either oblivious or he just didn’t care.

“You’ll thank me after this, it’s Derek who needs help this time” Heat spread across her cheeks as she tried and failed to keep a neutral expression on her face. Apparently it was no longer a secret that she harboured a crush for one of her closest friends. She’d never meant to develop feelings for Derek, she blamed it on mainly seeing him when she was slightly delirious from a long shift.

Pulling back the curtain, (y/n) was met by the sight of Scott snickering while Derek groaned in pain as he tried to move his right shoulder. “What did you do this time?”

“It’s nice to see you too (y/n/n). How’ve you been?” Derek’s words were forced through gritted teeth as he struggled to find a comfortable position to sit in, finally opting to hand his legs over the side of the bed as he kept his shoulders as still as possible. (Y/n) shot him a smile over her shoulder as she sanitised her hands and pulled on a pair of rubber gloves, missing the way Derek’s eyes lingered on her as she worked. She moved to stand in front of him, checking him for any other injuries besides his shoulder.

“I’m still gonna need you to tell me what happened” Her voice was gentle as she ran her hands down his neck, searching for any signs of swelling. God knows she would always be thankful that the three of them were smart enough to wear helmets.

“I attempted to do a trick that I clearly wasn’t ready for” Scott and Stiles snickered from where they leant against the wall, knowing that Derek only attempted the trick to escape their teasing about his crush on a certain nurse. He threw a glare their way before settling his eyes back on (y/n). It was a good thing she wasn’t monitoring his heartbeat. “I landed on my shoulder and I haven’t been able to move it properly since”

(Y/n) nodded her head as she finished her routine examination. She bit her lip as she smiled at him apologetically. “I’m going to have to cut your shirt” Derek groaned, he’d already lost enough gear to (y/n)’s scissors, whether it be because of broken ribs or cuts that ran the length of his back. “You’re lucky you managed to get your jacket off, otherwise I’d be cutting that too”

Derek’s expression was far from amused as she made the first cut into the fabric of his top. She made quick work of it before pulling the scraps away from his chest. A hiss escaped (y/n) lips as she took in the bruising surrounding Derek’s right shoulder. With tentative fingers, she pressed around the area, apologies tumbling from her lips as Derek groaned in pain.

“Well, it’s not broken, but you’ve done some serious damage to the ligaments in your shoulder” His face dropped as (y/n) stepped away from him to get a sling out of the supplies cupboard.

“How long?”

“At best, two months” He opened his mouth to argue but the determined frown on (y/n)’s face silenced him. Derek hung his head dejectedly as Scott and Stiles expressed their sympathies. “Do you have a spare shirt, I don’t want to put the sling on if you’re just going to take it off again when you get home”

“I’ve got a spare in the boot of the jeep, I’ll be back in a minute” Stiles moved to walk away before realising that Scott wasn’t following him. He stared at his best friend pointedly before he finally got the message.

“Uh, yeah, I’ll come too. I’ll help look for it” Stiles rolled his eyes in exasperation before shooting Derek a smirk and pushing past the curtain. (Y/n) shook her head at their antics as she sat next to Derek on the bed and pulled off gloves.

“I’m sorry Der. I know you have that competition next month” He wrapped his left arm around her, both of them pretending not to notice that he was still shirtless.

“It was my own fault, I shouldn’t have gone for the trick but I did anyway”

“Then why did you do it?” (Y/n) watched him carefully, curiosity combined with hope fuelling her question. Derek pulled away, scratching the back of his neck as he avoided looking at her.

“It was nothing”

“It must have been something if you were willing to do a trick you can’t do to escape it” An offended scowl drew Derek’s brows together. (Y/n) ducked her head as she tried not to smile. “Sorry”

“Maybe I was showing off” He looked everywhere but at her, knowing all she needed to know would be written across his face.

“You don’t do that” A blush crept up Derek’s stubbled cheek, she knew him so well it was unsettling at times.

“Why does it matter?”

“It’s just not like you to do something so reckless” Derek’s patience was wearing thin as he quickly ran out of excuses.

“God, (y/n), why do you care so much?” She leant back, stunned into silence. Her hands pulled at her sleeves as she tried not to let the hurt show on her face.

“Because you’re my friend” A groan of frustration rumbled in Derek’s throat. He stood up, pacing in front of the bed. (Y/n) followed him with her eyes, having no idea what was coming next.

“That’s the problem” He turned to her with a start, realising how hurtful his words were as soon as they left his mouth. Holding his right arm still, he knelt by her side. “No, (y/n/n), that wasn’t what I meant. I’m sorry”

“That aren’t many interpretations of that Derek” Her voice was flat as the exhaustion from her shift caught up with her.

“I don’t want to be your friend because I want to be your boyfriend” Derek’s words hung in the air as (y/n) opened and closed her mouth in shock. She briefly wondered if she’d fallen asleep in the break room and had dreamt the whole thing.

“What?” Derek grumbled under the breath, a smirk curling his lips.

“Don’t make me say it again” (Y/n) couldn’t stop a smile from growing on her face. She leant forward, getting lost in his eyes as he watched her ardently.

“One more time?” Derek chuckled under his breath.

“I’m gonna need payment for that” A blush spread across (y/n)’s cheeks as she tried not to focus on just how handsome he was.

“Oh?” Their lips were practically brushing, all it would take was Derek tilting his head to the side and they would be kissing.

“A kiss”

“Seems fair” He practically growled as she held off for a moment longer. (Y/n)’s fingers threaded through his hair as Derek closed the distance between them and connected their lips. Their noses bumped as they pressed closer to one another, their lips moving in sync. Derek wrapped his left arm around her waist, pulling her closer to the edge of the bed as Stiles and Scott pushed past the curtain.

“Woah, you know there’s only a curtain between you and the rest of the ER?” The couple blushed as Stiles stared at them in disbelief. He threw the shirt at Derek’s head before pulling Scott away from the bed. “We’ll be in the jeep when you’re done”

Derek stood up carefully as (y/n) took the shirt from his hands. She gently pulled the sleeve up his arm, being sure not to touch his shoulder before helping him get his other arm in. (Y/n) buttoned his shirt as Derek laughed softly.


“It’s just normally you would be undressing me instead of helping me get dressed”

“Well you’ve got two months of healing ahead of you, so get used to it” Derek stared at her in shock as she smirked.

“Does that mean-?” As she buttoned the top of his shirt, (y/n) let her eyes drift upwards to meet his.


“You’re really going to make me say it?”

“Well, I did kiss you” Derek cursed under his breath, using his left arm to reach for her hand.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Seeing as you sound so happy about it, yes. I would love to” A laugh bubbled in Derek’s chest as he pulled her closer, pressing kisses into her hair as he breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe messing up a trick was worth it if he meant to leave the hospital knowing that (y/n) was his and he was hers.

home - us!sans x reader

So for fanfic Friday, how about us sans with an s/o in a band who just came back home from tour

pairing: sans x reader

summary: touring the world is fun, but when you see the small, blue scarf tied around your wrist…you finally feel like you’ve seen enough. it’s time to go home.

notes: oh my gosh i love writing the blueberry. he is. so pure. i love him.here u go sweet anon i give you fluffs.

You originally planned to tour throughout the winter and late into spring. 6 months of nonstop travel, to Europe and Asia, When you found out, you were extremely excited. You could take Sans with you, and show him everything he hasn’t seen with his own eyes yet! The thought of the childlike skeleton, of his joy as he’d see the world…You wanted to give him so much more, and this will do for now.

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I Missed You (Dick Grayson x Reader)

Prompt: 74) “Of course I remembered!”

BEFORE YOU READ: You should know that you and Dick tried to be in a relationship but things didn’t go so well, so you two are only friends…for now

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @avengerdragoness @kazuha159 @insideoflit @just-another-fandomite @jxsontxdds @nervouswastelandvoid @romannovas @zqndaya @annoyingtacoart @lastbeliever @bva14 @robinalilninja  @litera-trash @peachykeen3502 @tweedledee84

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You and Dick have been planning a special get together for, well, the past few months. The thing is, you two were always just so busy. Dick had to worry about protecting both Gotham and Bludhaven during the day and the late hours at night and you had to worry about work and college.

It was hard being in a loving relationship with him considering the fact that you two never had time for each other. Not only did your busy schedules ruin your relationship, but it was also on the verge of ruining your friendship.

Which is why you two decided to plan this hang out. You were in charge of buying the booze while he was in charge of buying the takeout.

This man has so much stuff going on his mind though, you realized that no matter how many times you planned for the night together, he forgets to come over, leaving you with only new beer every Friday night to keep you company. You can’t blame him though, living the life as a police officer and a vigilante is very stressful. Being a vigilante also equals no breaks and no serious relationships.

It was Friday night again. You were lounging on your couch, waiting for Dick but you didn’t raise your hopes up again this time. You were scrolling through Tumblr, humming to your favorite song while reading fanfiction written by your favorite writers. The beer you bought for tonight was in the fridge, waiting for you to drink the entire thing.

In the middle of reading, you heard something knocking your living room window. You brushed it off, thinking it was probably the idiot bird that flies into it every night. But idiot birds don’t knock on your window three more times.

You looked over and saw Dick’s handsome face grinning, you giggled when he pointed to the lock on your window. He was also still wearing his Nightwing suit. You slid the window open, letting him in with a bag of, you guessed it, take out.

“You remembered!” You gasped, giving a big hug.

“Of course I remembered!” Dick chuckled, giving you a hug back before placing the takeout on the coffee table.

You jogged over to your fridge and took out the beer and brought it over to place it next to the takeout as Dick took off his domino mask. He let out a satisfied sigh as he slumped on your couch. You will never know how you’re going to get over this beautiful man. When you two broke up just stay friends it actually hurt a lot even though it was the right thing to do. If only things were different.

You two sat next to each other, talking about random things going on in your lives, laughing at each other’s jokes and feeling as if you two were never separated for months. But after eating and a few bottles of beer later, you two fell silent.

You gulped. The silence was so uncomfortable, you can just cut the awkwardness in the air with a knife. You sure as hell aren’t going to be the one who breaks the silence though.

“So um…” Dick cleared his throat, taking a sip of his beer, “did you…find anyone?”

You quickly shook your head, “No, I don’t have time for anyone else.”

“Right,” he nodded, “same here.”

You bit your lip, trying to control your jumbled thoughts so you wouldn’t say anything stupid, “I missed you… a lot.” You whispered.

Dick smirked, “We’re both drunk, (y/n), just kiss me.”

Your lips crashed into his as if you were waiting for him to say that for such a long time. Dick slipped a gloved hand behind your neck, bringing you in closer and deepened the kiss. You both were desperate for each others touch, not wanting this special moment to end. It was both sloppy and sweet even though you tasted the beer on his tongue.

After a few moments, Dick pulled back and leaned his forehead against yours, using his thumb to rub tiny circles on your neck, “I missed you too, baby.”

Stick with Me

Based on @marmoraskeith‘s text post about Lance, Keith, strange flowers, and a rather ‘sticky’ situation. ;)

Note to self: when on a strange planet, do not touch any of the plants, no matter how cool they look.

Lance made the mental note as he and the rest of the team made their way back onto the ship. He was surprised he could even formulate a proper thought, considering the amount of commotion going on. Hunk was rambling worriedly to Coran, who was doing his best to comfort the yellow paladin. Allura was lecturing him on god knows what, hands flying angrily as she marched on ahead of them. Shiro was silent, which was terrifying, and Pidge hadn’t stopped laughing since the incident.

The incident that had left his and Keith’s hands glued together.

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robinasnyder  asked:

For yourwords (or a seperate one if you don't thinj this fits), so It's kinda a little further in. But let's say Obi-Wan lets it slip about Leia being Anakin's child. Just leia. He was drugged at the time. And Anakin interrogrates him about it bc he's seen leia and she seems super cute and happy and is like 3ish or something. And Obi talks him around like "anakin, how did you react when we took you from your mother?" So, joint custody?

Coming down from prolonged Force suppression drugs is a nasty experience and Obi-Wan is not a healthy man to be doing it.

Vader ends up holding Obi-Wan’s much too slender body tightly to his chest on the medibed as he twists and arches in pain, crying out for long dead people or shouting at imagined threats.

He’s called for Qui-Gon, Cody, Satine and even Anakin several times, nails digging into the mech arm holding around him and would have drawn blood had it been a flesh or bone arm. And then he’d called for Bail, for Bail to be careful, to care for the baby, to care for Leia and why would a child Obi-Wan didn’t really know have any meaning for the former Jedi?

Stroking a moist cloth over the man’s forehead, Vader asked that question. “How do you know Leia Organa Obi-Wan?” He murmured while resting the cold cloth over the one eye with a soft hum.

“…Amidala.” The redhead rasped out.

Vader froze.




He’s too weak to do much then lay there, watching the Sith pace back and forth in the medical room on Coruscant, watching Anakin.

Force he can’t even sit up on his own after the withdrawal he’s gone through, having come close to a coma from it not to mention the recovery from the Alliance torture he’s going to need.

“She’s mine.” Anakin growled out, still pacing, giving a snarl when Obi-Wan sighed.

“Yes, she is.” Obi-Wan’s words stopped Anakin dead, the Sith’s eyes wide as he looked at the other man. “But she’s also three and raised in a loving family and its all she knows.” The redhead continued and slowly shifted, trying without success to sit up.

Cursing, Anakin hurried over to him with firm steps and placed his hands on the others shoulders, frowning. “Don’t, stay down. You’re…just stay down Obi-Wan.” He sighed and sat down on the bedside, taking his hand in his while staring at the fingers missing nails. “…I want to go get her.”

“She’s three and happy. We tore you away from your mother when you were nine and we shouldn’t have, you were happier with your mother, all you needed was freedom for her and you.” The Jedi murmured.

“She’s three, she’ll forget.” Anakin tried to argue and Obi-Wan gave him a long look until Anakin’s shoulders slumped. “She wont forget…” He stared at his glove covered hands.

“No she wont.” Obi-Wan whispered, hesitating a bit before swallowing as he thought over the consequences of what he was about to tell the other. “But there’s another who might be happier with you.”

Anakin looked at him, frowning in confusion.

“…Anakin… Padme carried twins.”

The sound of skycars filled the room and only that as Anakin stared at his former master.

“…Twins?” He whispered.

“Yes.” Obi-Wan swallowed. “But I can’t tell you where the second one is. Not yet.”

“Not ye-Obi-Wan that child is MINE.” Anakin snarled, a medical table twisting beneath the darkside as Anakin tried desperately not to wrap his hands around Obi-Wan’s rebel bruised neck.

“He is. But you belong to Sidious.” Obi-Wan whispered. “And I would never set that babe in Sidious eyes.”

Anakin’s hands spasmed in shock and surprise.

“That man will use that child against you. He will use me against you now but if he had a card like your own child… you know he will hold that above your head. You have to know that.” Obi-Wan begged quietly before sighing. “If you insist, I will tell you where to go. But please consider… what it would mean.”

Staring at his hands, Darth Vader frowned his fire damaged face. “…You’re going into a bacta tank tomorrow Obi-Wan. I’m not going to leave you alone on Coruscant in that time I promise that.” He murmured.

‘Well, its the best I can expect.’ Obi-Wan reached out and squeezed Anakin’s hand, smiling up at him.

Vader didn’t return it but his eyes did soften ever so slightly.

Bruce Wayne/Batman X Reader- She Seems Interesting (Part 3)

I’M BACK!! The writing camp was so much fun and I learned so much!!! I’m sorry for making you guys wait so long for my next fic, but the wait is now over!! Hopefully I’ll get back on schedule by tomorrow!!

She Seems Interesting, Part 2

Warning: Swearing, mentions of murder (The usual)

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Memento Mori

many thanks to @nikkigrand for the commission!

There is something buzzing beneath her skin, something robust and heady. Sakura does her best to ignore the feeling as she has for the past week. It is akin in some ways to an excess of chakra, but different somehow.

She feels energized, alive.

Sakura shivers, forcing her attention back to the documents on her desk. In the years since the war, Tsunade-shishou gradually unyoked herself from her duties at the hospital until Sakura ran it alone. Sakura is proud of it, proud of her proven abilities at the tender age of 21. Still, there is a tedium associated with the hospital that Sakura hadn’t expected.

Honestly, she does more paperwork than the Hokage!

Sakura sighs, skirting around her real thoughts, even in the privacy of her office. Recently there has been something about the hospital that leaves her teeth on edge and her blood singing. It isn’t the normal adrenaline rush that comes of high-stress situations. No, it’s something…more.

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Fake Date?
  • requested by @mychakk: #23, “Just pretend to be my date.”
  • Slight S3 AU where the Magnussen storyline doesn’t happen until much later because reasons. 

“Sherlock, hey, I have those–whoa,” Molly was interrupted by a firm snog as she entered 221B. He traced his lips over her cheek and stopped at her ear.

“Just pretend to be my date,” Sherlock whispered quietly.

“Now, Sherlock, aren’t you going to properly introduce us?” Mrs. Holmes questioned.

“Mummy, father,” he spoke, “this is Molly. My date.”

“So we finally get to meet the infamous Doctor Molly Hooper,” Mr. Holmes beamed. Sherlock’s face turned a suspicious shade of crimson.

“Lovely to meet you both,” Molly replied.

“Sherlock, I told you that it’s your turn to take them to the theatre,” Mycroft complained as he entered the flat.

“Hush now, Mikey, he can’t. Don’t you see he has a date tonight?” Mrs. Holmes pointed out. The grimace on Mycroft’s lips caused Molly to stifle a laugh. His displeased expression changed into one of mischief.

“Oh, of course, how could I forget?” Mycroft smiled. Actually smiled. “Poor Sherlock’s been pining over Miss Hooper since his return to London.” The brothers glared at each other now.

“Sherlock?” Molly’s gentle tone brought his attention to her. She placed her gloved hand against his forearm as a way of comforting him.

“Well,” Sherlock began, “we should be going.” He guided Molly out of the flat, his hand hovering over the small of her back. Once they hit the sidewalk, Molly stopped him in his tracks.

“Is it true?” she asked. He didn’t answer but the look in his eyes as he gazed into hers was all she needed to see that it was. Sherlock Holmes had been pining over her.

“You can go back to Tom now. Sorry to throw you in the middle of that,” he spoke quietly.

“Sherlock,” she said softly, removing her gloves. His eyes immediately shifted to her left hand. No ring. Upon his realization, Molly smiled.

“So how about that date?” Sherlock asked shyly.

“Sounds perfect. I think I’d fancy some chips,” Molly laughed.

fanfiction.net | ao3

Beside You Anytime - Peter Parker (English)

Originally posted by over-et

Word Count: 1.2k words

Synopsis: you worry when Peter shows up in your room all beaten up.

I was bored. After founding that my best friend was Spiderman things started to get complicated. The Pizza Wednesday in my house were cancelled – and my mom thought it quite suspecting – and the movies marathons on Saturday in his house was almost gone the same way. Peter didn’t want to worry his aunt so these marathons days always ended earlier and I covered for him when some emergency come up.

I was still resisting all of this, but I knew people need him more than I do and I couldn’t allow me to be selfish like that.

“Honey, are you okay?” my mom asked pulling me away from my thoughts and I realized that I barely touched my food.

“Y-yeah… I’m okay…” I answered, letting go of my fork and taking a deep breath. “I’m going head up to my room, mom, I need to rest.”

She shared a look with my younger sister and I knew they suspected my distancing, but didn’t care anymore. As I knew Peter would be in Manhattan fighting I don’t know who, I hide in my room. I took one of my books even if I knew that, with all that was going in my mind, the chances of me really studying were improbable. I thought about Peter all the time and not knowing what happened let me nervous.

After hours of useless reading, I heard a noise outside my window. I was scared at first, but then I saw Peter on the other side, in the fire ladder, calling my name. I ran to the window, opening it and sealing our lips softly since we was already without the mask.

“Urgh…” he groaned against my lips and I was quickly to pull away to look him up and down.

“Peter!” I exclaimed once I saw his state.

There was a cut in his eyebrow and his cheek was starting to get a purple colour. What worried me most was, however, the huge cut in his chest that he was trying to cover with his arm.

“C’mon in, Peter, we need to take care of this.”

I helped him in my room, taking care not to hurt him even more. I guided him to my bed and asked him to take off his suit while looking for the first aid kit where I always left it. When I was back, I felt a blush heating up my cheeks for seeing in only his underwear and trying my hardest not to let it distract me while I treated his wounds. I hated seeing him always risking himself while I stayed behind not knowing what could’ve happened to him.

“Y/N, hey.” He tried to talk to me, but I turned my gaze away. “Why are you like that?”

I stopped the cleaning a cut in his neck and threw the cotton in the bed, sighing in frustration.

“It’s getting harder, Pete! That was what you wanted to hear? You go MIA for days almost killing me with worry and when you finally show up again you’re all beaten up!”

In this moment, I was already in feet and walked around my room. I would’ve carried on with my complaint, but when I realized what was going on, he had already put his hands in my shoulders and kissed my lips. I wasn’t able to resist his soft lips I missed so much and wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him as closer to me as possible. His gloved hands wrapped themselves in my locks and inclined my head a little to deep the kiss as he pushed him tongue inside my mouth. We broke away due lack of breath and I had to hold myself not to fall after my knees going weak because of the kiss. Peter kissed my forehead softly with a hand still in my neck while his other arm embraced tightly from the waist.

“I’m so sorry for worrying you.” He whispered with his lips still on my skin. “It’s not on purpose.”

“I know it’s not.” I muttered and took a deep breath, smelling his perfume even if it was coming with dirty and a little bit of blood. I wanted to cry to the thought that any moment would be the last smelling that and it brought tears to my eyes. “But I can’t help but worry. You’re always thinking about taking care of everybody and saving everybody, but first you have to take care of yourself.”

Peter pulled away a little to look in my eyes with an intensity that I could only recognize as pure love.

“That’s why I have you, Y/N. You always look after me.”

I couldn’t stay mad at him. Not couldn’t when we were just best friend and I can’t now that he was my superhero boyfriend. I didn’t resist and leaned in again until my lips were against his and we were wrapped in a kiss once more. I didn’t know how much we would go on with this, but I really didn’t care. I would go until the end if it wasn’t for Peter getting away from me suddenly seconds before my mother open the door.

“Honey, is everything okay?”

I turned to her, trying my best to fix my clumsy appearance due my and Peter’s making out. I widened my eyes when I saw that he was indeed hanging from my ceiling right behind the door, but I soon turned my gaze away to my mom not suspect that was something wrong.

“Y-yes, mom, I was just… I wasn’t feeling well. I think I’m in my period.” I answered her, but tried hard to hold my laugh when Peter seemed flustered due my words. “I’ll just stay here in my bedroom and watch some chick-flick movie until fall asleep.”

My mom’s tense face seemed to relax and her eyes showed love and relief.

“Alright, dear, anything you need you know you can call me.”

“Don’t worry, mom, I will.”

Seconds after she closed the door, Peter got down from my ceiling and came to me, holding by the waist.

“That’s was close.”

He tried to kiss me, but I turned my face and his lips touched my cheeks instead.

“Really close. Besides she almost finding you in my room, you’re still in Spider Man suit.” I said, pointing to his chest. “How about you switch your suit for sweatpants you always leave here, I finish cleaning your wounds and we just cuddle while watching Star Wars?”

Peter’s eyes sparkled.

“Have I said that I love you?” he asked, kissing my lips one last time before I could even react.

“Not today, pretty boy.” I joked, running from his arms to put the movie on in my notebook while he changed.

After just a few seconds of silence, I decided to say.

“Peter.” I tried to catch his attention. When I looked in his direction, he was putting the sweatpants. “Please, don’t go missing like that again and get back beaten.” He tried to argue, but I didn’t let him. “If it not for you, do it for me and for Aunt May. You know how we would be broken if anything serious happen to you.”

This time he didn’t argue. He simply approached and embraced me as tight as possible against his body.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’m not going to disappoint my girl.”

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm not sure of you remember,but you did a thing with the group reacting to Lucio having an S/O. I was wondering f you could do the same thing, but with Soldier76(or Reaper76 if you do that). And the S/O is like Lucio's age? Love you btw😙

I love you too, random anon! Also I am so sorry but sO MANY CRADLE ROBBING JOKES 


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Oh Give Me a Home (Ch. 1)

Banner by the incredible (bestie) @ladydracarysao3!!! 

Rating: E for Explicit/NSFW Content (Eventually)

Check it out on AO3.

Sheriff Cullen Rutherford is a man of simple needs. He desires only a roof over his head, a bed to sleep in, food to eat, and a job to do. All of these needs are met in Val Sable in the Western Approach. That is, until a murder brings fledgeling druffalo rancher, Miss Dahlia Trevelyan, into town on the one o'clock stagecoach. Educated, beautiful, and as ladylike as they come, her presence turns his needs on their ear.

With the fate of an entire town twisted up in the mess that brought Dahlia into his life, Cullen wonders if he can become the man everyone needs. He prays he can become the man Dahlia Trevelyan needs.

Welcome, fair reader, to my Old West/Wild West AU!!! I’ve had this one stuck in my head for a while now, and now seemed as good a time as any to put the first bit of it out there for @cullenappreciationweek‘s Day 6! I hope you have as much fun reading this as I have writing it!!! <3

Chapter 1:

The weight of the six-shooter on Cullen’s hip grounded him. He rested his right hand on his belt, fingertips brushing against that dark metal and ivory handle. A part of him hated standing out in the heat and the dust waiting for the daily stagecoach, though he did it every afternoon like clockwork.

He stood there, sweating under his hat, the wide brim of which bore the small mercy of keeping the sun from his amber eyes. He could feel more sweat beading under his arms, and he shuffled his stance to prevent the moisture from touching the smaller pistol tucked against his ribcage. The windless heat bore down on him like an old corpse, rank and heavy and stale. His office would not be much better when he returned. It would have even less airflow, if that was possible. He could not voice these complaints, however. Such was the nature of Solace in the Western Approach. Such was the nature of midday in the summer months. Such was the nature of his position as Sheriff of Val Sable, a small city named for its expanse of sand. Fitting.

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The Underground was a dangerous maze of unfinished tunnels and rooms, built in anticipation of a disaster that would force Hope City’s residents to take shelter beneath the earth. It was an ambitious, gimmicky idea – an extravagant proposal to put the city on the world’s radar to challenge Clear Springs in fame – but ultimately the project collapsed. Government funding had run out a few years into its construction, leaving an unfathomably massive network of half-finished infrastructure right under the sidewalks of Hope City. The mayoral cabinet decided to cut their loses and take the only course of action they deemed reasonable; they covered up their failure and pretended it wasn’t a big deal.

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Home (Prologue)

Title: Home (Prologue)

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Maybe some cursing, implied smut, slight angst.

Summary: Reader has been dating the man who she thinks she wants to marry for four years- ever since after she moved away from her old life in Riverdale- but when he finally pops the question, her mind drifts to the boy she left behind her, Jughead Jones.
She goes back to Riverdale to try and figure some things out. But ends up accidentally falling for Juggie once again.

A/N; If I do decide to make this a series, this will alter between before the reader moved and left Juggie and after.
If you do enjoy this, please let me know if you’d like for this to become a series!
I hope you all enjoy!

Additional notes:
The characters are all in their early/mid twenties in this fic.
The reader and Juggie dated in highschool.
This fic is slightly AU.
And yes I might have gotten this idea from The Notebook (I’m sorry omg)

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trashcangarbageman  asked:

“I can’t stand the thought of losing you.” Ninette??? I haven't asked for ninette in a while and I've missed their beautiful relationship through your point of view ❤️

It got a bit angsty but I thought this prompt called for some Ninobug action. <3

“I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

Ladybug began to turn back towards Nino before she stopped herself, keeping her eyes on the ground so she wasn’t tempted to look at him. “You know I have to do this.”

“But why you? Why can’t it be…” Nino trailed off with a grimace.

“Were you going to say Chat?”

“I don’t want to lose either one of you.”

Ladybug fought off the tremble that was settling at the base of her spine. “You know we have to do this,” she said quietly.

Nino closed the distance between them, one of his hands going to her face and forcing her chin up so she had to look at him. “Mari, I’m in love with you.”

“I know,” she whispered, eyes closing tightly against building tears. “But that can’t matter right now.”

“Because you have to be Ladybug right now,” he nodded, swallowing hard. “I understand.”

Marinette’s blue eyes peered at him from beneath the red and black mask. “Hawkmoth has hurt so many people; he’s hurt you.” She cupped his cheek with her gloved hand. “This is our chance to take him out. We can’t miss it.”

“And what if it’s a trap?”

“I have to take that risk.”

“Please be careful, Maribug. Please.” Nino kissed her as they both cried quietly and held onto each other. They reluctantly pulled apart at the clearing of a throat.

Chat Noir moved to their side, putting a hand on Nino’s shoulder. “We should get moving, my Lady.”

She sniffed and nodded, wiping at her eyes and nose. “I need to go clean up for a second. I’ll be back.” She walked away stiffly, disappearing into the bathroom.

“You’ll keep her safe.” Nino kept his eyes on the closed bathroom door, heart pounding.

“With all nine lives,” Chat Noir promised. 

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Touched by an Angel

Pairing: You x Wonho

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Length: 2,693 words

Summary: When you lose all ability to walk, you are sure that you will never recover, but there is always an angel around to combat the impossible.

a/n: This one took me a while to write. I got the idea while out for a walk this morning, and the song I’m on Fire by AWOLNation came on. Wonho just seemed to fit the idea of the man in my mind, and I think he did an amazing job.

It is human nature to seek answers for unexplained occurrences. We need a rope of understanding when we are sinking in the incomprehensible. It is also human nature to blame anyone and anything but ourselves for our misfortune. There is comfort in having the weight that burdens you placed on someone else.

But as you sped down the road on that slick spring night and glanced down at the “Where R U” text on your phone from your beloved just long enough for you to swerve into the opposite lane and have bright headlights blind you before impact – you realize that you are solely to blame for your actions.

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