i missed the glove on the other hand

In The Witching Hour

The main doors opened and Kylo Ren stormed onto the bridge, six minutes earlier than Hux had expected. He’d clearly been running but now he’d slowed to a fast stride. The helmet was removed as he reached the aisle between the crew pits. The navigational crew ducked as he casually threw it down, missing the deck and hitting several consoles instead.

Hux turned to face him as Ren stepped into his personal space. One huge gloved hand swept up to wrap around the back of the General’s neck, ruffling the short red hair there. The other splayed across Hux’ stomach to one side of his abs. Breathing heavily Kylo bent slightly to rest his forehead against Hux’ own.

The entire bridge was silent but for the Knight’s breathing for long indeterminable seconds. Just as Hux began to fear the worst, Kylo’s face split into that rare toothy grin.

I am so so grateful to @m-oarts for drawing this commission for me, this is my favourite series I’ve ever written and I’ve been trying to get a picture of Hux with his bump ever since I wrote it. @m-oarts is a delight to work with and I highly recommend commissioning her :)

Theme From New York, New York

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky and the reader spend time with each other in the city.

Warnings: none

A/N: I just really miss NY.

Bucky walked with her down the streets of midtown, hand in hand as they approached the small marketplace of Grand Central. Dressed in layers of thermals, coats, scarves, and gloves, he smiled as her eyes lit up, watching the lights of the terminals and shopping stands.

He wanted to take her around the city, not one destination in particular. He just wanted to be with her. It’s better to get lost in the city without a plan than to have a strict schedule, anyway, he thought.

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Lounging against a pillar out in the courtyard, you’re enjoying the gentle sunlight and a couple bottles of whiskey with a chaser. 

Spotting Luth, you give him a gentle wave with your gloved hand, the other remaining unused beneathe your serape. Actually, the way you interact with things makes it seem like you’re missing an arm– mostly because your cybernetic still feels awkward compared to your right arm. 

“Hey, man. I’m havin’ a drink– still got some Jack if you wanna finish him off with me.”

*Somewhere in Hogwarts*

*He’s sticking up posters announcing Hufflepuff Quidditch Team try-outs, and has been for the last hour or so in pretty much every corridor, just in case anyone missed his excited invitation for every other Hufflepuff he ran across on the train; which, to be honest, is normal Micah behaviour*

*He’s shaking, a little, though. Just his hands. And anyone who watches him closely should be able to see how he’s unconsciously leaning away from other people when they walk past.*