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Boyfriend Material

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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: “(I saw your requests were open, hopefully they still are??) I’ve seen several “dating Justin would include” and I haven’t see one for my Alex yet:) could you maybe do one of those?“

Word count: 480

Posted: 23rd of April 2017

A/N: I am not good at these because I never did one, but why don’t we give a shot? I hope that you like it and I won’t fail you.
Anyways, I love Alex’s smile so much. His teeth are perfect and, damn, he’s fucking sexy! Sorry, not sorry!

P.S.: Send in some Alex Standall x Reader requests, please!

- G. x

Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name.

Dating Alex Standall would include:

  • Alex was shy around you at first
  • His friends always teasing the two of you
  • Awkwardly asking you on a date
  • Dinner dates at Rosie’s diner
  • You are the most important person in his life
  • Cheering him up whenever the tapes come across his mind
  • He would run to you to complain about his friends’ problems
  • Constantly stopping him and Montgomery whenever they start a fight
  • Curing his wounds after a fist fight with Montgomery
  • He snaps at you because the disinfectant stings
  • “Stay still, Standall!”
  • Him being possessive whenever Bryce and Montgomery bother you
  • “Fuck off, guys!”
  • Then he would wrap his arms around your waist to protect you
  • Cheering him up whenever he’s depressed or overthinking
  • Calming him down whenever he has a shit day
  • You worrying whenever Clay talks to him about Hannah
  • Being each other’s crying shoulder
  • You both call each other by your surnames when you are fighting or fooling around
  • “Shut up, Standall!”
  • “You shut up, (Y/L/N)!”
  • You always staying by his side whenever Hannah’s tapes torment him
  • You having constant nightmares and calling him to wake him up
  • Your ringtone is louder than any other of his friends, in case you call him in the middle of the night
  • “I’ll be there in 10, stop crying please. I love you.”
  • He’s really sweet to you
  • And sometimes you would cry because you don’t expect it
  • He always calls you with sweet nicknames
  • “Hi there, beautiful!”
  • “Hey there, flatterer!”
  • His friends teasing him whenever they see you flirting with each other
  • He introduces you to his family
  • His father likes you because he sees Alex happy
  • You sometimes come over to cook together with his mum
  • Compliments from Alex and his family
  • “What a great wife you got here, Alex!” His father jokes
  • Sleep overs
  • Window sneaking when you are grounded
  • Cuddling and making out, instead of partying
  • And when you are at a party, he’s overprotective
  • He assures that you don’t drink too much
  • Him taking care of you when alcohol knocks you out
  • PDA
  • You love it when he smiles
  • And he tries to smile a lot
  • Because he knows that it is your weakness
  • You poking at his dimples whenever they show up
  • Him beating you at Volleyball
  • You love it when he plays his electric guitar
  • Worrying when he gets distracted and misses a note
  • Him teaching you how to play a guitar
  • Him being jealous when he sees you with Clay or Justin
  • Him constantly swearing
  • “Standall, words!”
  • “Jesus Christ!” He complains as he rolls his eyes
  • Him being sarcastic
  • Inside jokes that only the two of you understand
  • Sweet and passionate kisses
  • Tight hugs
  • Getting him medicines for his stomach ache
  • Being his personal nurse when he’s sick
  • Walking with hands intertwined
  • Always!
  • “I love you so much, (Y/N).”
  • “I love you too, Alex.”

Do not be gloomy. Do not dwell on unkind things. Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. Even if you are not happy, put a smile on your face. ‘Accentuate the positive.’ Look a little deeper for the good. Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, with great and strong purpose in your heart. Love life.
—  Gordon B. Hinckley
So Much More

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader


Summary: The Whisper Challenge is the stupidest thing to exist.

Warnings: Cursing, because we all know I can’t contain myself.


A/N: Jesus Christ, I’m literally garbage. Here I am, take me away, throw me into the dumpster. Or better yet, an incinerator. This is dumb. It’s trash. Also, I sat down in front of my piano to write something for this and I’m mad at myself because IT’S MISSING SO MANY PIECES AND I’M NOT OKAY WITH THAT. Another also, MY FAVORITE NERD IN THE WORLD is gonna slaughter y’all with the best writing in the world (as expected) AND I AM STILL YELLING ABOUT IT (also as expected) BECAUSE SHE’S SO AMAZING AND I LOVE HER SO MUCH (y’all expected that too, right? LIKE YOU GUYS I CAN’T COMPREHEND HOW MUCH I LOVE HER. I also love love love love love love all of you that actually bother to read my shit like it’s not even that great and like I always say I’m legit SHoooOooOOOOOOK ‘cause of it like I really don’t get it you guys are amazing what did I do to deserve you guys????????



“Holy fuck,” you muttered, staring down at it just sitting on the edge of your bathtub. “What the hell?”

Nope, nope, nope. This was insane. It wasn’t happening. That was wrong, oh, so wrong.

But wait, come to think of it, maybe– No. Not right. Nope. It was incorrect, false, a lie. None of it was true. There was a glitch in the matrix and this was its mistake.

It was impossible. You had taken every single precaution to ensure that this wouldn’t happen. Lin was busy working on his latest work about some lame dude (Babe, how do you go from writing about barrio life to– I hear rap songs in this biography, okay? Trust me on this!), and you were too overcome with the responsibilities of being the new editor-in-chief of your very own magazine. There wasn’t enough time for this. The two of you had decided it was best to wait until the time was right, until the hype of your brand new lives had died down, until you had enough time to do this.

Now was not the time.

Lin wasn’t due home for a while, as his schedule practically had him living in the theater. And that was another thing. The two of you barely had time together, so when the fuck did this happen?

You sat on your bathroom floor against the bathtub and held your head in your hands, wracking your brain for answers because this was just not happening right now. Thinking back to the last time, you furrowed your brows, confused and at a loss for words, and your mouth remained agape for all of three seconds until you felt the dire need to heave into the open toilet bowl in front of you.

“For Christ’s sake,” you groaned, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand.

While part of you was over the moon, the rest of you just couldn’t handle it. Not just because this was all wrong timing, but because you believed it was impossible.

Then again, there was that one time a little over a month ago where the two of you had exactly eight minutes to make up for lost time. It was sloppy and reckless, hands were everywhere, fingers gripping hair, nails digging into flesh, teeth sinking into skin, palms against whatever could steady the two of you, legs hoisted in positions you didn’t know were possible, sounds haphazardly escaping, groans ricocheting against the tiles, names falling from panting mouths.


Dear God, that was it.

You were sitting in the room where it happened.

And now, not only were you anxious and filled with apprehension for what was to come, you were also disappointed that the last time something like that happened was more than a month ago. You were told that the first year of married life was filled with moments of not wanting to leave the confines of your bedroom or, at the very least, the four walls of your home. But no, your first year with a plain ring on the fourth finger of your left hand was spent with the two of you just barely seeing each other in passing, sharing quick pecks whenever both of you had thirty seconds of peace, merely texting each other the day’s activities with brief commentary here and there whenever time allowed.

How were you supposed to throw this into the mix?

You spent three more weeks with this little tidbit kept to yourself, not letting a soul know– especially your mother because Lord knows the first thing she’d do is tell the entire world and the last thing you wanted to do was to tell your entire world (ahem, Lin, because let’s be real, he’s the only thing that truly mattered to you) about it. So you just sat back, dealing with the brute of it all by yourself, silently grateful that your husband was either absent or too tired to even realize what was going on. Sure, a small part of you was frustrated that he didn’t pick up on anything, but you just couldn’t blame him. He practically spent the entirety of the time he had at home just shoving handful upon handful of Cheetos in his mouth, frantically pacing back and forth across the small patch of carpet in front of the piano, mumbling stanzas to himself with a furrowed brow. You couldn’t blame him for being so distracted. And plus, this sort of gave you the time to come to terms with it.

And when you finally came to terms with it all, you were excited because this was happening. Even though it was all wrong timing, (but really, was there a right time for it?) this was still something the two of you had always wanted regardless of where life had you at the moment.

Lin had come home on a Thursday night all distraught and exhausted from some cabinet meeting he had with his buddies, immediately collapsing right next to you on the living room loveseat, burying his face in your shoulder.

“Hello to you too,” you greeted with a grin, shutting your laptop and placing it on the coffee table in front of you.

He grunted something in reply and you simply placed a soft kiss on the crown of his head, chuckling quietly to yourself.

“Hey, I had an idea. Ever heard of the Whisper Challenge?” you asked him, watching as your tired husband looked up at you with worsening eyebags.

“No?” he breathed frustratedly. “What’s that got to do with–”

“Come on, come on! Sit up!” You opened up your laptop again and typed ‘Whisper Challenge rules’ into Google’s search box and hit enter. “See? So we both take turns trying to guess what the other is whispering or… mouthing, it says here. It’ll be fun?”

“How is it supposed to be fun? I mean, we’d be able to hear each other whispering.”

“No no, that’s where the headphones come in,” you told him, gesturing to the headphones around his neck. “Whoever’s guessing puts them on while it’s blaring the loudest music you can find, so you’re really stuck just trying to figure out what I’m trying to say.”

“Baby, I’m so tired,” he whined. “Can’t we just do this next time?”

You pouted, giving him the pleading look that always got you what you wanted. (Your sister swears it was the reason why he married you.) “Come on, Lin, please? For me? I’d play the game by myself, but I’d look stupid just mouthing words I already know I’m saying.”

He threw his head back in a hearty laugh and he shook his head. “God, only you could get me to do this.”

“Because you love me,” you quipped, trying to distract him as you turned on your webcam as stealthily as you could. If there was one thing you wanted to capture more than anything, it was Lin’s reaction to this. “Okay, you first.”

“Fine, fine.” He put on his headphones and turned on his music, blasting it so loudly that you were positive your upstairs neighbors could hear Nas playing in his ears.

“Can you hear me?” you asked him in your normal volume.

“What?!” he yelled in reply, sending you nearly falling off the sofa because you didn’t expect him to shout back at you. The corners of his lips pulling upwards into his signature goofy smile and you found yourself grinning right back at him.

You sat there cross-legged right in front of him, stealing a peek at your laptop to ensure it was recording this. After ensuring the dinky webcam was doing its job, you turned back to him and began to mouth ‘Look, a distraction!’

“Lube, a dictator!” he exclaimed excitedly, shooting you a look of confusion as he giggled.

Dear Jesus, this was going to be one hell of a game.

You snorted at his response and quickly shook your head.

“No, no! Look! A distraction!” you mouthed yet again, this time fully enunciating your words.

“Lewd interaction!” Lin fell back onto the armrest of the loveseat and laughed maniacally, holding his sides as he lost control.

“Lin, no! Look! A! Distraction!” There were tears in your eyes from laughing so hard and you were grateful he couldn’t hear your constant snorting.

He quickly took off the headphones and wiped at his eyes. “I have no idea what you’re saying. What the hell were you saying?”

“Look! A distraction!” you repeated for the last time, just barely getting the words out.

“Jesus Christ, what? I thought you were saying–” He couldn’t finish the sentence because the two of you were just cackling out of control at this point. When the laughter subsided a little, he handed you the headphones. “Go ahead, you try it! It’s not as easy as you think, I swear.”

You put the headphones on and gave him a thumbs up, grinding to the rhythm of “Oochie Wally”, doing a silly body roll along to the music.

He placed his hands on your cheeks and kissed you softly, his eyelashes tickling your cheeks. “God, you’re cute.”

“Go Yoko Ono?” you answered, cocking your head to the side in uncertainty. “Go… yellow?”

“Oh my God, no no no,” he snickered, shaking his head. “That wasn’t my phrase!”

“Thank you, West Wing?”

Lin practically slid off the sofa in a fit of laughter, throwing his hands up in defeat. 

“This is hopeless, for fuck’s sake.” He was already sitting on the floor, looking up at you, chuckling uncontrollably, unable to catch a beat to breathe for a little. “T-take off the headphones, babe, please.” He motioned for you to do as he told you and you did so with a nod.

“I have no fucking clue what you were saying,” you told him, the quiet of the room in comparison to the music blaring in your ears taking you aback for a moment.

“You didn’t even give me a chance to come up with a phrase.”

“Wait, so what was it you were saying? That means I didn’t even get a full turn–”

“No, no, no, I’m not having you guess again, Y/N. You’re horrible at this!”

You reached out for his hand and pulled him back up to the sofa, still giggling like the fools you were. “Alright then, fine. You do it again.”

“Y/N, come on, I think we’ve proven that we’re not good at this game.” He raised his arms above his head and stretched, letting out a long yawn.

“Just one more?” you asked him softly, placing a hand on his knee.

He gruffed dramatically and took the headphones from your lap, immediately putting them on. “Last one.”

You were trembling with giddiness, limbs not knowing whether to stay inside the vehicle at all times or outside to let them flail about. With your hands covering you mouth, you shielded a cheesy grin from him and squirmed for a moment, trying to figure out how to break the news to him.

This was it. This was the moment that would change your lives forever. This was the time that would alter reality for the two of you.

For a brief moment, you simply sat there and smiled at him, admiring his obliviousness, watching as his head bobbed to the rhythm of the music. For all of ten seconds, you let yourself think back to a memory that always made your heart burst at the seams.

“He’d be the type of person that couldn’t contain his emotions,” you said with a giggle. “Bouncy and giddy all the time, rambling about anything and everything.”

“I feel like that’s your way of telling me I’m obnoxious…”

“Not so much obnoxious, just… enthusiastic. You’re enthusiastic.”

“Yeah, well she’d also be a master of words because– Psh, look at us, babe. Need I say more?”

“Jesus, our kid’s gonna be the craziest combination in the world.”

He pressed a kiss to your temple. “And we’re gonna be the luckiest people to exist because of it.”

You took a deep breath and held it for a beat before exhaling, mouthing ‘Hi daddy!’ as best as you could.

“Haddock… Ad-lib? I– I’m not getting what you’re saying.”

Once again, you mouthed the phrase, emphasizing each and every letter of the two words.

“If you’re saying, ‘Hi Daddy’, then you could just take it right into the bedroom…” Lin shot you a devilish look, flashing you a conniving grin before breaking into a chuckle.

You quickly shook your head and laughed. “No no, hi daddy!”

Yikes, maybe that wasn’t the phrase to say. Those two words could be easily convoluted, especially with his new lack of hearing. But it was far too late at this point. You’d already said it. He’s already caught on, and he knew what you said.

Lin took off his headphones and looked at you in complete and utter confusion, still roaring with laughter. “Are you saying ‘hi daddy’? What the heck?”

All you did was nod, absentmindedly biting your cheeks to keep yourself from squealing.

“Why that phrase? Hi Daddy? What?” His laughter died down and he stared at you, not quite understanding the significance of the two words. “Either I’m exhausted to the point where I can’t see the obvious or you’re being really vague and I still have complete control of my brain.”

Well, now was the moment to really say it. This was the moment you’d spent days dreading, only to become the most excited person to exist.

“You’re gonna be a dad,” you whispered softly, almost unable to speak because the sheer excitement was too much to handle. “I’m pregnant, Lin.”

His face dropped, mouth hanging wide open, eyes tripling in size. “What?!”

You just beamed at him in reply, too speechless to elaborate any further.

“I’m– Oh my God, babe, that’s amazing!” He immediately grabbed you and pulled you into his arms, holding you tightly as he rested his chin on your shoulder. “I’m– We’re gonna have a baby?” His tone was still incredulous, not that you could blame him because this was the last thing either of you had anticipated.

“We’re gonna have a baby,” you repeated, the tears of joy already pricking your eyes.

He pulled away and kissed you over and over again, placing a hand on your stomach. “Oh my God, that’s… my kid’s in there!” Leaning down, he pressed a soft kiss to your stomach before looking back up at you. “Jesus Christ, I love you so much. You’re incredible.”

“I love you,” you murmured in reply, cupping his cheek as you pecked his lips. “We’re having a baby.”

For a moment, both of you sat in each other’s arms in silence, quietly basking in the fact that in just a matter of months, it would no longer be the two of you. This time next year, you’d be sitting on the very same sofa with a little bundle in your arms, marveling at its little nose, tickling its little feet, kissing its little hands. Lin would sing the little one lullabies, waltzing with the baby, lulling it to sleep. You’d go on family outings to the park, babbling back at a gurgling infant, overdramatically describing everything its eyes could see. Both of your families would gush over the newest member of the family, arguing over who would get to hold it first, posting countless pictures of the baby on all social media platforms, claiming the tiny human possessed their chin, their hairline, their fingertips. You and Lin would spend every night with hearts so full of love, disregarding the exhaustion a new infant would entail.

This was a dream come true.

Two and a half months later when your bump made its appearance, Lin was working on your laptop (I left mine at Lac’s, I’ll be fast! I just need to type this out!) and he stopped you just as you were on your way to the office.

“Babe, what’s this?” He asked you, beckoning you over to the kitchen.

It was the video you’d recorded that night.

“Oh! That’s the little Whisper challenge we did when I told you about the little bean,” you answered.

“You recorded the whole thing?”

“Well, yeah, I wanted to capture the moment I told you. For reasons.” You walked back over to the front door and grabbed your shoes from the coat closet. “I have to stop by the office and pick up some things, but I’ll be back.”

Lin walked over to you and kissed you goodbye. “Okay, I’ll see you soon. Love you.”

You walked out the door and headed towards the subway, taking the A down to your office in Chelsea. While you sat impatiently on the car underground, you pulled out your phone and checked your notifications, bringing up your Twitter app when you saw Lin had posted a video, tagging you in it.

@Lin_Manuel: And here we have raw footage of me discovering that my wife and I had created a human! Coming November 2015!

There was the tail-end of the video, the moment when you teared up and Lin wouldn’t stop cheering. The mere sight of his reaction again made you cry yet again, and you blamed it on the hormones that were making you too emotional to function.

The world was on the journey with the two of you, congratulating you in the comments section of every single picture or video Lin posted on social media, giving you guys name suggestions (I don’t know, Rocco is a really cool name– Absolutely not, Lin, we’re not naming our child Rocco. Are you insane?), answering any questions Lin had asked in regards to where to buy random foods at all hours of the night because of your incessant cravings.

He’d insisted on taking a picture every day during your pregnancy to document how insane it was that you were carrying a real human inside. Despite your disdain for pictures on some days, (Lin, I look like a fucking whale– God, you’re beautiful.) you humored him, allowing him to capture the growth of the little one the two of you created.

When the time had come, you were cursing at him left and right because he wanted to take one last picture before the baby arrived, and after remembering how much of a bitch you were on some days, you gave in and forced a smile as he snapped the picture.

Noelle Grace Miranda was born one chilly day in November, rising earlier than the sun, greeting the little doves with her own song.

Upon her arrival at home, like the tradition it became for the past six months, Lin took another picture, this time with the three of you in the shot. You cradled your new bundle of joy in your arms, looking down at her as Lin draped an arm across your shoulder, his free hand caressing Noelle’s little head.

You didn’t know what the point of the pictures were, and you simply assumed he just wanted to capture every single moment from the time he found out he was going to be a father to the time he actually became one. So you were shocked when he told you to join him by the piano with the baby.

“I um,” he started, smiling at the two loves of his life before him. “You recorded the minute I found out I was gonna be a dad, so now I want to commemorate this new part of our life with this.”


“Shh, just wait,” he replied with a chuckle. In front of him was a camera propped up on its tripod, set up and ready to go. He beamed right at it and clasped his hands together before positioning his fingers on the ivory keys. From C-sharp major seven, he played a tune in 12/8 time, his left knee bouncing up and down as he felt out the rhythm. His fingers found their way to E-flat minor, then to G-flat major nine, ending the riff at A-flat over the previous chord.

You cradled your little one as you sat right next to him on the piano bench, not too sure what to expect.

“I’ll be honest,” he began to sing. “I didn’t think we had the time. Your mama, she’s a busy one, and papa, well, he’s trying to make something out of someone. Just so happened we made you too. You weren’t a part of the plan yet, but thank God we got you.” Lin’s eyes fluttered shut as he lost himself in the song. “I will try to show you the meaning of happiness. We’ll both learn how to be the best we can be. I’ll make the world open all the doors for you because you… have opened a million new doors for me.

Tears brimmed your eyes as you watched on, gazing adoringly at your husband, your heart growing an infinite amount with every note he sang.

You smile, for a moment, I can’t breathe. Can’t help but wonder what life’s got in store. I’m not prepared to watch you grow into who you’re destined to be, so stay my little one until I’m ready. But I will learn to grow with you as the days go by, and we will figure out our brand new life. I know I’ll make mistakes along the way, but I can promise that no matter what the world will bring, I promise, I’ll hold your hand through everything, I promise that there is nothing more that I will ever do… than to make sure I’m the very best for you.

There was a bit of an interlude and Lin’s fingers danced up and down the keys, his eyes now open and gazing down at the tiny creation you held in your arms.

I promise that there’s nothing more that I will ever do,” he sang softly, his eyes welling up. “Than to make sure life’s the very best for you.

He ended the song with a major-seven arpeggio, letting the chord ring out until it faded before reaching up to stop the recording.

“Lin, I’m–” you couldn’t speak, too speechless to make anything else leave the safehaven of your lips.

“Thank you for the best gift the world has ever given me,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to your forehead and then to Noelle’s. “I love you guys so much.”

“I love you too,” you whispered back.

The next day, Lin posted the video of the song on YouTube, linking it to his Twitter and Facebook. Not only was it a video of him singing Noelle’s new lullaby, but it was a montage of all the pictures he’d taken through every step of your journey to parenthood. At the end of it all, there was a picture of your newborn with a caption of her full name and birthdate. Underneath, a note from Lin to his daughter.

My little one, I promise to lay a strong enough foundation. I’ll give you the entire world. I’ll do whatever it takes to make the world safe and sound for you. I can’t wait to see you blow us all away someday. My little love, you are my entire world.

Te amo, mi amorcita.


anonymous asked:

Jesus Christ, why do find Ozai hot?

Umm, this is an ambiguous question. You’re missing a noun there, so I’m going to try to answer this as generally as possible.

If you’re asking why I, Seyary, find Ozai hot? It’s because he is.

Look at the man:

Appreciate the smoulder. The perfectly manly jawline. That fucking ridiculously lustrous hair he probably gets combed thrice a day because he’s a diva. DEM CHEEKBONES.

I’m sorry. Even better smoulder. (I did not tweak this screenshot somebody please help me I can’t stop laughing!)

And he’s ripped as heck. Dorito proportions, six pack, wtf Ozai. Stop working out so much, you need to give other guys a chance.

Now, that’s my personal opinion on him. But since I’m not sure if you were asking about me, I’m going to address all possibilities from your question:

“Jesus Christ, why do you find Ozai hot?” could mean you’re asking Jesus Christ instead of me. No intent to offend any Christians with this answer of course, but Jesus has always been a man who was very kind-hearted, loved everyone even if they hated him, advised his followers to love even their enemies. Jesus Christ would tell you, Anon, that Ozai is hateful but you don’t have to be. The kingdom of heaven will be open for you if you’re not as hateful as Ozai. So hating Ozai is not something Jesus Christ would approve of (I went to catholic school, I’d know!), and denying his hotness just out of spite is a hateful practice. So don’t do it.

More importantly, the Bible’s ten commandments also establish that you mustn’t lie. The ninth commandment, was it? So Jesus Christ would not have lied and claimed Ozai wasn’t hot when Ozai is actually hot. He would have said Ozai is a very cruel man who needed to see the light from God, but he would have never thought Ozai was ugly out of spite for all the hideous things he did. So this is why Jesus Christ would hypothetically not deny that Ozai is hot.

Now, maybe the problem isn’t me or Jesus Christ. Maybe the question was meant to be: “Jesus Christ, why do I find Ozai hot?!”, alluding at you suffering from a severe crisis where you’re realizing Ozai is in fact hot as hell. Well, all the previous explanations apply. If you’re having such a crisis, don’t feel bad. We all know he’s hot. Doesn’t make him less of an asshole.

Nickelodeon say he’s hot too, see?

So maybe you were asking why did Nickelodeon say he was hot? I mean, I did post this screenshot once before so maybe that’s what prompted this ask… 

Anyways, fact of the matter is, Ozai was indeed designed to look like an older, scar-less Zuko. It was a cruel play from Bryke to make Zuko fans scream in outrage because they wanted to hate every little thing about Ozai, but if they hate his looks out of spite, they’re hating the image their beloved Zuko will have in the future (just, Zuko is scarred, of course). So yes. It’s hilariously cruel but it’s actually pretty funny. Ergo, even Zuko fans are forced to say Ozai is hot despite how much they may hate him, because if you were to think Zuko is hot and Ozai is not, it means you’re into teenagers only and if you’re over 18 years old you probably should be more interested in fully grown men instead of teenagers…

Lastly: SCIENCE proves Ozai is hot.

See this?

Just look at all that fire. A candle’s fire, according to wikipedia, is at 1,500°F, 829°C. Just how much heat do you think this shithead is creating through his bending? Yes, Azula’s fire is way hotter but that doesn’t mean Ozai’s isn’t. Try putting your hand in a fireplace and don’t get burned. You can’t. You can’t touch Ozai without getting burned either. Cuz’ he’s hot and his fire is hot, too (and hella aggressive, I don’t think he’d like being touched by strangers). Get it?

Long story short, Anon, if you’re actually indignant that people find Ozai hot, if you are simply not attracted to hot maniac bastards who want to set the world on fire

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well that’s on you, really. But it’s not every day that Jesus Christ and Science would agree on something. I’d say regardless of which one you prefer, you should believe them. Just sayin’.

Missed you Princess (Jack Request)

“Ready Anna?” You call as you finish setting up the last of your equipment for filming.
“Coming now” She replies and soon she comes into her bedroom where you were going to record.
You had been a YouTuber for 2 years now and had been dating Jack for both of those years, living with him for one. However, he was over in Dubai with some of his friends at the minute and you weren’t going to lie by saying you hadn’t missed him. Only one more week.
“Alright” You clap before you begin, “Hey guys! I hope you’re all having a brilliant day and for this video, I am joined by Anna Maynard. If you ask me, she’s the best Maynard but we won’t tell the boys that”
“Hello!” She waves.
“We’re going to be doing a version of Say It or Scoff It with all of the items in front of us” You explain, “I’m sure you guys know how this works by now, let’s go”
“Okay, (y/n), what annoys you about Jack the most?” Anna asks you to start.
“Oh where do I begin?” You joke, “Probably that he wakes up at like 8am and then can’t sleep so decides to wake me up as well”
“Fair enough” She smiles as you push the dog food in front of her.
“Okay which of the boys is your favourite brother?” You laugh.
“Jesus Christ how do I answer that?” She chuckles, “Okay I know”
“Oooh we’ve got an answer” You grin to the camera.
“Conor. Because Jack cant sing,” She giggles and moves the chilli in front of you, “Do you miss them much?”
You look down and smile into your hands, “Of course I bloody do”
You don’t notice the people creeping up behind you.
“I feel like they’ve been gone for years” You laugh and suddenly feel a pair of arms instantly jump round you.
You let out a squeal of shock until you know that its Conor and Jack who had arrived.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” You exclaim, jumping up to greet them both.
“We figured you’d miss us too much so we came back a bit early” Conor chuckles and gives you a big hug.
“You’re such dickheads” You shake your head and see your boyfriend stood behind him.
“Go on, you’ve missed him much more than me” Conor rolls his eyes and goes over to say hello to his sister.
Jack comes up to you and wraps you in his two strong arms, nuzzling his head into your neck.
“I missed you princess” He mumbles, pulling away just enough to press his lips to yours.
“Are you-” Conor starts quietly before Anna cuts in.
“Camera’s still rolling” She responds and high fives her brother. They knew they could use this against the pair of you later. And the fans would go crazy.
“Why did you come back early?” You ask the pair of them, pulling away from Jack though he makes sure to not lose his arm from around your waist.
“We may have just been lying before so we could surprise you when we actually got back” Conor smirks.
“You’re honestly such twats” You scoff and Jack chuckles beside you.
It seemed ridiculous but you even missed his laugh. The way his eyes creases slightly and his chest shook with the movement.
Had it really gotten to the point where you missed him this much after only a few weeks. In all honesty, it had. You missed having midnight cuddles that lasted until 2am when you realised you should go to bed. You missed waking him up with his favourite breakfast or dancing around and singing to your favourite songs. You missed the person you could be completely yourself around. The only person. Sure you had your best friends, Conor and Anna, and all of the other boys. Your family. But Jack was your home. You could do the most random of things and look your complete worst and he’d still find you incredible. You were his princess. And he was back.

one of the great things about JoJo is that if you pick a random character from it, you might end up with classics such as a 100.000 year old dude who turned his hand into a squirrel once, a dog who controls a sand monster and likes to fart in peoples’ faces, some sentient plankton possessing the body of a dead girl, the president of the USA or even Jesus Christ himself.


Similarly to Rachel Scott’s coffin (right), Cassie Bernall’s (left) was too covered with loving goodbye messages from friends, families, and even strangers.

Cassie’s mom: "Bunny Rabbit, my friend, my buddy, my daughter, my mentor. I will love you and miss you forever. I promise to take good care of your kitty. I know that Jesus is elated to have you in His presence… Your courage and commitment to Christ have gained you a special place in heaven, and I am proud to call you my daughter. I love you so much, Mom.

Rachel’s mom: “Honey, You are everything a mother could ever ask the Lord for in a daughter. I love you so much, Mom.

Moving on like: He asked me about my family and he laughed like my jokes were funny and he told me that my smile looks good at night and in the morning and everywhere in between

Moving on like: I told him where my mom works and how I’m only seventeen but I feel like I’ve lived a thousand years but I don’t think he understood

Moving on like: I wish I could say I got lost in his eyes or fell in love with the way his tongue curls around certain words I wish I could say he made my heart stutter

Moving on like: don’t tell me i didn’t try because I held his hand but I didn’t know it would feel like he was trying to burn off the handprint you etched into the lines of my palms

Moving on like: I really tried to look into his eyes but I couldn’t stand to stare into them the way i did to have the color of yours memorized into my eyelids like a movie playing in pictures only shades of blue

Moving on like: Jesus Christ I miss you so much and I can’t say anything about it to anyone anymore and the worst part is that
I don’t think I have to

—  Moving on like: I think even he could tell how I looked for a piece of you in every part of him I chipped away
Phil’s return

Genre: Fluff.

Wordcount: 560.

Warnings: non.

Summary: Phil gets home at 2 am from a trip and he and Dan missed each other very much.

Notes from me: This is a very short piece, I wrote it in one go, but I kept working on it for days, there may come more to it some day. Some thanks goes to my friend @apollodiangelo for once again reading some shit I send you.

It was 2 am, Dan stretched his arms while he stood up from the coach, mentally preparing himself for sleeping. His neck hurt from sitting in his browsing position too long. He walked to the kitchen to get a cup of tea, when he heard the creaking sound of the front door. ‘Phil?’ Dan said, voice raw of not talking for a long time. No response. Dan walked down the stairs, again calling his boyfriend’s name. 'Is that you Phil?’ When he arrived at the door he saw that is was open and there stood Phillip Lester.

'Jesus Christ, Phil, you scared the hell out of me.’ Phil looked up to the younger man, who was standing halfway up the stairs 'I missed you so much Dan, it was horrible without you.’ 'Oh no!’ Dan replied while walking down the stairs 'shall I make you some tea?’ he asked. Phil nodded. While helping the other man out of his wet coat Dan sighed 'I’m glad you’re back, the house was so empty without you here.’ Phil smiled at him ‘I’m happy to see that you’re still alive.’ Dan laughed ‘It was hard, I can tell you that.’

Phil stepped towards his boyfriend and put his arms around the younger man’s waist ‘I missed you so much’ he whispered while leaning forward, pressing his nose against Dan’s. ‘I missed you too’ Dan whispered looking into the green-blue-yellow eyes of the older man. ‘So, so, so, so, much’ Phil whispered, but it disappeared into Dan’s mouth while he kissed him. Dan put his arms around Phil to pull him closer and their bodies melted together, they became one. While the kiss got more passionate Phil put his hands in Dan’s hair and softly went through his hair, like he needed to remember exactly how every hair was shaped.

‘Just one second’ Dan said completely out of breath trying to create a little bit space between the two of them, but failing his attempt, because he was pressed against the wall by Phil’s entire body. ‘Wha?’ Phil mumbled leaning into Dan again, trying to kiss him. ‘I just’ Dan put his hands between their chests and pulled at Phil’s t-shirt ‘I just love you so damn much, Phil, and I feel like’ he looked down. Phil put a finger under Dan’s chin, forcing him to look at him. Dan looked desperate ‘Dan, what’s going on?’ Phil asked looked the younger boy in the eyes.

‘Would you please give me some space?’ Dan replied ‘I can’t breath.’ ‘Okay?’ Phil said while he stepped back a bit. ‘Thank you’ Dan murmured ‘Now, Phil, the past days have made me realise something, I can not be longer than a few hours without you, and I don’t want to either, we have spend quite some years together, and I want much, much more to come, if I need to be honest, I want to spend the rest of the years to come with you.’

Phil grasped for air ‘Are you saying what I think you’re saying?’ Dan got a little black box out of his pocket and sat down on one knee ‘Phillip Micheal’ ‘yes!’ Phil practically screamed. ‘Will you at least let me ask you properly?’ Dan said jokingly ‘Oh, yes, of course’ Phil coughed his big smile away. ‘Phillip Micheal Lester, will you marry me?’



A few last thoughts

Ok so as we know the vampire diaries is ending soon. When the show first aired I was 16 and haven’t stopped watching it. (Please don’t do the math I know I’m old.) Ok so here are a few last thoughts as I’ve watched and rewatched this showier the years:

-When I was younger I was delena fucking trash but when I rewatched it I realize that stelena for fucking ever?¿
-Stefan is the best character on this show and I’m just realizing this now
-Elena even asleep literally causes catastrophic danger for everyone around her
-Nina deserves an award for playing Elena and Katherine. I can tell just by looking at a picture of she’s Elena or Katherine in the shot like when will your fave?
-I loooove klaus I mean who doesn’t but kai and Katherine motherfucking Pierce are the best villains this show has ever seen PERIOD
-ok so as of recently like Damon and Bonnie’s friendship makes me legit cry. Like I know there are two episodes left but CAN WE ALL SHIP BAMON?!?!
-steroline is a lie your life is a lie YOU KNOW SHES SUPPOSED TO BE WITH KLAUS YOU IDIOTS
-I’ve never cared about Tyler
-Alarics death made me cry the most and he walked back like it was fucking nothing
-matts fucking annoying this season but damn he’s always been the hottest piece of ass
-bring back Jeremy
-if Julie pelec kills Stefan in this finale I swear to GOD ABOVE I WILL WRITE HER A VERY ANGRY ESSAY ON WHY I HATE HER
-Jesus christ I’m gonna miss this show so much a part of me has been broken off. Like will i be more upset that this show ends or pll
-vampire diaries I love you with all my heart thanks for the memories

Lead The Way (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

WC: 3043

Warnings: Like one curse word, inferred boner, awkward Jared

Summary: Jared and Y/N have been, unknowingly, crushing on each other for ages. A history project and the upcoming prom helps bring them together.

A/N: I am such Will Roland trash it isn’t funny, so here’s an imagine about the insanely cool Jared Kleinman

Jared’s P.O.V

“Evan! Can I talk to you for a second?” I said, jogging up to Evan as he passed me. “Uh, sure Jared. What do you need?” Evan said and I nodded, dragging him to the side. “I need some advice on something.” I said and Evan nodded uneasily. “Ok. What advice do you want?” He asked and I rolled my eyes, an exasperated sigh escaping my mouth. “Hansen, you ask too many questions. Senior prom is coming up, and I want to ask someone, but I don’t know how.” I muttered, and Evan looked at me quizzically. “The great Jared Kleinman is finally admitting that he doesn’t know something?” Evan said and I shoved his shoulder. “Shut up Evan. It’s just, I’m not normally this… invested, in someone.” I said, wringing my hands a little. “Jared’s in love!” Evan said and I punched him in the shoulder. “Can you not let China know about my situation? Thanks. Anyway, I don’t know how to ask her out successfully, so I thought maybe you might know something.” I said, pushing my glasses up my nose as I spoke. “You must be desperate, but I’ll see if I can help. So, who is this mystery woman?” Evan asked, wiggling his eyebrows slightly. I felt my cheeks heat up a little and I averted my gaze to the floor. “Y/N Y/L/N.” I muttered, and Evan’s eyes widened. “I definitely can’t blame you. She’s hot.” Evan said and I nodded vigourously. “I know! It’s just, I really liked her, Evan. I don’t wanna screw this up.” I muttered and Evan placed a hand on my shoulder. “I’ll try and help you. Maybe I can convince Zoe or Alana to give me some information, who knows.” Evan said and I smiled at him gratefully, clapping him on the shoulder. “Thanks Hansen. I knew I could count on you.” I said, gazing over at Zoe, Y/N and Alana chatting near someone’s locker. “Come on Jared, we have to get to class. You can stare at Y/N in 6th period if you want.” Evan said cheekily and I glared at him, fighting the urge to punch him. “Let’s go.” I muttered, dragging Evan by the arm.

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Ugh, Y/N, you’ve got the heart eyes again.” Zoe said as she walked up next to me. I tore my gaze from Evan and Jared and turned to face Zoe. “So what if I do?” I teased and Zoe rolled her eyes, leaning against her locker. “It’s annoying the crap out of Alana and I. If I have to hear one more thing about about Jared Kleinman I will slap some sense into you.” Zoe taunted and I let out an annoyed sigh. “I could say the same thing to you about Evan Hansen.” I said, wiggling my eyebrows. Zoe’s face went pink and I smirked, poking her newly coloured cheek. “Whatever. Seriously Y/N, you have to go talk to him. Nothing’s going to happen if you just stalk him.” Zoe retorted and I looked over at Jared, deep in conversation with Evan. “It’s not stalking, it’s observing from afar.” I said, biting my lip as I stared at Jared. “Snap out of it Y/L/N. You can’t live life with your vision constantly tunnelled on Jared Kleinman.” Zoe said, clicking her fingers in front of my face. I jumped a little and turned around, a sheepish look on my face. “Hey guys.” Alana said and I waved at her, a smile on my face. “Hey Alana. Can I ask you something?” Zoe asked and Alana nodded, a curious look on her face. “Perfect. Is Y/N obsessed with Jared?” Zoe said and I let out a noise of indignation, my jaw dropped. “100 percent.” Alana responded almost instantly and I let out a huff, crossing my arms over my chest. “Sorry Y/N, but it’s true. You’re so in love with him it’s not funny.” Alana said, patting my shoulder sympathetically. “You guys suck.” I muttered and they both laughed at my pain. “We should probably start heading off to class. We definitely don’t want to be late again, because I don’t think Mrs Valdez will buy our ‘we were all sick at the same time’ excuse again.” Alana said and I nodded, sneaking one last glance at Jared. He pushed his glasses up his nose aggressively and I let out a giggle that didn’t go unnoticed by Zoe. “Oh god, she’s giggling now! Next thing we know she’ll be full on swooning.” Zoe groaned and I shoved her shoulder lightly. “Shut up Murphy. Also, you guys can head off early. I’m gonna go get a drink.” I said, waving slightly at the two of them. “Cool. See you in Spanish.” Alana said, walking off with Zoe. I walked towards the water fountain, but my horrid coordination and inability to look up from the floor made me run into someone. I let out a curse and began to pick up my books, and I noticed a pair of glasses sitting on my History binder. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” I said, picking up the glasses and looking at the person I ran into. I almost drop my books when I see Jared crouching down in front of me, his hair a little messed up and his glasses obviously missing. “Don’t worry, it, uh, it was my fault.” Jared stammered, running a hand through his hair. “Oh, these are yours. Here you go.” I said, unfolding the glasses and bravely placing them on his face. His cheeks went a little pink and his eyes widened slightly. “Oh, um, uh, thanks.” He squeaked out and I giggled, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “Y/N Y/L/N.” I said, sticking my hand out. Jared took my hand and I made a mental note of how well his hand fit in mine. “Jared Kleinman.” He said softly, shaking my hand. I smiled at him, but my smile quickly disappeared when I saw the time on a clock behind Jared’s head. “Shit, I can’t be late again. I’m so sorry Jared, I have to go, but it was a pleasure to run into you.” I said, winking at him. I started to walk off, but I heard him mutter something under his breath that made my heart speed up a little. “Believe me, the pleasure was all mine.”

Jared’s P.O.V

I rushed off to English faster than I reckon I had ever run, and I got to the classroom just as the bell rang. “Mr Kleinman, so nice of you to finally join us.” Mr Jacobson said, arching his eyebrows slightly at my lack of response. I quickly sat down next to Evan, who was looking at me quizzically. “Dude. Where were you?” Evan whispered as we opened up our notebooks. “I talked to Y/N.” I said and Evan looked at me, his eyebrows raised. “Nice. How’d it go?” He said and I smiled involuntarily. “I kinda ran into her, and she picked up my glasses for me.” I said and Evan scoffed a little. “Seriously Jared.” He mused and I rolled my eyes. “She put my glasses back on for me. Like, on my face. Evan, her hands are so soft. Like, imagine the softest blanket you own rubbed against your cheek. That’s how it felt!” I exclaimed, trying to desperately keep my voice down. Evan chuckled and I gave him a weird look. “Jared, you’re as red as a tomato. You are head over heels for her.” He said and I huffed, aggressively copying the notes on the board into my book. The lesson passed in a blur, as every lesson with Mr Jacobson did, and suddenly I was on my way to History with Evan. The only lesson I shared with Y/N other than Drama. “I’ll see you after school. Good luck Jared.” Evan said as he walked away to Geography. “Forest nerd.” I muttered under my breath as I made my way to the History room. I walked in and noticed that Y/N was sitting by herself, fiddling with a strand of hair. “Mr Kleinman, just sit down next to Miss Y/L/N. I’m sure she doesn’t bite.” Miss Hardy said and I nodded, swallowing nervously as I sat down. “Hi.” Y/N said and I waved awkwardly at her. “Hey. I just wanted to say that I’m still very sorry for tackling you in the hallway earlier.” I said and Y/N laughed, the musical sound filling my ears. “Jesus Jared, I’m not a fragile object. I’m fine. It is nice that you care so much. Most people wouldn’t give a damn, but you do.” Y/N said and I felt my heart flutter a little. “Now class, for your next assessment task, you will be working on a project on a topic of your choosing. You will also be partnered up with the person you’re sitting next to today.” Miss Hardy said and I felt my eyes widen. This meant that Y/N will possibly be at my house. Jesus Christ. “You’ll get this lesson to plan and choose your topics.” Miss Hardy said and I nodded, scratching the back of my neck nervously. “So, partner, what topic do you want to work on?” Y/N said, snapping me out of my trance. “Well, uh, I definitely don’t want to do American history because they hammer that into us from the time we can read.” I said and Y/N let out a loud laugh. “Oh my God, that’s exactly what I think. That’s why I’m one of the few people that takes Ancient History.” Y/N said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. I laughed, resting my chin on my hand. “So, Egypt, Rome or Greece?” I asked and Y/N paused, biting her lip as she thought. I awkwardly shuffled in my seat, because I happened to find it incredibly attractive when she did that. I looked at the roof and tried to think of anything other than Y/N biting her lip, but that really didn’t work, so I took my notebook and put it on my lap, attempting to mask the effect Y/N had on me. “We can do all three.” Y/N said suddenly and I looked at her, letting out a rather high pitched squeak. “Explain.” I said and Y/N nodded, beginning to speak. “Well, each ancient civilisation had their own belief system and mythology, that was similar and different to the other civilisations. We can talk about the similarities and differences between the three, and how the beliefs may have continued through today.” Y/N said, speaking animatedly with her hands. “That sounds perfect.” I said and Y/N smiled, patting my knee gently. I took in a deep breath and covered my mouth. “Awesome. I should probably get your address because we have to work on this outside of class.” Y/N said, taking her hand off my knee. I was both relieved and disappointed the warmth of Y/N’s hand was gone, but I tried to get my mind off that. “Oh, uh, sure.” I said, my voice a little higher than usual. “Cool. I’ll give you mine in case you wanna switch things up a little.” Y/N said, looking over at my desk for a notebook. “Hey Jared, where’s your notebook gone?” She asked and I internally cursed. “We can just use yours.” I said and Y/N nodded, writing her address on a slip of paper from her notebook. “Here you go. I also put my number on there. You know, just in case.” She said and I nodded, taking the paper and putting it in my pocket. “Ok, that’s enough for today’s lesson. I’ll see you tomorrow!” Miss Hardy said and we both jumped a little, unaware of how quickly the time had passed. I stood up, and the notebook suddenly clattered to the floor. Everyone turned their heads to me and I picked up the notebook quickly, trying to avoid the stares of the class. I took in a deep breath and turned to Y/N when we were out of the classroom. “So, um, your house is really close to mine, funnily enough, and I was wondering if you, uh, wanted me to walk you home?” I said and Y/N nodded, her Y/E/C eyes sparkling brightly. “I’d love that. I’ll just text my mom so she knows I’m not dead.” Y/N said and I chuckled, running a hand through my hair. I quickly pulled out my phone and sent Evan a text.

To: Hansen 👕

I’m walking Y/N home. Don’t wait up for me.

I shoved my phone in my pocket and turned to face Y/N. “You ready to go?” I asked Y/N and she nodded, slinging her backpack over her shoulder almost effortlessly. “Lead the way Mr Kleinman.” I shuddered a little at how she said my name, a million thoughts running through my head. “Then let’s get going Miss Y/L/N.”

Y/N’s P.O.V

I walked out of the school campus, occasionally glancing over at Jared to make sure that this was actually happening. “So, you have a favourite movie?” Jared asked and I chuckled, glancing at the pavement briefly. “I’d have to say anything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe except the Incredible Hulk, or Notting Hill.” I said and Jared let out a laugh. “What? Am I just naturally hilarious?” I said and Jared shook his head, still laughing slightly. “It’s just, I never expected to hear someone’s favourite movies as Marvel and a Hugh Grant rom-com.” He said and I shoved his shoulder slightly. “At least you know what Notting Hill is. I usually get a strange look from anyone who isn’t female when I say it.” I said and Jared’s cheeks went a light pink. “Hugh Grant is a good actor. What else can you say?” Jared muttered and I took a deep breath and slipped my hand into his. Jared stopped for a second and he had an incredulous look on his face. “I, uh, you, um.” Jared stammered, his face flushed. “I’m sorry, if you’re uncomfortable I’ll.” I said, but Jared quickly cut me off. “No, no I’m definitely not uncomfortable. It’s just, uh, unexpected.” Jared said and I gave him a grateful smile. “I can live with unexpected.” I said, squeezing Jared’s hand gently. We walked along the road that lead to my house in comfortable silence, every now and then one of us squeezing the other’s hand. “Well, here we are.” I said as we approached my driveway. We turned into it and I could see my mom through the living room windows. Suddenly my phone rang and I apologised to Jared before pulling it out of my pocket. I groaned when I saw that it was mom calling and I answered it, Jared not letting go of my hand. “Hello mother. You are aware that I can see you, right?” I said, very unamused. “That means I can see you too, and I can very clearly see you holding hands with a boy. Who is he?” Mom said and I let out another annoyed groan. “His name is Jared, and if you weren’t so weird I’d let him in so you can quiz him inside.” I said and I felt Jared squeeze my hand reassuringly. “Just get inside and let me talk to him.” Mom said and she hung up the phone. I rolled my eyes and put my phone in my pocket, glancing apologetically at Jared. “Sorry. Mom is being overbearing and would like to meet you. As her only daughter she fusses over me far too much.” I said and Jared let out a soft laugh. “It’s fine, really. You’ll find I can be very charming.” Jared said, shooting me a sly wink. I rolled my eyes affectionately and we walked up to my front door. I, reluctantly, dropped Jared’s hand and swung the door open, mom rushing up to us as soon as she heard the door open. “I’m glad you’re home Y/N. And this must be Jared.” Mom said, turning her gaze to Jared. Jared gave her a half wave and mom shot me an unreadable look. “Hi Mrs Y/L/N. I’m Jared Kleinman. It’s nice to meet you.” Jared said, stretching his hand out towards my mom. “It’s nice to meet you Jared.” Mom said, shaking his hand. “Um, does anyone want a cup of tea or coffee?” I asked and Jared nodded, as did mom. “How about I make the coffee and you show Jared around?” Mom said and I nodded, taking Jared’s hand. “Mom likes you!” I whispered and Jared beamed, pressing a brief kiss to my cheek. I felt my cheeks heat up the moment his lips made contact with them, and I missed the contact as soon as his lips were gone. “I’m sorry, I just.” Jared said and I put my free hand on his shoulder. “Feel free to do that again if you want to.” I said and Jared’s face went pink. “So, uh, while we’re here.” Jared said, gesturing to the black and gold expanse of my room. “I was wondering, if you, uh, maybe wanted to go to prom with me?” Jared asked, rocking back and forth on his heels a little. “I know it’s not very romantic, but I just.” I cut Jared off by placing my lips on his, a squeak of surprise escaping his mouth. I closed my eyes and melted into the kiss, taking my hand out of his and wrapping my arms around his neck. Jared tasted sweet, like something I couldn’t quite place, and his lips fit perfectly on mine. Jared’s hands sat on my waist, and my skin tingled under his touch. We broke apart, panting slightly, and my heart was pounding. “I’ll, uh, take that as a yes.” Jared squeaked out and I nodded, kissing his cheek. “It’s most certainly a yes.”

Anne Rice Facebook livestream breakdown

Today, Anne Rice had two livestreams on Facebook, the first as a general Q&A and the second specifically related to the Vampire Chronicles television show. Part way through the second livestream, the video glitched and I missed a minute or two, but overall this is what I had.

I’ve divided the information into 3 sections and highlighted the most important or interesting things she mentioned in my opinion):

Anne Herself

  • Anne wants to assure fans she is the ONLY one who answers and sees emails sent by fans. She tries hard to view all of them
  • She also reassures that shes been trying to read as many comments given on Facebook as possible and to consider them
  • In her writing process, she can’t do all-nighters anymore; her books about Christ were the last time she really did this
  • She loves how people in New Orleans love life and celebrate it. She misses New Orleans terribly. She notes, “Lifestyles [down there] are inherited and have a beauty”
  • She reads more non-fiction than fiction and constantly takes notes from them, especially about archeology (which she loves: “It’s like eating ice cream for me! I love it so much”)
  • She says she no longer identifies as a Christian, but still has a love for Jesus and what he has done for her, such as helping her solve problems and beyond that
  • She has some new announcement coming soon not concerning the vampires
  • She feels this is the age of the nerd where readers’ opinions are most important. Says she has always taken us the readers seriously and wants us to feel appreciated. She appreciates our power and what we have done for the series.

The Books and The Characters

  • *spoiler* There is NO certainty Mona and Quinn are dead. This is just what Lestat believes.
  • She went through the pronunciations of characters’ names
    • Marius is pronounced like Marius in Les Miserables
    • Mekare is May-care-ee, but thinks other pronunciations are beautiful too
      • (And I think as a fandom we’ve come to agreements on everyone else’s names. She went by the names fast!)
  • Anne says she sums up the story of the chronicles as “how badly Lestat wants to be the hero of his own life”
  • She appreciates fans pointing out mistakes in her writing since she wants to be as accurate as possible, especially when it comes to history/time periods
  • When asked about the taste of blood/how it functions, Anne says blood is like every kind of drug- it’s sex, alcohol, drugs, everything
  • She writes a TON of notes since she occasionally forgets when/how certain things are mentioned, such as how the Savage Garden was introduced in the novel (which she no knows as something that occurred during Our Conversation with Nicolas and Lestat)
  • The name “Talamasca” came from a book on old witchcraft she found
  • Lestat’s name was a “blunder” rather than a “eureka” moment. His name was NOT based on her husband Stan intentionally. She was trying to look up old french names.
  • The transformation process of human to vampire (after getting the Dark Gift) is a little slower than how the IWTV film portrayed, but close in Anne’s mind (she truly appreciated how the film went above to stay close to her own visions and her work)
  • During his time with Louis and Claudia, Lestat attempted to give answers that would “keep them alive” rather than actual answers, knowing that he couldn’t reveal what he knew due to what Marius had told him (essentially, not just answers that he thought would satisfy them but that he thought would carry them on by themselves…which worked in my opinion)
  • There were several questions about Gabrielle and Becket commented about how Gabrielle is a fan favorite before he introduced the questions:
    • Anne says Gabrielle is cold, but admits that she loves Lestat yet at the same time doesn’t need him.
    • She does not see Gabrielle as autistic (she laughed at this question which really irked me :/ )
    • She will not write about a memoir from Gabrielle’s point of view since she wants Lestat to stay the focus of “the tribe” and she’s done with writing those sort of side books.
  • Lestat’s main concern right now is “keeping the tribe together”
  • She wants to continue with exploring some of the newer characters, Fareed and Seth were mentioned as a part of this.
  • Anne has an “ambivalence” towards Louis and she loves him since he represents an old part of her, but this is also the same reason she has trouble going back and writing for him, because she feels she is now a different person
  • She appreciates that there is no “real” consensus on what is the best/worst of her books amongst the fans (though Memnoch was her first example for worse soooo 😏)
  • In some ways, how Amel speaks to Lestat is a metaphor for how Lestat speaks to Anne.

The Television Show


  • Armand will NOT be played by someone around 14, because of the long filming process and how it will age the actor. She acknowledges fans want someone young for Armand but feels it will be too difficult to use (um, hello Anne, CGI??)
  • She thinks Cate Blanchett would be a wonderful pick for Gabrielle.
  • Says the looks are most important for Lestat, Louis just has to be beautiful (lol)
  • She really cares about the appearances of the cast and their availability to do about 5-6 years of filming

(Chronology and Production)

  • She thinks she will not go through network tv, so the home to the show would be Amazon, Hulu or Netflix.
  • She feels the show won’t be as violent as Game of Thrones but wants that integrity and style, and that “authenticity” to the books that Game of Thrones has (So for the rating, I’m guessing she feels around M?)
  • Anne wants to be true to the books and what the fans want to see (in regards to characters and plot points)
  • She appreciated the commitment of the team for the IWTV film and wants to keep up to that standard. She does not want unreasonable changes and compromises
  • Chronologically, she wants to begin with TVL with Lestat as a young man.
    • Feels around the 2nd/3rd season is where IWTV would start
    • The books are long, so it will not be a one season / one book situation.
    • It will begin chronologically, so it won’t be Lestat reading IWTV and THEN starting with his story as a response, it will start in France as the events happen (I was hoping it would be the former…)
  • No Mayfair witches in the show
  • Characters who are introduced later, but existed chronologically earlier like Benedick and Magnus, will be put earlier in the show
  • The Talamasca will be heavily involved “eventually” in the series, possibly earlier on. Related to this, she wants to tell the history of her vampires and those entities.
  • She wants to definitely (so badly) cover the scene where Lestat is being turned “stage by stage…” meaning him being in the tower and having realizations about his strength after drinking the blood. Also, how he turns Gabrielle (possibly wants to have a young actress to play Gabrielle and have her human age appear through makeup so the transformation will be more dramatic)
  • Louis’ story WILL be told, but the show will be mostly from Lestat’s POV
  • Anne hopes the show will go into production before the end of this year. Around 2018 is when it would come out
  • Anne and Chris have had a lot of interested companies already looking into developing the project (but she doesn’t want to reveal who is talking to them since it “wouldn’t be fair”)
  • She isn’t sure if the show will break the 4th wall. She acknowledges that Lestat does it in the books, but she feels she would have to stick with it for the entirety of the show and that would be difficult (so it sounds like mostly a “no” but she’s considering it)
  • Christopher and her are currently outlining around 5 seasons (estimated) for the TV series. They are also writing drafts for the first 4 episodes
Love don’t cost a thing

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader.

Warnings: Swearing, arguing, fluff.

Can you do one where Tony is the readers boyfriend and he always buys her expensive things to compensate for not being around ( fighting crime) and she threatened to leave. And there’s smut and fluff and a happy ending ❤️❤️❤️

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A/N: Feedback is always appreciated :)

You scratched your head with the end of the pen you held tightly in your hands. It wasn’t that late, and in all honesty, it was quite early. Only 11 am and you were already falling asleep on your desk. That until your fellow associate came by your office and checked up on you.

“Long night?” Melissa asked as she leaned on the door frame. You two had been friends since school and even then you had the dream of having a small business together, and now you did. She was the best co-worker you could’ve asked for. You nodded and hummed an answer. “Care to share it with the class?”

“Nothing; it’s Tony-” you left the pen down and rubbed your temples with your fingers.

“Whenever you put those two together it means nothing but trouble” she sat on the chair on the other side of your desk. She supported her elbows on the glass surface and intertwined her dark hands showing you only the bright neon color of her nail polish. “What did he do this time?”

“Nothing bad, I swear” you sighed, “it’s just that we stayed until a god forsaken hour… He’s not here, he’s on the other side of the world… again” you rolled your eyes, “I didn’t get to sleep very much, and neither very well”

Out of a sudden, someone knocked the glass wall of your office. It was a delivery man, like a UPS young man carrying a huge bouquet of roses and a box. Melissa helped him and he left as quickly as he once came in. In between the flowers, there was a small letter written by no one else but Mr. Tony Stark. The tiny paper read, “(Y/N), I’m sorry again for not being around. I hope the box makes you hate me a little less. I love you very much, Tony. Ps: See you at home.”. The small wooden box contained a bracelet so gorgeous that it almost made you cry. Like the one you got the month before, and the month before to that one. You closed the box again and left it aside.

“Something wrong?” Melissa asked.

“Do you mind if I leave?” your business partner shook her head and you shoved in your bag the box, and ran as fast as you could.

If the note was right, Tony would be at home waiting for you; you prayed that it was indeed. It was about damn time that he heard some of what you had to say. You drove calmly back home, trying to think carefully what you were going to say. You saw one of his least attention-calling cars parked outside your house and quickly searched inside your bag for your keys.

“(Y/N)?” he called out. You were already a shaking mess.

It was the first time you felt like it was the right time to speak up. But there he was, all bruised up but still with the brightest smile you had ever seen. You had never seen him so happy to see you. It took you a while for any of you to say something.

“I missed you” he sighed, walking the distance between you two and holding your hands in his rough ones, “god, I missed you so much.” He pulled you closer to his sturdy frame and held you so close yet to delicately in case you would break. Your arms were on both side of your body; you couldn’t hug him back. You were speechless, and apparently something must have warned him that you were not completely fine, and your expression wasn’t very calmed either because Tony started asking what was wrong.

“How could you do it?” you asked away, freeing yourself from his hold, “how could you do it again? How can you do it?”


“Jesus Christ Tony!” You ran your fingers through your hair, “you bought me another bracelet. Who do you think I am?” you raised your voice, taking out from your bag the box that came in with the flowers, “do you really think you can buy me with this? Are you so stupid to think I will forget all you’ve made me go through with diamonds and gold?”

“I thought you-”

“Then you’re not thinking clearly” you barked. “You’re obviously fucked up in here” you took your index to your forehead, “Anthony Edward Stark how can you possibly think of me as a gold digger?”

“Wait, no” he protested, “I’ve never said that”

“You didn’t have to!” you howled. “You pamper me with expensive gifts!”

“(Y/N) you’re making World War III out of nowhere” he rolled his eyes.

“And with good reason, Tony!” your chest heaved as you took long steps up the stairs on the way to your bedroom; he followed you closely. “I don’t need jewels or flowers or cars or any of the things you’ve given me during this last time, I’ve never have”

“Do you even know why I do it?” he grabbed your hand when you were already on the second floor and made you turn around. He was getting mad.

“Then explain yourself, Stark” you welcomed him with a motion of your hands, “let me know why”

“Because I hate being away from you; I suck at expressing love by other means rather than just money” he spat, tossing the box away and letting it break. “You think I think you’re a gold digger? Are you really that stupid (Y/N)?” he rose his voice, matching it with yours, “My god, you have an enterprise on your own, and you don’t need me for financial purposes because you’re so fucking clever on your own, yet, here you are disappointing me thinking I think you’re a gold digger” he calmly said as he made fun of you. He had been ironic before; it was part of his nature, apparently all Starks were like that, or so he told you, but this time he was ridiculing you. It hurt and you hated to admit it. “Oh, now you’re getting sad?” he pouted, “well, you could’ve thought better before talking shit (Y/N)”

Your bottom lip trembled and the tears that pooled in your eyes threated to come out. You took a deep breath and ran your fingers through your hair once again. You turned around and kept your interrupted way to your bedroom and took out some shirts and jeans and shoved them in a small bag you kept from the old days. You didn’t even care taking out your beauty treatments from the cabinets in the bathroom, you just wanted to get out and away from Tony.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he folded his arms over his chest and tapped the hardwood floor impatiently. “(Y/N) I’m talking to you”

“I’m leaving, you fucking moron” you finished your bag and tried to get out of the bedroom, but Tony blocked the way with his arm. “Let me go!”

“No, you can’t leave me” he growled, “not until you listen to what I have to say”

“I’ve heard enough. I don’t wanna hear you anymore”

“No, you said enough. Now it’s my turn.” He took the bag from your grasp and threw it aside, “for the record I do not think you’re a gold digger and I never have. I don’t think you’re stupid or an idiot or anything of the sort either” he breathed calmly now, and his voice was soft again, “I love you (Y/N), the fuck I do” he sighed, “and it kills me to be away from you, risking my life and risking the plans I have to be with you.” He held your shaking hands in his own shaking ones; he caressed them with his rough thumbs. “I know you don’t need any of the things I give you, but I just… I just need to make it up to you but I don’t know how to be with you and have the life I do without hurting you in the process…” he spoke quietly almost like a whisper, “I’m a fool, and I pamper you with gifts because I love you”

“I love you too” you wrapped your arms around his neck and gave in to the warmth of his body. His big hands caressed softly your back; you rested your head on the crook of his neck. “Don’t you dare doing something like that again Tony; the only fancy thing I will accept from you will be a well-deserved holiday somewhere far away from here, ok?”

“You got it” he smiled in relief.


Le visiteur du futur - s2-e1