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Rising Sun--Josh Dun Imagine

Soulmate AU where soulmates have matching tattoos. Part 2 Coming Soon.

Y/C= your city

TW: Mild Mention of Past Abuse 

read at your own risk and stay safe |-/


(Your POV) 

It had been a long day, and by long day you meant days. You had just finished a quadruple shift, almost 48 hours, at the local music store you worked at because your asshole of a boss refused to let you go home after he fired the high school boy you used to work with. He finally let you go home after 40 hours on your feet. 

You get back to your apartment and threw off your heels, stripped out of your (really short) skirt, and took off your tight shirt, which your idiot boss makes you wear because ‘they make your ass look great and a great ass and hot body attract customers.’ You shivered as you remembered that conversation the day you got hired. Yes, your boss was a pig, but you needed the money. 

Exhausted, you fell onto your bed ready to sleep for two days, but your phone rang. Sighing, you picked it up. “Hello?”

“Y/N hi! It’s Stephanie.” Stephanie was your best friend in high school, but you slowly drifted away in college. Still you meet up once in a while if you ever seem to be in the same town, but what could she be calling you about now? 

“Stephanie, hi what can I help you with?” 

“You still work at that old music shop in Y/C right?” 

“Yeah why?” What could she possibly be up to?

“Good ‘cause I have a friend who has a show in the next town over, and he was hoping to get new sticks and some records. Will you be working tomorrow?” 

“Yeah Steph I will, but I don’t see why they can’t just go to a store to their town.” 

“He’s kinda shy, really doesn’t like new people, so I was hoping that I could send him to you, sure he doesn’t know you, but since you’re my friend I was hoping he would at least be more comfortable.” 

“Okay Steph, what time will he be over.”

“Like 8 am.” You could tell she sounded sorry that it was so early, but really your boss was going to make you get there at 7:30, so it was really no big deal.

“It’s okay Steph, I’ll have to be there early anyway to open, so it’s no problem.”

“Eeeee thanks so much girlie make sure to call next time you’re in the area. Kisses, bye.” she hung up. 

You looked at the clock. 9:00 pm. You were so tired, but you hadn’t eaten since 10 pm the night before, so you gathered the last of your energy, slipped on some skinny jeans and a sweatshirt, and walked out your door. After the short elevator ride, you stepped onto the street heading toward the taco bell around the corner. 

You arrived and walked in, ordered your usual, and stood off to the side waiting for your order. The bell above the door rang, signaling another customer, yet at the same time you were walking to the counter to collect your food. You bump into the poor guy, and your food goes flying, landing on the floor and spilling its contents. “I’m so sorry” you said as you stooped to pick up your fallen food. “It’s been a really long day, and I didn’t see you.” You were exhausted, and the long day on your feet caused tears to form. The guy leaned down and helped you pick up the rest of your now inedible meal. 

He set his hand on your wrist, creating a warm fuzzy sensation on your left wrist. “Hey it’s okay.” He smiled, and your heart stopped. He was beautiful. A nose ring glinted despite the shadow from hood. He smiled revealing a set of perfect, white teeth. His warm, brown eyes made you feel all warm and fuzzy. He looked you in the eyes, as you held back tears. “Rough day?” 

“Ha yeah you could say that.” You smiled, keeping back the tears. “I just got back from a 40 hours of work at a place where my boss only keeps me around to dress like a slut, so he can leer at me all day.” You don’t know why you shared that, but you trusted the stranger with pink hair, gauges, and a nose ring. 

“Ooh rough. At least let me buy you another meal, so that you don’t starve.” You didn’t want to take him up, but you were starving, and you spent the remaining cash in your wallet to buy the food that ended up on the floor so why the hell not.

“Alright.” After he bought you food you parted ways, you walking home, and him heading to the hotel two blocks away. 

You walked back into your apartment, finished you food, and showered. After you were clean and fed, you laid down in your bed, and gently rubbed the tattoo on your left arm. The fuzzy sensation the stranger had created had only increased since you left the taco bell. You ran your hand over the small sunrise tattoo on your left inner arm until you fell asleep.

You woke up to your alarm blaring at 6:30 am. You shower and get dressed in the black skirt, low-cut top, and high heels. Grabbing a piece of toast, you run out the door. You get to the music store at 7:15 and get ready for opening at 7:30. You spend the first half hour restocking records and setting up instruments for lessons.

At 8:00 am on the dot the bell rings. You decided to give the customer some space while you finished hanging the record above the register. You stood on a stool placing a Twenty One Pilots’ Blurryface record on the shelf above the register. Little did you know that the customer was standing behind you while you stood a few above him in a tiny skirt with nothing underneath but your lacy underwear. 

“Excuse me I’m looking for Y/N” He cleared his throat, scaring you. Your heel slipped off the top step and you fell backwards only to land on something soft and moving and… breathing? You open your eyes to find warm brown eyes and a nose ring glinting back at you. 

“Oh my god I’m so sorry.” You quickly stand up and steady yourself on your heels. You hold out your hand, and help the guy up. “Yes I’m Y/N what can i do for you. Oh my god you again?” 

“Oh hi. You’re Y/N?” 

“Yep that’s me and you are?” 

 “The name’s Josh, Stephanie’s friend. She said she called you?” He looked at the floor and put his hand through his pink hair, tugging slightly, a nervous habit. 

“Oh yeah she did, said you needed some sticks and some records cause you were on tour in the next town over.”

“Yeah my band mate and I have a show in the other town, and I needed some new things.” 

“That’s cool what are you looking for?” You walked out from behind the register making sure your skirt covered your ass. After helping him pick up a new pair of sticks and a few records, you walked him back to the register. 

“I couldn’t help but to notice the Twenty One Pilots you were hanging up earlier.” 

“Yeah you a fan?” You smiled as you continued to ring up his items.

“You could say that.” He pulled his hair again. “I’m.. uh… I’m the drummer for them.” That’s when the glass shattered.

“Oh my God you’re Josh Dun!” He took a step back startled by your out burst. “Sorry sorry I’m just a huge fan of your music. I don’t understand how I didn’t recognize you.” 

“It’s okay.” You handed him his things, and he stopped dead in his tracks. “A tattoo? You don’t seem like the type.”

“Oh” you glanced at the sun tattoo on your wrist, the strange tingling warmth was back. “I’m not really. Just the soul mate thing. Apparently there’s someone out there with the same tattoo that was ‘made just for me’ but I don’t know. It’s hard to wrap my mind around.” Truth is you hated to think about that little tattoo, and what it meant. You spent years searching for the other person with that same tattoo, but you had found dead ends or abusive relationships. You’d given up searching. Maybe love wasn’t for you. 

“It’s interesting.” You snapped out of it at the sound of Josh’s voice. “I like it. It’s simple.” He looked back at your face. “Hey we have a show tonight about 20 minutes away would you like to come?” He tugged at his hair again, something you found quiet endearing.

“I’d like that.” You exchanged numbers and emails, him promising to email the tickets and backstage pass to you.

“I’ll see you tonight yeah?” 

“Definitely.” With that he walked out the door, your tattoo burning and tingling more than ever before. What was wrong with it?


(Josh’s POV)

I was freaking out. Legitimately freaking out. It took all my energy to not panic in front of Y/N. I pulled out my phone and called Tyler. 

“Josh where are you man we need to soundcheck?”

“Ty, man, I’m on my way back from the music store twenty minuets away. Remember?”

“Yeah, so why’d you call?”

“Tyler I think I just met my soul mate.”

“Wait! What? Dude explain.”

“Okay so you know how my friend Stephanie told me about this really great music shop?” 


“So after the bus arrived last night, I hopped in a cab over here to find the store, so I wouldn’t get lost and miss soundcheck.”


“Thanks, but not the point.” I took a deep breath. “Anyway, so on my way back to the bus, I stop at a taco bell…”

“Of course”

“Shut up. Anyway I get inside and am about to order when this really cute girl bumps into me and spills her taco bell.”

“Dude, the taco bell”

“I know, Ty. As I was saying. She lets me buy her more taco bell..”

“And they say chivalry is dead.”

“Tyler c’mon man let me finish.” I let out an exasperated sigh.

“Sorry. Go on.”

“Okay, so I thought she was cute, and was so angry that I forgot to get her number, but I go into that music store this morning, and she’s working there. Turns out she’s a fan, but as she’s handing me my stuff, I notice her tattoo. It’s the same rising sun tattoo that I have on my left arm.”

“That’s sick dude did you tell her.” 


“Josh man really?”

“I know, but I invited her tonight.” 

“That’s great, dude. Make sure you ask her out tonight.” 

“Whatever, dude.”

“Oh and Josh, I have to meet her.” 

“Sure Ty.”

By the time I arrived at the venue, I was thrown right into soundcheck, my nervousness only be quelled by the internal warmth from my tattoo. 

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Graves, a man that everyone could qualified of impressive, noble  and cold, was, however, a florist. He was very pasionate about his job, and found meaning in what he was doing, without really being able to explained why he loved his work as much as he did. Everyday was bringing something different, new clients, new stories. Percival was not good at talking, reassuring or, more generally, feelings, but he was good at listening.

When this new client came in his shop, just before he closed it, he first was a bit annoyed. Every now and then, some client thought they could just run into his store before the closing and stay there for long, very long minutes , while Graves was already thinking about the bus he missed. But the man that just stepped in his shop was … lovely. He apologized, first of all, looking very embarassed about disturbing the man’s evening, and kept mumbling excuses. Percival found this absolutly adorable, and so, he helped him. The man was named Newt, and was looking for a specific plant, whom smell was very special and delicate. 

“I just moved in, and my apartment’s smell is not very pleasant.” he told the florist.

Graves giggled. He was happy that some people didn’t resort to chemical product right away. Fortunately, he had the plant the man was looking for. He went to the back of his shop. From there, he could catch a glimpse of his client. Newt was looking at the different plants and bouquet, smiling at the little tags Percival wrote for each of them. This view delighted him.

When he brought the plant to his client, he made sure to gently touch his hand with the tip of his index while giving it to him. Newt suddenly stared at him, surprised, blushing, his green eyes searching for something on Graves’ face. He didn’t say anything, and paid for his purchase, before leaving, a big, happy smile on his face. Percival had the feeling that he was going to see the man again very soon.

I went into the office today, on my weekend, because of ridiculous client asks and expectations with intentions in mind but couldn’t gather anything I needed to create what I had in mind. I then realised what I did yesterday was good enough, so I basically commuted all the way into the city to get a coffee. Then ended up hopping the wrong bus home, thankfully realised it before I got too far, but ended up missing the right one. Sigh. And now I’m sitting across from an old man picking his nose.

Anyway, I’m going to stop by the art supply store on the way home to make up for the poor decisions I’ve already made today. I lost my eraser sometime in the past two days and I have a poorly drawn hand to fix.

Between Busses

Dipper Pines stood and stretched as the other passengers pushed their way into the aisle of the bus to try to be the first off. He yawned and scratched his stomach, watching those who made it into the aisle shuffle and trip over their own feet. He didn’t understand why people had to rush. It would be so much easier if the people in the front of the bus got off first, then the second, and so on.

People didn’t work that way, though. Logically, that is. Sometimes someone tapped the brake pedal and thirty minutes later there was a traffic jam, despite a lack of exits or accidents. Why did everyone for miles down the freeway have to push their brakes, too? Dipper thought that was an answer best left to the psychologists of the world.

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Mind your own business.

I guess this isn’t revenge, but I’ve had enough of people policing what I wear.

I live in Wisconsin and it gets hella cold here. Like last winter it was -50 with windchill so I try and stay as warm as possible. In the town we are in the public transit is pretty much free and so I take the bus everywhere, and they have a very strange mix of people that I see and meet all the time so I’m used to people being nosey and saying stuff.

One night I’m returning home after an 11 hour day of work and the gym and I had recently bought an oversized scarf that was in the women’s section because men’s scarves just don’t cover enough. I am wrapped in its warmth when a woman on the bus asked me if I was wearing a woman’s scarf. I told her I was and she replied with, “you’re a man, you shouldn’t be wearing women’s things.”

I didn’t miss a damn beat, I replied with: “ma'am (very polite) since you’re so concerned with what I am doing, Let me be concerned with what you’re doing. 1. Stop tanning. 2. Invest in a good wig. 3. Try buying your make up anywhere else but dollar store.”

And at that moment my bus reached my stop and I told her goodnight while her mouth was agape and went on home. That’ll teach her to mind her own business.

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We bid on a house today in its kind of a dump and its really small but it’s only a mile from the ocean and 5 miles from downtown and the bus stop is right outside. Theres a lot of renovation we can do it but we dont have the money so it has to be ugly asf for a while .. im excited to have a room to decorate with all my anime though!!!

Im really gonna miss downtown if I move, ppl are so nice and I love walking everywhere

I guess I can walk in this new place but it’s 3 miles to my favourite store ’^’ and That’s my usual TO downtown and back home right now

This morning started off with Krissy missing the bus. We never miss the bus. But today they had a sub and they came 10 minutes earlier than normal! Our neighbor was leaving for work and told me the bus came through already. So I spent 15 min driving her to school and 15 min coming home. I was almost late to my training session today. Great session though, so that was good! Then I decided to go to the grocery store to get some almond milk for my shake later. Did I think to check if I had my wallet? Nope. Got my stuff rang up and had to drive home to grab it. All because I made sure Krissy had money in her school account for Pizza Thursdays, leaving my wallet on my office desk.

Then Remy and I met Doug at the golf clubhouse for lunch. I actually had already ate but I did have a few mozzarella sticks, I know bad idea. Then I came home took a quick nap and then got my work out in. It felt a bit half assed but I finished. I’m ready for bed already!!

Does anyone else miss the old Disney Stores and the way they used to look and be displayed? I remember as a kid the store displays used to be so enchanting and I felt like I was at the parks or something.

There was something always going on in the front display showcasing something from an old short or even a classic disney film. 

And if you looked up inside the store there were other displays of various Disney characters from their films.

Man I miss that.

Happy birthday @lucyiswritteninthestars!!! I’m so glad we’ve become friends and I really hope you like this little NaLu oneshot I wrote for you ^.^

Title: Little Things
Summary: He didn’t mean to start fall. In fact, he didn’t want to originally. (NaLu soulmates AU, surprisingly not a songfic)

Natsu figured that the point of the whole “drawings-appear-on-your-soulmates-too” thing was that one of them draws something so obvious that their soulmate would see someone with the same mark and find them. After all, they are soulmates. That’s what they should want, right?

Well, not him.

He had never fallen in love. Not once. He had dated one or two girls before, but they tended to leave quickly in order to find their soulmates. His best friend had been so distraught to see that they were not soulmates. He missed her bright smile sometimes…all the time…and maybe if she were still alive, he’d remind her they don’t need to be soulmates to be together.

There were so many rules. You draw something, and it appears on your soulmate’s skin in the same spot. You can’t write your name, phone number or address, you can’t write what you look like. The person could live miles away, even across oceans, and you may never meet.

Natsu didn’t really care about any of it. If he fell in love, so be it, but it wouldn’t be because destiny told him so.

Unfortunately, Natsu was a very curious person and couldn’t help but to wonder who the person was, who drew the intricate flowers that appeared on his skin lately. In the middle of class, especially. He used his pen and quickly wrote a simple message.

Why flowers?

The person didn’t respond for a while. Natsu sighed and got back to taking notes. He was slightly distracted by the messages appearing on his lab partner’s skin, quickly and in neat handwriting. His lab partner and best frenemy, Gray Fullbuster, kept scribbling back, looking slightly irritated. Natsu knew Gray was secretly falling for the person writing I hope we meet someday.

Natsu looked back at his hand. I am so so sorry I got bored in class and started drawing you can just tell me to stop!

Nah, it’s fine. I’m bored too. How you fit all that on your palm is beyond me. Natsu quickly responded, having to write up onto his arm.

I’m good at minimizing damage. came the entertaining reply.

Natsu fought the urge to chuckle, amused with the first conversation he had ever had with his supposed soulmate. Whether or not they were destined to be together, he thought they would make a wonderful best friend.

Days later, Natsu was internally cursing himself.

He had definitely not meant to start falling for his soulmate.

Quick banter had turned into conversations (he needed to scrub his hands with water between every class), conversations that he thought about all the time. What was his soulmate like? What did they do in their free time?

He felt an itching on his hand. He quickly raised his palm to his eyes.

Sorry about this, just ignore this…I need to write this all down or I’ll forget later.

Natsu’s eyes widened. He didn’t put his hand down as the words appeared on his skin.

-finish paper
-buy groceries
-coffee shop with Levy @3:00
-ask Levy the name of the shop

They stopped writing. Natsu furrowed his eyebrows. He knew a girl named Levy. Could it be the same? Could his soulmate be friends with one of his friends? Did they live in Magnolia too?

“Mr. Dragneel! I understand that talking to your soulmate is entertaining you, but I would prefer if you kept your eyes on the lesson!” his professor yelled from he front. Natsu sunk in his chair as snickers echoed throughout the room.

“Sorry, sir.” he muttered.

“What happened to not caring about having a soulmate?” Gray whispered from beside him, smirking.

“Shut up, Fullbuster.” Natsu hissed in response.

Natsu grabbed his bag, stuffing his books inside. It was finally lunchtime and he was glad classes were over for the day. Subconsciously, he lifted his hand to read the messages his soulmate had written. The portion about asking Levy had been scribbled out, along with the time. Natsu’s eyes widened.

-meet Levy in Strauss Café @3:00

He’d know that name anywhere.

After all, the coffee shop was run by his late best friend’s older sister.

He checked his watch. 1:30. If he caught the bus, he could probably make it there by three.

Without a second thought, he ran to the bus stop in front of the campus and caught the bus going towards the park. He dashed on with his bus pass, grabbing a seat by the front and sitting down hurriedly. The bus slowly left the stop, much too slow for his taste, and he looked out the window.

Then he turned to the front because looking out the window made him even more motion sick. He focused on the seat in front of him, rubbing his wrists carefully.

The bus always took a while, though it would be twice as long to walk. Caught behind red lights and stopping every so often, it was almost three by the time the Magnolia park stop came. Natsu dashed off the bus and towards the café. Checking his watch, he entered the shop a minute before three.

“Natsu! It’s been a while!” Mirajane greeted him with a hug. Natsu grinned at the familiar face, hugging her in response.

“It has! College is tough,” he responded.

“I can imagine! What can I get for you?”

“Just…a coffee would be fine. I’ll sit at the counter.”

Natsu shuffled to the front, searching for Levy’s identifiable blue hair. Mira started to notice…he wasn’t being subtle, really. “Looking for someone?”

“Ah…kind of?” he murmured.

Mira raised an eyebrow. Natsu straightened as he saw Levy walk into the shop. Mira greeted her with a bright smile, leaving Natsu in wait for Levy’s friend.

His supposed soulmate.

The one he was unwillingly starting to fall for.

Natsu sat, slowly sipping at his coffee, glancing at the door every few seconds. He knocked his leg against his seat and tapped his fingers against the cup. He checked his watch again. 3:30.

He sighed, staring into space. The chimes rang as someone entered the store. Natsu peeked over his shoulder.

“Ah, Levy!” she called. “I’m so sorry I’m late. My professor kept me and I missed the bus.”

Natsu turned around. Levy waved to a girl with golden blond hair, mussed up from running. She was taller than her friend, but he definitely stood a head above her. She clutched her bag with one hand, walking over to Levy.

Natsu hurriedly opened his bag, fumbling to pull out a pen. With a glance to the beautiful golden haired girl, he wrote a little message on his palm.

I found you.

She sat down, chatting with Levy. He saw her furrow her eyebrows, looking at her palm. He saw her jaw drop. His heart raced as she glanced back up at Levy, who gave the girl a worried look. The girl looked around the shop, glancing at her palm and back up.

Then, their eyes met.

Hehehehehe this wasn’t cliche at all…hope you enjoyed, Hannah!!!


I was about twenty minutes into my sunset stroll. That sounds way more romantic than it actually was - since I was by myself and not accompanied by some handsome foreign man.

The sun was hanging just above the horizon. Bright, still, even at this time of day. My feet were in the Arabian Sea, still hot from the sun’s beating that day, but somehow still served to cool off my sunburnt legs. I stupidly though my African skin could handle the Indian sun, but guess what - I was wrong.

I’ve reached the point of my afternoon stroll where I stopped walking just for the sake of it and rather walked with the sole purpose of finding a place to have dinner. I was spoilt for choice. Palolem Beach was littered with beachside restaurants and bard. Each in the process of setting up for the dinner crowd, arranging tables and chairs on the beach.

It was during this contemplation - the hardest decision I had to make the whole day - when an old, slightly stooped Indian lady walked past me. Power walked, mind you.

“Your legs,” she exclaimed, slightly slowing her pace. “No sunscreen?” she asked.

I laughed. “No,” I replied.

She shook her head.

“It’s my own fault,” I tried to explain.

“Walk with me,” she ordered suddenly.

I laugh. “Maybe next time.” I continued walking at my leisurely pace.

“Come on,” she urged. “You can definitely afford it.”

Ouch, I thought. But I expected this Indian honesty. A couple of weeks ago Dr. Chok, a Tibetan yogi living in Mcleod Ganj, asked me if I liked to eat. It took all of my strength not to reply with, “Obviously!”

What the hell, I thought and fell into step next to her.

“I try to keep healthy,” she told me. “I’m a cancer survivor.”

I could see scars peeking out from the top of her bathing suit.

“I had surgery on both my knees she continued. “So walk this beach everyday. And I swim, everyday.”

“Wow,” I said, impressed.

“You’re a pretty girl.”

Uhm. “Thanks.”

“You should walk more. Three times a day. And swim for at least an hour a day.”

“Okay,” I said, thinking back to all the promises I made myself before setting of on this trip. Pushups and sit-ups in my room. Walking five kilometres a day. “I want to.”

“And drink coconut water everyday. Then you will lose six pounds.”

I need to lose a whole lot more than that, I thought, but nodded towards her. We walked in silence for a while.

“You should come to my house,” she announced, coming to a stop. “I’m a mother. I miss my kids. All of them are in America. Come to my house and we will make dinner and talk some more.”

I smiled, excited. This is exactly what I hoped for. Being invited to a local’s house, learning about how people live in India. “Okay,” I agreed.

“Okay,” she echoed, and proceeded to draw me a map to her house on the sand. “I live in Canocana. Next to the bus station.” She pointed to a spot on her map. “Here is a building, with pharmacy and liquor store. Go up the stairs. We live at the first door on the left. But if you’re lost, ask for the Sikh’s.” She pointed in the general direction behind her, and I noticed a man in a purple turban. “Everyone knows where we live.”
“Cool.” I said. “See you Saturday.”
She nodded. “I have to go now. Come anytime.”

I waved at her retreating back before heading in the opposite direction, once again in search of a dinner venue.

—  L.W. | stories from the sub-continent #1

Singapore: ABC (Art + Books + Coffee)

My trip two weeks back to Singapore was an attempt to explore a new city alone - and with that, I was able to discover lots of nice art places, bookstores and coffee shops along the way. :-)

1. BooksActually - a quaint bookshop in Yong Siak Street selling a wide range of titles and vintage trinkets. This is the ultimate destination for bibliophiles.

2. Red Dot Design Museum - for a taste of modern design in different fields, visit this museum along Chinatown. It’s a pretty small space but there are a lot of inspiring things to see in various art fields - Typography, Graphic Design, Advertising, Product Design etc.

3. Duxton Hill - this place houses a lot of restaurants, cafes and pubs. The buildings are brightly colored and beautifully displayed on every corner as well, and there is a small bookstore along the area (Littered with Books) and some street art.

4.Chinatown - a bustling place full of Singapore’s culture. Don’t miss this when you take the bus or MRT - there are a lot of hawker food stalls (visit Maxwell Hawker Center!) and souvenir shops with quirky finds (got my postcards and brushes here).

5.Forty Hands - located in front of BooksActually, this cafe is not to be missed. Super A+ coffee (like, probably the best I’ve tasted in my life), good service and really yummy cakes. I’ve yet to try the breakfast food but I suppose it would be delicious as well.

6.Art Friend - situated inside Bras Basah Complex (aka art heaven, and I’ll do a separate post on this), this huge art stores houses various brands of art materials and I can’t help but go crazy over which to purchase (I have issues with expensive materials lol). That aside, it’s really a great place to look for hard to find materials (especially if you’re in Manila)

I’m still sorting out photos and stories to share, but hope this helps for reference! If you’re traveling to Singapore sometime soon, do give these places a visit. :-)

You Promised, Damnit

Could I get an imagine where Alan Ashby is on tour. Lately you’ve been getting texts from a stranger sending you pics of alan and a girl together in compromising positions. Alan just stops texting you. after a week of silence you see him on the news with a hickey. A day after that you get a text on how he wants to take a break. You break down. Your best friends come over to cheer you up, and he comes home. He acts like everything is normal. You two fight and you run off…your choice of ending.


My phone buzzed in my lap. I picked it up eagerly, hoping it was my boyfriend Alan. Instead, it was the same strange number that has been sending me txts lately. I sighed as I saw that it was another picture of Alan and the skinny, busty blonde girl that has appeared in the two previous pictures I received. She was sitting next to him, his arm draped casually around her shoulders on the back of the couch. But his other arm was resting the same way on his other side, so it was probably nothing…right? I tried talking to Alan about it before, but he just didn’t say anything on the subject and either didn’t respond or changed the subject.

I put my phone back down and headed to the kitchen, needing comfort food to keep my mind off of this. I kept telling myself it was nothing, Alan loves me, he would never hurt me. He told me, no, he promised me, that he would never hurt me. I just had to trust him while he was on tour. Going through the fridge, freezer, and cabinets I didn’t find a single thing of comfort food. Just bread and some cheese and old cereal really. So I decided to head to the store. Maybe getting out of the house would help…

I txted Alan after hopping into the car, telling him to get a hold of me when he had the chance and that I missed him. The whole way to the store, my phone didn’t make a noise. 

I walked around Wal-Mart picking out what I wanted to eat. I just finished inspecting the ice cream isle and picking one out, Mint chocolate chip, when my phone buzzed. I expected it to be Alan when I pulled it out of my pocket, but again it was the strange number. Sending another picture. An even more…compromising…picture. Alan had the blonde girl up against the wall of the bus, his arm blocking her exit, the other on her hip. Her arms were placed firmly around his neck and he was smirking down at her. What the hell. I could feel my face go white. Panic began to rise in my stomach. Quickly, I headed for the self checkouts, paid, and left, driving in a haze.

After loading the groceries into the house, I got my phone and tried to call Alan. Nothing. I tried again, and yet again, both attempts yielding nothing. So I txted him a few times but never got a reply, not even a read receipt. I could feel tears pricking at my eyes, but I willed myself not to cry. I’m better than that. I had to give him a chance to explain himself before I assumed anything, despite all the evidence against him. Soon enough, feeling emotionally drained, I headed to bed. 

~A Week Later~

A week later I still hadn’t heard anything from Alan. I tried talking to some of the other guys about it but they didn’t really have much to say on the matter, which was strange. Austin or Aaron are usually pretty open with me. I saw Bryan Stars tweet about putting a new interview with Of Mice&Men up, so I clicked the link. There they all were, hanging out in the tour bus like everything was normal. And there was Alan. My Alan. And as I looked closer, there was a hickey on his neck. A real hickey. On Alan’s neck. My Alan’s neck. What the hell. 

I shut my laptop, not wanting to see any more. My hand covered my mouth and I squeezed my eyes shut. I tried to count my breaths to calm myself down. It’s okay, it’s okay, it could mean nothing. My phone buzzed and I picked it up, only to find another picture of Alan, the blonde girl straddling him on the couch of the bus, her lips locked onto his neck. My hands were shaking so badly that I couldn’t focus on the image. What was I going to do?

~The Next Day~

Alan was supposed to come home from tour in less than a week, but I didn’t care. Part of me didn’t want him to come home, to have to face him after all of this. I didn’t want to give him a chance to explain, but rather just not have to deal with it all and live in ignorance. I took a deep breath, clearing my thoughts, before I txted Alan.

Hey..I know you haven’t really been too interested in talking to me lately but I want you to know that I’m sorry if I upset you somehow. I miss you, Alan. I can’t wait for you to come home! I love you, sweety <3

Alan: I think we should take a break, Y/N.


Alan: I’m sorry. I just think its best right now. Bye Y/N

I sat, staring at my phone open mouthed. I tried to make up with him and this is what I get? What the fuck! That is not fair! He’s the one that’s cheating on me, he doesn’t get to decide to take a damn break! I felt myself crying before I even realized it. My mouth was letting out sobs uncontrollably and I was shaking from anger. I txted my friend and she showed up at my door a few minutes later, bringing ice cream and all kinds of chocolates and sweets. She stayed with me all night, letting me cry when I needed to or scream or say “fuck him” a million times. And we watched my favorite movies, eating all our junk food and cuddling on the couch before falling asleep in super comfy and bummy jammies. She is the absolute best. 

~A Few Days Later~

I walked around the house, picking up here and there and humming along to the music I had blaring through the house. I heard a noise from the living room and headed that way. I froze in the doorway, shocked. There stood Alan with all his luggage, closing the door behind him. He smiled when his eyes landed on me and he came over, arms outstretched.

“Hey, babe!” he greeted happily, wrapping me in his arms. I didn’t return it, too shocked that he was home already to do anything. And that he was being so….kind to me. “I’ve missed you!” Alan let go of me, kissing the top of my forehead and then going to take his bags to our room. I moved to stand in his way, a mixture of feelings rising in me.

“Where are you going?” I asked. 

“I’m taking my bags to our bedroom..” he replied, confused. I shook my head at him. “I can’t take them back there..?” He cocked his head to the side, grinning at me.

“It isn't our room,” I told him. 

“What are you talking about?”

“That is not our bedroom, Alan. You wanted a break.”

“Y/N, I-” he started to reach for me, putting the bags on the ground, but I moved out of the way.

“You said you wanted a break from us. That’s what you’re getting,” I said, anger rising in me. “I know you cheated on me, Alan Ashby.”

“What the hell are you talking about? You sound crazy right now!” he nearly shouted at me.

“What the hell am I talking about?!” I yelled, pulling out my phone and shoving it in his face so he could see all the pictures I’d been getting of him and blondie. “This is what the hell I’m talking about, Alan! Oh, and lets not forget the wonderful hickey on your neck she left you. I saw it in the interview. It wasn’t exactly hidden, now was it?” There was venom in my voice.

“Y/N, please, can you let me talk? She meant nothing, honestly. I didn’t sleep with her, I swear to god, Y/N-”

“I don’t give a damn if you slept with her! We’re on a break! You know what, lets just make it a break up. Make it official. You don’t want me, Alan, you want those little fame whores that follow you on tour. Not the girl that waits at home faithfully for you, cleaning the house, cooking meals for you, taking care of you, making love with you. No, of course you don’t want her!!!” I shouted, tears streaming down my cheeks.

“I made a fucking mistake, Y/N! I’m sorry! Please, forgive me! I’m fucking sorry!” he screamed, desperation in his gorgeous eyes. I shook my head, wanting to give in but standing my ground.

“You told me…you would never hurt me, Alan…” I whispered. He reached out for me, but I cringed at his touch and jumped away. “You promise, damnit! You promised you would take care of me and that you’d never hurt me!” I screamed. Alan looked like he was in a lot of pain at those words, but I didn’t care. He put me through hell these last few weeks. And I was done with it.

“Y/N, I love you baby, please..” he said quietly. Ignoring him, I grabbed my jacket and car keys and took off out the door. I remember getting in the car, the windows down, and frantically trying to look over the small hill to see any cars as Alan ran toward mine. Without caring, I pulled out. I heard Alan scream my name and then everything went black. 

~A Few Days Later~

I woke up to the sound of beeping. A lot of annoying beeping. My head hurt, my body was sore, and my throat was like a desert. Opening my eyes, I was met by a plain room and a lot of machines. Someone was holding my hand. I turned to find Alan sitting by my bed, large bags under his puffy eyes. He looked like hell.

“You’re awake! Oh my god, Y/N!” he said when his eyes met mine. He gingerly hugged me, but I winced because it still hurt a little.

“What happened?” I croaked?

“You- you pulled out and the car…he just slammed straight into your door. I screamed your name but you didn’t hear me. You were crushed inside the car…I was so scared they wouldn’t be able to get you out, be able to help you. There was blood…all over your face, your chest, everywhere,” he whispered, his eyes tearing up. “I couldn’t help you..”

“It’s okay,” I told him, not really knowing what else to say. I hadn’t forgotten the events that transpired before my accident. 

“It’s not okay. It’s all my fault. If I wasn’t such a dick then this never would have happened. I’m so sorry, Y/n. I screwed up really, really bad. I love you, and I don’t know what I would do without you…when you were lying there they didn’t know if you’d make it or not…it felt like I was the one that got hit by the truck, because I can’t imagine my life without you. Please, Y/N, forgive me. Give me another chance..” he begged.

“I’m not saying all is forgiven or forgotten…” I started. Alan looked at me hopefully. “But I do think we can try to fix things. They won’t be the same, but I’m willing to try if you are.”

“I am! Oh, god, I am! I love you so much!” Alan put his lips on mine softly. We were going to try to heal. That’s all that mattered.

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I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE it when customers hang around well past the time our store shuts. It's just fantastic. No really, because it's not like I have a family to get home to or a bus to catch or a fucking life. So you just take your time looking around like your goddamn royalty. Then when you ask them to leave they act shocked as though you've slapped them. Like we are open all day couldn't you have come by then?! I swear to god if I miss my bus home one more time im Going to lose it. Fuck customers