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Imagine: being The eleventh Doctor´s companion and him confessing that he loves you.

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It was a Saturday morning and you just had finished breakfast. You brushed your teeth and suddenly listened the sound of adventure… The Tardis.
Excited, you ran directly to the door. Just to receive The Doctor with open arms. You still were holding your toothbrush and had a little bit of toothpaste on your mouth, making The Doctor laugh.
“Oh, I missed you!” You whispered to him in the middle of your hug. “Where are you taking me?” You asked, desperate, and quickly jumped around the console. “Never mind! Let it be a surprise.” You smiled.

The Doctor looked at you with a tender smile. He focused on your jumps and chuckled, on the way your hair waved and on the way your eyes glowed when you looked at him.
He approached to the console and put the secret destination into the Tardis’s index. You noticed that The Doctor hadn’t said a word during the trip, he just smiled.
“Doctor, are you okay? You’re a bit… Weird.” You asked, preoccupied. He pulled his bow tie, nervously, and gulped.
“There’s something I want to confess, Y/N” he approached to you and grabbed your hands. You looked at him, confused. “ I’ve been thinking about you all the time… in the mornings, at night, in the middle of the day. It’s you… It’s just always been you.” He smiled.

An awkward silence filled the room. You were shocked. You had never imagined that The Doctor would be in love with a girl like you.
“But… Why me, Doctor?” You smiled, puzzled.
He put his hand on your cheek and gave you a gentle kiss. The kiss was soft and slow, making both to embrace.

Minutes later, when the Tardis landed, The Doctor covered your eyes.
“where are you taking me?” You asked, nervous.
“You’ll see.” He whispered in your ear. You walked a few more seconds when he finally let you open your eyes. “Surprise!” He yelled.
You were right in front of the Eiffel Tower, in France. You looked around and figured it out.
“Oh my God…” You whispered. “It’s the 1920s!” You screamed and hugged The Doctor. “I love this…” You sighed, “I… Love you, Doctor.” You said on his lips and kissed him.
“I love you too, Y/N.” He smiled and the two of you spent a magical night in the streets of Paris.

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I love this man

God knows how much i love this man standing in front of me. Everyday i tell him how lucky and blessed i am to have someone like him. The first time i talk to him, i didn’t feel anything but the moment i started to take a glimpse in his soul, that’s the time i get to know the real him. He captured my heart. I can’t imagine how it happened but i just found myself smiling while talking to him and it makes my hear beats fast.

His name never fails to make me stop for a while and make my heart skipped a bit. His smile makes my heart melt and the way he stares at me it makes me fall for him over and over. Every time he’s not around, i just want to teleport to where he is and it makes me want to just kiss him and hug him tight so tight to make him feel how much i miss him. I never know i’ll fall like this and i’m glad i did, i’m happy i took the risk because he’s worth it. He’s worthy of my love, he deserves my love for him and to be treated special and someone who can make him feel that he’s alive. I have seen him at his best, and his worst. I have seen everything about him and i can say that i love everything about him. I love all of him. Every single side and bit. I love when he’s moody and hot tempered. I love the storm above his head when he’s serious. I love the words he spills over morning coffee, the whispers he mumbles in sleep. I love when he’s being clingy and acts crazy. I love when he’s being bossy and possessive. There is not a part of him I can’t accept, there is not a part of him I can’t love.
 And there’s nothing or anyone can take that love away. No one can make me love him less. I love him, i always do and i will make him feel that everyday.