i missed last two weeks t t

it’s been a month and I still love you
but now it’s complicated.
now it’s less about the way you taste like sugar and more about how much I miss getting dessert every night.
this is another way to say that my salt intake for the last two weeks has been dangerously unhealthy
but I can’t find it in me to care about a body that you won’t look at anymore.

this story has been told so many times
and yet there’s something in me that needs to keep sharing it.
like roosters never growing tired of announcing the morning
I’ve been spending every second of your absence crowing at the sun, belting out your name in hopes of being listened to.
it seems like I’m always waiting for the people I love.
I don’t know if this says more about them, or about me.

you know,
I left a piece of my heart in your apartment
on the day you left for long island.
the morning after the last night you let me stay over.
I just assumed I’d pick it up once you came back.
I just assumed that people had the ability to leave and return
I really should know better than to assume anything about
what the past can or can’t do to you.
I’m writing this with a hand ravaged by memory,
after all.

all of this to say,
I miss you.
this is less of a poem and more of a letter
and I’m still trying to forgive you for the text message
and the phone call
and for leaving me alone in a parked car once I started crying
like a leak you didn’t want to bother fixing.

all of this to say,
I know that moving on would probably hurt less than letting go of our two months of bliss
and trading secrets on red furniture,
but I know what it’s like to have somebody give up on you
because of the things haunting your bedroom and the clocks you need to keep rewinding and I’m not going to do that.
not to something that’s felt this

all of this to say
I know you don’t want me to,
but I’ll be here when you want to come home again.
the door will be unlocked.
you don’t even have to knock.

You’re Everything

Pairing: Lin x Fem!Reader

Words: 1194

Summary: After a fight, Lin appears at your door with an apology speech. 

Warnings: Mentions of an argument, mentions of self-doubt, some swearing, crying, bit of angst, kissing, think that’s it?? (sorry if i missed something)

A/N: This isn’t that long, but I really liked writing it and thought it was cute. Here ya go - Skye x 


He was standing at your door, drenched from the rain. It had been almost two weeks since you’d last spoken to him, since you’d sobbed and screamed and slammed the door behind you. You had started it, to be honest, but it wasn’t really your fault. It wasn’t your fault you were waking up alone every morning, it wasn’t your fault you were alone all the time, it wasn’t your fault you couldn’t be silent anymore.

You knew it wasn’t his fault either. He couldn’t help his hectic schedule, the schedule that meant you were so often on your own. But then he said exactly what had scared been scaring you the most, and so, the door was slammed and you ignored everything to do with him for two weeks.

Maybe he was right, maybe he had every reason to spend more time on Hamilton than he did on you. But hearing him say the words had made it all so real. Because maybe you would leave, and it would’ve come to nothing, maybe you would leave and Hamilton would’ve been all he had left to work with.

“Lin, why are you here? Shouldn’t you be doing something purposeful instead, like Hamilton?” you watched as the hurt appeared in his eyes as you shot his words back at him.

“Okay, okay. I know I was an ass but, please, (Y/N), here me out.” his eyes were pleading, when you looked at them you were practically swimming in his guilt.

“Go for it.” you replied, annoyance seeping into you words. As you leaned against the door frame, you prepared yourself for some bullshit excuse, prepared yourself to slam the door again – no matter how much it hurt to do it.

“(Y/N), my life was pretty substantial before you appeared in it. Visited my parents every few days, talked to people who recognised me from Heights, found some place to get coffee every morning. I was content, happy even. Everything was good. Then, you fell asleep outside my door because your friend was drunk and sent you the address wrong, and everything was better. You wriggled your way into my life and I gladly let you.”

You were still looking at Lin with a straight look on your face, waiting for him to continue.

“You quickly became the center of everything I did. If someone asked me to go out for the night my first thought was always ‘What about (Y/N)?’, whenever I wrote something that I wasn’t sure about all I could think was ‘Ask (Y/N), she’ll know’. You hold everything in place, (Y/N). Without you my life is a mess and I never know what I’m doing,” Lin paused, trying to think of what to follow up with. “I know I often ramble like my life depends on it, and here I am, doing it right now, but when it comes to you, (Y/N), I’m so lost for words. Nothing comes to mind. Nothing can compete with your brilliance.”

There were tears welling up in your eyes now, you let him see. You didn’t have anything to hide from him - if you were going to cry, he was going to see it.

“Not only are you beautiful,” he continued. “You’re one of the most articulate people I know. You can spit out the most amazing string of words like it’s nothing, it’s truly wonderful to watch. It’s like you control words, they fulfill your every whim without you even asking. Yet, sometimes you’re so stupid it’s funny. Sometimes you say things that don’t make sense in the slightest, but we still all know what you meant.”

You were full on crying now. Lin always managed to move people with his words and you were certainly not an exception. Your voice trembled, but you spoke anyway.


“I’m not done.” you laughed through your tears a little at his persistence, letting him go on.

“Whenever I look at you it feels like I’m home. I know that’s cheesy and shit, but it’s true. Nothing feels more like home than looking at you, or hearing you speak, or listening to your laugh, or eating your crappy cooking, or watching you smile. You are my home, (Y/N).” he stopped for a second, attempting to control his tears, which, now, were running wild on his cheeks. “I love you, and I know my schedule isn’t always great. I know I’m always busy and I know I’m usually gone before you get up in the morning. I know. But, honestly, (Y/N), there’s absolutely nothing I cherish more than when I do wake up to you each morning. When I do wake up and your hair is tangled in my hands, when I do wake up and your face is buried in my chest, when I do wake up and you’re there.”

“Lin, it’s-”

“Still not done, (Y/N),” he replied, cutting you off again.

“For the last four years of my life, the four of them in which you’ve existed, I’ve been trying to put how much I love you into words, and I’ve never quite managed to succeed. I’ve come close, but they’ve never matched the beauty and rhythm of your words. So, in my attempts, here it is,” he stopped, checking that you were still with him. “You’re like thinking you won’t make it home for the holidays, but managing to. You’re like thinking you don’t need an umbrella, but you do. You’re like being late, but still earlier than someone else. You’re like watching the stars disappear as orange spills onto the dark night sky. You’re like everything good in the world, and everything bad in the world, and every okay in the world. You are everything in the world. And, if we’re being fully honest here, I’m completely and utterly in love with every single thing about you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

You threw your arms around him, the anger from the last two weeks suddenly disappearing into thin air. The hurt and sadness were gone, nowhere to be found.

The two of you stood there for what felt like hours, arms wrapped around each other as you took one another in. Lin smelt like he always did; coffee and ink. It was your favourite scent in the world, you would bathe in it if you could.

You kissed him gently, lips molding together perfectly. It had been weeks since the last time and you could feel it. You pulled apart, burying your head in the crook of his neck.

“You’re my favourite person,” you mumbled. “I love you, so much. I don’t care if you’re not always there when I wake up, I just miss seeing you sometimes. But, if that’s what it means to have you living your dreams, I can learn to love night cuddles as much as morning ones.”

“(Y/N), you don’t have to. I got my shit together, from this point on, I don’t have any meetings before ten a.m. - I’ll always be there in the mornings now.”

You grinned. “I love you.”

“I love you too.


Imagine: the reader feels like they and Elijah are drifting apart.

New Orleans was a city that didn’t sleep, that’s for sure—maybe it was just his family that made it seem that way. You hadn’t spoken to him in days…it turned into weeks. What was happening? Why wouldn’t he answer you when you texted or went to see him? You weren’t going to be the first to call, but sometimes when you got those missed calls, you were all too excited to call him back. “You’ve been virtually silent the last week or two,” he’d start off. “I’ve got a life, that’s all,” you scoff. You could feel his pacing stop through the phone. “Have I done something?” he asked in confusion. You flexed your jaw. Yeah, you’re ignoring me, you wanted to say. “No. Just got some paperwork to do for the office. You can come see me if it’s important,” you decided to say instead. 

You regretted your tone while you lay in bed that night. You had an opportunity to pretend like it was nothing…to make up. Maybe that would’ve saved your relationship. You were about to feel miserable until 2 AM rolled around and someone was knocking on your door. You only got up on the third knock. It was him. “…So it is important,” you said tiredly. He walked past you into the house. “I know this sudden cold shoulder move has a reason,” he said first. “Usually if I feel like a relationship is about to go south, I like verbal warnings. No one wants to be ignored,” you sighed. He lifted his head, an understanding look on his face. “You think I’m leaving you. Like I’ve been thinking you were going to let me go,” he realized. “Why would I do that?” you frowned. “Y/N…I never intended for it to seem that way. It’s Niklaus and Freya, Kol—they’re very hard to control. I thought I would take care of that so they do not interfere with us.” 

“Really?” you said suspiciously. He said yes with just the look in his eyes. You took a deep breath. “Okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be the crazy girlfriend,” you apologized. “You weren’t the only one on the edge of their seat,” he spoke. You invited him to stay the night, and he wouldn’t go back for two days. He considered you his vacation.

Cheese Platters at My Place!

Brawl in the Streets Pt 5

Prompt: Reader has bad day at work and invites Hamilsquad over to drink
Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader
TW: drinking, spicy language, forgetting to eat??? Fluff, dom Laf in a non sexual way, cute
A/N: thank you so much for your patience and support! I’m sorry it took so long; I’ve been so busy lately! I’ll try to post more often though; I promise! If you need me to tag something, let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work! Please Enjoy!
Tagged: @superwholockbooknerd526
Word Count: 1630

You hadn’t seen the boys in two days, but you already missed them terribly. You had texted back and forth more than you had last week, but it wasn’t enough for you.
Maybe that’s why you invited them over to drink with you on a Monday night after a particularly shitty day at work. You had gotten screamed at by a crazy customer-that had never happened before. You weren’t one to drink often, especially not on a week night, but you wanted a break… and an excuse to see the boys.
You had to run out to buy alcohol since you had mostly wine. You came back with several packs of beer and a few bags of chips. You set it up like a party instead of just a few casual drinks.
There was a knock on the door, and you quickly answered it. There stood Herc, with more beer, and a huge smile on his face.
“Y/N!” He exclaimed, and you almost jumped straight into his arms… but he was holding beer, so you refrained.
You saw John next, and you grinned. He was crouched behind Herc, petting a cat.
“He’s so cute! I love him!” He crooned, and you giggled. Herc came in and put the stuff on the counter while you crouched down beside John. You began to stroke the orange baby with him. You recognized him as your neighbor’s cat, Tippy. You heard footsteps behind you down the hall, along with the vehement ramblings of your Alex. You turned around and saw him talking to Laf, the height difference almost comical. You had no idea what he was so excited about, but Laf was nodding along in understanding.
“Sorry we’re late!” Laf exclaimed, and Alex paused, mid rant, finally noticing you. “Alex got into an argument with someone in the elevator about why their choice to support a certain presidential candidate was incorrect.”
“We all know that they’re gonna run this nation into the brink, Laf! Have you heard the policies! The audacity! The inequality!” Alex began ranting again, and John rolled his eyes. You picked up the cat, knowing your neighbor wouldn’t mind if you borrowed him for a while. After all, she had more than enough. The boys followed you inside, and Tippy wriggled in your arms. You let him jump free, and he began exploring your apartment.
“You’ve got snack bowls and cheese platters,” Alex observed with a small laugh. “It’s like a little party!”
“I’m sorry; I’m not a casual drinker! This is my first time hosting something like this and-” you tried defending yourself, but Laf threw an arm around you and pulled you up against him.
“I think it’s cute, ma belle,” he squeezed you affectionately, and you grinned. He was so warm. You leaned into him, and he left his arm around you, to your delight. He led you over to the couch while the others brought the snacks and beer over. There was a baseball game on in the background, but to be quite honest, you weren’t paying attention to it at all. Laf reclined on the couch, then patted the spot next to him. You blushed, but you sat down, and he pulled you back against him. Your blush got brighter. He rested his arms around you, and you leaned your head back on his shoulder. He was really comfortable and warm. Alex, John, and Herc were piled together on the opposite love seat. Alex was sitting on Herc’s lap with his feet propped on John. Herc grabbed a few beers and passed them around, and Laf cracked yours open for you. You grinned, and Herc held his glass up.
“To Y/N’s first casual weeknight drink!” The boys hooted and each took a sip. You didn’t. You chugged it to assert dominance. Okay, maybe not. You just wanted to get really drunk. You needed a mental break. The boys watched you in awe as you downed the entire bottle.
“Damn!” Herc shouted when you finished it and put it on the table. You leaned back into Laf’s embrace with a grin on your face.
“Today’s been a long day,” you admitted.
Herc nodded in understanding, then he threw you another bottle. Laf caught it for you, opened it, and handed it to you, your hands brushing. You smiled to yourself and drank this one more slowly. You had to somewhat pace yourself now. You were kind of a lightweight. You knew the boys could outdrink you.
“So tell us about yourself, Y/N,” Alex said as he leaned forward with a beer in his hand.
You frowned. What did they want you to say? “Uhhh… I smoke five cocaines in my free time, and I’m hooked on eating those heroines.”
Laf laughed, and the vibrations that went through you made you tingle. “What’s your family like? ‘Ow was your child'ood?”
You blushed, looking down at your hands as you fiddled with your fingers. “Um, my father left when I was really little, so it was always my mom and I. She worked a lot when I was really little, so she wasn’t around much. But when she was, she made sure I knew that I was loved. She remarried to a woman, Jen, my sophomore year of high school, and once I graduated, they moved around a lot. Jen wanted to give my mom the world… but she said it was impossible, and that she’d just have to settle for seeing it. Right now, they’re in Japan. Jen plans to take Mom to Paris soon though, for their anniversary. It was always her favorite.”
“Ah! Paris!” And then Laf spewed a sentence in French that was way too fast and complex for you to comprehend, and you just kinda stared at him in awe.
Alex said something back in French, somehow even faster than Laf had spoken, And you began to realize the beer was already hitting you. It was quite quick considering it was on an empty stomach.
“Mon ange, 'ave you eaten yet tonight?” Laf asked you, noticing you staring at him, entranced.
“Yah,” you replied as you sloshed your beer, “I ate ASS!” You yelled excitedly, and Hercules chortled. Alex had more of a cackle, while John giggled. Laf closed his eyes for a moment, almost like he was praying. He pursed his lips, them opened his eyes.
“Mon ange…?” He reminded you he wanted a real answer, and you scowled.
“I think I ate some trail mix in my car after work?” You admitted, trying to remember. You had been too busy dealing with the overly bitter customer to eat lunch today. You heard Laf sigh, And he shifted you so he could lean forward and grab the cheese platter you had put out. You crinkled your nose at it, and he pulled you closer to him.
“S'il vous plaît, ma petite, mange,” he gently begged as he brought a piece of cheddar up to your lips. You felt your heart flutter as you parted your lips, and he placed the cheese on your tongue. You let him feed you cheese for a bit while the others chatted, the occasional Spanish floating by. Laf’s fingers would brush your lips occasionally, and he relaxed his hold on you, but didn’t move his arm from around you. You smiled to yourself, pleasantly pleased with the situation. You had a cute, French boy that smelled really nice, holding you gently and feeding you cheese. Could it get any better than that? You glanced at the other three that were chattering away, and you turned crimson when you imagined having all four of them. It wasn’t in a selfish way, you just honestly liked them each, and you couldn’t even fathom the idea of just one. They were like a package deal. But you weren’t poly, were you? Then again, you’d never had the chance to really learn about polyamorous relationships. It was still new to you. You’d always been open to the idea of an open relationship, and their relationship made a lot of sense to you… Maybe you were.
You shrugged. You had plenty of time to figure this out. You quickly threw back the rest of your beer, and you heard Lafayette mutter something in French. You leaned forward to grab another beer off the coffee table, but Laf was quick to reach around you and grab a water.
“Let’s drink some water, d'accord?” He asked, and you huffed. However, although you’d never admit it, you found it really cute and sweet how he was taking care of you and being kind of dominant without being bossy or aggressive.
After you’d drank about half the bottle and Laf stopped pestering you, you leaned back into his embrace and snuggled up to him. You put your nose in the crook of his neck, really enjoying his scent. He just smelled so nice, like lavender.
When you felt his fingers in your hair, you sighed happily and pulled away. You looked at him with a smile, but you could’ve sworn his eyes darted down to your lips. It was quick, though, maybe you just imagined it.
“Come on, Laf, let Y/N drink now, we’ll hydrate her later! Stop dadding her for a minute, okay?” John called. You looked over to see him snatch another beer and toss it to you. You glanced at Laf, who had narrowed his eyes at John, but said nothing.
“Alright, alright. But if she is 'ungover in the morning, it will be your fault,” he replied before he caught another beer John had tossed to him. He cracked them both open, and you clinked your bottles together before you threw them back. You were ready to forget.

YOI headcanons I'm too lazy to write but maybe I will one day

Before Yurio’s grandfather died, he made some pirozhki’s which never got eaten.
-Yurio pulls them out of the fridge a week or two later (by then they’ve gone bad but Viktor forgot to throw them out, and Yuuri couldn’t bring himself to throw them out because it was the last thing Yurio’s grandpa made before he died).
-Normally Yurio can only stomach 1 or 2, because they’re rich. However because he misses his grandfather and because he doesn’t want to waste his cooking, he eats all 5 of them. They tasted odd in the first place but Yurio really doesn’t care.
-Yuuri and Viktor come home to find the Russian teenager curled up on the couch, clutching his aching stomach, crying because he feels really sick and he misses his grandpa.
-“Yurio, how many did you eat?” Yuuri asked softly, running his hands through the teenagers hair. Yurio gulped loudly, “a-all of th-em.” Viktor laughs gently, “All of them? Oh honey, I can’t even eat 3.”
-Yurio crying, victuuri trying to calm him down. Eventually, maybe Viktor tries to get him to sit up so he can take him to bed or something, Yurio ends up puking everywhere.
- He feels worse. His skin feels hot and sticky and he still feels insanely nauseous.
-Victuuri possibly end up in the bathroom with him all night while the teenager is ill. Basically he not only over eats but gets food poisoning in the process.
-In the end, they end up laughing about it because it’s just like Yurio’s grandpa to spite him one last time.

Keenler Roll Call - The Debt Collector

Well, well Keenlers - if last week didn’t wake you all up I don’t know what will!  So, I missed the last two weeks of doing Roll Call so I’m really hoping participation will up this week considering I’ve seen a MASSIVE uptick in Keenler posts this week.  So, I apologize for not having a fancy graphic this week but time got by me.  So, I’m just going to throw this in (I don’t think anyone will complain)

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im genuinely not sure if this counts as an autistic burnout because sometimes i'm fully verbal. but since GCSEs have started, i've been feeling worse and worse and im going nonverbal more and im stimming more and i hate being around people. i don't really forget to eat because my family takes care of that and i don't usually have meltdowns and shutdowns ('s been a long time since i last had one) but i'm feelin it coming more often now, it just still doesn't happen cause i try hide it. (1/2)

i’m just getting sicker and sicker and it’s difficult to do things now, i havent showered in weeks and i struggle to do my homework. i’m two weeks overdue my last art section, and i’m constantly missing school, and i’m getting shouted at for not doing my homework. i’m worried on whether i should shower or do my homework for tomorrow but i just can’t get out of my chair. i spent 8 hours painting a picture on the weekend and this might b why i dunno??? (2/2)

This definitely sounds like autistic burnout. During burnout, things that were once easy for us become incredibly hard or impossible. Even something as seemingly simple as a shower can become a gargantuan task. 


Hey kid.

A/N: This is for Nat. @keepjasontoddsafefromeveryone. I made you older….hope that’s ok! @bat-lakota you’re in here too. :)

   “Nat!” Jason yells out as he enters the apartment. You don’t respond. You just lay there on the bed. “NAT!” Jason yells again this time a little more worried. You still don’t respond. You lay on the bed starring at the ceiling.

   Jason is starting to get nervous. Bruce pulled him off of a mission because you have gone missing after your last college final two weeks ago. You didn’t want any human interaction after classes ended. So you locked yourself into your apartment. You even kicked out your roommates and made them go live with their boyfriends.

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Going on a business trip tomorrow for five days where I’ll be photographing and videoing a bunch of 7th graders on their Texas road trip. The good news is that I did this trip last year, but this time it’s local, not all around the U.S. (which is what the 8th graders do), and it’s only one week instead of two. The bad news is that I’ll be alone, whereas last time I had my boss with me to help out. I’m fairly confident that I can handle it, but there’s always that little seed of doubt in the back of my mind. What if my camera bugs out and I don’t know how to fix it? What if my hard drive stops working? What if I miss an essential group shot for whatever reason? What if some photos/videos don’t transfer over properly? What if some pictures get blurred without me noticing?

A few of these concerns have simple fixes, but still. I’ll be praying that everything goes just according to keikaku.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! 😃 So, I've been really off Tumblr for months. 😞But today when I opened Tumblr, I saw a post or two about Tay dating. Is that true???? 😲And please catch me up with Tay's life🤓. What's up with her these days. 😁You're the blogger, I can trust completely for all the tay info 😝

Welcome back!!

Yes, surprise! It’s true, she has been seeing Joe for a while apparently. We think since last fall and that they met through Lily or Gigi. Other than that you really haven’t missed much. She performed a show in February which was awesome and she performed Better Man and IDWLF! Besides the invasion paparazzi pictures taken in Nashville last week we hadn’t seen her in 100 days. We assume she’s been in Nash, LA, NYC and London working on TS6. Rumors are that she’s going to release it in the fall, and we think we’ll get a single in July or August. Also there have been rumors she’s already filmed the music video for her first single but who knows? KP dropped a stupid revenge song but it’s terrible so who cares. I can’t think of anything else important… Um friend wise- Claire, Kennedy and Kelsea are all engaged, Ed is rumored to be engaged, Lily’s Dad died, Lorde, Ed, Selena and Haim have released new music.. That’s everything I think. Anons let me know what I’ve missed! 💛

Tag Game

I was tagged by @azxrae - thank you!

🎀 - Are you named after someone?

nope. my parents actually changed their mind on how to name me so I wouldn’t be named after someone. at first I was supposed to be Anita, but there’s a Polish singer with this name and my dad said that people would associate my name w/ her. so they decided on Aneta instead (which is tbh less common than Anita)

🎀 - When was the last time you cried?

I can’t remember the exact day but like two weeks ago or smth I teared up a little because I kinda started thinking about how much I miss my cat :v

🎀 - Do you like your handwriting?

it’s okay but sometimes people have a hard time reading it

🎀 - What is your favourite lunch meat?

do kabanosy count?

🎀 - Do you have kids?

fuck no.

🎀 - If you were a different person, would you be friends with you?

maybe? I’d probably find myself annoying tho.

🎀 - Do you use sarcasm?


🎀 - Do you still have your tonsils?


🎀 - Would you bungee jump?

lmao so actually I was supposed to go bungee jumping quite recently and I already paid for it and everything but then I realized that my spine would most likely not take it very well and I didn’t do the thing :v 
but I’d do it if I were in a better shape than now

🎀 - What’s your favourite cereal?

honey nut corn flakes

🎀 - Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?


🎀 - Do you think you’re a strong person?

I guess? I kinda had to become one to get where I am now

🎀 - What’s your favourite ice cream?

peanut butter or chocolate chip cookie dough or kinder surprise

🎀 - What’s the first thing you notice about someone?

hair maybe?

🎀 - What’s your least favourite physical thing about yourself?

boom crack the sound of my joints ♫ 

🎀 - What colour trousers and shoes are you wearing right now?

black yoga pants and no shoes

🎀 - What are you listening to right now?

DNCE, Nicki Minaj - Kissing Strangers

🎀 - If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?


🎀 - Favourite smell?

coffee? or I have some perfume faves that I like a lot

🎀 - Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

my friend from uni

🎀 - Favourite sport to watch?

corgi racing basketball or volleyball

🎀 - Hair colour?


🎀 - Eye colour?

brown with gray spots.

🎀 - Do you wear contacts?

I’m lucky to have a 20/20 vision so nay

🎀 - Favourite food?

tomato soup

🎀 - Scary movies or comedy?


🎀 - Last movie you watched?

some documentary about Ebola

🎀 - What colour shirt are you wearing?


🎀 - Summer or Winter?

winter! summer is okayish but I hate when it’s really hot

🎀 - Hugs or kisses?


🎀 - Book you’re currently reading?

“Sword of Destiny” by Andrzej Sapkowski. It’s the 2nd book of The Witcher saga.

🎀 - Who do you miss right now?

my cat and maybe some ppl from my high school

🎀 - What’s on your mouse pad?

I don’t use one

🎀 - What’s the last tv program you watched?

House MD

🎀 - What is the best sound?

opening the door w/ my keys when I’m coming home lmao

🎀 - Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

I don’t care aby them tbh

🎀 - What’s the furthest you’ve ever travelled?

midwest us and I’m eastern european

🎀 - Do you have a special talent?

sometimes  I draw and the thing actually ends up looking okay?

🎀 - Where were you born?


I’m tagging @furidojasutin​, @achilleanragnor​, @darkmagicianknight (of course only if you want to)

yo. hey friends. so i had plans to be here this weekend but i was sick last week & i had the opportunity to make up the hours i missed so i worked all weekend instead lmao. i work all week forever but i’m gonna try and be back really soon. in the meantime, i may continue to very slowly get one or two replies out at a time.

THAT SAID, i haven’t been around to know if anyone is dropping threads and such so if you’ve dropped something or just don’t feel the thread anymore and i reply to it, i do not expect you to answer it. i’m just going to go through my drafts and do whatever is in there that i can. i love you all & thank you for the patience.



Yknow, we actually don’t have very many pictures together, so when we do take some they end up becoming very precious to me.

Boba girl is gonna leave for California for the weekend so today was the last time I’ll see her ‘til next week. I’ll be okay. I tried really spoiling her with attention and gifts (whether she wanted it or not) for the last two weeks just 'cause I’ll miss her so much. We haven’t really gone a weekend without seeing one another for a long time.

I also did really well at work. A girl called out five minutes before her shift and I had to take over her room for the day, a group of terrible twos.. I actually did a great job, even my boss said she was impressed. I feel really good about that.

I’ll be honest, I’m not doing that great.

I *feel* OK, but I keep losing track of time. I haven’t bathed in two days and I’ve been meaning to wash my hair since Monday and it’s still dirty.

I don’t know if it’s just recovering from last week’s extreme anxiety while I also have PMS? Or a few nights of poor sleep? We’re getting into the time of year when I’m not all “blah” from the short days, and I haven’t been missing medication, so I can’t figure out what going on.

But literally my goals for the next week need to be like bathe every day, wash face, apply sunscreen, take meds.

Which is lame, but I guess that’s where I am.

(Last night Mike’s parents said I can stay two more weeks. I didn’t know what to do because I know my family misses me back at home and I knew they wanted to do something for me for a late birthday thing. I also didn’t know how much staying here would cost in flight. I didn’t want to have to have my family pay for it. I also knew I truly wanted to stay here with Mike because I love him so much.)

Today I allowed myself to put my heart first vs anything else. I can truly say in my almost 30 years on this earth I wouldn’t want to say things that would hurt others even if it would mean I wouldn’t be as happy. So today I know I’d rather be here with Mike even if it’s only two more weeks it is a huge thing. I love him very much. My heart deserves this.

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Will you give us a warning when the pre-orders are about to close? Cause I haven't ordered one yet, but I don't wanna miss it!!

Of course! We’ll give a warning at two weeks, one week, and the last two or three days!

Most of my dorm is all packed up so I can take home everything I won’t need for my last two days next week and as I was packing, the Engagement Party track from Lala Land came on and boi I nearly cried because wow everything is ending already and I have to go out into the world and actually adult and I really want to but I don’t and OUCH TONIGHT HURTS.

he’s too used to paying for the both of them that charlie’s shaking his head on the offer. “it’s fine. i’ve got it.” he wasn’t expecting this break to last much longer than a couple days, but before he could realize it nearly two weeks had gone by with no communication between the two of them. the apartment was far too quiet without her around and some nights he woke up reaching for her across the bed, only to remember she was staying with her brother. he missed her    he misses her, even if everything is all sorts of messed up right now. 

charlie hasn’t opened the card yet, fiddling with the opening of the envelope, fingers making small tears in the paper. “i don’t have a card or anything.” he just came to talk, to see where they were going to go from here. // @nogoodwitch // from here.

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How are you feeling today? How are the cases going? I went for a long walk in the forest this morning and, among other things, saw a small deer on the path. We stared at each other for a few seconds, from roughly 10 meters away, and then she took off. It was a bit magical, normally I don't see them up close like that. I know this wasn't a dog encounter, but it really made my day and I wanted to share :)

That sounds calm and pristine.  Everything our cases have not been.  

I’m feeling engaged and engrossed, which is a good thing, I suppose.  it’s been quite a long while since a proper case.  Weeks really.   Miss Hunter was the last thing we tackled that I would consider a proper case, with a proper bit of a mystery attached.

I solved two or three of our cases quite easily, this morning.  They were little domestic affairs.  But one of the inquiries was a bit misleading.  Our client had received new information in the way of an autopsy report on her father between when she initially reached out to me, and my responding to her yesterday.  We seem to have a possible murder on our hands.  

She is also, as it turns out, an old acquaintance of John’s.  

Well, I say acquaintance…  She was rather more than that.