i missed last two weeks t t

Andrew looks at his phone through his lashes. Neil had cajoled and bullied him into buying an Iphone-we can video call each other, he had insisted. As if I want to see anymore of your stupid face, Josten, Andrew had replied, but had driven out to buy one the other day. He’d pretended he couldn’t see the quiet smile on Neil’s face.

It has been exactly two weeks since they’d last talked in person. It feels like an eternity. It's been less than twelve hours since they last talked, but Andrew already misses Neil. It’s a bone deep ache, that’s slowly driving him insane, he tells himself that it isn’t about Neil, it’s the days spent in unfamiliar hotel rooms and in unfamiliar beds and it’s that, too, but that’s far from the entire truth.

He looks through his phone, his finger hovering over Neil’s name before he lets it flop down on the bed next to him. It’s late and Neil-the idiot that he is-never gets enough sleep as it is.

He resigns himself to another sleepless night.There was a time when Neil’s warmth next to him made him square his shoulders and brace himself for danger, now the lack of warmth feels somehow excruciating. He twists and turns, uncomfortable in his own skin and that feeling had faded once, and he-he stops himself, he won’t allow himself to be dragged into that downward spiral again.

He allows himself to close his eyes and envision that junkie, the twist of his lips when he smiles and the exact shade of auburn of his hair and the glint in his blue eyes, just for a moment.

The next day, the doorbell rings even before he’s awake. He gropes around for his knives and stands, his hackles are raised and there’s a sour taste in his mouth, that has nothing to do with sleep.

He opens the door to the hotel room, in the long sleeved shirt and sweatpants that he slept in. He sees messy auburn hair and tanned skin. Neil hovers in the doorway, not uncertain, merely waiting for his consent.

Andrew hates him for that. He steps aside to let him in and closes the door behind him. Neil makes a beeline straight for the bed and flops down on it. He doesn’t seem to have brought a bag or any clothes with him.

“Did you come here to sleep?” Andrew asks. Neil hums and turns to look at him from where he has buried his head in a pillow. “The plane ride was absolute hell,” he says half slurring his words.

Andrew has no time to pity him. Neil wouldn’t have come over if it was too much trouble. But Andrew wanders over to him anyway, it’s only because Andrew’s bored and Neil is the most interesting thing in the room, or so Andrew tells himself.

Neil turns to smile at him. “Hey,” he says. Andrew just looks at him with a heavy lidded gaze. Neil starts to tell him about the team and Robin without prompting because he knows Andrew won’t ask.

Andrew lets him make mundane small talk for a while, content to listen to his voice, before reaching out a hand and letting it hover over Neil’s shoulder. Neil’s voice doesn’t falter as he tells him how fucking lonely his bed feels without Andrew, but his lips curl slightly at the corners. Andrew’s quiet, “Yes or no?” is met with a heated “yes" and Neil rises up on one hand to kiss him.

Heat coils in the pit of his stomach and he curls his hands in Neil’s hair. They have never said ‘I love you’ to each other, but if actions speak louder than words, Andrew reckons, they might as well be shouting it.

When they finally break apart, Neil looks at him and says with quiet happiness, "You missed me.” Andrew leans back, the spell broken and says, “No, I didn’t.” Neil grins and with his scrunched nose and messy hair, Andrew leans back in and lets Neil meet him halfway. “Yes, you did,” Neil murmurs against his lips and Andrew concedes defeat, just to shut him up.

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Can I have fics where mccree/reaper/genji/Hanzo/soldier come home from a very long mission and their s/o just jumps on them and clings to them and showers them with kisses because they missed them so much?

((Of course you can Anon! These will be short fics so I don’t bombard the dashboard but I hope you enjoy them! - Mod Tez))


It has so far been roughly two weeks since the last time you’ve physically seen Jesse McCree. Poor guy was stuck in a mission he couldn’t persuade himself out of. He promised you he wouldn’t come back hurt. Taking his word you waited for him. Not like a dog though, because if you sat infront of the door waiting your butt would go sore.

You kept the house clean and didn’t let yourself feel blue because of the cowboy’s absence. You’d have to apologise to him once he got home because you sprayed his cologne around the house so you could get that Jesse aesthetic in the house.

One night you fell asleep on the couch while watching an old western movie, when you were awakened by a familiar metal clink of spurs. Those spurs meant that Jesse was home so you practically threw yourself over the couch and charged to the front door like Reinhardt charges on the battlefield. Quickly opening the door you tackle the brunette and start peppering his face with kisses..

Jesse laughed heartily and wrapped his arms around your waist, making you slow down with a loving kiss. He pulled back and sniffed the air, “Hun… Is that my cologne you have on?~” he asked, making you blush and hide your face to his chest, making him laugh again, “Suits ya alot (Y/N)~ I’ll get one for you too.” he purred as he kissed your head.


You thoroughly cleaned up your house. Reaper was away on a mission and you knew he liked coming back to a clean house. So far Reaper has been away for three weeks and you were unsure how much longer he’d be awake. He sent you a small calendar with pictures of the ocean for every month last week. You knew he wasn’t a very physically or vocally loving person that often. So small gestures like these felt very heartfelt.

The night he came back you  had stayed up but huddled in your bed, holding a pillow to your chest as a self comfort tool, when you felt a shift in the air and a cold hand gently brushing your hair as you felt a cold weight huddle next to you.

Shifting to face the man who was still in his work clothes you gently reached a hand out and placed it in the darkness of his hood. He chuckled a little at you sticking your hand in his hood and shifted his hand. Gently guiding your hand to his cheek as he brushed your knuckles with his thumb. You smiled at him and he shifted closer to you, obscuring your eyesight with his chest as you felt his rough lips press gently on your head. It was a silent welcome back and a silent way of saying how much you love each other.


Genji had gone away back to Nepal for a few weeks to go through a giant meditation session with Zenyatta in order to release all the stress from working with the recalled Overwatch. He had left some of his clothes in the house so you had taken the duty of wearing them constantly. They smelt like green tea and a little oil from his mechanic parts, but it smelt just like him and kept you at a peace of mind. Surprisingly to the point you sat in places silently and tried to meditate.

After every time you meditated you’d feel  so relaxed that you spent your time being productive. You got yourself to try out green tea while you read books and played video games.

The day Genji returned he was surprised the house was silent and you were meditating with a hoodie of his on the couch so he silently managed to sit next to you without disrupting you and he sat next to you. Meditating, and about thirty minutes after he came back you finally realised that the smell of green tea was stronger and you opened your eyes, turning to face the meditating man beside you.

You smiled and kissed his visor where his cheek would’ve been, but he remained unmoved so you got off the couch and made tea. Coming back with the hot drink you lied down and rested your head on his lap. “I missed you so much my sparrow.” you said as he took a deep breath in and started gently caressing your hair with a hand as the other rested on his lap.


The Japanese man had gone away on a mission. So far it had been five weeks since he had last seen you but he had sent you some small gifts. One of them was a blue scarf that you’d now wear every day.

The day Hanzo returned you had climbed up to a cherry blossom tree and just calmly watched your surroundings until you heard soft footsteps. You turned your head and looked down to see Hanzo, dressed in his normal dressing with his bow over his shoulder, next to his arrows. 

You climbed down the tree and bowed your head slightly, Hanzo did the same but didn’t bow as long as you, it was a greeting and a sign of who has the higher position. But afterwards you asked, “Can I hug you please?” since you knew he wasn’t a fan of contact that much.

He sighed and gave a small smile, “Yes you can…” he said quietly and opened his arms a little, letting you huddle up to him and hide your face on his chest as he wrapped his arms around you, rubbing circles on your back with a hand, “私は だいすき です.”* he softly said in Japanese as he rested his head on the top of yours. “I love you too Hanzo.”

*(”I love you”)

Soldier 76

Jack would often work himself near death. He had been out on a mission for five months now. Sure you were worried but at least he’d call once a week so it wasn’t as hard to pull through. You kept the houseclean and made food for yourself, because god if Jack found a single pack of packaged food he’d flip. He was always a homemade food kid.

The night he returned was as if it was the second coming of Jesus. You had been sleeping when you awoke from a loud thud. You sat up and groggily rubbed your eyes as you felt the bed shift under a foreign weight. Turning a little, you came face to face with Jack who pulled you in his arms tiredly.

You slowly gasped a little and kissed his neck and jawline as he gently petted your hair, humming in satisfaction. “You’re back!” you yawned out as he hummed again, “Yeah I’m back darling.. Sorry I woke you up.” he mumbled as he kissed your forehead and pulled back a little. He gently caressed your cheek with a calloused hand, gently rubbing out some tears from your half lidded eyes.

Jack smiled at you and pulled you in a hug as he lied down, “Let’s get some sleep now soldier. I missed hugging you like this..” he said as he closed his eyes with you hugging him tightly, your head resting on his chest as you heard his heartbeat lull you back to sleep.


It’s been two weeks since I last posted, and I’ve missed you terribly. The truth (part one) is, I didn’t know what to say. I’ve been heartbroken in so many various and sundry ways, and silence felt like the only possible response. The truth (part two) is, I haven’t wanted to reach out. I’ve wanted to stay very quiet, and very still, to possibly be so still and so quiet that I would not feel all the layers of hurt that have curled themselves up around my heart. But I know I can’t stay silent forever, and I know that now is as good as two days from now. So here we are. I want to tell you a bit about what’s been happening, some of which you know, and some of which you don’t.

And I made us a juice to get through. It’s wintery and light, packed with immune system boosting vitamin C and fresh ginger, and hydrating cucumber. It’s quick and delicious and you only need a blender to make it. It’s colors and zinginess have given me hope in the midst of much darkness. So. Juice-equipped, let’s talk.

Here’s what you don’t know:

Today, the mother of one of my dearest friends in the world will be laid to rest. As you read this, I might be standing in a rain-soaked cemetery in Mill Valley, or sitting shiva in a betrayingly bright apartment in San Francisco, or continuing to sort out the pieces of my grief in this loss from my grief in the losses that came before.

Read more and get the recipe here.

Why losing a best friend can hurt the same or ever worse than any romantic relationship

Sometimes the bond between the two of you is stronger than words can describe
She was my ride or die
We were always together and when we weren’t it didn’t feel right

Friendships usually last longer than most romantic relationships and you aren’t told that friendships end as well
I never saw us parting because we were two peas in a pod
We were basically sisters and family doesn’t quit on eachother
But that’s the thing
We didn’t
We just faded
We grew in two separate directions that sometimes have cross streets
But that’s not enough
I want to grow on our own but have every cross street possible
I don’t want our roads to be parallel
I want them to come back together at some point
I miss you so much and I hope you miss me too

A lot of times you can get over a breakup because the relationship wasn’t that long or you can convince yourself that they were a horrible person deep down
But we all know our former best friend was the best freaking person to walk the planet
That’s why we loved them so much

So thank you, my former best friend, for showing me what it means to be a great person. For showing me how to love other people as much as I love my family. If you ever see this please know you can always call me. Because family is forever.

—  An open letter to my former(ex) best friend
Back from vacation!

Helloooo everybody! I hope you’ve all been well!

I’ve arrived safely at home! I will resume work tomorrow, send out new commission drafts etc, do some Patreon work tonight!

I’m still coming down from my high tho, the last two weeks that my lady and I got to spend together were brilliant, we’ve had so much fun, I cherish every single thing we did and said and just, I know all of this is a bit cheesy, but I cannot fucking wait to see her again. 

I feel refreshed, alive, complete, motivated, but most of all, utterly happy. I didn’t get anxious or stressed or scared, there were no worries for once - these were the best vacations of my life, thank you so much for everything, my wonderful brilliant lady, I miss you already and I can’t wait to see you again <3<3<3<3

And as for you all, I will try to catch up as good as I can with things I might have missed in the last two weeks, I hope you are all doing well, I wish you all the Best! Thank you for sending me messages while I was gone, I will try to reply to them tomorrow! 

(Youtube) Imagine being a part of Smosh Games and dating Shayne

“Who are you texting the whole time? Uh, are you seeing someone?” Fast as she was, she took your phone and started reading the messages. “Mari!” “What? Our little Y/N is dating? Who?” Joven looked over Maris shoulder on your screen. “Guys! Don’t be jerks!” You said and tried to get your phone back, but Mari started running through the whole office, loudly reading the texts. “I miss you so much – I miss you too. Can’t wait to see you next week – me neither. You looked so beautiful in the last video” Everyone grinned at the two of you, fighting over your phone. “Stop. Reading!” Actually you didn’t mind Mari reading it, but it was nobody else’s business. “How cute” Lasercorn said and made kissing sounds. “Who’s the admirer? Tell us” Sohinki tried to get a name. “I’m not telling you, you pricks!” Mari kept on reading “Stop lying Shay…Wait!” Mari put the phone down and looked at me with big eyes. “Are you dating Shayne? Like our Shayne?” You sighed. “Yes. Shayne and I are dating for a month now….now give me my phone back!”

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Yea, Dean. U heard right. Now, u gon take this ass? 

Is he gonna? oh, fuck yeah! @thegreatficmaster

No excuses

“Okay, then. Tell me! What’s your excuse to showing up here, in the middle of the fight, putting yourself in danger!?” Dean shouts and waits for you to say something, anything. 

You cross your arms over your chest and shift your wieght from one foot to the other. “I don’t have an excuse.”


“I don’t have an excuse. I came here, because I missed you. And it’s been almost two weeks since we last fucked, so yeah. My ass is missing your cock too!”

His eyebrows shoot up as his eyes go big and he pulls his head back, showing that little double chin you love so much. But the astonishment lasted him a second.

Before you realize, he’s striding towards you, hands under your armpits, lifting you up from the floor and dropping you on the bed. 

“Fuck! You have no idea how much I miss your tight ass.” There’s no time for foreplay. Not right now. 

Dean rips your jeans and boxers, pulling them off your legs with your shoes and climbs on the bed between your legs. Pushing his pants low enough to reveal his hardening cock. Stroking it with one hand as the other grips your tigh and press it down, pinning it to the mattress. 

You watch as he gathers saliva inside his mouth to spit it directly on your asshole to sooth the sting a bit, the repeats the motion, and rubs it around his cock.

Your hands fist around the ugly sheets and he positions himself at the entrance of your sealed ring of muscles and pushes in. With each piston of his hips he goes deeper, watching your moth and eyes become wider with each inch you take in. 

“Shit. You’re even tighter that the last time! I’m not gonna last.” His hairy balls tickle your ass cheeks. His hands pull your legs up to your chest and he starts to move, shoving himself deep inside you with each thrust. 

The head of his cock drags on the right spot in a couple minutes you feel your own dick stifening and you cum all over yourself, the contractions of your walls, milking his orgasm and he’s right behind you after half a dozen thrusts.

“You still mad I showed up here?” You look at hi in the eyes arfer a few minutes. 

“Not sure yet.” He props up on  his elbow and drags his thumb over your lips. “Maybe you could use this little mouth of yours and apologise.”

Ok, so I don’t really have time to make anything for Band of Brothers Week today. Which is a damn shame because it’s Ship Day, and I don’t want Luztoye to go underrepresented even more than it already will be.

So, because of that, and because I’ve missed the last two Fic Rec Friday’s (this month has been rough y’all), I want to share my top ten favorite Luztoye fics out there right now (obviously there are many more and many more that deserve love, but…I could write up a thing on almost every luztoye fic out there right now, I just do not have the time).

The Freshest Around by daynight

Joe is stuck at home with a broken leg, and George is his friendly pizza delivery guy. It’s a god damn delightful read. 

Equal Exchange by rebelsquad (wolveheart)

I’ll let the summary speak for itself: “‘Guy, you took my jacket by mistake’,” Luz reads. “‘We’ve got the same Hawk & Co. jacket. Looks like you accidentally took mine from the couch of ‘Bastogne’ last night and left yours. Mine had my keys, which I clearly fucking need. Yours had an avocado in the pocket. I assume that’s equally important.’”

Knight in Shining Armor by @caffeinehoe 

Joe gets stood up on Valentine’s Day, which…how? But! He’s saved from humiliation by a stranger, George Luz. It’s honestly just so sweet, I love it.

Hush by @webgottrash

Just a smutty, sexy canon era Luztoye romp that is equal parts hot and sweet. Come for the blindfolds stay for the soft, touching moments. Also, it’s got a jealous Toye that is soooo good.

Each and every day (of the year) by @r-catsby

Ok, yes, I talk about this fic a lot. But…it’s the best, so it’s not my fault if you haven’t let yourself appreciate the wonderfulness of it yet. Simplest way to explain it, Joe and Luz hook up on all the special holidays, until they just start hooking up all the time, until everything gets confusing and fucked up..It’s so real, and sexy, and wonderful.

These eyes behold a lot of what these hands cannot by Me!

Hey look at that, recc’ing myself like the egotist that I am! It’s a look into Luz and Toye’s relationship and the different facets of Toye, using his hands as a way in (sounds great right?)

One Day More by @justthinkingofwaystoavoidbusses

Just such a well executed little angst fic. So sad and perfect and lovely. Prepare your heart and some tissues. But even if angst isn’t your thing, I highly recommend making an exception for this one.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by @damnyoualex

I don’t care that it’s not Christmas Time anymore, you can still appreciate adorable Luztoye stories, regardless of the season. We’ve got Joe in an elf costume, and big brother/(cousin) Luz flirting at a mall, I don’t know any better way to sell it than that. It’ll warm your heart right up!

Let’s Get Drunk (and not talk about our feelings) by @luzlicious

Fratboy!Luz and Freshman!Toye. With banter and flirting and mutual pining all rolled in to the band of brothers boys being frat brothers (but not in like the douchey way…mostly). It’s fun, and sweet and funny, and everyone should read it right now!

Follow My Lead by @emono-omae

Emono writes Luztoye so good I wish it was the only ship they cared about. Alas! I cannot be that selfish (but I wanna be!). This fic starts off sweet and flirty and fun, and transforms into a beautiful, debauched scene with Joe Toye saying the dirtiest things and making all kinds of promises (that he delivers on). 

Yay for Luztoye content! Read all the Luztoye fics! They’re all so good. Again, I am sorry that I couldn’t go into even more of the ones that I love, because there are many, many more that are just wonderful and I love so much. And if you write for Luztoye there’s a good chance that I love you.

Happy Band of Brother’s Week, everyone!

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Is this episode the season finale? Aren't they supposed to be two parts? (You mentioned it in a post, maybe I miss understood)

There is on more episode to go this season; translation: we still have more suffering to do before the end. 

But yes, there’s one more to go. I don’t know why they separated these two, because the finale typically is a two-parter. And Next week’s episode will pick up where this last one left off. Unfortunately, thanks to a spoiler post, I know how this upcoming episode goes and ends. So…yeah. Next week is the continuation. 

A/N: In celebration of hitting out goal of 500 followers, I wrote this. I tried to make this as angsty as I could, plus I cringed sssoooooooooooo many times while writing this. Sorry if it wasn’t what you expected.
Word Count: 2,639
Warning: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT SMUT, hate comments, self-consciousness, forms of self-harm, AND SMUT (DIRTY TALK???)
-Admin B 

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Didn't Chester already say he was going to get healthy again a few months ago? Dude is inconsistent as hell. He's already missed two weeks worth of videos. I can't even bother stanning this guy anymore. All he seems to care about nowadays is Grace. He's literally only ever relevant now because of Grace. Take me back to before 2013 when he posted cool videos and skits and actually cared about his actual fans and not focused on only making shippers happy.

Chester said he didn’t feel well the last couple of months, probably because he and Grace were on a break/broke up (whatever you wanna call it). Since Grester is hanging out again I suppose he’s trying to get his life back on track now, by working out and coming back to YouTube (let’s hope so). But he’s only human so of course he doesn’t keep all his promises. The fandom has to understand that. I wanna see new videos too but I care more about his happiness.

Another Life Update

Because it hasn’t been a crazy enough week already right?

I haven’t talked about foster care much recently and that’s a long long story.  Condensed, DCFS reassigned our licensing rep and never assigned us a new one, then she came back, but holidays/life/me being pregnant, length of time between visits meant she needed to re-do our last home visit. 

ANYWAYS, after like two months of back and forth and missed calls, Mr Meggo stayed home and met with our rep.  We need to lower the temperature on the water heater (not sure how it got turned up but whatever), but as of this morning we are officially licensed foster parents.

Now, we are licensed, but obviously uhh…we have a little bundle on the way as well.  So we’ll be considered inactive for probably six months, then enter the rotation.  The license is good for four years, so we have some play room built in there. 

But it’s another exciting, life changing chapter in our story that I’m looking forward to.

I miss him so much, guys. I last saw him Feb. 3rd because that was our concert day (a program outside of school). Since he hasn’t been my teacher for two years (he’s a middle school teacher and I’m in high school), I don’t get to see him every week unlike you most of you folks. The next time that I will most likely see him is towards the end of March because that’s when his school is having a concert. Ugh, maybe I’ll text him if he will stay after school on a Friday, just so I can hang. I gotta plan out my visits. :(


The words left Harry’s lips so confidently and so certainly that I knew he meant them. Just thinking about his suggestion made my stomach flip with excitement. Let’s have another baby, Harry said as we lay awake in bed. I knew my husband well enough to know that the idea was playing on his mind for a while. I could tell by the way he stared longingly at my flat stomach that he missed the months when it was swollen from pregnancy. And then there was the time last week when I had found him in Eli’s room holding the hat his mother knit for him when he was born.

“I don’t know, Harry,” I said to him. “Don’t you think that’ll be too much, with Eli being just over a year old?”

Harry’s mouth opened to speak but he was interrupted as soft gurgles and coos filled our bedroom via baby monitor.

“We already have one baby to take care of, and sometimes I feel like there’s two,” I teased as I pulled on my housecoat before making my way to Eli’s room.

His room was light blue and gray and filled with plush toys and solid oak furniture, but my favourite thing was the baby boy in the middle of the crib. Eli’s eyes widened as he saw me and his smile matched my own.

“Hi Bubby,” I said as I picked up my son and swaddled him in my arms. Through his pajamas, I could feel that his diaper was heavy. “Let’s go see Daddy, okay? He’ll change your dirty diaper.”

I had no issues with changing my son’s diaper and neither did Harry. I just loved to watch how protective and gentle Harry was with his son. It made me fall even more in love with him than I already was.

“Harry, you’re on diaper duty,” I said as I entered our bedroom, setting Eli on the dressing table.

Seeing Eli, Harry sprang out of bed and immediately pulled him into his inked arms. Wearing just his tight, black boxers and his hair being slightly messy from sleep, I couldn’t believe how hot he was. My hormones were wild for this man, with the product of our love in the room.

Harry took his time changing Eli and spoke loving words to him the entire time. Harry’s morning voice when saying special things to our son was my absolute favourite sound.

“You’re beautiful like your mama,” Harry cooed as he peppered kisses on Eli’s naked torso.

“Liar!” I laughed. Eli was Harry’s mini me through and through. His eyes were green and his hair was dark brown. Eli was only missing the tattoos, but he wasn’t getting any of those, at least not under my watch.

“The next one better look like me,” I joked. Harry’s head snapped to my direction and his eyes were alight with excitement. I knew what he was thinking, but I wanted to avoid the conversation for now. Harry took the hint as I began to make my bed.

We had just put Eli down in his crib for his afternoon nap when Harry grabbed my face and kissed me with such an intensity that I could barely stand. I kissed him back. Hard. Our tongues massaged each other’s and Harry’s fingers dug into my hips as he pressed his arousal into me.

“God I miss afternoon sex,” Harry said as he rested his forehead against mine, our hot breaths mixing.

“Me too,” I said. Eli always napped in the afternoons but if we weren’t napping ourselves, there was always cooking or cleaning to do.

I pressed my palms against the hard planes of Harry’s stomach. “Please,” I begged him.

Harry led me to our bedroom and we hastily yet quietly closed the door. We didn’t waste any time taking our clothes off and I was so aroused I didn’t need any foreplay.

Harry’s naked body was deliciously held above my own as he prepared to enter me.

“Y/N, do I need to wear a condom?” Harry asked. His jaw was taut and the veins in his neck were bulging but I knew he would do whatever I told him.

“No,” I shook my head. For the first time since Eli was born, we were having unprotected sex. I hadn’t been on birth control since before we were trying for Eli so we’ve only been using condoms. I was aware that this meant that I could potentially get pregnant, but I decided that I was more than okay with that. After all, there were no guarantees.

“Really?” Harry said as his body lifted further off of me.

“Please?” I begged him again.

Harry gently pressed into me and I savoured the feeling of his length brushed against my core. He hissed as he entered me, taking his time as he pushed further. I moaned, feeling the heat in my stomach spread through my entire body.

Harry had only thrusted into me once when his phone rang, killing the mood.

“It’s Niall,” Harry said. “I recognize the ring.”

“So call him back,” I said.

“I wonder what he wants.” Harry’s body was stationary. I couldn’t believe we were discussing Niall while he was inside me.

“Forget it,” Harry said as he shook his head. As Harry began to divert his attention back to me, his phone rang again.

“Phone. Off.” I demanded.

With a heavy sigh, Harry pulled out and set his phone on silent. I was annoyed and extremely turned on. Having a taste of Harry only magnified my appetite.
Harry was back on the bed and was spreading my legs apart with his knees when we heard Eli cry.

“Christ!” Harry cursed. I could tell by the sheen on his skin and the way his legs were shaking that he was about to sexually combust. “I got him,” Harry said as he pulled on his boxers.

I nodded and lay back on the bed, defeated. The first time we try for another baby and we can’t even finish. Maybe this was a sign. Maybe we weren’t ready for another just yet. Maybe having two children under the age of two would be too much.

“He’s fine, just cold. His blanket was off but when I put it back on he fell asleep,” Harry said softly as he climbed back into bed.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Harry asked as he noticed my look of apprehension.

“I don’t know, Harry. I just don’t feel ready for another. And I know there’s still nine months but…I don’t know. Timing just doesn’t feel right,” I admitted.

Harry nodded a few times while looking me in the eyes. “Hey, if that’s how you feel, I respect that. As much as I want another baby with you, I’ll wait. If you’re not happy or comfortable then nothing is worth it. I love you.”

“I love you, Harry.” I paused. “Can we still have sex, though?”

Wordlessly, Harry reached into the dresser and grabbed a foil packet. He put on the condom and entered me in one swift motion. Within minutes, we had reached our highs.

As we lay on each other, Harry caressed my slightly damp hair. Through the baby monitor, we heard Eli wake up and for once, we were thankful for the interruption.

AUTHOR’S NOTE Thank to the anon for the request! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!


I haven’t felt like myself lately,
I keep forgetting to eat three meals a day so I’ve lost 8 pounds in the last two weeks.
My bones are growing softer and everything I love takes me out at the knees, hits me where it hurts, fights me in public places and makes me ashamed of the same thing that’s keeping me alive. I haven’t quite figured out why I miss you sometimes. Last week I saw the ghost of the girl I told all my secrets to back in high school and whoever is inside of her skin is nothing like the girl I used to call my bestfriend. I’ve kissed three boys in the past week and none of them call back on the days when I need for them too so I fall asleep alone and wake up reminding myself that I’m not less of a woman because they forget to tell me I am worth something. I am worth something. My mother says so. The more I look at my reflection in the mirror, the more I’m willing to admit that I look a lot like her. My soul is a replica of her own, and I’m still debating if this is as much of a good thing as it is a bad one.

—  whatever this is / @thewordsyouneverunderstood

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that feel when mads hasn't filmed a movie since april last year >:c

lol dude, I’ve been trying so hard to be patient as everyone else says, but it’s just so hard for me to stan an actor who hasn’t done a starring role in a drama for literal years. I mean when even smaller actors like NCW have two/three films coming up vs Mads’ zero I’m just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and tbh he could do all the sexy commercials in the world and I’d still be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve exhausted 32/35 of his filmography and I’m not really one for rewatches…. give me some more material, I feel like I’m on fucking life support smh

(if anyone needs movie recs to stave off the mads cravings hit me up and I’ll try my best)

Nigga truly ain’t shit.

This dun posted a picture of his ex like he didn’t eat my ass just a week ago and didn’t hit me up to come through three days ago. (:

THEN two niggas I used to fuck with last year hit me up. One asked to take me out to dinner tonight but here I am at home.

And the other slid into my DMs talmbout “I jii miss you.” (My immediate response was “lol you wellin” of course)

Niggas ain’t shit today, tomorrow, and the day after and Valetine’s Day ain’t shit but another day. This ain’t even on some bitter shit. I just need to know why three different niggas hit me up on the same weekend just to be fuckboys lol

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Hello, i need help and i don't know where to go. The thing is, I feel really homesick. I'm leaving to Italy for a week without my family and already i feel homesick. I do want to go but i feel like crying when i think of leaving! What can i do to help this feeling? It has nearly actually made me physically sick and i really want to enjoy the trip but i'm scared that i won't because of this! I just feel scared and sad even if i have done this once before (last month). Please help

I’ve been in Canada all alone for two weeks and I didn’t missed anyone. It’s kinda weird, I know. The thing about traveling somewhere else is that coming home is always the best about it. Home is where you heart is, where your family is. Don’t worry so much about being away from your family. You will come back and be with them again. It’s just temporary. You will be fine :) enjoy the trip !

I went to the gym today!!!

This is a big deal because I haven’t been in 3 or 4 weeks. One missed day due to the hangover was followed by two whole missed weeks in which I felt like shit for not going, and I was worried that I’d lose all the progress I made in the last 7 months and that I’d be shamed for not having gone to class. My history with exercise (and with skipping classes, for that matter) is complicated and emotionally fraught. But my yoga instructor didn’t say anything about my absence and didn’t push me too hard, and my arms are a bit weaker than I remember, but I certainly didn’t feel like I was back at square 1. In other words, it was no big deal that I was gone for a few weeks. I feel like I made a small breakthrough in treating myself well around exercise, too.

An unexpected benefit of taking a few weeks off is that the new year’s resolutioners seem to be gone from the class (I’m crossing my fingers that they’re actually gone for good, and today wasn’t just a fluke) – the class was full of them last month, and I totally selfishly wanted them to stop filling up the room with their bodies and try-hard energy. The class was so peaceful today with 5 students, 2 veterans and 2 quiet people whom I don’t remember seeing before. And me, who was NOT a totally sucky fat lard who shouldn’t even be there. I like this class because it doesn’t make me feel like that. And I needed to go back to remind myself of that.