i missed kaz so i made this

even more underrated Iconic™ six of crows/crooked kingdom moments

part i // part ii

  • kaz: man with a knife, remember?
    jes: man with a gun!
    kaz: t(ಠ‿ಠ)t
  • the entire who-has-the-biggest-price-on-their-head competition. including, but not limited to: jesper’s disappointment at being worth ‘only’ 30,000 kruge. matthias’ disdain for kaz’s price of 100,000 kruge. kaz acting nonchalant about it all but you know he’s reveling in his spot as No. 1 Wanted Criminal
  • nina “beguiling” matthias; aka dancing around him and poking his chest
  • jes: ”sure, im skinny, but i stay drier in the rain.“
    matt: ”how?”
    jes: “less falls on me.”
    matt: why tf are all you people so weird
  • oYSTERS, MISS?? (made Iconic by the audiobook but still)
  • kaz just wants to run his hands through inej’s hair and get drunk on her laugh,,,,, boi u in so deep
  • strontium chloride
  • everything about colm ‘if I’m already aiding, i may as well abet’ fahey and his hat
  • when matthias, kuwei, and kaz, aka Ketterdam’s Most Wanted, walked into the church of barter under protection of ketterdam law for kuwei’s auction and literally the entire world went nuts bc they couldn’t do anything about it
  • when inej killed that poisonous lizard thingy in hellgate in the blink of an eye and matthias was like ‘yeah this one’s a demon too’
  • “I definitely did not tell them to blow up the lab”
  • wylan: my father is not evil
    wylan: *goes to saint hilde, sees what his father did to his mother, has an emotional breakdown in the middle of a road*
    wylan: my father is the satan devil incarnate
  • #ham4crows!! i still cant believe leigh used ‘outgunned and outmanned’ in crooked kingdom
  • ‘moose is probably your native tongue’
  • when kaz went after the black tips to get inej and spilled “enough blood to paint a barn red” #getbrekked
  • “you have crumbs on your cleavage”
    “don’t care" incredible.
  • inej’s brass knuckles get ’em girl
  • when kaz fought the dregs and he ripped two rusty nails out of an axe shaft and used them to gouge out a man’s throat #getbrekked #fightagangdownastaircase 
  • setting raisins on fire
  • nina; refusing to wake up: “the dead request five more minutes
  • WYLAN’S INTERROGATION (!!!) as if i didn’t need to hate Van Eck more. as if i didn’t need to have more feelings about wylan and the people that he loves. as if i didn’t need to be more concerned that the Plan was going to fall through the cracks yet again. as if i  d i d n ‘ t
  • ‘be still, little bumblebee’ is…… an actual song in the grishaverse.
  •  kaz,,,,,, c a m l y and p r e c i s e l y sliced up oomen’s face, rAMMED HIS FINGERS INTO HIS EYE SOCKET, RIPPED OUT his en t i r e eyeball from the root, and shoved a handkerchief wet with oomen’s own spit into the hole. without batting an eye. the ultimate #getbrekked.

1) finish crooked kingdom 2) yell to @niniadepapa and @harkrs about it 3) write this

The first time she comes back, it’s with salt in her hair, her feet carried by the waves with each step she takes. Her hand brushes against the hard brick wall of a pub, dust sticking to her fingers even as she rubs them – the dust clings to her skin and the smell clings to her hair. This, maybe, is something she didn’t miss, the foul odour of alcohol, sweat, blood, and other things she doesn’t want to think about. After months at sea, salty air in her lungs, Ketterdam’s decaying perfume almost makes her cough around a gag.

But she is home, and she smiles.

Hiding beneath the shadows comes easy to her, the way it always does. Her feet recognize every rock on the ground, every brick and alcove and roof as she climbs her way to the city’s highest points. She perches herself on top of the highest finger of the Church of Barter, if only so she can admire the city – the harbours full of life, people coming and going in the Financial District, even the high silos she climbed, a lifetime ago. Her lips curve up, hair dancing in front of her face, before she decides that she has business to attend to.

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Okay, but the crows playing Monopoly, or life. Ooh! HAVE THEM PLAY CLUE

Here’s Clue, with Life and Monopoly probably to follow:

          “Clue,” Matthias stated, looking down at the box left on Kaz’s kitchen table. “That’s the murderer game, isn’t it?”

          “Detective game,” Wylan amended quickly, making a face.

          “It’s the murderer game,” Kaz interrupted. “That’s why we’re playing it.”

          Inej lifted the lid to the game and set out the game board, then shuffled the cards as Nina set out the game pieces. Matthias excused himself to wash his hands.

          “I call Miss Scarlett,” she called, dropping the chip on the board.

          “Mr. Green for me,” Jesper added immediately.

          Wylan made a thoughtful face, “Col. Mustard.”

          “Professor Plum,” Kaz said, snatching the purple piece.

          “Then I’ll take Mrs. Peacock,” Inej grinned as Matthias walked back into the room. She held out the white piece in Matthias’s direction. “That leaves… Mrs. White.”

          “What?” Matthias asked. “Why do I have to be Mrs. White?”

          “ ‘Cause you missed when we were choosing characters,” Jesper nodded sagely.

          The gameplay started with several turns without any so called “suggestions”, but then, Kaz landed in the kitchen and said, “I think it was Col. Mustard in the kitchen with a candlestick.”

          “Nice try,” Matthias quipped, then leaned over and showed a card to Kaz. Kaz made a face and put an x in one of the boxes on his paper.

          The game play continued, with Inej then suggesting, “Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick?”

          Wylan merely shook his head and slid a card across the table. Inej frowned and scribbled a discreet note.

          “What about Mr. Green in the ballroom with the lead pipe?” Jesper asked, scrutinizing the card Nina held out to him.  

          “You think it was your character?” Wylan asked with disbelief.

          “Well, maybe. We’re all capable of murder, and you have the most amazing face. Your skull’d be the prize of my collection, Wylan.”

          Jesper winked dramatically.

          “Don’t philosophize,” Kaz chided drily. “It doesn’t suit you.”

          Each member of the group made multiple suggestions, in turn, and the gameplay continued for some time, until Matthias nodded his head with finality and said, “I have an accusation.”

          “I think it was Professor Plum in the Billiard Room with the lead pipe.” When no one responded or moved to show him a card, Matthias looked down at his cards once more and nodded. He reached to the center of the board and picked up the confidential envelope. The rest of the room waited on bated breath as he examined the three cards inside and then placed them down on the table.

          “I win,” Matthias shrugged, seemingly uninterested, but the smile that he directed down at his hands said otherwise.

          Kaz, looking rather smug that his character had been the murderer, collected the rest of the cards and shuffled them again for a second round. “I think I’ll keep this piece,” he remarked.