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nct dream watching a horror movie
  • Chenle: *screams his high pitch chenle scream*
  • Renjun: shh it's ok i'll protect you *tugs chenle closer*
  • Jaemin: i can't watch hold me
  • Jeno: *holds jaemin tightly* i'm here don't worry
  • Mark: *whispers* hyuckie i'm scared
  • Donghyuck: fuck what do you want me to do call ur mom? suck it up u coward and keep watching

‘Pathfinder’? Don’t you mean… 'Space Wayfinder’? OwO

so i finally hit the goal i was close to hitting before i got suspended and ended up moving blogs for good,,, and its been a while so i decided to make my 3rd ff lmao. im gonna keep this short bc i cant write mssgs but anyways thanks for following me and reblogging my stuff, it rly means a lot and ily all! 

heres all my favorite blogs, almost all of them are mutuals so i put nonmutuals in italics, sry if i forgot anyone or put someone as a mutual/nonmutual if ur not

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to you have any follow recommendations that would possibly follow me back, ty ty :))))

ahh idk if they’d follow back but u can checkout my blogroll here for a full list of everyone i follow!! also here is a list of amazing ppl who u should def follow and be friends w/ bc they’re great (this turned into a follow forever??? oops i’m so sry i just didnt wanna leave anyone out) plus since it’s a large list im sure you’ll find someone who will follow you back!!!

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I get that Laci's methods are unhelpful+ even counter-productive, but like Ash said her intention to bridge the gap between these communities is good(?) Are there any examples of other methods to do this? Sry if I'm missing something obvious

At this point, engaging with most (not all) mainstream anti-fem channels is self-preservation in my opinion. Doing livestreams with anti-feminists where both parties agree to be polite and respectful is helpful in the sense that their audience is exposed to a different opinion in a setting that isn’t “FEMINIST GETS REKT”. Does it change most people’s core beliefs? Not really. But it does humanize the feminist engaging with them which essentially gives you anti-fem “street cred.”

There’s this idea within those communities that the opposing side is only worth respecting and not hurling abuse at if they engage with the creators who have harassed them in the first place. I did this last year on B3aring’s channel after he had made 3-4 videos insulting me and gaslighting me and his 300k fans swarmed my channel with hate.

After the livestream I got a ton of his fans saying “I disagree still but I actually respect you as a person now.” Like why was me doing an hour long public livestream necessary to be treated like a human being? On top of this, it didn’t stop any of my friends or fellow feminist creators from getting harassed by these channels. They might have laid off me for a bit, but it didn’t help the overall problem. All it did was create a dichotomy of “dumb feminists who refuse to leave their echo chambers” and “sort of ok feminists who are chill bc they engage our toxic ideology.” It’s ultimately self serving I’ve found.

Something I’ve been REALLY careful to do on my channel is not promote creators who have engaged in targeted harassment or hate campaigns against other creators. I won’t mention channels by name and I refused to do a livestream on my channel with these channels. Even though my platform is comparatively smaller, I’m not gonna use it to bring them traffic. Laci is taking the exact opposite approach…she has 1.5 million subscribers and a larger platform than most anti-fem channels and she’s using that to uplift them and give them views.

That’s my ultimate problem with this. Laci doesn’t really go out of her way to uplift smaller marginalized creators on her channel. Sure she’ll have on huge channels like Ingrid Nilsen or DaveyWavey to get a “different perspective” but literally only when it’s beneficial to her. She has a huge voice and could easily uplift smaller creators like Riley or Kat, but instead she’s using it to help out “anti-sjws” who view her as a valuable resource for growing their audiences.

I’m all for engaging with oppressive ideologies and toxic ideas and breaking down why they’re misguided. That’s super important work that I can 100% get behind. But she’s engaging with channels promoting these ideas–channels that have large audiences to spread their messages and regularly attack social justice advocates. And by engaging with PEOPLE rather than IDEAS, she’s giving a platform to them. She’s humanizing oppressive ideologies and doing it in front of a young audience.

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Idk if youve done this recently but could you give some blogs you like? I dont really follow a lot of active blogs anymore

sure !!

@shpeofyou @coffeegirlfriend @yourbestclothes @daisyprincess @sottlyrics @demiromanticlouis @organicstunts @softlarry @onehome @oiiilivia @princesslouis @twogh2sts @softepilogue @teamsololouis @sapphic2017 @louheartsharry @edvevo @mulderspice @harryspeachbum @lavenderglow @snapbacktomlinson @homemp3

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