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Hili :) Can you write andreil 81 for the prompts please? Thank you <3

81: “You’re too good for this world.” okay…. I technically didn’t do this exact prompt, I took off the last word, I hope this suffices my friend, bc it’s actually:

“You’re too good for this.”

The problem with living in a fortress of knives and anonymity is that Neil can’t find him in it. And the problem with that is that a treacherous part of Andrew wants to be found, and touched, and dismantled blade by blade.

The problem with knives is that they won’t stop terrifying Neil, but they won’t stop feeling sure and righteous in Andrew’s palm.

The problem is Neil, a taste Andrew can’t completely swallow.

He puts Renee’s knives in Neil’s safe and Neil says all sorts of sticky emotional things like they’re taking part in some sort of ceremony. Andrew clicks the lock and climbs on top of Neil so he’ll stop thinking, pocketing his ‘yes’ as he goes.

It’s not just that he does what Neil asks, anymore. He tries to do things for him before he can ask for them. He tries to make things happen that he knows Neil doesn’t have words for.

He keeps one knife for himself, and he knows Neil knows about it, because he hands Andrew his armbands some mornings, and the weight is there in his palms.

Sometimes, that weight is the only way to get through the day without his head and throat pounding.

Sometimes Neil jerks awake and thrusts his hand under the pillow, and Andrew has to pry his wrists away. Neil knows protection, so he understands the slim line of a blade at his forearm is to Andrew what Andrew is to Neil.

But Andrew can tell that it bothers him, to have a knife buried in something that matters to him. He sees wintery metal in the shade of Neil’s eyes, and Andrew knows he’s condemning him to a future that looks like his past.

Still, the knife is just a talisman. Andrew is the weapon.

Before an afternoon practice sometime in the middle of the rush towards winter, Jack is the target.

They get to the court early because Neil only has morning classes. He’s always antsy by the time Andrew gets back to the dorm, insufferable and single-minded.

Andrew parks, Neil enters the code to the side door, their runners squeak against the sleek hall floors, and they split up at the locker room. Rinse and repeat. So many times a week that Andrew would feel the monotony in his teeth if it weren’t for Neil darting into side rooms or slipping on floor wax or doubling back to run in the rain, unpredictable as a lightning bolt.

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anon said : can you do a yugyeom enemy to fwb smut where the reader is a bit younger? thank you!

Summary : You say you can’t stand him. He tells you to take a seat then.

Warnings : language, smut

Word Count : 2.8k+

If Yugyeom interrupted the lecturer one more time, you were going to take the stapler off of the desk and staple his lips shut. Okay… not really. That was a really gross thought actually. You discreetly shook your head, trying to get the image the thought had conjured out of your mind.

You had been thrilled to be selected as a TA during your first year of college. The thrill had lessened slightly as the year had progressed. Honestly it wasn’t the job that had lessened the thrill. Everything would have been fine if Yugyeom wasn’t a student in the only class you were working as a TA in.

Yugyeom. College Junior. Majoring in dance. Minoring in music. A complete jerk.

It seemed that he’d made it his job to annoy every serious college student, go to every college party, and to have sex with every hot college girl. And one more thing… what was it… oh yeah! He’d made it his job to annoy the shit out of you.

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could you do teacher(s) Drarry please?


All Life is Yours to Miss by Sara’s Girl (114k)
Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
(This fic OWNS ME. It’s so dear to me, one of the few that truly resonates with me on a personal level. I love following Draco’s journey in this.)

Professor Potter and His Magical Menagerie by dracogotgame (7.5k)
Harry Potter descends on Hogwarts with a horde of magical beasts. Professor Malfoy is not amused.
(I love the writing style in this, it is all kinds of hilarious. So much brilliance crammed into this short lil’ fic, obliviousness, awkward flirting, yesssss.)

Only For The Lucky by SunseticMonster (73k)
Things seem to be going well for Draco Malfoy after the war. He’s working as a professor at Hogwarts and makes the papers all the time for his charitable contribution to Muggle causes.But when Malfoy is rushed into St Mungos hospital for a psychotic break, Healer Harry Potter realizes that Malfoy’s success is not all what it seems and sometimes luck can have more than one meaning.
(One of my big faves, I love the characterization of Draco in it. It’s so angsty and hilarious and all around excellent. I have so many favorite scenes.)

Draco’s Delicious Dilemma by darkmagicalgirl (5k)
Draco Malfoy bravely deals with new coffee shops, Harry Potter, low-sympathy coworkers, feelings, free muffins, Looks, and some extremely rude signage.
(I am still laughing over this one, it is a real treat. Sassy shop signs, Harry is a cinnamon roll, they give each other Looks. You won’t want to miss this one.)

The Critiquer by dysonrules (24k)
When Harry submits his cock photo to a renowned Cock Critiquer and gets a terrible review, he decides to take a photography class to hopefully improve his skills.
(A classic. I love this fic so much, it is cracktastic and really well-written. Great characterizations. Teacher!fic because Draco teaches a photography class!) 

More Than That by joosetta (10k)
This is a story about two 52 year old men who refuse to age gracefully.
(Meaning they are total dorks, lmao. There’s a softness to them in this, it begins all casual but then before they know it, they’re in love. Siigh.)

Lessons in Humility by playout (86k)
After the dissolution of his marriage and a good bit of soul-searching, Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new Defense teacher. Go figure, it happens to be the same year Draco takes over the role of Potions Master. Neither man is happy about this turn of events. Will they be able to set aside their differences and learn a thing or two about trust and humility on the way? (Spoiler Alert: Yes. Very much so.)
(ALL THE SWEET AMAZING FLUFF AND DOMESTICITY. I could honestly cry with all the feels this fic gives me. So lovely, so funny, so so good.)

Newts by astolat (13k)
“I’m twenty-eight!” Harry said. “I’ve been an Auror for ten years! You want me to go back to Hogwarts now?“
(Only Drarry can go from trying to constantly one-up each other to shagging each other senseless at every opportunity like this. LOVE IT.)


Are You There, God? It’s Me, Draco by floweringjudas (20k)
Harry and Draco are straight Aurors. Then they’re gay teachers. It makes sense in context.
(I’ll admit I haven’t actually read this one yet, but a friend of mine is BEGGING me to add it to this list because it made her laugh so much. So there!)

Free Dessert? Hell yeah ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Jack x reader x Conor

Word Count: 1417

Summary: Where two lovers fake a proposal to get dessert and it goes viral. This is based by the new viral tweet.

Requested: “One where you and Jack make a fake proposal to get a free dessert but a fan sees and videos it so they can share the the cute moment and everyone freaks out thinking they’re actually engaged.”

Note: I broke into my best friend’s house last night because she forgot to leave the door open for me, while she is at work. She died when I told her I climbed through her bathroom window😂

Jack sighed, setting down his editing on his laptop. It was Saturday night and he had the worst week of his life, nothing was going right. From meetings, to cancelled meetings, to running around after the boys, to filming videos and lastly, not seeing you for a week in a half and not speaking to you in four days. 

All he wants is to be with you. He knows how stressful you have been; he loves that you’re doing a major in photography but he hates that you stress yourself so much out with it. He also knows that you have an exam coming up and knows you won’t be sleeping because you have to get everything perfect, the smallest of things would make want to start over again.

It wasn’t until he watched someone fake a birthday, that he could the best idea ever. 

Scrambling up to his feet, he glanced at the clock seeing it was only six, if he planned this out perfectly he would get to yours around ten to seven depending on traffic. Taking a shower, dressing in his best clothes and grabbing his keys, he was out the door by half past and already on route to your apartment.

As reached your apartment he heard Conor’s old album playing around the apartment, he remembered the day he asked you why you listened to it and you said, “The faster I do my art, the faster I can stop listening to it.” He couldn’t stop laughing when you said that and never fails to tell that story when he’s with the gang.

Stepping into the apartment, Jack closed the door and made his way into the living room. He leaned up on the door frame, smiling loving at his girlfriend who was dancing and singing softly to Royalty around the living room picking up photos and placing them on black boards.

“As much as I would love to stand here watching you all day, we my crazy baby are going out.” Jack spoke up, an amused look on his face watching you jump around to face him with your arm in the ready to attack.

You slowly put your arm down and pulled Jack into a hug, “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I missed you too.” Jack mumbled into his girlfriend’s hair. “But get dressed up fancy, we are dining like King and Queens.”

“Why?” You mumbled looking up at Jack,

Jack grinned unwrapping his arms and stepping back, “We need some fun. So get your cute little ass in that room and put on that sparkly red dress, do your make up and let’s go. The meal is booked for eight.”

You nodded your head and made your way to you room but stopped turning your head over your shoulder, “I’m not crazy.”

Jack’s laugh echoed the flat, “You were going to attack me with a photograph.”

Glaring at him, you stomped into your room where a little smile on your face appeared on your face from hearing Jack chuckling to himself.

45 minutes later you waltzed out of your bedroom doing a twirl for Jack who was making camera noises and gasping. Laughing you turned to face him with a smile on your face, “How do I look?”

“Fucking beautiful baby.” Jack smiled, the look of awe pure on his face. “Do you have a fancy diamond right by any chance? I have a little plan for tonight.”

“Aren’t you suppose to buy the ring, if you’re going to propose?” You teased with a smile but took off into your room to get a ring.

“When I buy you a ring, you’re going to know about it.” Jack smirked holding his hand out for the ring.

“Oh? Will I?” You smirked back. 

Jack just laughed grabbing your hand and pulling you out your apartment, “Why do you need this ring anyway?”

“Want to get some free dessert?” 

“Free dessert? Hell yeah.”

Jack has been relaxed and smiling the whole entire evening and he notice he and manage to make you relaxed and happy. Which is all he had wanted to come out of this meal, to make you happy. 

As you got up to the toilet, Jack called the waiter over and told them about the proposal and just like Jack wanted they offered him a few desserts, which he could not say no to.

By the time you got back to the table Jack was grinning like a mad man, you smiled and sat back down in front of Jack with a questioning look. “Why you looking at me like that?”

“Time to get our free dessert.” Jack whispered before getting down on one knee. Your hand flew to your mouth in fake surprise, as people around the restaurant gasped.  

Jack smiled widely looking directly into your eyes, “Y/N Y/L/N, you are my love of life and I couldn’t think of anyone else to spend it with. Will you marry me?”

Tears welled up in your eyes as you nodded your head, holding your left hand out so he can slide the ring on your finger. Jack stood up and kissed you lovingly as the restaurant clapped and cheered for you both. As Jack broke away from the kiss he whispered against your lips, “When I propose for real, it will be ten times better than this.”

Laughing you pulled back smiling at the couples and families in the restaurant as Jack thanked them all sitting back down. The waiters came towards your table congratulating you and handed you a bottle of champagne and gave you some dessert with “Congratulations” on the plates.

As you were eating Jack looked up towards you with that cheeky smile on his face, “I told you it would work.”

You smiled at him, “I’m glad we did this, I need this. Thank you.”

“Why don’t I go pay and me and you will take this bottle of champagne home and have a night in bed?” Jack smirked at the blush raising on your cheeks while he got up to the bar to pay.

When you and Jack walked into his apartment you both didn’t expect to be tackled onto the fall by the older Maynard screaming at the two of you. “You’re engaged! I’ve been waiting for this moment since you started going out two years ago!”

“Conor!” Jack shouted pushing his brother onto the floor getting up himself, then helping you up. 

“We aren’t engaged.” You laughed at the look of his face.

“Um, yes you are. The video of Jack proposing is all over twitter and Instagram, some fan caught you.”

You and Jack laughed to yourselves as you walked into his living room. “It was fake Con, we did it to get free dessert and to have fun.”

“You proposed to get free dessert? Are you fucking stupid? Why not say it was your birthday?” Conor asked leaning against the door.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Jack asked smirking as he threw himself on the sofa, turning his head towards you, “Looks like I’m going to have to explain we aren’t actually engaged.”

You nodded, taking off your heels walking into his kitchen to get glasses. “We should wait till your next video, keep them guessing.”

Conor shook his head in disbelief at the two of you while Jack pointed at you, “This is why she’s my girlfriend.”

“Whatever.” Conor sighed making his way to the door, “Your both fucking crazy and when you propose for real, don’t expect me to excited for you guys.”

You and Jack heard the door slam before giggling to each other. That night you and Jack spent the time in bed watching films but mostly you spent your time talking about the future and you will always remember the words Jack spoke to you that night.

“When I propose, I will be damn if royalty isn’t the theme.”

Jack kept to his promise and Conor failed his. It was two years later and Conor was playing a music gig down on Brighton beach, he was in the middle of singing royalty. When he noticed you and Jack down the back of the beach, Jack on one knee and you screaming the word yes over and over again. He stopped singing for a moment too lost in what was happening before it all clicked, he started screaming and jumping on the stage like a fangirl but he swears he never cried.

Although, everyone saw him cry…

A Flower’s Path

GIF Credit to: @ygo-gx

Pt. 2 | Pt. 3

Pairing: Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han) X Reader

Genre: angst, coming-of-age, slight!romance

Word Count: 2,584

Request: Hi! For the Hwarang scenarios, what about one where you are a great enough fighter that you are asked to be the ONLY female hwarang (but against your will). Once inside, Ban Ryu is constantly complaining about how you shouldn’t be there and how it’s a disgrace for a woman to be in the Hwarang house. The two of you keep bashing heads bc even though you didn’t want to be there, you weren’t going to take that from him. Once the princess gets there she gets jealous that most of the hwarang gets close with the female hwarang and tries to get rid of her. - @starbooks13

Your hands’ grip slowly tightened on the big wooden stick. Standing ground and focusing on your opponent, you lowered the stick enough so that it pointed at your enemy. New beads of sweat formed on your face. Inhale. Exhale. You smirked, full of confidence. Ready.

You let out a yell, striking a blow on the left shoulder, right shoulder, stomach, and then the shoulders again. Your rival refused to move, only dust flying out of him.You dashed around, dodging for any incoming attacks and taking chances of your own to get hits. Loud rhythmic sounds could be heard from your stick coming in contact with the surface again and again. The amount of energy you used up showed when you found yourself starting to breathe heavily. “Miss (Y/N).” A familiar soft female voice of your personal servant caught your attention. You immediately stopped beating the dummy and brought the stick down to your side.

Turning around to face her, you noticed once again that the woman could not have been but more than a few years older than you. There was still some youth in her face, but she mostly look tired, probably from working for so long. You remembered her being there by your side since you were a little girl. “Yes, Soonja. What is the matter?” you asked.

“Your father insists you stop practicing your martial arts for today and dine with him for dinner now,” the servant answered, bowing her head low. “He also wishes to discuss some important things with you.”

“What does he wish to discuss with me?” You slid your stick back into your weapon rack that also included your spear, sword and knives.

“I am not sure, Miss (Y/N). He just wants me to let you know that it is an important conversation, so he is hoping that you won’t skip dinner to practice.”

You smiled. “Thank you, Soonja. Please allow me to clean up as best as I can before we go see Father.”

When you stepped into the dining room, you found the round table filled with lots of food. It was sort of funny because meals usually meant just you and your father eating. “Good evening, Father. How did the meeting with the officials go today?” You took a seat across from the old man. His gray hair tied into a bun. Though his demeanor looked quite rough at first, your father also seemed quite gentle at times.

He was a True Bone. Quite high in the bone rank system, he was of royal blood and worked as an official for the Royal Family. Since you were his daughter, you were of royal blood as well. “Some of the other officials were beginning to feel doubtful about the Hwarangs and their impact on changing Silla for the better,” your father expressed as you picked up a sweet and sour mushroom from a dish and ate quietly. “A few of the officials are worried about their sons who are part Hwarang as of now. They fear that instead of helping to protect the future king, that the young men will become dogs to the queen.”

“Her Majesty has been on the throne for so long,” you agreed, giving a nod. “She still has some control of them. I have a friend whose brother is a Hwarang. She says that they’re having trouble getting along as some are for the queen and some are against. The males are so focused on their ranks among each other that they hardly train their martial arts and performing arts skills. So much for elites…”

“How do you feel about the formation of the Hwarangs, (Y/N)?” your father asked, placing down his silverware. You did the same, putting down your spoon. You tried to read your father’s eyes to see if he genuinely wanted an answer, and when he continued waiting on you, you sighed.

“I wouldn’t want to be a part of a group like that.”

“Why not? Your fighting skills are impressive. Even though I disapproved of you doing martial arts at first, I’ve come to see that you’re talented in that area. You would’ve made a great Wonhwa.”

“Father,” you frowned. “both leaders of Wonhwa died.”

You started to feel the topic of the conversation dissipate and began lifting up your spoon again to eat when realization hit you. The utensil was placed on the table once more. “Wait… Father, does this have something to do with an important discussion you wanted to have with me?”

“Her Majesty and I have come to an agreement that Hwarang could use someone like you.”

You froze. A heavy weight set on your shoulders, and your stomach started to twist, ruining your appetite. “You don’t even like the queen…”

“But I respect the Royal Family. I also want the best for Silla. The king has not shown his face in years. We are not sure of what he can or can’t do as a ruler of the kingdom. I support our king, and I feel that it would be an honor for you to serve and protect him, (Y/N). Do you understand me?”

“I do, Father, but I don’t want to do this. Hwarang? My fighting skill is just a hobby. It’s also used to protect myself and the people around me, but nothing more than that. I don’t want to risk my life.”

“(Y/N),” your father said in a stern voice, and you knew he was serious about that decision.

“Besides, Hwarang already had their admission ceremony. They’re most likely not accepting anymore members. Hwarang is a group of young elite males. I’m a lady… Please don’t make me join.”

“Keeping your skills as a hobby only is pathetic. You can put those skills to greater use. As for Hwarang being only for males, you will be an exception. Her Majesty adores strong young women, and the chief instructor has also allowed you to stay in Hwarang House with your own small room.”

“You’re not listening to me, Father. I don’t want-”

“Almost all of the officials have a son who excel in sword fighting or literature. Meanwhile, I’ve raised a daughter all my life. I have heard people badmouthed me and you and how you’re only good to be married off to…”

You tried to speak up almost interrupted him, but knowing that arguing with your father would not help with your decision, you remained silent. At this point, you knew there was no way you could win.

“I know that you don’t mind being talked about to like that,” he continued, “but I do not approve of a True Bone’s royal blood being spoken about that way. My daughter is special, and if she doesn’t want to be seen that way, then she’s just going to have to continue living with it because she will be escorted to the Hwarang House tomorrow morning to stand next to the other elites.”

Tomorrow morning?! Already?! Feeling unfairness, your eyes began to burn with incoming tears, but you held them back. “Yes, Father. My apologies for trying to talk back.” You bowed your head down, and your father picked up his silverware and resumed his meal as if nothing happened.

Like your father said, when you headed out the next morning, you found a tall, handsome male dressed in Hwarang uniform waiting for you on a horse. Another horse without a rider was right beside him. “Miss (Y/N),” the male greeted. “My name is Ji Dwi, and I have been assigned to escort you to the Hwarang House.”

You hurried to climb on the other horse and then looked over to Ji Dwi. He cracked a smile which confused you. “My apologies, Miss (Y/N),” he said, an amused look in his eyes, “you just don’t look all that excited.”

You grinned the most sarcastic smile you could muster. “Better?” Then, you showed an honest laugh. “I’m sure you didn’t imagine a female Hwarang, either, huh? Please just call me (Y/N).”

The two of you whipped the reigns lightly so that your horses could make their way back to Hwarang House. “I think it’ll be interesting to have you,” Ji Dwi replied. “I didn’t imagine there would ever be a lady who was spectacular in fighting. It’s as impossible as the king living in the Hwarang House, disguised as a Hwarang.” He glanced over at you again and shared a playful smile.

It was not long until you reached the home of the Hwarangs and found the chief instructor as well as his assistant instructor waiting on you. Being a gentleman, Ji Dwi helped you off of your horse. “Thank you,” you told him before walking over to the chief instructor.

The chief instructor hummed, observing you. “Why, you must be (Y/N). I am Chief Instructor Wi Hwa. It is our pleasure to have you. Hopefully, you were able to get acquainted with my nephew on your way here.” When he gave you a short bow, you returned a deeper one.

“Ah, Ji Dwi is your nephew? I didn’t know that. I was wondering which family he belonged to as I’ve never met him before.”

“He lived overseas,” the old man affirmed. He then nodded his head over at his nephew, and Ji Dwi headed back into the Hwarang House. The chief instructor then held out his hand in the direction of the building. “I will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have, (Y/N).”

You paid attention to the view of your new residence as you listened to the chief instructor guide you through the area. You didn’t spot any other elites around, probably because they were having lessons or something. Beautiful flowers were grown in all of the green grasses, pleasing your eyes. The walls were painted of a rich, bright red and some gold. You soon found out ways to important places such as your own room, the bathhouse (you were assigned a different time from the other Hwarangs, of course), the dining room and the area where the young warriors practiced their fighting skills. It was nice, but you still felt quite uneasy about being here.

“Do you think it is strange,” you said, staring ahead at scenery, “that even though I know how to fight, I don’t want to be a fighter at all?”

Chief Instructor Wi Hwa glanced over at you and then forward, sharing the same view as you. “Your father told me, and I can understand why you’re like that. You probably feel like a pawn in Her Majesty’s hand. Please think of this as another path you have to take in life.” He began to move, and you followed right next to him. “Here, I can guarantee your growth, just like these flowers. Though you seem to agree that women should not be seen fighting, I disagree. Embrace that part of you - your natural combat skills like the earthy soil, your soft, yet intense beauty like the waves of water, and your bright character like the sunlight - and you will be strong enough to stand on your own. Maybe, you’ll even start to discover more of yourself here, among the other Hwarangs.”

Before you knew it, you found yourself inside of the household and in front of the doors. You heard chatters inside, and for some reason, your heart started to pick up more beats per minute. Chief Instructor Wi Hwa opened up the doors, and when eyes turned to him and then you, the room became silent.

The boys bowed, and the chief instructor nodded. You walked behind the old man when he started toward the center of room, walking up the steps to higher platform. You dared not to make eye contact with anyone. Only when the man next to you cleared his throat did you glance up. Handsome men in the same elegant uniforms stared at you, a few in a way different from others. Some were in confusion as if they could not believe you were there, and a few in awe, having heard rumors of your arrival but still could not take your presence in. You recognized a few faces.

“There is someone I would like to introduce you all to…” the chief instructor began.

You spotted Ji Dwi who you met in the morning. He smiled which calmed your heart down a bit. Then, there was Soo Ho. You only ran into him a few times when your father met with his, and the two brought up how both of their children excelled in sword fighting. Also, you’ve seen him when he was dating a few of your friends. He gave you a charming smile, as expected of someone who’s been around a lot of women.

You easily found Yeo Wool. His feminine features caught your eye. You heard about his family from your father, and even found Yeo Wool once at Okta. It was embarrassing for you to admit it, but you quite envied his beauty. He had an amused smile on his face. Right next to him was Han Sung. You knew he didn’t like to fight, so you wondered why he decided to join Hwarang. Maybe it had something to do with him being the last True Bone of his family. There was a twinkle in his eyes, and his mouth was slightly ajar. You couldn’t help but smile at his cute reaction.

“(Y/N) will be joining as the only female Hwarang. It is an executive decision made by the queen and myself. (Y/N) is amazing fighter. Even better than most of you,” Chief Instructor Wi Hwa said, muttering the last part to himself. “We believe that she will be a great addition to Hwarang. As I expect you all to treat each other with respect, getting rid of Silla’s bone rank system in the Hwarang House, I want you all to do the same to Jung Young Sik’s daughter. Understood?”

“Yes!” the boys replied in unison.

“Good.” The chief instructor turned to you. “Please head to the physician’s room. Miss Ah Ro has sewn you a uniform that is similar to theirs. After you’re dressed appropriately, you will return to this room and continue the rest of the day with these boys.”

You turned around and began to head down the stairs when a clear, loud voice spoke up. “Wait.” The short hairs on your arms raised from the chill.

Chief Instructor Wi Hwa responded. “Yes. Ban Ryu.”

Your body rotated to where Ban Ryu stood. You have never spoken to him, only heard about him sometimes from your father. Soo Ho might have mentioned once to stay away from Ban Ryu. You were very aware of their rivalry. His face was striking, but at the same time quite intimidating. You had a bad feeling about his next words.

“I don’t believe that she should be here. She doesn’t belong in the Hwarang House. It is a disgrace.”

I don’t know about disgrace… You frowned.

“You said it yourself Chief Instructor, Wi Hwa, that you wanted to form Hwarang with the capital’s greatest male elites. She is a woman. If she is the daughter of an official, then she should be taking on duties of a woman, preparing for marriage. Furthermore, if you accept her, it will be unfair as we already had the ceremony. What if the officials whose son didn’t make it get upset?” Ban Ryu glanced in your direction, a dirty look. “It’ll be all her fault.”

Soundtrack (Song 1 of 5)

Word Count: 4089

Summary: Steve is still human. He makes mistakes. When one of these mistakes causes problems in your marriage, he takes the time to think back over your relationship.

Warnings: Language, angst, fluff, more angst, marriage problems

A/N: This is my new series Soundtrack, where each part will be based around a different song. Please note that this series will get pretty angsty, but I promise to make everything okay at the end, deal? The song of this chapter is “I Go To The Barn Because I Like The” by Band of Horses. Weird name, lovely song. Lyrics are in italics.

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Well, I’d like to think I’m the mess you’d wear with pride

When Steve stumbled out of the jet that night, he could think only of you. He needed to talk to you, hear your voice, see your face, touch you, hold you. You had to be awake by now, had to have realized that he had left. Normally you would have woken up immediately. The way you slept tangled up together did not exactly lend itself to graceful exits, but tonight had been different, with Nyquil holding you in blissful sleep even when Steve’s phone rang, when he answered it, when he pulled himself away from you and crept out of the house.

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I often look through my old mementos and they bring me back to all the adventures we had together. I used to see my future with you; we’d rent an apartment together and would laugh and joke about how we were such idiots as children. We’d gossip all day and all night about the hottest of guys and even the guys who broke our hearts. We’d bicker every now about what we were going to have for dinner and while you wanted a salad, I wanted pizza. We’d argue anything and everything but no matter how heated we got, we’d just end up laughing. Once we found our true loves, you’d move into the house next to mine. Our kids would be best friends just like us. We would tease them and embarrass them in front of their friends out of sheer pleasure and amusement. We would grow old together and remain best friends until the day we died. But when I look at my future now… you’re not in it. I am living by myself. There’s no one to laugh with, no one to gossip with, no one to bicker with, no one at all. I miss the future that had you in it. You weren’t my blood sister, but you were indeed my sister. Families are supposed to stick together but you left. I left. I still think about you a lot. We live in a small town so it’s hard to not reminisce the past. I wish that I could’ve been enough for you to stay but that’s selfish of me. You wanted more than I could ever give you and I cannot do anything about that. You wanted more friends even if that meant losing me in the process. You look happier. I guess I didn’t mean that much. I’m glad you found happiness with others. That’s all I ever wanted for you. Once my sister, now a stranger.
—  And I still miss you every. single. day. I feel like I’m on the verge of crying and I can feel a sword stabbing my heart. Everyday, I manage to still move forward and even though you’re no longer by my side, I’m relieved to know that you’re shining brighter than ever. // littlemissimaginary
Benevolence  8


Word Count: 2,807

We’re almost finish with half of the first half of the series make sure to tell me what you think. Sorry it took so long I did have 3k words written but they all got deleted so I half-assed the chapter.

“What the hell?”, The words hurt while pouring out of my mouth. My lips were cracked and my throat  was hoarse and dry. The light was harsh on my eyes causing the rest of the room to become difficult to see. Was I in the hospital? I could hear the beeping of a machine going off and looking down at my hands wires were connected to me. I could remember everything clearly, being ran over by that car because I let myself be distracted by Baekhyun. Why did they run me over in the first place? How did I even end up in this hospital, the streets were dead silent. It was just the person who ran me over and I, alone. Why didn’t they just kill me?

“Y/N?”, I heard a familiar voice speak to me, I slowly turned my head towards the person to see my friend Edward sitting on the edge of the hospital couch. “Good you’re awake, I was freaking out over here.”, He chuckled lighting getting up from the couch walking over towards me.

“You sound like a 45 year old woman who’s been smoking cigarettes since she was 16.”, He laughed at the sound of my horse voice. 

I was too distracted though, nothing was really blurry but still, nothing was clear. I was hit by that car, whoever did it could’ve easily finished the job but yet, I’m lying in the hospital. 

“What the hell happened to me?”, I groaned twitching my fingers awaking them from their sleeping state. Looking down at my hand I saw one of them firmly wrapped up. Did I break my finger, I’m a fashion design student injuring my hands isn’t really an option if I want to keep my place at the top 

“You got into a car accident and crack a few rips most of the trauma is due to shock I guess.”, Edward explained to me. “You’ve got a few scratches and slices in places as well.”

That explains what happened to my finger, but the other shit doesn’t make sense. Even if my head is messed up right now, I know for a fact I was hit by a car. I was walking on the sidewalk when it came charging at me. 

“Calm down Y/N, you’re fine everything will heal quickly.”, Edward tried to calm me down once my machine started beeping loudly. It wasn’t my state of being that worried me, it was whoever the hell ran me over.

Either the doctors were lying and trying to cover it up or whoever ran me over must’ve change my position to make it look like I got into a car accident.

Who the hell was in that fucking car?

“Doctor come in here she doesn’t look so good.”, Edward pleaded desperately.

My vision started to blur so I couldn’t see who had walked into the room. It become harder and harder for me to breathe. My fingers gripped the side of shits on the thin hospital mattress.

“We’re going to have to sedate her.”, I heard a deep voice gruff before I passed out.

Who was in that car and why did they hit me?

“What the fuck Kai?”, Baekhyun yelled itching to finish what the two had started yesterday. I was still on edge about the whole thing myself, in a way even though Kai and Yixing, told me it wasn’t my fault, I still felt guilty. In all honesty I only came on this trip because I didn’t want Baekhyun alone with Taeyeon around the guys. However, in this moment it was clear that had already happened and now we aren’t even together anymore.

“Fuck off, we were just joking around. It’s none of your business anyway Y/N, can kiss whoever she wants to.”, Kai spat back towards him slowly but he was definitely getting closer and closer to him.  Kai didn’t open up about the situation at all really, it was so frustrating not knowing why the two of them were fighting. At first I did it was because of me however, Kai’s anger seems to be a lot more deeper then it leads on.

“Still it’s insensitive you’re one of my best friends Kai.”, Baekhyun protested scrunching his face up in disgust.

“That’s fucking rich coming from you.”, Kai smacking the back of Baekhyun’s head with a little too much force causing him to stumble towards him. “Bringing your ex-girlfriend who you were cheating on your use-to-be current girlfriend with you one this trip wasn’t?”

Baekhyun held the back of his head in anger ready to pounce on Kai, “I didn’t cheat on her. She k-”

I didn’t know what Baekhyun was going to say but, I knew he needed to shut the fuck up. He had already tried to tell them about the relationship once, now that it was over I still wasn’t comfortable with anyone knowing about it.

“Why does it matter?”, I sighed exhausted from the whole situation. “We’re broken up.”, I pointed towards Baekhyun as I spoke the words, I could see the hurt flash in his eyes. I just didn’t care anymore.

“It was a petty, playful little kiss that you weren’t even supposed to see. It’s over the entire situation is, let’s just leave it at that.”, I grumbled annoyed walking away from the deck passing the rest of the members who I forget were even there.

“Y/N!’, I heard Yixing calling after me, I didn’t respond because I was pissed off. I always knew I “low-key” had anger issues but damn something so little set me off that quick. I just needed to be alone for a little while, I hadn’t had any time to enjoy the sea.

The rest of the day went by quickly, everyone was awkward with each other. Nobody even thought about sitting at the dinner table together, the members did their thing and I didn’t care what Baekhyun and Taeyeon were doing. Chanyeol and Suho joined Kai, Yixing and I in our room for a few rounds of poker and I taught them how to play bullshit.

I was stressed out most of the day since, I had come to terms with a certain fact that I did not like at all.

I was weak.

I couldn’t deny it anymore, I wasn’t necessarily a feminist or anything, I was just a lot more stronger than I was now.  Was falling in love all it took to break me down. I didn’t want this, I never did. It was hard for me to even be open to the thought of a romantic relationship. I was fine just having friends and spending most of my time working. 

Yet, the minute Baekhyun came along the things I cared about started appearing smaller and smaller. This trip isn’t going to last much longer I had to figure out what I wanted to do. All of my stuff was at Baekhyun’s and yeah I made a decent amount of cash as a designer but, I’m not in the position to where I should be spending it. A decent small apartment in Korea was cheap but, the key money was ridiculous. If I wanted to get a cheaper priced rent, I’d have to pay more key money. Living with Baekhyun and Taeyeon wasn’t even an option,

 It was now night time and the the pit in my stomach about what I was going to do after the trip was still there. I should’ve listened to my mom she’d always tell me not to move in together with a mom unless both names of your names were on the lease.  

        I was pacing around the boat trying to think of the options I had. My first option was staying with Eddy, he’s always liked the idea of living together. My second option was digging into the money that I was not supposed to which would eventually ruin the plan I had for my future. Seoul was one of the most expensive places to live in Korea, and yeah a couple thousand in America was a million here. I saved up a wealthy amount of money before I came here out of fear of not being able to pay a bill. With all the celebrities nowadays people forget that you normally struggle when you move away from home. I’d either have to move out of Seoul or out of Korea. My career was taking of here I didn’t want to start all over again.

I also don’t like the idea of staying at someone’s place when they could kick me out at anytime. The last dreaded option was moving back to American, and there was no way in hell I was doing that.

Snapping me out of my thoughts, the sound of my name being called distracted me.

“Y/N, what’s got you down?”, I heard the voice of Yixing on the far end of the deck. He was sitting  on a very small stool though, it didn’t matter his tall frame allowed him to look over deck and out at the sea.

The sea.

God I wished I could just live on a boat, the sea was my favorite place in the world. Anyone living on it was lucky as hell, those people are the ones with the most freedom in the world.

“Y/N?,” I heard Yixing calling over to me again. 

“Come sit with me.”, He smiled scooting over as much as possible on the small stool.

“Do you expect us both to fit on that?”, I pointed towards the stool with a chuckle leaving my lips.

“Yes it’ll work, just lay one of your legs on top of mine.”, He suggest as I walked towards him. Taking a seat next to him I did just that, laying my leg on top of his. I couldn’t see over the deck like he could since I was so short but it was fine.

No words were spoke between us for a few minutes. I wondered if Yixing had the chance to go home he would. In 2015 I know he spent most of the year there, he seemed so happy but, he often talked about the rest of the members while there.

I know if I had the chance to go home I wouldn’t. I don’t even consider it my home anymore, I do consider myself American just the place itself is so shitty. I don’t the majority of Americans living there like America. It’s the easiest option for them unless they decide to move out of the country.

“Yixing, do you ever miss China?”, I muttered lowly leaning my head against his shoulder trying my best to look over the top of the boat with my short frame.

“Yeah, I’m actually planning to go back there soon.”, He said amused at the thought of returning to his home country.

“How soon?”

“As soon as the tour starts.”, He spoke a hint of sadness in his voice. The fans often resented him for going back to China so often. He didn’t really have a choice it was a legal issue along with him injuring his own body. I’d rather see him do variety shows and acting in china than to see him constantly overworking himself while preforming. Some fans just couldn’t seem to grasp that concept. 

“Do you ever get lonely without the others around?”, I asked going into the topic further. He didn’t seem to mind the questions though.

“Yeah,’ He gave a light chuckle “What about you, what do you plan to do after going back to Seoul?” I can tell he had been itching to ask the question. Earlier today when I was with Kai, I could tell he wanted to bring up the question as well.

“I don’t know, I don’t even want to go back until I’m entirely sure what I’m going to be doing.”, I spoke honestly. This was one reason why you should never move in with your significant other unless your name is also on the lease. It was a last minute decision and I was too busy thinking about other things to even care. I guess now I’m paying for the consequences. 

“Then come with me.”, He muttered the words carefully as if I would burst into tears if he didn’t choose his words carefully. “To China I mean, you don’t have to go back if you’re not ready.”

Going to China?

I had only ever been to Korea and America, I was so wrapped up in what was going on here that I had forgotten about other places. I knew going to China would only be temporary but still, Korea had became my home. I built my life and career here, leaving even just for a little while was scary.

However, a change of pace would be good for me. I needed to get my shit straight and I haven’t taken my holiday off of school yet. The difficult part would be my job at SM. They could always find someone else to do the work for me and I can’t stand the thought of someone taking my place, again.

“How long is it going to be?”, I asked him shifting my feet still deep in thought.

“Two months, it’ll be a little vacation for the both of use.”, He tried to bribe me showing the dimple on his cheek.

Two months, that would mean any vacation days after that would be gone for me. I probably wouldn’t even get the Christmas off. Would going to China for two months really be worth it?

The sound of the cup breaking on the floor filled the sound of the room. This was one of the biggest reason my mom always hated glasses. I remember when I was younger she had a collection of them sitting on the shelves in the kitchen wine glasses and all. She gave them all away after we moved out of that house. When I asked her why she did it because, she always seemed so attached to them. 

“Because I know I’ll ruin them. I’d rather give them away knowing I always took care of them, rather than holding on selfishly knowing they’d be broken.”, was the answer she had given me. 

She didn’t even buy those glasses so of course she never bought anymore. I remember her telling me that “Your future is yours, do what you want with it, it’s okay to start all over again when things get too hard. You’re a human you’ll break sometimes.”

Now I stood in the kitchen in front of Taeyeon who had just dropped a glass. I wasn’t angry or anything since I did come into the kitchen fairly quietly.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there.”, She apologized tip toeing over the broken pieces to get the broom in the hallway close. I had to stop the chuckle from falling out of my mouth over the classic line.

However, I was in no mood to argue with Baekhyun if he “accidentally” found out I was being rude to Taeyeon. She walked backed into the kitchen as I made my way over to the island to have a seat. I wasn’t comfortable cooking with her staring back down and glass was all over the floor. 

She crouched down and carefully swept up the shattered pieces of glass slightly shaking while doing so. She was nervous, I could always tell when someone was nervous around me, it often happened back in the states apparently I was “intimating” to some people.

“Y/N”, Taeyeon spoke up dragging me out of my thoughts. I didn’t give her a response my eyes just flickered over towards hers.

“How do you feel about kids?”, She asked slowly lifting the dust pan off of the floor.

“I don’t like kids.”, I answered bluntly. It was the truth, I had no desire to have any children. I  came into this world and aunt and ever since I’ve been a built in babysitter. While doing that my liking for kids just seemed to decrease, it’s just how it is.

“How would you feel about me having children?”, She asked softly

“I don’t care wha-”, I stopped myself realizing what she meant. She wanted to have kids with Baekhyun. It was understandable she was pushing on thirty she needed to settle down at some point.

I didn’t know how to respond because if Baekhyun wanted to have kids I really needed to disappear.

“Okay,”, I shrugged towards Yixing after recalling those memories. I felt his body tense up next to me with excitement.

“Really?”, He asked surprised.

“Yeah really, I’ll go to China with you.”, I confirmed my decision. I just withheld a few more words, If I went to China I wasn’t sure I’d want to come back to Korea.

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Kol x OC(Emma Salvatore)

A/N: Emma Salvatore was 16 when she died 1865. Now over 100 years later she woke up with no memories of her last living year and her boyfriend Kol Mikaelson but what happened in the past and what is going to happen now when she wakes up?

Part 2: HERE

631 Words



When Stefan Salvatore entered a room, there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t staring at him. With a slight smile on his face he walked through the crowd of people in the ballroom and welcomed some of the guests. I always wondered how a man like him could be still single and how it could be possible that he was obviously ignoring all the adoring sights but no woman caught his attention for a long time and so he made his way through the room till he saw the only person who could make him smile a honest smile.

It was me.

“Emma,” he said pleased and kissed my forehead, “I’m so glad to see you. Who the hell are all this people?”

“I have no idea,” I laughed and took my brother’s hand in mine. Stefan and I always had a strong connection. He was my older brother, my hero and compared to Damon he really understood me. My oldest brother was overprotective it was cute and all but in his eyes I still was a little girl.

“Father just wanted to invite all people he know and there they are,” I sighed and was happy he lead me outside where the sun was going down and some fresh air filled my lungs again. I loved celebrations but sometimes I just felt so lost there.

“I hate it but I have some happy news for you, little one.”
“Now you have my attention. What is it?,” I asked excited and smelled the roses which grew everywhere in the garden.

“Damon just wrote me a letter and he said he’ll be back soon.”

“Oh really?,” I screamed happily. Since Damon was part of the military something was missing and exhilarated I hugged Stefan.

“I missed him, too. When he returns a celebration like this won’t be boring anymore,” he laughed when something strange happened. Suddenly it was like the earth was shaking, the sun was gone, the silent music was out and confused I looked around not knowing what was going on here when Stefan disappeared.

“Stefan?,” I shouted but no one answered and I felt how the temperature was falling, that’s why I hugged myself and started to shiver. Something was wrong. I had no idea what it was but I just was scared, so I closed my eyes, hoping it was just a bad dream, when I felt something hard against my back. Wood. Slowly I opened my eyes, just to see nothing anymore. Everything was black and when I stretched my arms, there was wood again.I was jailed in a wooden box… more like a casket.



Present Age

Being daggered wasn’t like sleeping or being dead. It was more like you was awake but couldn’t do a damn thing, beside laying there and listening to what ever was going on. So when this bloody thing was gone after over 100 years I opened my eyes pleased and at the same time not very amused.

“Happy being part of the living again?” I stretched my arms and looked to my sister, who threw a blood bag to me.

“How could I be happy? It was your fault I had to lay here for over all those years.”
“Sorry but we have bigger Problems now, so I don’t wanna hear any moaning about how much you are missing HER!”

“Sensitive like always, sister,” I laughed cold and felt the pain again l didn’t have to feel over all those years jailed in this casket with a dagger in my heart. I felt the huge lost again. The love of my life was dead and it was my fault. So how could I ever be happy again?


I hope you guys like it. I know my english is bad sorry but if you want more of the story just tell me. The original story is German and you can find it on Wattpad.

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Sara yawned as she made her way through the dark Waverider, running her fingers through her tangled hair. Unsurprisingly, the rest of the crew was still asleep. It was, after all, 5 in the morning, what normal person would be up that early when they could sleep in? The response was simple. Sara would. Not that she had realised it was 5 when she woke up – after months of time travelling, keeping track of the actual time had been getting hard. Her stomach had been the one waking her up, which was why she was walking to the kitchen, looking to satisfy her hunger.

“Gideon, lights at 50%, please,” Sara muttered, stiffening another yawn as she entered the kitchen. 

Her eyes squinting at the sudden brightness, she began rummaging through the cupboards and got a couple of cookie boxes out of it before getting a bottle of milk out of the fridge.  Putting all of her goods onto the table, she made her way to the coffee machine only to find out that the device had already been turned on. Tilting her head, she frowned at it.


“Seeing the early hour, I took the liberty of starting a fresh pot of coffee, Captain Lance,” the A.I intervened, her tone smug. 

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Act your Age (Damian Wayne x *Friend* Reader)

Anon: “Would you be able to do a story in where the reader takes Damian to six flags for the first time (they have an older sister/baby brother relationship even though Damian would never admit it)”

Schninner: AWWW YESSS!!!  This is such a cutesy idea and I had such a fun time writing it,up until the end where I was just thinking wtf, how do I end this. But I Hope you enjoy Anon!

(Reader can be a Guy, Gal, or non-binary pal :) )

Warnings: Yep, there be some swearing in this one. I was also to tired to properly edit this, so your gonna get a few grammatical errors.

Word count: 1275

Master List

You snuck through the door of the study. Careful not to step on any noisy floorboards. You stalked across the room, behind the couch where your victim was lying peacefully asleep. You peeked over the side of the couch to find the youngest Wayne sleeping, curled up in a fetal position snoring quietly.

You let out a soft “aww!” before taking out your phone and snapping a quick picture. Your phone made a clicking noise before snapping a picture causing your prey to sigh and turn to his side.

You held your breath and silently swore to yourself. You checked the picture on your phone and gave a small, sly smile. Oh yeah, that one’s a keeper. You changed your lock screen to your new favorite photo, then silently slipped your phone into your back pocket.

Okay, time to get this thing started!

You thought, as you silently crept on top of the couch. You settled into a crouching position, resting on your elbows. You observed the younger male’s sleeping features.

It be a pity if he just slept the day away…

You thought with a smirk.

Guess I should wake him up, I mean, that would be the considerate thing to do.

And with that encouraging thought, you jumped up, then crashed right on top of the now fully awake Robin.

His eyes were wide with shock and rage. When he realized it was you, the rage subsided and was replaced with annoyance.

“[L/N], gosh damn it, what are you doing?!” he yelled, while struggling get out from under you.

You remained sprawled out on top of him, your back facing towards him. You sang out in an overly dramatized happy tone, “IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY AND YOU NEED TO GET UP!”

“[F/N], it’s 7, in the morning! Get off of me, go home, sleep for another two hours, then come back!” he grunted, now trying to roll your limp body off of his.

“I can’t! The sky’s awake, so I’m awake, so we have to play!” you said, mimicking the voice of Anna from Disney’s Frozen.

“‘The sky’s awake?’ [F/N], are you- are you high?” he asked sounding genuinely concerned for your health.

“You’re kidding right?” you asked him, turning your head so you could see his face better.

“It’s Anna from Frozen, you know, the Disney movie?”

 His face showed no signs of recognition.

 “HOLY SHIT!” You yelled, as you rolled off of Damian and onto the hardwood floors with a dull thud.

“YOU’VE NEVER SEEN FROZEN HAVE YOU?” you shouted at him from the floor.

 Damian’s face only showed indifference as he shrugged, “No, why? Is it that good?”

 You look up at him, waving your arms dramatically, “No, I mean, it’s a decent movie, but not Disney’s best production.”

 Damian furrowed his brow in confusion. A sudden horrifying thought flashed in your mind.

 “… Damian, have- have you ever actually seen a Disney movie?”

 He was silent, pink blush started spreading throughout his cheeks.

 “Oh no, Oh HELL no!” you yelled while grabbing ahold of your younger friend’s wrist and pulling him off the couch and out of the study.

 What kind of thirteen-year-old doesn’t watch Disney movies?!

 You thought as you walked on with determination

 “[F/N], what are you doing?!” He asked, extremely confused.

 “I’m kidnapping you for the day. Any objections? No? Good!” you said, not waiting for an answer.

 “I do! I object!” He yelled as you dragged him throughout the house passing several of his family members along the way.

 “Where are you even taking me?!”

 “Damian, I am your kidnapper, one does not simply ask their kidnapper where they are being kidnapped to. It just doesn’t work like that.”

“[F/N], I believe that my father will not be too pleased if you take me for the day!” He shouted.

You spotted Bruce on your way toward the door, “Wanna bet?” You asked with a mischievous grin.

“Yo! Bruce! I’m kidnapping Damian, is that cool?” You shouted to him from across the hall.

Without looking up from his morning paper, he spoke, “Depends, is it legal?”

You stopped for a moment and thought carefully before you answered, “… Yes? Probably.”

Bruce tore his gaze away from his paper and looked directly into your eyes, sending shivers down your spine.

Gods, he was terrifying!

“I’m going to ask you again, is it legal?”

You straightened up immediately, “Yes sir! Everything is going to be perfectly legal sir!”

“Good,” he stated, sipping his coffee, “Go ahead. Drive safe.”

“Will do!” you shouted, dragging the younger Wayne out the door and into the cool summer breeze.

You walked toward your old and rusted car with Damian still in your grasp. He hesitantly got into the passenger side of your car while you eagerly buckled up and started your car.

“Do you really have to be the one driving there? I can drive.” Damian said, looking anxiously watching your hands as you turned the wheel.

You clucked your tongue, “Aww, what’s wrong Dami? Don’t like my driving skills?”

“Not particularly…” He trailed off, wincing as you snaked around another car. “Please, just let me drive.”

“Um, I don’t think so short stack. How old are you again? 9?”

“I’m 13.” He responded, holding on tightly to his seat belt.

“Exactly, you are thirteen, which makes me older than you and your superior, which mean I get to drive.”

You swerved, narrowly missing a pedestrian.

“If you keep driving, I won’t live to see my next birthday!”

You let out a hearty laugh, with Damian soon joining in.

“Welp, this is it! We’re here!” You shouted slamming the door shut.

Damian got out and looked at the amusement park Six Flags with suspicion. He analyzed it, taking in the smells, sounds, and people entering and leaving the park.

He scrunched up his nose as he breathed in, “What is this place, and why does it smell of grease and vomit?”

“Dude, you’ve never been here before?”

Damian shook his head, “Why would I? This place is repulsive.”

You let out a moan, “Dude! It’s an amusement park! It’s not supposed to be clean, you’re supposed to have fun!”

Damian crossed his arms across his chest, not at all buying it. “How could anyone have fun at a place this revolting?”

“For the love of- okay, here’s the deal. You are going to keep all your little judgmental comments to yourself until we are done here. Sounds good squirt?” You said, sticking your hand out for him to shake.

The boy glared at you, “I will accept this deal, only if you never call me ‘squirt’ again.”

“Deal!” You said, vigorously shaking the younger boy’s hand. This was going to be fun!

The first ride you went on sent Damian into laughing fits. He had a look of extreme boredom on his face at first as the ride slowly made it way up the steep hill, but when the car suddenly stopped at the peak of the large hill his eyes went wide with innocent excitement, then it went down. The pure and genuine smile on his face warmed your heart, and then he laughed.

There were very few times where you actually have heard Damian laugh, he was usually scowling or glaring, never laughing. His laughter reminded you of how old he really was, thirteen years old. He never acted his age, to you, he always acted like a tiny little bloodthirsty old man. But this? This was something you would cherish forever.

Seeing Damian, they boy that you love as if he were you own brother, smile, laugh, and act like a kid.

Teen Years Headcanons

-Omegas in their late teens going through a phase of “all Alphas are stupid and I’ll be just fine if I never mate with one” and that phase ends the day they come home from school and gush to their Omega parent about an Alpha they just met “he’s way different than the other Alphas, I’m sure of it mom” and the Omega parent just nodding along while their child chatters on

-An Omega trying to hide a relationship from their parents and panicking when they can’t get the Alpha’s scent off of them…only to find out their Omega parent already knew, because mothers know everything, and they help them get the scent off before their Alpha parent gets home. But they do tell their Omega child that they expect to meet the Alpha soon

-An Omega being very introverted and having to be practically dragged from their nest to be made to go out and socialize because “at this rate you’ll never meet a decent Alpha”

-An Alpha in high school who has trouble focusing on school work and is always turning their work in late while their Omega sibling gets straight A’s. They refuse to ask their sibling for help though because they are too proud to admit they need it, their Alpha parent tries to help but they don’t handle it any better and finally their Omega parent just sits down and helps explain it to them

-Alphas struggling a lot with their newfound aggression and getting in trouble a lot with both their school and their parents for getting into fights

-Angsty teenage Alphas dramatically deciding they are too aggressive and temperamental to love someone, and their parents are kind of sympathetic…but they also want to tell the Alpha to suck it up and quit brooding needlessly

-Hormonal Omega teens getting upset a lot so whenever their Alpha parent approaches a room and catches a whiff of angry Omega pheromones they will back up slowly and then send their mate in to deal with it because they don’t want to be yelled at again just for being an Alpha

-Beta teens going through emo phases because “in the grand scheme of things, we don’t matter as much as the other dynamics”

-Omega mothers establishing “family nights” because they miss having all their babies in one place, everybody participates and nobody complains because its very obvious how much the Omega loves it

-Overprotective Alpha parents being worried when their Omega teenager goes out with friends so they pace the living room and repeatedly check out the blinds until they get back, the whole time their mate just sits on the couch watching on in amusement

Late Night Shopping - Calum Hood

A/N: Here please don’t hate me *throws this at you and leaves crying softly*

You’re walking through the supermarket trying not to see anyone you know. At 11:30pm on a Thursday evening this is usually not difficult. However being caught in your worn, hole ridden pants and one of Calum’s band shirts, massacra and eye-liner smudged all underneath your eyes giving the effect of a panda isn’t something you were keen for.

You’d had a terrible day. Firstly you’d had early classes of your least favourite courses. Then worked for six hours of your usual shift, seemingly it was grumpy peoples’ day out and you were obviously not notified. You’d been given added overtime without notice because your coworker hadn’t turned up for her shift and despite the money being good you just weren’t in the mood. Finally you’d gotten home to a dark and silent house. A cruel reminder that your boyfriend was on tour with his band and wouldn’t be home for another two months. You’d had a small mental breakdown that had resulted in your mascara smudges and t-shirt thieving. Having settled down a little from your breakdown by now you were ducking into the grocery store to grab a bottle of champagne and a tub of ice-cream to console yourself. Unhealthy coping mechanisms but you frankly didn’t care at 11:30 pm.

You had parked somewhat away from the actual shopping centre despite the multitude of spare spaces; you just didn’t want to be right up close to everyone else. As you headed into the store you grabbed a basket and meandered towards the alcohol section splurging on some reasonable champagne. As a teenager vodka had never been a favourite of yours but you’d become a champagne snob after visiting the boys on their European leg of the last tour. It was something you’d not been able to let go ever since.

You grabbed the champagne before you could reassess your life and headed for the ice-cream aisle wandering down the chocolate asile on your way just to tempt yourself some more. A way to make the trip last a little longer not wanting to go home to an empty house.

You’re halfway down the chocolate aisle when running feet startle you as they round the corner and continue on pounding towards you, halting briefly the tall blur reaches a long arm around you to grab something off the shelf in front of you. ‘Sorry!’ The deep voice says hurriedly. You startle for a second time grabbing the tall blur, that has become a tall yet visible man now, by his arm. 'Luke what the actual fuck!’ You exclaim convinced you’re dreaming. 'Y/N!’ He responds just as startled as you are, you’re not sure why he’s so startled to see you considering you in fact live in this town and he is supposed to be in another state entirely. Luke squeezes you into a massive hug nonetheless, rattling the champagne against the basket and pushing all the air out of you. 'Woah I’ve missed you so much and so has your boyfriend that’s why I have to be quick getting this, I told him I couldn’t wait I needed some chocolate so,’ he kisses your head in a loving big brotherly fashion despite being two years younger than you, 'I’ve gotta go I’ll catch you some time!’ He pulls away as you roll your tired eyes. 'Luke!’ You say half amused half annoyed. 'Yeah?’ He turns jogging on the stained linoleum. 'Do me a massive favour please.’ You speed walk over not wanting to run to him should the champagne begin clunking against the plastic carry basket again. 'Pay for this and a tub of ice-cream and bring them back to the bus I’ll meet you there.’ You fish out two twenty dollar notes from your pocket pushing them into his hand. 'Get your chocolate too and keep the change.’ You give him a quick hug and thrust the basket at him. He rightens himself, beginning to protest the amount you’ve given him as you take off running through the store towards the car park around the back, the most inconspicuous spot to have a massive tour bus. You race down the aisles earning dirty looks from shoppers and employees alike not that you care in the slightest. Despite being dead tired and emotionally spent you sprint on through the doors and burst into the night air, fresh and cool. Your legs are tired by this stage, purely due to lack of sleep and extreme fatigue from your busy day, but you refuse to slow down.

Rounding the corner of the big concrete building that is the shop you let out a little squeal of joy. As you suspect the bus is parked inconspicuously behind the store, lights on inside engine running still, clearly expecting a quick stop. You race across the car park dodging the parked cars, there is no traffic due to the late hour luckily for you. You’re too excited to be salty Calum didn’t tell you he was coming. You don’t even care if it’s only for a day, you’re ecstatic to see your closest friend and boyfriend.

You pound once on the door and it opens automatically, the waiting for it to open wide enough for you to slip in causing you to jog lightly on the step.

'About fucking time Luke, that’s 10 whole minutes with Y/N I’m missing out on for your cravings!’ Calum grumbles from the lounge not looking up from his phone, the fact that this upsets him makes you smile a little, pleased your boyfriend is as excited to see you as you are to see him. He stands leaning against the back lounge wall next to the window.

You rush to him, smothering him in a hug so fierce he drops his phone, which thankfully lands safely on the wrap around lounge. 'Y/N!’ He responds with arms that engulf your shoulders as he buries his head in your neck. He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly as he pushes his face closer to your neck, stubbled chin resting millimetres below your ear. You rock from foot to foot still embracing him, much too excited to stand still. 'What are you doing I was going to surprise you!’ He says with a laugh breaking barely a foot apart at the torso, hips still flush against you arms sliding down to your waist hands resting gently on your hip bones. 'I was getting a few essentials that I have since persuaded Luke to grab for me. When I saw him race down the chocolate aisle I almost died of shock. I cannot believe you’re here!’ You reach up brushing a hand across his cheek with a feather light touch. 'I’ve missed you so much and your timing is impeccable! I really missed you today.’ You explain quietly cuddling back into Calum, determined to get in as many hugs as you can before he returns to the tour. 'Aww don’t you miss me everyday? Not just sometimes!’ He laughs faking offense. 'Don’t be silly you know I miss you all the time today just was a particularly terrible day in general and being with my boyfriend would have made it a lot more pleasant. But shocked as you may be I actually miss you most when it’s beautiful outside when I walk in the park, or when something great happens. Your my best friend as well as my boyfriend.’ You say into his chest somewhat shyly. He wraps you tighter in his strong arms. 'Same, Y/N same, I’ve missed you so much and I’m not here for long but I couldn’t not have the time with you.’ He says placing a gentle kiss on your head.

'Alright we get it but you can go home now before you make us all sick. Take your shit and get out. We’ll pick you up in a week.’ Michael says making shoving motions with his hands. Ashton laughs and pats Calum on the back. 'Go on mate.’ Ashton then rubs your back gently 'good to see you Y/N, take care of him and I’ll come pick him up when the breaks over, sorry it’s only short.’ He says sympathetically. You smile up at the curly-haired drummer, 'thanks Ash, it’s good to see you too.’ You briefly break away from Calum to give Ashton a warm hug. Embracing him you you close your eyes and smile contently, you’ve missed being with your little family almost as much as you’ve missed Calum.

Your smile morphs into a wicked grin, letting go of Ashton you march deeper into the bus. 'Your turn! I haven’t seen you in such a long time you have no say in the matter Clifford!’ You throws your arms around Michael as Ashton and Calum share amused laughs. You do a little dance as he pulls you into his flannel-clad chest. 'I’ve missed you all, even you Mikey!’ You joke but look up at him to make sure he knows you really have missed them all. He laughs loudly, 'we’ve missed you too, Calum particularly, the bus is pretty small mate, we can hear you.’ He winks at your blushing boyfriend. 'Be nice.’ You scold squeezing your arms tightly around his middle. 'And give me my girlfriend back.’ Calum pouts. You laugh letting go of Michael you walk back to Calum, sliding an arm around his waist. 'Come on let’s get your stuff and chase Luke down for mine then we can go home.’ You say excitement at the idea of a week with your boyfriend at home. He nods enthusiastically placing an arm around your shoulders gently he picks up his bag and presses the button to open the door. You call goodbyes as you walk towards a much calmer Luke, the tiredness that touring causes is showing on all the boys and Luke, despite his bubbly nature is no exception. He hands you your shopping and you give him a gentle hug as a thank you. 'Thanks Luke, take care of yourself, have a good rest.’ You say worried about how much of a toll this touring takes on them all. He nods and you walk off in seperate directions. Calum’s hand is nestled in yours as you walk to the car, having parked so far away from the few cars in the car park does have advantages and being able to reacquaint yourself with your boyfriend after so long in reasonable privacy is one of them. Although you’re both exhausted kissing in your car like teenagers before driving home and sharing a shower and then falling asleep I each other’s arms is an exhilarating idea. Now every time you go to a a supermarket you wish you did see someone you knew.

Margin for Error

Bellarke, post 4x08 fluff

Sorry for ruining Bellamy’s sexy times, but it was absolutely worth it, and lbr, it’s not like there’s zero margin for error when hooking up with your soul-mate’s doppelgänger and drinking the funny tea.

“Bellamy? You in there?”

Technically, he’s awake. But moving his body feels like a terrible idea. And if the person knocking at the door were anyone else, he’d probably ignore them. But it’s not anyone else. It’s Clarke.

“Bellamy?” Luckily, the mere utterance of his name from her lips gives him enough of an adrenaline rush to climb a fucking mountain. Which is basically what answering the door equates to at this point.

She’s only been gone for two days, but it’s felt like an eternity. And now, here she is—solid, alive, and stunning as ever, if a little blurry. He flops a hand down on her shoulder just to be sure. “Clarke. You’re back. You’re really back.”

“Woah,” Clarke says, and suddenly her hands are all over him: less in the frisky lover kind of way, more in the concerned friend kind of way. Like he’s tipping over or something. Which, fine, might be the case.

Clarke looks at him like there’s something written in a foreign language across his forehead. “What happened to your face?” And at first, all he can think of is that it hurts, and he’s not exactly sure why. His brain is also throbbing like crazy, so the whole thinking and remembering routine is a bit slow-going.

Clarke looks even more displeased now that it’s clear he’s not exactly on top of things, mentally. “Sit down. You could have a concussion.”

But he knows this feeling, and he’s like 95% sure it’s not a concussion.

85% sure.

“S’okay. I’m fine,” he tells her, as she sits herself next to him on what he’s just now realizing is… oh, fuck. This is Clarke’s bed. This is Clarke’s room.


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The family’s girl (Batfam x reader) Part4

Here it is, Part 4 of the family’s girl. @hamsterforlive and @miissu, i read your coments while writting the part 4, i thought I’m going to surprise them! ;)

We’re 109+ little wing! OMG I never thought so many people would enjoy my writiing! I thank you soo much!


Part1 Part2  Part3 Part4 (you are here!)  Part5 Part6  Part7



You felt your blood flood your cheeks as mister’s Wayne piercing glance looked at you.

“Hello. You must be Miss (l/n), Tim talks a lot about you.” Mr Waynes hand grabbed you and pulled you up. Tim, who was about to help you up, stopped dead in his tracks as his cheeks reddened.

Damn, why couldn’t his family stop saying he only talked about you.

But you did, Timmy.

I know. But I don’t want them knowing it.

Too late.

“Come, miss (L/N), Alfred has our dinner already served.” Bruce grabbed your hand and leaded you toward the dining room where Alfred was serving dinner.

You sat between Damian and Tim, with Dick and Jason in front of you.

“I hope you enjoy my (f/f). Master Tim said it was your favorite.” Tim hited his head against the table as you looked at him surprised, his family with an amusing smile and Bruce… Bruce just sipped his wine like it was normal.

“So, (y/n). Where are you staying?” Steph asked you and before you could respond Dick answered for you.

“She lives in front of me! We’re neighbors!! “ He said with a silly smile.

“Yes, I meet Dick when he helped me moving in.” You smiled.

“Ohh sooo chivalrous Dickiebird” Jason mocked.

“Stop it Jason.” Dick said.

“Ow! Grayson, why do you hit me with your foot! Do you wish to start a war?” Damian said.

“Sorry, Dami. I was trying to hit Jay.”

“Sooo mature, Dickiebirdd” Jason mocked once more.

“THAT’S IT!” Dick said.

“OW! GRAYSON. YOU STARTED IT” Damian said before hitting Dick with his food.


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Jason laughed until Dick shoved his face in his food.

“FOOD WAR!” Shouted Steph.

Everyone except Tim, whose face was red of hitting it with the table surface, You who was looking at them weirdly but amused and Bruce who was just chilling there, sipping his wine. He suddenly asked you

“I hope their incessant questioning isn’t overwhelming you.”

“Oh no, I-“

“She’s overwhelmed, you are underwhelmed. Why isn’t anyone just welmed?” Dick asked before being tackled by Damian and his battle cry, spoon in hand.

“Please (y/n). Don’t let this change your opinion of me! I’m sorry! Pls don’t stop talking to mee” Tim said giving you the cutest puppy dog eyes ever. Even when Damian splattered his plate of (f/f) on his face, he didn’t tear his eyes from you.

“Don’t worry, Tim. I won’t stop talking to you and this is rather amusing if I say so myself.” You grabber your handkerchief and wiped Tim’s face clean. Now his face was red for another other reason.

He smiled at you dazzling. His brother, who were a little jealous of you ignoring them for Tim, grabbed his food and splattered Tim and you.

Tim’s eyes became murderous.

“THAT’S IT! YOU CAN HIT ME, BUT YOU CANT HIT MY LOVE-I MEAN MY BEST FRIEND” Tim tackled Dick, who was in front of you and soon Jason and Damian became involved somehow.

Meanwhile Cass was eating peacefully, Luke and Babs facepalmed and Steph recorded it.

“Send me the video, please.” You whispered in Steph’s ear. “It makes good blackmail” You smirked at Steph’s surprised face that soon turned in a smirk.

“I knew I liked you for a reason.”

This continued for a while, with Alfred trying to stop the batboys but the fight didn’t stop until a tiny little piece of (f/f) smudged in Bruce’s face.

Then all became quiet.


Spooky quiet.

“…” Bruce hand wiped his face as he bat glared at his children, who looked at scared as f*ck.

“I’m sorry, miss (l/n). My sons can be rather…childish. I hope you excuse their behavior.” Bruce looked at you seriously and you swallowed.

“You can call me (y/n), mister Wayne.” You smiled awkwardly.

“If you wish.” The boy returned towards their seats as Bruce started eating his food.

The dinner went quietly since then. No one dared to do something else no wanting the Batman’s anger unleashed.


Tim and you were sitting in the couch, talking animatedly.

“Oh my god, (y/n). Bruce likes you! You are the first girl I’m friend with that he likes!”

“Really? He looked at me rather…angry”

“Nah, don’t worry, babe. He always looks like that.” Jason said as he sat next to you.

“Your cute…” You whispered.

“Thanks doll” Jason smirked.

“…Did I said that out loud?” You blushed. Tim glared at Jason, looking at his longer hair and clothes.

Would you like him better with shorter hair, dyed white and with leather?

“Am I cute too, (y/n)?” Dick bounced happily, searching for your attention.

“You are not, Grayson. You are more like an unavoidable annoyance.”

“Ow Dami…” Dick frowned sadly.

“You are cute too, Dick…” You said to make Dick stop pouting.

His face lightened, cheeks reddened.

“Hmph” Damian humphed.

“I think you are cute too, Damian. “ You smiled at him, your hand brushing his short hair. He slapped your hand away, blushing.

“I’m not a child! Don’t call me cute.”

You laughed at his tsundereness.

“Do you think I’m cute too, (n/n)???” Steph said tackling you on the couch.

“I’m sorry for her behavior.” Cass said, grabbing Steph away from you and sitting herself next to you.

“I like your case” She said, pointing at your (f/t) mobile case.

“Thanks! I like your dress!” You smiled at her as Babs approached you.

Babs and you started talking about what you were studying, the bests methods to study and on, boring all the bad boys except Tim, who sometimes interfered in the conversation.

“Oh, talk about something else! Not school. School is for weekday. Not weekend!” Dick said childish. Babs smirked and said nonchalantly.

“Did you know, Dick here had a crush on me when he was young? He did the weirdest things for getting my attention”

“Really? Tell me more” You said as you saw upcoming blackmail material. Jason became interested all of sudden in embarrass his older brother. Dick face exploded in a blush so violent, it seemed he was going to die.



“I had the best time of my life!”

“Really? You don’t think my family is weird?” Tim asked.

“No, they’re….extravagant but not weird!”

Tim’s face relaxed.

“Besides I love them! I’m going out with Steph and Cass on Saturday, then I’m meeting Babs at her house, she is going to teach me a thing of two for my (least favorite class)! Then on Sunday, Damian is going to show me his art-“

“But he never let’s anyone near it! Not ever his father!” Tim said.

“Dunno, he said he show me and his pets. He say he’s got a lot!”


“Then Jason and I are going to meet for dinner on Friday!”


“Tim, are you alright?! You look like you are about to faint!”


“Tim, relax. It’s not a date. We’re meeting because we got a lot in common. Also, don’t kill your suit, it’s not alive. And you look dazzling in it.”

“I do?” His face came closer to yours.

“You do” Your lips were about to touch, finally when.

“(Y/N) I’M GOING HOME! DO YOU WANT TO COME WITH ME??”” Dick’s face got in between you two.

You blushed.

Tim thought about 1000000 ways of killing his obtrusive big brother.

“I’m going to take her home” Tim said with a smile as scary as the Joker’s.

“But Tim, If she can come with me why bother Alfred, because, you know, you don’t have a driving license.” Dick smirked.

“But I do! And I got my baby right there and I have a spare helmet for you,(y/n).!”

“…” You didn’t know what to do. “ I don’t want to bother Alfred more, he’s got a lot to clean for your little fight earlier…”

Yes  Dick thought in his head, highfiving himself

NOOO Tim said in his head, He’s going to woo her.

“Okay. Sorry Tim, do you want, maybe, meet me tomorrow to have lunch with me?” You said, scratching your head awkwardly. Tim’s whole demeanor changed. Eyes sparkling, smiling lovingly.

“There’s nothing else in the world I want to do more…” Tim said.

“Okay! See you tomorrow!” You kissed his cheek and bounced towards Dick who pouted in jealousy.

But now was his chance!


You’re so smart, Dick! He praised himself in his head

You bid everyone goodbye and before going Bruce stopped you.

“Wait, (y/n).” You stopped dead on your tracks.

“Yes, Mr. Wayne?”

“Call me Bruce.” He winked. And you know now why everyone calls him a playboy. You smiled, cheeks flushing.

“Bye, Bruce” You waved.

“See you for the charity ball next Sunday. Bring a date.”

“Wait what?”

But before you could say anything more Dick had already snatched you away.


You were hugging Dick’s waist for dead life as he speed his bike like he was racing someone.

But really

He just did that so you would hug him like your life depended of it.

“CAN’T WE GO SLOWER?” you shouted.

“NO” said Dick, speeding more.

“AHHH, I’M GOING TO FALL!!” You hugged Dick tightly, your helmet on Dick’s shoulder. Dick’s smirking face was covered by his own helmet.

Dick: 1  Damian: 0  Jason: 0  Tim: 0



“ YOU ARE AN IDIOT, DICK GRAYSON!” You hit him in the head. He smiles at you, but soon his arm grabs you shoulder and leads you to your home.

The ride in the elevator was tense, as Dick planned his next move.

Once the two of you were in front of your home, Dick backed you against your door.

“Dick, what are you doing-“


Dick face approached you.

His chapped lips nearing your soft ones.

Breaths mingling.


To be continued…

Impossible Choices

Impossible Choices



Mulder is returned and Scully is offered a choice. But when does a choice become an impossibility? An alternative ending to the show. Seasons 8 + 9 are just a bad dream!  The story is set a few months after Requiem.  


I wrote this in anger at how everything turned out and because of a lingering sense that the characters I came to know and love were sold down the river.
But the passing of time gave me perspective and a greater appreciation of what came after. So, after sitting on it for 16 years I decided to polish it up and to unleash it finally on an unsuspecting fandom. I still wish that CC had given them an ending they deserved, but they weren’t. I can live with that now. 


“Georgetown Memorial. Go there now Agent Scully.”

I blink my eyes in response to the cold, hard voice that rings menacingly in my ear through the telephone handset I have fumbled for in the dark just seconds earlier.

“Who is this?” I demand.

I don’t expect an explanation. I’m just asking out of habit more than anything else. Falling back on my years of investigative training, unconsciously slipping in to the mode of an Agent of the FBI.

“Georgetown Memorial Agent Scully. He’s waiting for you.”

A click as the connection is severed, leaving me half leaning out of the bed as if bringing myself closer to the phone will make the mystery caller miraculously reappear. He doesn’t though, and after a few seconds, the sound of the dialling tone is replaced with a high pitched whine that urges me to replace the handset.

I can’t seem to move though. It’s as though those four words have turned me to stone. I understand their hidden meaning immediately. I’ve been waiting to hear them, every second of every minute of every day for over seven months now. I’ve heard them in my dreams so many times. Been forced from the arms of sleep by the sound of Mulders voice in my head, only to be confronted by an empty room that is darkened by the shadows of night. Darkened by the fact that he isn’t here. I have found myself living my day to day existence hidden behind a wall of steel. Allowing no one to see or understand my innermost feelings. It’s been hard enough just coping with the whispers that follow me along the halls of the Hoover building. Head held high, I have retreated within myself. But it has hurt so much. 

Special Agent Dana Scully MD. Pregnant with Spooky Mulders baby. The fact that he is missing has made little impact on my peers. If anything it has become a great source of amusing speculation for them. With Mulder gone I have finally slipped effortlessly in to the role of Mrs Spooky. A name Tom Colton christened me with so long ago, but one which hadn’t really stuck. Until now that is.

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True Love's Kiss PT. 3

A/NPT. 1, PT. 2
PAIRING: Peter Pan x Reader
TITLE: True Love’s Kiss 


The group was slowly beginning to be ready with lunch, and you got up. Walking to the trash can and the table where the trays and plates were meant to go, you happened to look back at your friends, who were still talking. And being the klutz you were, you ran right into someone, dropping your tray with a rattle. Your friends looked toward the noise, and seeing it was you they began applauding and cheering.

“Thanks, guys, really not necessary,” you said, picking up your tray before the stranger could. He straightened up and cleared his throat. “Sorry, I’m so sorry,” you laughed, and you looked up. The first thing you noticed, were the three scratch marks on his left cheek, like a dog’s claws dug into his skin.

“Me too, again,” he said and you recognized him as the boy from a few weeks ago. You unconsciously backed up a step, and he looked away. He began walking back, and you suddenly felt bad. Those scratches looked nasty and you ran after him. He was walking along the corridor and you stopped, not knowing what to call him.

“Hey,” you yelled after him. Immediately upon hearing your voice he stopped. You hesitated going after him that second. The corridor was empty, and you couldn’t help but feel that same fear creep in as when you last saw him. He waited a few seconds before actually looking at you. 

“Yeah?” he said, turning around. You suddenly had no idea what to say when he looked into your eyes. It was crazy and it made no sense, but you felt like you’d met him before, before he kissed you. 

“Why did you—” you broke off mid-sentence. He observed your expression that was a mix of fear and intrigue and cautiously stepped toward you.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” he dared. 

“Try me,” you said, looking deeper into his green eyes, as if trying to look for answers for why you felt this way about this stranger. He smiled a small smile.

“Call me crazy if you like, but we met in Storybrooke—that’s in Maine—and we… I... There was a curse cast on the town and you and Emma fled to save yourselves from being cursed and not even know it,” he said, rushing through the last words. Looking at his expression, he expected you to laugh at him, but for some reason you didn’t. Of course it sounded crazy, but you only looked at his guilty face as his gaze dropped to the floor. “I know you don’t remember who you are, but I do.”

“Who’s that?” you asked, like in a trance. His lips curved into a smile as he looked at you. He thought of what to say. 

“You are the first person I could ever love,” he answered a while later. “And although I told myself Neverland was my home, it never was. As corny as it sounds, you were my home. You made me feel safe and loved. And the fact that the kiss didn’t work, tells me that’s not how you feel about me at all.”

You didn’t believe what you were about to do or why the hell you would think that would make this situation any less strange, but it felt like the right thing to do, for some reason. You gently placed the back of your hand on his cheek where you’d hurt him. Tracing along the marks you left on him and he glanced up, and then you pulled his face close to yours. Your lips touched his softly at first, then, something happened and you deepened the kiss. Images, like memories flashed through your mind, so fast you couldn’t make them out as individuals. You remembered small bits and pieces, kisses traced down your body, dark nights spent laid in bed, sneaking around so Emma didn’t hear you bringing him home, and it wasn’t just memories now, but feelings. In one second you felt feelings worth of years, so intensely you felt as if you were going to faint. It was him, the memories, they were of him. You tried your hardest to fish for a name, Emma, Regina, Henry, Snow White, Rumplestiltskin, all those names and their faces flashed before your mind’s eye. But there was no boy, the memory of his name and face were buried deep within your memory. Who are you? Then, as if lighting had hit you, so did his name. Peter, Peter Pan.

You pulled away from him, having to catch your breath. You looked at his face, millimetres away from yours and you let out your breath in pure joy. “Peter,” you said, a mix of a laugh and a cry. His eyes began darting across your face in shock and you wrapped your arms tightly around his neck. It took him a while to process, to wonder if he was only dreaming. 

“Y/N?” he spoke quietly into your hair and you laughed again. He held you close and you thought you were going to cry. Oh, how you’d missed him. Of course, you didn’t know you had, but while you lived in New York with Emma, there had been something missing. You had been missing. “Are you serious?” he asked, hugging you tighter. You let go of him slowly. 

“I am,” you confirmed. “Sorry, about your face,” you added with a bit of amusement. He chuckled, pulling you closer.

“I can’t believe this,” he said, pulling away to see your face. “Have you any idea how long I looked for you in this city, filled with so many people?”

“How did you find me?”

Peter smiled, “Well, I couldn’t exactly just ask: 'Hi, I’m looking for a beautiful girl’, could I?” he laughed, you did too. “I figured Emma put you in school, that narrowed the search down a little.”

“I missed you,” you said. “I mean, I know I couldn’t miss you, but now that I think of spending what, a year, without you I feel all that longing now…” you tried your best to explain the strange feelings inside you. Peter just smiled, touching your face—the feeling you’d missed—and he brushed a few hairs behind your ear. 

“I do love you too,” you whispered, right before his lips touched yours once more. 

anonymous asked:

“Who wouldn’t be angry you ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years!”

For the ridiculous sentence prompts thing (that I’m not taking any more of rn)
I love this prompt so much lmfao so I really hope you enjoy this.

Bucky wipes the back of his right hand across his mouth and looks at it. The blood there is bright red, stark in contrast to his pale skin. He licks the rest of it from his already healed lip and then looks back up at Sam. “I take it you’re mad then.”

Sam waves his hand, presumably shaking out the twinge that usually comes when you’ve punched someone in the face, and says, “Of course I’m mad! Who wouldn’t be angry? You ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years!”

“Two and a half,” Bucky corrects.

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