i missed him so much you don't understand


Father Crowley.

Anyway in sense8 when riley and will were in bed and she was the big spoon was something I had never seen of tv before, with the women protecting the man in a way letting him show vulnerability that is normally shunned in movies and TV shows because men should be ‘strong’ and 'unbreakable’ it was incredible and so was the show.

I fucking hate you. I hate you so fucking much. I hate you because you are the only person in the world who I can’t bring myself to hate. I can’t make myself hate you, no matter how hard I try. There’s just something about you that will always make me weak at the knees, put butterflies in my stomach, and make me act like a little schoolgirl talking to her first crush. I fucking hate that I can’t hate you. I hate it with everything inside of me. The only thing I want right now is that I could hate you, because it would make living without you so much easier.

awkward amoneki anybody ? o u o ♥  /completely ignores the fact that they are at each other’s throat this thursday… and i mean not in a good way/ 

Missing Moments a companion piece to Stages 

written for @jonxsansafanfiction​ Valentines Day Challenge and gifted to @goodqueenalys for her huge support of the original fic.

Chapter One: First Kiss

Jon presses a lingering kiss to her forehead, before pulling back just enough to be able to look into her eyes.

“I won’t let him touch you. I won’t let that bastard near you Sansa. He so much as steps a toe out of line while here, I’ll kill him without a second thought. Petyr Baelish is done causing you pain, he no longer has any control over you, he’s not taking you away from Winterfell, do you understand?” His words are as fierce as they are comforting.

Never once has Sansa not believed in any of Jon’s promises, and she’s not about to start now.

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You are spot on about everything you said about Tim and his relationships. I still have hope that he'll be improved when he comes back though. One thing does confuse me though which is his forgiveness of Jason but not of Damian. Him and Jason seemed to have an improved relationship, but him and Damian not so much. i didn't read Teen Titans so maybe I missed something.

Tim and Jason’s improved relationship makes no sense and as far as I understand was purely done because Dick and Damian were already paired up so they wanted a brotherly relationship for Tim and instead of just…continuing with Tim and Dick’s longstanding relationship they just decided it was easier to give him the spare brother. 

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Everyone go read No place like home please. It’s golden. All of it.

It’s gonna be me!

  • kuroo: *went to grandma's for a week*
  • bokuto: he left...
  • bokuto: he left me alone...
  • bokuto: what about our oath? together and forever?
  • bokuto: i miss him so much...
  • bokuto: bro why are you doing this to me? *EMO MODE ON*
  • akaashi: bokuto-san, kuroo-san left only for a week.
  • bokuto: you don't understand akaashi...pls leave me alone
  • akaashi: but we have practice!

I don’t understand how people have the right to say “you never even knew him properly”
“It wasn’t even a relationship”
“Get over it”
But you weren’t there.
You weren’t there to witness his eyes light up when he talked about his future plans.
Or when he admitted how much he enjoyed the day we met.
Or how much it hurt when he didn’t want me anymore.
So, just because you didn’t feel it.
Doesn’t mean I didn’t either.

  • Her: I feel like it’s always raining..
  • Him: How?
  • Her: The whole world just seems so gray. It’s as if someone laid an everlasting blanket of fog over me.
  • Him: But you said things were getting better..
  • Her: I thought they were, but how could it possibly get better when people just keep hurting me. How could I feel better when there isn’t a single person who likes me.
  • Him: I like you.
  • Her: you’re lying
  • Him: I'm not!... *sigh* I don't think you understand how much I love you..

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Hi! So, I ship Kili and Tauriel. I think it was very clear in the movies that they had feelings for each other, and so I enjoyed that. My question to you, given how much you obviously ship Tauriel with Legolas, is this; why do you ship her with Legolas? I'm confused because to me it doesn't seem like she's interested in him. I don't feel like you can have a ship were one person isn't interested in the other, if you see what I mean... please help me understand? Maybe I missed something :)

Oh, okay. This could take a while…

Under the cut, because this is really, really, really long.

(Tagged as anti-kiliel on the off-chance someone finds it offensive, although I don’t actively hate on them in here, so I think it’s safe to read!)

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Im sorry || Hayes Grier imagine || part 2

     I was so mad, I wouldn’t even use mad as a word to describe what I was feeling I was beyond mad. I felt sadness to, for someone I had loved for so long and I had poured my heart and soul into just for it all to go sour in the snap of the fingers just didn’t seem right. What me and Hayes had before the tour was amazing, I felt like I could tell him anything and he could do the same with me. 

     I pulled into the driveway of our house and turned off the car and walked into the house. I felt like crying my eyes out and letting Hayes hold me as I told him how I felt, but I couldn’t do that I had to stand my ground and tell this boy how I felt.

     I ran to our bedroom and luckily most of Hayes stuff was still in his suitcase I grabbed them and zipped them up and started to take them to the front door to put them outside when I heard the front door open. I was still going to take all of his shit outside, it was better to do it right in front of him, maybe his eyes wouldn’t be glued to his phone for once in a lifetime.

     I grabbed two of the suit cases and took them out of the room and out to the front door where he looked up at me and said “Wait, babe what are you doing?" He grabbed my arm in protest to try and stop me "Please don't touch me." I said continuing to roll his bags out to the porch. I opened the front door and

put his bags outside, I turned around to see his face just like I thought it would be he looked shocked almost like he had no clue why I was doing what I was doing. He ran forward and grabbed my arm anger red in his face "Stop whatever your doing right now and put my bags back in our room, and lets watch a movie and cuddle." He suggested, but at that point I was done playing nice I was furious I was out for fucking blood and I was done with his petty bullshit.

     "Benjiman Hayes Grier! What is wrong with you! thinking that you can come back here have me get up at 4 in the fucking morning to pick your bumy ass up from the airport, then not even get a thank you or an I missed you nothing! Not even a hug or anything you wouldn't even give me the time of fucking day!" I yelled at him, he started to talk to explain himself most likely but I resumed talking "Then today on our fucking anniversary I wake up to you passed the fuck out and then when you did wake up there was no Happy Anniversary or anything! Then there was the worst thing THE WHOLE FUCKING DAY YOU WERE GLUED TO YOUR GOD DAMN PHONE! You gave me absolutely no attention at all what is wrong with you, don't you understand that I missed you so much when you were on that stupid fucking tour and you didn't talk to me the whole time!" 

     When I had finally finished screaming I felt like I had gotten my point across pretty well. But I was nowhere near done I had so much built up anger from waiting for this boy then when he finally gets here I got the cold shoulder, I couldn’t do anything to him to make him feel the pain that I felt but I could ruin his shit and I felt like that would get the point across pretty well.

     "I think you should leave and Ill help you" I said calmly "No babe im sorry about everything I was just so stressed." He said pleading with me "Oh yeah that's a reason not to talk to your girlfriend." I said every word with disgust. I ran to our once shared bedroom that was now only mine, I grabbed as much of his stuff as I could and and threw it out of the house. I could here him yelling at me to stop and that I was crazy, but I was high off adrenaline and I couldn’t make myself stop. I was grabbing picture of us off of the walls and tables and off of my bedside table and ran outside where I chucked every single photo at his brand new car denting the shit out of it. 

     "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Hayes scrame knocking me out of my crazed state. Thats when I looked around the damage that I had just done to me and Hayes home, Hayes stuff was thrown throughout the yard, his car dented and broken picture frames and glass. "You should leave."  I said closing the front door right in his face locking it behind me.

           *The next day*

     I woke up around 10 after going to sleep at about 4 in the morning, I grabbed my phone 57 missed calls from Hayes countless numbers of texts also random calls from the other boys. But now the sadness of the situation started to settle in, I had really missed Hayes and now god knows what I had just done to our relationship that was already on thin ice.

     I got out of bed and took a shower and got ready to go out because I had to get out of this fucking house. Right when I was about ready to leave I heard a knock on the door, I knew it was Hayes and I knew that I had to let him in to retrieve the rest of his thing that I had not totally destroyed. I opened the door relived to see his face he looked at me the same way, "Its good to see that your okay.” he said to me.

    "Look I just wanted to come and say that the way I was acting was unacceptable and I know that I love you and that I dont want to loose you over something stupid like that. I know that I was being a dick to you and ignoring you but you have to understand that I am still used to life on tour which is just basically on the phone the whole time and I forgot that I was home and that you were here. I love you so much and sometimes I forget how much you mean to me and….Im sorry.“ He finished, him saying all of that reassured me that my Hayes was back the one that I fell in love with.

    "I love you and im sorry that I was such a fucking asshole to you” He said looking down at his feet, a nervous habit of his. “Im sorry I was such a crazy bitch and ruined all of your stuff, I love you to Hayes” He hugged me so hard, then his lips smashed onto mine in the most passionate kiss me and Hayes had ever shared, making up for all the months that he was gone. 

This moment changed it all but at the same time everything stayed the same.. Do you get what I mean? like it changed because we got a very important information about troye’s life that we were missing.. He could now be himself and talk about guys he finds hot and stuff to us.. But at the same time nothing changed because he was still the same person making the same videos.. We just knew him better.. I hope y'all understand what I’m trying to say :D

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Louis has literally dropped so much weight that I do not understand how people still see any curves left on him?? His skinny jeans which are suppose to be tight practically fall off of him now. I know it's taboo to act like he's not too thin but he sure looks underweight to me . I miss him with muscle tone, he just never looks healthy anymore I'm sorry . If you say this though here you're considered projecting, dramatic, or hateful. But like ...I guess I can't get how people don't see it ???

one day I’ll have a lot of free time and make a post about louis’ body through the years because you guys send me asks like this so much and I have trouble understanding them.

yeah, he is thinner now then he was before. but he’s also a person whose weight fluctuates a lot and it’s a real thing. people lose/gain weight when they’re stressed, and people also lose/gain weight when faced with changes in their lives etc. I’m not a doctor so I’m not the best person to talk about this and I can talk only from my own experience but for example, when I have exams and that’s usually 3x a year, I always gain weight. and then I drop it as soon as I’m back to my regular ways. I assume louis would be the person to not eat as much and drop weight while faced with stgh like that.

what I don’t understand is - how can you see him and think he’s unhealthy? he is tiny, but his frame is naturally like that, he’s built like that. he’s petite, yeah, but his body is firm as well, and he looks incredible if you ask me. he was standing right in front of me in sheffield and I saw zero signs of him being underweight and he was the same weight he is now.