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A girl from Wichita, residing in Kansas City, went missing 2 days ago. She was last heard from around 4am on Sunday the 15th of January, 2017 when she sent out a text saying that she was being pulled over. There are no records of her being pulled over in the area & no records of her in jail. EDIT: Police now saying, 2 days after she went missing, that they have her on record being pulled over.

This person is very important to many in the Wichita music scene, the EDM music scene & a writer for The Nocturnal Times. Her bf’s twitter is @/ascenderellaman, where you can have updates on the situation. Her Tumblr is @plantqueen23

UPDATE: Toni’s car & body have been found and pulled out of the Missouri River near Parkville. They are saying she got into a wreck the morning she went missing. They think she was driving the wrong way up the highway & pulled off at a park in Parkville to turn around. It was icy that morning so they believe she wrecked into the water.



We found her hanging out around our house in Kitchener/Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) and she kept on meowing at our window. We’re feeding her and have two other cats and everything needed to take care of her, and shes a really nice cat, but I’m guessing she belongs to someone else.

So if you’ve lost a cat or know someone whose lost a cat that looks like this one (and are somewhere in the area) then please message me!

Note: I’m not sure that this cat is a she, and the collar we added because she didn’t have one

Taylor writing for other people is both really exciting and scary. I’m proud of this direction her career is moving but I think I recall her saying she would do this when she retires and um! she’s not allowed to retire


Hayley Marshall Appreciation Week

Day Five: Favourite Relationship

I had a dream. I was holding you. You seemed happy.

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