i missed giffing ur face


Hugh… Can I have a quick word?

sublime-peanut  asked:

I miss you so much sai, I'm sorry I didn't do much to help >.< I want to ask, will you do gif ask again? I miss ur face and it's one of my fave thing about your blog xDDD

I literally look like I just crawled out from a pile of death after weeks of emptiness. Maybe when I’m more back to my cheerful self, 100%, I’ll do those silly gif asks again.  ^^


Ethan: Luke, you have people that love you, all right? It’s not fair to throw your life away on me.
Luke: Look, I am your father, and I not leaving –
Ethan: Then be a father! Live for the ones that you’ve got left.
Luke: You listen to me. My old man was a poisonous son of a bitch who failed me every day of his life. I will not follow in his footsteps. Now you take my hand, and we do this together.