i missed doing manips like this so


a series of unlikely crossovers

Why aren’t there more Klenzo (Klaus+ Enzo) fanart? I need some gifs or something like that about them, I’m writing a fanfic in which they develop a bromance and THERE AREN’T ANY MANIPS TO LOOK AT AND I JUST CAN’T. Ugh.


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ALSO THE WAY THEY LOOK AT CAROLINE (Klaus because of last love and Enzo because of BFF):

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Enzo: Do you remember your Miss Mystic application?

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Caroline: …OH MY GOD! Klaus gave it to you?!

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Enzo: You really need to stop doing that.

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*Klaus lolling in the distance - thank you, hybrid hearing*

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I saw on your Youtube channel that you edit femslash a lot, so could you do Naomi x Rapunzel or Marina x Anya?

This is actually a test manip for an MEP part but I thought I’d finish it for this request anyway :D This is my first attempt at a big manip in after effects like this, it hasn’t got any shadows, I accidentally missed a chunk of Marina’s hair and that skin colour change look terrible X,D If anyone has any advice or knows any helpful tutorials for shadows/colour changes I would be more than happy to hear it cos clearly I need some help XD The story behind this manip is under the cut ;)

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Out in the mid-west, in a universe where mutants are recognised members of society but a minority and still suffer a certain amount of abuse and oppression…  

Raven and Azazel leave their baby with Charles in the hopes of him having a safer life with his uncle than they can offer him as mutant outlaws. Charles raises the boy and protects him with his wealth and telepathy. When Kurt is thirteen, Charles gets word that Raven has been captured by the notorious bloodthirsty businessman Sebastian Shaw, and immediately rides out to negotiate her release. Too late he discovers it to be a trap with the intent of “recruiting” powerful mutants, but before he is subdued Charles manages to send a pyschic message to Kurt instructing him to find his parents and warn them. The town they were last sighted in is too far for Kurt to teleport, so he sets out on the long journey by horse - and promptly gets lost.

Fortunately, he is found by Erik Lehnsherr - a grumpy gunslinger on the run from the law and looking for his estranged wife and children, also with a score to settle with shaw - who takes Kurt under his wing. In their travels together they encounter Logan, a reluctant sheriff determined to drink his town dry, and the other members of Raven and Azazel’s brotherhood of mutant outlaws, Angel and Janos.

Can Kurt find his parents before they too are captured? Can Charles convince the elusive Miss Frost to turn on Shaw and help the Brotherhood instead? Will Logan ever get a day to himself to drink in peace? And how do Erik Lehnsherr’s long-lost wife and kids fit into this mess?

…You’ll find out if xaviersass and I ever get around to writing this fic.

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I can't even explain how done I am with Liam omg he's so precious I can't. He just tweeted about missing Sophia along with a pretty hot damn pic (keeping that relationship alive I see). MEANWHILE, over on Insta, he casually posts a pic of someone SHAVING THEIR BEARD OFF captioned 'in other news ... ?' im soRRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME??

I knOW what he is doING?????? 

This really got away from me. Don’t read this, just stay away from it.

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There’s this lovely post going around from @colinschest. I’ve been reading the commentary, and the thing I’m seeing the most is “I miss a lot of fics/edits/meta because of drama/I don’t go in the main tag”.

Aside from blocking/muting people and blacklisting a lot of tags (I have a thorough list of tags to blacklist if anyone would like me to share with them privately), there’s a lot of tags that we’ve managed to cultivate in this fandom for all the creative stuff that we do. So if you want to participate/boost people who don’t regularly get a lot of recognition, I suggest checking out these tags:

  • Fanfics:  cs ff, cs mc ff, cs fanfic, cs fic, cs au, cs mc au, cs smut, cs fluff, cs angst, cs smuff, cs au ff
  • Edits: csedit, hookedit, emmaswanedit, cs graphic
  • Art: cs fanart, cs manip, cs art
  • Meta: cs meta

If I’ve missed any (and I’m sure I have) feel free to add more. And spread this around so everyone knows where to look during the hiatus.

Cherik Fandom...Awards?

Yes, awards! Or at the very least, shout-outs.

So, I have this idea, and it could be total crap–you tell me (something like this might even already exist, too?). I was thinking we could get together in the Cherik fandom and each do a kind of end-of-the-year shout-out to our favorite creators and bloggers, something like this…


Make a post with the following:

Rec Theee Fics: Tell us all about the favorite Charles & Erik stories you’ve read this year (on any platform). Rec one fic that was created and completed in 2015; rec a fic by an author who had not previously published in the Cherik fandom prior to 2015; and finally, rec a third fic by any author, posted at any time.

Rec Three Blogs: Tell us about your favorite Tumblrs and why you love them. They could be blogs completely dedicated to Cherik, or blogs run by awesome people who you feel regularly contribute to the fandom, either by posting the occasional meta, headcanon, drawing, etc. Tell us who brightens your day!

Rec Three Fanworks: What made you completely squee with delight this year? Tell us about your favorite fanart, GIFs, manips, videos, even memes! They don’t need to have been created this year, just so they are new to you. (Please make sure you link to the original posts so that creators may get proper applause. Do not use reposts or paste images into your post please.)

Recs may be for anything Cherik or McFassy. I just thought this might be a good way for anyone new (or old!) to the fandom to find all the good stuff they may have missed over the past year. If you’re someone who often reads or enjoys others’ work without ever leaving kudos, comments, likes, or reblogs this is the PERFECT time to recognize all the writers, artists, and bloggers who have made your 2015 a little bit better.

Bonus: Tell us, in your post, what you enjoy about the Cherik fandom and what you are most looking forward to in 2016.

Unofficial deadline December 31, 2015. (#cherik awards 2015)


What do you think…? @avengeful-bunny @alphabum @bad-luck-blue-eyes @endingthemes @ikeracity @idareu2bme @klassyfassy @l-p-r-o-c-k @madneto @roosterbox @turtletotem @messedup4good @charlesxavierthetelepath @mc-meow-avoy-fassbender and anyone else who reads this!!!

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I have more issues with W than I have with M. It's obvious that M is just a beard. She might like the attention she gets being with D but she looks just as unhappy as he does when they take pics. W on the other hand stays out of the limelight for the most part but he seems to be in love with Chris. And the fact that Chris dedicated the book to him really made me think this might be real. Chris books are his babies and I don't think he would dedicate them to someone he didn't love. Your thoughts?

Honestly, when I first joined the fandom, I had a really hard time dismissing the PA.  Because agreed, beard is easy.  Even before i knew, I sensed something was off and never felt they had chemistry.  And now that i know, the more they try to sell it, the less believable it becomes.

But Chris sells his fake relationship better.  Well at least he did. I actually don’t think he does anymore (which in large part is because i think he is over it completely).

I guess the thing that happened that finally convinced me 100% that it was in fact not real, was Halloween.  I can easily dismiss the Kiss Pic.  My friend, a physical therapist (and for the record, not a CC fan, she’s just aware because of me), who knows how every muscle works and is attached to the body, and how the muscles can move, looked at the photo and in less than 5 seconds, was able to dismiss it, saying the way the PA’s head is attached to his neck by the muscle is physically impossible. Others have done a much more sophisticated analysis and come to the same conclusion, photoshop.  But go ahead, google the pic and compare the neck muscle with this anatomy pic (but you didn’t think I’d go there). You too will see its actually humanly impossible:

So why use a manip? Not necessary if this is a real relationship.  Not to mention, if this was real, do we really think Chris Colfer would have allowed that picture to be leaked? A man who craves privacy.

Besides this, Chris puts out constant hints all of the time on social media.  He has thrown more shade at beard than I would even think possible. Remember the backstage Hedwig Kiss?  This was his IG like about an hour after Miss I crave privacy posted it on facebook:

He does this constantly, He has shown Darren so much support its unreal. He is often able to tell the future. Its amazing. And he has thrown more shade at her, that there is absolutely no question what his opinion is and how he feels about her.

TLOS.  Are you reading? I know, I am such a broken record.  Darren is all over those pages. I just did my post on Arthur this morning.  He is so many other characters.  And yes, I do think Will is represented, as Lester, the assistant.

And let’s talk about Chris on this tour.  Wearing 2 necklaces.  One Gemini.  One Saturn/Aquarius.  And he has been sure to show us the necklaces practically ever single night. And you know what night he did not wear them?  Ab Fab.

Speaking of the premiere.  Not a date, Chris made sure to bring a chaperone. Also, W was relegated to the back seat!! And that selfie.  So incredibly awkward.

On the dedication, I hate that he felt that he needed to do it.  But there is not one world written that makes me think this was written to the love of his life, soul mate, chosen partner. It was written to someone that he plays interactive games with.  Figures out what 10 years olds would understand.  and is his secret weapon.

Secret weapon indeed,  As long as the PA is the perceived boyfriend (and remember Chris had never named his as the boyfriend), it is impossible for CC to exist.  And further, as Chris is openly gay, most do not think he would choose to hide.  He doesn’t need a beard.  And if we are being honest, was it a choice?   I think he was forced to hide and participate when he fell in love with Darren.  So fine, a choice, but one to protect the person he loves,.  And make no mistake about it, Chris could have walked away. He did not have to participate.  But he did.  Why?  Because clearly, as he stated himself, there is so much love between these two that he will fight for as long as he has to as long as love triumphs in the end.

I think it has long been established, no question this is Darren, as posted on Chris’ IG and used a year later on a talk show.

And finally, if ever one questions, and yes, something else I have brought up continuously, a video cannot lie.

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hello! I am fairly new to the fandom and have just restarted my blog, making a new account and deleting the old. since you are my favorite Sherlock/johnlock blog on this entire god forsaken website I wanted to ask you maybe for some help in getting involved in the fandom? how do I get involved in the community, start talking to people, what are some of the most popular fanfictions or "landmark" theories or fan made stuff, anything like that I should know? sorry to bother you but tysm!!

OKAY FIRST OF ALL: SADFASFSDF YOU’RE AMAZING, THANK YOU! :D :D <3 I’m honoured to be one of your favourite blogs!

Well, “getting involved” means interacting with the fandom itself; my own experience is that I was simply a lurker for about a year, then posted up some of my own theories, and then started commenting on other people’s posts. 

Seriously, reblog and comment on posts respectfully, and some bloggers will gladly interact with you via the post. But don’t be discouraged; some bloggers genuinely cannot keep up with how many comments and reblogs the get on their posts, so know that them not interacting with you specifically is not personal. 

Join watchalongs with like-minded bloggers (ie. other Johnlockers); I met a LOT of awesome people doing those and are some of my favourite things here! The ones I go to are hosted every weekend; The Sunday Crew hosted by @cupidford and Saturday night by @gunshyvw, and sometimes bloggers will post on their blogs if anyone wants to watch a show with them – DM them to ask them if you may join! @finalproblem also hosts a Wednesday night Sherlockian Watchalong, so if you want to meet various people from various groups in the fandom, you can join them! :)

As for talking to other people privately, I’m actually the worst though; my own shyness makes me not be the one to initiate a conversation, but I’m always receptive to people DM’ing me in the chat. Find a post you want to share with someone, or comment privately on someone’s post to start up a conversation! With me anyway, I LOVE when people take the time to comment privately on something I wrote about and then ask me some details. OR find out their ships and send fluffy headcanons; wins me over every time. Just be patient: Real life is still a priority for a lot of us, unfortunately. 

Making friends is not going to happen overnight; like in real life, don’t ‘force’ yourself into being someone else’s friend. Let it grow gradually. Most people are here to make friends, so if you respect them, they’ll come to respect you and adore you. It’s tough, I know, to be new in such a HUGE fandom, but you’ll definitely find those few people you click with indefinitely :)

So! Fandom. I’m assuming your meaning the Johnlock fandom, since my blog is pretty clear what I’m about, so here goes:

  • For some Johnlock fandom things, may I suggest my TJLC Beginner’s Guide? I mention some of the tropes in the Johnlock fandom you’ll come across as well as some of the popular theories. Some of the links may be broken, jsyk :p
  • For other fandom theories, I have a RIDICULOUS Masterpost that may take you several days to wade through, so you can check that out! I also write meta as well, and I reply to a lot of asks, so you can peruse those too!
  • I have a list of my own fic recs here, I’ve a blog tag here, and some of the blogs the I KNOW that rec fics a lot are @cupidford and @kinklock. There are a TONNE more, guaranteed, and I’m sure my followers will be happy to help you out. Plus, peruse my johnlock ficlets tag to find some brilliant authors who write weekly ficlets! There is some smut in the tag, so please heed the additional tags. There are SO many great authors on this site, and I encourage them to reblog this with their own fave/popular fics attached because I KNOW I’m going to miss people and I hate doing that :)
  • I know there are SO many, and I encourage my followers to help me out, but I know for a fact @kayjaykayme and @cupidford make image manips, @softsons is currently making a FABULOUS TJLC Explained video series and @vanetti makes fanvids! There are a TONNE of artists, so, like the fic writers, please add yourself to this post! Shameless self promo: @stephdrawsjohnlock is my Johnlock art blog.

And in conclusion: it’s NEVER A BOTHER!! I love helping newbies out around here! As a heads up, you and everyone have a new friend in me! Please feel free to message me anytime; just know I won’t reply right away because I don’t have chat on my version of the mobile app because it sucks, lol. But when I can, I try to reply to every chat message I get.

And remember: it’s more fun if you’re here because you want to have fun! If you’re here only to gain popularity or followers, it will not be a good time. Be here for YOU. Be here because you WANT to be happy! My blog is made to make me happy on my sad days; that’s what it should be for you too! Others will find you :)