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The announcements~


“Applejack, I’m pregnant.”


Applejack stared open mouthed at Twilight before catching herself. “Tha’s great news, Twi! Who’s the daddy?” She grinned slyly at her friend. “I don’t remember any stallions hangin’ round you lately.”


“Well…” Twilight hesitated, looking down at her hooves. “You remember that sleepover about six weeks ago?”


“Well sure, sug’. What about it?” Applejack grinned. Being as close as they all were, the ‘friendship’ part of their relationships had eventually evolved into ‘friends with benefits’. It suited everyone just fine: it was fun, exhausting, exciting, safe, and just plain sexy. “Don’t see what that has to do with this.”


Twilight frowned and stomped a hoof. “Do you really remember it?”


“Um… I reckon so?” Applejack blinked at Twilight’s expression. She wracked her brain, trying to remember the details of that night. Past the haze of orgasmic bliss, a few things came back to her. Rarity and Pinkie in one corner, Rainbow and Fluttershy in another, while she and Twilight had been in a third. This was late, after numerous kegs of hard cider had been consumed.


Twilight had wanted to experiment, and had grinned eagerly as she blushed. “C’mon, AJ. It’s just a genderbend spell. What could go wrong?”








“You remember now?” Twilight grumbled.


“A-are you sayin’ it’s-”




Applejack once again stared at Twilight. She was sure her jaw was hitting the floor about now. Eventually, though, she shook herself back to coherence. “S-so, what’re you-”


“TWILIGHT!” Rarity cried out as the library’s door crashed open. “Have you seen Appl-” She stopped as her eyes spotted something orange, and locked onto Applejack’s form. “You.


Applejack gulped under Rarity’s stare. “H-howdy, Rares.”


“Don’t you ‘howdy’ me, missy! Or mister, as the case may be!”




Rarity stomped up to Applejack, noses almost touching as Rarity glared at the earth pony. “You know what you did.”


“Six weeks, Rarity?” Twilight interrupted, drawing Rarity’s attention away.


Rarity blinked, the wind taken out from under her sails. “How did you-” She blinked, staring at Twilight’s expression. “Ah. I see.”


Applejack glanced from Twilight to Rarity, her eyes widening. “Oh horseapples.” Before she could go on, however, a pink missile slammed into her, sending her rolling a few feet. Once she got her bearings back, she found Pinkie snuggled in her forelegs.








“Pinkie, what’s wrong?”




Applejack sighed and grabbed Pinkie by the shoulders, shaking her gently. “Snap out of it!”


“Ack!” Pinkie’s eyes rolled in her sockets. “Sorry! I’m just so happy!”


Applejack couldn’t help but grin along with the grinning mare. “What happened?”


“I’m pregnant!”


And just like that, Applejack’s smile fell.


Pinkie giggled. “And you’re the father!”




“Oh!” Rarity exclaimed. “I’d almost forgotten. Fluttershy is pregnant too, Applejack.”




“She asked me to accompany her to the clinic, and she found out there. Poor dear is probably still passed out.” Rarity said. “I had a hunch, and had myself checked out. And, well,” Rarity cleared her throat. “You know the result.”


“Did I miss anypony that night?”




Applejack sighed. She pushed her hat back and looked up near the ceiling. “E tu, Rainbow?”


Rainbow stared down from the top of a bookshelf, glaring at Applejack. “Six weeks, yours, blah blah blah.”


Applejack blinked, and pulled her hat over her head as her friends all started talking around her.

Things were about to get interesting around Ponyville.


Kinda how I picture AJ first hearing about it. XD


Rarity and Pinkie omg xD <3


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