i missed a few years in college

Real talk, remember Teenie Beanies? Not only were they introduced at the height of the Beanie Babies phenomenon, but these smaller, and most likely even cheaper to mass-produce premiums were even more sought-after than the normal Beanie Babies! Some McDonald’s locations actually ran out of them before the promotion was over!

I was a kid at the time, AKA the target audience for Beanie Baby consumption. I kept the tags on a few of mine, but I usually cut them off…the toys are more cuddly without tags, after all. Even I thought this was kind of nuts when it was happening.

Years later, in college I was talking to a friend who had moved to the US from Africa a few years back. I was joking about the “crazes” she’d missed and realized how silly the Beanie Babies madness was.

That’s not to say I’m not proud of my Beanie graduation owl collection, of course.

i thought i’d written this up on here before, but i can’t find it. so let me tell you my favourite story about my time in oxford.

my college library is a converted church (with graveyard still attached). and it closed at about 1am every night, but they let people keep working in the vestry – where there were… i think six desks? – overnight. i was not very good at doing my work at anything other than the absolute last minute, and would fairly often end up in the vestry the night before an essay was due.

it was grim. honestly i do not miss it.

the highlight of those nights was when i allowed myself a break to go out to buy a burger from the kebab van that was on the other side of the high street. the nearest kebab van was ahmed’s. kebab vans in oxford are serious business (there are few kebab shops, and they’re mostly not near the colleges, where the first and third-year students often live in). i just looked ahmed’s up to check i was spelling his name right and found this amazing painting of the van!!

anyway. so one night in – i guess it was probably april? i think it was in my final year, and not too long to go before exams – i walked out to the kebab van. it was 2am, or maybe 3am. a weeknight – maybe a tuesday – and there was nobody around. too late for other people taking study breaks, and maybe the people who were out clubbing weren’t coming back yet. i felt like i and ahmed and the other guy who worked in his van were the only people alive.

and then an entire band of men turned up in full 16th century regalia. 

i think maybe one or two of them had musical instruments with them, but not all of them. they stood there. they didn’t seem to think that they were doing anything unusual. i guess for them, it wasn’t. nobody else came by. nobody said anything except to order some food.

i thought: am i hallucinating??? what is happening???

i always ordered a cheeseburger at ahmed’s, and as it wasn’t a busy night they didn’t already have any cooking, so i stood by the van for a good five minutes while it cooked, just watching these men, who seemed like time-travellers, solemnly order their kebabs. none of them had phones out or anything. nothing broke the illusion except the situation we were in. it honestly felt like time was collapsing. like we had all been pulled out of the timestream and were just chilling here together. it wasn’t april whatever, 3am, 2011. it was no time, no place. The Kebab Van At The End of Time.

they just seemed like people from the past who wanted to get something to eat. an eternal constant. and the guys in the van were as nonchalant about it as the men themselves were. yeah, we get sixteenth century people through here all the time.

and you know what, they probably do. it’s oxford.

A Little Mistake Messenger

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8

Rating: M (future fluff and smut, mild language) 

Summary:  MC has exciting news to tell Zen and the other RFA members. That is until the MC gets a shock from Zen. MC finds comfort in a close friend, Jumin Han.

Authors Note: Thank you for all the support I received on posting my first fic! 

I decided to start where I left off because I really wanted to go into Jumin Han and MC relationship in the missing 4 years. If  anyone has really good ideas or advice on how to write really good smut without it being really awkward and cheesy I would LOVE to hear from you! Updates might be slow because I’m a working college student but I have a few ideas already drafted out! 

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Kylo Ren x Reader College AU HC's

-Kylo formally Ben is a family ‘friend’ of yours from your town, you two never really got along

-You haven’t seen him at the past couple of
holiday breaks for a few years, his parents say that they miss him and that they haven’t talked

-He doesn’t like you much because his parents treat you so well when they never are that nice to him, his parents love him but misunderstand him

-One Thanksgiving break a guy pulls up to the Organa Solo house on a sleek black motorcycle in a strange helmet

-The man takes off the helmet, unveiling a thick curtain of black locks. You swear you can see his tattooed bicep glint in the sunlight, this boy is thicc as fuck

-This is the first time you meet Kylo Ren, he looks just like Ben, but also entirely different. He doesn’t smile as much, he wears a septum piercing and all black. A certified punk

-It does not start off well for you two, he’s sarcastic and it comes off as mean to you since he’s still resentful of you

-Later after the chaos of this family encounter you find yourself alone by a dying fire with Kylo Ren, you ask him why he changed his name

-He brushes you off saying you wouldn’t understand, but counter this by saying that maybe if he gave you a chance he’d be surprised at how understanding you were

-He tells you and your kind response gives him the ability to open up more, you two stay up really late catching up and laughing about past encounters

-At the end of the night he kisses you, and it leads to a steamy encounter from years of unresolved sexual tension

-Both of you agree that it was a mistake, unsure of your feelings and everything seeming like it was happening too fast

-This bothers Kylo for a long time, he wish that he had been nicer to you, regrets that he let you get away as you were one of the best that he’s ever had

-Eventually at graduation, the point were everyone finally gets the courage to either burn bridges or make new ones you tell Kylo that you didn’t regret the night you spent with him and that you’d like to have more encounters like that, that you wanted to be with him as you thought that he was a great guy

-He’s flustered but overjoyed and accepts, it’s the first time you see him grin in a long time

Spaghetti Night - Deputy Parrish imagine

Request:  y/n is stiles sister and parrish has to come to their house to bring something an y/n is dancing around with headphones and when the sheriff see that he say to parrish: dont look at her like this. Y/n regonize after a while and blushes

[A/n]: I absolutely loved this request, so thank you so much, Anon, for requesting it!

Word count: 420+

After four, agonizingly long years at college, you were finally back home in Beacon Hills for longer than a few weeks. You had to admit, you missed waking up to your brother’s snoring in the next room over and visiting your dad at the station whenever you weren’t busy. Everything was just the way it was when you’d left for college…well almost.

You stood in the kitchen dancing around in one of Stiles’ old shirts and a pair of athletic shorts, stirring the sauce to the spaghetti you were cooking for your brother and your dad. You were so wrapped up in melody of your favorite song that you didn’t even notice a complete stranger—to you at least—standing right in the doorway of your kitchen, giggling slightly at your dancing figure.

Jordan was standing there for a good two or three minutes before he felt a hand gently slap down on to his shoulder. He jumped which you saw out of the corner of your eye, and you finally turned to see your father and some other guy.

“Parrish, what are you doing here?” The sheriff spoke again before the deputy could answer, “And how did you get in?”

Parrish stared at you in absolute awe as he caught sight of your full face, “I came to give these to you—” he held up a small stack up papers, “And Stiles let me in.”

You stood there awkwardly as he continued to oogle over you until you finally decided to speak.

“Uh, hi.” You blushed. Your hand subconsciously reached up to move a piece of hair behind your ear. “I’m [Y/n]–”

“My daughter,” your dad cut in with a firm grip on Jordan’s shoulder.

Jordan took a small glance at your father and let his eyes trail back over to you, “I’m Jordan, the deputy.”

You look at the pot of almost done spaghetti noodles on the stove before letting your eyes flick back over to Jordan. “Would you–um–like to stay over for dinner? I’m making my famous spaghetti.” You laughed nervously which made the sheriff look between you two before realizing what was going on right in front of him.

And though he had never really liked spaghetti, he was willing to eat it if it meant being around you longer. “Sure, I’d love to have some of your spaghetti,” he grinned as the two of you continued to exchange looks.

“Hey,” your father started sternly as Jordan walked off into the kitchen, “You stay away from my daughter and her spaghetti.”

LISTEN TO ME. I don’t care how old you are or how much you hate large crowds or the heat or just human beings in general, going to ANY Disney park and watching the fucking fireworks at the end of the day is a fucking experience. I’m 17 years old and I’m about to go to college in a few months. Sure enough I complained the whole time I was there this summer and I was sweaty and uncomfortable and I just wanted to go home. But WHEN YOUR ASS IS STANDING THERE IN THE CROWD ABSOLUTELY AWESTRUCK BUY THE DIFFERENT COLOR FIREWORKS IN THE DARKNESS OF THE SKY THAT REPRESENT EVERY DIFFERENT DISNEY MOVIE WITH THE MUSIC PLAYING AND YOU HEAR MICKEY AND MINNIE MOUSE TELLING YOU TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS YOU. FOLLOW. YOUR. DREAMS. you turn five years old again and you feel like the world is amazing and that you are made of cotton candy and dreams. You won’t be able to stop sobbing and you won’t want to leave. //just my personal experience. I want to go back//

Homesick - Avengers x Reader

Originally posted by dead5queen

Words: 984
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Warnings: none?
Requested by anon
Could you do an overall Avengers x reader, where the reader goes off to their first year of college and gets homesick and wants to come back to the tower?? And the avengers miss them just as much? (I’m really nervous for my first year of college if you couldn’t tell T.T) Thank You!!
Author’s Note: I wish you luck in college, anon! I hope the imagine eased you a little bit :)


You sighed as you sat on your bed.

I just want to come home, Tony. You sent the text.

Did something happen? Anyone you need us to fight? He replied.

No, I just miss being home. I like the school and stuff, and I’ve made a few friends, I just miss you guys and want to come home.

I’m sure a holiday is coming up soon, yeah? Tony asked.

Yeah, but like, I want to go back to the tower with you and everyone and stay there. Being without my best buds scares me…

We miss you, too, you aren’t alone. Find out your next holiday and I’ll buy you a plane ticket to come back for a few days. We need to see our (Y/N)! Tony said, and you had to admit that it made you smile.

I’ll figure it out. You sent. How’s everyone else doing?

Everyone’s been fine. Cap got hurt one day at a mission cause he forgot that he was fighting with Clint, and not you. Tony said, and you frowned. Sorry. Not helping the homesickness.

You sighed, now even more upset. I’ll talk to you when I figure out what days I have off. You sent.

Sounds good, kiddo.

You fell back on your bed. Luckily, you had your dorm to yourself tonight, as your roommate was going to a party. You couldn’t tell if your roommate liked you or not. You guys talked to each other, but weren’t the best of friends.

Your phone started ringing a few seconds later, and you smiled when you saw “CAPSICLE” come across the screen.

“Hello old man.” You said.

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looks like my summer vacation… is over.

It was the fall of my Freshman year of college that I realized that my journey with my mental illness was not complete. Despite spending my years in high school trying to learn how to effectively cope with depression and anxiety, I fell into a depression three weeks into my first term. Unfortunately for me, midterms were only a few weeks away and I had two essays due.

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Sam Drake x Reader

Originally posted by loga-boga

Part 2 of the previous Young Sam x Reader

Part 1

Prompt: It’s been 15 years since you last saw Sam and Nate, and even though it’s been so long, you still think they’ll appear one day. Just when you were beginning to move on, they find you.

Super long one for ya


“I’ll just have a Caesar Salad, thank you.” A customer ordered at the restaurant you worked at.

“Sure. It’ll be with you soon.” You gave the customer a smile and headed to the kitchen to place the tables order. It’s been 15 years since you last saw Sam and Nate and not a day goes by that you don’t miss them. The first few years without them were hell for you. Your parents tried to help you, but it was never enough. After finishing college you decided to pack your bags and jet off to Spain, to start a rand new life in a brand new country. 

The restaurant you worked in was located near the seafront, just before the beautiful beach that only had a few people on it. You were out of the way of all the busy tourist places, but enough people came each day to enjoy the work you did. You would’t exchange it for anything. Well..maybe Sam. But it’s been 15 years since you said goodbye to him. He’s probably forgotten about you.

“Oi Y/N!” You heard your work friend, Taylor shout. You looked to him and saw three men and a woman standing at the front. One man was older than the others and the woman seemed close to the younger looking man. “These people are asking for ya.” You frowned confused but made your way over anyway. 

“Cheers, Tay.” You waved your workmate off. You got a closer look at the group and the middle aged man looked like he’d seen a ghost. “Is there a problem?” You asked sweetly. The two younger men seemed stuck with their words, so the older man stepped foreword.

“We’re sorry to bother you while you’re working but these two want to talk to you.” The older man said, pointing to the other two men.. You looked at the men in question, why would they want to talk to you?

“Have I done something wrong? If it’s that old lady that said I was stealing; I wasn’t. I wasn’t picking it up to give it back to her but she started shouting murder before I could give her it back.” The men seemed confused but the middle aged man smiled.

“Still the same.” The man whispered, smiling like a creeper.

“Okay. This is freaky.” You took a step back from the group. Were they going to mug you? Kidnap you?

“Sorry about my brother. He’s just shocked that’s all.” The younger man spoke up. He was a very good looking man but by the wedding ring on his finger, he was married. Probably to the woman next to him. “You don’t recognise us?” You shook your head. Should you recognise them?

“No. Did my dad send you?” Your dad never thought anything of you moving to Spain. He would always send people to look for you. Like your own bodyguards. You hated it. You moved away to be free, not to be followed.

“No. It’s us, Y/N. Nathan and Sam.” You froze. It couldn’t be. THE Nathan and Sam Morgan? 

“Sam and Nathan Morgan?” You asked, not able to move.

“Yeah.” The middle aged man. “I keep my promises, Y/N.” That got you. t was Sam. He got older of course, but still looked pretty good. Nathan grew up well too. Looking good and married. You smiled at both brothers and brought Sam in for a hug. Sam chuckled and hugged you back. But it wasn’t finished, so you pulled Nathan in the hug. The brothers chuckled and hugged you back. It’s been so long since you hugged them last. Nath had gotten taller. Taller than you in fact.

“Look who’s the shortie now.” Nathan joked, earning laughs from both you and Sam.

After the embrace, you were introduced to Sully and Elena; Elena being Nathan’s wife. You took your break and sat with the group with a drink each. You caught up with each others lives and got to know Elena and Sully more. You didn;t think they’d come back to you, but they did.

“Hey Y/N, can we talk before you go back to work?” Sam whispered to you over a funny story Sully was telling you.

“Sure. Let’s go somewhere quiet.” You whispered back. You and Sam stood up from your seats abrubtly.

“Where you two goin? I’ve not finished the story.” Sully asked you.

“Just give me a minute, Sul.” Sam said before leading you away. You both sat on a wall that overlooked the beach and sea. You were not far from the others, but far enough that it was only you and Sam.

“You okay, Sam?” You asked.

“Yeah. It’s just. I’m sorry I couldn’t find you sooner.” Sam seemed really annoyed with himself that only now had he found you. He wanted to find you as soon as he got out of prison but you weren’t in America any more, so it was harder to find you.

“It’s fine, Sam.You had things in your life, it’s fine, really.” You tried to persuade him. You weren’t annoyed it took so long. You left the country. Of course it wouldn’t be straight away.

“I know but I promised after it blew over that I’d find you but it was like dominoes, one fall after another. I blame myself. I started the whole thing, I needed to end it but just carried it on instead. I’m an arsehole.” Sam put his head in his hands, disappointed with himself that the life he and Nate lead, meant there was no you.

“You’re not, Sam. You couldn’t have predicted what happened to you. Plus I moved to a different country. Talk about not making it easy.” You reassured him, placing your hand on his shoulder.

“Still could have found you. I wanted to, so badly.” He looked at you and you could see in his eyes he was mentally hitting himself but not finding you sooner.

“I know. But you’re here now. And that’s what matters.” You stroked his cheek with your thumb and he took your hand in his.

“Do you think abut that kiss still?” He asked, catching you off guard. Of course you did. That kiss was always with you. The feeling it gave you never left your body.

“Always. But if you have a wife or girlfriend back at home I won’t get in your way.” Your heart broke to even think he had a wife or a girlfriend, or just someone he loved that wasn’t you. But I guess it would be good for him if he did.

Sam then took both your hands and looked at you. “There was never anyone else but you. Even if it was 15 years ago I never stopped thinking about you. And I never stopped loving you.” You froze once more. He loved you? No, he could never.

“You love me?” You asked. 

“For 15 years. Never stopped.” He smiled at you, making you blush hard. You looked at the ground but Sam slowly tilted your head back up to be level with his. If he shared his feelings, you had to share yours.

“I love you too, Sam. Never stopped.” And before you could say anything else, Sam’s lips were on yours once more. Your lips moved together and his hands moved to your face, keeping you in place so he could deepen the kiss.

You finally broke apart and laughed together.

“I’ve waited so long for that.” Sam said.

“Yeah. Me too. But I gotta get back to work.” You didn’t want to go back to work, you wanted to leave with Sam.

“Hold on.” Sam stopped you from standing up. “Come with us. Come with me. Be with me. Please.” You loved your job, you loved Spain. But you loved Sam more.

“Okay.” You nodded. From then on, you quit your job and went back home with Sam. Soon enough you had moved him with him and off adventuring with Sam and Sully. (Nate was boring and stayed at home). 15 years ago you said goodbye to the boy you loved not thinking you would ever see each other again. And now you’re living with him and on the verge of spending the rest of your days with him. You may have missed a lot, but you ain’t missing anything else.


So there’s Part 2. I will be carrying on the Sam Drake run as I am such Sam Drake trash. I’ll do some even without request as I just love him so much. But if you want a requests with Sam, message me.

I think I need to share a happy memory, yeah?  

My junior year in college, my closest friend took advantage of Agnes’s study abroad program and spent our spring semester in Australia.  It was hard to be that far apart from her for so long, and I missed her so much.  We spoke at least twice a week over Skype, chatted online a lot, and stayed in touch easily.

At one point she vanished for a few days.  This is very much in her nature, so I didn’t pay it any attention.  (She does this now, too, and she tells me to keep calling her over and over until she actually answers.  It can take months sometimes, haha.)

But one weekend I was sitting outside at my mom’s house, home for a few days and enjoying the pleasant change in the weather.  I was reading, not paying attention to anything.

Suddenly I looked up from my book because someone had come outside.  It was my friend, back from Australia for only the weekend, and she had come to see me.  She was holding two dozen sunflowers and a box of chocolates, and it took me several seconds to realize she was actually there because I was so surprised. I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see someone in my life.  

We only spent a few hours together, but I was the only person she saw aside from family on that trip home.

Since then, I think of her and how happy I was when I see sunflowers.

i’m going to get real emotional about harry potter here

because it’s his birthday. 

As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to read Harry Potter. I was 10 years old when they first came out (yes, i’m super old to be running a fan blog, but whatever), but my parents didn’t let me read them because “witch craft is evil” and bullshit like that. (to this day, i really regret missing out on everything. it makes me really sad.)

So, fast forward to high school and through college when I probably could have read the books in secret. I just never got around to it. I struggled with depression and really low self-esteem all through these years. I had a lot of pent-up anger and self-hatred. It came out in pretty self-destructive ways. 

Now, fast forward to a few years after college. I’m now working as a music therapist with people with serious trauma in their lives and mental health issues. My friend living in Chicago told me that he was re-reading the books through audio book, and that it made his commutes so much better. As I had just started a job with an hour-long commute each way, I stopped by my local library, and the rest is history. 

I work with kids who are maltreated by the very people responsible for caring for them and showing them love. It often makes me hate people, because I see so much ugliness in other human beings. But then, I read Harry Potter, and here is this protagonist who has witnessed and experienced so much pain in his life. And the story is filled with other characters who have also experienced so much. Who have lived through a war. Who have suffered and lost. 

But there is so much love in this story. There is so much hope, no matter what. And there is the message that it’s okay to be angry about life, because life is fucking hard sometimes. And it’s okay to be bitter about what happens to you, and it’s okay to speak out against injustice, and it’s okay to be smart, and it’s okay to be weird, and it’s okay to be scared, and it’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to not cry, and it’s okay to miss your friends, and it’s okay to question authority, and it’s okay to be poor, and it’s okay to be in love even if there’s a war going on, and it’s okay to not be perfect on the surface, and it’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s okay to have regrets, and it’s okay to not be happy all the time, and it’s okay to be alone, and it’s okay to be who you are.

And that gives me hope. because i never got those messages growing up, and even as an adult, i needed to hear those messages so badly. 

one last thing, and i’ll stop being so emotional. last year, I worked with this little boy who’s father abused him. and the courts kept ruling in the father’s favor, even though the mother was trying everything to get full custody. and the kid was just stuck in this abusive situation, and it broke my heart because there was nothing short of kidnapping him that i could do. but this kid loved harry potter. and harry potter gave him hope that even if it takes a really long time, that there’s good people in this world that are trying to protect him. and he identified me as his hagrid because he came to my office every week to talk to me and he knew i cared about him, and honest to god, whenever i think that i can’t handle being a therapist anymore, i remember that moment. and it gives me hope. 

and that’s why i’m part of this fandom, and that’s why i have this blog, and that’s why i’ll always be so grateful for harry potter. 

California Bound, Eventually

As if I don’t have enough to worry about, I’ve decided I need to worry about mine and Michael’s family reactions when they find out that we’re going to California this summer and not going to visit them in Florida and Tennessee.
Michael and I have already been telling ourselves we aren’t flying to see family so they’ll have to come to us, but they will probably be even less excited about it when they find out we’re flying to CA.
A few days ago my college roommate texted me to say that she got engaged. We were roommates all four years of college, she was in my wedding and we have made numerous trips to see each other over the years. So there is no way I’m going to miss her wedding, even if it means I have to go by myself because we can’t afford for the 4 of us to all fly out there. Wow, really weird thinking about how my family of 3 will be a family of 4 by the time Courtney gets married.

“Sometimes I wonder if I’m even qualified to be called her dad,” Clay stated, letting out a sigh. “I missed the first few years of her life while I was in college, you know?”

“But is it justified if I did that so that I could hope to secure a better future?” 

Dex's Dads.

* Dex’s dads’ names are Jerome and David
* They met when David came over from Ireland to work one summer. When he went back home, they kept in touch. When he finished college (2 years later) David moved back to Maine, and he and Jerome started dating.
* They’ve been together since David was 21, and Jerome was 20
* Jerome is from a fishing background, and still has his lobster boat.
* David gets horribly seasick, (or at least claims to) and has never gone on the lobster boat.
* David works in IT. He loves to explain why he does, but no one understands what he’s saying.
* They use pet names a lot, especially “sweetie”, “honey”, and “love”.
* They decide they’d like to start a family, and an old friend from college offers to be a surrogate.
* A few months later, they have William Jerome Poindexter. He is biologically David’s, and named after David’s Grandfather William, and Jerome.
* The elementary school Will attends is in the next town over. Its a pretty long bus ride. Before starting school, his dads tell William to tell the other kids Jerome is his uncle. He doesn’t understand why, but goes with it.
* By the time he’s in middle school, people know about his “uncle”. Will gets teased and bullied about it a lot. He’s not one for words, and instead fights with his fists. Will gets suspended so many times, but it isn’t until the fourth time that he finally tells his dads why he’s getting into fights at school.
* They complain to the principal, and no one teases Dex in school anymore.
The bus home is a different story, but Dex won’t fight on the bus.
* He goes to high school in his hometown. He promised his dads he wouldn’t get into fights anymore. Its hard, but Dex soon finds he can bite his tongue, and let his anger out when playing hockey.
* While in his first year at school he has a boyfriend who he introduces to his parents. They break up when his boyfriend moves away.
* Dex gets an athletic scholarship to Samwell. His dads are so proud of him, and they take him out for dinner to celebrate.
* At the dinner Jerome proposes to David.
* They marry the following winter. Dex is best man. Its a small ceremony, with close friends and some family. Afterwards they honeymoon in Venice.
* They can’t make it to Parents’ Weekend at Samwell the first year, because they both caught a stomach flu.
* At Samwell, Dex is doing his best to make sure he doesn’t get into fights. He is mostly successful (except where Derek Nurse is concerned).
* He reverts to calling Jerome his uncle, and avoids talking about his family or his life too much.
* Whenever anyone mentions LGBTQIAP+ community, he stays quiet. This often misinterpreted as him being either against them, or not caring one way or another.
* All year Shitty is itching to give him a lecture, but Nursey always stops him.
* Dex is seriously surprised by the “1 in 4” statistic, and asks his team about it. He’s surprised to learn there could be so many people like him on campus, and he’s so happy that so many of them can be so open. He doesn’t explain this, and his team think he’s disgusted by the figure. Chowder tries to change the subject, but things are still kinda tense with Dex and the team for a while.
* Dex’s second year, his parents are able to come to Parents’ Weekend. He introduces them to a very shocked and confused team.
* They watch the game, and are the loudest parents at Faber. Dex is so embarrassed, but also really happy.
* After the game they go for dinner. They find out Nursey’s moms had to leave early (work emergency.) and take Nursey out with them.
* Jerome and David spend the entire meal letting Dex know that they know that he’s got a crush on Nursey.
* Afterwards they talk to him seriously, and let him know they like Nursey, and that their mutual pining is sweet, but annoying. Dex denies everything.
* Until a week later, when he tells them that they were right. His dads are supportive and tell him he should go talk to Nursey.
* Dex avoids talking to Nursey for 2 days. His dads find out, and encourage him to talk to Nursey.
* Eventually he does, and they start dating. Dex tells his dads, and their really proud of themselves.
* They get Nursey’s phone number, and occasionally ring him to see how he’s doing (Nursey’s moms do the same with Dex.).
*They also ring him with dad jokes, because they reason that Nursey hasn’t had nearly enough dad jokes in his life. Dex pretends to be embarrassed, and Nursey pretends to think the jokes are awful, but they actually both love that Jerome and David do this.

     “Let’s say you’ve lived in your house here for five years. You know how you go inside and think, ‘Oh, I’m finally home’? I miss that. Three years is the longest I’ve lived in one place, but that’s not enough time to get that feeling. The only time I had that feeling was when I lived in Australia because I was born there, and I grew up there until I was nine. Then I went to Germany for a year, China for three years, India for two years, and back to China for a few months, and I still couldn’t get that feeling. Then I went to boarding school for three years. Next thing you know, I’m going to college, and that’s only, what, three, four years? So hopefully, when I get a job, I’ll get that feeling.”

     Boston, MA

Ok, let’s put canon aside for a second and now picture Bitty not going to Samwell. Fast foward to a few years after Jack joined the NHL, he’s out but single.

Bob and Alicia are visiting Jack and going for a cup of coffee. One of them accidentally knocks Bitty’s coffee. They insist on buying him another, flustered Canadians, flustered Bitty (loads of apologies and reasurances both ways).

The Zimmermann are charmed by this sweet southern boy, they exchange a look and have an entire conversation with their eyes. Then they subtly interrogate Bitty.

“Oh, I graduated a few years ago. Just moved here. Hockey? Yes I love it! I used to play in college. Oh, I cater baked goods. Um, yes, I’m single…”

Bob is distracting Bitty, Alicia is demanding Jack gets his butt to the coffee shop asap or else.

Flustered Jack arrives, just woken from a nap, sweat pants, hoodie and pillow marks on his face. He’s missing a sock. Makes eye contact with flustered, covered in coffee, flour in his hair, Bitty.

“Oh good, Jack, we owe this lovely boy a coffee. Here’s a twenty get something for yourself as well, see you later dear.”

The boys don’t see them leave.

“Just think of all the pie” says Bob.

“Just think of all the grandchildren” says Alicia.

Bitter Hearts (middle of the ride)

a/n: Fresh out of prison, Emma’s not a student at Boston University. She’s just using the library while she studies for her GED exams. Killian doesn’t know that though, and Emma doesn’t ever want him to find out. Not when he’s the first friend she’s had in years. Part college au, part sad Emma headcanon. ~7500 words. Also on FFNet AO3.

swallowedsong sent me her syllabus for Social Psychology so I could mine it for topics and it was awesomesauce.

(Read the sequel over here! and here!)

           She’s never missed Boston. It’s not home, (no place ever has been, really) but it is familiar. Emma grew up in and around the city, bouncing through various foster families and group homes, never staying anywhere longer than a few months. She’d moved around a lot after escaping the system too, first on her own and then with Neal. It was prison that had grounded her, the eleven months she’d spent there the longest she’d stayed anywhere after the Swans had given her up.

           Emma had hated every minute she’d spent in the desert so she booked it to Tallahassee as soon as she found the car that Neal had been oh, so kind to leave her. But the city’s not near the beach, and the broken pieces of a promised home choke her every day she spends there. She leaves after just a few weeks with no real destination in mind. Packs up the bug and heads up the coast until she needs cash and decides that Boston seems as good a place as any to get some.

          She gets a job at a 24-hour diner in Fenway, not far from the ballpark and across the turnpike from the universities that line the Charles River. Mrs. Lucas likes a project, and she insists that Emma call her ‘Granny’ the way everyone else does. The diner looks like it hasn’t been redecorated in her lifetime — aged wallpaper covers the walls, there’s cracked linoleum on the floor, and newspaper clippings hang seemingly everywhere in cheap, mismatched frames. It’s clean though, and popular with students for its large, wallet-friendly plates.

           Emma picks up the overnight shift — she’s got nowhere to live, and if she’s gonna be sleeping in her car she’d rather it be in broad daylight. She drives across to the YWCA a couple times a week for a shower and bums around the river on afternoons when the weather’s nice. The city is full of students around her age and she sometimes finds herself hanging out on the different campuses, trying to imagine if there were ever a way she could have wound up in such a place, full of hope for a brighter future. Emma doesn’t even know what she’d study, hasn’t given thought to the question of what she wants to do with her life since she took a quiz in high school that told her she should be a police officer.

           She’d left high school before getting her diploma, and her and Neal never got to find out what ‘going straight’ together would look like. At the time she hadn’t cared how they lived, so long as she was with him.

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Catching Up over Matcha Goodness
@ Le Petit Souffle

Had a good time with my college friends. How I’ve missed bonding with them!! A few years ago we were so stressed about school projects and some other stuff; and now here we are talking about life, travel, and career! But some things just don’t change. Like how we bully each other (but not in an offending way of course, more like joking) and laugh at silly jokes. Now that I think of it, I’ve learned the art of bullying from my college friends!! LOL. I had fun with you guys (MR,Kaye, Dy, Gelo). ‘Til our next bonding.