i misse you

Don’t ever fall in love with someone that cannot be yours. I promise you, it’s better that way.

Because if you do, it’ll consume you, devour you to the point where you can’t breathe.

It’s heartbreaking, knowing that person will never belong to you.

But what hurts the most is…

Watching them love someone else that isn’t you.

—  S.V//@Sempiternal.poet on Instagram
Quote from an unwritten story that needs to be written soon.
1 Year and Counting

It’s April 27th. It was precisely a year ago -and- a day ago (I forgot to post this yesterday xD) I created my blog and got my frist notes on tumblr. I remember being at a friend’s house at that time, and getting a overly excited for reaching 70 notes on this fanart overnight <3.

This place has been hell. But mostly Valhalla ;) No matter if I got a scar due to the drama last year, the HTTYD community gave me reasons to smile and laugh. It is you who I have to thank, no matter if you are a distant admirer, a silent follower, a regular reblogger, or a crazy mutual <3 c:

Thank you for sticking with my possibly annoying appearance, haha :D

Let me link you to some things <3

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My highlights

  > by @hello-em75 <3)
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-#tarffiewedding2017 (March 4th)
  > I blame @amare-sili (yes…I blame only one person :P)
-De Booty day 2017 (April 18th)
  > I blame @avataviking / @graphrofberk
-Discord in general (hell)
  > Sorry @angies-team, but I have to blame you :P)
-Meeting the neeeerd @tarched <3

I fell in love with you slowly. It was your eyes first that I fell in love with. The way you looked at me, my breath always hitched in the base of my throat. Your blue eyes are always so breathtakingly captivating that I can’t control myself whenever I stare into them.

It was your voice next. The way you said my name. Chills would always tremor down my spine. And how in the late nights you laid next to me and mumble something, my love for you grew even more once your sleepy voice sounded like music to my ears.

Then came your smile. The same smile I cause whenever you’re near me. And whenever you look at me, that same loving smile that makes my heart race inside of my chest.

Next was how amazing your skin felt underneath my fingertips. How sometimes I can’t even go a second out of the day where I have to be skin to skin contact with you.

Then your lips, god those lips of yours. Soft and wonderfully addictive. I always want to kiss you. And smile afterwards at how amazing it always feels.

And then I fell all at once.

I’m in love with you. And I’m the luckiest girl in the world to call you mine.

—  S.V//@Sempiternal.poet on Instagram
… and even though you ripped out the pages to our love story before I could even put a period on our last sentence. You still have that scarred white knuckled grip on each and every single one of our stories. Watching the ink smudge and drip off the pages the harder you squeeze. Until eventually you look back and there’s nothing left except a couple of ‘I miss yous’ scattered across each of our chapters.