i miss youuuuuuu :(

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so i was looking through the tag of my old url and saw that you mentioned me even though it's been so long since i deactivated my old account @noombean? thank you >< i'm living without regrets of deactivating but recently made a tumblr again as a casual blog. i won't be active in the astro fandom because i feel that it's grown so big since i left that i'll feel lost. i'm still an aroha and i'll be here on this account even though it barely has content haha :) thank you and i miss you too mir!!

iTS YOUUUUUUUUU I MISS YOUUUUU HELLO!!!!! i hope youve been well sunshine!!! <3333 there’s no pressure for you to be active or anything my dear feel free for you to do you <3 im just really happy to hear from you again!!!

/ / have this fabulous icon as a starter call lmao

LIKE if would not mind me writing something for you owo

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“ I quite like the transitions of being an actor, because you get to explore these little pockets of life. So if you’re playing a builder you get to know about building, if you’re playing a scientist or a physician or something you get to know about physics. And similarly with this world I like exploring their culture, that very sort of upper middle class, addictive… that’s part of the reason I love it.”

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Girlll i miss youuuuuuu, Where u at?? I miss ur kittyy i might ur nipples, ur nice skinn i miss themm come back girl

Lol. I will answer this for everyone whos curious.
I took my content to where people actually cared to see it and didn’t mind paying for new things on a regular basis and also not complaining. But I’ve also been on hiatus and planned to return end of the month. I’ve gotten WAY more attention on here being away than I have when I was actively posting. I still reblog my old stuff, but the return on how high of a demand tumblr creates hasn’t been worth the hard work lately. There’s a lot of us out there doing this, but very few actually create demand on here. Some are popular, some even have tens of thousands of notes on each post, but they aren’t in demand. The ones that are, have to stay creative and keep people interested DAILY. It takes time, a whole lot ofbeffort and MONEY. Many of us have significant others who proudly support our choicew and even include themselves in some of the content. However, think about the toll it takes on our regular lives. What takes you 20 minutes to jack/jill off and cum to, probably took an entire day to come up with or a whole night to plan. Those extra creamy pussy vids and pics come from holding out JUST to post something PERFECT. You like seeing me in different things? Great. That outfit was $75 and it was bought specifically for fans. Then we get the “I aint payin for pussy. Too much free porn out there”. The difference between free porn and a “sex worker” is that a sex worker provides a fantasy that becomes your reality. “Free Porn” is only that. Free videos and pics that are usually recycled porn “stars” content that only become available when a larger company releases it. The funny thing is, a company may release something a year later and that particular person you just came to, isnt even filming porn anymore. WE talk. WE interact. WE flirt. WE have content that is done daily or weekly. Not monthly or yearly. WE create that constant yearning to engage in your sexual desires and pleasures that “free porn” just DOES NOT DO. Most of us are doing this literally to pay for school, bills, rent, etc. For some, its become so profitable, that its actually a JOB and becomes a priority. The point is, Voyeurism, Amateur and Self-Filmed content is a huge deal because it creates the idea that these people or that person is obtainable. Reachable. No production, no stages,no rented mansion and dumb ass intros of girls twerking for no reason on the front lawn in slow motion. Its AUTHENTIC and REALISTIC situations. So when you say you miss me and all that, what do you really miss? Do you miss the content? Because similar content can be found for free. Or do you miss the interactions? The realness? The person? 😏

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Aomine, Kagami, Hayama, Kiyoshi and Himuro's s/o calling them up at 3am just because they missed their voice and within 10mins of the call s/o fell asleep and they can hear her light breathing ( ̄▽ ̄)


Aomine: The sound of his phone ringing annoyed him as he woke up from his slumber. He ignored it at first, covering his ears with the his pillow, but his phone kept on ringing. Lazily grabbing it from the night stand, he checked the caller ID and saw your name on the screen. A scowl was written all over his face because why the hell would you call him at 3 AM? He was having a wild dream and your phone call ruined the moment.

“Daiki?” you asked the moment he finally picked up (it took you some great determination, believe me).

“What’s your problem?” His voice was very grumpy and you knew from the very start that he’d be annoyed with your action, but you just couldn’t help it. 

“I miss you,” you admitted, a blush creeping on your cheeks. You were actually thankful that he wasn’t there to see how embarrassed you looked like. “I-i just want to hear you voice and now that I did, I-i can hang up now. I’m sorry to—”

“Don’t,” he replied right away. He may not admit it, but he missed you, too. “How are you?”

For minutes, you’ve been talking about how your week went without him. He paid full attention to your stories and wished that he had you right beside him. He noticed that after some time, you spoke a little slower than usual before you finally stopped. He started to panic, but the moment he heard your soft snores over the phone, he couldn’t help but just smile. Aomine didn’t really end the call right away as he listened to your snores, thinking that maybe, he should call you as well. After that, he’d grew a liking for 3 AM calls.

Hayama: He wasn’t particularly asleep because of the new game he bought for his PS4 (a/n: this is just based on my own headcanon lolz). He didn’t really hear his phone ringing until it finally fell off his bed due to the vibrations. He immediately picked it right away after seeing that it was you who’s calling him.

“Hello (f/n)-chan!” he greeted, the sound effects of the game being heard in the background. “What can I do for you?”

He seemed really energetic which made you ask, “aren’t you asleep yet? Am I disturbing you?”

“Well, I’m playing something right now…so yeah. Why’d you call?”

“Imissyou,” you answered in one breath which made your boyfriend’s smile reach his ears.

“Just ‘I miss you’? No ‘so much?’” he teased. You grew silent for a moment, not knowing if you should agree to what he said or not. “Kidding. I miss you too you know.”

Hayama became a little too talkative and basically told you that his PS4 is his new necessity. You actually enjoyed his rants about the games he’d played though you didn’t really understand a single thing he was saying. After some more stories, you fell asleep, leaving him talking to no one. He pouted the moment he heard your breathing but then he realized that it sounded way awesome than the sound effects his new game had.

Himuro (bae): “(f/n)-chan?” he called out the moment he picked up his phone. He didn’t need to look at the caller ID since he had a special ringtone for you, and only you. He was aware of the time and was completely worried about your call - he thought that you were in the hospital or something. 

“Hey, Tatsuya,” you whispered, sounding really, really sleepy. “I’m sorry for disturbing you but I just can’t sleep. I feel really drowsy right now but I still can’t sleep.”

“And that is because?” He was pretty relieved that something bad didn’t happen to you. However, he was still curious about the reason of the 3 AM call. It’s not everyday that he could receive such thing, especially from you who was someone who valued sleep too much.

“I just miss you,” you whispered, trying to fight the yawn. “I know it’s pretty funny and dorky but I really do. I hope all these school requirements will finally be done. I’m dying to see you…”

And you finally went all out. Though you were sleepy, the determination to tell him everything you were feeling that moment made you boyfriend smile. He actually missed you, too, but he didn’t want to ruin your moment of venting out so he decided to save that sentence for the last exchange of words for the phone call. However, he noticed that you finally stopped talking and realized that you were already sleeping due to the soft snores he heard over the line. He listened to it for a while before coming across a wild idea.

The next morning, you found a pair of arms around your waist. You were already ready to scream because of the potential-rapist beside you, but the moment you saw who it was, your tensed expression softened and remembered that you actually gave Himuro your spare keys. 

Kagami: He heard his phone ringing for the umpteenth time and finally decided to pick it up. To his surprise, his phone wasn’t on the night stand so he resulted to getting up to look for his mobile phone. It happened to be in his school bag. His cheeks were tainted with pink just as he saw your name on the screen. It was 3 AM and you were calling him. Confusion was written all over his face.

“TAIGAAAAAAAAA,” you whined over the phone. “I MISS YOUUUUUUU.”

“O-oi! Are you drunk?” he asked in panic because why the hell will you drink? You had a low tolerance for alcohol for goodness’ sake!

“BAKAGAMI! I’m not drunk! I just had a few cups of coffee and now I’m a little hyper than usual! But really…I miss you.”

He mentally slapped himself for neglecting the fact that caffeine had a strong effect on you. Now he knew he had to entertain you until you feel sleepy, not that he minded though. He actually missed you like hell. The conversation was full of giggles and rants, and Kagami was more than happy to hear that you’re actually doing fine despite all the demands of your professors. 

“Hey, (f/n), I miss you too, you know. I’m quite happy because I finally have the chance to talk,” he finally admitted the moment you stopped talking about your day. However, he didn’t get a solid reply, instead he heard your soft and steady breathing. You finally fell asleep. He’s half happy that the effect of the caffeine finally worn out, half sad that you weren’t able to hear his tiny confession.


Your deep slumber was ruined as the door bell rang for so many times already. You didn’t even think of combing your hair as you walked to your front door. You had an annoyed look on your face as you opened the door but it was completely gone the moment you saw Kagami in front of you with grocery bags in his hands.

“I thought that maybe I can cook breakfast for you,” he smiled sheepishly. “Good morning.”

Kiyoshi: He didn’t have any moment of hesitation the second he found out that you were calling him. He didn’t really mind the fact that you were calling in such an ungodly hour. In fact, he was actually excited to hear your voice since he missed you like crazy.

“I miss you,” he greeted, finally picking up the phone call.

“I-i was supposed to tell you that!” you pouted, still smiling since he actually felt the same. “I miss you, too. I didn’t really mean to disturb you, but I just needed to hear your voice, Teppei.”

“Well then, let’s have a run down on the current happenings in our lives. What do you think?”

You totally loved the idea and ended up spending more time on the phone than you’d planned. When it was Kiyoshi’s turn already, you accidentally fell asleep. He completely understood that you were tired and wasn’t disappointed at all about his turn being spoiled. After all, he heard you soft breathing from the other line and it was more than enough. He ended the call, regretting doing it seconds after. He realized that he should’ve recorded your soft snores so that he can tease you with the recording - and listen to them when he needed to.