i miss your sweet personality

Reversing the sentence order.



Goodbye. I am here.

I should be paying attention in class. Anyways, you are on my mind.

Somewhere. I am allowing this weight to carry me – carry you. This is not my attempt to take you further down with me; I am allowing the unexplored spaces a chance to be beautiful. You and I could find it and tell no one.

There is treasure at the bottom of the ocean. Could we find function on a verticle ship? Can we move together?

Your weight and my weight. Maybe our collision was meant to alter the universe. The potential energy beneath my toes is predicting destruction. My legs are not still.

The world would tilt like a sinking ship if I ran straight to you. We both keep some semblance of balance on the sides of the world where we walk on tip-toes.

I think often about adding your weight to my weight. You belong here. You are not here.

I can stand outside and feel all the spaces I am not filling. There is so much snow. Today is beautiful.

How are you?


My Darling.

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The hot shower steam dripping on my skin, taking me back to our mix. My thoughts take me through memory lane with you by my side. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I don’t miss your person. The sound of your sweet soft giggles. Your honeysuckle eyes that sparkle even on the darkest days, the hunger that lies within. The way the sun kisses your skin. Your sleekly, undulate lips. So pure. You make me feel like the inside of a sunflower, a butterscotch yellow. So warm and bright. The way your words bounce off your tongue, you make me droop. I catch myself daydreaming on how you used to caress every curve and edge of my body. I hate that I miss you. Closing my eyes picturing you twist and twirl, laughing, smiling like a scene from a film. As my head drops back it all vanishes, and my eyes started to leak.

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MC dies in an accident, how will the guys from KBTBB react?

Ota: Ota wasn’t like his usual teasing self. He’s been more mature and depressed since you died. He treasured everything in his possession that was related to you. The collar he gave you, the ring, the painting… Everything. Everytime he would see a blue bird or someone who looked like you, he would slightly tear up. “God….I’m so stupid…_____ isn’t here right now. I-I know I should move on by now…But I just can’t. I’m such an idiot.I loved her way too much. ” Ota said as a tear fell down his eye.  One day, he visited your grave. “Hey _____…Are you doing well? Have you missed your master?” Ota tried to joke. “….I can’t do it. I can’t put up an act around you, ____. I really really miss you. So….Just be a good girl and wait for me, okay..? I’ll be up there with you one day.” Ota smiled sadly.

Baba: Baba was trying his best not to be upset. With your last words to him, you told him not to blame himself. It was going to be hard on him, but he knew it would make you upset if you were still alive. Life would continue on as normal, but occasionally the guys could see Baba staring at a pretty flower or staring at the sky. Every so and then he would be at your grave. “Hey pretty lady….Heh..heh…How are you doing up there? I’m sure you’re gonna be a cute little angel. I’m not blaming myself, so….I’ve been a good boy right? Have I lived up to your standards ___…..?” He teared up slightly. He wiped his tear and smiled softly at your grave. Baba set down a flower down on your grave.

Eisuke:  Eisuke lost his usual normal cockyness. He was really down since you died. Whenever he would visit your grave, he would set down something beautiful, just like you. He kneeled down and stared at your grave. “Idiot…I can’t do anything without you. I’m a complete mess. I can’t even brew my own coffee. I miss you ______.” He looked at your grave with a sad sad look in his eyes. “I hope you’re doing well over there. We all miss you. But I miss you the most. I really hope you’ll still accept me and that you’ll be waiting for me once I get up there with you.” Eisuke barely managed to get out, choking on his words. This was out of character for him, but he couldn’t help it. Eisuke’s tears flushed his face and he gazed at your grave. 

Mamoru: Mamoru had been visiting the grave yards 10 times more than he used too. He felt kind of depressed that he let the both of you die. He spent a lot more time there too. Yet, even though he was upset, he was mature about it. Infact, he wanted to be a even better man for you. He would take a lot of time talking to the two of you. He’s been a lot more productive lately. Mamoru wanted to show you that even though he was upset, that he could be a good enough of a man to impress you. “Hey Kiddo- no ___. I’ve been working hard for ya. I’ve been able to close a ton of cases and I got a promotion. So…Promise me when I get up there, you’ll be commin runnin up to me and hug me as tight as ya can. That’ll make up for all the time we missed together. I love you sweetheart.” 

Soryu: Soryu had been pretty off since you died. He didn’t even bother to take out his gun when the guys teased him, and Soryu had been working himself a lot harder. When he had the time to do so, he would often come to visit your grave. It was a little unnatural for him, but he spent a lot of time talking to your grave. “Hey _____. Have you been doing well? I really miss you. Your omelettes, your hair, your sweet personality….I miss everything about you. I’m so sorry I let you die…..I should of been there to protect you. I just hope you’ll still be waiting for me. I’ll never love anyone but you _____.” Even though he never did this, he would always leave a flower at your grave.