i miss your face on my tv

“…and I handed [Roddenberry] my resignation that I’d written out. And he took it, and he just, and I finally laid it on the desk and he looked at it and he said ‘Take the weekend, Nichelle’, 'cause that’s how I know it was either Thursday or Friday, and he says 'and think about it. And if you feel the same way the beginning of next week, if you still feel that way, think about this. It’s more than you think it is. Just think about it, and if you still want to go on by Monday morning, then… go with my blessings.’ And he took the resignation, and he stuck it in his desk drawer. And I said 'Thanks Gene.’ and I skipped out of there, that went better than I thought. And as fate would have it, I’ve always used this word because I believe in fate, I believe it was fated, I was to be a celebrity guest at some fundraising thing in Beverly Hills…And so I went to do this on that Saturday night, and I had just been taken to the deus and been sat down when the organizer came over and said, 'Miss Nichols, …listen, there’s someone here who said he is your biggest fan, …and he’s desperate to meet you… really want’s to meet you.’ And I said, 'Oh, thank you’… And I stand up and I turn and I’m thinking, 'It’s a Star Trek fan. He said a Star Trek fan. I’m looking for a young man who’s a Star Trek fan.’ I turn, and instead of a fan, there’s this face the world knows with this beautiful smile on it. And I remember thinking, 'Whoever that fan is, is gonna have to wait because Dr. King, Dr. Martin Luther King, my leader, is walking toward me, at not ten feet away, with a beautiful smile on his face.’ And then, this man says, 'Yes, Miss Nichols, I am that fan, I am your best fan, your greatest fan. And my family are your greatest fans. As a matter of fact, this is the only show on television that my wife Coretta and I will allow our little children to watch, to stay up and watch because it’s on past their bedtime.’ And I said, {mouths words}, and that was all I was able to say, my mouth just opened and closed. He said, 'We admire you greatly, you know.’ And he said some more things and 'the manner in which you’ve created this role has dignity’ and so forth… I said, 'Dr. King, thank you so much.’ And then I got the courage to say, 'and I really am going to miss my co-stars.’ And he said, 'What do you mean?’ Dead serious. 'What are you talking about?’ I said, 'Well, I’ve had an off-’ …going to say 'have an offer to star in’. I never got that far… He said, 'You cannot. You cannot.’ And I felt like that little boy Willis, 'Whatcha talkin’ 'bout, Willis?’, but you know I didn’t say that, but I was taken aback. And I didn’t say anything, I just looked at him. He said, 'Don’t you understand what this man has achieved?’ …and I thought deja vu all over again. I just looked at him. He said, 'For the first time on television we will be seen as we should be seen, every day. As intelligent, quality, beautiful, people who can sing, dance, …but who can go into space, who can be lawyers, who can be teachers, who can be prof- who are in this day, and yet you don’t see it on television? Until now.’ And he went on, so many of the things, perhaps some of the things he said, but I could say nothing, I just stood there, realizing every word that he was saying was the truth. And he said, 'If you leave, Nichelle, Gene Roddenberry has opened a door for the world to see us, if you leave, that door can be closed because you see, your role is not a black role, and it’s not a female role. He can fill it with anything including an alien.’ And at that moment, the world tilted for me, and I knew then I didn’t want to know it, 'cause I was going to go through some more turmoil for the rest of the week, but I knew that I was something else, that the world was not the same. And that’s all I could think of as Dr. King, everything that he had said, 'the world sees us for the first time as we should be seen.’ And I remember being angry come Sunday or whatever, 'Why me? Why should I have to-?’ Whatever happened, Monday morning I went to Gene, and I’m not sure to this day if I knew what I was going to say. He’s sitting behind that same danged desk, and he had whoever he was talking to had to leave 'cause I wasn’t there first, and I said, 'Gene, …if you still want me to stay, I’ll stay. I have to.’ And he opened his drawer, and he looked up at me and said, 'God bless Dr. Martin Luther King, somebody knows where I’m coming from.’ And he took out my resignation, which was torn into a hundred pieces, and handed me the pile, and we just stood there looking at each other, and I finally said, 'Thank you, Gene.’ And he said, 'Thank you, Nichelle.’ and my life’s never been the same since, and I’ve never looked back, I’ve never regretted it because I understood the universe had somehow, that universal mind had somehow put me there. And we have choices, are we going to walk down this road, or are we going to walk down the other? And it was the right road for me.”

-Nichelle Nichols, Archive of American Television

I’ll never forget that week I binged episodes 1-9 of BBC Sherlock for the first time and the actual tremors I felt from my heteronormative glass shattering at Sherlock’s aborted confession on the tarmac.  “Oh my god oh my god what the fuck oh my god oh no oh no oh no fuck fuck fuck oh NO” I mean my jaw was fucking wrenched open during that scene as everything I had missed in the past eight episodes punched me directly in the face.  It was the most memorable, visceral reaction I have ever had while consuming a piece of entertainment.  That two minutes of television changed my whole fucking life because it exposed me as the fraud that I was, carrying on with a biased system of knowledge i didn’t even know was there in the first place.  It’s like thinking your brain is the perfect automobile, except out of nowhere you realize you’re not in a car at all, you’re on a plane and flying on autopilot.  Holy fuck, what the fuck kind of hallucinatory bullshit is that and why is it on my television.  That scene, my reaction, is the one true reason I stand by the writers, the producers, and their vision for this show, because if what happened to me occurs on a grand scale, history will be made.     

I miss your voice, I miss your hands around me, I miss your hair in my face when we’re cuddling, I miss laying my head on your chest as we lay on the couch and watch TV. I miss holding your hand. I miss listening to your stories, or all about your day, or all about your weekend. I miss hearing your dreams, I miss when you get mad at me, I miss when you’re always right, I miss having you there, so much. I miss just sitting and looking to your eyes as you talk to me, I miss getting lost in your eyes, I miss your kisses and your hugs. I miss being with you. I miss you. I miss everything about you, I miss so much I can’t list all the things I miss.


A/N: Guess who’s back? Back againnn.. It’s been awhile because I moved to Florida about two weeks ago and I’ve been getting adjusted to school starting and working for Mickey Mouse. So I’m finally starting on my requests.

Request: Can you write peter parker calling reader “babe” accidentally bc he likes her and gets all frustrated and embarrassed after that? or I would really like to read about a fluffy first date imagine with him either.. whichever you prefer! thank you <3 (So this will be the first half of the request; I might also do the second half.)

Even when you’re next to me
It’s not the way I’m picturing
I’m just feeling low, feeling low
You wanna be friends forever?
I can think of something better

But at least I got you in my head, oh yeah
At least I got you in my head, in my head
Sleepovers in my bed, oh yeah

You approach Peter’s locker like you have a million times before. Like you have every day since middle school. Gone where the days of uncertainty, of whether or not you felt like asking Peter to hang out. Peter was your new normal, your source of comfort after a long day of High School Bullshit™. So, like any other day, you approached Peter’s locker. It was open, as Peter was retrieving any materials that he would need for his homework. As he slammed the locker door shut, you shouted, “BOO!” hoping to get a rise out of him. He jumped back, muttering shit under his breath. 

“(Y/N), was that really necessary?” At this point, you were grinning from ear to ear. Nothing gave you more joy than catching Peter Parker off guard. After all, your best friend was a superhero. Being able to sneak up on Spiderman? Priceless. “I just thought someone with spidey senses would be able to detect their best friend.” You shrugged, pouting as he rolled his eyes at you. He stepped past you, beginning to walk away. He stops, checking over his shoulder to ensure that you were following him. You give him a soft smile, joining his side. 

“Sooo, I was thinking…sleepover at my place?” You questioned as you fell into step beside Peter. “Unless you have some superhero business to attend to.” You added, filling in his silence. He gave a small chuckle, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “My schedule’s all clear. Should I bring pizza, or Thai?” The feeling of Peter’s arm draped over your shoulder is enough to bring heat to your cheeks, making you feel flustered. You brushed aside your feelings of longing, reminding yourself that this was your best friend. “Definitely Thai. We had pizza last week.” You lightly nudge him and he looks over at you. He gives you his signature heart warming smile and you swear he knows how to make your heart stop. 

“You’re right, we can’t have the same things every weekend. Then you’d definitely get bored of me.” It’s you who rolls your eyes this time. “Parker, I could never get bored of you.” As the two of you approach the school exit, he removes his arm from around you, and then holds the door open for you to walk through. “After you, your majesty.” You giggle at his remark, wondering how you ended up with having such a dork for a friend. “Are you walking me back to mine, or do we need to go back to your place first?” Peter shrugs, taking a moment to think it over. “I’ll walk you over, then I’ll swing by my place to get extra clothes. Oh, and pick up the Thai food.” He nods his head, cementing his plans in his mind. 

“Sounds like a plan, Parker.” You grin at him as you begin to walk towards home, slowly leaving him behind. You glance back at him, wiggling your eyebrows. “Keep up, loser!” He jogs forward, grabbing your hand to stop you. You glance at his hand before looking up at his face, which flushed with red. “I-uh, sorry.” He removes his hand from yours, but you slide your fingers back between his. You shrug, “I don’t mind.” The two of you walk hand in hand back to your apartment, and he drops you off at your front door. “Don’t take too long, or I’m starting High School Musical without you.” You warn Peter and he throws a hand to his chest, putting on a face full of insult. “But I can’t miss the Start of Something New. It’s my song, (Y/N). Don’t do that to me.” You can’t help but burst into laughter, and he can’t help but melt at the way your face lights up when you laugh. 

You notice that Peter is staring at you, which interrupts your fit of laughter. “What? Is there something on my face?” He runs a hand through his hair, a nervous habit of his. “Oh, nothing. I should get going, though. I’d hate to miss a minute of High School Musical.” You nod, heading into your apartment to set up for the night ahead. You pass by your mom on the way to her room, letting her know Peter would be spending the night. She nods, already used to you and Peter’s sleepovers. By the time you prepared a space for Peter to sleep on the floor and had HSM set up on the television, Peter was walking in with his backpack and a bag of Thai food. “Delivery!” He shouts, setting his stuff onto the desk in your room. 

“Just in time, Parker. I was about to start the movie without you.” Both of you plop down in front of the television, eating Pad Thai and singing along dramatically to every song. From the Start of Something New to We’re All in This Together, the both of you sang until the credits rolled. Once the movie was over, and the mess the both of you made was cleaned, you both laid on the floor, trying to determine which movie you’d watch next. “I feel like the obvious choice is High School Musical 2.” You state, rolling on your side to get a better look at Peter. He rolls over as well, bringing the two of you face to face. For a moment, both of you are silent, taking in each other’s features. Your heart pounds in your chest, and you are aware Peter can hear it. What you aren’t aware of is that his is pounding as well.

“Well, if that’s what you want to watch, babe.” Peter lets out a yawn and a stretch before realizing the word that fell out of his mouth. You are still repeating it over and over in your head before he rolls over onto his stomach and buries his head in one of your pillows. “Did you just…?” You trail off, and he groans. “I’m s-sorry, I didn’t. I didn’t want to make anything weird.” He mumbles into the pillow and you gently nudge his shoulder. “It’s not weird. It’s okay.” He turns his head to look at you. His nose was scrunched and his cheeks were tinted red. “Are you sure? I feel like I messed things up, (Y/N). I just…I really l-like you and -” You cut him off there, wrapping your arms around him and pulling him close to you. “I like you too, idiot. Why do you think I invite you over every damn weekend?” Peter sighs into your arms.

“I just thought you wanted to watch movies with me.” You laugh, snuggling closer to Peter. “Well, I enjoy that. But I enjoy this way more.” He places a kiss on your cheek, and it sends shivers down your spine. Your face flushes red, and you find yourself burying your face into Peter’s chest. “Did I do something wrong?” He asks, and you shake your head. “No, Peter. You did everything right.” 

PrivateInvestigator!Taehyung (Dope!AU)

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Pairing: Reader x PrivateInvestigator!Taehyung

Warnings: Smut, some violence towards reader(black eye)

Words: 4.3k

Summary: After your neighbours apartment is broken into, a certain investigator has some questions to ask you about what occurred that night. 

It was around one am when you started to hear strange sounds from the apartment next door. You had sworn your neighbour had gone away for the weekend so you had no idea why it sounded like he was trashing the place. 

Maybe he got back early. You didn’t really care. What you did care about however was sleep and he was currently preventing that.

You pulled on your nightgown, and slipped your shoes on before walking towards the front door, grabbing your keys. It wouldn’t be the first time you had managed to lock yourself out so you made sure you had them with you.

You walk to his door, lifting your fist to knock. Your eyes squint in confusion as you notice the door is slightly ajar. That was odd. You gently pushed the door open so that you could peer inside. 

The place was a complete mess, drawers were pulled out and scattered over the floor, their contents everywhere. Furniture was overturned and all the kitchen cupboards were wide open.

You noticed a man stood in the corner by the TV, he was dressed all in black, his head covered by a large hood. By the looks of it he was unplugging the TV from the socket. Maybe it was because you were still half asleep, but you finally figured out what was happening. 

The man in front of you was too tall and muscly to be your neighbour and he was definitely robbing his apartment. Part of you wanted to be a good neighbour and confront him, but it was one am and quite frankly you didn’t fancy your chances against the large man.

You were about to turn and go back to bed when the man span around. He had a mask covering his whole face, you couldn’t even make out his eyes beneath the darkness of his hood. It’s obvious that he sees you; he freezes. You just stand there. You begin to back away. As you turn to go back home he walks towards you. He throws a bag over his shoulder and carries the TV under his arm.

You were frantically trying to get your key in the lock of the door. He grabs you roughly spinning you around and slamming your back into the wall. You groan in pain.

“Didn’t want to have to do this darlin’ but you gave me no choice” 

You look at him with a mix of confusion and fear. Before you knew it you felt something hard collide with your face. You hand flies up to hold your eye. It was tearing up in reaction to the blow.

“Tell anything to the police and you’ll have more problems than a black eye” he laughs wickedly.

He lets you go before walking down the hallway towards the stairs.You couldn’t believe he had hit you. Well you could, your eye wouldn’t stop watering and by the pain you were in you knew you were going to have a pretty spectacular bruise to prove it.

You entered your apartment, going straight to the freezer to get a bag of frozen peas. You place it on your eye, wincing a little at how cold it was.

You contemplated calling the police anonymously, but you didn’t really fancy a visit from that man again, so you figured you would wait until someone else did it. You would just pretend you slept through the whole thing and maybe report it in the morning if no one else had.

You crawled back to bed, trying to balance the frozen bag on your face as you drifted off to sleep.

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Cuddles (Mute!Calum)

Summary: Basically cute mute!calum showering you w love (I cri I cri)

Word Count: 2.1k

Requested? Yes!!

A/N: The beginning is a tad weak (and the tensing is a lil weird) so please keep reading until after the flashback because that’s when the cuddly cuteness happens :-))

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Masterlist | Request

When you’d first filled out the application for a room in an apartment with a boy called Calum you’d thought nothing of it; judging by the brief description he gave of himself he sounded very nice. He’d been away when you’d moved in, gone away for a visit home, so you’d settled yourself in. He- or rather, you, had a lovely apartment; large glass panes overlooking the city, polished countertops and a furry carpet spread across the floor. It was all you could’ve asked for and more.

The first time you met him you weren’t prepared for visitors. It’d been a long day at uni consisting of a few tests and the moment you got back home you’d hit the showers and changed into some baggy clothes. When the door swung open you’d been watching a rom-com, a spoon full of ice cream halfway to your mouth.

“Hello?” At the words of an unknown stranger you’d turned around, the tub of ice cream clutched between your fingers as a numbing fear filled you. 

“Um..hey?” You’d peered around to see two silhouettes, dark shadows contrasting against the light streaming from the doorway. One came forward first, your eyes instantly being drawn towards his brightly coloured hair.

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My Best Friend’s Wedding Part Five

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PART FOUR: http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/154522794564/my-best-friends-wedding-part-four 

You were twelve years old when you got your first kiss. All of your friends had gotten kissed already making you the last one in the group who hadn’t. It stressed you out a lot more than it should’ve at your age. You wanted your first kiss to be special and magical like it was written about in all those sappy teen magazines. 

Since your first kiss, you had gotten kissed more and by different types of guys. There were the typical sweet kisses, the sloppy ones that made you feel nauseous just thinking about it and countless others. 

Bucky’s kiss was….. different. His lips were soft and the kiss itself was passionate without being sloppy. You were surprised at how much you enjoyed it. It didn’t seem forced or awkward. It was like the two of you had kissed thousands of times before. 

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Ripples - Part 2

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Warnings: Cursing, some violence

Series Tag List: @captainxamerica, @just—love, @senpaiace, @glittercoveredsouls, @findacauseandserveit, @devil-may-cry-11-blog, @agentbarnescarter, @sexylibrarian1, @imhereforbvcky


A/N: I’m so happy that this has been positively received. Was going to post tomorrow but eh - its going to be (or already is) the weekend! Ce la vie and enjoy :) 

Steve’s POV

I sat on the quin jet, trying to ignore the way Tony’s eyes bore into my own. Waiting for him to shoot me in the chest. Or punch me in the face. Whatever appealed to him at the moment.

I knew he had questions. Hell I had questions and I was the one married to her.

I turned back to Y/N, watching as she paced back and forth while she spoke quickly on the phone, no doubt trying to explain to the media why the quin jet for the Avengers was found hidden in an airport hanger in Las Vegas.  She had changed back into the sapphire dress she had worn the night before, opting out of the cheap, puffy wedding dress we had gotten married in less than 24 hours ago.


The word echoed in the back of my brain, like the sound of a tea kettle when it had finally reached boiling water. When I thought of marriage, I expected months of planning leading up to the day in which I can watch the love of my life walk down the aisle, the idea of a future with us together brimming in my eyes. 

Not the cheap thrill of convincing one of my dearest friends to marry me while we were both intoxicated off of, what has to be the most toxic alcoholic beverage in the universe. Fresh out of a breakup that I wasn’t sure I knew how to feel about.

How had I become such a mess?

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Wool stockings

This fic was inspired by the lovely @xfile-cabinetx I was talking with her and she told me how she wanted a fluffy piece and she said a certain line and this idea popped into my head. I know that I owe that much since I have written two pieces that were super angsty.  I hope you enjoy! 
Word Count: 944 
Triggers: None 

Scully looked at Mulder’s sleeping form in the early hours of the morning.  She couldn’t stop smiling to herself.  She can’t remember any time that she has ever seen him this at peace while he was awake.  Scully slipped out of bed, grabbing one of his shirts hanging from his bed post, leaving the couple top of buttons undone.  She pulled light grey wool socks on that drooped around her ankles before padding quietly to the kitchen.  She glanced over her should to make sure she didn’t wake him before she started to rummage quietly through his kitchen cabinets for coffee and some sort of food.  She frowned to herself when she only found the proper stuff for coffee.

She looked at his overflowing sink of used coffee mugs and the outstanding amount of garbage that was stuffed into his garbage bin.  She couldn’t help but shake her head before pulling her hair into a loose pony tail as she tried to figure out what to tackle first.  Finding a clean mug or finding something edible.  She let out a soft snort and figured that it would be easier to clean two mugs.  

Mulder leaned against the door frame, grinning to himself.  He watched the way that she stretched for his dish detergent.  He admired the way his boxers peeked out from underneath his shirt.  He wished he had a camera to freeze this moment in time for eternity.  This was one of his favorite ways of seeing Scully.  

Scully rolled up her sleeves before running the hot water.  She nearly jumped out of her skin when Mulder wrapped his arms around her lithe waist.  She felt his gentle lips and his prickly stubbled rub against her skin before she felt him kiss where her neck and shoulder met. She heard his deep inhale and couldn’t help but smile to herself.  

“Mmmm…. if you keep doing that, we won’t have coffee until noon!” Scully teased as she relaxed her body against his.  

Mulder smiled to himself as he squeezed her tighter to his body, “Oh is that so? Well, I guess that will have to wait until later.  After last night, I need some coffee and food in my system before I can even function properly.”  Mulder didn’t have to see Scully’s face to know that she was blushing.

“Then how about you let me get to work and accomplish this for us?” Scully quipped as she gently rubbed her palms against his bare arms.  She could feel his heat radiate into her body, warming her to the bone.  

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here is a niall horan x reader fluffy piece i wrote to feel nice inside (this is obviously not someone i regularly write about so if you would like content like this off your dash, just blacklist ‘not tom holland’)

in which y/n listens to nialls favorite band 

Niall groaned into his beer before leaning back into the big, velvety sectional he was sitting on. Though Y/N couldn’t hear him, she definitely knew what was going on. Someone wasn’t doing too well in the final and Niall was getting frustrated. Y/N thought about which player it could be for a few seconds. She gave up quickly though, only knowing a few her boyfriend had befriended. All their names sounded familiar when she spent the whole time appreciating the sexy inflection of his Irish accent whenever he ranted about golf to her. 

After sending a few reaction texts to some of his buddies, he glanced over to the corner of his living room. It had been a few months since he’d brought in the cream papasan chair for her to curl up and do her work in. And that’s exactly what she was doing. 

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I Love You

You visit your boyfriend Woojin just hours before the final episode of Produce 101.

  • extreme fluff alert!!!!!!!

“Excuse me?” You asked timidly, holding up the pass that you’d received in the mail from Mnet. “Could you tell me where I could find Woojin? Park Woojin?”

The lady sitting at the front desk of the Produce 101 training building examined your pass slowly. “Park Woojin?” She double-checked, and you nodded. “I’ll call him now.” After punching a few numbers into the phone pad, her voice crackled onto the PA system. “Paging trainee Park Woojin, Park Woojin, your… ah…”


“Your friend is here to see you for Visiting Day.”

You bristled slightly at the use of the word “friend”, but you still understood it. You’d been forced to sign multiple contracts just to be in the relationship with Woojin while he participated in Produce 101.

“(Y/N)!” You heard your boyfriend call, and you turned happily to greet him.

“Woojinnie!” You grinned back, letting yourself get wrapped up tightly in a hug, “how are you?” Woojin smiled, obviously worn and exhausted, but still willing to put on a good front for you; you weren’t deceived.

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My Fantasy (The Breeding Room)

Here is a little fantasy story i wrote a few years ago , have posted here before on my old blog, hope it doesn’t get me banned lol

Chapter 1

Welcome Home

The drive home from picking you up at the airport to our secluded 150 acres of paradise didn’t take long as it was only 1pm and traffic out of the city was minimal, still it seemed to take forever for you. You had been away visiting your parents for the last two weeks and missing me, home and probably most of our two purebred stud Labs, we have a chocolate one Franky and a golden Ralph. We have other animals as well that I’m sure you missed too but knowing you wouldn’t have the slightest opportunity of getting any doggy lovin at your parents house for the last 2 weeks, I knew you only had 2 things on your mind by this stage and those 2 things were hanging very proudly under Franky n Ralf. I mention I have been busy and made a few changes around the place while you were away so be prepared for a surprise or two, now I can really sense your excitement growing with every passing kilometre.
Eventually we drive through the automatic security gates and down our driveway which winds its way through the dense rainforest for half a klm or so to our home nestled in a grassy clearing amongst the beautiful rainforest overlooking a crystal clear creek. As we pull in to park the Labs are at your door tails wagging madly very excited, i tell you I’ll take the bags in, while you get re acquainted with you boys. As I’m getting your suitcases out of the boot I have to yell to you over all the excitement to take them to your special spot down by the creek, I’ll put the bags in and meet you down there. There is a nice little patch of lawn on the creek bank that we keep manicured, it’s only accessible along a little path, we designed it to be very secluded for obvious reasons, family n friends think it’s the picnic area, if only they knew. I quickly drop the suitcases and run out the back to stop you before I’m too late, as I do I see you and the boys running like 3 youngsters who have just been given the keys to every ride at the royal show, how you managed it is beyond me mid stride your panties come off and go flying off into the air. It’s a shame but I have to stop you now in or it could ruin your surprise for later. I yell for you to stop and wait, as I catch up I apologise but remind you of the surprise’s, and that now you need to trust me for a bit even if it doesn’t make sense, as I do I grab hold of your hand and lead you in the direction of the shed.
Standing at the shed door I tell you too close your eyes for a bit while I open up and turn on the lights, when I say to you open your eyes and walk in to the shed, the first thing you notice is that the end section where we are standing has been sealed off into a smaller room about the size of a decent master bedroom, the next thing you notice is that right in the middle of the room there is a padded breeding bench, with soft leather cuffs where your ankles and wrists will be. Instantly your face lights up and you can’t thank me enough, I tell you to stop and go have a closer look, I’ll get all the thanks I need later, “much later” I think and have a little chuckle to myself. You walk over to the bench shaking your head with a grin you say now you understand why insisted on measuring your arms n legs before you left for your parents, yep, so you should fit into it perfectly baby. I give you a good firm slap on the arse and say what are you waiting for, the boys are dying to get into that tight little pussy of yours, let’s christen it, but before I can finish my sentence you clothes are off and you’re climbing on to your new toy. You confirm I got all the measurements right by saying it feels very comfortable and you’re body position is perfect for presenting to the studs as a bitch ready to be bred with your arse up in the air and pussy perfectly exposed. I put a lot of time and thought into getting it so your body position is perfect and having your pussy exposed as much as possible because now you won’t be able to reach around and guide the boys cock’s into you like you usually do. I was a bit worried but now that you in position I can see they just can’t miss and damm you look so fucking inviting like that, I’m sure if a gay bishop walked past and saw you he would forget it all and fuck the shit out of you like a porn star. Anyhow, while I’m admiring my handy work at the business end, you notice there is a hole for your face like a massage table has, through the hole there is 2 small flat screens TV built into the base. The boys are getting excited I can hear them whining at the door so I quickly explain to you that there are two camera’s linked to the TV’s one will show all the action from underneath, penetration, pullout’s etc (don’t stress it’s waterproof) and the other will show you the side on view, I thought it would help pass some time while you’re knotted. At this point you a little bit gobsmacked and before you even realise I have the cuffs around your ankles and wrists , the TV’s are turned on and you hear say from behind you that this is not even half of what I have in store for you today baby, then you hear the door open and me calling Franky, the younger and least patient one of the boys, but little do you know, Franky and Ralf have now got some serious competition. which i will explain in detail in chapter 2 soon.

Chapter 2

Franky loves Mummy

As I’m getting Franky, the anticipation of what’s about to happen sends a deep wave of excitement mixed with pure animalistic lust through your whole body, your head feels dizzy like you’re about to faint as you burry your face into the padded hole and try to focus on the two TV’s directly below you. Your focus comes back and you can’t help but admire how incredible you look from the side view completely exposed and totally helpless like that, just so purely, ready to be fucked, in the perfect position to be presented for breeding with your sexy arse all up in the air begging to be used, abused and bred. You then shift your gaze across to the screen showing your exposed vagina and before you even get the chance to admire your perfectly shaven, pouting pussy, Franky’s big hairy chocolate snout appears and soon your pussy is lost in a mess of his slobber and frantic licking. Once again you go all fuzzy and the familiar tingling of pure animal lust washes through you sexy naked body, but this time it’s way beyond anything you have ever experienced before as you realise the gravity of your predicament.
I come around and quickly check the monitors to make sure I got the positioning of the camera’s right, then kiss you on the head and ask “sure you’re ready for this baby”? A muffled but very clear “oh my god YES” is the reply, followed by “just get him on me”!! Immediately I pat your hot little arse and encourage Franky to hop up, he usually never needs any encouragement whenever you present too him outside, naked or not he’s usually on you like shot, but this time he just tilts his head sideways, looks at me with a look of confusion and desperation that says “for fuck sake, help me Dad” Ahh then I realise you are slightly too high for him, I tell you to spread you’re legs a bit and as you do the back of the bench where your soaking wet and waiting cunt is , lowers slightly, the further you spread them the more it lowers and vice versa when you close your legs. I designed it like this for a couple reasons, firstly because this way when your tied to one of the dogs for long periods you will still be able to have some control and movement at the ever so important point of union, but the second reason you won’t understand until later, let’s just say, different dogs are different heights.
The second Franky sees this he’s up and on you, by now you couldn’t give a fuck about the camera’s, it’s been 2 long weeks and you just desperately need to feel that big hot dog cock inside you, and Franky obliges in spades, he finds your hungry little cunt immediately and drives his hot dog cock into you about halfway, then back out and then in again this time driving himself home, as deep as he can possibly get, you moan deeply and I can tell how relieved you must feel to finally have a nice hot doggy cock buried deep inside your tummy again. I encourage Franky as he continues pistoning in and out like a jackhammer “Good boy Franky, fuck Mummy good n hard buddy, she needs it” and he doesn’t disappoint, I can hear you’re muffled voice moaning and saying “I’m cumminnnng,I’m cumming” over n over, the volume comes n goes to the rhythm of Frankys thrusting as his power compresses your chest against the bench.
Now Franky is a couple years younger than Ralf, and probably has simular fucking style to a 20 year old human male, mountains of energy and power but somewhat frantic thrusting that doesn’t usually last that long. He has still a long way to go before he learns to knott you and tie like the older Ralf does so well. This is why I let him at you first; I figured you would probably need a good hard pounding first off after being away for 2 weeks. This time he seems faster with much more energy, the incredible speed of his thrusting is amazing to watch. Your sexy little butt ripples like jelly every time he drives himself deep into you, the whole room is filled with the sound of your moans and the loud slapping sound of Frankys balls against your tummy, every time also slapping your clitty as they do. You can feel his knott growing quickly and really enjoying feeling these precious moments where it’s still small enough to go in and out but still big enough to stretch your entrance slightly with every frantic in and out thrust.
You haven’t stopped moaning and mumbling that your cumming since he started breeding you, but after about 5 minutes , as usual he swells too big on the outside and stops the pounding with his big swollen knott pressed firmly against your cum covered entrance. “fuck me you look amazing, so fucking hot baby” I tell you as I pull Frankies furry brown leg aside so I can see his swollen, red veiny dog cock in that amazing, beautiful little human cunt of yours, I get down for a closer look and can see a mixture of Frankies doggy juice and your delicious girl cream running down both your inner thighs as you feel him unload more of that hot puppy seed into your deprived womb.
I had been hard all arvo myself just from the anticipation of all this but now seeing you in action being used like that has got me about ready to explode, I probably should let you enjoy the view on the monitors at this point but I know there will be plenty of time for that later. Right now I desperately need to unload a huge load of my cum into you, so I quickly drop my pants, as my rock hard hard 8 and a bit inch cock springs out like a diving platform. I walk around to where your head is and say “baby, QUICK, I need to cum so bad” you lift your head from the padded hole and turn to the side and there it is right in front of your eyes, begging for your lips. It’s no coincidence that when i’m standing there my cock is the perfect height for you to suck; it’s not ALL about you. You take me deep immediately as you feel Franky spasm and pump more hot puppy seed into you, it doesn’t take long before I reach down and cup my balls (only because you cant) and explode violently into your mouth with 2 weeks’ worth of built up frustration and cum. There’s more than you can swallow with your head tilted like that but you do a great job and lick the spillage from your lips and the bench like it’s your last meal on earth. You look up at me and our eyes meet for the first time since this session started and I see pure love and contentment, it’s at this point that I am again reminded that I am the luckiest man on the planet.
Our loving gaze is broken as Franky decides he has completely emptied his balls and done what he needed to do, so he hops down and runs around to say hello, happy as a pig in shit with his tail wagging out of control. I let you have a little post mating moment and walk to the small door which is in front of you, open it and say ok Franky, time to go buddy at which point he runs over to me and through the door. I close it and now walk to the door which is behind you as I do I tell you to get comfortable again, I guess because we were all to tied up in what was happening with Franky we didn’t notice , but now we can really hear poor Ralf whining and pawing desperately at the back door. You bury your face into the padded bench again and here the click as I open the door.

Chapter 3

Ralf Loves Mummy!!

One again the anticipation in your tummy is building as you hear Ralfs footsteps running toward you from behind and you realise you are about to be used again and even tho Franky fucked a lot of that pent up frustration out of you, you are still as hungry for more dog cock. Not only that, this time it will be the old stud, your first ever doggy lover who has been making you happy for the last 5 years, he knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s not all about wham bam thank you maam like he’s younger mate. Ralf’s all about actually breeding, when he’s fucking you he’s purpose is to knott you for as long as possible , inseminate you with as much of he’s puppy seed as possible and as far as he’s concerned, knock you up with a belly full of he’s puppies. If Franky’s a Ferrai then Ralf’s a Rolls Royce, not as aggressive but smooth, powerful and slightly bigger. I love seeing either of the boys breeding you but you and Ralf just seem to look so much more natural together.
As he nears you I say to you to try and focus on the screens this time, but you already are and you can’t believe that the whole time Franky was fucking you, you didn’t manage to see a thing. Ralf takes one little sniff of your exposed pussy still dripping with Franky’s sperm, smells the competition and it’s like a switch is flicked in his head. I don’t know if its jealousy, more instinct telling him that he must breed this bitch right fucking now and make sure he inseminates her with more of his puppy seed than the last dog so it’s his puppies that she will be having. With that he’s on you and you can see the pink tip of his cock spaying a little pre cum over your already cum soaked and swollen pussy, you also see for the first time how amazing it looks as he drives his dog cock into your sweet tight human pussy. With the anticipation and being able to see him enter you like this you are sent over the edge and you feel another huge orgasm building inside you, trying to focus on watching his very rapidly growing dog cock invade your human body as he begins his powerful, deep thrusting becomes too hard as another incredible full body orgasm takes control of your helpless body. Ralf is also a bit bigger than Franky , in all areas, the extra strength and size feels amazing and stretches you’re pussy walls just that little bit more and goes just that little bit deeper than Franky could reach. Even Ralf now is fucking you like a frantic teenager, must be punishing you for leaving him outside while Franky had his way first. You haven’t stopped cumming the whole time and then you feel that wonderful familiar feeling of his knott starting to grow, and after Franky your dying to be totally knotted but you know Ralf knows what he’s doing and won’t let you down. “oh my god, that’s it Ralfy, make mummy your bitch”!! “knott me good n tight” I hear you mumble. With that he has one last power full thrust and you feel him drive his now swollen knott home. It’s such a relief to know he can still knott you while you are cuffed to the bench like that, as usually when you’s fuck outside you help him by pushing back on to his cock to make sure it all in. Well he certainly didn’t need any assistance this time, he’s got it in you and it’s not coming out for quite a while, you can now focus and you look down at the screen and can see his swollen knott making your mound bulge and dog cum dripping from his furry balls and oozing out of your pussy around his cock. I ask you how it looks to you and you reply “his doggy cock looks so fuckiing amazing inside me” , to which I respond “oh I know it does babe, now you know why I love watching you’s mate” , “you are suck a good bitch baby, you look fucking amaizing all knotted up like that” these words send you into another moment of orgasmic bliss and you realize he just won’t stop cumming either. I can tell how much he is because it’s running down your legs and I can see his arse clench with every time he sprays more doggy seed into you.
Usually Ralf likes to turn around and be butt to butt with you but this time it could be a little hard due to your position and height so I hold him on your back and let him finnish there which he eventually does after about 40 minutes and gallons of sperm later. He slowly slides out of your well used pussy and its at this point that I’m glad I thought to make the bottom camera waterproof because an amazing amount of cum gushes out after his cock does. He then quickly has a bit of a sniff and cleans you up with his big tongue, then runs around the front to thank say thank you with a big lick on the face. Now your face is covered in a mixture of the two dogs come and your girl cream and judging by the smile on your sexy face you don’t mind at all.
“C’mon Ralfy boy” I say as I walk to the door at the front of you, “time to go buddy”. He runs through the door like a good boy and I close it, then instead of coming over to undo the cuffs like you were expecting me to, I walk straight past you to the back door and open it, then you hear me yell out, “Rex, c’mon boy”, “c’mon mate it’s your turn now boy” ………………………………………………….

Chapter 4

Meet Rex

What tha fuck?? Who’s Rex?? You yell to me, as you hear his footsteps trotting up behind you, however this time the footsteps seem louder, obviously being made by a considerably heaver dog. This is correct, I start explaining to you that while you were away I finally got the work finished on the Boarding Kennel that I’d been working on for months and Rex is one of our first Boarders, “baby meet Rex the Rhodeisian Ridgeback, he’s going to be here for a month” , you don’t know whether to be happy or really scared, but this situation is really starting to excite you more than you already were. A strange dog, a BIG strange dog, we had often talked about the size and power of Ridgebacks and you always wanted to meet one day, well now you have and hopefully he’s going to fuck the shit out of you and make you his bitch too. You think to yourself “fuck I’m a total dirty little dog whore, 3 in a row, if he fucks me too, hope he does”.
I don’t know if he is experienced or not or if it’s just animal instinct, but he goes straight for your dripping pussy and starts have a sniff and lick, also making whining noises like he’s anxious, “good boy Rex”I say and give him a pat, “wana fuck that pussy boy, like the other 2 just did”, “Go on mate make that sexy little doggy whore your bitch, she wants it bad” , I hear you say “fuck yesss I do”, “please make him fuck me, please”. He has another sniff then runs around you all excited checking you out, he looks like he just can’t believe his luck, probably thinks “fuck is this actually happening to me” like all his Christmases have come at once. He must of thought well I’m not waiting around any longer in case my luck changes, I can see he has part of his cock out now. He trots aoround to your hot little behind and jumps up, but he’s a little high so you pull your legs together and raise up to meet him. Then you feel it, it’s already huge, a moment of panic rushes through you like a lightning bolt , but leaves you just a fast as you feel that huge warm cock easily slide into your well lubricated pussy. “Oh fuck ,oh fuck oh fuck YESSSS”, you look at one of the monitors and see how big it is and your wet little pussy lips stretching around it girth, holding it tightly as it enters you, “fuck , feels , amazing, oh FUCK ME REX”!! I hear you say as he starts building up some rhythm and obliges your request with much enthusiasm, he fucks you hard and fast like Franky, but so much deeper and with much more power than Ralf. Now you really do just feel like a total doggy fuck toy, being totally used and abused by a big powerful animal that you or I cannot control, at this point you are in for the ride of your life , like it or not. You have a look at the other monitor and from the side view you can’t believe how tiny you look under this big tan beast, but you also look so hot under him like that, your dark skin looks great against his yellow, you sexy little arse in the air, and you long shiny black hair all over this strange dogs face as he burry his head into the back of your neck to get deeper. You feel him slow down a bit and his knott starting to swell fast, he is so big he can only just fit it all inside you and still have the knott in enough to tie, it does feel a bit awkward at first to you but soon feels nothing but pure pleasure as your tight little pussy stretches to accommodate what is by far the biggest object it has ever had to accommodate before. After he settles down a little bit he starts trying to turn around, so I help him and make sure he doesn’t yank that huge knott out of you as that would be dangerous. Luckily because of his height he turns around and is standing there butt to butt with you. You feel amazing like this, almost just hanging off this huge cock which is joining you to this beautiful animal that is sending wave after wave or hot dog sperm into your tiny little body and womb. You look at the screen and admire yourself again, looking so natural butt to butt with a big dog like nature intended. Now I tell you to move your legs in and out and you can move around and grind on him a bit, which you do, “that’s it, milk that big doggy cock baby”, “Get all that puppy juice inside you like a good little bitch” “he’s not going anywhere for quite a while”me saying this and the feeling of being able to move around on his cock sends you into orgasmic bliss , I also see an opportunity as your arse is not exposed, I rub my finger in some of the messy dog cum around your pussy, then move the dogs tail a bit and slowly start fingering your arse, it’s extremely tight in there but I slowly work my finger in deeper until I can feel past his knott , “fuck it’s huge”I say as I start really fingering your tight little arse now. This just make the big long orgasm you’re having continue longer and way more intense, you feel like you’re going to pass out, your continuous moans make me ask if you’re ok, but you’re unable to answer, I doubt you could even hear me, it’s like you’re on another planet, or in a trance.
Eventually after being tied butt to butt for over an hour the big dog slowly subsides and pulls his huge member from you bruised and battered sopping wet little cunt, again gallons of dog cum gushes out, however because of your position there must still be gallons from all the dogs still inside you, we both like knowing this. I love seeing you completely satisfied like this and I know how much you love doggy cum inside you. I lead Rex around so you can see the size of the huge cock that just fucked you, you can’t believe your eyes, and it’s not even fully hard anymore, but it would have to be 9 inches so it must have been monstrous inside you. “fuck baby, you’re such a good little bitch” I say as I lead Rex to the front door and let him out. 

Chapter 5

Daddy love Mummy Also

As I walk back towards you I start unbuckling my belt, it’s become quite evident to you how turned on I am by the huge bulge in my jeans, I stop just short of where your head is and finish unbuttoning my jeans and let them drop to the floor in front of you along with my jocks. My cock is now as big as you have ever seen it as you look up hungrily at me and lick your lips in anticipation for your next treat. Without saying a work I place both hands around the back of your head, tilt it back slightly and step forward driving my throbbing cock deep into your hungry little bitch mouth past those beautiful red lips and into your throat. “mmmm fuck me that feels good baby” “been waiting for this for so long”!! Your response is just a muffled gurgle and I begin thrusting in and out of your mouth, the fact I’m standing in front of you and you can’t move gives me plenty of room to use the power in my hips and thrust in to your throat deep and hard. Your body looks amazing from here all locked up on the bench with your arse still high in the air, this gives me a very sexy thought so I slow down then reach over your body with one hand and feel your sopping wet pussy. “mmmm your so fucking wet baby, you have so much doggy cum still oozing out of you” I say as I start fingering your totally used pussy, as I do I hear you whimper slightly as you feel a bit of pain due to the continuous pounding your poor tight little cunt has just received . The combination of feeling all the doggy cum in your tight little cunt and the amazing sensation of having my throbbing cock buried deeply in your mouth has pushed me to the brink of exploding. I know you love nothing more than swallowing my loads even the dogs loads however before you went away we had both decided we were ready to start trying for a baby and knowing how much of a build-up of cum I have it would be a shame to waste such an opportunity . Watching you with the dogs has had my balls making sperm over time for a few hours now and I know I am ready to absolutely explode in a big long orgasm and spray gallons of fertile cum into you like a fire hose, not only that, the way your body is positioned on the bench looks to be the perfect position for you to conceive with your entrance slightly higher than your womb. As I step back and pull my cock from your lips I hear you slurp and gasp at the same time, “yes baby, fuck my bitch cunt where the doggies have just been” you say. Mmmmm YES!!!!! “I can’t wait to feel all that warm dog sperm inside you!! I quickly walk around behind you, again your entrance is the perfect height for me to stand and enter you, so I do without hesitation and slide into you with ease, you’re are so wet, so fucking sloppy and it feels so fucking amazing. Within second I’m panting like a dog myself and pounding your wet bitch cunt for all I’m worth, as you feel my thrusts becoming more frantic I reach forward and grab a handful of your long dark hair and yank your head back, this also gives me something to pull against as I drive myself into you as hard as I can. “yessss that’s it babe, fuck me hard, impregnate me, empty your balls into my bitch cunt” I hear you encourage me in your sexy accent. Now I go into a total animalistic trance , almost yelling at the top of my voice, un aware of any pain I might be causing you and unable to stop even if I am, I don’t have control of my own body and I unload spurt after spurt of my hot juice as deep as I can into you, my orgasm seems to take forever then slowly subsides and I hold myself as deep as I can inside you and continue to spasm for at least another 5 mins. “mmmmmmm good baby good work “you tell me as you keep milking my cock for every last drop. Eventually I pull myself from your dripping wet pussy, then on very shaky knees I un cuff you from the bench, help you up and out of it as you have been in that position for quite some time and are a bit stiff n sore, as you stand up we both just drop to the floor in a deep embrace, kiss and fall asleep with my face buried in your beautiful big boobs and dream of our next sexy adventure together in our little piece of paradise.

Wolf Rage - Harry Styles imagine

Request: Definitely an imagine with Harry styles, please. One where he gets jealous about my love for teen wolf and the hot dudes lmao. And it kinda blows up into a fight but we make up. Cheesy I know!


Y/N - Your Name
Y/F/N - Your Friends Name
Y/H/T - Your Home Town


“Oh my god I know right?!” I exclaim into the phone talking to my best friend, Y/F/N and I are watching the weekly episode of our favorite show Teen Wolf. We would normally be together tonight but she’s back home in Y/H/T and I’m traveling with my boyfriend Harry while he does press for his new movie. I love Harry so much but I miss home immensely, that’s why I look forward to spending my Sunday nights on the phone with my best girl friend watching my favorite show. “She needs to stay away from Stiles, I’m gonna get my big ass in the tv rip those cheap hair extensions out of her annoying ass head!” Y/F/N yelled into the phone. “I think her hair is real Y/F/N.” I say laughing, I hear a door shut behind me and turn my head to see Harry closing the front door.

“Hey gorgeous.” I say, I can hear him taking off his shoes and walking towards the back of the couch in our living room.

“Hello love, how was your day?” Harry says placing a kiss on the top of my head. “Hold on a sec Y/F/N Harry just got home, I’ll call you back after the commercial break. Okay bye.” I hang up the phone and face towards the couch wrapping my arms around Harry’s torso, placing my chin on his chest. “It was fine, I called my mom she’s says hi and that she loves the movie, how was yours handsome?” Harry smile and rubs his thumbs over my cheeks. “It was good, lots of interviews as usual but Fionn invited us to go out for dinner tonight. I just came up to get you and to change.” Harry said with a smile on his face, I felt so guilty. “Honey you know I’d love to but Teen Wolf is on tonight and Y/F/N and I on the phone watching it together.” I say smiling nervously hoping he understands.

“So you’re telling me you would rather stay home and watch some dumb teen tv show than go out for dinner with adults?” Harry answered back clearly agitated. I unwrapped my arms from his torso and leaned back into the couch, and gave him a confused look.

“Harry you know this is important to me, I haven’t seen Y/F/N in months and the only time we can talk together is when-”

“You’re gushing over shirtless ware wolves, I see how it is.” He said backing away. “Harry what is this really about? The fact like I like to spend my Sunday nights with my best friend who is thousands of miles away or about the guys in the show?” I say raising my voice, I can’t help but let out a humorous huff as this is such a ridiculous thing to be arguing about but here we are anyway.

“It just seems that you get a little too into the show sometimes, when we went to comic con you ran into one of those wolf blokes and completely ignored me.” Harry said obviously hurt by my love for the show and cast, I felt horrible. I didn’t know Harry felt this way about a silly show, clearly it’s taken a toll on him over time.

“Harry I’m sorry. Honey if you felt this way why didn’t you tell me? It’s just a fun show that I like to watch, it doesn’t mean I want to be with any of the guys in the show!” I say trying to make a point but sound sincere, Harry bows his head down running his fingers through his hair. He always did that when he gets nervous. I walk up to him and cup his head in my hands forcing him to look up at me.

“Listen Harry, I love you. Only you, and no one else. Well maybe Y/F/N a little to.” I say and we both laugh, “the only reason I make such an effort ever Sunday to watch the show is because I miss my friends. It’s just a fun thing to do and something I look forward to especially when I’m home sick.” I say quietly, I don’t mean to make him feel worse but I want him to know my reasoning.

“I’m so sorry love, I know you don’t get to see your family and friends that much.”, as Harry said that the phone rang it was obviously Y/F/N calling back. “Go answer it,” Harry said smiling,“she’s probably biting her nails in anticipation of who will be shirtless next.” He says laughing, I smile and lean into his chest and place my lips on his. I can feel him hum into the kiss and wrap his arms around my waist, I run my fingers through his hair as he rubs tiny circles on my lower back. “Before this goes to far,” Harry whispers low against my lips, “go enjoy your Sunday night.” I pull away from him slowly and smile up at him,“thank you darling.” I say and give him a quick peck on the lips.

I run towards the couch and pick up the phone on my way, “Hey I’m back! Oh my god, he did not!” I click the tv on and turn to Harry leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed smiling at me. “I love you” I mouth as Y/F/N catches me up on what I missed, Harry brings his hands up to his face, covering the sides of his grinning face and mouths “I love you too.” Oh this is the man I love.

Thank you so much for requesting this @fairlygothparent I hope you enjoyed reading this and please feel free to request more!! ASK BOX IS OPEN !!!

#9 - “My parents could be watching this!” - Calum Hood One Shot

Summary: It’s a rainy day so you and Calum have to entertain each other by staying indoors all day, which leads to you both painting your nails and laughing at each other’s quirks.

Pairing: Calum Hood x Reader

Requested: Yep.

Warnings: Mild expletives, sexual references.

A/N: Hope you guys like it!


It’s a rainy day today. The sky is grey, the ground is covered in puddles, and the only people out-and-about are the people who you like to call positively crazy. You’re glad Calum isn’t one of those people who still go ahead with their plans for outdoor activities regardless of the weather, because you hate it when people want to drag you out for a walk through the park when the heavens are open and showing no sign of closing up. Although, there was one time when Calum insisted the two of you tried kissing in the rain. Apparently, it was part of his bucket list – to kiss somebody in the rain – and you had no option but to go along with it. He had ordered you to get changed and then dragged you outside into the street, and pressed an eager, passionate kiss to your lips. The kiss was great – probably one of the best you’ve had – but it would have been better if the sun had been shining and you weren’t soaking wet by the time you were finished. You both re-entered the house and realised it looked more romantic in the movies than it actually was in real life.

Calum’s footsteps on the stairs takes your attention away from looking out the window, as you turn to meet his gaze when he reaches the bottom of the stairs.

He smiles to you faintly, “Not very nice out there, is it?”

You shake your head, “Nope.”

“Well, we’ll just have to entertain ourselves indoors, won’t we?” He shrugs, stepping into the kitchen.

He pauses, and takes a second look at you, before he smirks knowingly.

“Is that my hoodie?” He asks.

You look down to the worn-out hoodie that you threw on this morning over your pyjamas. You were wearing your usual vest top and short pj’s Calum’s parents got you last Christmas, and had noticed the drop in temperature the second you stepped out of bed. You had given your dressing gown away to a charity shop because you never wore it, so you had thrown one of Calum’s old hoodies on to keep you warm instead.

You wore his clothes quite often, mostly when he was away on tour, because then you’d feel closer to him. They were oversized and not always flattering on you, but they smelt of him, which was what was important to you. You don’t know if he knows you do this, but by the look on his face right now, you’d say he doesn’t really mind.

You shrug your shoulders back, “It’s cold and it was the first thing I found that would keep me warm.”

Calum raises his eyebrows, “What? Was one of your own hoodies not good enough or something?”

You roll your eyes. Calum has always loved to tease you, and he’d always find something to tease you over. Normally, it was about your constant need to be close to him when he was home, or about the kinds of shows you watch on television. He prefers teasing you over things that would feed his own ego – so, like you wearing his clothes.

“Yours are bigger, and warmer, than mine.” You explain briefly, as if it’s the simple thing in the world.

He laughs, approaching you and wrapping his arms around your waist, “Don’t get shy with me baby. You wearing my clothes might just be a new rule in this house.”

“I do wear your clothes.” You tell him, “I wear them when you’re on tour and I miss you. They make me feel closer to you.”

His face softens then. It’s like he thinks you don’t miss him when he’s away. You suppose during phone-calls when he asks what you’ve been up to, you always make it sound as if you lead just as busy of a life as he does. In between work and your own social life, it does get quite busy, but nothing compared to how busy he gets. You wonder, when he’s away, if he’s missing you as much as you’re missing him. You tell yourself you’re crazy for even questioning it – but when you think of all the crazy things he’s up to, you don’t even know if he has time to miss you.

You place your hands on his shoulders as he smiles to you, sweetly. A small blush appears on his cheeks. You still find it incredibly cute when he blushes.

“I think that’s real cute, buttercup.” He speaks softly, before leaving a sweet kiss on your nose.

The two of you continue the morning in each other’s company. You make each other’s breakfast – him making you Belgian waffles and you making him blueberry pancakes – and wash the dishes together once you’re both finished. He can’t seem to get over you wearing his hoodie. He smiles every time he glances at you – proudly – and keeps muttering to you that he never wants you to take it off. You don’t want to take it off if this is the kind of response you were going to get from him all day.

By the time you’d watched Friends re-runs all morning, the two of you both got a little agitated. It’s still raining out and shows no sign of easing off any – otherwise you might have tried to get out a little, probably only over to his parent’s place for a change of scenery. You sigh to yourself, and then decide you should paint your nails.

“Where are you going?” Calum asks when you break the cuddle and stand up from the sofa.

“I’m going to paint my nails.” You shrug, making your way up to your bedroom where you keep your nail varnish.

When you bring the basket downstairs, Calum is clearing the coffee table in the living room, ready for you. You place the basket down on the table in front of you, kneeling down on the floor, and begin searching through your collection of nail varnishes to decide what colour you want your nails to be.

Calum sits down on the sofa, watching you; picking up nail varnishes that catch his attention – like glittery ones or shiny ones, and nods his head at each one as if he’s approving them. You see him furrow his eyebrows out the corner of your eye as he reaches into the basket and pulls out some PVC glue.

“Why have you got PVC glue in with your nail varnishes?” He questions, observing the tube intently, as if he might be missing something.

“Because…” You begin, “It comes in handy when you paint your nails black.”
He continues to stare back at you with a black impression. You roll your eyes, taking out the black nail varnish from the basket.

“Come here.” You order, gesturing for him to give you his hand.

When he hesitates, you tut and grab his hand, “I’m just going to show you what I mean, dumbass. I’ll only paint one nail and you can wash it off straight away.”
He smiles faintly as you place his hand flat on the coffee table. You grab the PVC glue and spread some on the skin right next to the nail on his index finger, below and beside the nail. He watches you intently, and when you stop, he looks up at you, puzzled.

“Now, while we leave that to dry, you’re going to help pick out a colour for me to wear.” You tell him.

His attention shifts from the PVC on his finger onto the basket. He takes a little moment to think, the corner of his tongue sticking out as he concentrates on the task you’ve set for him, and then he points over to a turquoise-coloured nail varnish. “This one?” You ask to double-check, and he nods in response.

You pile the other nail varnishes back into the basket, leaving the turquoise one out on the coffee table, and put the basket down on the floor beside you. You check Calum’s finger after a while and decide it’s ready to begin painting his nail.
You take the black nail varnish and carefully paint his nail, which only takes thirty seconds or so to get right. Once it’s done, you begin to explain why the PVC is helpful.

“You see how the nail varnish has gone off your nail and onto the PVC around it?” You ask him, and he nods, “Well, once the nail varnish on your nail has dried, we can peel the layer of PVC off from around your nail and there’ll be no varnish on your finger. So, it won’t be messy!”

He nods, “Oh. So, why don’t you do that for the other colours?”

You shrug, “Because, darker colours tend to be messier than the lighter colours. And if you didn’t apply it with the PVC and you got it all over your finger, you would still have to wait for the varnish on your nail to dry before you could do anything about the varnish on your finger. You do that – because it’s so close to your nail – you run the risk of ruining the varnish on your nail. It’s not a big deal so much if the colour is light because it won’t be so noticeable, but it is if it’s a darker colour. So, that’s why you use the PVC.”

Calum raises his eyebrow and nods his head, “I’m impressed. You’re very smart. I would never have thought of that.”

You furrow your eyebrows, “Well, how often do you paint your nails?”

He shrugs his shoulders back, as you begin to paint your own nails with the turquoise-coloured one had picked out for you. He watches you intently as you carefully apply the nail varnish, the look of concentration sure to be ever-noticeable on your face. He seems intrigued by the whole process, but you don’t know if that’s just because he’s bored with nothing better to do. It’s probably just the boredom, you think to yourself.

You know he’s had his nails painted before – he and the boys sometimes paint just one fingernail because they think that makes them look cool. You’ve been trying to get him to paint all of his fingernails, because you think just painting one looks weird. Go hard or go home, right?

You mutter to yourself about potentially having to do a second coat because it went on lighter than you thought it would, and Calum comments that his nail has dried.

“So, peel off the PVC, and your nail should be pretty much perfect.” You tell him, and watch as he begins to peel the layer of glue off his finger. He nods proudly at his nail, clearly happy with the outcome.

He then picks up the tube of PVC and begins to apply it to his other nails the same way you did with his index finger. You look up at him, and he shrugs, “Might as well do the rest of them, right?”

The two of you sit there together, perfecting your nails. You have to help Calum do his right hand because he’s unexperienced in painting his nails with his non-writing hand as you are.

When both your fingernails are perfected, you take photos of each and complement each other on your fingernail painting skills. He insists you’re better than him, but you admit he’s done quite a good job himself.

He pulls up his phone and sets up an Instagram live.

“So, here we are in sunny Australia…I’m only joking, it’s not sunny at all, it’s RAINING.” He speaks into the phone, which is on the front camera, “Anyways, Y/N and I decided to keep ourselves entertained indoors today because neither one of us felt like getting wet. Or, at least, in the context of the weather anyway.”

You throw a pillow at him and yell at him to shut up, “My parents could be watching this!”

Calum furrows his eyebrows, “It’s not like they don’t know we have sex.”

You throw another pillow at him. He laughs.

“Sorry…moving on swiftly to the point of this Insta Live – I wanted to show you my nails.” He continues, holding up his fingers to the camera for the world to see, “Look how cool they are! Y/N shown me this neat trick using PVC glues and it was the smartest thing I’d ever seen. Do you guys know the trick?…oh, you do? That’s great. Have you seen Y/N’s nails?”

You shake your head at Calum, knowing he wants you to appear on his live story, but you can never say no to his pouting lips. You walk over to him and sit next to him on the sofa, before holding your nails up to the camera.

“I picked the colour, by the way, and I think I did an awesome job if I do say so myself.” He grins, “Also, have you seen this? She’s wearing my damn hoodie. It’s an old one – and she looks damn hot in it – but it’s my hoodie. She’s taking this whole what’s-yours-is-mine thing to a whole new level.”

You tut, rolling your eyes and shaking your head at him, and he grins some more.

“I’m only kidding babe, I’m just…I’m just messing with you.” He apologises soothingly, “You have permission to wear my clothes unconditionally for the rest of your life babycakes.”

You laugh, covering your face in your hands which are completely covered by the sleeves of the hoodie.

“Well, anyway folks, I best be going. I haven’t kissed Y/N in approximately…three minutes, so she’ll need a top-up. Bye guys, talk to you later!” He speaks into the phone, before ending the live story and putting his phone down.

He kisses you softly on the lips, before pulling away.

“I do love you, you know, babe.” He tells you.

You look at him like he’s crazy, “I know you do. I love you too.”

He smiles, “Good. Because it’s days like this I miss the most when I’m away – days where I spend all of my undivided time with you and no-one else. They’re my favourite days. You’re my favourite.”

He nuzzles his head into your neck, and you rest your head on top of his. You sit there silently, content with just being in each other’s company. You realise you agree with Calum. Whilst you love it when you get to dress-up and go to A-list events with him, or going to see one of his shows, it’s the days when you get to do nothing together the most. Neither one of you are rushed off your feet or stressed about all the stuff you have to do before the day is out, you’re just taking the day as it comes, and enjoying each other’s company.

“Calum Thomas Hood…” You speak out-loud, “What did I do to deserve you?”

He doesn’t answer – he’s fallen asleep, and you do too…with no stress and no worries. Just Calum.

Daddy Daze - Bye Bye (Steve)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: Steve is leaving on a mission and your 3 year old Maggie is not happy.

A/n:  part of the Daddy Daze Series (MasterList) Please send any Dad!Bucky or Dad!Steve head cannons and I will try to incorporate them. (Tagging is open)

Steve was packing for his newest mission in the living room while watching your 3 year old daughter Maggie, while you make dinner.  Maggie adored her dad and was slowly beginning to understand that when his shield and black duffle bag appear that he was once again leaving.  Maggie toddled around the room and saw Bucky’s Brooklyn sweatshirt that he had left at the house earlier in the day.

“Nuncle Bucky shirt” She says pointing at it trying to gain her father’s attention.  Steve looks up at her smiling.  Getting up from the couch he moves to grab the shirt wrapping it around her like a cape while she babbles at him.

“Come help your old man pack baby doll.”  He picks her up placing her beside him on the couch.  Steve starts folding his shirts and placing them in his bag.  He realizes after a moment, Maggie’s babbles had stopped.

Maggie sat beside him inspecting the items in his bag.  He could see her mind calculating what was happening, so far he had only packed his bag.   He knew when he pulled his shield out of the closet, a temper tantrum may occur.  Getting up quietly he moved toward the closet.  Maggie failed to notice his movement.  She was too busy stuffing her doll deep into his bag.

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‘Til my very last breath

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My entry for SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017.  

Inspired by the song “Don’t let me down” by Joy Williams.

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4900

Every movement hurts, every single pump of my legs is like a jagged knife in the side, in the back, in my head, but I have to keep moving. It’s the only thing I know.

Don’t stop. Keep moving!

The trees are too thick, too close and even with the snow coating the ground, there’s not enough light. The burn in my chest only increases when I try to think of where I saw him last, think of the last thing he said, but still, I keep moving, keep running. 

The scent of pine and blood is thick and suffocating. The pain, if it wasn’t so bad, so… everywhere then maybe I could remember, maybe I could think straight. But the only way to pinpoint it would be to stop and look, examine where the worst tears in my clothes were. It hurts to breathe, maybe slowing down would be a good idea. A chance to catch my breath.

GO, y/n! Don’t stop!

“Dean?!” I scream at the top of my lungs, no longer afraid of what else could hear me as long as he did too. Nothing but the sound of my rapid, shaky breaths, the swack of the branches beating me, and the muffled crack of the ones I kick and crush underfoot. “SAM!”

There’s a cold that has seeped so deeply, it’s invaded my bones but I’m not numb yet. That is good. Numb is bad.

Keep moving.

Every inch of me aches but I keep running, ignoring the branches and sharp roots that rip and tear at my legs and feet. If only there was some sign of something to actually head towards. The moon filtering through the snow heavy pine branches doesn’t give off much and the white powder that used to light up an entire area didn’t seem to be helping at all tonight.

My stomach twists again, sharp and painful. I don’t know where I am, I don’t know where they are, but I should. I should be with them.

A voice was calling but it was so far away. Dean. It was Dean. 

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Imagine $imon €ominic

Face timing Simon “Hey babe how’s that fine ass doing ?” Y/n : “😘😘love you 😂 *changes subject cuz coworkers are around*”

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“it’s been so long since my lips touched yours, I miss you so much baby 👄” Y/n: “me too daddy”

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“I miss holding your hands 24 hours a day 7 days a weak , y/n ?” Y/n:“yes” “promise you’ll never leave me , even though I’m never around promise me you’ll always wait ” y/n: “I promise ”

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Y/n: “i miss our cuddles , I miss binge watching tv till one of us falls asleep ”

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Spilled Secrets (Baekho)

He’s scary. He seriously looks like a celebrity. He’s too intimidating. It’s a shame that Seventeen succeeded first.

He heard it all from the stage below. How could he not look intimidating? He was intimidated. He was hurt. After failing to hit his high note during the ranking auditions he was beyond broken. The only thing that kept him from falling apart was you and your constant encouragement. The auditions end and all 101 boys shuffle out, headed towards their designated living quarters. He says goodbye to his members, separated by their ranks. The other trainees split like the Red Sea when they saw Baekho walking down the hallway, luggage in tow, some peeking out from their own rooms. He enters his and finds his roommates already settled in. He greets them politely then roughly unpacks. His reaches for his phone as it vibrates in his pocket. He smiles when he sees your caller ID and photo, not hesitating to answer it. 

“Oppa! How is it? How are your dorms? Are you okay? Is everyone nice?” 

He chuckles, surprising his roommates. He sits down on his bed, back against the headboard. “Slow down, hon– Mom.” 

“Mom?” You laugh. 

“Yeah… People are listening, so it’s… Embarrassing?” 

“Oh, right. Anyways, I’m just worried about you.” 

“I’m okay. We’ll be alright… It’s kind of our last chance to make things work.” 

“I’ll always be here for you and NU’EST will come out stronger after this. I know it.”

“Thanks, you always know what to say. Are you busy tonight?” 

“No, but are you allowed to see me? It wasn’t a problem before, but the circumstances were a little different.” 

“It’s fine. I have nothing to lose, except you. I don’t plan on losing that much.” 

“Don’t say it like that. Mostly because that’s not something you’d say to your mother, remember? Although, thank you. I feel very important and loved.” 

“Shit, you’re right. Meet me tonight for dinner though?” 

“Time and place, I’m there. I love you.” 

“I love you too, babe– Baby Dongho has to get back to unpacking then.” You burst out into laughter and kiss the receiver. 

“Bye~” He clears  his throat awkwardly and sets his phone aside, heading to the bathroom. He has to be more careful, all jokes aside it would really be detrimental to get caught up in any scandals at this critical time. He comes back to his room and grabs fresh clothes for his date with you later. His roommates look at each other suspiciously as he exits. The scurry to Baekho’s bed and stare at his phone. 

“We shouldn’t be doing this…” One of the boys says hesitantly.

Another sighs, “it’s fine, he’ll never know. I just don’t believe that was his mom.”

A third boy stands above the other two, arms crossed. “He probably has a passcode so what’s the point?” The second boy presses the home button and it lights up, a photo of you posing cutely fills the screen and the boys gasp. “Why are you so surprised? He’s been in the idol game for a long time, you think he wouldn’t have had a girlfriend by now?” 

“But we’re not really supposed to…” The first one purses his lips. “We have to make sure no one else knows. It was none of business in the first place.” The third boy throws his arms in the air.

“I had no part in this. I didn’t see or hear anything.” The second boy nods and turns the screen off before Baekho returns. The three boys return to their beds and watch as he puts his phone in his pocket then heads out the door. 

“It doesn’t hurt to follow him though, right?” The second one asks. The three boys look at each other and smile. 

“Let’s do it.”

You swing your feet back and forth while sitting on the park bench, the Spring breeze tickles your skin. When you hear footsteps approaching you instinctively look towards the sound and smile brightly when you see Baekho walking towards you. You run up to him, nearly tackling him with your hug. He picks you up and kisses you, sets you back down and kisses you again. 

“I missed you~” You grab his arm and rest your head on his shoulder as you walk towards the restaurant. 

“We were apart for less than 48 hours; this was probably the shortest time ever.”

“And that means I can’t miss you?” He opens the door for you and you enter, taking your seat. “Hey~ Answer me,” you whine cutely, earning nothing but a blush from Baekho. 

Baekho pays the bill while you admire his profile as he talks to the waiter. You heart hurt for him, knowing how difficult if must be to have to compete with actual rookies. 

“Is there something on my face?” Baekho laughs as he turns back to you.

“No, I’m just admiring you.” He reaches across the table and pinches your cheek. 

“Well don’t. It’s embarrassing.” 

“Why~?” You pout. “Everyone gets to stare at you on TV, but I can’t?” 

“That’s because I don’t have to watch them stare at me with puppy eyes.” Meanwhile, from across the restaurant, Baekho’s roommates peer curiously at you. 

“Heol~ He’s being so cute and smiley with her, but he was so scary at auditions.”

“I wonder what they’re talking about. Shit, they’re coming this way!” You and Baekho walk right past the three boys, trying to hide their faces. 

“You guys…” Baekho stops beside their table, pulling you back.

“What’s wrong?” You look at the three boys sheepishly hiding their faces with menus and cups. You tilt your head to one side, confused. 

“We’re sorry!” The three boys collapse to the floor on their hands and knees, begging for forgiveness. “We were curious and we saw your lock screen photo and we followed you. We’re sorry!” Baekho sighs, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly. 

“Get up off the floor, everyone is staring. We don’t want this to show up on the news tomorrow morning.” The boys do so, not lifting their heads. “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” his tone still cold.

“We won’t tell anyone, hyung! We swear!” The boys put their hands over their hearts and you can see them shaking. 

“Why do you have to pretend to be so cool?” You laugh, “the look like they’re about to piss themselves.” 

“I’m not! You know this is how I am.”

“Hmm~ I don’t know about that. You’re pretty cute with me.” The boys smile to themselves and bow again. 

“Ah… It’s fine guys. She’s been my girlfriend for years, so it’s not really a secret or anything… I just don’t want people to harass her.”

“Let’s all hang out then!” You smile at Baekho almost threateningly. Make new friends. He could read it in your face. “You guys are roommates, so you guys should get closer. We’re going to a movie then I’ll send you boys on your way home. Don’t want any articles about you guys partying to get out.” You take two of the boys by the shoulder and start walking. You look back at Baekho who snorts.  Even if your date was cut short, it reminded him how much he loved you for always thinking about him.

“Yeah, okay. Sure.” He mumbles to himself as he follows you out. This is really why he loves you. 


I’ve never watch PD101 so I don’t know how all the stuff works, but hopefully that’s not distracting.