i miss your face on my tv

thatkevinsmith: This is what your face always looks like while working on @supergirlcw! I spent yesterday shooting with @melissabenoist & @chy_leigh as my favorite siblings on TV, the Danvers sisters. I love all the flying and punching of villains on #Supergirl… but I tune in for portrayals of sibling revelry so sincere and supportive that it really makes me feel like I missed out on something in life by not being a girl with a sister. As a huge fan of the show, seeing that dynamic on display both on & off camera yesterday was like drinking insanely good hot cocoa that warms your insides and fills you with joy. And on top of that? Yesterday was my first day shooting the Super suit! It is as glorious in real life as it looks on the show (and the cape is heavy - not just metaphorically speaking but also simply weight-wise). Me-Me and Chy-Chy brought the major feels when we were rolling but between takes they’re both legit funny. It’s cool watching them go from goofing around before “Action” is called to delivering dire dialogue about impending universal doom. Nice, nice kids. The whole damn crew is fulla nice, talented kids. We shot nearly eight pages yesterday but managed to wrap 40 minutes early. Tonight is Shoot Day 3 of 9- which includes watching the amazing FX and stunt folks on this show flip a speeding car! Up, up and away… #KevinSmith #melissabenoist #chylerleigh #nationalcity #vancouver #supergirlseason2

170110 Shinwon Fancafe Update


Body exposing master
Am I the only one who missed fans’ shouting voice all of today? Between the lights I took a look at the slogans and faces. After it was over, during monitoring I want to see your satisfied look when watching the live broadcast at home, at work, at school using handphone and on tv, so that’s it ㅎㅁㅎ PENnight

Source - My mother’s old Cyworld ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I’m showing you my pictures rising slowly from baby

Trans: PentagonUpdate

  • here we gO
  • every time they say “who lives and who dies” I want to end it with WHO TELLS YOUR STORRYY
  • are we seriously starting with jaha though JAHA
  • oh. sorry jaha. #lolnotsorryatall
  • my tv is cutting out clarke’s words??? why does it hate me?!??
  • no it’s her “my husband is missing face”
  • MONTY ILY how many times have I said that
  • yeah it was obvious he was pretending 
  • the writers being like “when did everyone around here lose their sense of humor” as they kill every1 
  • yeah okay but where’s bellamy though


I will tell you I love you

 but the muffs on your ears will cater your fears


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“We needed this.”  You smiled, popping a handful of popcorn into your mouth.  Felicity was deeply engrossed in the movie playing on the TV, but she turned to look at you with a smile on her face.

“Can we make this a weekly thing?  I missed our girl nights.  I’ve just been so busy.”  She paused and you nodded quickly.

“Of course we can.  It’ll be a nice break from reality.”  Felicity nodded in agreement before turning back to the movie to loose herself once more.

Macaroni pt. 13 // Luke Hemmings

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Summary; Luke is a struggling single parent and you’re his son’s teacher.

(part 1-12)


The luminescence of the tv radiated off your face as you forced yourself to watch reruns of some show you’ve never even heard of. The small couch felt stiff and you couldn’t help but wiggle around, trying to find a comfortable position.

“I miss my couch.” Groaning, you squeeze your eyes shut.

It’s been a few weeks since you’ve moved in with Luke and Toby and you were loving every moment, well… at the most part.

You were happy to hear that Luke was enjoying his new paid internship job at the studio but that left you home alone sometimes during the day and often times nights. Maybe you shouldn’t be complaining because after all you were the one who encouraged him to go out more with his friends because before he never had any free time. 

And not to mention taking care of Toby, he’s not a bad kid it’s just that at times it could get tiring since he’s loaded with energy and it would be nice to have a helping hand from time to time. 

You haven’t even gotten some alone time to organize your thoughts either so this was weighing down on you even more. The symptoms have only worsened these past few days, leaving you feeling gross and restless like how you felt at the moment.

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10 PM.

My bones start to tremble, prepare themselves for what’s coming.

11 PM.

I write 3 texts out on my phone and erase each one.


“Why do I feel like you don’t want to talk to me anymore?”

“I love you I’m sorry oh god I’m sorry I hate myself for whatever I did to make this happen between us things were so good before when did they go so wrong I miss your rough voice and strong arms more than I hate feeling like this”

12 AM.

I pace my bedroom 16 times, consider crashing my car just so you can see my face on your TV, Snapchat you passive-aggressive poems that are definitely, maybe not reminding me of you. You open each one. I get no response.

1 AM.

The tears are coming. The tears never came before you, never felt the need to make their presence known. I playback every kiss, reread every text message on my phone, wonder if I’ll be buying you a birthday gift in 3 months. I wonder if you’ll forget the texture of my skin by August. I wonder if September will mean learning to live without you.

2 AM.

I am tiring myself out. My pillow has heard too many muffled screams, felt too many silent tears. As I crawl into bed, I imagine you’re next to me. I tuck you in the way you always did for me. Kiss your forehead goodnight. Let you be the little spoon. Leave my fan on all night because you always are too hot. Never mind the fact that I am shivering alone under these blankets. Tonight I will dream of you and things will be okay again, at least for a few hours.

-AD my nightly routine ever since you left for the summer

Happy Birthday, Michael Fassbender!

Last year I decided to contribute something to your fandom and to give you something back. 54 Drawings of you later, I’m not the same person that I used to be. You have changed my life forever. The last year was one of the most important I’ve ever had. I met so many people here, that I never want to miss again.

You are awesome Michael, never let anyone tell you otherwise! You are full of talent, joy and power and you would deserve all the awards in the world.
Whenever you feel down, just think of us, of your fans. You always put a smile on our faces whenever we see your face on our phones, TVs or screens. You are a part of our lives. No matter that you didn’t get this stupid Oscar-figure again. You won a far more important award:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May all your wishes come true! 💋


Tonight, on another episode of…

Redwall a la Youtube

Episode One: Enemies Meets Cataracts

In which our protagonist Missed-Highest and his friend Coneflower team up with Constant and Farther Habit to address the looming presence of George Clooney, the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

Upset that the Farther Habit will not allow them to serve delicious wraps for supper, Coneflower, Missed-Highest and Constant bond over their mutual love of free children, whilst Clooney and his henchrats waste time playing around with Clooney’s new cell phone. When Clooney realizes Readwhile Abee gets the best reception in all Mostflour Wood, he determines to stop at nothing until Readwhile and its peaceful creatures are under his rule.

Can the Farther Habit convince Missed-Highest to stop wanting to be a warrior? Will Constant ever be able to enjoy her heart-healthy wraps? And what will our heroes do about Clooney’s evil scheme to take over Readwhile Abee?

Well, if you watched the next episode, you’d know.