i miss you you baka

Just one more?
  • Boy *making cut begging eyes*: Just one more? Please... Sakura-chan...
  • Naruto: *peeping from the hallway*
  • Sakura *sighs*: Ok... You can have another lollipop, but this is the very last, ok?
  • Boy *nods energetically*: YES!
  • Sakura *patting the kid's head and smiling*: You're such a good boy!
  • Boy: *runs out of the room*
  • Naruto *entering the room with arms crossed*: So... who was that boy and why did he called you "chan"?
  • Sakura: Naruto! What are you doing here!? You're not supposed to leave your room yet! *grabs Naruto's shoulders, turns him and leads him out of the room*
  • Naruto *escaping from her grab, turning to face her and softly grabbing her face*: I missed you
  • Sakura *blushing*: Baka... wasn't Sasuke with you?
  • Naruto *now just grabbing Sakura's chin*: He's now on a date with Karin so he left me alone *kisses Sakura's lips*
  • Sakura *when Naruto stops*: Ok, now you got what you wanted so get back to your room and when I'm done with this *showing him all the papers she was holding* I may go visiting you.
  • Naruto: Just one more? *trying to imitate the boy's sweet begging eyes* Please... Sakura chan
  • Sakura *rolls her eyes and blushes*: Ok, just one mo- *Naruto kisses*

Severa returns from Henry’s mission panting as she holds the jar of demons under her arm. She spots a familiar white-haired figure in the distance and nearly drops the godforsaken jar as she runs towards him and embraces Robin in a hug.

“Don’t you dare ever leave again, understand?! You have no idea what’s it’s been like! There were spiders that ended up in my hair and horrible demons and- and- waaaaaahhhh!She sobs and grips the tactician harder.