i miss you two my queens of charming

  • Emma: Regina?
  • Emma: Regina?!
  • Snow: What's wrong?
  • Emma: I can't find Regina.
  • Snow: I find that very hard to believe.
  • Emma: Why?
  • Charming: Because you two are glued at the hip.
  • Emma: We are -
  • *Regina walks out of the bathroom wearing a jumper of Emma's*
  • Regina: I'm right here.
  • Charming: See?
  • Snow: She's even wearing your clothes.
  • Regina: Well she stole all of mine when she was the Dark One.
  • Emma: I was evil at the time, you're just a giant mushball who likes to steal my clothes because she misses me.
  • Charming: I'm surprised you two even have time to miss each other...
mini oq fic list

based on recent awesome prompts from some pretty awesome people. thank you always for sending them to me!


charmed | a prince’s matchmaking skills leave something to be desired. (prompt: robin asking charming for advice)

sweetness and starlight | roland misses home and robin, with a little help from the queen, brings the forest to him instead. (prompt: dimples queen + things you said under the stars and in the grass)

wallflower | a ball, a queen and two thieves vying for a dance. (prompt: roland dancing with regina)

whole | a queen falls apart and a thief and a prince take it upon themselves to piece her back together. (prompt: anything with platonic evil charming bonding)


space | in which robin and regina discover that they quite like making a mess out of each other. (prompt: outlaw bandit + things you said with no space between us)


bedtime | a baby cries, two boys pick out a story and robin is forever baffled by dr. seuss. (prompt: dimples peanut + things you said when i was crying) 

brother | roland learns what it means to be a brother, big or small. (prompt: roland asking for a little brother)


costume | roland knows an imposter when he sees one. (prompt: dimples queen + disney world)

lala-kate  asked:

Oh! I get another birthday prompt? Wheeeeee!!!! In that case, I want Outlaw Queen--warming up after falling into a cold lake. :)

Missing Year, just for you!! (There’s even a wee bit of Evil Charming interaction!)  Happy birthday my darling big sister! I’m hoping to get to your other birthday prompt later today or tomorrow!

It’s all the stupid thief’s fault.

Belle, while pouring over some moldy old book in the library, had stumbled upon a discovery—an enchanted lake, no more than two days’ ride away, that will supposedly show a worthy person the location of anyone or anything they wish to see. Normally Regina wouldn’t put much stock in what could be nothing more than an old wives tale, but the Wicked Witch is a pest that she needs to stop before she gets completely out of control, and for weeks she’s been nowhere to be found. Regina is getting antsy waiting for her to strike, and she knows the others are too, and one more attempt to try to locate the green bitch certainly won’t hurt. Even if this lake turns out to be just another dead end, even if it doesn’t exist at all, they won’t be any worse off than they are now.

Unless Zelena decides to strike while Regina is gone, but she tries not to think about that.

A hero would take on the quest anyway, Henry would say. A hero would do everything in his or her power to stop the Wicked Witch, no matter how impossible or difficult it may seem. And ever since Regina put her heart back in her chest (the pain still gnaws at her, deep and agonizing and worse each and every day that she misses her son, like some terrible monster is clawing and eating away at her from the inside out) she’s been trying to be the hero that Henry seemed so sure she could be, if she just let go of the darkness. It’s hard, but she’ll do it for her son. She’ll do anything for him.

Besides, Greenie clearly wants something to do with the Un-Charming’s baby, and Regina doesn’t like that one bit. Even if this damned lake doesn’t show them Zelena’s whereabouts, maybe the time away from the castle will give Regina a chance to think about a plan to stop her once and for all.

Her plans had hit a snag, though—the lake was located deep within the forest, at a hidden location lost to the wilderness and time. It wasn’t a matter of just poofing herself there and being back in time for lunch. If Regina wanted to find it, she would have to search for it the old-fashioned way.

David had volunteered to look (the man clearly has some kind of crazy hero complex, he must, because who the hell else would volunteer for quest after quest? What exactly is he trying to prove? He’s already got the hero thing down pat, the fearless leader bit too. Anything more, in Regina’s mind, has to be just showing off), but Regina had put an end to that idea quickly. “You’re the leader here, not me. Both of you,” she’d added, casting  a look at Snow, trying to ignore the way that her hands absentmindedly cradled the small bump of her stomach. “You’re who everyone will look to for hope if, God forbid, the Wicked Witch comes back. Not me. I’m the one who needs to do this. You’re needed here.”

David had shaken his head vehemently, and Snow had protested as well. “You can’t do this alone, Regina.”

She’d rolled her eyes, once again floored by the stubbornness of this man. “Sure I can. I’m the Evil Queen, remember?”

“It’s too dangerous.”

“Your concern for my well-being is touching, David, and duly noted. But I can handle this alone.”

“You should take someone with you.”

She had arched an eyebrow, eager for this conversation to end so she could get on the road sooner rather than later. “Are you volunteering? Because if you insist on saddling me with a sidekick, I’d like to have some say. Not that you’re not handy with a crisis, but Granny and her crossbow might serve me better in those dark woods. That is if we didn’t drive each other crazy and turn on each other before we even reached the lake.”

Snow had quickly turned her snort into a cough at that remark. Regina had rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest, looking at the two of them pointedly, waiting for them to see reason.

It occurred to her that she might be waiting a while.

“I’ve got it!” David had shouted, snapping his fingers as if he’d just discovered the true meaning of life. “Robin will go with you.”

“Excuse me?” Regina had sputtered, her mouth nearly falling open as she caught sight of movement out of the corner of her eye. She hadn’t even realized that the thief was there—he liked to remain quiet during these meetings, listening rather than talking, unless he was making one of his usual smartass remarks—and now he was suddenly to be the one to escort her to the lake?

“Sure you don’t want to rethink your stance on having David accompany you?” he had whispered in her ear as he’d passed her by, striding across the room to David, agreeing to go along with Regina and promising to keep her safe. All of her protests after that had fallen on deaf ears. Robin was the most logical choice—he knew the woods, could guide her until they got properly lost enough to find what they sought. Regina knew that, but she didn’t have to like it. And she certainly didn’t have to keep quiet about it either. They had set off to find the lake two days later, bickering all the while, until Regina had started to think that even Dopey might have been a better travel companion.

Still, it was nice to have someone who knew the way, who could identify which plants and nuts were safe to eat and which would leave them dead on the ground before their next breath. It was even nice to have someone to talk to, if it only meant that Regina wouldn’t be lost alone with her thoughts and her grief for the son she would never see again. The thief had his uses, it would seem.

Robin Hood might have been the one who knew the forest best. He might be the best choice to keep her safe. But there was nothing even he could do about freak snowstorms, or paths of ice hidden beneath knee-deep drifts of snow that suddenly break underneath your feet and send you plunging into the frigid depths below.

One moment they had been trudging through the snow, their hands outstretched to keep the stuff out of their eyes, and the next there had been a shudder beneath their feet, followed by a cracking sound that seemed to echo even above the noise of the blizzard. The ground beneath her suddenly crumbled away, and the last thing Regina remembers thinking before tumbling into icy blackness was that the damned thief should have listened to her in the first place.

“Regina!” she hears Robin’s shout of panic just as she disappears beneath the waves.

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Olicity: Sold

Anonymous said:

AU Prompt: Felicity’s tendancy to over gesticulate after a few drinks means that she ends up winning Oliver in a Charity Bachelor auction.

Originally posted by olicity-sitting-in-a-tree

“Sold, for two thousand dollars to the girl in the pink!”

Felicity freezes mid-word. She’s wearing pink. She’s the only one in the room wearing this particular shade of pink. Oh god, and her arm’s in the air. Well, halfway, at least.

And they’re at an auction. She’s got her arm in the air and she’s at an auction.

“Oh god,” she blanches. “What did I just do?”

Thea winces over her drink, looks in the direction that Felicity can’t bare to glance in, and raises her eyebrows. “I think you just paid two grand for my brother.”

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