i miss you too zico

Block B reaction to you crying on the phone because you miss them. (U-Kwon, Zico, P.O)

U-Kwon: “Don’t start crying babe, you’re making me cry. My schedule is really busy right now, but I’ll try to come and see you as soon as possible.”

Zico: “Jagi-ah, I miss you too. I’ll try to make time to see you but until then you can always call me or text me. I’ll see you soon babe, don’t worry.”

P.O: “I miss you too jagi. I’ll be able to see you eventually, but for now you have to just wait. Don’t forget that you can always call me when you miss me.”

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[ZICO] The Tough Cookie MV is getting cool…..;;;

[TABLO to ZICO] Why aren’t you sleeping Zico?

[ZICO to TABLO] I’m filming for SNL!
Hyung let’s chill after you magnificently finish your album activities
Olltii that guy can come too

[TABLO to ZICO] ㅎㅎ Sure! I miss you Zi-a-co~ Do good in your work!!! Come to the concert if you have time~~~ Teach rap to Seyoon!!!