i miss you tabi where are you

dating T.O.P would include
  • “You like?”
  • going through his Instagram while he was on tour because oh my god why am i dating this dork
  • seeing that jawline and like oh that’s why i’m dating this dork
  • “Where do you want to go for your birthday? I’m taking you to the modern art museum but you can still tell me where you want to go.”
  • “Hey, lets take a picture together.”
  • “Sure.”
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Smiling.”
  • “LOL no sweetie just do what i do.”
  • dumb looking selfies that make the two of you look crazy but you secretly love seeing
  • wondering if someone anyone can tell you what else he likes because you want to buy him things for his birthday but no way you’re buying him a chair
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • ending up buying a chair, him loving it, and taking thousands of pictures every time he misses you
  • “Hey, can we buy a couch?”
  • “No. Chairs only.”
  • “Please???”
  • “No.”
T.O.P gif spam ^-^

Yes of course sweetie! Muahahahaa this is gonna be a looooooong post because he is my ultimate bias ;)♥ This is for you potatoisfun and all the Charmers/ UT.O.PIANS :)

Yeeeah…let’s start with this. He is a dork. A bingu :3

ahaha poor Tabi ;D

*sigh* this man

Pls can I …just…be the glass? D:

I think that’s not gonna work babe x)

You heard me. Not gonna work.

Aaanyway, although he is bingu he is very sexy and I just…no. I can’t with him. Excuse me while sobbing through these gifs. Bye~~ :3


He looks so fine in Monster’s mv ! D:♥


Yeah bye! So done with this biatch ;______;

D::::♥ Although I wish he wouldn’t smoke :c

But this bitch can be a cutiepie, diva, choomster, funny man who loves his dongsaengs^-^ I am so screwed with this namja…

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! :3♥

awwww:3 I need BIGBANG in Running Man again!



The Choi butt ;D

Omg what the hell;D Tabi~~ ;D


Gosh you’re cute x)

Then like I said he loves his dongsaengs♥ ㅋㅋㅋ here comes my ships. First let’s take GTOP shall we?;)

*Cleans throat* So…Funny how time change things?;)

you cuties staaph:*

I now realised that they are usually partners in parodies ;D in BOF it was Todae but hmm;D

Weeelll ;D

ummm…? ;DD

You are so busted Tabi XD But GD you said it was fun tho…;)

You just gotta love these two ♥ Then next is Todae ♥




Gaa~~ dorks. Then let’s move on to Tobae^-^

Cute♥ I don’t have more gifs of them O.O Hmm then Seungwhores

Ok just few more gifs which I didn’t know where to put. To sexy or funny or what;D


I ALMOST FORGOT OMGOMG TABI AND SE7EN! D: I love them so much♥ I miss Se7en oppa:c Thank god he is coming back…wait a minute..NEXT MONTH?! Have I calculated right?! :OOOOO Plsplspls I wish!

I love you too Tabi♥ I think this is a great gif to finish this spam! Woaaah this took long but I don’t mind ! This is fun ^-^ Hopefully you liked this^-^


(None of these gifs are mine. Credits to the owners!:) )



LORD HAVE MERCY ! Thank you Tazza 2♥.♥ May be I forgot because this is probably the only shirtless Tabi we can ever get. At least for a while ofc we had this 8 years ago

But I’m actually fine Tabi not showing so much skin. We know he’s shy and I love him anyways♥ But still thank you Tazza 2 and Tabi;D