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I know there’s been a lot going on in the trek community. I wasn’t aware of it until this morning and I’m still taking time to process it. I love you all and I’m proud to know many of you.
I really want to leave this discourse off my blog. If you have questions on where I stand, send me an ask off anon or send me a message and I’m happy to talk to you privately.
That being said. Ace people are unquestionably welcome in this space I’ve built for myself. If you don’t like that unfollow. I won’t miss you.

When the cuteness of Jongho makes me want to scream

  • you fools: klance vs laith discourse
  • me, an absolute intellectual. the literal embodiment of the last stage of the brain meme: LaKe.
You can’t
you can’t just turn it off
you think it’s gone
he’s out
the thought of him with her brings no emotion
but then
you see his face in a dream
you touch him
it’s so real
he’s back
—  you haunt me

early mornin’

late night missing you

this is like… the opposite of wdta!jikook…. im so weak for a healthy relationship 

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Es difícil de creer y difícil de aceptar. Es como estar viviendo en un sueño del que no despiertas nunca, pero que sientes que no es real y que tarde o temprano alguien llegará y te despertará para decirte que nada era real. Pero no. Lamentablemente sí es verdad. Y no estás aquí. A veces pienso que estarás al otro lado de la línea cuando llame a tu teléfono y que responderás tan alegre como siempre, pero luego caigo en la realidad de que sólo escucharé el tono de llamada de espera cuando nadie contesta. A veces quisiera retroceder el tiempo y hacer más largas las llamadas, esas en las que siempre finalizabas con un mensaje de aliento, un consejo sabio o una palabra amorosa que siempre me demostraba lo que eras: el mejor abuelo del mundo. A veces desearía haber aprovechado mejor el tiempo. Haberte escuchado más. Haber hecho más duraderos esos abrazos. Haberte pedido más consejos. O simplemente haberme detenido más tiempo a mirarte. Me habría gustado tener más tiempo, porque creo que te fuiste demasiado pronto de este mundo. Mucho más pronto de lo que yo quería, o esperaba. Quisiera poder ir a tu casa y verte ahí esperándome tan alegre como siempre y escuchar tus historias de vida. Preguntarte mil cosas. Preguntarte si quizá pensabas que estaba tomando buenas decisiones o si tenías algún consejo para darme. Qué esperabas de mí. O simplemente llenarme de inspiración escuchando tu experiencia, con esa misma pasión con la que solías contar toda tu vida, detalle por detalle, siempre haciéndote entender que, aunque la vida puede ser dura, siempre se sale adelante. Sé que siempre estuviste orgulloso de cada uno de mis logros, que siempre estabas dispuesto a apoyarme en lo que sea, porque para ti valía más que yo fuese feliz y que estuviera bien. Hay demasiadas cosas que tengo que agradecerte. Hay tantas cosas que se quedaron en el tintero y que me quedé sin decirte. Hay tantos triunfos en los que no has podido estar presente, pero, aún así, eres a quien siempre le dedicaré cada uno de los logros que tengo y que tendré, porque eres, fuiste y serás siempre el mejor y sé que, aunque me faltó tiempo contigo aquí en la tierra, siempre estarás conmigo donde quiera que estés.

“We work as one.” -

It was so great getting to shoot with Alyson, she is literally the sweetest person in the world and I miss her already. Can’t wait to hang out soon!! If you haven’t checked out her work please do, she is so incredibly talented.

Zenyatta: Me
Widowmaker: @AlysonTabbitha
Photographer: @amaitofuu

Say You Love Me

Spock x Reader

Word Count: 1900

Prompt: “I miss you.” “Love me.”

Summary: You feel neglected by Spock and just want him to tell you he cares about you. 

You expected him to say it at the wedding. He did not and it hurt you more than you expected. Why couldn’t he just say it? You already had so many times. You told him again in your vows at the wedding, that’s where you assumed he’d say it. But those three words were never uttered from your husbands lips. Which annoyed you, but you understood what the half of him that was Vulcan did to his character. Jim could see you were upset at the after party, which was more for you than Spock. Jim told you that Spock had told you about the different ways he loved you, just not with those words. You admitted it hurt you and you did feel like maybe he didn’t love you as much as you loved him. But that begged the question of why would he marry you if he didn’t love you? Jim had just tried to tell you how you were wrong and Spock did love you. But it was hard to believe him when he hadn’t actually said it yet. 

Your comm rang and seeing it was Spock you ignored it. It went to the message. 

“Y/n. You don’t seem to be answering my comm calls. So I am assuming you are ignoring me or have lost your comm. I wasn’t aware you had any activities occurring today that meant you were exiting the house. If you could please call me back I would be much obliged and less worried by the lack of communication, I will see you when I return home.” He hung up and you sat back on the bed. You felt bad but you also wanted him to be worried in a way because, it showed that he cares. Maybe that was manipulative but you needed the affirmation that he didn’t stay with you and marry you for some other reason.

Later that day, the doorbell rang, so you knew it wasn’t Spock. Going to the door you opened it. It was Jim. 

“So. You’re not dead!” He exclaimed. “I’m Spock’s eyes and ears because apparently you haven’t been returning any of the poor Vulcans’ calls and he’s getting worried.” Jim walked in and got a beer from the kitchen. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you ever have those days where you just feel off? Like you're missing something but you don't know what? And I don't mean missing in like "I lost my keys oh no" sense. I mean missing as in like something or someone is missing from your life. The past couple days have been one of those days and I hate it

I absolutely have those days. It may not seem like it, but I definitely have days where I just am not feeling it. Hope you get through it and just know that it won’t always be that way!

I get that familiar, yet painful nostalgia
I’ll walk down the old streets we used to roam
Through the places we made our stands against authority
Old shops we filled with laughter throughout the night
Even restaurants we curled up in after a long day
But I don’t tour this hall of memories for you
Or some desire for a second round of “us”
I don’t miss you
I don’t want you back
I know what you really are
I have seen behind your mask what your true intentions always were
And I’ve come to realize I’m not that stupid
I want better
I have learned
But on days when the leaves and wind call to me from those autumn days
I know I am just missing the happy memories
Missing the moments we shared and how they made me feel then
But as we all know
A relit cigarette never taste the same
The second dose never feels as good as the first
Every single story has an ending
—  I can’t let myself miss you