i miss you soooooooo much

BTS reacting to seeing their boyfriend after a long tour

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Jin would be super happy to see you, instantly complaining about how tiresome the tour was, how annoying “the kids” were and how much he missed your cuddles.
Aigooo these kids were up all night, they were soo loud! It’s so good to be back with you, they never listen to me!

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As long as you were around the other members, Yoongi would probably act pretty chill. When it was just the two of you he’d be all giggles and fluffy feelings, that you of course wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about!
I really missed you y’know… But if you tell anyone I said that……

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You’d get weird looks from the people around you because Hoseok wouldn’t even consider keeping his happiness to himself and scream like there’s no tomorrow. When he was done with all the screaming and random noises he’d start telling you aaaall about the tour.

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Namjoon wouldn’t show you how much he’d missed you until the two of you were alone behind closed doors.
C’mere baby boy, let me show you exactly how much I missed you during tour…

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Kisses, kisses, peck on your nose! Expect a lot of cuddles kisses from this smol bean. You’d probably have to ask someone to get Jimin off you before you both fell, bc this boi ain’t gonna let go of you anytime soon.
But baby pumpkin I’ve missed you! Why don’t you let me love you?? You owe me a cuddle!!!!

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This one would tackle you into the longest, hardest hug you’ve ever had, probably forgetting your need to breathe. When he let you go he’d fake cry but then end up crying for real and tell you how much he missed you everyday
I missed you sooo sooo soooooooo much snugglebutt! I could’ve DIED from missing you, DIED!!!!!

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The second he saw you he’d walk straight up to you, pick you up and carry you over his shoulder and just casually walk away like that.
C’mon babe, we’re gonna order pizza, have a movie marathon, I’m gonna cuddle the fuck outa you and maybe something more involving “fuck”’

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can you do a imagine where Andy is away on tour and (Y/N) and him have a little girl or (Y/N) is pregnant and he comes up and surprises you and there’s lots of fluff?

“Daddy!!!” your little girl screamed, causing you to wake up. You got out of the bed to realize Andy was standing in the front door with a big smile on his face. He let go all the bags and went to hug your 2 years old girl, and she started to cry of happiness. “No, baby girl, don’t cry” Andy whispered, you noticed a few tears in his face. “I missed you so much. I’m not going to another tour without you” He kissed me. “I missed you too Andy. Well, WE missed you.” He smiled. “I can’t believe this” He said looking to our little girl. I smiled. “Come on, let’s get all this bags upstairs” I said. We carried all his bags “Ahh, finally here.” He said lying in our bed. He grabbed me by my hips causing me to fall by his side. I hugged him. “I hate when you go on tour” He smiled. “I’m sorry i’m selfish. But we really can’t live without you” I said. He buried his face on my neck. “You know i can’t either, so the next tour you’ve to come” I kissed him. And then, the little girl appeared on the door “play with me!” she told Andy. “Baby, daddy must be tired.” I explained, she pouted. “No, it’s ok. What if we go to the park?” He asked “Yayyy!!!” she said.

We spent the whole afternoon in the park. “Okay darling, say goodbye to your new friends. It’s time to go” I said. 

Minutes later we went to our house, Andy was exhausted and so was our girl. I carried her to her room where she fall asleep very quickly. 

I made some sandwiches for Andy and grabbed his favorite Batman episodes. “Oh, i missed watching Batman with you soooooooo much” He said, i laughed. I lied with him on the bed and he hugged me, we watched some episodes till we fell asleep in each other arms

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Help!! I wore my hair straight with a middle part today!! I think I moved to Rileytown and I'm turning into Riley and I lost all sense of my personal identity!!!!! All because I wore my hair in a middle part!!! 😂

Oh god, you had better get rid of all those nice new clothes you were so proud and appreciative of to the point where you took really good care of them because they meant something to you and you’d never owned anything like them before in your life! And DEFINITELY turn your attentions towards a boy who is completely inappropriate for your current life stage! Oh, and while you’re at it? All that emotional growth in terms of your willingness to FINALLY believe in good things for yourself? Be sure to toss that out the window too! IT’S NOT YOU!!! STOP COPYING RILEY!!!

Ah, THERE YOU ARE! Gosh, you’re so much better off now, anon. Phew! I missed you soooooooo much! 😭😭😭😭