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Hi yes imagine person A quietly smoothing person B's hair while they laze in bed for a rare off day nap and is at this moment that person A decides that they want this for the rest of they're life. Possibly followed up with a whispered "good gracious do I love you..." And a sleepy mumbled "love me sho much yoush should marry me" *mumbled into person A''s tum for added effect* and person A goin "yeah I should- hey B you wanna get married?" And now person B is very awake- FIN

listen,,, this is so cute I am going To Die. I can see this with future otayuri with 25yo!Yuri and 28yo!Otabek.

It’s 11 am on a Saturday morning and the sun is already shining through the window, casting shadows along the way.

Usually, Otabek would be back from his morning run by now, heading for a quick shower, while Yuri would be going through his stretching routine on the fluffy rug in the living room. But it’s one of their rare days off together and sleeping in once isn’t going to hurt anyone.

Otabek looks at Yuri’s face smushed against his chest as he continues to lazily run his fingers through the golden locks. Despite having outgrown Otabek by more than half a head, the younger has never grown out of curling up to Otabek and snuggling into his side. Old habits die hard, he supposes.

Yuri’s (now much larger) limbs are slightly crushing him, his hair is everywhere and he is drooling a little on Otabek’s shirt; but Yuri’s body pressed against his radiates warmth, his hair, now illuminated by the morning sun, makes him look even more beautiful, and the drool should be disgusting, but all Otabek can think is ‘cute’.

Otabek realises that if he were to pick a moment to live in forever, it would be this. His hand stops dead in its motions.

“Good gracious, do I love you,” Otabek whispers, barely an exhale.

Yuri stirs in his sleep. “Love me sho much you should marry me…“ he mumbles sleepily as he nuzzles his cheek against the other’s chest.

Otabek’s heart misses a beat. He isn’t sure if Yuri is fully aware of what he just suggested. If he’s even actually awake and not just sleep talking. But Otabek thinks about it for a second. They’ve been together for 7 years now and thinking about spending the rest together, like this, doesn’t sound so bad.

“Yeah, I should– hey Yuri, you wanna get married?”

The other’s eyes fly open and he scrambles to sit up, pushing his hair out of his face to stare at Otabek, suddenly not so asleep anymore.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah,” Otabek replies gently, reaching out to tuck a stray lock behind his ear. “Do you want to?” He’s surprised to find that his voice is shaky.

“What kind of dumb qu– YES!” Yuri half-yells, jumping on top of his boyfriend. Otabek wonders if Yuri ever realised how big he has gotten as he suppresses a whimper.

Yuri pulls back from the crushing hug to look down at Otabek with sparkling eyes. “That was unromantic as shit, but that’s so you and I love you, so yes. Let’s,” Yuri says, bending down to press a soft kiss to Otabek’s lips. They both can feel the other smile into it.

Yuri pulls back again, just a bit, their foreheads still touching, breaths mingling, and eyes full of love. He’s happy. They’re happy. He smiles even wider.

“Let’s get married.”

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Bjoo is so sexy eughhhhhh I cant even contain my feels. Ily all. I LUB U ALLL SHO MUSH. Im liek everyday nothing to do i stalk ur acc. I cant even go oneday not stalking it. CONTINUE DOING A GOOD JOB. ILY. Make a hot kiss with Hansol or Bjoo or Xero

We love you too, and thank you very much dear anon! We’ll do our best!

Bjoo & Xero


The second you had stepped into your apartment, Hansol had you pinned against the door, eyes feral, pants tight.

“I missed you.” He muttered, lips landing on the soft skin of your neck.

“I missed you too.” You returned with a sigh, letting yours fingers tangle themselves in his hair. He had been away for three months for Topp Dogg’s Japanese debut. Three whole months without a single touch from him, it was horrible. 

His fingers crept up your shirt, pulling it over your head, his lips moving up your neck to your jaw, tongue and teeth occasionally marking you. Three months without his touch, and now here he was driving you crazy. He had you light-headed and wobbly, eyes closed and lips parted in satisfaction. 

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Orphan's New Year

Thank you so so much to everyone who read and liked and reblogged Orphan’s Christmas. I am continually astounded at the positive feedback you guys give me. I am thrilled that you liked it and wanted more, and I may yet write an addition to it, but for now, here’s the sequel. Thanks for asking for a sequel! Here’s hoping your New Years is just as wonderful as Finn and Rae’s. :)

Also, be warned, this gets smutty at the end. I’m still very unsure of writing sex scenes, so let me know what you think. 

Orphan’s New Year

Finn stops for a second to straighten his perfectly loosened tie and run his fingers through his fringe to perfect its careful dishevelment. He squares his shoulders, too, and tugs at his blazer, just for good measure. It’s stupid, really. She’s seen him in all sorts of forms and conditions, and still seems to like him for some reason. But still. He wants to look nice tonight. Not just for her. In general.


He makes a face at himself in the mirror. He’s an idiot, mooning over his appearance when she’s outside in the cold. Well, the hall. The hall is chilly this time of year. So, he strides over to the door, intending to swing it open immediately. Instead, he pulls his shoulders back again and takes a deep breath, closing his eyes for just a second. Then he finally opens the door.

It feels a bit like someone has punched him, honestly. He feels winded and choked and flushed, like he should take a step back just to take some of the pressure off. She looks stunning. She’s got her hair half up, all poufy and curled at the ends. Her eyes look massive and alluring, rimmed in black and sparkling as they take him in. She’s got her coat unbuttoned, and he can see the curve of her breasts covered in some kind of sparkly black fabric. And her legs, God her legs. They’re soft and smooth and bare and look a mile long with the short hem of the dress and the pointy black high heels she’s got on. He wants to stand there all night, just looking at her, drinking her in.

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Arashi Are You Happy? Live Tour Tokyo 12/28 Report

But first, a reminder. Final chance to enter my giveaway which will end TOMORROW December, 30th at 11PM JAPAN time! I started this in October and thought two months is a long way to go, but wow time flies because we’re already at the end! Please enter if you want ^^ I updated a fresh note at the beginning too so please read it!!

Okay, onto the report. Mostly MC parts. It will be under the cut~ I won’t be commenting on EVERY song btw!

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