i miss you so much angel

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Hello. My goddaughter follows you and she contacted you a few months back thanking you for being a positive influence. You responded with a GIF of Rumer comforting Val(?). Anyway, in her valedictorian speech last night she said "Thank you Keba for being my guardian angel. You'll never know how much you helped me." Her single Mom (serving in the middle East), Nicky (my goddaughter), and I will find a way to thank you one day. She went from being bullied daily to a confident young girl. Thank you.

WOW I remember. I’m so happy she’s in a better place now. And look at her Miss Valedictorian. Congrats Nicky continue being you :). Hopefully one day we can all meet <3


Peaches Honeyblossom Cohen-Geldof

March 13, 1989 - April 7, 2014

“She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us. Writing ‘was’ destroys me afresh. What a beautiful child. How is this possible that we will not see her again? How is that bearable? We loved her and will cherish her forever. How sad that sentence is.”


Kristen Carroll Wiig - August 22nd 1973

I was hesitant to take an acting class because I’m not a performer in my head, I hated speaking in front of the class, I’d miss it if I could, I failed classes because I didn't want to give book reports.
I still have that a little bit when I’m myself and have to speak in front of groups, I haven't honed that skill… I get in my head when I’m telling a story; where is this going, what are they looking at, is my mouth crooked, what am I saying, how do I end this… I’ve just never been in the spotlight, I’ve never liked it.


happy 46th birthday angel. you are loved and missed immensely. you changed the lives of so many people and you changed the world. the impact that you left on the world will go on forever. you had a beautiful soul and a pure heart of gold. i cannot put into words just how much i miss you. you will always be remembered through your movies, music, and of course through your passion to help the earth and animals. you inspire us everyday. and we are eternally grateful for that. for you. i cant wait until i can see you again. happy birthday sunshine. rest easy. we love you.

peace and love, forever and always.

It frightens me how easily death can take away a loved one from us. It’s a constant reminder of how much we take for granted and how we take our friends, even family for granted. They could be gone in an instant. I don’t tell people I love and care about them enough. This really sucks. Please don’t take your friends and loved ones for granted and make them feel loved any chance you get.

Rest in peace.

This is a day late, but happy birthday to this precious angel. I miss him everyday and think about him so much, it hurts to watch his movies because I just can’t stand thinking about the fact that he’s not here with us. He would’ve had an amazing day today, but this world was too cruel for him. Such an amazing heart deserves to be someplace better. Love and miss him everyday, I have so much love and respect for this gorgeous person, you’ll always be in my heart River 💖💞


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Happy birthday my sweet angel. Today you would have been 49 years old, and we miss you and love you everyday. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think of your beautiful being, how much you helped me in my life. And i wish I could have saved you somehow. But now you’re free, so be at peace and remember all of us down here who are thinking of you. Someday I’ll see you again, my friend. I love you ❤️