i miss you so dang much

Ok but consider time

We all know that Lance is homesick and we were shown just how far away they were from Earth at one point. But something that hasn’t been considered is that time is passing differently for them than it is on Earth. A good representation of how this is is in Interstellar, when the main character’s youngest sends him a video, something that she refused to before and only decided to do because it was her birthday. The birthday marking her the same age as her father. Another example of this is if you take a clock and you do one revolution around earth the time on the clock is different than the time on the clocks on Earth that would have previously been running at the same time. I don’t know the exact science so that might not be exact.

So like… I have an idea for an au where Lance’s family is devastated when they find out, and Lance’s 13 year old genderfluid sibling is like ‘I want to go to the Garrison’ and Lance’s parents and everyone else are like 'No, we just lost Lance, why would you want to do that’ and the sibling is like 'Lance’s dream was to make it to space and if he couldn’t get there in his life time then I’m going to do this for him’ so they take up engineering and physics to try to get into the Garrison. They try to get in at age 14 and don’t, but try again at 15 and do. They get an opportunity to be a pilot because someone quit. They have to deal with Iverson and he’s like 'You’re just like your brother, useless, a replacement because someone else isn’t here’ and they realise that this would have fuelled Lance’s anxiety and he never told any of them. They make it their personal mission to be problematic, but also the best in their class. Like, insulting Iverson everyday, becoming 50000000% more petty and salty, and even at one point challenging him to a rap battle. On a separate occasion they somehow manage to barge into a staff meeting to shout that at Iverson that he verbally abused and degraded their brother’s mental health and worsened his anxiety, before presenting a petition signed by the whole student body and some parents to get Iverson fired. Iverson is fired. After a few years the Kerberos mission is being rebooted. At age 19 they are chosen to pilot. They tell their family that they’re finally getting to see space. The team includes Mrs Holt, who had stepped up to engineering again, and another woman. They get to Kerberos, and a few weeks into their mission the Galra resistance group who rescued Matt arrive, to check that the area is still free of the Galran Empire. Mrs Holt is so happy, but also, her son looks the same way he did when she last saw him 8 years ago, though more buff, scarred and tired. The sibling convinces them to let them come with them, and when Matt explains that Mr Holt is still out there Mrs Holt is like 'There is no way that you’re leaving me behind, the communications officer is like 'The government adopted me when I was 12, and they passed me off to the Garrison immediately, two years before they were legally allowed to so I don’t have much back there, I’ll come’. The Galra resistance group meets with the Blade of Marmora to form an alliance. They then meet with Voltron. The meeting is first with Allura, then the paladins of Voltron are introduced, minus Shiro because he’s missing. There are the obvious reunions.

Matt: What the f-
Mrs Holt: Language, Matt.
Matt: Mum, I’m fighting in a war and I was a slave for a year, let me swear.
Pidge: Who are you, you’re not the short beanpole I know.
Matt: As I was saying, MUM, what the heck’s a Pidge.
Pidge: I’m a Pidge. And Mum, you look a lot older than I remember.

Lance enters with a mug of coffee or something.

Hunk: Ah, I see you’re holding true to being the 20 minutes late with Starbucks meme.
Lance: Yes, but I woke up lat this morning and I have to uphold my beauty routine so I’m not sore-why is Pidge standing next to a hot Pidge what is happening am I okay.

Lance is barrelled over in a bear hug by his sibling.

Lance: *is confused*
Keith *is alarmed, the subject of his pining isn’t allowed to die*
Everyone else: *also alarmed*
Sibling: How dare you, not tell me or anyone else about Iverson being a dick to you! You were my role model! I came out as genderfluid to you before anyone else! Before I came out to Mama! You watched my debates and you went to everyone on of Freya’s hockey games, and you taught Maria how to use makeup when she was transitioning, and yet you couldn’t tell anyone of us, or even Mum or Mama about that!
Lance: Who-w-How do you know all that who are you?
Sibling: Well, you dense traffic light after that I thought it would have been obvious. I’m *name*
Lance: Um, no, *name* is 13.
Pidge: Lance…I can’t believe I forgot…We studied this…Time passes differently in space…
Lance: So you’re telling me that they’re, that you’re, my sibling? You’re, like, my age, if you aren’t older! How old even are you?
Sibling: I’m 19.
Lance: What the f-
Matt: Language.
Lance: ????
Matt: If I’m not allowed to swear you don’t get you.
Sibling: You know what this means, right? Unless you were some sort of crazy party animal at the Garrison I got to drink before you.
Hunk: 19 is still underage though.
Sibling: In America maybe. But we live in Australia. So. Whenever I went home I got to drink. Because I was also at the Garrison from a program/branch thing in Australia I was bound by Australian rules so I was legally considered an adult and allowed to pilot the second Kerberos mission.
Matt: But more importantly. You think I’m hot? *bats lashes at Lance*
Sibling: Right, how could we forget about that beautiful gem.
Lance: How could you do this? Betrayed by my favourite little-what is is sibling? Sister?
Sibling: Sibling.
Lance: How could I be betrayed by my favourite little sibling?
Sibling: Well first of all, I’m only your favourite until Freya or Maria is in the room and suddenly you’re not allowed to have favourites, and second, you may have been born before me but I’ve lived longer than you so I’m the older sibling now.
Lance: All around me are familiar faces, worn out places-
Allura: We are currently searching for our black paladin, Shiro, which is why we wanted meet with you, aside from solidifying an alliance.
Matt: Wait, you mean Shiro like Takashi Shirogane?
Keith: Yeah. He’s missing and we can’t form Voltron without him.
Matt: You must be Takashi’s emotionally constipated adopted child-I mean adoptive brother. But more importantly, he couldn’t even be here to meet me! My boyfriend’s such a *stares directly at Mrs Holt* goshdarned flake.
Pidge: *Snorts* And what a hecking shame that is! If you being here could have stopped him from going and cheesing disappearing then we wouldn’t be in this dang situation.
Holt siblings: *snorts devolving into cackles*

So that’s my au. There’s more. There’s so much more and I might draw some of it. I’m also considering a name/names for the sibling.

Or, alternatively the time passing differently in space could just be for langst.


“H, that was so freakin’ amazing and-you’re walking right past me and ignoring me.”

H stormed right past me as he walked off the stage and right into his dressing room. Walking in behind him, I shut the door as he threw his suit jacket onto the leather couch and ran a hand over his face, turning his head away from me. I could see him going through his performance in his head, nitpicking every little thing he did wrong and kicking himself over the last few moments of the song. 

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Challenge Day Ten: Doggy Style

“God you look gorgeous,” Josh breathed, standing in front of the bed.

“I’m all yours,” you reminded. “Consider it a little welcome home present.”

“Best present of my life,” he chuckled. “Dang.”

You had made it a point to strip down completely naked and be waiting in bed when Josh came home from tour, laying there and ready as soon as he got home. He had sent you plenty of dirty texts as his flight landed, and couldn’t wait to get his hands on you, especially since you could already see his hard on through his jeans. “Miss me?” you smirked.

“I missed everything about you,” he sighed. “But this, I missed this so fucking much.”

“Tell me what to do,” you whispered. “You’re in control.”

“Come here and undress me,” he decided.

“Anything you say,” you winked, crawling off the bed and approaching him, sliding your hand down his chest and in between his legs to cup his erection before placing a kiss on his lips, unbuttoning his shirt and sliding it to the ground, then unzipping his jeans and shoving them down his legs, tugging down his boxers.

“Get on the bed,” he instructed. “On all fours.”

“Doggy style?” you smirked.

“You know it,” he replied with a grin. You bit down on your lower lip and glanced at him before crawling onto the bed, doing as told, sticking you ass up in the air for him to see.

“You like?” you teased.

“I love the view,” he admitted, eyes darkening as he approached the bed and positioned himself behind you, placing kisses on your back and making you shiver. “I love this body.”

“Fuck me already,” you complained and he gave a light laugh. “I missed you.”

“Believe me,” he whispered. “I missed you too.” He slid a hand down your side carefully before lining up at your entrance, teasing you with the head of his cock and making you gasp.

“Please,” you begged.

“If you so desperately wish,” he smirked, pushing into you and making you moan loudly, grabbing your hips and starting to thrust into you from behind, watching as you tilted your head up and let a plethora of sighs and gasps spill from your mouth. “You sound so damn beautiful like that, baby.”

“Josh-” his name got caught in your throat as he went faster, your bodies rocking together in the same rhythm, pants and moans combining and echoing throughout the room.

“Do it,” he grit his teeth. “Cum for me.”

“Oh fuck,” you gasped as your body shuddered with your orgasm, arms and legs growing weak as waves of euphoria washed over you, Josh still sliding into you until he came as well. He pulled out, both of you catching your breath, and he flipped you over, wrapping his arms around you and laying you down on the bed to kiss your lips.

“I’m starting to think I better bring you on the next tour,” he raised his eyebrows with a smile. “Because there’s no way I’m ever going to miss out on something like that.”

I don’t miss you,
but I miss your hand in mine.

I don’t miss you,
but I miss laughing so hard that our stomachs cramped.

I don’t miss you,
But I miss your warm embrace,
the one that could fix me in an instant.

I don’t miss you,
But I miss the way you looked at me,
like I was the only girl in the world.

I don’t miss you,
But I miss cuddling up to you and falling asleep with my head on your chest.

I don’t miss you,
But I miss your beautiful eyes,
and your genuine smile.

I don’t miss you,
but I miss your tender kisses on my forehead.

I don’t miss you,
but I miss the way you held me.

I don’t miss you,
but I miss the feeling of loving someone,
and the feeling of being loved.

I don’t miss you,
but I miss being the couple that everyone asked,
“Dang, you two are still together”

I don’t miss you,
because you changed.

I don’t miss you,
but I miss the times we had.
I can’t miss you,
because you’re not the same person anymore.
And I’m worth much more
than the person you’ve become.

Things I want from s5 of the 100
  • Braven/Rellamy (I’ve always loved them yolo, but I don’t want it if it becomes this messed up love triangle where she’s left for Clarke like s1)
  • A siq af Octavia/Bellamy reunion 
  • Tbh I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to Clarke being alive, I mean can you imagine, 6 years dang
  • MEMORI TO STILL BE TOGETHER, I’ve honestly never seen a more slytherin couple in my life it’s actually amazing 
  • Flashbacks (normally I hate them but I’ve missed the ark so much and I wanna see how Octavia leads)
  • I want more scenes with Octavia and the rest of the delinquents like, it’s time (Especially Murphy/Octavia I was always thought that was an interesting dynamic)
  • I’m gonna be real guys, idc for marper
  • I’m excited to see Clarke’s dynamic/relationship with her little natblidaI WOULD SERIOUSLY LOVE TO SEE RAVEN HAPPY AND NOT SUFFER FOR ONE SEASON JUST ONE 

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What's ur favorite mutrals? New and old. Also favorite gc new and old :)

dang this is a hard question… 

new mutuals i would prob say @youfuckingloosah @jimmytfallon @nottooldforthisship

old mutuals would be my friends which would be @just-end-it @compasstatt @thicclarrie @onehome @sottlyrics @oiiilivia @organicstunts @princesslouis @softlarry @maytwelfth i have way too many but i’ll probably do a follow forever soon enough 

also my favorite old gc would be my ace gc i made i miss that gc so much :( 
new favorite is either my new ultimate gc or the legendary louies 

The NHL’s Gosh Dang Team of Children

Meet the Philadelphia Flyers. Okay, sure, they’re known as the Broad Street Bullies. And that they are. But off the ice? Honestly they’re just all children.

Bam. Exhibit A. Michael del Zotto and Ryan White (We’ll miss you, Whitey. Have fun in ‘Zona). The third episode of Stall Talk with MDZ involved a giant panda, a carousel, and a whole lot of laughing. Honestly. Try to watch them and not smile.

Y’all I don’t even care that Danny B isn’t on the team anymore. Because technically he’s always going to be a Flyer. But anyway look at this dork. Simmer there too being a dork. Gosh. Why are they so adorable. Someone help.

This is the best defensemen (fight me) in the league. With his dog, Cooper, on his head. Wow. Shayne Gostisbehere, we love you (mainly because you single handedly basically saved our sorry rear ends and also wear your dog as a hat).

Did we honestly expect anything else from these two? Michael del Zotto and Michael Raffl. Honestly. Team Picture Day. I’m just wow. They have more hair products than I, a female, do. And orange towels. I can’t handle them. Dorks.

These pictures are a tribute to most childish of all, our beloved captain, Claude Giroux. Alright, come on. If you don’t love him, you’re wrong. Guys. Look. Honestly. He’s carrying his dog in a backpack. He’s playing cards with Michael Waffle on an airplane, it looks like. Everyone loves him, tbh. Don’t deny it.

Okay, so, yeah, this is on the ice. But guys. Look at Laughts being all adorable. Who gave him permission to do this? I’m telling y’all, we’re just a bunch of kids.

Here’s one of our star goalies. With his dog, who’s name is George. Guys, I’m absolutely screaming. I’d like to thank Mase’s wife/girlfriend for this. Wow. Dork.

Here’s my tribute to Austrian child Michael Raffl. I love him so much. He can’t wrap presents for beans. I would pay money to get a gift wrapped by him, tbh.

Here’s Matt Read. And Claude Giroux, which you could barely see because he’s so well camouflaged. Matt has that face “he’s back there doing it again, isn’t he? Gosh dang it, G, we’ve talked about this. I can’t believe you.” I love these people

Where do I even begin with these two. Honestly. I don’t know where to start. Jake, what does this even mean? Wayne, how do you put up with him? I love you both so much. I’m not sure it’s healthy, but I do anyway. Gosh dang kids.

Here’s more Jake Voracek. You guys. I can’t even with him. Look at that cheeser. I’m absolutely crying. You can see he just loves to laugh. I love him.

Again, Whitey being a dork. He’s going to be missed so much. There aren’t many other guys with this much heart. Wow. He just went out there and had fun.

Anyway, that’s just part of the NHL’s Gosh Dang Team of Children. Thank you for listening.

Who’s Your Daddy?

After reading an Imagine about Thor and Steve at a party, I got inspired, so I decided to try the reader insert again.   I wrote it with an actual named person, then went back and changed everything to fit a reader insert.  Easier, but I might have missed a few.  Hopefully it isn’t terrible.  I am much more used to writing about superheroes in middle school than I am as adults.

Thanks so much to @lostnerdouttime for the lovely inspirational Imagine.  Dang it.  Now I want to expand this to a full story.

The Imagine in it’s original form is below this.  It was, “Thor and Steve calling “Daddy” in your phone to get your dad to come pick you up after a party but suddenly Tony’s phone starts ringing.”


Being Tony Stark’s daughter was something that you were proud of, even if you couldn’t tell anyone about it.

Your mother met Tony soon after his parents died and both of them were always honest about the fact that it wasn’t a love match, but a one night stand that led to your birth nine months later.  He wanted to do the right thing though, so he offered to take care of both of you, an offer your mother refused.  Instead, she took a job at a law firm in Boston while putting herself through law school and would only allow him to help with expenses directly involving you.  

Your mother also insisted that the fact that you were Tony’s daughter be a secret from the rest of the world, because she didn’t want you to grow up as an item of interest to the press.  It was never a secret from you though, and Tony tried to be as much a part of your life as possible.   He was there when you graduated from high school at 16, and was thrilled that you chose MIT to study Electrical Engineering just as he did.  He offered you a job with Stark Industries after you earned your Master’s degree, even if the salary was well above the usual for a 22 year old with your experience.  You agreed, though, because it meant spending more time with your dad, even if only you, him and Pepper Potts knew the truth.

Less than two years later, you found yourself at a party in the residential part of the tower.  You had just finished dancing with your friend, Steve Rogers, for about the fifth time that night.  You normally didn’t get invited to these parties, but Steve asked you to come and your dad didn’t object.

“I am completely exhausted,” you declared as Steve led you over to one of the couches.  “I didn’t realize that being your friend would mean so much dancing.”

“Don’t forget that it was you who suggested the salsa class.  I just expanded from there,” he grinned.  “Want me to get you a drink?”

“Sure, maybe some water?”  You watched him walk away with a smile.  

You didn’t really have much to do with the Avengers, and they certainly didn’t know about your true relationship with Tony.   You did help Clint Barton create some new arrows that did interesting things, but that was about the extent of it. 

That changed about three months ago when you overheard your dad talking to Steve about the possibility of building something that would recall his shield to him when he threw it.  Tony agreed to let you work on the problem, which he immediately seemed to regret when Steve began spending more time than strictly necessary in the lab with you whenever he was in town.  Soon there were salsa lessons followed by jive, waltz and swing dance lessons. Next came bowling nights, movie nights and game nights.  It wasn’t really dating, you guessed, since he was always the perfect gentleman with you, as much as you might have wished that he wasn’t.

“Lady, (Y/N)!”  You recognized the voice of Thor and stood to greet him.  You and Thor met a few weeks ago while you were spending time with Steve.

“Nice to see you, Thor.  How are you?”

“I am well.  Just back from visiting Jane.   I miss her already.”  He took out a small gold flask and poured a tiny bit of liquid into his glass before draining it in seconds.  Seeing you eyeing him curiously, he grinned.  “This is the Asgardian equivalent of your whiskey.  Very powerful.  I would offer you some, but a tiny bit is strong enough to possibly render you unconscious.”

You threw up her hands and laughed.  “No thank you.  Alcoholism runs in my family, so I am very selective with my drinking.  Besides, Steve has had me dancing most of the night.  I’m perfectly happy with water.”  Steve rejoined you and handed you a glass.

“My friend, would you like to try?”  Thor waved the flask in front of Steve.  “Earth alcohol doesn’t seem to affect you, but perhaps Asgardian will.”

“Oh yeah.  You should definitely try this Steve.  You know, for science purposes,” you suggested with a giggle.

“Wow.  I think you’ve been around Tony too long.  You sound just like him, (Y/N).”

You couldn’t help snorting at his comment and had to cover your mouth.

Thor poured a more generous helping of the brown liquid into the glass and handed it to Steve.  He looked at you and shrugged before downing it in one shot.  “Not bad.  It goes down smoothly,” he coughed before holding out the glass and Thor poured a little more for him, before taking some for himself.

This continued for the next half hour, and based on their raised voices, as well as Steve’s flushed face and grin, it appeared that Asgardian liquor did, in fact, work on a super soldier.  You watched in amusement as Steve finally decided that he had enough and crashed down beside you on the couch.  

“You know that this is your fault, (Y/N),” he grinned at you.  “I haven’t felt like this since before the war when Bucky’s cousin got us some moonshine from somewhere in Jersey.”

“I’m not sure you can blame me for this.  I suggested you try it, not drink half of it!”  

You were surprised when he reached over and took your hand in his.  “You could make it up to me if you would agree to let me take you out for Valentine’s Day this weekend.  Like a real date?”

You looked around the room, glad that your dad had wandered off with Bruce Banner to do science a while ago, before smiling at him.  “Are you asking me to be your Valentine, Captain Rogers?”

“Yeah, I guess I am,” he returned your smile.

“Well, then.  I’m saying yes.”

“I do not think that I, in good conscious, can approve of this,” Thor said, interrupting the moment.  “On Asgard the man would seek permission from his lady’s father before such courting.  Was it not this way on earth in your time, Steven?”  Thor’s grin betrayed the seriousness of his words.

“Well, sort of.  I would pick her up for the date and meet her father, certainly.  We should do that, (Y/N).  I’ve talked to your mother on the phone, but your father lives here in the city, yet I’ve never seen him.  Yeah, let’s do that!”  Over the course of spending time with Steve, you both had talked about your families.  One night, when you slipped up and mentioned that your father lived in the city, he became very interested in why you didn’t seem to see him that often.  Of course, what Steve didn’t know was that you actually saw him every day.

You looked at him through wide eyes.  “Yeah, really, really bad idea, Steve.  Like the worst idea ever.”

“Does your father disapprove of Earth’s Mightest Heroes?”  Thor laughed.  “Traditions must be respected.  Perhaps if I called and spoke with him?  He could come pick you up from the party and meet us, so that Steven can ask him properly.”

“Really not a great plan, Thor.  Trust me.”

You realized too late that Steve had grabbed your phone from your handbag.  “Old people love me.  I’m Captain America!” Steve slurred his words and you couldn’t decide if you should be amused by drunken Steve, or horrified that neither Thor nor Steve were letting this go.  

“My dad isn’t that old,” you giggled as you grabbed for the phone.  He evaded you easily.

“Call Father,” Steve spoke into the phone.  When nothing happened, you breathed a sigh of relief.  

“Try Dad,” Thor suggested.

Steve grinned, still holding the phone out of your reach.  “Call Dad.”  Once again, nothing happened.

“Alright guys.  This has been fun, but it is time to chill out.  Steve, you want to impress my Daddy, let me assure you that this isn’t the way to……..”  

You were cut off as Steve spoke into the phone one more time with a wide grin.  “Call Daddy.”

You jumped up fast, surprising him and grabbing the phone.  It had already started ringing, so you shut the call down as quickly as you could.  Steve just laughed.

“I think we figured it out, Thor.”

Thor responded by grabbing the phone from your hand and saying, “Call Daddy,” into the speaker.

Once again, you grabbed at your phone.  You were actually surprised at how easily you got it from him, and you shut it off after a few rings.  You noticed that the other party goers were watching now, and you couldn’t help laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation.  Steve apparently took this as a sign that you were having fun with it, so he once again grabbed the phone and loudly yelled, “Call Daddy,” into it.  When you reached for it, he tossed it to Thor.  You lunged for the phone again, but Steve grabbed you around the waist to stop you and Thor held the phone over his head, well out of your reach.  

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and the door was torn off the hinges, flying halfway across the room.  Clint Barton had to jump out of the way to avoid getting hit by it.  Your dad came into the room, part of his Iron Man suit covering his arms, with Bruce trailing after him.  Tony was holding his hands up defensively as he looked around the room.  Finally, his eyes settled on you.  

“(Y/N),” he gasped.  “Is something wrong?  I’ve gotten three calls from you that were all hang ups!”

The entire room went silent, and you froze, your hands still raised above your head in a futile attempt to reach your phone and Steve’s arms wrapped around your waist in a comical attempt to stop you.  Thor just stood there stupidly with the phone raised above his head.  You had no idea what to do next.

As he made his way over to the three of you, Tony took in the scene before him.  The look on his face was what you would describe as the angry dad face and finally you all three seemed to snap out of it.  Thor put his hands down and gave you back your phone with an apologetic look at Tony.  Steve took a step back from you, looking between you and Tony with something like shock.

“What in the HELL is happening here?” Tony demanded from all of you.  His laser hands pointed at Steve and Thor.  

Both you and Steve seemed to have lost the ability to speak, so Thor gave it a try.  “Well, my friend,” he emphasized the word friend, possibly in a vain attempt to remind Tony of their good will.  “We discovered that Asgardian alcohol can, in fact, affect Captain America, and we might have gotten a little carried away in our revelry and decided that it was important for Steve to talk to (Y/N)’s father, so we attempted to call him.”

You finally found your voice and shrugged at your dad.  “I tried to stop them.  That’s why there were hang ups.  It isn’t my fault that they are both huge beefcake like giants.  I had no hope against them.”  You covered your mouth to hide the giggle that escaped from you and gave him your best Daddy’s Little Girl look.

Tony finally lowered his arms and met your eyes.  You recognized amusement as he looked between the three of you, and you relaxed just a little bit until he settled his eyes on Steve, who seemed to have completely forgotten that he still had his arm around you.

Your dad looked around the room.  “Okay, so now you all know about the best thing to ever come from a youthful indiscretion.  Keep it in the family, please.”  He walked up to you and kissed your forehead like he used to do when you were small, and you could feel every eye in the room on the two of you.

Next, he focused his gaze on Steve, who was completely unsure of how to react.  “Capsicle?”  He poked Steve in the chest.  “Keep your hands off my daughter, old man.  You’re old enough to be her grandfather.  Technically, you are old enough to be her great-grandfather.”  He turned to walk out of the room.

“Would now be a good time for Steven to speak with you about the Valentine’s Day date he has planned with (Y/N) this weekend?” Thor called after him.

“No, it absolutely would NOT.  We can discuss that NEVER.”  He left without even looking back.

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Heya Auds! I finally finished RWBY and I'm drowning in feels now. *waits impatiently for season 5* That last episode was so good! Renora is practically canon (insert that 'this is not a drill' gif)! I've had so much fun fangirling with you while I watched it! Have a great day!!! - ❤️RWBY anon

Hi RWBY anon! I missed you!

Yes, Renora is practically canon hehe. I was so legitimately excited when I saw the chapter that I cried. I found out on Tumblr first and began crying at work because it was so dang beautiful.

And ye, I am crossing my fingers for RWBY season 5 to come soon! I am soooooo hyped for
RWBY Chibi and need to watch the first season hehe

Thanks for taking this journey with me! It’s been a lot of fun. Go ahead and message me anytime when you want to fangirl! ❤

hello again darlings.  its been a long time.  I am starting finals, beginning tomorrow, but i’ve missed this blog so much, my heart aches.  I hope you know how much I really value the writing I’ve done on here.  I believe I’ve made the statement before, but, for those who do not know, I will be working all summer as a camp counselor, week after week, which means I will not be able to be online, until school starts back up in September.

I’ve been absent mostly because of the craziness of my life currently.  Lots of homework, future job stuff coming into play, just planning out my career, and travel, and what not - but I hope to come back to this, or perhaps restart blogs, or delete everything.  Honestly, my tumblr future is unclear as of right now, but … yeah.


Truly I miss you guys.  How have you all been, honestly?  I’d be happy to hear from you, I just feel all nostalgic and sentimental atm.  Tell me about your day if you’re online!  (i’ll just be working on a paper!  hmu!)

Can we just take a looky at this old scene again...

So to start us off…

These two decide to full blown charge on Gen. Are they planning on punching him? Restraining him?? What are you guys planning??? 

Regardless, Gen just extends that limb and grabs Ceylan’s hood

Oh no there he goes, throw that to the side, goodbye

Toxsa’s turn, here we go again, grabs the head band

But he just flicks it down

There they go, so much for brave warriors- GeN WHAT ARE YOU DOING

yoU CAN JUMP THAT HIGH? and still maNAGE TO LOOK MENACING?? ( he must do some crazy squats to just hella jump like that damn )

Guren you better watch out one of your future boy friends is FLYING

just kidding despite that crazy jump he must’ve missed the landing (any one else digging that cat-ear lookin’ hairstyle?)



Because theRE HE GOES

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Not an anon but I've been doing good, miss my best friend, but I got my ear pierced today! I got an industrial~ and my dog Pasta is doing well and can't wait to meet youu.

HO DANG ahhh I wanna see!!! ;w; did it hurt? I’ve always wondered about upper ear piercings- I can’t wait to meet cute lil Pasta!!!! asdfasdf he’s so cute

nimblermortal replied to your post “devieklutz answered your question “Yooo, anybody have any…”

Uhhhh cook it a whole lot; use V8 juice; use more chili powder than you think you need; after the first night bake half a recipe of cornbread on top in a cast iron skillet oh god you’re from the north please let me send you a cornbread recipe, if you put more than a quarter cup of sugar in I will die, why do Northerners think cornbread ought to taste like cake, wait we were talking about chili - yeah, cook it a whole lot, heem not take much effort.


Dang, missed the chili powder - next time I’ll double it. The chili went on low all night, so I think I’ve got that covered at least. V8 juice sounds like a good idea, too. I’ll try your tips next time and compare with Devie’s! I’d love a cornbread recipe! Please send! I am from the norther than north, though, so I actually have no preconceived notions about cornbread because it just isn’t A Thing here. We probably eat bannock more often than cornbread (although that has also been white personed out of all recognition).  The only two times I’ve had cornbread were once in Vegas when I was a kid, where it was basically like eating real live lembas bread because it only existed in fiction to me, and once at Boyfriend’s house, because his parents lived in Texas for a spell and picked up the Southwest aesthetic and the New Year’s beans thing.


Oh my I’m so sorry for delaying my reply to you two!

You see…I was very happy with your messages, dang was I glad you like my ASL posts!…………………. but then I recalled…I HAVEN’T DRAWN THE BABS IN SO LONG….how can I be glad and proud for the ASL if I don’t actually provide the content… SO, time to fix that! and what better than baseball dorks :D

It’s bc of your asks I got to draw this, so it’s for you both <3 thank u so much @dlozart and @chrysals for the sweet messages ♥

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💕📖🔥 - you precious bean 🙆🌼

💕 = tumblr friends

I mention all the time that I’m an itty bitty blog, right? So this is a tiny list, BUT I absolutely adore the friends that I do have.

The two I talk with the most (💕 Honestly what would I do without you. I don’t know): @kimtrain and @grumpytth
My hermanita who has a special, snug place in my heart: @fallingkookie
@runkairun who is somewhat like an older sister, and who I miss because we’re both just so dang busy all the time. 
@uziregar who I absolutely will always consider a friend and a fandom mom. You and @interestingmistakes made a surprising impact on both my internet and my real life, honestly. 
@bun-squad because even though we haven’t talked much, you’re adorable and I love when we do.
And you know those people that you see on your dash all the time and they become someone you consider a friend, even though you’ve rarely talked? For me, that’s @mrssuga@anon451, and @jinbutevil

OH AND everyone at @hallyuwritersnet I LOVE THOSE LOVELY HUMANS. 

📖 = tell a story 

May paused, waiting again for the noise. She was… fairly certain. About what it was. But where it was was a bit harder to answer.
It came again a moment later, that quiet yowl, and she rushed toward the closet in the girl’s room. Dropping into a squat, she peered inside, eyes adjusting to the darkness as they settled on the lump of white and black fur in the corner. The lumps of black and white fur in the corner.
Carefully rising, she stepped out of the room and closed the door. Closed her eyes. Took a deep breath. And then, “ALEJANDRA, MOO-COW GAVE BIRTH AND YOU’RE MISSING IT. THERE’S FIVE AND I’M GONNA CLAIM MINE FIRST.”
May grinned, hearing the sudden rush of footsteps from down the hall, but retreated back to the room quickly. Plopping down in front of the closet once more, she peered inside at the cat (her cat. “Moo-cow” had been the product of a creative fourth grade mind) and all her kittens. 
Moo-cow was still in the process of licking each one clean and nosing them toward her stomach, and May knew better (even at the tender age of ten), than to reach out and touch any of them. She could however, watch, and coo, and fight with her siblings over claiming and naming one. 
Alejandra dropped to the floor next to her, gasping and cooing as well. 
“That one has an arrow on his back,” Alejandra noticed, pointing to a kitten that did indeed have a very distinct arrow shape on its back.
“Lets name it Arrow,” Myles suggested, having come in without either of the girls noticing. May restrained her laughter at the simple thinking of the four year old, and agreed instead. 
“Alright, that one can be Arrow,” she nodded. 
“That one. I want that one and I wanna name it Charlotte,” Alejandra said suddenly, pointing to the smallest one of the bunch.
“Fine. And I want…” May looked at the remaining three, and her eyes fell upon the only fully black kitten of the bunch. They were all still little bundles, but he seemed bulkier than the rest, and she took a liking to him immediately. 
“That one,” she pointed, smiling. “And I shall name him Bear.”

🔥 = vent 

OH GOD WHY WOULD YOU PICK THIS ONE. Honestly I’m just SO internally stressed. Study abroad has turned out to be a huge pain, though hopefully it all works out, and then my classes are just so freaking HARD (WHY AM I IN ENGINEERING? WHO ALLOWED THIS? WHAT AM I DOING??), and then there’s also that boy, and that boy and I sorta have an all day date planned? Involving grocery shopping, an (apparently) amazing ramen restaurant for lunch (I didn’t know we had good ramen around here. I MISS GOOD RAMEN), and then heading home, and spending the day hanging out and making dinner together. LKDJSFAJ. I know that sounds nice, but I’m also sorta stressed about it, BECAUSE IDK IF I HAVE TIME IN MY LIFE FOR A BOY. I’M STRESSED AND OVERWORKED FROM CLASSES AS IS. But he’s also an engineer and 100% nerd, and we’ve been getting along really well so far, and honestly no one would fit better into my life than a fellow engineer because he’s also busy and generally stressed. >~< Oh god. I can’t even begin to describe the terrible knot that my stomach is in from ALL these things.

Wow this turned out longer than expected. @grumpytth YOU ARE A PRECIOUS BEAN, YOU GOOB. Honestly though, this was fun, thanks for indulging me :3

I’m answering asks, feel free to participate! 


BBRae Week - Day One: Midnight. NSFW.

- - -

“Smoking is bad for your health, you know. What would Nightwing say about it?”

Changeling jumped and flicked the cigarette over the edge of the balcony, his cheeks darkening as he turned around to see Raven standing there. The corners of her mouth turned up into a sly, secretive smile and she adjusted the folds of her blue velvet dress with somewhat dainty, delicate movements. She looked a bit like a princess, like a twisted, dangerous version of Cinderella before him, and her eyes were as dark as they had always been, as if there were shadows creeping in from the edges of her soul.

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Thank you so much for coming back, I really missed this blog and I'm so excited for their vacation antics! (P.S. You started posting just hours before my birthday, so I'm considering this a birthday present.)

You’re welcome! It’s been a long time, huh? I realized I haven’t posted since Election Night–was too dang depressed/angry. Oops. Springs coming here, though, and I really want to get things rolling again so we can see these kiddies grow old and up together. I’m finishing my surprise–you guys are gonna be like, “WTC I can’t believe it took you like six months and that’s what it is–and then we’ll get things going again I think. The comic is going to be on hold for a bit until I save up enough money to get a new tablet–the one I have hasn’t been doing what I need.


While You Were Away (CS Modern AU) ONE-SHOT

A/N:Prompt: “You had a business trip and I missed you so much that I kind of tore up the house in your absence like a dog with separation anxiety… sorry?” AU

Written for @thejollypirate birthday. Happy Happy Birthday Casey! I am so sorry it took me forever to get this to you. Dang muse just wouldn’t cooperate!

Thank you to @o-u-a-timer for looking this over!

Read at:   FFN   AO3

DISCLAIMER: I do not own OUAT or its characters.

While You Were Away

Friday Evening.

“So, when will you be back?” Emma sighed, her shoulders falling in displeasure as she bit her lip from her place next to him on their couch.

His hand reached out, fingers intertwined with hers. The corners of his lips lifted in a reassuring smile as his thumb ran gently across the back of her hand. “Sunday evening, love. I promise you, not a moment later.” His free hand lifted and came to rest on her ever growing belly.

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