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Animal Instinct

Sirius x Reader for Anon!!!  My first imagine in months, enjoy! 💕

Request: Can you write a Sirius x reader where she always comforts everyone in her animagus form (cat) and only the marauders know it’s her, and once she’s sad and Sirius cuddles w her as Padfoot? I really like this idea, hope you do as well :)

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The night had taken its toll, and Y/N was prepared for the worst as she waited anxiously for the four marauders to return.  She sat upright and still, her hind legs tucked into her soft fur, with her big yellow eyes fixed on the portrait hole.  Her tail skirted side-to-side with anticipation when, at last, four boys stumbled through.

Finally, she thought with relief as she got to her feet and padded over to them quizzically.  Remus leaned on Sirius and James for support, his knees weak, but as Y/N’s keen eyes scanned him over, she noted he didn’t look all too bad this time, save for a few deep scratches along his arms.

“Good evening, Y/N,” James smiled, his eyes tired.

“Nothing too bad tonight, love,” Sirius cooed to the small tabby, patting her delicately on the head between her attentive ears.  She shook him off and mewed at Remus, rubbing against his leg. The exhausted boy had a hint of a smile.

“Thanks for being here, Y/N.”

As the boys helped Remus upstairs, Y/N pranced eagerly after them, settling onto Remus’s bed where they lowered him next to her.  A warm, purring ball of orange fur, Y/N situated herself in Remus’s lap.  She nudged her head into his chest, seeking to comfort the boy after his monthly ordeal.

Remus was thankful for the distraction of her soft fur as Sirius dragged a wet rag across his cuts.  He winced and gripped Y/N’s fur as she nuzzled into him, purring and mewling softly to shift his focus away from the pain.

Once his wounds were cleaned and properly dressed, Remus let out a low, long sigh and leaned back into his pillows.  Y/N watched him with curious eyes.

“He’s alright, Y/N, don’t worry,” Sirius smiled and reached to smooth his hand over her ears once more.  This time, Y/N leaned and nudged into his touch.  Her little heart fluttered.

Remus had fallen fast asleep.

“Thank you for being here for him, Y/N,” James whispered, covering the sleeping boy with his blanket.  “I think it really comforts him…you’re like one of those therapy pets.”

He chuckled and Y/N nodded her head once in understanding.  She was eager at the opportunity to help ease her good friend’s pain.  She’d do so for any of these boys in a heartbeat.

As Sirius lay in bed, he bit down on his lip and groaned softly.  Y/N’s ears perked up and she immediately jumped up next to him, searching with her round eyes and sensitive nose for any injury. She nudged his side and looked up at him sternly.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry,” he brushed off, scratching behind her ear. Y/N hissed softly and nipped at his hand, pawing at the material of his shirt stubbornly.  Sirius sighed and lifted his shirt to reveal quite an angry bite mark.  Y/N nearly glared at the wounded boy.

“What?  Don’t give me that look,” he rolled his eyes, his cheeks flushed slightly.  “I can take care of it m’self.”

Y/N tutted and inspected his wound.  Without hesitation, she stuck her tongue out and began running it over the bite. Sirius hissed.

“Oi!  What’s that going to-?” before his eyes, his wound was disappearing with every stroke of the tabby’s tongue.  He blinked and soon enough, the wound was nothing more than a memory.  Y/N sat on her hind legs triumphantly.

“…I guess it comes in handy that you paid attention during the unit about healing,” he chuckled and Y/N’s tail swayed side-to-side with pride.

“Thank you, Y/N,” he murmured with a small, signature smirk as he playfully twirled her tail around in his hand.  She nipped at his hand in mock annoyance, but had she not been in her animagus form, Y/N would have been blushing fervently.

“You can stay here y’know,” Sirius said after settling under the covers. “Take a little cat nap.”

He smirked at Y/N, who practically rolled her eyes.  Despite the fact that he was her good friend, Y/N’s heart hammered in her chest with the knowledge that Sirius Black wanted her to stay the night. Unsurely, she looked around for a suitable place to curl up.  

Sirius wiggled his foot under the covers, indicating a cozy spot, and Y/N’s pupils instinctively constricted as she struck out with her paw and pounced on his foot.  

Sirius barked out a laugh.

“Animal instincts kicking in, eh?”  Y/N released his foot and looked away, embarrassed.  “Come on up here, Y/N, I won’t bite if you won’t.”

Sirius patted a spot on the bed beside him, and Y/N’s ears perked with hope. She carefully stepped next to him and sunk into the softness of his comforter, letting out a great big yawn. Sirius chuckled and scratched between her ears.  Y/N sighed and nuzzled into the feeling, letting her wary feelings subside as the two drifted into sleep.

Y/N woke to the sound of soft snores against her ear.  She smiled to herself let out a long, luxuriously yawn, stretching her hands out. Wait…

Hands?  Her eyes snapped open to look at her perfectly human fingers stretched out in front of her.  A brief wave of horror washed over her as she realized she had transfigured from her animagus in her sleep.

Sirius’s strong arms were wrapped around her midsection, his body irresistibly warm against hers.

Merlin, he’s in for a fright when he wakes, she worried silently.  Sirius stirred and pulled her closer

“Mornin’ love,” he mumbled against her ear, pressing a gentle kiss to her jaw. She held her breath, waiting for the shock of his realization, which never came.

“Good morning,” she spoke hesitantly, humanly, waiting for him to throw her out.  Sirius only nuzzled her neck.

“M’glad you changed back, I missed your pretty face,” he murmured, causing Y/N’s cheeks to flush bright pink.  It was like a dream, her head was swimming with his irresistible presence.  She relaxed a bit into his touch.

“Me too,” she whispered, sinking into him at last, her worries quelled. She could get used to this.

Classes passed that day in a blur, as Y/N dreamily floated through each one. She hadn’t expected one night spent in Sirius’s arms would affect her quite like this.  Nevertheless, Y/N smiled and hummed as she walked through the corridors of the great castle and outside towards the serenity of the lake. She passed a number of students, some her friends who she distractedly called greetings to, and some she knew through the boys’ countless stories.

Y/N nearly tripped over herself when she caught sight of one particular girl, who stood gossiping with her gaggle of friends.  Her honey blonde hair hung in perfect ringlets down her back, and her curves dipped like those of an hourglass.  She was beautiful…and to Y/N’s dismay, she recognized her as one of Sirius’s one-night stands.

Y/N’s heart dropped at this stark reminder: the reminder that Sirius was a player, that he could never truly fall for her, that she wasn’t good enough, and that she was kidding herself.  Her smile and jolly humming ceased as she continued towards the lake and sunk down against a tree.

Why would he ever go for you?  He wouldn’t even commit himself to that girl back there, and she’s three times as pretty as you are.

Her eyes stung with tears, and she picked at the grass anxiously.

He’s only your friend anyways, why do you care?

She sniffed.

Because I love him.  And he doesn’t love you.

The weight of the realization crashed over her, and she let out a quiet sob. She trembled as wave after wave of anguish crashed over her, her tears falling heavy with unrequited love into her lap.

A small whine startled her, as her red eyes snapped to the fluffy black dog seated only a few feet from her.  She quickly wiped her eyes and sat up straight.

“Oh, hi Padfoot,” she bit her lip and tried to smile.  Padfoot cocked his head, his eyes boring into her as if asking what was wrong.  Y/N breathed in shakily.

“I’m fine, Padfoot, really….it’s nothing,” she sniffled, not helping her case. Padfoot nearly glared and stepped closer to her, nudging her cheek with his wet nose.  She couldn’t help but smile softly.  Somehow, her grief was disappearing by the minute.

“I’m okay…listen,” she took a deep breath.  Talking to Sirius as Padfoot proved somehow much easier.  “I don’t know if you know, or even care for that matter…”

Padfoot watched her attentively, his ears perked, as he laid his head in her lap.  She stroked his fur absentmindedly.

“But I….I like you, Sirius.” His ears perked and he seemed to smile.  His tailed wagged.

“I’m sure you don’t like me, but-“  

Padfoot barked and sprang to his feet, shaking his head from side to side fervently and huffing, before giving her cheek an affectionate lick.  Y/N’s heart skipped a beat as she looked in his big grey eyes, and all at once she knew he felt the same.

“Really?” she whispered, breathless.  Padfoot bobbed his head once in agreement, and flashed his teeth in a goofy, canine smile.

Y/N matched his goofy smile and was positively elated.  She threw her arms around the giant black dog, burying her face in his neck.  In a matter of seconds, she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her, pulling her tight to Sirius’s chest.  Y/N whispered cheekily:

“I’m glad you changed back…I missed your pretty face.”

Sirius chuckled and lifted her from the ground, finally pressing his lips to hers in sweet, silent triumph.

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(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
2 889
warning : smut
summary : Kai get’s injured and get’s horny so Reader has to ‘take care’ of him.
*not my gif


Y/N woke up from a knock on her front door. She had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room reading a book. At first the knocks came from a distance , slowly waking her from her dream. Quickly she got up , rubbing her eyes on the way to the door. Suddenly she felt wide awake seeing her boyfriend , Kai Parker , standing there covered in blood.
“Hello sweetheart.” he said managing a weak smile , his breath getting caught in his throat seeing Y/N was wearing only a tshirt barely covering her lower half.
“Kai ! What the hell happened to you?”
There was sweat on his forehead and his hand held onto his chest. He looked as if he might faint at any moment which got her really worried. Kai was a hybrid , a vampire and there were very few things that can cause him to look like this - a werewolf bite or a piece of wood stuck inside his body.
“Oh nothing. Picked up a fight with the wrong guy. He shot at me with wooden bullets …” he said , swinging his hand across her shoulders. Y/N helped him onto the couch and quickly went to lock the front door. “The usual stuff. You should see what I did to him …“
She sat on the edge on the couch next to him. Kai turned towards her , his eyes drifting to her neck. He was hungry but there were more important things to do first like taking that last bullet about to puncture his heart out of him.
Y/N placed her hand on his chest trying to figure out of there was a wooden bullet there. “Did you get all the bullets out ?” she asked ripping his shirt open , sending buttons flying everywhere.
Kai coming over in the middle of the night after a fight with someone was far from unusual , and he didn’t seem to figure out how dangerous all of this was. Not only for the people who dared to pick a fight with a vampire / witch hybrid but also for him.
“You are not completely indestructable you know.” she muttered digging her fingers into the open wound searching for the bullet he obviously hadn’t gotten out.
Kai winced in pain , closing his eyes for a moment. Y/N was leaning in closer to him , trying to see where the litte sucker had gone and Kai got a good look at her open cleavage. The way she had ripped his shirt open a few moments ago only adding more gasoline to the fire he felt burning inside him. Her eyes met his for a moment and he felt his breath get caught in his throat again.
“Y/N .. care-ful.” he struggled to speak. “It’s getting clo-ser to my h-heart.”
“I am trying. Or do you think I want you to die.” she said , feeling her fingers wrap around the piece of wood. A moment later she pulled it out with a victorious look on her face. “Next time , try not to pick a fight with a guy who has wooden bullets in his gun.”
“Noted. Could I … I mean … ”
Y/N pushed her shirt down her shoulders motioning for him to feed. Purple / black veins flickered under his eyes as he sank his fangs into her coroted artery , her warm blood slightly dripping down her body. Kai pulled away in less than a minute , her thumbs wiping away blood from his chin. She got up , her shirt slightly pushed up her ass and he felt himself getting harder just looking at her. He knew she wasn’t doing any of this on purpose but it was still driving him as crazy as if it was. And was it just his imagination or she really wasn’t wearing a bra ?
Y/N headed to the kitchen , coming back with a towel and a bowl filled with warm water.
“Thank you.. for taking the bullet out.” he said , not taking his eyes off her as she dipped the towel , twisting it dry and started wiping away blood from his face. “I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life Y/N.”
She looked up at him , giving him a small smile. “Learn not to pick up fights ?” she teased. “Now stay still. As hot as you look covered in blood , I miss your pretty face.”
Kai smiled to himself , feeling her fingertips lightly brush against his forehead and cheeks as she cleaned up the blood from his face. Dipping the towel into the bowl washing it up and draining it before repeating again and again. Y/N pushed his jacket off his shoulders , folding it into a ball to be tossed in the laundry later and swung her leg over his lap for better access.
“You think I look hot covered in blood?” he teased.
“No.” she smiled shyly. “You look hot in general , covered in blood you look hotter.”
It was true. Probably if she told someone else this , they’d thing she had lost it but not Kai. With him she could be 100% honest about everything. She dipped the towel into the bloody water again starting to clean the blood off his neck , pushing his shirt off his shoulders. Kai suppressed a moan feeling her hips slightly move onto his crotch. Y/N started cleaning the blood off his chest , right where the bullets had been , when Kai grabbed her wrist.
“Y/N…” he said looking intensely into her eyes. He didn’t need to listen to her heart beat to know what he was doing to her right now. Kai wanted her , right this second.
Y/N felt butterflies flap their wings in her stomach and her breath getting shallow noticing the change in Kai’s eyes. Her heart was racing as Kai’s finger trailed her jawline , brushing her cheek with the palm of his hand before pulling her in for a passionate kiss. Y/N’s hips swayed onto his crotch as he pulled her towards him.
“No.” she said getting up. “No , Malachai. We are not doing this…not now.”
Quickly she got the bowl and the towel taking them to the kitchen. She braced her hands against the kitchen counter , closing her eyes for a moment and taking a deep breath before returning to the livingroom only then noticing the bulge in his pants. Y/N’s eyes widened a little then she looked at the ground only then realising what had happened. She was wearing just her shirt … , no PJ bottoms no nothing. It was hard to tear her eyes off the bulge in his pants ,but somehow she managed and sat on the couch next to him trying hard not to let her gaze drift to the bulge which somehow seemed to get bigger , or maybe she was imagining it.
Kai glanced at her , noticing she was biting her lower lip and then followed her gaze.
This is your fault by the way.”
Y/N laughed nervously. “Sorry … not sorry.” she bit her lower lip , her hand sliding between her legs teasing her folds through her panties.
Kai gulped. What had happened before might not have been on purpose but this definitely was. Y/N ran her fingers through her hair as if she wasn’t doing anything naughty , parting her legs a little to give him a better view as her fingers pushed her panties to the side and slid inside her.
“You are not helping.” said Kai in raspy voice , lightly rubbing himself through his pants remembering her ‘no’ from a few minutes ago. “I … I’m gonna go.”
“Not a chance.” she said grabbing his hand leanining in towards him , her hand slid down his chest towards his crotch. His length was hard alright. Y/N pressed her lips onto his , kissing him deeply and tugging at his lower lip at the end of the kiss. She lowered herself down his body never taking her eyes off him.
“Y/N .. my balls feel like they weight 30 pounds.” he groaned , grinding his hips onto her hand. “If you plan on stopping at any point and leav-”
Y/N pressed her finger onto his lips shushing him. There was a devilish spark in her eyes which only turned him more. Kai was looking at her , closing his eyes for a moment feeling Y/N hands rubbing him through his pants. She kneeled on the couch , her ass propped up as her shirt slid down her back a little. Swiftly her fingers undid the button and pulled his zipper down pressing her mouth onto his thick shaft through his briefs , exhaling her hot breath onto his shaft.
“Y/N …please I need you ..”
Y/N pulled his pants down as much as she could and then swung a leg over his lap.
“How much?” she whispered , her lips almost touching his. Kai put his hands on her ass but she pushed them away. “No , no …”
“More than you can imagine.” he replied. “I want to grab you and have my way with you for the rest of the night.”
Her hips grinded against his and every time she moved.Kai tried to put his hands on her again , a low growl coming from deep inside his throat every time Y/N pushed him off her.
“Let me touch you.” he said leaning towards her , wanting to kiss her.
Y/N fought the urge to smile. Usually things were the other way around - she was the one begging for him but now she had her chance to get him to play by her rules.
You , mister , are in trouble.” her hips grinding on him a little faster. “Picking up fights , coming home covered in blood …" she spoke in low voice. “What ? Did you think I’d let you have your way with me ? No.“
Kai brushed his fingers through her hair pulling her face down towards his until their lips touched briefly before she pulled away.
“No kisses too ?” he growled in frustration as her finger traced his lower lip. He moved his head towards her , taking in her finger into his mouth. Y/N’s eyes fluttered closed for a second as she bit her lower lip , knowing fully well what might be going through Kai’s head right now. She pulled out her finger , brushing her nose against his while she continued straddling him.
“You are such a tease.” he whispered , his eyes drifting between her eyes and her lips.
She swayed her hips on his crotch a little faster , before pushing him onto the couch. Y/N dipped her head , leaving soft kisses on his neck then down his chest , her hands snaking around it while never taking her eyes off his.
“It’s a bit stuffy in here , isn’t it ?” she said innocently slowly lifitng her shirt up. Kai’s eyes widened and he tried to touch her but she slapped his hands away. “No touching , remember ?”
Instead her hands cupped her breasts , playing with them right in front of his eyes. She closed her eyes ,arching her back a little as a low moan escaped her lips. Kai licked his lower lip , fighting the urge to put his hands on hers and assist her. The more she said ‘no touching’ the more he wanted to do just that. Even more - he wanted to grab her and have his way with her this exact second , but something stopped him.
Y/N leaned in sucking on his earlobe before kissing his neck and slowly trailing her way down his chest leaving kisses on the way down never breaking eye contact for more than a blink. Her fingers tangled into the waistband of his briefs before pulling them down. Kai’s hard length flopped onto his stomach and Y/N leaned in licking a bold stripe from his balls to the tip. A moan tumbled from Kai’s lips and she suppressed a smile focusing on her hands massaging his balls.
Kai could’t take his eyes off her. Y/N ran her fingers through her hair , moving it to the left , the tip of her tongue drawing circles on the tip of his shaft , her hands stroking him slowly and feeling him twitch. She was dragging it out enjoying watching Kai close his eyes his mouth hanging open.
“Please Y/N..” he growled , his hands reaching for her head as she swiftly avoided them.
“Nah-uh pretty eyes.” she said in a low voice , blowing a light stream of air onto his shaft before taking it in her mouth. Slowly sucking on his tip as if its the tastiest lollipop to ever exist on the planet. Kai reached for her head again , his fingers digging into her hair as he pushed her mouth down on him , forcing her to take his shaft all the way in.
“Sweetheart , you seem to forget who’s the dominant one in our relationship.” he moaned out , feeling her hands massaging his balls. Kai bopped her head up and down his shaft over and over again , tears starting to fill her eyes from the lack of air before he let go off her. Y/N took a deep breath an idea forming in her head , something she knew he wouldn’t be able to resist.
“I’ll make you a deal..” she said , her lips pressing onto his balls. “If you can resist touching me in the next half hour … ” she said taking his balls into her mouth sucking on them and ejoying the sounds coming from Kai’s mouth. “You get to have me any way you want.. anywhere you want… for a whole week.”
“Damn it Y/N.”
Kai both loved and hated how she was manipulating him in that very moment , knowing fully well there is no way he’d say no to that. Y/N licked another bold stripe , pressing the flat of her tongue against it , feeling his hard length twitch. Her eye contact was driving him insane. She was doing dirty things yet her eyes looked so innocent it was driving him crazier and crazier. He gave her a devilish smirk and in the next moment Y/N moaned out louder , closing her eyes for a second.
“K-Kai … that’s c-cheating.” she moaned out again feeling pressure on her clit as two invisible fingers entered her roughly , curling inside her slowly before pulling out and pushing in even rougher making her body jolt forward a little. His pumps were fast and deep , slowly curling the invisible fingers around her walls and repeating again and again.
“You said ‘no touching’.” said Kai , his hands behind his head. “I’m not touching you… and in about 20 minutes when I win , you should prepare yourself for a week of hot hybrid sex in the most unexpected places.”
His words sent butterflies in her stomach , even more so with his invisible fingers pumping in and out of her. Y/N tried to focus of what he was doing but it was getting harder with the burning feeling between her legs building up. She pumped his thick shaft faster and faster , while her hands massaged his bowls.
“Fuck Y/N..”
Y/N took him in her mouth again , lightly biting him. Kai groaned in response , his invisible fingers assaulting her faster and faster. He snapped his fingers and her panties flew off her. She felt herself starting to drip down her thigh.
Kai was watching the clock on the far wall , knowing only less than 10 minutes from now he’d win and get to have his way with her anywhere he wanted. He felt his shaft twitch in her mouth , knowing he is getting closer and closer to his release. His invisible fingers pumped inside her faster and faster , Y/N’s moans getting muffled none the less the vibrations from them were just about to send Kai over the edge and he fought the need to let go for a little longer , a few minutes only.
Suddenly the pressure on her clit and the invisible fingers disappeared , leaving her flustered. A low groan escaped her lips while she kept bopping her head up and down his shaft.
“And the clock strikes midnight … ” muttered Kai with a smug smirk on his face, pulling her up in vampire speed. Y/N was out of breath , her lips colliding with his in a passionate kiss while his hips pushed up , at the same time hers pushed down, entering her hard and deep with one thrust. He felt her walls contract around his shaft bringing him closer and closer.
“Fuck .. you are so wet , you’re dripping on me.”
Y/N shushed him with a kiss , her lips hungrily attacking his. Kai’s hands instantly found her ass helping her sway her hips onto him. He thrusted in hard and deep a few more times before he came in hot spurts inside her , not stopping until Y/N came screaming his name. Kai pulled her in for another kiss tugging on her lower lip at the end of the kiss. Y/N could see devils dancing in his eyes and the next second she found herself laying on the couch , magic holding her hands above her head.
“OH Y/N … ” he said sounding like a teacher scolding a student. “Look at yourself … you are a dripping mess. I’ll have to fix this straight away …”


NOTE : (to the anon who requested it) I may have strayed a little from the original idea. I tried my best … sorry :(

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

On doing television vs. theater:
The whole experience of film or television  time feels very fast, and very slow, and you’re revisiting things. I still find live theater the most energizing. Every performance is unique, every audience is different, and there’s an immediacy that’s addictive, especially when you’re in a great play like Book of Mormon or Falsettos.

((Hi! This isn’t a proper fic more like a Drabble or a blurb, I was meant to be finishing something and instead wrote this so?? It’s rubbish and sort of random and kind of rubbish, but it’s been sitting in my notes so I might as well post it. Hopefully, I won’t panic and delete this, fingers crossed!💘))


“I miss you.” As soon as you picked up your phone, and before you could even greet him, Tom slurs out the three words you had heard non-stop for the last month, humming dreamily after he spoke. It was the early hours of the morning in Los Angeles, he had gone out for drinks at a trendy bar with Harrison, Sam and Harry. It was a far cry from the pubs they would usually visit together, but they were together, and that was all that mattered. Curiously, Tom opened his mouth and said, “What are you doing?”

“I’m studying.” It was eleven in the morning in London, you had planned a study date with your best friend, both determined to finish your essays before the long awaited weekend. Although, it hadn’t been very productive, you had gotten distracted by Netflix’s large array of films and dancing to throwback songs that played through her shiny new speaker.

“I think I’m drunk.” He says, squeezing his eyes shut and rubbing his hand over his face. To him it was a mystery how it happened, one minute he was sipping a small drink, and the next he was taking rows of rainbow coloured shots. The night eventually ended when Sam threatened he was about to be sick, all walking back to their fancy house swaying and giggling profusely at random objects in the streets.

“Right.” You walked into your friends bathroom, closing the door with a click and sitting on the edge of the bright white bathtub. It was odd to hear his drunken state over the phone, it was something your used to hearing in real life, having known Tom since you were eleven, and spending lots of time with him as teenagers, you’ve both had plenty alcohol fuelled nights together. One of the worst being his eighteenth birthday, were he was so drunk that you and Harrison had to carry him to bed, as he sung artic monkeys songs at the top of his lungs and complimented you so much Harrison made horrific gagging noises. “Are you back home?”

“It’s like, late here.” As if he hadn’t heard your question, Tom giggles. He was staring at the sleek orange alarm clock on his bedside table, the numbers changing from two-twenty-three to two-twenty-four. “And when its late, I miss you more.” Tom couldn’t count the amount of times he had lied awake in bed, staring up at the white ceiling of another hotel room, thinking about you. Usually the little things, like your soft touch or the sound of your laugh ringing in his ears. “When are you coming to visit?”

“I don’t know.” With school on your back, lack of time in your already overflowing schedule and your peaking anxiety, you weren’t sure if you were going to make it to him anytime soon. Obviously, this made you sad. The idea of exploring America with Tom and the gang sounded incredibly fun, Tom even promised that Paddy would make an appearance if you came, knowing you enjoyed his company and that he released your inner eight year old. “You know I want to.”

“Darling.” Tom whined, dragging out the word and jutting out his bottom lip. He wanted you there, by his side, and not thousands of miles away. He thought about you all the time, and how much you’d love the atmosphere of Los angles. He had mentioned you so much that he wouldn’t be surprised if one of his brothers or Harrison punched him straight in the jaw, was it beginning to get annoying? “I miss your pretty face.”

You smile and roll your eyes, staring at the clutter of pink products by the sink. “Tom, you saw me on Skype yesterday.”

Tom made a noise in between a whine and sigh, getting under the clean grey covers of his large king size bed. “It’s not the same. Stop making excuses and come see me.”

You huff, feeling slightly defeated. Maybe, with a bit of luck on your side, you could ask for a few days off and catch up on the work you missed, although, that would be adding much more pressure to yourself, eventually making your anxiety spiral out of control. “I will, soon.”

“Hmm.” He hummed, shutting his eyes, trying to remember what it was like with you next to him, his hands around your waist and your head on his broad chest. He tries to remember all the sleepy nights, ones filled with sloppy kisses and I love yous. As much as his heart aches, he feels somewhat content going through the memories of you stored in the back of his brain. The way the air would leave his lungs when you would enter the room, the feeling of your silk soft skin, the way his heart swelled when you spoke. The time you both went to a music festival, the shitty poem you wrote him for Valentine’s Day, your very first kiss at fifteen.

“I love you.” He says, dropping the phone next to him, his eyelids fluttering shut and soft snores beginning to escape his pink lips.

What we know: 

  • Ed misses Oswald. 
  • Ed ‘cared’ about Oswald. 
  • Ed took drugs to see Oswald after he was gone. 
  • Ed hallucinated Oswald singing seductively
  • Oswald did consider giving Gabe another chance if he could be loyal (but we saw how that turned out) 
  • Oswald was desperately waiting to hear from Jim/The Court about Ed’s location. 
  • Oswald did forgive/(somewhat) trust Butch, after Butch led him to his mother, which was essentially a trap. (granted that was more Galavan/Tabitha, but I always felt Butch was partially responsible too) 
  • When Ed said, “you’re alive” he sounded.. less than thrilled about it…
  • Isabella was sent by the court

What we can, rightfully, speculate: 

  • Oswald’s feelings for Ed are not purely hate. (hate may be part of it, but it’s far more complex, than say his feelings of hate towards Galavan.. etc.)
  • Ivy will use her perfume on Ed, because although we know Ed missed Oswald, I don’t think Ed will readily admit that to Oswald. (Also, why would the writers use it on Gabe and not Ed)
  • That still, from 3x20. I’m going to say that there is no way, he isn’t saying something along the lines of i care about you/i missed you. That face, is pretty sentimental looking, you don’t look at someone like that if you don’t care deeply about them. 
  • Isabella was sent by the court to ruin our lives.

What we want to speculate: 

  • Oswald, although he may hate Ed, still loves Ed. (How he reacted to the painting, how he reacted to Ed on the TV, how he went to Jim and even after Jim told him to leave it, he still persisted to get info about Ed, getting himself locked up/taken hostage in the process) 
  • Ed’s feelings for Oswald are more than just friendship. (After 3x15… I’m pretty sure this is likely) 
  • Isabella was sent by the court. (come on, we all know this has to be the case. The court admitted to being responsible for the Bruce clone, Isabella just so happened to speak to Ed first, and with riddles no less. The scene with Oswald & Kathryn at the founder’s dinner.. Isabella was way too perfect for Ed, almost as if she was designed for him. Library conference, ha, she was going to check in with the court. 

A couple extra thoughts: 

  • Ed never loved Isabella, or Kristen. Ed has never been appreciated or accepted by anyone, except Oswald. When Kristen found out he killed Officer whats-his-face, she called him a psychopath and flipped out, not to mention how she treated him before they got together. I feel like Ed had an idea of what he thought love was, but he didn’t realize it wasn’t really love, and that the only person he truly loved was Oswald, until it was too late. OR when he finds out the court was responsible for Isabella, he will come to this conclusion. 
  • Oswald’s face in the 3x20 still… makes me nervous. It’s really hard for me to gauge what his expression is. Shock mixed with something I can’t quite put my finger on. His mouth seems to be upturned a little bit, not just a shocked expression, but some joy in it too. Part of me thinks it’s a smugness, and that he’ll reject Ed’s confession (which in my mind will 100% happen) much like Ed rejected his at the docks. But, I want to stay hopeful, because it could be something else.

anonymous asked:

since u think that galra r really big on family/social interaction: how do you think they show affection (platonic or romantic)?

I mean, much like humans I imagine they have about a zillion different ways and it varies heavily from person to person. Many of them overlap with humans. 

The whole social grooming idea is something I see in their society as a very… domestic expression of affection, especially in that it’s something parents (or just, older galra in the group) do for their kids. In general I see the galra as culturally, very tactile- there’s certainly galra who don’t like being touched or only want to be touched by close friends but they’re considered kind of unusual. So even outside of specifically grooming or getting ready for the day they might card their fingers through others’ hair, or lean together.

Galra parents are very big on carrying. Baby strollers are the weirdest idea to them like what are you talking about no, babies don’t go in little carts, why do you have carts for babies humans what’s up with that. Babies go on mom, dad, or other parent’s back or in their arms and if parent really needs to do something and can’t hold baby there’s always another adult to hold them.

I stick to the idea that galra toddle and are really mobile much earlier than human babies, but I also stick to the idea that galra and human babies are about the same size even though the adults are so much bigger- so that’s a practical move because it’s super easy for a child walking alongside their parents to struggle or get tired trying to keep up. On the other hand, I think of them as really good at climbing so a perfectly socially acceptable response for a kid to be tired is for them to just find a familiar adult and climb them.

Mouth smiles are sort of a galra thing they’ve picked up from other cultures and species but not very well? Toothy smiles are really a lot more of a sneer. A legitimately happy/relaxed galra might open their mouth a little but mostly, eyes are where it’s at. Slow blinks like a cat.

In general I feel like galra don’t emote happy/content/gentle emotions with their face very much, which if you’re not used to being around galra, they can seem very moody and dour as a species. They’re not, it’s just that most of how they say ‘softer’ things (“I’m happy you’re here” “I missed you” “I love you”) are touch-related. Face touching is like. pretty intimate, whether a familial thing or a romantic thing, it implies a lot of personal closeness and if you haven’t really earned that it’s kind of “um excuse me what the hell”

I imagine that the galra have a thing where culturally, intimacy is very… polarizing. Like if both people feel that way about each other, it’s comforting and gratifying. If that intimacy hasn’t been socially “earned” or expected, or someone being aggressive in an intimate manner (what I said about face touching, someone grabbing someone else by the face) it is really disquieting and rude. 

High School Sweetheart

Word Count: 1, 489

Request: hey! could you do one where y/n is a high school student who lives in the u.s and she’s rich so she travels a lot, and whenever she and shawn are in the same town they hook up? kinda like they have real feelings for each other but don’t want to be in a ldr so they just settle for being a “couple” whenever they’re in the same place, but no one besides their families know about it. then one week he drunk dials her so a few days later she flies out to surprise him on tour

A/N: Ok so this is kinda shit so I truly apologize. Also, it took me like 20 minutes to come up w a title so I just kinda gave up I am so sorry to whoever requested this asjkands

The bell signaling class was over rang through the building. Almost as if it was instinct, you grabbed your bag, walking out of the classroom into the crowded hallways. Kids around you pushed and shoved each other, each one trying to be the first to get out of the building and get home. You made your way out the building and to the parking lot where your car had been sitting all day. 

Once you pulled yourself into the driver’s seat, you pulled out your phone to check it. You scrolled down your lock screen taking a peak at the different messages and Snapchat notifications that had come through while you were in class. But one certain notification made your hand stop scrolling and your heart skip a beat. You saw you had seven text messages, two missed calls, and a voicemail from Shawn.

You and Shawn had known each other for a little while now. You had met him while he was on tour in your city and immediately took a liking for you. You would hook up every time you were fortunate enough to be in the same city, and eventually, it became something a little more. Soon the heated make out sessions and late night hook ups turned into gentle touches and staying up all night doing nothing but talking. Both of you agreed, it was better just to keep things how they were instead of making an official relationship, because of both the distance and how no one but your families knew what was going on. But this didn’t stop you from having an aching feeling in your heart every time you saw his name on your phone because of how much you missed him. Currently, he was on the other side of the world, while you were still stuck in high school, which limited the communication even more than normal.

You unlocked your phone to view the messages and voicemail, only to see a few messages of jumbled words. You stared at the screen laughing, because the only words you could make out were your name and “pretty” somewhere in the mix. You switched to your voicemail, anxious to hear Shawn’s voice.

“(Y/N), it feels like its been like…. 10 years since I saw you. I miss your face. Your face is so pretty. You are soooooo pretty. I miss you. I wanna see you,” You heard his slurred voice through the speaker of your phone. You heard a vibrating beat of music as well as a mix of voices through the background, telling you he was probably at a party.

You giggled from the cuteness of the message, which quickly led to a frown. You didn’t realize how much you missed him until this message. It felt like ages since you had heard his voice, so something about hearing it now made your heart drop. You wanted to see him. You didn’t care if you had to miss a week of school, you wanted to see Shawn.

You quickly drove home and didn’t even give your mom a second to breathe before you asked the question.

“Can I go fly out and see Shawn?” you blurted out, watching your mom’s eyes grow wide. 

“Hello to you, too, sweetheart,” she giggled, taking a seat like she knew this would be a long conversation.

“I’m serious. Can I? I know I’ll miss school, but I’ll make it all up. I’ll even ask for some of the work so I can take it with me. Please I-” you rambled, quickly running out of breath. Your mom stopped you before you could get another word out.

“(Y/N), if I say yes will you calm down?” She interrupted, to which you quickly nodded your head. 

After about an hour of planning, you had a ticket to Australia for the next day and a suitcase already packed. 

The next morning, you headed out early to catch your flight. Although it was nearly a 15 hour flight, it felt short due to your long nap you took almost the whole time. But as soon as you landed, your leg shook with anticipation. You had never surprised Shawn before. What if he didn’t want to be surprised? What if those drunk calls meant nothing?

You scrambled to get off the plane and grab your luggage, making your way out to the street to catch a taxi. Your entire body shook, making you think this was not a great idea. You pulled out your phone, and quickly became disheartened when you saw there was not one text from Shawn. 

The trip to the arena where Shawn was playing drug on slowly, only making you more nervous. You wanted to turn back around and take another nap. You didn’t want to have to face the embarrassment that came along with this.

The taxi pulled up next to the arena and you collected your bags, thanked and paid the driver, then began heading to the back of the arena. Before you even made it back, a few of Shawn’s friends walked by, quickly recognizing you.

“Hey! I didn’t know you were coming!” One of them said excitedly before embracing you in a short hug.

“That’s because Shawn doesn’t know…” You said awkwardly, your weight shifting from foot to foot. Both of them suddenly became ecstatic at your words, their faces lighting up.

“Holy shit, he’s going to be so excited. He’s been going on and on about you. He won’t shut up,” He rambled while grabbing your bag and helping you inside.

They led you backstage and to the side stage, where Shawn was sound checking. They both urged you to go on and surprise him, and you obliged nervously.

You stepped out into the empty arena, slowly making your way across the stage. You stood behind Shawn for a couple minutes, not sure what to do now. You didn’t want to scare him or make him angry. Eventually, you built up the courage and raised your hand to poke him on the back. He abruptly stopped the song from going any further and reluctantly turned around.

The minute he saw you his face went from confused to the happiest you had ever seen him. His eyes grew wide, his cheeks flushed red, his rosy lips were spread to his cheeks. Just by the look of happiness from him, you felt your lips grow in a reciprocating smile. Without another moment passing, Shawn leaned forward, scooping you into his arms. His face was buried in your neck while he spun you around, your legs dangling off the ground. His face lifted off your neck to leave quick, gentle kisses all along your cheek and neck, making you let out a giggle in return. 

Even after he let you back down, his arms didn’t budge, keeping you locked against his chest. Your arms were looped around his waist, holding him tighter to you, not wanting to let him go again. You wanted to stay like this for as long as you could.

Suddenly, Shawn separated from you slightly, just enough to get a good look at your face, almost as if he was checking to make sure it was actually you.

“What are you- How are you- Oh my god I missed you so much,” He stumbled over his words from excitement before pushing you against his body once again. You smiled as you buried your face in his chest, taking in his sweet scent.

“I uh… I saw your messages… And I missed you… So I came to see you…” you mumbled shyly, your burning cheeks pressed against him. You felt him kiss the top of your head multiple times, before barely letting you go once again.

“What about school?” He asked, worry clear on his face.

“I’ll make it up, I just needed to see you,” You explained, feeling your cheeks heat up even more by your words. The smile on his face returned as he leaned his forehead to press against yours.

“I need to see you, too. I think we should see each other more often, actually,” He suggested, his soft eyes looking into yours. A hand came up to gently caress your cheek, his soft skin lightly touching yours.

“What do you mean?” Your heart beat fast, hoping he was saying what you thought he was. Your entire body felt shaky again, nerves running through your veins.

“I think we should make this official,” He whispered, his lips sweeping against yours. Your breath hitched in your throat at his words, not being able to give a proper answer. Your breathing was fast and you thought for sure he could sense how nervous you were. After a couple seconds, you were able to calm down, the smile returning to your face.

“I’d like that,” you whispered, before feeling his lips press against yours fully in a gentle, sweet kiss. 

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Hiii !!!can you make one of those posts that come in topics (idk how to explain OMG) about how would it be to date Hoshi and you are a really hardcore Shawol like he is(maybe more hehe)?I'm sorry this is not very clear but how things would be, like would he freak out with you when Taemin is doing a comeback? And stuff like this

Hi, and so sorry it took us a million years to do this! Hope you like it ;u; 💕I tried

  • you’d honestly probably meet at a Shinee concert
  • like, you’d be queuing for merch and he’d be standing behind you, but you don’t really notice him before you’ve gotten your merch, including each member’s poster, and hear an upset “Ah, Taemin’s poster just got sold out? Well, then…”
  • you look at the pile of posters you’re carrying and get closer to the guy, who looks at you with a quirked eyebrow as he’s still trying to figure out what to buy instead
  • “I can sell you Taemin’s poster,” you offer and laugh a little when his face lights up, and he makes sure you’re serious before just settling for some of the photo sets and other merchandise
  • while he gets you the money for the poster, you talk about Shinee and find out your seats are next to each other
  • and that if anything is what eventually leads to the two of you getting closer
  • there’s just something about listening to and watching Shinee perform Close the door, wave your light sticks slowly along to it and accidentally bump your hand into his
  • when that happens, both of you just smile at each other, but there’s also a jolt of electricity running through your bodies
  • and when the concert is over and you’re both already missing Shinee, he casually asks you, “When will we see again?”
  • his question would be sudden and you’d be surprised for a while, but eventually gather yourself enough to give him a date and you exchange numbers and all that
  • you only realize at home that he was, in fact, Kwon Soonyoung of Seventeen, and not just your casual Shinee fanboy
  • you’ve just realized that when your phone buzzes with a message
  • ‘I’m Kwon Soonyoung `u´ I look forward to talking more about Shinee with you!!’
  • after that you get a photo of the Taemin poster you had been kind enough to sell him, already put on the wall
  • ‘Oh, and thank you for this. I’ll treat you out for coffee for this!!’
  • you insist that it’s fine since he already paid for the poster, but he refuses to give up, and eventually you go out for coffee
  • and a few days later for another coffee
  • and then some dinner, lunch, and so on, and before long you both hold warm feelings towards each other
  • neither of you would forget the day you became an official couple
  • you were at a café and Shinee’s View was playing, and somewhere near the middle you were both just lost staring into each other’s eyes with small smiles playing on your lips
  • “Do you want to go out with me?”
  • you’d ask the question at the exact same time and burst out into laughter right afterwards
  • “I guess that answers the question,” you’d laugh, and Soonyoung agrees with a happy smile and slowly reaches for your hand
  • NOW to the present
  • dating Soonyoung in general would be a whole lot of fun, and when you add to that that the two of you are Shawols… it only gets more fun
  • you’d always try to go to concerts together, and whenever a new song comes out, you’re both very excited and spam each other about your feelings without a second thought
  • and that’s okay because you’re both so excited
  • there’d be lots of cuddles and having his arms around you, especially when you’re both relaxing
  • besides Carats and the other members, he’d get a lot of his strength and motivation from you, and would always feel a sense of healing whenever he’s with you
  • you’d also be one of the reasons he wants to be as cool as possible on stage, because he knows you’ll see it
  • like both in general he’d love taking photos with you, like the type that you see in cute moodboards and all, of you cuddling and doing things together
  • but also cute couple pics of you being the Shawols you are, holding your light sticks or albums etc when it’s near comeback/concert time
  • (great Shawol selca day material)
  • also lots of teasing
  • you know the loving kind where he’d poke your cheek or vice versa and tease you about something
  • somehow it almost always ends with cute, small kisses and both of you laughing
  • and jokes
  • you’d never get bored with him
  • some of that might be because due to his idol career you don’t exactly get to spend so much time together that you’d grow tired of each other
  • instead, the two of you value any and all time that you can spend together and keep in touch through your phones etc
  • but even so, he’s just very fun to be around and you play a big role in that, too
  • the first time he’d tell you he loves you would be during a Shinee-themed sleepover that you’ve spent just enjoying each other’s company, watching their concert DVDs and all that, and somewhere in the middle he just looks at you warmly and says, “I love you.”
  • when you turn to look at him he blushes and averts his gaze with a soft chuckle and mumbles, “I just wanted to put that out there.”
  • your heart would flutter because you’d felt that way for a while, too
  • also good morning and good night texts are a must
  • even if you’d have just had a disagreement, you’d be certain to get a “good night baby, I love you” message 
  • especially during promotion periods when you can barely see at all, Soonyoung would occasionally give you a surprise video call
  • as soon as you answer it, you’re met with his pouty face, and pretty close, too
  • “I missed you,” he mumbles, and when you smile at him, his pout turns into a smile, too
  • you’d talk for a while, about whatever comes to your minds, and eventually wish each other a good night
  • and since both of you are Shawols
  • all the inside jokes related to Shinee
  • and inside jokes in general, really - most Seventeen members feel like third wheels around the two of you, but you can’t help it, you just match that well
  • chances are you’d occasionally also dance together, try out some new moves and even come up with some for Seventeen
  • and when you both run out of inspiration…
  • “Wanna dance to Ring ding dong?”
  • “…Why not.”
  • so you do, and as always, it’s amazing and the two of you have a lot of fun
  • and eventually end up kissing against the mirror, both of you giggling
  • speaking of kisses, his would often be playful
  • as in, he’d love to just give you a light, quick kiss that leaves you wanting for more, which you’re unable to hide, and then kiss you properly, again and again
  • okay okay if you were both in a rush he wouldn’t do that and instead you’d get like one kiss worth of at least five kisses that never fails to make your heart flutter
  • other times he’d be very passionate and boy would those times be hot
  • also highkey the type to be making out with you and suddenly blurt out something like
  • “I’m going to marry you one day.”
  • or something of that kind
  • like if it’s not about how he wants to have enough children to form a soccer team, he definitely wants to let you know that he has high hopes for the two of you, as exaggeratedly as he puts it
  • and in case it seems too much for you he’ll always make sure that you understand that he’s not that serious
  • like he won’t push that kinds of commitment and seriousness onto your relationship if you don’t want to, or at least until you want to, but he does have hopes
  • …plus honestly in a lot of cases it’d be mostly just talk
  • but imagine him saying that he plans on marrying you, and when you just frown because it doesn’t seem like anything you want to do during the next xx years, he laughs and cups your cheeks
  • “I’m half-joking, Y/N, don’t look so troubled. Let’s go at our own pace and see where we end up, yeah?”
  • and so you’re good again
  • as often as possible, Soonyoung would love to go out with you, although he’d always have to disguise himself to a point
  • but it doesn’t bother you too much, not if that means you get to go to a restaurant with him or go to an amusement park together
  • not to forget that if there is Shinee, there will be you and Soonyoung
  • you’d always look forward to their comebacks together, and quite likely even do your best to watch their music videos etc as soon as they’re out and freak out together
  • some of the other members would probably join you, too, but a lot of them would just raise their eyebrows and be confused while the two of you watch Shinee’s, Taemin’s or Jonghyun’s newest music video 
  • “He looks so cool!!”
  • “Look at those dance moves! I’m getting chills!”
  • “I know! This is so good!”
  • …and if the others are ever wondering when any of the aforementioned have a comeback coming up, they realize that if one was, they would know
  • because whenever there’s news that they’d have a comeback, Soonyoung would dash to the nearest member and exclaim
  • “They’re having a comeback next month!!”
  • and you’d both gush about it all the way until the comeback happened, and even afterwards you’d keep up with the promotions as well as you could
  • the day he co-emceed with Key would’ve been a great day for him but also for you lmao 
  • you’d snuggle him the next time you saw each other and just mumble “You met Key… how amazing.”
  • he’d laugh and be very proud for a while, probably even boast about how amazing it was, but then…
  • “…It was so scary let me tell you, he’s just so cool.”
  • and you can only imagine - if Key looked cool on stage, you could only imagine what he must’ve been like when you’re right next to him
  • in short, you’d have a loving boyfriend, a best friend and a fellow Shawol in one package and it couldn’t get better than that
  • naturally it’s not always just smooth sailing, but it would be a happy, healthy relationship
  • and although it should be a given, some of your sweetest words to each other would be
  • “I love you more than I love Shinee.”

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Read My Mind (Part Six)

Story Summary: You have a thing for Bucky Barnes. Too bad he can’t read your mind to know about it.

Word Count: 730

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

A/N: Yay, another update! 

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

“Miss (Y/L/N), your presence is requested in the kitchen,” FRIDAY suddenly announced in your room while you still rested on the bed.

“Who requested it?”

“Miss Maximoff,” FRIDAY replied as you groaned, getting up from the comfort of your bed as you walked out of your suite and headed to the kitchen. Much to your surprise, you saw Bucky there along with Steve and Clint. Wanda sat by the island bar smiling widely at you while you grimaced in return.

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NCT’s reaction to you surprising them on tour/at a concert

Request: “NCT reacting to you surprising them ar their concert? Thanks!” & “NCT reacting to you surprising them on tour/ at a concert?”

A/N: Yesterday my precious computer died, so I’m writing this with my mom’s laptop and tHIS THING GOES SO SLOW. IT TOOK ME LIKE MORE THAN THREE OR FOUR HOURS TO DO IT, I WANT TO KMS. 


Taeil would froze with a smile in his face as you were getting closer and closer to him. He would only come back to reality when he hears the members complaning for being so “not-romantic”. He wouldn’t know how react, but he would hug you awkwardly and tell you how much he missed you.

Originally posted by 1995-


Hansol would get all excited and wouldn’t be able to hide his smile and little giggles when he sees you smiling at him in the crowd at first, later on he would forget about everything and start dancing with all his passion and energy just to impress you and make you feel proud of him.

Originally posted by taeyongitslow


Well, forget about breathing for two a whole minutes because you’ll have this giant over you hugging you and kissing you non stop. Johnny would be really clingy for the rest of the day and he would only want to cuddle with you and tell you every single thing that happened in the tour so far.

Originally posted by turtles-are-better-then-people


I think Taeyong would be the most shooked one of all of them. Both of you were texting each other a few minutes before he had to go to stage. “I wish you were right by my side, y/n” “Ah, really? Look beside you then.” I swear he forgot how to breath for like two seconds.

Originally posted by jaeminnana


It would be impossible for this prince to hide that precious smile once he is in the stage. He got to see you again like half of an hour before it started and you gave him so much energy. Yuta would think about you the whole time and, like Hansol, he would show the best of him just to impress you.

Originally posted by taei


Kun would be all smiley and blushy as soon as he sees you in the crowd, but he would feel super happy and impatient the whole time. He would sing with all his passion and secretly dedicate all the songs to you, he would never break eye contact with you.

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Other baby who would froze when he sees you again, Doyoung would slowly get closer and closer to you with the most beautiful smile in his face and hug you in the softest way just to kiss sweetly your lips a few seconds later. “Thanks for coming, y/n, I missed you so much.”

Originally posted by t-yong


“y/N? wHAT ARE YOU DOING HEREEEEEE?” Ten would run to were you are and hug you with the biggest smile in his face and his heart beating faster than usual. “I missed you so much, but you should have told me! I wasn’t ready for this!”

Originally posted by chttaphonten


Jaehyun would be smiling shyly and blushing the whole time like a little kid. “Y/N, you look so cute today~~” You didn’t even knew that he was right beside you, so when you got scared he would laugh at your cuteness and hug you softly and leave little kisses in your cheeks.

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Sicheng would blush when he sees you and would start getting really smiley and excited, just like Hansol. He would start jumping and playing with his fingers, and once he gets to be with you he would hug you and kiss you tenderly, telling you how much he missed you. 

Originally posted by stannctchinaline


Oh my god, Mark would be a blushing mess!! But he would also have that stupid yet super adorable little smile in his face and shiny eyes. He would hug you and kiss your cheek and start a conversation with you, probably inviting you to a date the next day where he tells you how the tour is going so far.

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“Excuse me, I’m sorry for bother you but have you seen my boyfriend? He has the cutest smile I have ever seen and loves Moomin more than he loves me.” Renjun would recognize your voice instantly, and as soon as he turned around he hugged you with all his strength. “I missed you so much, Y/N!”

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His pretty face would hurt for smiling so much after he sees you before his performance begins, Jeno would run to were you are and hold you close while he plays with your hair. He would also whisper sweet things in your ear, promising you that he would spend his free time with you.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


Hyuck wouldn’t be able to believe it at first, he would look at you with most surprised look. “Y/N? It’s you? It’s actually you?!” He would smile when he sees you runing towards him and would copy your action, both of you ended up hugging and laughing like idiots. 

Originally posted by haenyan


Jaemin would smile like an angel the whole performance and won’t take his eyes off you, he would probably do lots of aegyo just to make you laugh. Once he actually gets to be by your side he would hug you and kiss your cheek multiple times. “I missed you so much, princess.”

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Chenle would recognize you in the first second he sees you in the crowd, he would smile at you and nod when you let him now that you’re going to wait for him backstage. And once he finishes with his performance he would run over you while screaming, he would hug you so hard that you fell in the floor while he kept kissing your face and you can’t help but laugh at his cuteness.

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Taeyong and you planed this for this baby’s birthday, you were backstage waiting for him to finish his performances and when he saw you with a birthday cake in your hands he froze. “Happy birthday, Jisung! You could say that I’m your present this year!” This would be a lot for his little heart, he would smile and laugh and hug you. “I missed you so much, y/n.”

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inspired by @pedaling-through-life

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya

“He’s just…”

Shinra waited patiently.


Shinra sipped his tea as Shizuo threw his hands up in the air in exasperation.

“Really fuckin’ pretty!”

Shinra spat out his tea because that, of all things, was not what he was expecting.

Another uneventful day of school had ended and with a test coming up, Shizuo had decided to go over to Shinra’s. Shinra normally would’ve objected to this, but Celty had some errands to run and he reasoned that in exchange for some tutoring, Shizuo would fix the door he’d ripped off the hinges last time. 

As always, Shizuo had started ranting about Izaya. Shinra neglected to mention that Shizuo brought him up incredibly often, even more so than expected for someone he hated. For someone who disgusted him to even mentioned, Shinra wanted to point out, Shizuo endured much suffering to talk about him for great lengths of time.

Clearing his throat, Shinra’s fisted hand pounded at his chest a few times, wincing but single open eye watching Shizuo fume on the other couch. “Huh… didn’t expect that. Was really expecting something more along the lines of an insult.”

“Yeah, guy’s a goddamn nuisance!” Shizuo snapped and growled as he tousled his own hair. “But, fuck, his face, it’s–it pisses me off!”

Shinra blinked.

“Because he’s good looking?”

“Yeah! How can a guy like that have a face like that?!”

“Simple, Shizu-chan. Genetics.”

Not even bothering to look behind him to confirm the intruder via balcony was Izaya, Shinra just groaned quietly and buried his face in his hands as he assumed chaos erupted in his living room. “Right… because that’s really what his ego needed to hear…”

Heaving a sigh as he heard a crash, Shinra leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and shook his head sadly.

“I’m a good person… I don’t deserve this…”

“You missed, Shizu-chan! Sorry, was my pretty face distracting you?”


“Maybe use it as a mask! Shizu-chan’s face could surely use the upgrade!”