i miss you on that field tho

okay but hear me out

awkward helldad AU

  • Hades entering Nico’s boyfriends’ dreams going “Who Nico goes out with is 100% his business but if I ever hear about you hurting him I will personally reserve a spot for you in the Fields of Punishment”
  • Hades sending Jules-Albert to the surface to pick Nico up when Nico missed curfew for a date (much to Nico’s embarrassment)
  • Hades spending his free time reading up on Mythomagic in an attempt to reconnect with Nico and sending him cards and figures even tho he doesn’t play anymore
  • Hades pointing out cute boys to Nico on camp with Nico dying inside
  • Hazel complaining to Nico about the dad-talk dreams Frank’s been getting almost every night for the past month and Nico going “yea tell me about it”

September's Not So Far Away
The Field Mice
September's Not So Far Away

I will, I’ll always remember
The days, the nights we spent together
The happiness of being with you
The sorrow of parting from you

More than a hundred miles away
You live, tho sure I love you always
Seeing you again was heaven
Now you’re gone again and it’s hell

September’s not
September’s not so far away
September’s not
September’s not so far away

I will never again ask you
If there, if there is any chance
I understand you wanted to be
Wanted to be closer, live free

I hope every call is from you
I’m not convinced I should not love you
I am really missing you so
Wanting to be kissing you so

September’s not
September’s not so far away
September’s not
September’s not so far away

September’s not
September’s not so far away

This cheered me up like nothing else today. These Field Mice songs are like companions and it’s been lasting for 20 years now. 

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As a pleb who knows nothing, would you mind making a teeny (yet detailed 💖) list of this gay content in the media? I barely watch anything anymore so i don't know whats out there!

Currently airing or just in general? I’m gonna go with currently airing. *pulls out pie charts* No subtext, just canon, I won’t count guest stars just main and recurring, (click on the links for examples):

Supergirl - Maggie Sawyer & Alex Danvers

Wynonna Earp - Waverly Earp & Nicole Haught

Lucifer - Lucifer Morningstar & Mazikeen

No Tomorrow - Evie Covington & Kareema, Xavier isn’t explicitly confirmed but worth the mention imo

ConvictionHayes MorrisonJackson MorrisonFrankie Cruz

Grey’s Anatomy - Arizona RobbinsEliza Minnick

How to Get Away with Murder - Annalise Keating & Eve Rothlo, Connor Walsh & Oliver Hampton

Modern Family - Mitch & Cam

Legends of Tomorrow - Sara Lance

QuanticoHarry Doyle & Will Olsen

ArrowCurtis Holt

The main guy from Shades of Blue, but I stopped watching after a few eps, didn’t like the show

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Titus

Sense8 - Nomi & Amanita, Lito & Hernando

The Magicians - Elliot & Quentin apparently, idk I stopped watching

Bones - Angela Montenegro is bisexual but she’s married to a dude for most of the show so don’t expect Lesbian Activity™. She’s great tho.

Orphan Black - Shay, Cosima, Delphine, Sarah, Felix, Tony

The OriginalsJoshua Rosza (his bf died tho, rip)

Pretty Little Liars - Emily Fields, Paige McCullers, Alison DiLaurentis (i think?)

Shadowhunters - Alec & Magnus

Fear the Walking Dead - Victor Strand (his bf also dies)

Game of Thrones - Yara Greyjoy (idk how much she’ll appear tho)

And I think there are also some on Mr. Robot but I haven’t seen season 2 yet so I’m not sure, but I heard on tumblr.

And then there’s that one episode of Black Mirror - San Junipero (totally unlinked to other episodes so it can be watched individually)

This is all I can think of now, and I probably missed some shows that I don’t watch. If you need a rec of completed shows with non-straight characters I can make that one too 👌

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in gaf au how is the first time Lexa meets clarkes parents?

well they have a long weekend off in October right around clarkes bday & it’s like long enough lexa doesn’t wanna stay at school & she could visit anya but anya has WICKED midterms & she doesn’t wanna fly home bc she’d just be jetlagged the entire time & then fly back & be jetlagged again so clarke is like well,,,,,,,, u can come stay w me for the break? if u want? my parents are doing smth for my bday too before my Party party so it could be fun so lexa is like yes sure that does sound lovely

she’s nervous to meet them but she’s sure they are good ppl bc clarke talks abt them so fondly & also,,, they raised clarke, who in lexas opinion is the Best Person, so she’s rly mostly nervous bc she rly wants them to like her & she is worried abt missing an important social cue or smth

clarke is rly rly laid back around them tho they get home after school on a Friday & lexa has this little weekend duffel & Jake immediately is like lemme get that for u kiddo & clarke is LUGGING a suitcase upstairs even tho like,,, she has a Bunch of clothes there but whatever lol anyway so she’s like what am I dad trash?? he’s like no lexa is a guest & also she apparently plays field hockey & quite well from clarkes Raving abt it I might add & clarke u know I love you & support however healthy form ur body takes shape but u could prolly use the exercise & she’s like oh god fuck urself but she’s laughing & lexa would Never talk to her parents like that but it seems rly normal for Jake & clarke so she’s happy.

also Jake doesn’t even bother to put lexas bag in a guest room he just puts it in clarkes & is like open door policy & then leaves & lexa is like I don’t know what that means & clarke is like don’t worry abt it jfc dAD

anyway after they get settled they go outside bc it’s chilly but nice & Jake is barbecuing & he just chats w them abt school he makes sure to ask lexa questions that pertain only to her bc she’s Quiet & clarke just keeps talking but when he asks lexa questions she’s considerate & rly smart & often quite funny & eventually they get to talking abt math & clarke is like 🙄🙄🙄 for the first time in my life I would rather set the table than just sit here

Abby gets home for a late dinner & she & lexa get on Rly well Abby is Wonderful & like Jake LOVES lexa he thinks she’s so good for his bb but he’s like clarke in so many ways he’s so happy all the time & funny sometimes lexa gets tired lol but Abby is more serious & lexa sees so much of her in clarke as well but yah the first night Jake is like ok dinner is ready hi abs my love save any lives today? I will get wine what are u feeling & lexas like oH! wAIT! & clarke just sits at the table laughing a little as lexa BOUNDS up the stairs & then scrambles back down w a bottle of wine & like she’s deadass 14 she’s like just so u know I did not buy or steal this, my older sister bought it, but not in this country so u need not worry abt fake IDs. & it’s like a RIDICULOUSLY expensive Bordeaux from France that anya had grabbed over the summer & given to lexa bc she didn’t rly like it lol & Abby & Jake are like 😳 this is quite the gift thank u lexa how much are u worth again? & she’s like well when I began at polis two months & five days ago, $212 million, but I have invested well in some stocks since then so I expect higher. my sister, anya, is 17 & she has more than doubled her net worth, & she doesn’t particularly like math

they are like oKAY THEN we will More than enjoy this wine thank yOU & they have a nice family dinner clarke is Thrilled like all her fav ppl together her dad lets them all serve themselves instead of plating bc he knows that lexa is incredibly particular & that way it’s not awkward or anything

& the next morning lexa is up Way early bc her sleep schedule is always a lil fucked up sleep is v hard for her & Abby is like oh hello lexa would you like to run & get breakfast w me for everyone & so they do & they talk abt just things they both find interesting it’s v cute Abby is like how did you sleep lexas like well for the time my brain quieted down so wonderfully, clarkes mattress is so soft, as is clarke & Abby just smiles like clarke isn’t ‘out’ yet she officially comes out abt a month later at thanksgiving lmao clarke but like. they Know & honestly like lexa is lovely but even if clarke didn’t like any girls they are still v hap & supportive & kind. like lexa tells Abby & Jake she’s gay at breakfast just offhandedly mentions it & theyre like ok cool & that’s that.

& the weekend is just rly nice clarkes gma (abbys mom) comes over for a lil bday lunch for her since her big party isn’t on her actual bday & they like to do a family thing anyway & lexa gives clarke a GAY present she bought her a star it’s so cute & she named it idk smth so gay but lowkey weird like ‘creek’ in Iranian bc that’s where she first took clarke when they met & everyone is just like Wow that was gay but clarke is just thrilled it’s cute

& then lexa naps a lot on Sunday & Jake is watching football when she wakes up & lexa Hates football but she goes to watch w him & recites that stats of ea play before the play she thinks they’re going to run & she’s right like 85% of the time he’s like how do you Do that she’s like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i only like sports other than hockey bc of the math. also I’m autistic & then she leaves the room & he just Smiles & clarke wanders in a few minutes later w some popcorn & two beers & he’s like no clarke u cannot have that thank u for mine tho & she plops down next to him & they watch a bit & he’s like I think lexa is a genius & clarke is like she is dad like actually her IQ & he’s like I Knew it & they share popcorn & trash talk at the TV & lexa naps bc that’s boring to her & she loves napping

it’s a wonderful weekend honestly Jake & Abby are always rly happy when lexa stays w them she’s lovely to clarke like gentle & patient & always calls clarke out on her shit & stands up for herself too they love when lexa gets this defiant lil tilt to her chin bc she’s shorter than clarke for the first two years they know her it’s so cute but then she GREW like Rly fast & she’s taller all of a sudden but she still juts her chin & they can tell it just drives clarke Nuts