i miss you omg come back

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Omg. I've been gone all day and I've missed so much. Louis sat in the dark, by a wide open door? Can he be anymore like SBB? Well, no because he is SBB but he's almost outside, yay! Plus, did Tammi really actually like that comment about her being F's mother? Wtf?! I should stay offline more often. What excitement to come back to! Oh and L is glowing. I need to catch up with everything else now. Hope you've had a lovely day, Blue.

Yep, that’s pretty much it! Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful day too, nony xx 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I saw that photo on Louis’ instagram and I thought Harry had posted a photo of him on his instagram because it is such a Harry photo. Then I realized it was on Louis’ instagram and all I could think was that Louis and Harry were cuddling and then Louis had to leave after only 1 day together and Harry was probably bored scrolling through his photos and then he saw that photo of my boy and he wanted to post it on his instagram so badly but he couldn’t do it on his, so he did it on Louis’ instead.

That’s exactly what happened #confimed by me  

Anakin: [text] obiwan
Anakin: OBIWAN
[13:05 Missed call from ANAKIN SKYWALKER]
[13:07 Missed call from ANAKIN SKYWALKER]
Anakin: pick up ur phone omg pick UP
[13:10 Missed call from ANAKIN SKYWALKER]
Obi-Wan: Good grief Anakin I’m in a council meeting!!
Anakin: i need u to come back to our quarters 
Obi-Wan: I thought you were leaving an hour ago, why are you still on Coruscant?
Anakin: i was supposed to go but i can’t leave u have to come back 
Obi-Wan: Anakin I swear if you locked yourself in the bathroom again I’m going to take the door off entirely.
Anakin: NO it’s not that i need help 😭
Obi-Wan: Well have Ahsoka help you, I’m at work
Anakin: no i don’t want to ask her for this 
Obi-Wan: Anakin if this is some kind of ploy to get me over there…
Obi-Wan: It’s not professional. We’ve discussed this.  
Anakin: omg its not like that 
Anakin: there is this gigantic bug by my lightsaber its horrible 🕷 get rid of it
Obi-Wan: Are you serious? I have seen you EAT actual insects before.
Anakin: i know but this is HUGE and its purple and i think its making sounds and i cant leave without my lightsaber PLEASE
Obi-Wan: FFS, hang on, I’ll be home in 5 minutes. 


yes i reused the #headerfordan i made last month FITE ME

I finally hit 3k! Thanks to everyone who welcomed me back to this damned website after two years of absence. I still don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into though. Here’s to what’s to come!

special mention to @ravehowell ; jade! im glad we became friends the one and only person in my gc aside from our love for Phil Lester. let’s discuss more stuff about social science and maybe analyze dnp in those frameworks as well. ILYSM!

Now for all my D&P/Youtuber mutuals(?) i luv u all (apologies if i missed you??? just message me omg but ily still !!!)

If I don’t follow you then i still love you dw mwah.

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Goal - Yuta

Request: yo fam can u write something about my boy yuta playing soccer? and like after the win he asks u out or something idk 

~omg this is really cute i like it a lot ahahaha


You glance down at your phone as it buzzes on your lap, and smile at the name on your screen. Yuta. You quickly turn on your phone and check your text.

‘Hey,’ it reads, ‘I’m playing today.  You should definitely come watch.’

‘Of course,’ you text back, ‘wouldn’t miss it!’

And that’s the truth.  You have been close friends with Yuta since the beginning of the school year, mainly because of your shared interest in soccer.  You and Yuta could talk endlessly about soccer games, and you have wanted to watch him play since the start of the season.  But because of small reasons here and there, you haven’t been able to go and watch him play, until today, at the championship game.

“[y/n]!” [y/f/n] calls out. You look at your friend as you stand up, and smile broadly.

“[y/f/n], plans have changed for tonight.  We have somewhere to be!”


You sit down on the bleachers at your school’s soccer field, your friend by your side. You scan the field of practicing players, and quickly pick Yuta out.

“There he is,” you say, pointing to your friend.

“Ohhh, he’s good looking!” [y/f/n] calls out loudly, and you blush.

“I know, right?”

The referee blows the whistle, and the players walk out onto the field, shaking hands with each other before the match starts.  Yuta glances up at the bleachers, scanning the crowd.

Maybe he’s looking for me, you think happily.  

You stand up and wave your arm in his direction.  He sees you immediately and smiles, waving back.  

“He likes you!” your friend shouts, and you shush her, sitting back down.

The game begins, and the your team scores quickly.  Yuta has the assist, and you and your friend cheer loudly, just like the other people in the stands.  

Yuta is subbed out later in the half, and the opposing school scores a goal. You and your friend groan.

“It’s because Yuta was subbed out, that’s why,” you complain.

Your friend laughs. “You’re so in love with him!”

You don’t pay attention to [y/f/n], and stare critically out at the field. “They are good, we might not be able to score against their defense.”

You were right about that.  Yuta is subbed back in during the second half, and has two failed attempts on goal.  You are getting nervous, and keep glancing from the field to the score-board.

“Only one minute left,” you say to your friend, who nods. “I really hope we win!”

The striker of the other team dashes forward, attempting a shot on goal, but the goalie of your team catches the ball easily. 45 seconds left. He punts it across the field, and the ball rolls to Yuta’s feet.  You and [y/f/n] cheer loudly as he begins to dribble the ball up the field.  30 seconds left.  

Yuta crosses the ball to another one of the strikers and runs up the field towards the goal.  The other player looks around for someone to pass to, and Yuta raises his hand, calling out for a pass. 20 seconds left.

“PASS!” you scream, and somehow, it works.  

Yuta is passed the ball and runs closer to the goal. 10 seconds left.  

He shoots the ball just as the goalie runs closer to him, and it looks like there is no way he will make the goal.  But somehow, the impossible shot works.  Yuta calculated it perfectly: the goalie was too close to save a wide shot.  His shot soars through the air and lands cleanly in the top left corner of the goal.

You and [y/f/n] go crazy, screaming and jumping up and down, shaking each other’s arms.  You can see Yuta on the field getting swarmed by other players, all jumping and yelling too. We won the Championship!


You and [y/f/n] walk down the bleachers and stand on the edge of the field where the players are standing.  You stand on your tiptoes, looking around for Yuta.

“Where is he…”

“How was it?”

You whirl around when you hear Yuta’s voice behind you.  You hardly notice your friend smile and slip away into the crowd.

“Hey, that was amazing!” You smile at Yuta, who runs his hand through his hair.

“Yeah, I didn’t think it was going to go in!”

“You looked so cool,” you blurt out, then realize what you said. Oh my God…

“You think so?” Yuta laughs, and steps closer to you. “Want to go out with me, then?”

You can’t breathe.  He’s so close to you, and you want to scream and jump around in circles.  He’s asking me out? Now? ME?

“Y-yes!” you stammer, and Yuta smiles again.

“I’m going to hug you now.  Sorry, I’m kind of sweaty and everything…” He wraps his arms around your shoulders, pulling you into his chest.  He smells like grass and sunshine, and you can feel his heart pounding, maybe from the game, maybe because of you.  


ahhhhh soccer…


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When will you really come back with stories? I miss them so much. Thanks. Adam Levine.

Omg. *drops panty* I mean, *jaws drop* Hi Adam.. H-hi! (*coughs* @stories4sims *coughs*) Hahaha it’s you right? tell me it’s you..xD

Anyhow, Anon-Adam, thank you for asking! I’ve been really busy with work lately and in my personal life rn. I have zero downtime for anything atm. But, I will try :) I hope to post soon, next week (if time allows me) or end of this month. *fingers cross*

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Omg dude I relate to you so much when it comes to fancasts, like it's so wonderful that people are able to find real life versions of the way they envision PJO characters but I just.. Can't? Like every time I see a fancast (especially ones that have a lot of notes with people backing it) I just end up feeling bitter? and angry for no reason? Idk I've just never seen a fancast that I agree with, it actually makes me a little sad cause I feel like I'm missing out on a big part of the fun, ya know?

sometimes I’ll like squint at a fancast and then after a long pause I’m like “…nope still don’t see it” lol but mad props to anyone that can. It does seem fun sometimes but also I think that shows part of what is so great about book characters, which is how differently people build them in their heads ya know?? reflects the power of literature. You could sit fifty nerds in a room, and each of their Percy’s will be different in at least some small way. That’s so great! What a vast, beautiful, creative world x 

if jackson whittemore comes back for season 5

jackson: what’s this fuckery

jackson: mccall you loser, the real captain is back

jackson: even your girlfriend is better than you at lacrosse

jackson: stiles… since when do you date animals?

jackson: was it that hard to find a girlfriend?


jackson: what do you mean, I’m not a lizard, that’s so 2012 omg

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omg i just. eric comes home to his & dylan's apartment after finally finishing his draft for the military and dylan's just crying and hugging him and jUST SAPPY SHIT ("i'm so glad you're okay i missed you so much")

i never knew i needed this until now. 

like eric would have brought him flowers or some shit because he may not get romance but he’s trying okay? and while they’re hugging, eric’s all happy with hugging dylan right? but in the back of his mind he’s like “babe, you’re crushing the flowers” and dylan is just so emotional that he takes the bouquet of flowers and just sobs while looking back and forth from eric to the flowers. 

bonus cuteness: dylan’s hair grew a lot while eric was gone and eric spends so much time running his hands through it without realizing what he’s doing and dylan is just loving it 

while watching criminal minds..
  • *sees garcia and alvez*
  • me: *can't stop smiling cause they actually look cute together altho i still like chocolate thunder better but* okay imma ship this omg
  • *sees hotchner*
  • also me: no please show me more of hotchner i luv u plez come back :(
The Firework boy

A BTS/Bangtan boys fanfiction

Summary: You catch sight of him under the light of a thousand fireworks burning light onto his face, but what happens when the embers burn out and you’re left in the darkness? You just have to find the light…

Chapter summary: Weekly hotel room visits, the first kiss and being found out.

Chapter type: Fluff, slight tension, Fluff, Floof, Fluff, Slight Angst.

A/N: OMG! I Cant believe how much you guys all loved the prologue for this story, but i’m afraid i’ve set you up- now let’s get into the real story… ;)

Chapter 2 - Coming tomorrow.

Chapter 1

5 months later

‘I’ve missed you so much, Jagi.’

'Jimin, its only been a week.’

'Exactly, that’s seven whole days without you, I dont know how i-’

You cut him off as you crash your lips to his again, grinning as you feel his hands slide from your back to your butt where you were straddled on top of him. It never got old seeing and having him this needy for you whenever he travelled to see you or you travelled down to Seoul to see him on the weekends.

It hadn’t always been like this, but when you only got chance to see each other once a week, and the weeks had continued to role by with both of you having hardly any time to enjoy each other, it had gradually just graduated into Jimin or yourself booking out a cheap hotel room, and the two of you spending the majority of your time wrapped up in each other, whether it was watching movie’s, ordering room service and pretending you were at a restaurant- although on the odd occasion you’d make the attempt to go out but the fear of being caught always drew you back in- or…well…just being together.

'Actually it was only 6.’ you mutter, briefly detaching your lips from his to move to his neck and hearing him huff and whine in response.

'I dont care. It was still too long.’ he growls, snatching your lips back up with his before you’re able to get to his neck and the feel of his hands- that although were small, you’d come to know could do great things- made your thighs tremble as they groped and stroked you, coming round to stroke your stomach and teasingly sliding down every now and again.

'Jimin, you’ve just told me we cant be too loud.’ you whisper as you instinctively grind down into him, being startled when he lets out a loud groan, and you blush as you slap a hand over his mouth and freeze in place, not realising how turned on he’d become.

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that thing u do when ur really into a book where u like see ur at the end of the chapter and u go read the last line and spoil yourself and then you’re like WHAT DOES THIS MEAN OMG CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS THE CHAPTER END but then u have to go back to see the events in between and omg