i miss you my captain

request for @bluespock☀ i hope you like it

fun fact: i cried while drawing this bc i started thinking about how much spock must miss jim and how he’s sitting there listening to the whales and reminiscing about old times and kirk is like sunshine and everything is warm and spock is basking in it and honestly i’m a mess over it

When I asked my sister to give me a prompt that I could do while stranded here without my Wacom, she said to do a portrait of “Cap’s pouty friend”… elsewhere on Tumblr, wartimebucky has been posting some NEC-inspired flash art, and so this happened ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Brooklyn Nine-Nine might be the best show on network television right now. I had such a crappy week and my heart is so full because of that last scene with Jake and his dad. Because I think that might be the first time I’ve ever seen a show (or at least a network show) admit that being a biological parent isn’t enough. On any other show Jake and Boyle’s roles would have been reversed - Jake would have been resentful and suspicious and Boyle would have insisted that yes, his dad made mistakes “but he’s still your dad”. And then Jake’s dad would have apologized and come through because that’s the fantasy.

But Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t any other show and it had the courage to admit that “but he’s still your dad” can only excuse so much. That sometimes parents just suck, sometimes they never apologize for it, and it’s okay, healthy - right, even - to cut them out of your life until they suck a little less. And if they never do, well, that’s on them. You have nothing to feel guilty about.

Jake Peralta is not a bad person for telling his dad to stop calling, and neither am I.


-this would’ve been a lot easier if we could call - 
-if we call Tony..
-oh he won’t believe us
-and even if he did, who knows if The Accords would let him help…
-we’re on our own
-maybe not.. I know a guy.