i miss you lizzie

Believe me yet that I miss him?  :)

  • [after Elizabeth Bennet married Mr. Darcy]
  • Mr. Bennet: I miss Lizzie.
  • Mrs. Bennet: Well, you still have me.
  • Mr. Bennet: It's not the same, Mrs. Bennet. I can talk to Lizzie about things that I can't talk about with you.
  • Mrs. Bennet: Okay, well like what?
  • Mr. Bennet: Well, for instance, the annoying things you do.
  • Mrs. Bennet: Mr. Bennet!
  • Mr. Bennet: See, I can't talk to you.
Best Unreleased Lana Del Rey Songs

Mermaid Motel- Lana Del Ray (2010)

Disco (My Only God)- Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena (2007)

The Man I Love- unreleased (2012)

Kinda Outta Luck- unreleased (2010)

You Can Be the Boss- unreleased (2010)

Because of You- unreleased (2012)

Trash Magic (Miss America)- unreleased (2007)

Kill Kill- Lana Del Ray (2010)

Get Drunk- No Kung Fu (2007)

Try Tonight- May Jailer (2005)


”Until death do us part”

Ciel & Elizabeth || Kuroshitsuji


Solo: “Hi, Lizzie! Thanks for coming out so late. Wow…you look incredible!”

Elizabeth: “Thank you, Solo! I…I missed you.”

Solo: “I missed you too, Lizzie! I know this is completely random but…we haven’t celebrated your 100K followers and well…I thought this could be our first official date!” 

Elizabeth: “I’m so excited, I haven’t been bowling in ages! This was a good choice for our…yeah…our date!”


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It was nice.

It was nice when I had someone to hold me.

It was nice when I had a hand to grasp, proudly and lovingly.

It was nice when I had someone to cuddle with.

It was nice when I had someone to think and talk with.

It was nice when I had someone to look forward to, someone to admire, and someone to be excited about.

It was nice to have someone I didn’t feel awkard around, someone I could act myself all the time around, and someone who liked me for me.

It was nice to have someone who understood me.

It was nice to have someone to sratch my head and my back as well as someone I could do the same too.

It was nice to have someone with very similar interests.

It was nice to have someone to tease me.

It was nice to have someone to tease.

It was nice to have someone who paid attention to me.

It was nice to be someone’s favorite.

It was nice to be someone’s best friend.

It was nice to know someone relied on me.

It was nice to know how strong someone felt about me.

It was nice to have someone to always laugh with, to eat with, to watch movies with, to play games with, to spend the good and bad moments with, to poke their noses, to smell their hair, to cherish their hugs, to feel their warmth, to appreciate their presence, to love every part of them. Even the parts that you didn’t enjoy. It was nice to have someone to live life with.

It was nice to have someone that loved me.

But do you know what’s not nice? It’s not nice to still love someone when all that was said before is gone.

  • Jane: What was Wickham's initial text?
  • Lizzie: 'Can't believe I miss you this much after 3 hours xo'
  • Jane: 'X-O' Girl, marry him. What’d you write back?
  • Lizzie: 'Haha, lame.' It was a joke. I was insulting him, you know, flirting.

arguably-an-alien  asked:

what happens right after Liz gets exhaunorated? she knows ressler saved her from that bullet... she doesnt wanna go home alone and so on. :)

Hello hello everyone! Here’s an amazing KEENLER prompt that I attempted to do some justice for! All mistakes are my own and please let me know what you think:) Love always xx (and extra kudos to the real star of this oneshot @askhudsondog)

Of course Reddington was here waiting for me, I don’t even know why I was questioning it.

Their was something different about that hug though, almost as if we had crossed an unspoken boundary when it happened. We’re connected in this unique way now, and while I’m not sure how… The reasoning is less important to me than it once was.

All that matters is that he’s there, and I know that there’s nothing in the world that can change that.

Yet somehow as I get into his car, I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something … or someone.

“Now Lizzie, I don’t see you staying on your own tonight as an option,” Red said tellingly.

As much as I want to argue and as much as I’d love to be alone, I know that Reddington won’t let it go in a hurry. I accept defeat in the form of a tired nod.

“Where was Ressler?” I ask suddenly, remembering how the bullet seem to wiz past his head in slow motion.

“He took off after Hitchen’s press release, must of had somewhere to be,’’ Reddington said with an evasive smile.

Closing my eyes, I finally wasn’t afraid what was going to happen when I opened them. I no longer felt like I was being chased, but strangely I felt a sense of loss.

“They’re not even my co-workers anymore.. they’re just…” I said trailed off with my eyes closed.

“They’re your friends Lizzie, and if you ever had any doubts about it, they all went to great lengths to ensure your exoneration.”

The car came to a stop and I curiously looked out the window, only to find myself in a familiar apartment complex.

“But wh…” I looked at Reddington confused.

“Because the only other person who has gone through as much as you have on an emotional level in the past year is Agent Ressler,” Reddington said, continuing, “Whatever you decide to do now Lizzie is completely your choice.”

I thanked Red and got out of the car.

As I made my way up to his apartment I couldn’t help but laugh because I felt almost as though he was going to arrest me when he saw me.

The pitt in my stomach grew as I knocked on the door for the first time, and even more so as I did the second and third time.

Maybe he’s out? I thought, before seeing on my watch that it was almost midnight, Or asleep… or out and asleep?

I shook the thought away, ignoring the odd feeling it gave me.

When I turned around I jumped in shock.

There stood a Ressler, observing me intently.

“Hi,” I said awkwardly.

“Hi,” he responded with an annoyingly flirtatious smile.

Thats new.

To make matters worse he was in casual clothes.. He looks hot I thought observing that it was the first time I’d seen him in normal clothes. His dark quantico hoodie and deep blue jeans with black converses suited him very nicely.

Realising he was still smiling and we were both still standing in the same position I said the first thing that came to mind, “So what’re you doing here?”

He readjusted the grocery bag in his arms, laughing out loud, “I live here…”

I felt my cheeks redden as I comprehended my own words, “Right! What am I doing here?”

Shaking his head with a smile, Ressler walked past me, going to unlock the door. And for the first time I noticed barking on the other side.

“You got a dog?” I asked, surprised and nostalgic.

Ressler turned around and smiled cheekily, it was nice to see him smile again, “I’d call it more temporary foster care.”

As he opened the door, a small bundle of brown joy came hurdling through the door. At first it ran to Ressler, jumping excitedly but then it saw me and.. and I saw him.

“Hudson..” I breathed, dropping to my knees and picking him up.

Hudson was the only remnant of my old life, and I’d thought, like the rest of it, he was lost too. I could feel the tears in my eyes threatening to fall.

And as Hudsons tail wagged with happiness and he trotted into the apartment as if trying to show me, I saw Ressler still quitely observing again.

“You should probably come in, some crazy person who missed the news might try to citizen arrest you,” he said, only half jokingly.

“You took my dog..” I said, my heart heavier than it’d been in a long time.

“Little man saved my life,” he replied walking into the apartment.

The tone of his voice was jovial, yet something in it made me stop in mu tracks. A short bark bought me back to reality.

“Alright, alright, geez,” Ressler was saying, bending down to fill Hudson’s bowl with food.

Before Ressler could stand again, Hudson jumped up and licked his face.

“Ugh, stop!” Ressler said, wiping his cheek but grinning at the dog.

They were an odd pair.. But still strangely endearing. 

Ressler stood up and looked at me, “So how does it feel- being free?”

Clearing my throat I thought about my answer, “It feels… it feels like it did when I was on the run. Only then I used being a wanted fugitive as an excuse for being alone, now I know that I just have nobody.”

Okay, that sounded pathetic even to my own ears, I thought to myself.

Ressler seemed like he was prepared for it though, he said carefully, “I’m not sure “nobody” is the right word to use. I mean Raymond Reddington picked you up from the court house and then you came straight here to me… and Hudson,” he added as the little hero hurdled towards me and with renewed energy jumped on the couch beside me.

“Reddington doesn’t count,” I said immediately, absentmindedly patting Hudson’s head.

“And what about Hudson and I? Do we not count either?” Ressler asked.

I tried to stop it, I did… But too much had happened in the last 78 hours. The tears started falling on their own accord. I turned away from Ressler, chastising myself when I felt a hand on my arm.

Ressler was bent down again so he was just below eye level with me. Somewhere near me I could hear Hudson whimpering.

“Liz” Ressler said, trying to get my attention.

But I’d been here before, I’d been weak like this before. I’d clung onto Ressler before, I’d clung on to Tom before… I’d clung onto Reddington before. I needed to be stronger than that.

“Hey!” Ressler said, placing his hand on my chin and gently making me look at him.

I took a deep breath and firmly looked him directly in the eye.

I’d expected him to say something, to tell me that it was okay, that I was safe. But he just looked at me, searching again.

“You think crying makes you weak,” Ressler said.

I didn’t reply, after all it wasn’t a question, it was a statement. It was then that I remembered Reddintons words, “the only other person who has gone through as much as you have on an emotional level in the past year is Agent Ressler.”

“Liz, you can cry, you can sob on live television in front the world… but no one who knows what you’ve been through could ever accuse you of being weak,” Ressler said.

“Then why do I feel so weak?” I whispered, feeling my mask slipping once again.

Ressler reached out and placed a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

“I came here because I needed to see you, to know that we could still be friends.. a-and I saw Hudson and I-I” I stopped because I couldn’t say anything else.

“You’re not going to push me away,” Ressler said firmly, “Not anymore, no matter what happens, coming to me doesn’t make you weak Liz, wanting someone to care and caring in return doesn’t make you weak. That’s Reddington talking, not my partner.”

“But I’m not your partner anymore,” I said, actually letting out a soft sob.

And there it was.. the real reason why I was so upset. No matter how much had happened how much had changed, I was no better off than a wanted criminal. I was working for the FBI from the outside. I wasn’t with my team, with my people.

Ressler’s warm hand cupped my cheek and I was drawn to the brightness of his eyes, captivated by their story.

“Thats odd, because it feels like you are. Because I may have been the boy scout for country and flag… but since I met you… There’s no Donald Ressler without Elizabeth Keen.”

I drew in a breath of air and for the first time in a long time, I felt as if it was enough.

I pulled Ressler by the arm and sat him down beside me before leaning against him and letting him comfort me by putting an arm around my shoulder and resting his cheek on my head.

“Why were you shopping at midnight?” I asked suddenly.

I felt the chuckle rather than heard it, “Theres no people at midnight, I hate having to wait and manoeuvre around angry mothers and bratty kids.”

I laughed aloud at the disdain in his voice, it felt good to laugh.

“Staying the night?” He asked almost too casually.

“No I wouldn’t want to intrude…” I said immediately.

He grinned down at me, “Yeah because Hudson and I were planning to have a nice romantic night in,” he said sarcastically.

Upon seeing my hesitation he added, “You can take the couch, besides you just got back… Hudson would miss you.”

I laughed again, reaching out to my doggy once again as Ressler stood up to get a blanket and pillows.

As he walked past me he looked a Hudson whose head was between his paws and looking up at Ressler at the same time, “Oh so now you decide to be quiet,” Ressler addressed the dog, ruffling its head, he added, “buck up mate, she’s here to stay this time.”

I felt the smile grow on my face but I tried, unsuccessfully, to not read too much into the words. 

Once he got back we both started setting up the bedding and it was difficult to ignore how effortlessly we seemed to work together and get a rhythm going.

“Okay, all done, I- um… I got you some sweats.. you’re welcome to have a shower if you want…” He rambled.

“I’m actually pretty tired.. I might just hit the sack if thats alright.” I said, going to the bathroom to change.

As expected the clothes were much too large for me.. the shirt came to mid-thigh at least.. but the pants just refused to stay up.

Oh what the hell I thought to myself, pulling the shirt down and venturing back into the living room.

“So the air conditioner remote is right he-“ Ressler started to explain but stopped upon seeing my attire.. or rather, lack thereof.

I felt my cheeks warm up when his eyes swept over my form stopping at my bare legs and when he swallowed I felt the urge to explain, “The pants were too big and they kept falling down…”

“No no,” he said immediately, “Its fine, I mean you look much better without the pants.. I mean with my t-shirt, the t-shirt.. I mean.. wait what?” He finished looking confused.  

I giggled at his expression and he looked at me with surprise.

“Come on! Get over here,” He gestured at the couch, “Wouldn’t want Hudson getting any ideas.”

As I sat on the couch carefully, he threw the comforter over me with a playful smile which I returned. And then I felt it fade.

Suddenly the room seemed to be so much bigger than me.. and I knew that I wasn’t quite ready to be alone yet.

“Hey, theres this movie I’ve been wanting to watch on Netflix but I haven’t had time.. Any interest??” Ressler asked smoothly.

I looked gratefully at him and nodded.

He quickly set it up and came to sit beside me. When I told him to move over, he looked at me, confused.. But ever the gentlemen.. he did what he was told without question.

I placed a pillow on his lap and lay my head on it in one motion.

“Why do I feel like this is only comfortable for one of us?” Ressler asked before answering, “Oh right, thats because it is only comfortable for one of us.”

“You just answered you’re own rhetorical question Ress. Lame.” I laughed.

Other than a small chuckle, Ressler fell silent and I started to think that maybe he was uncomfortable.

Just when I was about to move, he gently laid his hand on my head and began to stroke my hair with such tenderness that I felt tears come to my eyes once again. 

My eyes automatically closed and the last thought I had before drifting off into a peaceful sleep was that, even though this was the first time Ressler and I done this, I had somehow missed it.