i miss you lizzie


”Until death do us part”

Ciel & Elizabeth || Kuroshitsuji

  • [after Elizabeth Bennet married Mr. Darcy]
  • Mr. Bennet: I miss Lizzie.
  • Mrs. Bennet: Well, you still have me.
  • Mr. Bennet: It's not the same, Mrs. Bennet. I can talk to Lizzie about things that I can't talk about with you.
  • Mrs. Bennet: Okay, well like what?
  • Mr. Bennet: Well, for instance, the annoying things you do.
  • Mrs. Bennet: Mr. Bennet!
  • Mr. Bennet: See, I can't talk to you.
Best Unreleased Lana Del Rey Songs

Mermaid Motel- Lana Del Ray (2010)

Disco (My Only God)- Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena (2007)

The Man I Love- unreleased (2012)

Kinda Outta Luck- unreleased (2010)

You Can Be the Boss- unreleased (2010)

Because of You- unreleased (2012)

Trash Magic (Miss America)- unreleased (2007)

Kill Kill- Lana Del Ray (2010)

Get Drunk- No Kung Fu (2007)

Try Tonight- May Jailer (2005)

How many seasons of Kitchen Nightmares do you think I went through today? Three. I’m working through the fourth one right now. But I had to hit pause to feed myself. But give me the full scoop of how Georgia is treating you guys. All the pictures on Instagram aren’t helping! Send me videos! And hurry back with souvenirs? Or just hurry back because I miss you all. Unless you stayed in town and I’ve been avoiding you because I’ve glued myself to my couch.  

Fic: Room in Your Heart for More Chapter 9/9

I can’t believe we are at the end of this AU story! Thank you so much to everyone who has read this - I’m still so much in awe of all the support it’s gotten. You guys are the best. Also my tagging is messed up, so if you are tagged in this and you weren’t supposed to be or you weren’t tagged and you were supposed to be, I’m sorry!

That being said - this is the wedding chapter, so I hope this meets all your needs for happy feels! I don’t have a beta and I wrote this with my littles running around here today, so please forgive any errors you might find. 

Read it on Ao3 or below. Enjoy!

Chapter 9: Introducing the Queen Family 

Felicity felt eyes on her. She was not ready to wake up, but the feeling she was being watched did not go away. She popped open one eye and saw Lizzie’s face less than an inch from yours.

“Mommy, wake up. It’s someday.” Felicity’s daughter was right – it was “someday,” or, the wedding day to be precise. Felicity rolled over in the bed and tried to wake herself up. She had not slept well last night. The three of them – her mother, daughter and herself – had stayed in the hotel where they were hosting the wedding last night and it was the first time she had slept out of Oliver’s arms in the six months they had been together.

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I will never look at the flowers the same way again.
—  Everyone in The Walking Dead Fandom.

anonymous asked:

I loved Summer Bummer and I don't even like that kind of music but sometimes I miss Lizzie so muchhh Lizzie suits me the most. Do you miss old Lana sometimes?

We are allowed to miss certain eras and still appreciate new eras (this is to the angry anons still in my inbox)
but yeah I could easily go for more Lizzy era & more UV era and I would be in HEAVEN. I wish the lizzy era had another David Kahne album to it. I absolute love the recent demos that leaked for Mermaid Motel, Kill Kill, and Queen of The Gas Station.. they are SO FUCKING GOOD. 

It was nice.

It was nice when I had someone to hold me.

It was nice when I had a hand to grasp, proudly and lovingly.

It was nice when I had someone to cuddle with.

It was nice when I had someone to think and talk with.

It was nice when I had someone to look forward to, someone to admire, and someone to be excited about.

It was nice to have someone I didn’t feel awkard around, someone I could act myself all the time around, and someone who liked me for me.

It was nice to have someone who understood me.

It was nice to have someone to sratch my head and my back as well as someone I could do the same too.

It was nice to have someone with very similar interests.

It was nice to have someone to tease me.

It was nice to have someone to tease.

It was nice to have someone who paid attention to me.

It was nice to be someone’s favorite.

It was nice to be someone’s best friend.

It was nice to know someone relied on me.

It was nice to know how strong someone felt about me.

It was nice to have someone to always laugh with, to eat with, to watch movies with, to play games with, to spend the good and bad moments with, to poke their noses, to smell their hair, to cherish their hugs, to feel their warmth, to appreciate their presence, to love every part of them. Even the parts that you didn’t enjoy. It was nice to have someone to live life with.

It was nice to have someone that loved me.

But do you know what’s not nice? It’s not nice to still love someone when all that was said before is gone.

anonymous asked:

could you please just ake up and call me a bitch and tell me you never want to talk to me again? at least then i know your here and can feel. -Lizzy, who still misses you

why would i call you any of that you’re great and amazing and excitable and not a bitch

maryandkateourfuturequeens  asked:

Hi Jill! Remember me? It's Lizzie! How are you?? Dang, I've missed you all sooo much!!!! How has the fandom been the last year? (that's how long I've been gone! crazy!). Cant wait to hear from you xx

Hey Lizzie! Of course I remember you! How are you, love!? The fandom has been same old same old, honestly. Lots of drama, we’ve lost some good blogs, gained some good ones. Lots of tears and fangirling over the royals, you know the usual! I’m so happy to see you back! Is this a long term thing!? :)