i miss you hon


the  seat  hrmph’s  under  thor’s  weight,  lessened,  here,  on  earth;  
proportional,  but  exceptional,  still.  he  props  an  elbow  against  the  
counter,  feels  the  notches  under  his  skin,  lifts  his  arm  into  an
even  V.   thor’s  fingers  spread,  wiggle  –  a  branch,  an  invitation.  
he  looks  at  steve  from  under  his  eyelashes  and  brow.  

 i  challenge  thee,  ‘  he  begins,  theatrics  and  all,  adopting  old  
  speech  patterns  long  since  beaten  from  his  repertoire  (  for  the  
  most  part;  there  are  slips,  and  he  is,  as  per  usual,  still  
  full  of  formalities  ),   ‘  to  an  arm  wrestle.  ‘ 

it’s  a  slow  night.

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Throwback but you're the patron saint of sad headcanons <3

You know it ;D

I’ve posted so few of them lately… of course my view of “sad” is somewhat skewed. Now I’m trying to think back to the headcanons I’ve talked about w/ people in recent months and wondering if any of them should’ve been marked as horrible and I just didn’t think of it…

 “Love From A Letter”

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Characters: Sam
Summary: Dean had an elementary PenPal whom he actually kept in contact with. He slowly starts to fall in love with the reader, even when he doesn’t know her in person. Then, they bump into each other and finally meet in person.
Note: This is idea isn’t mine. The credit goes to one of my followers who had this idea and shared it with me. I will put the link to the page as well if you guys want to follow them! Anyways, thank you for the idea, Hon.

I miss talking to you, Dean.” Your message made Dean smile as he read it.  

He sighed quietly and looked at the screen again, wondering what you were doing and if you really missed him. As much as he would like to ignore it, he couldn’t deny the feelings that surfaced up every time he talked to you. He found it quite ridiculous that the only girl he’s ever been in love with was across the country and didn’t know him in person. Part of him liked moving from school to school because that way he got his PenPal friend, someone that became so important to him. He couldn’t believe that you guys kept in touch after so long.

Sorry, Sweetheart. I’ve been very busy lately. You know that I’m rarely home.” Dean replied quickly. ”But I miss you too, Y/N.” He sent the last part a minute later after you didn’t answer.

On the other hand, you looked at the message and smiled softly. This guy drove you insane, but you loved him as crazy as that sounded. Your friends say that what you’re feeling isn’t real because you can’t possibly like someone who you don’t even know in person. You’ve seen pictures of him though, a few at least. How could you not be in love with those beautiful eyes of him? And his smile as well.

“Yeah, yeah..” You replied, but it made you happy to know that he missed you as much as you missed him.

“What are you doing hon?” Dean replied seconds after you sent the last message.

“I’m going to go eat. It’s been a long day and I’m kind of hungry lol.” You replied as you sat entered a small place that sold hamburgers and pizzas.

You looked around quickly, not really paying attention to your surroundings. You took a seat next to the window as your phone vibrated which indicated that Dean had just replied. You took your phone out again, looking at the message.

“Hey, me too.” Dean replied.

Meanwhile, Sam stared at Dean who was smiling at the phone again. “Let me guess, Y/N?”

Dean looked up, his smile fading and clearing his throat. “Wh—What? No.” He looked down at his cheeseburger with fries and took a fry. “I was just, um… Yah, I was talking to her.” Again his smile couldn’t be helped at all.

Sam chuckled. “Have you ever thought of meeting her in person?”

Dean nodded. “All the time, but I don’t know if she would like, you know? And plus, I’m… I don’t know, Sam.”

He would get freaked out that if he met you in person, something would happen and you would end up hurt or who knows, maybe it wouldn’t be what you expected. There were many things that traveled through his mind when he thought about meeting you in person.

Sam looked at the girl sitting by the window, picking up the phone after Dean would send a message. She looked awfully familiar, sort of like Dean’s friend.

Sam looked at Dean, wondering if he should say anything. “Where does Y/N live again?”

“Oregon, but I know she’s traveling right now.” Dean answered.

“Really? Where to?”

Dean stayed quiet. “Here.” He finally answered, wondering again if he should tell you to meet up.

Sam cleared his throat. “Alright… What if she was here?”

“Here? Here?” Dean asked, putting his phone down.

“Look behind you, Dean. There’s a girl sitting over there by the window. She’s alone and she looks a lot like the girl in the picture you showed me once.” Sam explained his whole questioning.

Dean’s stomach felt the whole zoo inside throwing a party as he turned around slowly. He didn’t want to be disappointed but he couldn’t help feeling like that every time he thought about seeing you for the very first time.

“Y/N…” Dean spoke quietly as he got up and walked over the girl who was sitting by the window. He couldn’t control his legs; they were just taking him to you. When he finally got there, you looked up at him and the whole entire world froze.

Without thinking twice, you got up and looked at the man in front of you. Was this real or a dream? Who knows, it seemed surreal to finally have him in front of you.

There was no exchange in words yet. All you guys could do was look at each other and examine the moment, trying to figure out of this was really happening.

“Dean?” You finally spoke up and for the very first time, Dean heard your voice.

He didn’t say anything, instead he just embraced you. So many years had gone by and the moment was finally coming true. You quickly hugged him back tightly, burying your head in his neck. The hug felt so nice and warm. Being in his arms felt right, period. Like if you belonged in them.

“What are you doing here?” Dean whispered, finally pulling away and looking at your face again. Your pictures were beautiful but to him you were even more mesmerizing in person.

“I honestly don’t know.” You answer him, always being honest with him.

It was the truth, you didn’t know what you were doing in this place and at this time. All you knew was that you were hungry and for an odd reason nothing else seemed appealing but this place.

Dean smiled, making you melt. He was still holding you, but not as close. “I’m glad you did.”

“I can’t believe this is the way we’re finally meeting.” You giggle slightly and look away, feeling your cheeks turning red.

Dean smiled, loving your giggle. “It happens. Stay here, I’m going to send my brother back and I’ll come and sit with you, okay?” Dean suddenly remembered he was here with Sam.

You smiled and nodded. “Of course.”

And for hours you guys stayed in that small restaurant, talking to each other about many things, random, personal, stuff you guys already knew. It was finally time to say goodbye. The place was closing and Dean would soon have to leave, since their job here was done.

“Dean can I tell you something but you promise to not freak out?” You ask him and look up at him, biting down on your lip.

“Anything, sweetheart.” Dean answered, handing you his jacket as you guys walked out into the cold.

You smile at the sweet gesture, but look at him. “You’re not cold?”

Dean shook his head. “Was that what you wanted to tell me?” He chuckled.

You shake your head no, “No, of course not.” You laugh and look down. “I just need to be honest with you now that I know you’re real!” You try to joke about the last part.

Dean chuckles and looks around before stopping. “What is it?”

You look at him and sigh. “Is it that crazy that I have feelings for you? I just met you, but we’ve been friends forever and I didn’t think it could ever happen and I know it can’t happen because yo—”

His lips interrupted you and you weren’t anywhere near being done with what you had to say. Yet, it didn’t bother because you have dreamed of this moment for the longest time ever and it was finally happening. So, you didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, moving your lips along with his; perfect sync.

“I know how you feel.” Dean whispered against your lips, surprising himself because he was about to tell you how felt as well. “I fell in love through our letters, our messages, with the picture of you.” Dean sighed, pulling away. “I thought I was crazy because I didn’t know you and I was in love with you.”

“I’m not crazy then?” Your arms were wrapped around him, and your eyes were staying on his, searching his eyes for an answer.

“Of course not.” Dean answered. “But you know the way I live..”

“And I accept it, Dean. I’m not demanding anything from you. I just needed to know you felt the same way.” You smile softly at him but your heart breaks as he reminds you of his reality.

“We’ll find a way back one day.” Dean whispers.

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I miss you hon! Hope you're doing well 💖

I miss you too sweet! I am ! I’ve been hella depressed and werid but its whatever and leaving, hope youre doing good lets skype soon <3 Sorry I didnt text you back I forgot and then responded to this instead lol

“Sabi nila mahirap daw magmahal ng isang anon blogger. Pero ang magkaroon ng kaibigan? Mahirap din ba?”

Masasabi kong masarap magkaroon ng mga kaibigan na anon blogger dito sa tumblr? Kasi madalas kahit hindi mo alam yung tunay na name nila, yung tunay na muka nila, yung tunay na ugali nila at yung tunay na pagkatao nila eh sila pa itong mas nakakaintindi sayo madalas at nakakasabay mo pa sa mga trip mo dito sa tumblr. Dito kasi sa tumblr madalas para ka lang nasa night life dahil sa mga anon bloggers. May mga makikilala ka sa kanila na hindi mo man lang alam kung sino ba talaga sila o kung ano ba sila kapag wala sa night life. Pero para sakin, masaya talaga magkaroon ng anon blogger friends kahit minsan nakakatakot ng magtiwala dahil alam niyo naman ang panahon ngayon, lalo na dito sa tumblr? Hay nako, madami na kasing mga fake, plastic at mangloloko (pero hindi lahat). Ang masakit lang talaga yung kapag nag deact yung anon friend mo, kasi wala ka man lang clue kung paano mo siya hahanapin at makakausap ulit. Eh kasi ang alam mo lang ay yung ginamit niya na name, url at kung sino siya sayo dito sa tumblr. Madalas ang problema pa sa mga anon bloggers ay hindi nila ibinibigay yung personal information nila. May iba’t ibang dahilan kung bakit nila ginagawa yun kaso ang unfair lang talaga. Kapag nawala na yung anon friend mo dito sa tumblr para kang nawalan ng isang pencil o ballpen na swerte sayo sa tuwing ikaw ay kumukuha ng exam. Maswerte ka kung meron ka mga tunay na anon friends, Dahil madalas sila pa itong marunong rumespeto sayo at yung alam mong totoo sayo, nakaharap ka man o nakatalikod.

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hey, zain? how do you stay inspired? bc I always feel like the sterek fandom is shrinking and it kind of keeps me up at night. I'm trying to be positive, but idk what to do. people just don't seem v happy around here anymore and I miss the boys :(

Aw hon, come here…  *wraps you up in a fluffy Sterek blanket*

I’m actually glad you sent me this because I’ve been wanting to address this for a while. You’re not alone in this: a lot of people feel the same, I assure you.

So listen: it’s okay to be sad, and hella understandable. My only hope is that soon you’ll be able to accept that things have changed. Things aren’t how they used to be. Not the show, not the fandom.

It took me a very long time before I did. I tried so hard to remain positive, to help others to feel positive, even when the show changed so much from what I first fell in love with. I wanted so badly to believe that we could somehow get back to what we had before: 2012-2013 when the Sterek fandom was at its strongest, and we were acknowledged by cast and crew in a positive way.

But all things change, you know. It’s inevitable. There’s hundred old sayings about it. We couldn’t remain the unstoppable force we were forever.

Please, don’t let this keep you up at night. Don’t let this ruin you. Take some time and mourn what used to be, but then please let it go. Our fandom isn’t dead, just a lil sad and tired. I’m still here, and I know several others are too. We might not create the same amount of content as before, but personally I still ship Stiles and Derek with my whole heart.

How I stay inspired? By remembering what Sterek is and always has been, for me. Personally. Why I even started shipping them. Why I felt the urge to write fic even tho I told myself from the very start that I wouldn’t go that deep. (Yeah, right!) Why seeing them together in manips or fanart makes my heart clench because I want them to be together with everything I have.

I still write Sterek because it’s still the ship that’s moved me the most, that I love the most, and whenever I come up with a fic idea my mind goes straight to Stiles and Derek. I’m writing my current AU because it makes me so fucking happy, and if my readers enjoy it then that’s a wonderful bonus. But I do it for me, and I know I have no obligations whatsoever to provide Sterek.

My advice for you: allow yourself to fall in love with other shows and ships, because there is nothing wrong with finding happiness someplace else, but know that Sterek is eternal and will never go away. Shipping is what we make of it. People still write fics for Merthur and Drarry, and I will stay aboard both those ships forever. I will never abandon Sterek.

Just let it be healthy shipping.

Take care, you and everyone else <3


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This idea was shamelessly stolen from last week’s iZombie.

Summary: Oliver and Felicity play a little game while she’s away on a business trip.


“Hey stranger.”


“How’s everything going in Coast City?”

“Ugh… I’ve been in meetings all day and my feet are killing me. Remind me again why I agreed to be CEO of Palmer Tech.”

“Because you’re smart and amazing and you’ve managed to turn things around in less than six months. And because one of us has to have a job that actually makes money .”

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