i miss you hawaii

I fucking miss you. I miss your voice and how my head feels against your shoulder. I miss those simple moments when you’d just talk to me and how you’d actually care and I’d want to hear about your day too. I miss that. I miss when we were us. I miss when I’d be sure I’d see you and I miss worrying about how you’d hurt me. I really miss you. And I know you miss those things too. I know you miss me back. So just stop being a bitch and let me love you already.
—  Oko Ninjah (miss me back)
Is it wrong to not crave a simple dinner date and a movie with someone anymore!? I want someone who is down for adventures. Let’s jump out of a fucking plane even if it’s perfectly functional. Let’s go hiking even if it means getting lost in the woods, or come long boarding on the beach and let’s carve between the people enjoying the view. The views the world has to offer are so plentiful, and I want to drive by them, walk through them, and fly over them with you. I don’t know who you are yet, but if you can appreciate and be grateful for the beauty of the world, I sure could learn to do the same for you.

A/N This is my first imagine, so it isn’t that get. But, hopefully in time I will get better at writing! To the person who requested this, I hope it is okay!

Summary: Doctor at Grey Sloan Memorial gets married to Barry Allen, AKA The Flash.

Warnings: none

Barry Allen

“Y/N, you’re back!” Arizona Robins grinned when she saw you walking through the hospital halls. She jogged toward you, wrapping her arms tightly around your shoulders. You laughed, hugging her tightly back. “Sadly. Hawaii was amazing, you should have seen it!”

You had married Barry Allen nearly two weeks before, and he (and all of your friends from Grey Sloan) convinced you to take a break and go on a relaxing honeymoon to Hawaii. You almost backed out multiple times, for the sake of your patients, but it had been years since you went on a vacation and you wanted to celebrate marrying the love of your life, who also happened to be the flash. “Ugh, I wish! Come on, everybody has missed you, even Alex.” She smirked, gently pulling you down to the attendings’ lounge. You and your fellow doctors had a close relationship, having had gone through so much together.

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anonymous asked:

ooo do you study in korea now?? ive wanted to visit Korea for a while, are you good at speaking it?? what's the thing you miss most about Hawaii?? -starry anon

I’m Korean and the rest of my family are, so I grew up speaking it and English came after! Korea’s a pretty country with lots of strange and cool things, but the air’s terrible and the beaches aren’t as nice as Hawaii’s (but that’s to be expected! CX) I love the crows and 까치 (magpies I think?) here, they have really pretty and unique calls!

I think what I miss the most is just the calm pace in Hawaii ;3; Korea moves so quickly (technology and people-wise) that sometimes I just want to plonk down on a bench and catch my breath for a second! ✨

Hawaii- Jack Maynard imagine (request )

“Jack we’re late. Everybody’s probably there. Josh and Conor left also.”
“Just five more minutes.”
“Jack. I’ve already finished everything.”
“Do we have to go ? Let’s just cuddle in bed and forget about this trip”
“You know I’ve been to Hawaii once so I won’t miss anything. But If you wanna miss it then we’ll stay”
He groaned and moved in his sleep still on the bed.
“We need to go.”
“Give me some time.”
“I’m gonna go by my own.”
“Okay I’m up. I’m up.”
“Good boy”
“Where’s my morning kisses?”
“No time just get a shower, eat a thing and get dressed.”
“As you see we’re late because of Jack and now we lost the boys. Thanks Jack” You vlogged.
“It’s not my fault okay? I’m not a morning person.”
“There they are. JOE, CASPAR”
“ Stop yelling Y/N. It’s not like you haven’t seen them in a month.”
“I haven’t seen them in a year.”
“A little bit exaggerating.”
“Don’t be jealous. I have all time for you Jack.”
“Hello!” Caspar said grabbing you in a hug.
“Say hi to the vlog” Joe said holding up the camera.
“You’re vlogging too?”
“What else would I do.”
“Such a daily vlogger”
“Where are the rest of the gang?” Jack asked.
“I have no clue. We just got here. Joe had not packed till now and I didn’t wake up to the alarm.” Caspar replied.
“So we aren’t the only ones late?” You said.
“Well you two were late because of something else. See what I mean?” Joe joked.
“Oh shut up. Jack wasn’t waking up”
“No lying we know you guys.”
“That’s why I didn’t wanna go with them.” Jack said.
“Too late now.” You said.
“Come on, we’ll go and find the boys”
“After a long flight, we finally arrived to Hawaii. Are you excited Jack?” You pointed the camera towards him.
“I’m so tired.” Jack leaned on your shoulder putting all his weight on you.
“Jack stop. You’re heavy”
“Please I need to sleep.”
“We’ll sleep when we’ll get there. You’ll see the hotel is amazing.”
“According to the driver, we should be there in an hour.” Josh said
“Oh my God.” Jack said
“It’ll be worth it”.
“So we arrived at the hotel and Jack threw himself on the bed and immediately fell asleep.” You whispered to the vlog.
“Look at him. I don’t know what to do he’s taking more than half of the bed. Guess I’ll sleep on the floor. That’s it for the vlog Today hope you have an amazing Summer and I’ll see you Tomorrow in another vlog. Bye!”
You turned over to Jack, not wanting to wake him up you got in bed slowly and managed to sleep till morning came.
“Good morning everyone and welcome back to Hawaii vlog part 2. Today we’re going to… Where are we going Jack.”
“To the beach yay.”
“So we’re going to the beach and I’m very excited cause I haven’t surfed in so long.”
“Surfing is dangerous for you.”
“What do you mean? No it isn’t.”
“Well you’re quite clumsy.”
“But I’m good at it.”
“Well you better be careful.”
You entered the car with the rest of the boys and began vlogging.
“So the boys are quite annoyed by my surf skills.”
“No we’re not it’s just… I have never seen a girl surfboard.” Conor said.
“Well now you’re gonna.”
“She’s talking as if she won best surfboarder of the year.” Josh said.
“No I just don’t get it why you guys are annoyed by it”
“Show us now how you’re gonna get that giant thing out” They all laughed.
You sighed as you tried getting it out of the car.
“I’ll help you” Jack said.
“It would be better if we planned this trip just for the two of us. The boys are annoying.”
“No it’s okay we’re having fun”
“Don’t take everything they say for granted. They always loved teasing me.”
“Aww don’t worry we’ll have fun” You kissed his cheek.
“Hey love birds we better get going.” Joe said.
“Look at that flower costume Y/N.” Jack pointed on a shop.
“Oh God it’s awful.”
“No I think it’s pretty.”
“Well I think it’s ugly.”
“Oh okay.”
“Well that was scary did you see that?” Joe asked the boys.
“See what?”
“Y/N and her surfboard. She’s really good at it”
“Told ya I’m amazing.” You said.
“Not that much.”
“You’re just jealous. Where’s Jack?”
“I think he went for a drink” as soon as Caspar said you saw Jack.
“Look what I brought.” He waved the costume from earlier.
“Oh no why did you bring it?”
“It’s beautiful”
“No it’s not.”
“You’ll have to try it out.”
*Back at the hotel*
“So you’re gonna try it out?”
“Okay but just for a sec not more” you said grabbing it and trying it on.
“Wait I have to get this on camera. So what do you think guys?”
“Jack nooo not to the vlog.”
“You’re beautiful.”
“Piss off. No I’m not.”
“She’s angry she doesn’t love me anymore.”
“No I do.”
“Gimme a kiss”
You kissed him and you stopped a second after.
“We should not get this on camera.”..
Hope that was what you were wishing for. Sorry for any mistakes but my eyes are hurting so bad. See u nxt time xxx