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Stuff My Dad Said During Hamilton (Act 2)
  • What'd I Miss: This guy sounds like a pompous asshole.
  • Cabinet Battle #1: That's that line you like. The shoe fitting one. You've said that too much...
  • Take A Break: Where's the third sister? Did she die? Is she okay?
  • Say No To This: ...damn...just...damn...
  • The Room Where It Happens: I want to feel bad for Burr but he's reminding me of those 'try too hard' kids. Like you.
  • Schuyler Defeated: I knew he was gonna turn into a huge dick.
  • Cabinet Battle #2: He sounds like you did in kindergarten. "He was my friend first!" I think you said that word for word.
  • Washington On Your Side: LANGUAGE!
  • One Last Time: If only he had known what was going to happen to our country...
  • I Know Him: And here comes the other George.
  • The Adams Administration: Spiteful little dude...
  • We Know: Snitches get stitches.
  • Hurricane: This guy's life kinda sucks...
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: No one ruining your life? Don't worry! Ruin your own...apparently.
  • Burn: If only she had actually burned him. Like. Revenge bitch.
  • Blow Us All Away: Oh yeah mini Hamiltons.
  • Stay Alive (Reprise): Does...Does everyone die? (Me: Eventually) Okay there's no need for smart ass comments.
  • It's Quiet Uptown: I'm now in like...a state of hurt and anger and...how?
  • Election Of 1800: That first note actually scared me...
  • Your Obedient Servant: Hamilton's disrespect? Doesn't Burr call his mom a whore every five songs?
  • Best Of Wives And Best Of Women: I've never been more emotionally hurt by a musical...
  • The World Was Wide Enough: Ah yes. I shall call this Act, "Stab You In The Heart Repeatedly".
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: ...who the fuck is telling Peggy's story?

Greetings from my empty apartment…

 Okay , i have been MIA for to long so i thought i stop by with first saying i miss all you sweet and beautiful faces heheh…. and also im MOVING ! yoppppp bye bye gloomy New York and hello sunshine in Miami ! im very happy to say i got a nice place up there and plus im moving closer to my good and one of my bestfriend’s @1-800-tanisha she actually helped me look and took the time out of her busy schedule to help me find a place thats suitable for me and my pumpkin pie Blaze. 

I think its just time for a new start and what perfect way to start off spring (which is basically here) by moving lol. okay enough of the chitty chat ! i miss you guys soo soo much <333


Okay, Hello! Last month I decided to draw all my loved characters from inazuma eleven together <3

There are missing some characters but I couldn’t draw them here cause this is my first time drawing more than two characters in a drawing haha. Well I hope you guys like it as much as I do!!!

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Hades and Hera 😊

hades: do you believe in an afterlife?

I do!

hera: who makes up your tumblr family?

I have soo many! But these are the ones I talk to regularly/often, and the ones I’ve become really good friends with:










@obeydontstray (and pretty much the entire Parent Squad because I love & miss all of you guys!!!)

Sorry if I missed anyone!!

Hellotalk Boy!!

okay i have a story, so i met this guy on hello talk (if you guys don’t know what that is, its just an app that you can talk to people from around the world and help them learn different languages). so basically i just go on and talk to random people because i just like to help people learn English and i think its cute when people try to learn English also. anyways so i texted this random guy named idk lets just call him w. so i messaged w and said “hello~” so i wasn’t expecting a reply for some reason. anyways so i went to shower and i came back with 4 messages from w. he sent “hey~ it is lunch time in Korea, nighttime for you?, can i add you on Kakao?” i was so taken back by all of it but i was like sure.

 so we started talking and he was just talking in Korean but it was so hard for me because i didn’t really understand Korean that well so basically i was going back and forth between google translate just trying to get a decent understanding of what he’s saying but that didn’t work out very well. i got frustrated and just went to sleep. i told myself that i wasn’t going to reply in the morning but no that didn’t stop him. he still spammed the next morning with messages saying “did you sleep well?” how cute.

our timezone was very different obviously.  when its 12pm for me, its 1am for him. and so on and so on. he talked me all the time like constantly. sometimes he would speak Korean to me but after a while, he got better and spoke in just English to me and only spoke Korean to me if he didn’t know how to say it in English.he told me everything i needed to know about Korea with a lot of pictures. when i say a lot, i mean a lot. 

 he was also interested on learning french (which I’m fluent in), so we sent each other voice messages and i taught him little words in french and he taught me words in Korean. it was like really good friendship that i would cherish a lot. he cared for me a lot, he would text me until i fell asleep or he would stay up really late until like 4am for him just to talk to me and it was just so nice of him to do that.

 every night before i went to sleep, he had this saying that was like “good to sleep” which i never asked him what he was trying to say so i never questioned him. he didn’t like when i was awake too late because he would think that i wouldnt be able to sleep well or have enough energy for school the next morning. whenever i was sick, he would always ask me if i was alright, if i slept, if i ate, took medication. he was really protective over me. 

anyways to the sad parts. so in the middle of a conversation one day, he randomly just told me “you know that I’m going to the army on may 31st.” at first, it didn’t bug me because its like may 1st and we still had 30 days together so i didnt really think about it. 

after that we never really talked about it because he always got really emotional when the topic came up and so did i because i didn’t want him to go. it was so nice to have his company. closer and closer to the 31st was the hardest i think. he stopped texting because he had to spend time with his family which i understood because you know he was leaving for 21 months. he told me that he would write me so much letters and that when i come to Korea in two years that he will take time off the army and take me out for dinner and buy me all the food that i wanted. then the 29th came, (30th for him). i think this was the hardest part for me. i was at work and he sent me a message saying the following 

(my name) is there will be afternoon?! Haha Now I have to go to army on 5.31

Although we are different place and anything else but I was so happy glad to comunication cct very very very Haha I can’t express any words I was so happy!! Maybe I can do message to u after 2months I will do it I wanna. I wanna get along with u and contact continously I hope u are happy and everything you do is going to be fine and good. Good bye then see u later (my name)

and thats where i started to cry. its been only a month that we knew each other but he just grew soo much on me and its sad. he will be back in two months and ill keep you guys updated if i get any letters from him. i miss him but I’ll live!!! i just hope he’s doing alright doing whatever he’s doing and being safe thanks for reading :)

KM & BW: Aww, the feels! I hope it works out well for the both of you!! ^_^

Guys I found this on my phone and I almost broke down. That’s a lie I’m breaking down rn. I took this a week before he passed and I want him back soo much. I miss his floppy ears. I miss cleaning the dirt off his slobbery snout. I miss taking him for long walks around our town. I miss the chuckles I would get when I wore my “most official bitch” tank on those walks. I miss how he would wink back at me when I told him I loved him or asked him a question. I just really miss my puppy guys. I was not ready for you to leave me and my nightmare came true of me being the one to find you first. I was 11 years old in the back of our truck holding the runt of the litter who had matching dark brown eyes like mine. I asked if I could love you forever. You kissed my nose and you were mine from that moment on. I love you Deuce Dartanian forever my favorite goofball and first true friend 💙💞😢

I Missed You ~Ian Hecox Imagine~

Hellooooo soo this wasn’t requested but I wanted to post this because i’ve never posted an imagine with Ian and he’s so adorable soo I hope you guys like this c:

*Not My Picture*

I sat on my suitcase in front of the airport waiting for Anthony to come pick me up. I had just gotten off a plane and I was pretty much the only person outside, due to how cold and rainy it was.  My mind started to wander as I stared at the street. I kept thinking about Ian. I missed him like crazy. We had broke up about a week or two prior, due to some stupid argument or whatever. All I know is that I missed him. After a couple minutes of me daydreaming, Anthony pulled up in front of me.
I stood up and grabbed my suitcase as the trunk opened and Anthony got out. I put my suitcase in the trunk and closed it back.
“Heyy gurl, give me a hug. I missed you!” Anthony said playfully as he held his arms out.
I smiled and put my arms around him.
“I missed you too.” I said.
After a minute, we pulled away and got into the car.
He pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards my house.
“So how was the trip?” Anthony asked.
“I had alot of fun seeing my family. It’s been awhile.” I said.
“Good. Well we missed you.” He said.
‘We’ struck a cord with me. What did he mean 'we’? Ian didn’t miss me.
“We?” I asked, curiously.
He looked over at me and smiled lightly.
“I’m sorry, I’m not used to you guys being broken up.” He said.
The words 'broken up’ felt like a kick to the stomach. Anthony didn’t mean to though.
“It’s fine.” I said putting on a kind of real, kind of fake smile.
“He did miss you though. He kept talking about you.” He said quietly.
I looked over at Anthony.
“What did he say?” I asked.
“He kept asking how you were doing and if you were okay.” He said.
I nodded and stared out the window.
He pulled up to my house and smiled widely at me.
“What?” I asked giggling a bit.
“I think someone’s been waiting for you.” He said, still smiling.
“Who?” I asked as I turned around and looked at my house.
There he was sitting on my porch with a blanket wrapped around him. The sprinkles from the rain dripping down on him. It had been weeks since I had seen him. His eyes still sparkled the prettiest shade of blue and I felt my heart drop to my stomach. There was my Ian. Without a word, I opened the car door slowly and got out. Our eyes met and I felt butterflies. He stood up and stared at me.
“Y/N..” he breathed out.
We both walked, meeting each other half way, and hugged each other tightly.
Tears started pouring down my cheeks and onto his shoulder.
“I’m sorry Ian. I’m so so so stupid. I miss you so frickin much.” I cried into his shirt.
Before I could say anything else, Ian pulled back and kissed me. I felt all my worries and sadness go away.
After what felt like forever, we pulled away from each other, breathless.
“No. You don’t apologize. I was the one that was stupid and said we were over. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. I’m sorry. I love you so much Y/N and I just want you back.” He said with tear stained cheeks.
“I love you too Ian.” I said as I smiled through my tears.
“Will you take me back?” He asked.
“Of course.” I said, kissing his lips sweetly.
“I love you.” He said as he rested his forhead on mine.
“I love you too.” I said, looking into his eyes.
“Soooo are you gunna get your bag or what?” Anthony hollered from the car as he laughed.

Request an imagine in the ask :)

Cuddles won’t satisfy me this time. - D.O. Scenario

Type: Angst / Fluff / A little sexy :D

Summary: Your boyfriend Kyungsoo had been ignoring you and you test him by flirting with Tao. What will D.O. do after he realizes that?


Originally posted by huang-shit-tao

He wasn’t answering you calls. Again. You knew he was busy, you knew he had rehearsals 24/7, but was it so hard to pick up that phone, just for a second, to ask you how you’ve been. This was so unlike Kyungsoo. His usual caring self had disappeared and you unwillingly started to get some doubts.

Maybe he got bored with you. He could have any of those fangirls. Why did you think, that he would be loyal to you forever.

 You dialed his number once again, swearing to yourself that it would be the last. You were so shocked when he picked up, that you forgot to speak for a few seconds.

“Hey, Y/N. Y/N, are you here? I don’t have much time.” he said.

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Dropping by to say Hi. Miss you, twin. Missing you guys. Also love this new theme you are playing. Soo pretty 😍 sending love from Adam's room. 😂

Originally posted by lilicrosby

Oh my sweet Anon twin, I miss you so much, come back soon! 

Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement and hope to see you real soon xxxooo

sh*t hamiltrash never say

-I feel really bad for Samuel Seabird

-Hamilburr would be such a beautiful yet tragic love story

- suck at american history

-Wow! Cool!

-I think it was obnoxious changes the whole aesthetic of broadway with rap.

-I didn’t cry at the end of the soundtrack.

-John Adams for the win!

-I can rap guns and ships.

-You know what? I actually ship Maria Reynold and Alexander Hamilton.

-I really need a Charles Lee backstory.

-Philip Soo isn’t even that good.

-I don’t even care if I go see the original cast or not.

-Favorite song? Schuyler Defeated.

-Don’t you think its annoying they repeated the same tune for several songs?

-Is everything actually legal in New Jersey?

-Eliza deserved it.

-Hamilton deserved it.

-What did I miss is WAY to jazzy to fight into this soundtrack.

-*snap* HamilErfferson!

-*shakes head* Too much rapping.

-I don’t even care about the lyrics.

-Hercules Mulligan. Hate that guy.

-Obviously sold my ticket away. For a 500 bucks. Please.

-Dueling is actually pretty smart.

-You know what they should add to this musical? Dubstep and harmonicas.

-Too much diversity.

-Ham4Ham is annoying.

-I don’t need a Lafayette Musical now.



-How do you even get merch/ for a musical.

-Those dresses are so tacky…

-Whatever happened to Peggy?

-Arron Burr should have won that election.

-Yeah I spent the ten dollar bill. Why?

-Hopless makes me hopeless and satisfied makes me satishpied.

-I practically meditate when i listen to my shot.

-Say yes say yes DRAMA DRAMA.

-You know what song i relate to the most? The adams administration.


-Drake should be in hamilton.

-Eliza should have died.

-It doesn’t take any effort to memorize all the lyrics.

-Hamilton isn’t addicting.

hi, it’s moNICA (prev. jinkooks) it’s been a while although i’m always on and off with tumblr (sorry, been busy a lot ;-;), but anyways i’m trying my best to keep my blog going c: as i came back from a hiatus i reached a ton of wonderful followers thank you soo much. i was bored so i thought of doing a follower forever for my 29k hit and to a new year! here are some beautiful blogs i appreciate thanks for making my dash entertaining

introducing mutuals first! ily guys and if you’ve been with me forever ily even more (a bold to we talk here and there/whom i’m close too/we’ve been following each other for a very long time/i missed you during my hiatus)

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Miss missing you (Luke hemmings)


Part one

 Word count: 16k Rating: No smut “Come on (Y/N), you can’t just lay here all day” Your best friend (Y/F/N) spoke. After what happened with Luke a few months you just didn’t seem to be the same. Every one in a while you’d see something that reminded you of him and you go into w raging fit of tears You hated what he had done to you, making petty remarks about your family; saying you couldn’t take care of them if it hadn’t been for his money. But what hurt the most was when he spoke about your flaws. Until you had met Luke you were very insecure about your body, but every time he’d see you clothed or not, he’d tell you how beautiful you were or how much he loved you, now everything good that he’d done seemed like a lie. “Yes I can. And I will.” You muttered as you pressed your head into a pillow. “He’s an asshole (Y/N), why can’t you understand that? Just get over him and fucking drop it.” She spoke harshly, causing you to sit up abruptly. “That’s easy for you to say (Y/F/N), but you didn’t know him like I did okay?” You responded, trying not to start an argument. “Whatever.” She answered “Let’s just orders the pizza.” ~~~ Third person P.O.V (Y/N). That’s all Luke could think about, all that was on his mind, her smile, the way she laughed, the way one of his tee-shirts swallowed her whole. “Come on mate we’re losing here!!” Ashton shouted as he toyed with the joy stick furiously, obviously pissed that Luke wasn’t paying attention. Quickly he tried to regain control of his position in the game. “I fucking died man!” Ashton groaned. “What the hell is going on with you right now?” He added, causing Luke’s head to fly from the floor, to face Ashton. “What? n-nothing’s going on, I’m fine… just thinking.” Aston sighed loudly as he got up to turn the Xbox off. “Your thinking about her, aren’t you?” He asked lowly as they sat in silence. “You’ve got no fucking idea.” He replied quietly. “I-I didn’t mean to say any of that, I just got- got really mad and I-” “Luke, I think you should say all of this to her.” Ashton interjected. “You don’t think I tried that? She won’t fucking answer when I call, I-I tried going over there but she’s never home. I know she probably hates me… But I don’t think I can live without her.” Soon, it was Luke who was on the verge of tears. “You know. I hate to make things worse but, you caused this on yourself. Like I said, you’ll get shit faced, act like a pure breed idiot, and the you expect everyone to just forgive the shit you do. But one day your friends won’t come to your aid, but (Y/N) was there for you, you drove the best person in your life away, even in the darkest fucking nights she’d search for your dumb ass, so you need to get your shit together.” Luke looked at the ground, thinking about his next move. “What are you still doing here? Go fucking find her.” Ashton yelled, causing Luke to jump off the couch immediately. He got to the door but stopped, “What if, what if she doesn’t forgive me?” He asked, and Ashton looked back at him. “Then she’s gone.” ~~~ Soon after the pizza got there (Y/F/N) left, claiming her mom had asked her to buy milk or something, so you were left to finish a pizza and ‘unfriended’ by yourself, which you didn’t mind. You watched intently as one of the guys shot himself in the head, causing you to get scared. “Fuck” You squealed as you jumped, smothering yourself into the pink and black duvet your grandmother had made you as a child. As you continued to watch the movie your phone began to buzz, signaling that you had gotten a text. You went toward the end of the couch and grabbed your phone and began scanning it quickly. From 😋😋Lukeypie😋😋 “I heard amnesia on the radio today” It read, and you immediately paused your movie. From 😋😋Lukeypie😋😋 “It makes me think of you every time I hear it” “I still remember everything” “The way your perfume smelled. The way your nose crinkled when you’d laugh. The smile on you face when you were talking about something you loved. The way your voice sounded when you tried but you wanted to stay up and talk to me.” You could feel the corners of your eyes began to burn with tears as you read his message. You didn’t mean to cry, and you probably wouldn’t have it what he said hadn’t been true. You started to reply but a knock on your door interrupted you. Your eyes immediately darted to the clock as it read “12:03” and you wondered who it would be. You got up and looked at your evening attire, you were currently wearing an oversized sweater with a pair of mismatched socks, your hair was in a thrown up messy bun, and your face probably looked like a horror show. Without hesitation you got off the couch and ran to the door. “Who is it?” You called out. “It’s uh, Luke” The voice replied softly, and you could feel your heart drop to your stomach. You stayed quiet for a moment, trying to figure out wether or not you were dreaming. “(Y/N), I know I’m the last person you’d wanna talk to, but can you let me in?” He asked, sounding as if he was in pain. You unlocked the door and opened the door; shocked at what you where looking at. Luke looked terrible. His normally styled up blonde locks were now flat to his head, and his old bright blue eyes had now looked grey and lifeless. “Hi” He spoke with a faint smile. “Hey” You replied. You held the door open, signaling him to come in. “You look nice.” He spoke quietly, causing you to laugh as you shut the door behind him. “Nice?” You asked “I guess it’s a step up from calling me ugly.” You spoke rudely, you were being a bitch yes, but he deserved it. “You don’t know how sorry I am (Y/N), I feel like a complete asshole.” You looked at him wide eyed as he began to ramble, you didn’t know why but hearing him talk just pissed you off even more then before he came over. “What was the point in you coming over here?” You interrupted. “I-I just wanted to-” “You wanted to what Luke?” You asked, your voice raising a bit. “I-” He started, but it was a rhetorical question. “To tell me some sob story about how you miss me?” You yelled, shoving him in his chest with as much force as you could muster; but he didn’t seem bothered as he stumbled back a bit. “You made me feel like a piece of shit Luke, like I didn’t even fucking matter to you.” You screamed, you’re voice cracking as you started to tear up as you shoved him again. “(Y/N) I-” “You don’t know how it felt to have you belittle me about the shit you knew I was most insecure about Luke!! When I struggled with my weight you told me not to worry about it, that you’d love me no matter what I looked like!!” You went to shove him again, but he caught your hands before you could. “(Y/N) stop!!” He spoke, raising his voice. “Do not touch me!!” You yelled, but he only held you tighter. “(Y/N) I’m sorry!! I fucked up and I drank too much. But I promise you baby girl none of what I said was true. I’ve would never ever purposely make fun of your life before you met me or down talk any part of your body. You are so fucking beautiful and my exes could never compare to how gorgeous you are, God I just, I just miss missing you.” Your eyes were locked on his as he held you, you could tell he was contemplating on kissing you. “And if it helps, I haven’t picked up a drink since the party.” Hearing that alone made you want to bust into a fit of laughter and tears. Ever since you’d met Luke he had been a huge drinker, so knowing that he hadn’t picked up one in months made you feel a little bit better. “Can I kiss you?” He asked, biting his bottom lip. Without hesitation you nodded your head. Your heart begins racing and you just relax your lips and close your eyes as his lips touch yours. He lets his lips linger on yours for a few moments before pulling back and smiling at you, but you couldn’t help but feel strange. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “I don’t know, I just. I don’t think I’m ready to get back together.” He looked at you intently as he shook his head. “It’s ok. I’ll be here when you’re ready.” You smiled graciously. “You know what we can do? I’m not going to finish this or pizza alone so….” He laughed at you before letting go. “Wait, so this won’t be like on of those Netflix and chill things will it?”

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This talk about you guys' jams was.. Hilarious, I didn't say anything though cuz greenies have no business granting jams. On a completely unrelated note: IT IS 6AM AND I NEED TO GET MY BUTT TO SCHOOL AT 6:50, ALSO MEANS I WON'T BE ABLE TO TALK TO YOU GUYS AS MUCH! SOO Have a wonderful day, I say this all the time but this is needed! Take care, eat well, and stay hydrated! I love you and miss you always. 💚💚

Thank you Greenie!!!! You have some jams. Like two or three. Have a good day at school!
-Admin X🖤

More than this - Stiles Stilinski / Theo Raeken {part 9}

*gif is not mine, found through google image search*

[part 1-8 (Masterlist)]

A/N: Hey guys, again sorry for the long wait, i have soo much on my plate right now and i still need to finish a request. I know i know, you guys miss Stiles but in this chapter, there is no direct Stiles x Reader interaction, BUT he is mentioned and IT’S IMPORTANT for the following chapter! So don’t skip this if you’re just here for Stiles. For those who are disappointed with the lack of Stiles x Reader, please be aware that this is a journey (omg i sound like a show writer i hate myself lol i’m jeff) Don’t worry guys, i love you to pieces.

Warnings: None, fluff, fluff FLUFF. (okay kiinda a subtle mention of sex ya know me)

(y/d/n) = your dad’s name

I was lying on my bed, head on Theo’s chest and our legs entangled. We we’re watching a movie on Netflix together. After the party, Theo decided to stay over because my parents weren’t home for the weekend, so we spent the whole Saturday together. It was now Sunday morning, and tomorrow the holidays would begin. No school, god bless.

Theo drew little circles with his fingers on my back while I was quietly sniffling at the sad scene in the movie. I didn’t like romance movies that much, I preferred horror, thriller, that kind of stuff. But when I did watch a romantic movie and the scene was sad, I usually cried like a baby. By the time the credits were rolling I was practically bawling.

“Oh my god Babygirl, I didn’t think you’d get so emotional.” Theo chuckled, rubbing my back.

“Shut up! It was heartbreaking okay? Can you imagine how her life will be, now that she lost him forever?” I tried to wipe the tears away but it didn’t work, since new tears were already running down my face.

“Stop crying (y/n), I can’t stand it when you’re upset.” He said, pulling me into his arms even more, hugging me more tightly.

Theo sweetly kissed my head and kept rubbing my back in a soothing manner. It took a few minutes and I stopped crying, feeling rather tired now all cuddled up, the only thing I heard was Theo’s steady heartbeat and his slow breathing.

But as soon as I felt like falling asleep, he broke the silence.

“Do you ever wonder…how we ended up like this? I mean, at the beginning it was supposed to be a casual hook-up. And now..you got me wrapped around your little finger.” Taking my finger in his hands, he playfully bit it, making me laugh.

“Well, I am glad we ended up like this. That it’s not just a one-time thing.” I stated, touching his cheek.

“Me too.” He said with a serious smile on his face, pure adoration in his eyes.

Since my parents would come home soon, the two of us decided that it would be the best if Theo left. I helped him gather up all his things and led him to our front door. He swung his overnight bag on his shoulder and stood in the doorframe, ready to head home.

“So..this was nice. I mean, the weekend together.” He mumbled, a shy smile on his face.

“Yes yes it was. I liked spending so much time with you. In bed for example.” I grinned, taking a step further.

“Oh that’s what you’re thinking about.” He smirked. “Well, now that you’re on the family trip for the next week, you will unfortunately have to wait for it.” I shivered at the way he let his fingers glide over my forearm, the desire in his eyes making me blush.

“How am I going to survive a week without” I leaned in, “this.” I whispered, then closing the distance between us and kissing him passionately. Before things got too heated we parted again, breathing heavily.

“I’ll miss you” he hummed while hugging me tightly.

“I’ll miss you, too.”

I watched him as he got into his car, waving one last time before he took off.

An hour passed and my parents arrived from their work trip, greeting me enthusiastically.

“So how was the weekend honey?” my mom asked me while we were at the dinner table.

“It was…fine.” I said, before immediately shoving a fork of pasta into my mouth, hoping no one spotted the soft pink that crept up my cheeks just by the thought of the time I spent with Theo.

“Oh, I almost forgot! You know your dad and I have been planning our camping trip the last few days, and guess who decided to join us!” I looked up from my plate raising my eyebrows at my mom who’s smile went extremely wide.

“The Stilinski’s!” my mom clapped her hands happily and I almost choked on my pasta.

There is no way in hell that my mom just said I was going to spend the next week on a campsite with-

“That’s great isn’t it? I talked to John this morning and he said he’s so happy to come with us! You and Stiles have been friends since you’ve been three years old and now that you two made up we thought this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate that!”

“Wow, uhm, yea that’s..that’s awesome.” I chuckled nervously, playing it off like I was totally okay with it because I didn’t want to disappoint my parents. Our camping trips have always been a tradition and they plan everything weeks in advance.

After dinner, I went to my room to pack my bag for tomorrow. I had a list of things I needed for our trip on my desk and began to put all the things on my bed that were on it. When I put the item in my bag, I made a little checkmark on my list. This way I was done in no time and I could make sure that I didn’t forget anything. Checking the “red big sweater”, I was finished.

It was about nine pm and I was laying in my bed, thinking about the trip and how it was going to be like to spend a whole week alone with Stiles after what had happened between us. We were practically friends again but there was still some kind of unspoken tension between us. It wasn’t like it used to be, even if we denied it.

That night I slowly drifted off to sleep, dreaming about strong arms holding me close, whispering sweet nothings into my ear, a person with green and sometimes amber eyes.

As soon as I woke up Monday morning, I could hear my parents arguing downstairs. Every holiday, the morning of our departure, hell broke loose. There was no other time in the year when my parents, especially my mom, were this stressed.

“(y/d/n), did you put the air pump in the trunk already? I am not driving back like last year because we forgot to bring it!” I heard my mom yell.

“First of all Love, we wouldn’t have had to drive back if you’d gotten over yourself and just slept under the sky, it wasn’t even cold! And secondly, you wanted to drive back too because you forgot the hand sanitizer.” My dad replied.

And this is how it would go all morning.

Did you think of the paper towels?

We can’t forget the first aid kid!

What if I don’t have enough socks?

Do you REALLY need this sweater in three different colors?

Briefly going over my list and bag again, I was ready to go. Before I left the house I threw on a light jacket and stepped into my beloved Doc Martens. After entering the car, I plugged in the aux wire to my phone. Even though my parents hated my taste in music, I got to be in charge of the playlist because I despised  driving with a passion. Short routes were fine, but everything as of an hour made me sick, which is why I had to take medicine for travelling.

Listening to Work Song by Hozier, I nodded my head and tapped my fingers on my legs in the beat of the music, letting my mind drift off to escape the time and traffic.

When, my, time comes around

Lay me gently in the cold dark earth

No grave can hold my body down

I’ll crawl home to her

(The Song has nothing to do with the storyline, I just adore this song. It’s so beautiful, go listen to it.)

[Part 10 here]

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VIXX Twitter Q&A Compilation

켄: 네~~누구세요~~ㅋㅋㅋ

☆: Knock knock knock

Ken: Yes~~ Who is it~~ㅋㅋㅋ

☆: 로빅 시작한거ㅓ맞아요??

☆: ROVIX did it start??

Leo: Yup

☆: 사슬로 2행시 해주세용!♡
라비: 사- 사실대로 말할게 안녕? 난 슬- 슬픔이야.날 끌고가줘

☆: Make an acrostic poem out of Chained Up [sa-seul]! ♡

Ravi: [Sa-] I’ll be honest. Hi? I’m [Seul-] Sadness. Drag me away

☆:ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 보고있는거맞죠!!??
라비: 맞사옵니다

☆: ㅠㅠㅠㅠ You’re reading this right!!?

Ravi: Yes [Said in archaic form used in historical dramas]

☆: *Fan deleted their tweet
혁: 안까먹었지용~

Hyuk: I didn’t forget~

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3 and 4 are alive and safe

Blubbs and Durland are literally canon guys do you understand how great that is

Mabel got to take Waddles with her

Stan and Ford are sailing the world together 

Soos is living his dream running the Mystery Shack with Melody

Everyone is safe and happy for once

Mcgucket is sane and happy and successful 

there is so much more that I could ramble on about, Alex Hirsch did such an amazing job with these characters and this show, he and the rest of the gf crew worked so hard and it all payed off so well.

Thank you Alex Hirsch, thank you so much for everything.

I’ll miss this show like crazy, well done.