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The Riley Diaries Pt7

AU: Riley Matthews is a regular teen,until one day,she is not. Can moving away erase your past? Can you ever move on if you don’t actually accept it? Riley Matthews was a regular teen,until one day,she wasn’t.

A/N: This part is dedicated to Auguste,because I think she will like it a lot haha This got a little longer because of the songs I used in it but I still hope you all like it. I hope the story is not moving too slow for you,guys .. I just don’t want to miss something and am trying my best.
Enjoy xo

You can listen to Shawn Mendes’ songs Running low and Roses while reading this ;)

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“Oh, you never told us that you have a boyfriend, Riles.” Maya said, still twirling her hair, not bothered by the thought that he is ‘taken’.

“Well, I actually,” I stuttered and looked at Josh, who was both shocked and surprised, “We had a little fight before I left and-”

“We almost broke up but we’re fine now.”

Josh put his arm around me and gave me an understanding smile and a nod that he will go with it. I mouthed a ‘Thank you’ and smiled to everyone.

“Yeah, we’re fine.”

“Well, I still want to know more about you and your boyfriend,” Maya said still not getting her eyes off Josh, “So what do you say you come over to our house tonight.”

Lucas elbowed his sister a little before looking at me and that made me think she was not supposed to invite us. I don’t blame him in a way, I guess he is upset with me. But what for? He is back together with Sarah, so much for not loving her anymore.

“They probably want to catch up, sis. We shouldn’t make them come.” Lucas said, pulling Sarah a little closer.

“Oh, come on.” Maya said annoyed with her twin and then looked back at us, “It will be fun, we’ll have a little barbecue, light a fire, sing under the stars and all that.”

“Yeah, Lucas told me you have a great voice.”

Farkle chimed in, unexpected and inappropriate, again. Sarah, Maya and Isadora all turned to Lucas at the same time as he was giving Farkle a death stare.

“How do you know that, honey?” Sarah raised her eyebrow.

“Who cares?” Maya didn’t even let Lucas answer, “Now I am sure you have to come, I can’t wait to hear that voice.”

Josh seemed to catch up real fast, it’s like he has been here the whole time and was aware of the ‘thing’ going on between me and Lucas. He looked him straight in the eye and his next words meant a lot more trouble for me.

“We’ll be there,” he smirked, “I love it when Riley sings.”

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anonymous asked:

do you take on any mundane jobs along with your duties as a nation? any favorites?

Not really any mundane or human jobs, I think you mean. We nations don’t do very much. 

But I’ve always wanted to do this hired mercenary thing. I’ve seen it a lot in movies and America mentions it in his video games often. If I were human I would wish to take that on as an occupation. Hired to kill the ‘bad guys’ and one day go rogue to enact revenge actions against some power-hungry mad-man… Glorious.

((Dovah: I think u missed understood…’))
Oh did I? … Well, I don’t do much outside of being a nation. I barely do that, though. I haven’t gone to a meeting in a while, a few months at least… Lithuania and Ukraine have ceased attempts at contact, brother is a shifty bastard who has not made any attempt at contact, just sending his business men and government officials, per the usual.

Insert realization she has no friends nor family nor hobbies

[ tiny announcement! ]

[ hello lovelies!! 

Just wanted to pop in and let you know that all is going well here. School is going very well and I am very happy with where I am at. BECAUSE OF THIS, I do want to make a TEENY announcement for y’all! 

I will be returning TEMPORARILY to this blog over the next two weeks so that way I can do some of my drafts, reply to some starters, make new starters, etc. 

With my birthday coming up on 5th, I don’t want to do any schoolwork that day so BE REST ASSURED I will be making my appearance on here that day fully! 

Starting this coming Monday until the Monday after my birthday, I will be here a little bit more to get some activity going. I do miss you all a lot and I miss Vader and it seems that he wishes to return here and cause more chaos!

I hope to see you all soon! Thank you guys for your love and patience! ]

Much love and darkness,

It’s okay you’re in love (Sam x Reader)

Hey guys!  So this is the final Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge.  I’m super sad that this is the last one and probably the last thing I’ll write on this blog, but you can hop on over to frolwriting and check out what I’m doing over there!  Anyways, I would like to thank @one-shots-supernatural for putting this on.  I had a lot of fun with this!  It helped me with keeping with deadlines.  I only missed one, so I’m super proud about that.  Anyways on with the story!

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Characters: Sam, Dean, and Reader

Warnings: Implied sexy times?

Prompt: “How long have you been standing there?”

“Hey boys.”  I say as I walk into the library.  

“Hey, Y/N.”  Sam said as I took my normal seat next to him.  Dean gave me a look when I did.  Sam didn’t seem to notice what Dean did because he was engrossed in his book.  We sat there for a while researching when Sam stood up.  “I’m going to take a shower.”  He then left the library.  

“Why don’t you just go take one with him.”  Dean said bringing me back from my trance.  I looked at him a little shocked.


“Oh, cut the bull.  You like him.  He likes you.  Just do something already.”  

“He does not like me.”

“Ha!  You admit it.”

“Admit what?”

“You want to go in that shower with Sam.”

“That may or may not be true, but I can’t just walk in.”

“Sure you can.  Go for it.”  

“No.”  Dean suddenly went from looking at me to looking at the doorway.  I turned slowly and saw Sam standing there.  “How long have you been standing there?”  I asked getting nervous.  

“Long enough.  If you wanted a shower, you need only to ask.”  He said, winked, and walked away.  I looked at Dean who only nodded.  I got up and walked out thinking that was easier than expected.

don’t play fallout 4 because you will fall in love with nick valentine. and guess who you can’t smooch. the guy who uses a big heart in his signs, the guy whose last name is valentine, the guy who is cryptically described as being “a bright, bright heart against the darkness”, the guy who tells you “Hey, I know the night just got a lot darker but it won’t last forever”, the guy who tells lion statues they’re good kitties, the guy who looks for the missing people everyone else gives up on, the guy who first remembers waking up in a dumpster and thinks he’s garbage, the guy with serious identity insecurities, the guy who takes a lot of shit thrown his way with snappy sarcasm, the guy who says “is there any machine you can’t charm?”, the guy who you rescue from capture, the guy who went full film noir when people started calling him the detective.

You can’t smooch that guy!!


This should go without saying, but this will contain spoilers lol

And you guys have been great! I never thought I’d get thousands of notes on my posts! Feel free anytime you’d like to add on, point out something i missed, please do!

Anyway, this was a great episode. I love when we get Gem Lore, and boy, we got a lot 

First off, and what I’m most excited about, ROSE 100% IS NO WAY PINK DIAMOND! 

Jasper: “after what you did to my Diamond…your Diamond”

Steven: “Yellow Diamond?”



We don’t know exactly what happened but we assume Rose killed her.

EDIT: as pointed out to me, we don’t know what happened to PD as Jasper just said “What you did to PD” that could mean tons of things.

Ok, let’s breakdown what we learned:

  • Jasper served PD first
  • Jasper only started serving YD after PD was gone
  • SMOKEY QUARTZ, they’re so awesome!
  • ITS FUCKED UP  that Jasper fuses with corrupted Gems, they can’t consent. 
  • Wait til Garnet finds out, she’ll hate Jasper even more.
  • Steven gave Amethyst a good pep talk, hopefully she feels better
  • Apparently you can catch corruption, like a virus, from fusing with corrupt Gems
  • Jasper has caught Corruption 

I’ve never really liked or disliked Jasper, but man she needs help. I stand on Jasper the same way I do with Bismuth, I don’t agree with them, but I can see why they choose the things they do. Bismuth, because she was tired of seeing her friends die and wanted to shatter HW Gems and the Diamonds for payback, but that doesn’t make it right. Jasper, because she had to fight because of the Rebellion and Rose killed her Diamond. ‘an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind’ being blinded by revenge is a terrible thing.



EDIT: I really hope whenever Jasper comes back (the show doesn’t just throw away a character, we finally got closure on Centipeedle) that her and Amethyst have a sisterly bond…after Jasper is done being cray cray 

EDIT #2: as pointed out to me, we don’t know what happened to PD as Jasper just said “What you did to PD” that could mean tons of things.

“A Woman’s Choice” is the CPC right next to EMW (the abortion clinic) in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Their name implies that they are “pro-choice”

They use the name of the actual abortion clinic in their parking signs to fool clients into thinking that they are with EMW. 

This is all to confuse patients into parking in their lot and to get them inside their doors.  Their they will attempt to delay them until they miss their appointment. 

All of this is perfectly legal. 

The CPC parking lot volunteer, a guy we have named “O’Reilly”, gets so ANGRY when I give people who clearly tell me they are going to EMW correct information. 

Today there was a client who pulled up in her car to talk to me.  O’Reilly came up directly behind me. 

Me- “Hi, I’m a volunteer with EMW.  Are you going to EMW today?”

Client - “Yes”

Me- “OK (gives client parking directions)” 

O’Reilly- *over my shoulder* “you can park here (the CPC) for free…”

Me - “He is not with the clinic nor is this facility with the clinic.”

Client - “But the sign says…”

Me - “Yeah, they aren’t with the clinic or associated with the clinic at all….” 

O’Reilly - “You don’t have to listen to her, I work here” 

Me - “Well, again, I’m a volunteer with EMW.  He is not a volunteer with EMW.  If you want to go to EMW, I would suggest you park either…*gives places to park for clients again*” 

Client - “Oh, that is very confusing” 

Me - “Yeah, tell me about it.  They want to you to be confused” 

By this point O’Reilly was so mad he walked away. 

The client got parked and got into the clinic. 



Keep an eye out for escorts to tell you where to park.  Don’t be fooled by these people.  Their whole purpose is to try to trick you.

It still boggles my mind that the CPC dude got mad that I told this person accurate information.  


as teen wolf continues...

You know who I want to find out about Stiles?


Liam Dunbar. 

Liam Dunbar, who wants to hang out with Stiles and Scott so badly, who eavesdrops on conversations that they try to keep him out of, who follows Stiles to his car and asks more questions, who believes Stiles (or at least is willing to follow Stiles into the woods to snoop on some kid he’s never met and has no reason to be suspicious of, ignoring his own best friend to do so) and wants to keep him safe.

Liam Dunbar, who steps in front of Stiles when Theo catches them, who looks honestly terrified as Stiles loses it when the Jeep is broken, whose every look of the season seems to be centered around concern and protect and, look guys, consider it:

Liam Dunbar is the one who first finds out about Stiles. 


Liam doesn’t know when he made a habit of eavesdropping on the senior when they tell him to stop worrying and go have fun with his friends, but he does and it’s a few days before he puts his finger on it but eventually he realizes that something is off about their conversations.

Stiles isn’t talking.

Well, he is, but not nearly enough. The seniors’ conversation is usually dominated by Stiles and Lydia bouncing ideas off each other, Kira asking helpful questions to lead them in the right direction, Malia inserting her suggestions, and Scott taking all the available information and turning it into a workable plan. But lately… Stiles is sometimes there but there are gaps where he should be, but he’s not, as if he is just leaning back and letting the conversation flow around him instead of contributing and that’s not-

There’s so much going on and maybe the other’s assume it’s because Scott has ignored Stiles’ frequent protestations against Theo and so maybe they don’t hear the difference, but not Liam. Liam spends entire lunches ignoring Mason (and then having to apologize over and over) and class periods turning the idea over in his mind and-

Liam notices.

It itches at him until he can’t ignore it and so he investigates. He wasn’t great at dissecting Theo’s scent for Stiles but Stiles and Scott have been there for him every full moon for months and Stiles is the one who drives him everywhere and so he knows the ins and outs of Stiles’ scent. At least, he does when he knows to focus on it. 

He confirms that something is wrong but he just doesn’t know what.

And then Liam is taking a strategic bathroom break from History class (because honestly how much can one girl glare daggers at a guy before he needs a break?) and that’s when he hears it. The shuddering, broken gasps of a panic attack. Of Stiles.

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E3 according to my dash
  • LoZ Fandom:"No one explicitly said that was Link"
  • Ubisoft Fandom:Stuck between crying over Unity trailer and angry at the lack of a female playable character
  • Dragon Age Fandom:Excited screaming
  • Harvest Moon Fandom:The Lost Valley??? What about Story of Seasons?
  • Super Smash Bros Fandom:PACMAN?!?

College student Dean running late for his study session with Castiel, the most beautiful guy Dean’s ever had the pleasure of being allowed to stare at for an hour whilst simultaneously studying for finals.

Dean running across campus in the low, lazy summer-evening sun, his bag smacking against his back, people stopping to stare at him as he hares over the off-limits, carefully-tended lawn.

Dean coming to an abrupt halt just as he makes it back onto the path, turning round and bending down for a moment at the edge of the grass, before straightening up with a contemplative look on his face.

Dean striding into the nearby library building and re-emerging a moment later with Castiel in tow, his face still pink from running so hard, talking quickly to hide his nerves and embarrassment.

“- sorry for coming so late, I know you’re busy and we should get to it, but I wanted to say I’m sorry and I was gonna… pick it for you? But then I thought you’d rather see it, so…”

Dean coming to a halt beside the smooth, immaculate lawn, and pointing down at a single rogue buttercup, nodding its head gleefully in the warm breeze. Cas crouching down to stare at it for a long, long moment with Dean watching him, biting his lip.

Cas looking up at Dean with a smile on his face, and saying, “It’s beautiful. I love it.”

Dean grinning back, pink for a very different reason now, and replying, “I saw it there, all ‘fuck the system’… kinda reminded me of you. Uh, in a good way.”

Cas standing up and saying, “We should get back inside, to study.” Dean clearing his throat and nodding seriously, leading the way back indoors.

Cas drawing level with him halfway to the library doors, and linking their hands with a blush on his cheeks.

Dean and Cas studying for hours that night, learning together with their hands intertwined on the tabletop.  (ノ∀`♥)

i’m just going to take this moment and say that i missed this. i missed you guys. I MISSED THE LACK OF DRAMA I MISSED THE SAPPY FUCKING CRYING OVER THESE TWO DUMBASSES IN LOVE