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Imagine Living Like A King Someday

prompt: Phil is a boarding school student, and he has pretty much everything. His dad owns the school, he’s pretty popular, has the best room, gets all the best treatment – he’s the King. Dan is a cleaner/phil’s personal maid there, and he isn’t as lucky. Some students are assholes to Dan, including Phil at first.


Thank you all so so much for your consistent patience with this. College work (and a hell of a lot of it) has unfortunately become my priority right now what with university just around the corner and subsequently I haven’t updated it nearly as regularly as I would have liked to, but you guys have been so supportive and understanding and I really cannot thank you enough for that. I’ve missed this and I’ve missed you. Here’s to more regular updates in the future <3

(sidenote I’m sorry if this seems a lil wooden I haven’t written this in literal months so it might take a while for me to adjust to the story and the prose again so pls bear with me)

OK emo words over let’s fuckin DO this cue emo dan and a Lot of tension and also dishonesty because phil’s a fucking idiot

warnings; mentions of violence, smoking


Phil’s been on edge all week. He can’t remember the last time he relaxed.

Every day, every hour right from the second his eyes flutter open to the sound of his morning alarm, is spent with a thudding heart and searching eyes. Even when he’s sleeping he’s tense – his dreams have spiralled into a whirlwind of almost nightmares, technicolour episodes crashing into the other in colourful sparks and bursts that end in cold sweats and aching muscles and whisperings from the boy only centimetres away from him. And it’s stupid because Phil should be the one comforting him after a bad night (and he still tries his best nonetheless), but he can’t deny there’s nothing quite like the feeling of Dan’s gentle lips on his forehead at four a.m., the sound of his voice whispering reassurances with his arms draped over Phil’s waist like a protective shield.

He hasn’t seen Liam since he grabbed at any excuse and all but ran out of Noah’s room upon his discovery that no, Phil doesn’t still have a tag, and he’s scared. He’s so fucking scared.

And yeah, it was a very stupid move to dodge the bullet in the way he did, to fling himself out of the situation without even stopping to at least try and explain himself, but he couldn’t help it. He doesn’t think he can face sitting through another one of Liam’s explosions without crying or running for cover, and he just can’t look that evil glint in the eye. Not since he saw the very same one glittering menacingly when Liam looked at Dan, the daggering stare boring into the other boy. The image is still printed deep in Phil’s mind, resurfacing during the darkest part of the night.

That’s cowardly. Phil doesn’t care.

“Are you sure you-“

“Phil,” Dan sighs. “For the final time, I’m fine.”

“But you-“

“Honestly,” he insists, brown eyes shining. He’s trying, with one hand, to unwrap the chocolate bar Phil had insisted upon him. “It was just a bump, that’s all. The paths were really icy this morning.”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Phil sighs, tapping Dan’s bandage patch delicately. It sits just under his fringe.

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Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to do one of these for like ever. So here it is. :D

I remember joining tumblr back in 2012 and boi was it different. But this blog has been here for a year. So let’s begin.

The squad of course (I love you guys and I miss youuuu.) :

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Hey I wanted to get your advice as a writer. I always have trouble with silly grammar mistakes. I always try so hard to edit, but people always find several mistakes I looked over. I reread it and and do all that but I still miss all mistakes. I am afraid it will be my downfall. Also when I read posts, long posts, I notice very little error. I can't imagine people spending extreme long time proof reading it. Maybe a glance or two. How do you guys do it?

Well, grammar mistakes, like anything else in writing–diction and syntax for example–is a learned habit and skill. A lot of people think they have to be totally correct with grammar and punctuation because it’s viewed as this backbone to writing. And sometimes it does help to know! Like making sure to start a new paragraph every time someone speaks–it makes it more coherent for the reader. But, I mean, overall it’s just something that you learn and grow with practice until it becomes a habit. When someone would give me grammar or structure tips, or talk about my mistakes, I filed that info into the back of my mind like… like a sticky tab. And so whenever I would encounter myself coming up on that particular grammar piece, I would think back on that sticky tab until it became a habit. It’s like learning anything–practice and awareness. That doesn’t mean you need to stop writing and study everything you can like you’re preparing for an exam. That doesn’t actually teach you anything–that’s just memorization. 

What you need to do is keep writing and improve yourself where you can. Don’t bog yourself down on every mistake you make, but be conscious of trying to improve (if that’s what you want to do, which it sounds like you do). But above all, it takes practice. And an attitude that allows you to work and move on. 

A lot of artists, I think, get caught up in their mistakes and so they read things over and over, or become too afraid to post because they feel they’re not good enough. But if you stay too focused on these things, on making something perfect from the beginning without allowing yourself to grow, you stunt your growth. Make mistakes–I make them all the time–and if someone points something out and you agree that, yes, they’re probably right, file it away and move on. Honestly? I don’t get caught up in editing. I read my stuff through one time after it’s finished and post it. That’s what I’ve always done, even when my writing was absolute shit. Why? Because it’s impossible for me to catch the mistakes I don’t know I’m making. My brain reads my writing the way I want it to be read, not how my fingers write it, which means I don’t see most of the mistakes a make unless I let it sit for a month so my brain can forget what I intended. 

If I’m writing a novel, then yes, I’m a bit more careful. Or something like SF I go through and edit periodically because I have to re-read it to remind myself of everything that’s happened anyway. But most of my other fics? I just post them and they generally stay as is. Let someone else tell me if I missed a word or forgot a period. And if it’s a mistake I’m making over and over, all the more reason for someone else to bring it to my attention than me waste my time studying every word I write and every grammar piece I use when I could be absorbing it and continuing to push forward with new material that will, no doubt, present me with new challenges and new things to learn. 

Don’t be afraid of mistakes–learn from them and move on. That’s all there really is to it. Because if you focus on one thing too long, or get caught up in perfecting yourself, you’ll never get better. Rather, that’s the perfect formula to remain static. Sometimes it will feel like all you do is make mistakes, but I guarantee–from experience–that simply pushing on and trying to be better where you can will get you there. 

I’ll be honest, I have no natural gift when it comes to the written word. I was the kid, when I was learning how to read, that had to go to a special class that then sent me to private tutoring because I simply couldn’t do it. I was a slow reader and, really, still am. I read an ass ton, but it’s never been easy. I literally started from the bottom and, until the end of high school, was ALWAYS behind my peers. I hate grammar, I’m a terrible speller, and I am eternally grateful to spellcheck. Even today, grammar trips me up. I was learning grammar pieces in college that some of my classmates had known since they were sophomores in high school.

Writing, honest to god, has NEVER been easy for me. I repeat, I have NO NATURAL OR INHERENT TALENT FOR THE WRITTEN WORD. 

It wasn’t like art for me where I just picked up a pencil and did it and everyone was impressed. I was ALWAYS behind until the end of high school/college. And the only reason I surpassed my peers by leaps and bounds was because I WORKED MY ASS OFF! I enjoy writing–I do it every day–but it wasn’t something that came easy. All writing is for me is a lot of habits and skills I’ve developed and worked harder at than, well, nearly everyone else in my university class, which is what makes it “easier” now. I have NEVER, in person, met another as passionate about writing as I am, aside from a few professors. 


Some of use are born with natural skill in certain areas, but no one is born “good.” I had a natural talent for drawing, but for reasons that are irrelevant, that talent went to waste because I’ve stopped nurturing it. I had no natural talent for writing, but I developed that skill to the point where, more often than not, people assume I must have had some natural inclination for it. 

In the end, though, it’s just about practice, passion, and want

If you truly want something, then you just have to keep working and let go of whatever failures you feel you have. Because they will do nothing but weigh you down if you focus on them. LEARN from your mistakes. Don’t ignore them, but don’t let them dictate your life either. 

As far as long posts, I read them, like, once and post them, lol. But, again, I have a lot of practice forming habits that gradually have helped me make less mistakes. My drafts today are far better than the ones I wrote two years ago. 

Like anything, it’s a skill. And the only way to get better is to practice, listen, and be open to learning :D

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WOW sorry i haven’t been around you guys my depression is kicking my ass ;___; and i’ve just been really swamped with work and real life broke-24-year-old-in-LA bullshit. i miss you all a lot though and i miss sharing my stupid headcanons and art w/ you all i’m sry!!! i’m trying to get my shit together and be more active again i swear

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are u ever gonna post a picture of you and your girl

the closest you’ll ever be to seeing her will probably be in pictures of me holding her hand and that’s only if ur lucky. i don’t plan on showing her off on social media. have you guys ever been in that kind of relationship where you guys have so much fun you don’t have time to take pictures even if it’s a thought you had beforehand but then you see them and you just forget because you’re literally having so much fun and laughing so hard. i know it sounds sappy but someone told me when you take pictures you tend to remember the picture not the moment. a picture can distort a lot of things and that’s why we end up missing people we shouldn’t have given a second thought. what i’m getting at is i’m really just trying to live in the moment with her and make it perfect so 10 years down the road if we’re still together (i really really really hope we are) none of our memories will involve things like “remember when that girl comment on your post and” or “remember that anon you got about” or “remember when she dmed me and”.
we’re both really old fashion and rarely ever text unless it’s to see each other and our relationship is so healthy and we never fight and i’m just so content with everything. this is how relationships should be.

wow, I take a couple of weeks off Tumblr to dedicate myself to froghood and my entire dash has lost their collective soul to figure skating anime.  I feel like that gif of the guy coming in late with the pizza except all of the flames have been replaced by pole-dancing figure skaters.

I have no idea how much stuff I have missed except it’s a lot and you guys are hitting my pet Silm characterization hot button, brb firing up the argument engines (I’ve been threatening myself with this essay for months now, I swear I will actually write it).

In related idiocy, I have been vaguely trying to start a fic to get back into the game again, and I keep hanging up on the stupidest of things: I need a respectful term of address that’s right for a society that’s more or less feudal but has a much flatter social structure than the modern British system that gives us all the choices for English vocabulary.  "My lord" seems too formal, “sir” brings the wrong set of connotations, going back to Anglo-Saxon terms is spirited but ridiculous.  I know the right thing to do is  leave a placeholder and move on, but, I – uh – look I’m really tired and writing is hard okay?

Day 99 Bago to Kyaikto 98K

I knew I had just 100K today, so I seem to slow down and end up pushing off late. 100K or 160K, it’s still bloody hot at midday.

Breakfast this morning in the hotel was basic to say the least, plain rice and boiled eggs. Two French guys came in and asked me if they had missed breakfast, no, those two pots are it! Maybe they were expecting a baguette, croissant and an expresso! Oh there was coffee, a jar, a spoon and a jug of warm water. Welcome to Myanmar my friends.

The road was very narrow today and lots of buses, driving like buses do all over the world, as close as they can to you at the fastest speed. squeaky bum time as Fergie would say. The further south I head the more dense the forests and the hotter it gets. Looking at the next two days before the border it looks like a fair bit of climbing to be done. Need to hit the road earlier, famous last words!

I checked into a nice hotel and met a Dutch couple who cycled up from Bangkok, we will meet up for dinner, which will make a welcome change and I can pick their brain on routes and all things cycling.

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Nice seeing you around here today. I totally understand and am proud of you for leaving and taking care of yourself and what was best for you. You have been missed though. Lots of love.

Thank you so incredibly much. Some of it was selfish motivations, but also I just needed to make sure I was with you guys today. Love you, anon.

Hey everyone!

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Romania to see my family and friends. I won’t be posting any comics for the next 4 weeks, but more episodes are on the way as soon as I’m back!

If you want to see sketches and pictures from my trip, make sure to follow me on Instagram @cassandracalin

Cheers and I hope you all have a lovely summer! Ne vedem în curând! :)


This should go without saying, but this will contain spoilers lol

And you guys have been great! I never thought I’d get thousands of notes on my posts! Feel free anytime you’d like to add on, point out something i missed, please do!

Anyway, this was a great episode. I love when we get Gem Lore, and boy, we got a lot 

First off, and what I’m most excited about, ROSE 100% IS NO WAY PINK DIAMOND! 

Jasper: “after what you did to my Diamond…your Diamond”

Steven: “Yellow Diamond?”



We don’t know exactly what happened but we assume Rose killed her.

EDIT: as pointed out to me, we don’t know what happened to PD as Jasper just said “What you did to PD” that could mean tons of things.

Ok, let’s breakdown what we learned:

  • Jasper served PD first
  • Jasper only started serving YD after PD was gone
  • SMOKEY QUARTZ, they’re so awesome!
  • ITS FUCKED UP  that Jasper fuses with corrupted Gems, they can’t consent. 
  • Wait til Garnet finds out, she’ll hate Jasper even more.
  • Steven gave Amethyst a good pep talk, hopefully she feels better
  • Apparently you can catch corruption, like a virus, from fusing with corrupt Gems
  • Jasper has caught Corruption 

I’ve never really liked or disliked Jasper, but man she needs help. I stand on Jasper the same way I do with Bismuth, I don’t agree with them, but I can see why they choose the things they do. Bismuth, because she was tired of seeing her friends die and wanted to shatter HW Gems and the Diamonds for payback, but that doesn’t make it right. Jasper, because she had to fight because of the Rebellion and Rose killed her Diamond. ‘an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind’ being blinded by revenge is a terrible thing.



EDIT: I really hope whenever Jasper comes back (the show doesn’t just throw away a character, we finally got closure on Centipeedle) that her and Amethyst have a sisterly bond…after Jasper is done being cray cray 

EDIT #2: as pointed out to me, we don’t know what happened to PD as Jasper just said “What you did to PD” that could mean tons of things.

“A Woman’s Choice” is the CPC right next to EMW (the abortion clinic) in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Their name implies that they are “pro-choice”

They use the name of the actual abortion clinic in their parking signs to fool clients into thinking that they are with EMW. 

This is all to confuse patients into parking in their lot and to get them inside their doors.  Their they will attempt to delay them until they miss their appointment. 

All of this is perfectly legal. 

The CPC parking lot volunteer, a guy we have named “O’Reilly”, gets so ANGRY when I give people who clearly tell me they are going to EMW correct information. 

Today there was a client who pulled up in her car to talk to me.  O’Reilly came up directly behind me. 

Me- “Hi, I’m a volunteer with EMW.  Are you going to EMW today?”

Client - “Yes”

Me- “OK (gives client parking directions)” 

O’Reilly- *over my shoulder* “you can park here (the CPC) for free…”

Me - “He is not with the clinic nor is this facility with the clinic.”

Client - “But the sign says…”

Me - “Yeah, they aren’t with the clinic or associated with the clinic at all….” 

O’Reilly - “You don’t have to listen to her, I work here” 

Me - “Well, again, I’m a volunteer with EMW.  He is not a volunteer with EMW.  If you want to go to EMW, I would suggest you park either…*gives places to park for clients again*” 

Client - “Oh, that is very confusing” 

Me - “Yeah, tell me about it.  They want to you to be confused” 

By this point O’Reilly was so mad he walked away. 

The client got parked and got into the clinic. 



Keep an eye out for escorts to tell you where to park.  Don’t be fooled by these people.  Their whole purpose is to try to trick you.

It still boggles my mind that the CPC dude got mad that I told this person accurate information.  


I find it disturbing how Kpop groups go though years of training and preparation, spend months at a time without their families, miss out on sleeping to improve themselves, only to be criticized or torn down by either their own fans or others because they don’t fit into their category of perfection.

Being a fan doesn’t mean you’re entitled to say whatever you want so stop putting so much pressure on Kpop groups, stop tearing down those who aren’t your favourite and please if you don’t have anything respectful to say then don’t say it