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Actually omg no I’ve just imagined Leo’s expression at Josh’s wedding and now I’m going to cry forever

he’d stand next to Josh with the rings in his pocket just GLOWING with pride for his son and then they both turn when Donna steps in and he’d smirk and whisper something to Josh whose face would change from an expression of awe to his biggest, most dimply grin

and then THE TOAST which would be amazing and “It took him eight years but he finally got it together”

and another toast from Jed because this man was a president and damnit he wants to say something

Leo dancing with Donna and telling her little things about life or marriage and then kissing her on the cheek

and Josh coming up to him later in the evening and shaking his hand and thanking him with damp eyes and Leo giving him the world’s biggest hug and saying “I’m proud of ya, kid. Don’t mess this up.”

And everyone else

Sam and Mallory catching up and chatting and introducing one another to their partners and actually really enjoying each other’s company in a platonic context

Toby gets drunk and he and Jed start arguing about the way he, the president, delivered a speech 10 years ago

Donna’s mother and Josh’s mother are instantly best friends

Donna’s dad just wants someone to talk sports with and ends up chatting with Charlie about basketball for an hour and a half

Abbey intentionally giving Josh a big smooch on the cheek that leaves a big lipstick mark and no one tells him for like 45 minutes

Annabeth getting sleepy later in the evening and resting her cheek against Leo’s arm


I just


Request: Just the way you are

Request: Imagine being Jax’s old lady and being on the curvy side. You love yourself so much, but lately you have been feeling down. Jax comes home one to find you in nothing but your bra and panties, looking into the mirror and just crying. He asks you what’s wrong, you tell him you haven’t been feelings yourself lately, Jax will tell everything that he loves about you. It’s sad in the beginning but a sweet ending.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: it can be triggering, self-hate, depression

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Jax’s POV

Jax put his kutte on as he watched his old lady sleeping. He smirked, knowing that she was naked under the sheets. He also mentally cursed for have work to do and not being able to wake her up properly. His eyes lingered on her curves and, as silent as he could, he left for the clubhouse.

The first time he saw Y/N was in a SAMCRO party. She knew Donna, his best friend’s old lady, from work and had been invited to be there that night. She caught Jax’s eye from the very first moment, but he had the feeling she wouldn’t quite adjust in that place. Damn, he was wrong!

Y/N had won everybody’s hearts and had proved that no croweater would talk shit about her. She was confident, walking around with her head up high and proud of her curves. Yes, that girl had curves and Jax couldn’t stop looking at her. He found himself acting like a teenager to get her attention.

Donna (Thank God for Donna!) had noticed that and decided to help them, bringing Jax and Y/N together. Now, she was his old lady and Jax couldn’t be more in love with her or more proud of the strong woman he called old lady.


I would be lying to you if I say always loved my curves. I hated them for so long and suffered wanting them to be gone. However, as I grew up, I had learn how to live with them and, eventually, to love them. I became a confident woman who accepted and loved herself very much. I was also lucky. I had found love among people I never had thought would be my friends.

My new coworker, Donna, was a very nice girl and she was an old lady. I got confused with the name until she explained that the Sons called their women like that. Yes, her old man was a Son. Opie was a nice guy too and his best friend was Jax Teller. Well, if you lived in Charming, you certainly had heard about him. Blond, handsome, sexy, bad biker. Donna was kind enough to invite me to one of their parties and from that day on I became kind of a friend of the club. What I couldn’t imagine was that I would be an old lady too.

There I was, laying on the bed I shared with Jax Teller while I heard his bike leaving the house. I had woke up with the roar of the engine and now I was looking at the ceiling, thinking about getting up. I knew I had my weekly lunch with Donna that day; a tradition to continue to see each other now that we didn’t work together anymore. I just didn’t want to go. Yes, she was my best friend, but…

Jax hadn’t a clue about what was going on with me lately, I knew how to hide it well. I had been acting since the club became business partners with Luann Delaney, who had a porn studio, Cara Cara. I had learnt how to live with the croweaters and they had learnt to respect me, but those porn stars were a different new game. I still loved myself, but I couldn’t help feel I little bit down when they were all people would talk about around the club.

I rolled on bed and covered myself with the sheets again. I wouldn’t go out, not that day.

Jax’s POV

Jax and his brothers had a club business to deal with, that made them spend the entire morning out of clubhouse. They had stopped for lunch somewhere outside Charming and got back after it. He hopped off his bike, scanning the parking lot and not seeing Y/N’s car. She should be there with Donna. Speaking of her, Donna was now marching towards him.

“Jax where is Y/N?”, she inquired before he could even say Hi, “We would have lunch today, but she didn’t show up or called”

If her car’s absence was something odd, that was even worst and put Jax on the alert mood. He grabbed his phone and dialed. No answer. Not saying another word to anyone, he hopped back onto his Harley and sped towards home.


I had finally decided to get out of bed and have a shower. I should call Donna, apologize and give her some lame excuse. I put on my underwear, stopping in front of the mirror on the bedroom. I could see my entire body. The curves, stretch marks, imperfections… I felt the tears and I tried to stop them, but I couldn’t. I just cupped my breasts and stared at the image on the mirror, crying.

“Y/N!”, I heard Jax’s voice and jumped with the surprise. I hadn’t heard him. I automatically turned around to look at him, forgetting that I was crying. Obviously that worried him, “What happened? Are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine”, I sobbed and he pulled me to him, hugging me tight.

“Then why are you crying?”, I didn’t answer and Jax sighed, “Donna said you missed the lunch”, he ran his fingers through my hair, speaking softly, “Tell me what happened darling”

“Nothing happened”, I mumbled, my cheek pressed on his chest, “I just didn’t want to get up and leave the house”

“Why?”, Jax pulled back, gently holding my arms, “She is your best friend baby. You gotta talk to me Y/N, tell me what is going on”

“I’m feeling bad about myself”, I blurted and he creased his brow, “I don’t wanna be around the clubhouse, listening people talking about Cara Cara girls. It makes me very conscious about my body and I lets me down”

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with your body”, Jax’s voice was serious, leaving no room for discussion, “Did you forget how the guys drooled for you when you started to hang out with us? Damn it! They still do!”

“Jax”, I rolled my eyes. I had stopped crying, but was still tugging his kutte.

“I felt in love with you, this beautiful woman in front of me, who is confident, strong and makes me happy. I love every little thing about you baby”, Jax smiled, brushing his fingers on my cheeks, “Your smile, your strength and how you work hard. I’m amazed that you love me back and thank God every day for that. You make my house a home, you make my life better”

“Oh Jax”, I cupped his face and pulled him to me. Jax kissed me as his arms wrapped around my waist again.

“Come on baby!”, he smiled wide, “Ignore those boys. Cara Cara girls got nothing on you. You are gorgeous, a goodness. I’m proud to have you as my old lady”

“How do you know what to say to make me feel better?”, I playfully hit his chest and Jax’s smile grew wider.

“I’m your old man baby”, he winked, “It’s my job and my pleasure”

Jax pulled me closer again and kissed me deeply. I felt his hands caressing my back, making their way up to my bra. He unclasped it, letting it fall.

“Talking about pleasure”, Jax whispered, moving his lips to my neck, “I think you need some love from your man”. He laid me down on bed and smirked as he took my panties off, “I’m going to show you how much I love these curves baby”. He did, all afternoon, and I swear those porn stars would blush if I told them about it and how much my old man loved me just the way I was.