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When Peter kissed Liz during homecoming last year, you felt your heart break into a million pieces.

Your best friend, the boy that you’ve been in love with since the moment you laid eyes on him was taken from you, his heart cruelly ripped away from your grasps.

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Love Potion (Anon Request)



Summary:  Nozomi has had this theory about love potions for a while, so she sets out to prove it. And who are better subjects to test it on than the infamous Yazawa Nico and Nishikino Maki? Hogwarts AU.

Words: 3,692

Night had fallen at Hogwarts and classes had long since ended for the day. Dinner had been served for the evening in the form of a huge feast in the Great Hall, which never failed to satisfy the hungry stomachs of the young witches and wizards of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

Afterwards, a majority of the students had decided to retire to their beds for the night, while a select few remained awake in the comfort of their common rooms.

Nico had been seated upon one of the black-leathered couches in the Slytherin Common Room for the last hour, feet propped up on the charcoal black coffee table as the fireplace crackled and popped just a few feet away from her. A small bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans that she had purchased at Honeydukes during the trip to Hogsmeade a few days back was in the hand that rested lazily in her lap while the other hand dug around in said bag, popping a random flavor into her mouth every now and then.

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Ask Away, Darling

Ask Away, Darling: A Newt/Reader Imagine


Summary: A (modern Imagine) idea that I formed based on both the urge to write another part for Nerves - read that HERE; though not necessary, I definitely recommend :) - as well as these two requests:

Newt and reader watch a scary movie. 😊

Hi! I just read Nerves and it was AMAZING! Anyway.. I was wondering if you could do a Newt x Reader where the reader is like horrified of this awful storm that’s happening and Newt comforts her? Thanks! xD

Word Count: 5350

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Halloween was finally here.

Not only was it your absolute favorite holiday, but it also meant that you had made it through your first two months of graduate school. And you had done quite well, if you did say so yourself. You were fully prepared to make a grand celebration out of it.

You really needed the celebration right now, anyway. While it was true you were doing well in school, it was costing you much of your time and energy. The rest of your time and energy was also consumed, but not with your schedule.

It was with a certain man, or more specifically, the lack of a certain man and the bitter disappointment you were feeling because of it.

You had met him on a flight back to London before term had started. He was kind, beautiful, and intriguing to you, so when he had asked to meet you again for coffee you had been ecstatic. The time you spent with him at the café only made your feelings stronger, and you saw each other again after that, at the same café, taking it slow and getting to know each other through conversation: piece by piece. By this point, you had fallen hard for Newt Scamander, the mild blonde-haired man with the shy smile and the freckles. You hadn’t even realized how hard until you had felt the harsh sting of rejection.

The last day you had seen him, around a month ago now, you had mentioned, hopefully, that perhaps you could finally exchange phone numbers to see each other for the next time?

You wanted to be able to say you had imagined his hesitation, but you were so certain about it. “Phone number?” he repeated, looking at you blankly.

“We don’t have to,” you said, face falling a little. You had read far too much into all of this. He had never used the word date, after all…your heart lurched with sadness and frustration.

“Oh, I…I just don’t have one,” he told you quietly, giving you an awkward smile.

That had been the first red flag. The second had come upon saying goodbye outside the coffee shop on the sunny but chilly street. “So…” you started, giving him a small smile. Waiting.

He had his gaze fixed on the street thoughtfully, then looked up at you with a brief smile. “I won’t be here for a few weeks,” he said. “I have something I have to do. For…my book.” He smiled, but you couldn’t shake the paranoid feeling that it wasn’t true. That he simply didn’t want to see you again.

“Okay,” you said nodding. “That’s great. Where are you going?”

“America,” he answered, with another quirk of his mouth upwards.

You smile at him kindly. “Good luck.”

“Thank you.” You both stand there for a moment, gazing back at the other. Finally, you caved and asked. “Will I, um, see you? When you get back?” You tried to keep your voice completely natural, no hopeful tone whatsoever.

He nodded with a smile, though his eyes were slightly troubled. “Sure.” He had turned to leave then and your heart had dropped; surely he had thought of the fact that he couldn’t contact you?

“How will you reach me?” you called after him. There was no keeping the hope out of your voice that time. He turned briefly and smiled again, a wider one this time. “I’ll find you,” he said decisively.

And then he was leaving again and you were hurting, feeling the incredible tightness in your chest. Your expectations were low, but you still couldn’t help having some. But when weeks passed without seeing or hearing from him (and after all, how would you?), it was still incredibly painful. Far too much so, in your opinion, for a man you had just met. You had just felt such a connection to him, and you thought things had been going well - had it not meant the same to him? Had you done something wrong?

You had been avoiding going out; your friends were asking if you were all right because you seemed preoccupied. The only other thing that could distract you properly from your broken heart was concentrating on school, so you poured yourself into it. But now you wanted to try and relax and have some fun that night at the party.

While the night was still young, you found yourself going home from the party quite early, staring mindlessly out the bus window as you waited for it to arrive at the stop on the end of your block. It had been a fun time, but your friends kept trying to play matchmaker, and you hadn’t wanted to drink there.

It was a good night to cuddle up with your cats and watch a scary movie. You preferred solitude most of the time anyway and besides, a storm was approaching and you didn’t want to fight your way home through it. You already could hear the distant sound of thunder as you stepped off the bus and began trudging toward your apartment building.

You found yourself passing by the Cafe Luisa, and you tried desperately not to let your thoughts fly to the man you had met twice there about a month ago, but you failed miserably. You avoided looking at it and frowning deeply, simply hurried by. A roll of thunder sounded again and you began to feel rain on your face. You peered up at the sky. 

The wind was picking up, and a proper storm was beginning. You were so glad you had decided to go home, but you thought nervously about all of the large, old trees around your apartment building that could fall, and trying to comfort your anxious cats from all of the noise.


You jumped and whipped around suddenly, instinctively, at the loud cracking sound. You were so certain that it had come from behind you, and it had not sounded like lightning or the storm.

It sounded like it came from an alleyway, the little alleyway right next to Cafe Luisa that you had just walked by and peered down. It had been an automatic thing to check, for safety reasons - you were a woman walking alone at night, after all - but you hadn’t seen a thing.

Now you froze, not even realizing you were holding your breath. Your heart was thumping hard in your throat, making it hard to think of anything but your own nervousness. You heard scuffling.

Suddenly, a small black shape - certainly not a human - was scurrying along the ground and leaving the alley. What was it? It looked almost like a platypus, only without the tail. It was black and had a beak, but otherwise you were too shocked and it was too dark to see what it was.

You wondered if you should back up or hurry off, but before you could budge, you heard a shout of frustration - a man’s shout - and the creature was suddenly in the air, moving slowly backward as if on an invisible line. Gold was flying out of a pouch in it’s stomach.

Your jaw dropped and you blinked very slowly to make sure you weren’t imagining this. It was impossible, it defied the laws of physics…

But the surprises weren’t over yet. Because then a man, a very familiar man in a blue coat that your brain recognized immediately with small explosions of excitement and confusion, lunged forward out of the alley to grab the creature out of the air. His lips were pursed in concentration and he turned for a moment, holding the struggling creature. You couldn’t see what he was doing, but when he turned back around he no longer had the creature; only a simple suitcase, exactly the same one he had carried onto the flight.

The flight. It was Newt.

He hadn’t seen you at first, but when he began walking out of the alley he did. And he stopped in his tracks, eyes widening. “Y/N,” he said incredulously, and then his face broke into a wide grin.

You didn’t smile back; you simply pointed a shaking finger at him. “How did you get here? What was that thing?”

“Erm…well, I took the bus.” He cleared his throat, staring at the street.

“You couldn’t have. I took the bus and I would have seen you. And I just walked down this alleyway and nothing was there. I heard a crack, and now here you are…” You trailed off, noticing that he was shuffling his feet, looking sheepish and avoiding your eyes.

You wanted to ask again what that creature had been and where it was now - had he really stuffed it into the suitcase? - but you could already tell he was going to be evasive. The rain and wind had picked up even more, and you shivered. You sighed, frustrated, the exhaled puff of air blowing stray strands of hair from your cheeks. Rejection spiked through you again, stinging you. “Fine,” you muttered, and you turned and began to stalk off.

“No, Y/N! Wait!” Your footsteps slowed and you turned around again to see that he had rushed to stand in front of you, still looking awkward. “I, erm…I was here to try and find you. I…really missed you when I was away.”

The hurt that had bubbled up in your chest just a moment ago clenched your chest tightly again, as you wanted to scoff disbelievingly at him. But when your eyes met his, your retort died in your throat. His eyes were still as lovely as ever, and they were burning with sincerity. It made your breath a little short.

You let out a shaky laugh. “Me too.”

It was silent for a moment and you were about to ask about his trip when the rain sprinkling down even harder now. The loudest rumble of thunder yet came spiking through the sky; you jumped and glanced up, frantically watching for the lightning…

“You don’t like thunder?”

Your eyes met his again, and he was watching you very intently. Embarrassed, you start to explain. “Um…well, I don’t love it, but it’s really the lightning that I have problems with. Bad experience a couple of years ago…” You trailed off in a mumble, eyes darting down to the street.

“I want to hear about it,” he said hopefully, a hint in his voice.

“And I want to hear about America,” you told him. “And whatever that black creature was.”

Again, the flustered look, the hesitation in his eyes. You were so confused from all of the mixed signals. But he just nodded and smiled at you, his eyes searching your face intently. “It’s still open, if you like,” he said, gesturing behind the pair of you to Cafe Luisa.

It was tempting, oh so tempting, to run in there with him just to spend some time with him. But you decided against it. You couldn’t drop everything and run off with him simply because he decided to appear. “I-I should get home. I don’t want to walk in this weather and my cats get afraid with storms too, you know.”

“Oh. Right, of course.” He lowered his head ever so slightly to stare at the ground, very clearly quite dejected.

The words tumbled out of your mouth. “You could come with me?” His head shot up, and for a moment you were terrified of rejection again; so sure you would see the hesitation back in his face and his eyes, and more words came spilling out of your mouth nervously, automatically. “You don’t have to, I was just going to watch a scary Halloween movie at home…”

It sounded more lame out loud than you had expected, and you wished you had just kept quiet. You felt horrified. But his eyes were not hesitant when you chanced a glance up at him. They were warm - happy, even.

A crack of lightning lit up the sky. It was far away, but not enough for you. You let out a small squeak of nervousness, and he stepped forward immediately. “I would love to,” he told you, and something in his voice made your heart do a cartwheel. “Lead the way.”

“We’re already almost there.” You smile at him briefly before resuming your walk home, Newt falling into step beside you. Your brain was whirring, trying to make sense of what had just happened and the fact that he was finally here, right beside you. You couldn’t think of a thing to say. Both of your faces were buried in your coats anyway, hiding from the wind and rain that was relentlessly pouring now.

Your heart thumping erratically, you pulled out the keys at your building and led him inside and up to the third floor to your apartment door. Keys jingling, you open the door and make your way inside, the blonde man right on your heels.

Your cats were there to greet you, but upon seeing a new man they hung back a little rather than wrapping themselves around your legs as they usually did. “Hi babies!” you called to them happily. They simply stared, observing the pair of you troop over the threshold and begin hanging up your coats. But then they dashed off, afraid of the stranger in their home. You laughed, then looked at Newt apologetically. “They’re shy,” you told him. “They’re probably hiding under my bed, but they’ll probably come out later to meet you.”

He had been staring off after them curiously, but then smiled at you. “All right.” You took in the fact that he was wearing a white, long-sleeved button up shirt and had pulled his sleeves halfway up his arms, and slight muscles were running up them. You turned away hurriedly, your face suddenly warm.

“Come on,” you said, gesturing down the hall. “Do you want some hot chocolate? Or tea?”

“I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

He followed you toward your kitchen, peeking around your apartment all the while. You became horribly self-conscious watching him look around, very aware that you hadn’t prepared it for company. There was something incredibly intimate about letting someone in your home, particularly him. He had now stopped to admire a photo collage you had made on a bulletin board in your living room, next to the door that led to the kitchen.

He gave you another smile that made your heart flutter ever so slightly, his eyes sweeping with interest across the board of various photos with friends, at parties, your family, of you on your travels.

You decided to let him observe - his presence was making you fidgety - and went into the kitchen to begin warming up some milk for hot chocolate. “Do you want peppermint schnapps in your hot chocolate?” you call, before seeing he was in the room already. “Sorry,” you said, lowering your voice. “I’m having some in mine, so if you like…”

“Sure,” he said warmly, watching you carefully as you bustled around your kitchen, again making you a bit self-conscious.

Rain was battering the windows hard now, and the wind was really howling. Large rolls of thunder periodically blasted through the sky and you tried to ignore the storm outside, lips pursed but hands trembling ever so slightly as you refused to look outside and wait for the lightning.

The milk was bubbling slightly now on your stove; you began mixing hot chocolate powder in and then went to pour it into two mugs, into which you had already poured schnapps. The kitchen suddenly lit up from a bright flash of lightning, and you almost dropped the pot.

Newt immediately stepped forward and took the pot from you. “Here, let me,” he said kindly, his hand brushing against yours as he took the handle from you.

“Thanks,” you said, blushing, and then turned to gaze nervously out the window.

“Tell me why you don’t like storms,” he said conversationally, his voice full of interest as he began pouring the hot chocolate into the mugs on the counter. His blonde hair hung partially obscured his face and you were momentarily stunned by him all over again when your eyes flew back to look at him.

“Why is it that you have to find out all of my strange fears?” you said, laughing a bit nervously.

He shot you a look as he walked over to set the pot into the sink. “I’d like to find out as much as I can about you.”

Again, your voice caught in your throat. The effect this man had on you was clearly not normal. You cleared your throat, still blushing slightly as you stepped forward to stir the contents in the mugs. “A couple of years ago I was visiting my grandmother. When I was walking home, I got caught in a thunderstorm.” Your eyes darted up to his; he was watching you, listening very intently. “I was walking by this lake, trying to hurry, when lightning struck it. The power of it…” You shuddered. “We underestimate nature.”

“I agree,” he said, nodding. “But you were all right?”

“Oh yeah. Everything just went completely white, and it was so loud. It was just terrifying because I thought I was dying. I was shot forward from the blast - landed so hard on the ground that I bit right through my bottom lip. Had to get stitches.” You laughed again, trying to be casual, though your eyes darted to the window. “It’s not that I’m scared, exactly…just, whenever I hear thunder, I’m always on the lookout for lightning. Waiting for the world to go white again.” You smiled at him and handed him his mug. “Hope you like it.”

He tried it, sipping it slowly, and then smiled at you. “Very good.”

You stood there in the kitchen for a moment, then said, “The couch is more comfy. I want to hear about America.”

“Could we, perhaps…catch up after the movie?” The tentativeness was back, the hesitation. He wasn’t meeting your eyes, only darting up to meet yours momentarily with a slightly pleading look.

You tried to hide your frown and hoped you succeeded. What was it that he didn’t want you to know? What was the deal with that black creature? Why was he avoiding your questions about America, and why wouldn’t he explain to you how he really had arrived in the alleyway? You had so many questions, but you also wanted to cherish your time with him.

And besides, you knew better than to pepper someone with questions when they didn’t want to be - it would only drive him further away.

“Sure,” you said brightly, ignoring the hard pit in your stomach. “Let me show you which one I’ve rented.”

You rummage in your purse for a moment until you find it. Newt takes it and looks at the art on the cover, quirking an eyebrow. “Looks dark.”

“My friend recommended it to me and said it was really scary, so hopefully she was right. I’m not even sure what it’s about - evil witchcraft, or something.”

Newt’s eyes flew up to yours, getting wider. “What?”

“Something about evil witches and wizards kidnapping people, doing horrible things and experiments. And then there are these people that are hunting them. She likes fantasy stuff.”

You took it back from him and went to go start putting it into the DVD player and turn on your TV. From behind you, Newt says, very quietly, “Are magical people always portrayed as evil?”

You grin at him before turning back to the remote and clicking the button to turn on the TV. “Not a big movie watcher?”

“Erm…not really.” His cheeks were slightly pink.

The menu screen popped up, brightening your living room with frightening images and scary music to accompany it. As if on cue, another boom of thunder sounded outside, louder than any other you had heard so far. Your apartment rattled with the sound, and you cringed.

You heard him chuckle and you glanced over. He simply grinned at you and patted the couch beside him invitingly. You didn’t need telling twice; you flopped on the couch beside him.

The movie began but you were only semi-aware of it. Instead, you were hyper aware of the man sitting on the couch beside you. His scent, the part of his arms that were showing, the desire to lie back against his chest or for him to reach for your hand again as he had on the flight. Over time, the two of you were beginning to scoot closer and closer to each other until your legs were comfortably touching.

The storm was progressively raging worse outside, making the atmosphere in the room even tenser. At some point during the movie, you squeaked and covered your eyes, anticipating something to pop out of the shadows; you squealed loudly when it did but also enjoyed it very much in the way that scary movies are enjoyed when they are scary.

Newt reached out, running his fingers across your hand before grasping it and squeezing it. Your hand was back in his again, and it felt like home. When you looked at him he was grinning, clearly enjoying himself. You also noticed just how close to you he was. All you had to do was lean forward…

The wind howled, and rattling noises shook the house as the trees knocked against the side and against your windows. Another loud rattle of thunder sounded, so close you knew the storm was right over you this time. You held your breath and it came; the blinding white light, so dazzlingly bright that you knew the lightning had to be very close by. But the whiteness was too much. You were suddenly alone again, walking by the lake and being thrown forward with the deafening roar, practically feeling the static electricity in the air. Thinking the world was ending, that you were dying…

You gasped loudly and buried your face in your hands, not remotely paying attention to the movie anymore. “Come here, darling,” you heard him murmur. Arms wrapped around you and pulled you close, closer than you had ever been to him. He held you tightly there, buried against his chest, muffling the sounds of the storm, and you were glad he understood. Your heart was also sprinting, hammering erratically in your chest at the contact. His scent was even stronger here. He smelled like earth, a musky smell that you found incredibly attractive. You loved the feeling of this and you never wanted him to let go.

He did loosen his grip slightly and you realized he was peeking down at you. Heart still thudding almost painfully, you move your eyes up to meet his, already mostly aware of what was going to happen. In a way, you both were. He was looking at you very tenderly, a small and shy smile stretched across his lips. Very gently, he brushed some hair away from your face.

Automatically, without thinking about it once, you leaned forward and kissed him, simply wanting his lips on yours. You weren’t disappointed; he was warm and wonderful, and he responded to you with a certain eagerness that melted away all of your previous concerns.

His mouth moved softly against yours and one hand moved to cup the side of your head, hand grasping slightly in your hair as he pulled you even closer to him. Tentatively, you moved both hands behind his neck and kissed him back even harder, even more desperately. He leaned forward, his hand steadying your back, as he laid you down on the couch while still kissing you, the movie long forgotten. You wanted to yank him closer so that his entire body was pressed firmly against yours, but you were momentarily distracted by his tongue, which he suddenly traced very lightly across your bottom lip, and by one of his hands, which had moved down to rest carefully on your hip.

You were so warm now, feeling like fire was surging through you. Again, he slipped his tongue against your lip and this time, you gasped lightly, allowing him into your mouth. Things were getting more intense by the second, your kisses deeper, your tongues both beginning to move sensually against the other, heat ravaging your body-


You both jumped suddenly and broke apart at the sudden noise, heads whipping over to see both of your cats suddenly sitting on the ground below the couch, staring intently. They jumped up on your chest and began purring at Newt, looking up at him in a clearly loving manner and wanting to be petted and noticed, to finally meet this stranger.

Newt’s face was flushed and he was breathing much harder than usual, clearly still snapping out of the intensity of the moment that your cats had just interrupted. You saw him peek over your cat with a grin, albeit a rather bashful one. Another blatant surge of affection and excitement rushed through you. “Really, you two?” you huffed. “Now is the perfect time to meet him, is it?”

Newt chuckled loudly, a throaty sound that made you want to pounce him all over again. He shifted back again to sit on the couch and Chester followed onto his lap, still purring like a little motor. Newt reached out to scratch him behind the ears and the cat closed his eyes and stretched out his neck contentedly. Your other cat, Sassy, clearly decided it was unacceptable that she was left behind and decided to join the fun, too. You had never seem them warm up so quickly to a stranger.

You sat up too, straightening your hair and trying to get your breathing under control. “They must really like you,” you told him, your own face still warm and blushing.

He glanced at you. “Are all cats not usually this friendly?” You frown ever so slightly, watching him suddenly very carefully. Something about his question, his movements, the look of excited curiosity in his eyes as he observed the animals on his lap wasn’t right. He was treating a common household cat as an anomaly. Like a scientist discovering them for the very first time…

You thought about the strange black creature, and how he had simply appeared in an alley. And then you sat up a little straighter, heart accelerating again as an idea popped into your head. “You’re not an alien or something, are you?” you blurted suddenly.

His smile slipped, and he looked at you very curiously, though you detected something else in his eyes. Fear. “No,” he said slowly. “Why do you ask?”

“You’re different,” you said immediately, finally certain of yourself. “As if you don’t know the simplest things. Like the money in the cafe; or now, with the movies or with the cats. And when you tell stories, it just seems…evasive. Or something.” You exhaled a deep breath. You hadn’t meant to say that much, and your cheeks were flaming as you hurried to sound less accusing as you took in the worried look on his face. “I-It’s not bad! It’s just, erm-I always feel like you’re going to just…disappear on me.” You laughed quietly, your gaze lowering and your hands twisting nervously in your lap.

He sighed, his forehead scrunching up. “I knew you would be able to tell something was off about me,” he murmured quietly. “That’s why I planned on telling you tonight.” His eyes were no longer meeting yours. He was frowning, staring down at your carpeted living room floor.

“You are an alien?!”

He chuckles, though it didn’t seem to hold much happiness or humor. Now he had many creases on his forehead; he looked very strained about something. “No,” he mumbled finally, looking up at you seriously. “But I am quite different than you.”

You weren’t entirely sure what to say. The wind continued to howl outside and the rain rushed against the windows as the room was silent for a moment, both of you just staring at the other.

You hadn’t been imagining things after all - something was different about him. But it couldn’t be bad. It just couldn’t, and you knew that. He was far too gentle and kind, and whatever it was, you couldn’t say you were afraid.

His green eyes flew up to meet yours and you could see the apprehension in them as he observed you there, waiting and unconsciously holding your breath. He sighed, and said, “It’s easier if I just show you. It’s going to seem very strange to you. Impossible, even.”

"Okay,” you breathed, nodding slowly.

His eyes flick around the room for a second, and then he whipped a stick out of his pocket. You only had a moment to frown at it in confusion before he had pointed it at something across the room and murmured, “Accio.”

A book sitting on your table suddenly lifted into midair and flew to the couch; again, like that invisible line you had seen earlier in the alleyway, pulling the coins backward through the air, defying physics.

He was right. It was something that should have been impossible. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t impossible, because the book that had been on the table was now sitting in Newt’s hands. You had seen it all with your own eyes.

Your shocked gaze lifted from the book to his eyes, which were watching you rather anxiously. You pointed a shaking finger at the book. “That was…how…?” That was the most you could say at the moment, too surprised to say or do anything else.

“I’m a wizard,” he said quietly, carefully, still watching you as if you would sprint away at any moment. “I can do magic. That’s how I appeared in the alleyway. That’s why I don’t understand a lot of things. I live in a different world than you.”

Your brain was having difficulty with grasping the concept, despite having just seen it happen before your very eyes. Twice, in fact. When, for a whole lifetime, something that previously had been fantasy suddenly becomes real, it still takes a while to process.

But you weren’t stupid enough to deny it either. Not only had you seen it, but you knew he was telling the truth. He looked so honest, so sincere. And you could feel that it was true.

“Do something else,” was all you whispered, needing more validation to know that you weren’t insane or that this wasn’t some strange dream.

Whatever he had been expecting you to say, it wasn’t that. Something flickered in his face, but then he smiled, a very small smile. He pointed his wand at Chester and whispered, “Engorgio.”

And Chester was suddenly huge; he was taking up the entire living room. Sassy gave a loud meow of protest and took off into your bedroom. Chester looked around excitedly and you only had time to let out a shriek of mixed shock and laughter before Newt had flicked his wand again and said, “Reducio.” His eyes moved back to yours, waiting apprehensively for your reaction once more.

You suddenly broke into a wide smile. "This is just…incredible! So, what exactly can you do? Tell me everything!”

He began to slowly smile, too, though his eyes were still a bit cautious. “You’re not…freaked out?” he breathed.

“Of course not,” you said simply.

His face broke into one of the largest smiles you had ever seen. "I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. And if I seemed strange. We have secrecy laws, you see. And I was afraid I would scare you off…”

Unable to wait another second, you suddenly grabbed the front of his shirt, pulled him to you, and captured his lips with yours all over again, rather roughly. After a moment of brief surprise, his hands came up to cup your face, his mouth responding to your movements. When you finally broke apart, you grinned at him, cheeks pink. “See? Not scared off.”

His breathing was slightly uneven and he looked a bit disoriented, though very pleased, when he smiled back at you. “Good.”

“I do have a ton of questions, though,” you admitted.

He took your hand and led you to sit on the couch again. Chester jumped back up between the both of you, purring again.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips against yours once more, very quickly and very softly. He smiled at you shyly - but you could also tell he was very happy - and you felt your heart swell with wonder and curiosity and affection for the man next to you, as you watched his eyes dart down for a moment and then back up to meet yours.

“Of course,” said Newt softly, wrapping his warm hand around yours again. “Ask away, darling.”

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Hello I'm one of your readers from qoutev from the story Love Or Obsession, and I would like to request a Jimin angst/fluff where Jimin gets angry and jealous that your not spending time with him and spending more time hanging out with Jackson from Got7. Love Or Obsession was really great btw❤❤❤❤👍👍👍❤❤❤❤

Sorry it took so long to answer! Thank you for your request, I really appreciate it ^^ You’re the only request I’ve gotten so far, so I’m sorry this isn’t perfect. I should’ve tried harder, but I hope you enjoy it. (Also, you didn’t tell me whether you and Jimin were in a relationship or not, so I decided to let you be in a relationship already, if that is not what you wanted, you can send in your request again and I’ll just write it over heh.) Anyway, here you go!

Jealous Jimin

“Hello?” you said, answering your phone.

“(Y/n)?” you heard your boyfriend say from the other side.

“Oppa, why are you calling?” you asked with a frown.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like Jimin calling you, but you had really not expected it. BTS was very busy with promoting their new album, so you didn’t get to see your boyfriend very often and mostly just texted when he had five minutes off.

“I’m home. We got to go home early today, but you’re not here. Where are you? I miss you”, Jimin pouted.

“Oh, I’m just in the city, getting bubble tea with Jackson oppa.”

You looked over at Jackson who was standing in line, waiting until it was his turn to order your bubble tea. You were already seated somewhere because the boy had insisted on taking care of everything.

“Jackson? GOT7’s Jackson you mean?” Jimin asked.

“Yeah. Oppa is ordering right now, so I’ll come when we’re done, okay?”

“Why don’t you come now?” the boy whined and you sighed because it was so adorable.

You started pouting yourself. “Because I’m out with Jackson oppa. I can’t just ditch him. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

“Okay…”, Jimin grumbled slightly.

You just thought it was plain cute though and hung up with a smile on your face, waiting for Jackson to make it to your table.

When you got home later that evening, the house was very quiet.

“Oppa?!” you shouted while taking off your coat and your shoes. “I’m home!”

“Jagiya!” Jimin whined while rushing from the living room into the hallway. “What took you so long?”

Jimin came up to you and hugged you tightly while you were still struggling with your shoe. You giggled in his chest as he knew you were having a hard time, but just held you tighter. “I’m sorry. Jackson had a lot to talk about and he’s just so much fun to hang out with, I lost track of time.”

“But I’m fun as well”, Jimin mumbled while hiding his face in your neck.

You snickered, but hugged him back. “Unfortunately, you have no jams, so I’m not sure.”

“Yah!” Jimin looked up and got out of your grip to look at you with knitted eyebrows and an angry pout.

“Just kidding, oppa”, you smiled and ruffled his hair while passing him. “I’m going to make dinner, so keep yourself busy for half an hour, please.” Jimin could be quite annoying when he was in a clingy mood and you had stuff to do, so you were clearly warning him because it looked like he was having one of those moments.

Jimin didn’t bother you however and you could make dinner quietly without burning anything (something that had happened a few times before due to a certain boy annoying you). When you were done and called Jimin over he, however, wasn’t lively at all anymore. He just sat there, seeming to be deep in thought and didn’t give any reaction when you put the plate of food in front of him. You realized that he probably had had a rough time at work lately and needed some love, and you felt a bit guilty. You walked behind Jimin and wrapped your arms around his waist, giving him a back hug.

“Tough day at work?” You asked quietly near his ear.

Jimin snorted. “Day, week, month… it doesn’t seem to end. I just wanted you to be home when I got here to give me a hug.”

“I’m here now.”

Jimin didn’t answer that, he just sighed. You hugged him tighter and pressed a kiss on his head. “Eat. We can watch a movie and cuddle when we’re done.”

It seemed like after that day however, BTS got even busier. Jimin came home later or not at all so you easily became bored as you were just free from University for about a month. You hung out more with Jackson because GOT7 was done promoting their newest album and were enjoying a break themselves. Whenever Jimin called you however, you just happened to be with Jackson and your phone conversations turned shorter and colder. It seemed like he didn’t really want to talk to you and he ignored half of your texts. So, even though he was acting strange, you decided to visit him at work one day. It was something you didn’t do often as you didn’t want to be a burden, but you had brought some bottles of water and energy drinks for everyone, hoping that the other members wouldn’t be so annoyed with your presence if you gave them something in return. You stood outside the dance practice room, hesitant and nervous about entering. You could hear the music playing though, so you waited until the song was done and in the few seconds of silence you quickly sneaked inside, hoping the next song wouldn’t immediately start. The door loudly slammed in its lock behind you, causing you to jump up in surprise and turn around to the sound. When you turned back however, all the boys were looking at you and Jimin quickly turned off the music.

“(Y/n)? What are you doing here?” he asked confused and annoyed.

You smiled sheepishly and held up the bag in your hand. “I brought drinks for everyone.”

It was awkwardly silent for a while, until Namjoon shrugged and walked over. “Need a break anyway”, he mumbled while he took a bottle of water out of the bag. He was all sweaty and smelled horrible, but you still returned a smile when he gave you one. Soon all the guys came over except Jimin. You looked at him while biting your lip nervously, but he just crossed his arms and stared intensely at you.

“Come on guys, let’s get out of here for a minute”, Yoongi told the younger members, clearly feeling the tension in the air. When the door shut behind them, your heart felt like it would explode any minute.

You put the bag aside awkwardly and got the last water bottle out so you could go over to Jimin and give it, purely to cross the distance between you two.

“Why aren’t you with Jackson hyung?”

You got startled by the question and stood up straight with a frown on your face, completely forgetting the water bottle. “Why am I not with Jackson oppa? Because… I wanted to… see you?” you asked, wondering if that answer would satisfy him. Was he being jealous?

Jimin huffed and looked away from you, but didn’t say anything.

“Are you… jealous?”

“No”, Jimin said harshly. He was jealous.

You sighed and walked over to him. “Oppa, there’s nothing to be jealous-”

“I’m not jealous!”

You shook your head and crossed your arms over your chest. “Can we talk like mature people who are in a relationship?”

Jimin looked at you intensely, clearly trying to hold back a nasty comment.

“Nothing is going on between Jackson oppa and me.”

“Then why are you hanging out with him more often than with me?! People might question who your boyfriend actually is, (Y/n)!” he yelled, exploding.

“Honestly, Jimin oppa, if that was the thing that bothered you then you could’ve talked to me way earlier. Why did you stay silent?”

“I hoped you would’ve known me good enough to figure out I wouldn’t like it. Why would I talk about it? You’d only find me annoying.”

It was sad when Jimin became insecure like this and you did feel quite guilty, you just hadn’t thought anything of it because Jackson was fun and BTS and GOT7 were friends, so you thought it’d be fine.

“You’re more annoying now. Why don’t you trust me?”

“I do trust you…”

“You don’t trust Jackson oppa?”

“No, that’s not it. I do trust him. It’s just… it’s not a great feeling when your girlfriend spends more time with your friend than with you. You always respond with ‘I’m hanging out with Jackson oppa right now’ and that makes me sad because I cannot even afford to spend time with you right now and knowing that someone else is doing my job-”

You walked up to him, clearly seeing how much it hurt him and quickly pressed a kiss on his lips. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make you feel insecure”, you said quietly and gave him another kiss. “I’ll hang out less with Jackson oppa. I love you, Park Jimin. I know you would spend time with me if you could, but I know that right now you’re very busy and I’ll wait until you have time. Just come home and give me a hug every now and then.”

Jimin smiled softly and stroke through your hair before pulling you close in his embrace and placing a kiss on your head. “Whenever I get to go home, I will cuddle you until you’re fed up with me.”

You smiled and hid against his chest. “Good luck. Prepare yourself to lose that battle, though.”

Jimin chuckled. “I love you, (Y/n).”

Come Back To Me - BamBam Angst

Requested: could I request a really sad BamBam angst?

Sorry if this wasn’t really what you were looking for, but you can always request something a bit more specific!! Hope you enjoy, lovely~ 

Genre: angst (sad) 

Summary: A breakup between you and BamBam (which you hadn’t enforced) and he realizes exactly what he lost. (Keep in mind this covers thoughts of you AND bambam. BamBam’s thoughts are labeled with ***)

You waited in a single file line in the noisy coffee shop, delicate sounds of pouring coffee invading your eardrums. You were swimming through your thoughts as you stood in the line, pushing the thoughts of your previous relationship away.

 "Next!“ The barista’s voice shattering your thoughts like glass as you put on a smile to greet him. "Hello,” you said softly before placing your order and giving your name. You walked toward a table in the corner, seating yourself on the slightly ripped leather seat. The glass window was fogged, and you used your finger to draw little designs on it before the same barista visited your table and placed the drink in front of you. “Thanks,” you smiled as you peered at a small tag on his shirt, labeled ‘Yugyeom’. He nodded and left you to ponder as a small bell from the cafe door rang softly in your ears. 


He pushed open the cold, metal door handle with his slightly calloused hands. The coffee shop he entered was now almost empty as people started filing out of the exit door, hoping to get home before temperatures started to drop even further. His tired appearance greeted the barista as he placed his order, not bothering to smile at him. The barista looked at him with pity in his eyes.

 Bambam looked at his phone, viewing his text message. The last text he’d sent read: ’I miss you’. Below the small blue message bubble was a word, colored in pale grey letters: ’seen’. He sighed and shoved his phone back in his pocket, gently taking his coffee from the barista’s hands with a timid “thank you.” Bambam brought his eyes up from his coffee to meet a pair of slightly red eyes from across the room. He stared into them like he did so long before. His eyes wandered to the girl’s hair, the soft hair that he used to play with while he was sat on the couch with her watching films. He glanced at her nose, slightly red with cold, and her lips, chapped and slightly red at the insides. So badly did he want to kiss them once more. To cuddle up beneath the blankets and peck her lips softly, even when they were chapped, and hug her until she fell asleep against his chest and in his arms. He never wanted to move then, hoping he could just stay there forever and watch her sleep, her chest slowly moving up and down, her eyelashes fluttering against her rosy cheeks as she awoke with a small smile.

 The images shattered as he heard the scraping of a chair against the wood, splattered with coffee stains. The girl pushed in her chair and quickly began to walk toward the exit door. 


You slung your bag over your shoulder as you walked toward the door, hearing footsteps behind you. You knew it was him, but didn’t bother to look back. You didn’t want to look back into his eyes, pleading for your forgiveness. As your soft hand rested on the metal handle to open the door, you felt a hand make a grip on your wrist. You turned back, looking at the male who stood behind you, looking into the eyes that you so badly wanted to avoid.

 "Please. I can’t lose you again. I know it was wrong. Please, Y/N, I need you to forgive me.“ Tears pricked at your eyes as you shared his stare for a moment before turning the handle and walking out, letting his loose grip fall from your wrist as he stood there, his coffee now cold and forgotten on the table. 


A tear streamed down his face as he kicked the side of his bed, sitting down, elbows on his knees and head resting on his hands. He stared at his phone by his side, begging for it to light up, pleading for it to show a text from you. 

 But it never did. All it showed was a blank screen. He shook his head, debating whether or not he should pick up the phone and apologize, pleading for you to come back to him, begging endlessly for you to forgive him and come back into his arms. Begging for you to let him call you 'baby’ again. 

 He wiped his eyes. He picked up his phone in his trembling hands, unlocking it and moving toward your contact, still saved on his phone. He typed his message, his finger trembling above the send button. He took a deep breath as he sent it. The message read: ’I miss your hair, your eyes, your face, your everything. I miss kissing your cheek every morning to wake you up, I miss how you would hug me in your sleep, and I miss how you would play with my hair. I miss you. I want you to come back to me, and I want you to tell me you love me. Again, and again, and again. I love you.’ And under the message, lay the small grey letters, ’seen’.

 ~Admin Han

Yêu [Suga]

{{ verb // to love romantically }}

You don’t have to say I love you to say I love you.

Fluff. Slice of Life AU. 2,103 words.

➵ inspired by Troye Sivan’s for him.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

I love you.

It is a mere common-place, frequently used phrase made up of simply three words, eight letters, two spaces, yet it never fails to make your cheeks turn pink, your eyes turn into crescents, and your lips turn into a smile.

Especially when it comes from your boyfriend.

Yoongi is sleeping soundly next to you as you look at him fondly, tenderly grazing your fingers across the apples of his cheeks and smoothing out the stray strands of his hair. He looks so innocent, dark eyelashes that frame his sleepy eyes now laying softly on his cheeks and a smile barely there on his lips. You gently trace your fingertips over his features and stop abruptly when his nose scrunches up. He lets a quiet snore escape between his teeth, and you giggle softly.

You love him with every fiber of your being, heart, and soul.

And while he rarely expresses the sentiment to you, you know he loves you just as much.

After all, Yoongi is the one who taught you that there are different ways to mean I love you.

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what makes you happy?

*The look in someone’s eyes when they talk about what they’re passionate about
*Laying on the concrete gazing at the stars
*The smell of coffee in the morning
*Curling up in blankets in cold weather
*Deep car conversations at midnight
*Looking down a window of a plane
*Rain pattering against my window
*The silence between thunder
*“I really missed you” hugs
*Hot bubble baths at 2am
*anything made of brick
*Kisses on my forehead
*Really long phone calls
*Graffiti on trains
*Wilted flowers
*Old journals
*You all.

Evak Drabble-- Prompt: Resolve

Okay, so Isak is willing to admit that maybe he was a little wrong in how he handled the whole Even situation.

But can you fucking blame him? You have this guy- this perfect, beautiful boy- that Isak had fell hard and fast for, that he had basically worshipped and who had allowed Isak to become who he truly was. But then this guy has a girlfriend, then he doesn’t have a girlfriend, then he does, then he doesn’t again but as it turns out, he’s got bipolar disorder and never thought it was important to mention.

It was fucking important to mention, okay?

And yeah, maybe talking to Magnus about his mom had greatly opened his eyes to what a dick he may have been in attempting to freeze Even out of his life (so so wrong, Even should always be in his life), but he was terrified okay? He had spent a majority of his teenage years watching his parent’s marriage crumble under the weight of his mother’s mental illness and the way the life just slowly leeched out from his father’s eyes.

He was fucking terrified.

But Even.

He really cared about Even and the thought that maybe Even was hurting because Isak was too much of a scared dick to talk to him about his illness- that Isak had let fucking Sonja (God he hates her) come between them… it destroys Isak.

Which is why, when he walked home, alone, like he’d been for the past couple of days, he pulls out his phone and pulls up Even Kosegruppa.

Hi, he types, I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Sonja said, Isak stops abruptly and deletes. He’s not a fucking child and he’s not going to blame her for his mistake. It’s been weird without you. I’m… confused as to what exactly is going on. But I’ve been reading a lot about like bipolar disease and mania and I talked to Magnus about a few things. I just- Isak deletes again. I miss you and I want to talk to you whenever you want.


Hi. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. It’s been weird without you. I’m… confused as to what exactly is going on. But I’ve been reading a lot about like bipolar disorder and mania and I talked to Magnus about a few things.

I miss you and I want to talk to you. Whenever you want.

Isak almost adds a heart emoji out of habit. He deletes it sadly, bud sends the rest of the message as is.

Isak clutches the phone during the rest of the way back, intermittently peering at it for any signs of reply. There were none and every passing moment, the panic inside his chest grows stronger.

When he gets home, he nods at Noora and Linn and books it to his room where he can wallow in peace. It isn’t until another hour had passed of him fucking around on his phone (by fucking around, he means reading medical journals about bipolar disorder because he will not be left in the dark again and leave Even to his ignorance) when he his phone dings with a new text.

Isak hold his breath when he sees Even’s contact.


Hey. Yeah, it’s been an odd few days. I’m sorry you had to be there to witness it. I know it’s not what you wanted.

You’re what I want, Isak mouths, staring down at the text. He’s about to reply when the typing bubble pops up.


I miss you. I wish you were here, but I understand why you’re not.

Isak cleared his throat in effort to staunch the formation of tears and a new sort of resolve strengthened in his stomach. He was shitty before and Even doesn’t deserve that. He’s going to make this right.


Are you home?


Yeah? Not feeling up to going out just yet.


I’m on my way.