i miss you baby~


Laaate birthday present for my dear @succulent-flower <3 looook turtle-cat made you a special succulent cake!!! \^O^/ (… errr was really Al taking a day off and borrowing out extra recipe books… but the baby pet helped!! >3<”)

Please don’t ever leave me.
Cause if you do I’ll start remembering every little thing, and I swear the first thing I’ll do is reread all the goodnight texts, all the “I love you’s”, all the “I miss you’s”, all the “my baby’s”, and darling I will rip my chest open with them until my soul is flowing on the floor
—  Late Night Thoughts, Please don’t ever leave me

“We were all created with the intentions of being great at something. Once you know what it is - own it. Don’t shy away. The universe will pick up the same speed it takes for you to change a negative thought into a positive. Some negative thoughts are embedded into our subconscious - you have to consciously make an attempt to change those thoughts. When you keep your change of thought stagnate, you hinder your growth. Keep your curiosity childlike by aspiring to know more. Then suddenly, you begin to do more. Then you become the person you’ve always wanted to be.” [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x].

- Mirjana Puhar
  [1995 - 2015].

We may not get to see each other everyday. I am unable to hold you in my arms every night. But my heart knows that you are the one, and I will never let go.
Fuck the distance, fuck not being in your arms, fuck the intangible reality, fuck the way we are forced to be separated, fuck it all, I’m done trying to fucking pretend that it’s okay when it’s tearing me apart. I need you. I fucking need you, and I can’t think straight when you’re not here, or when you’re gone, I’m never at peace with myself and I won’t ever fucking be until my arms are wrapped around you and my lips are on yours. I can’t fucking be here anymore without you, I can’t fucking take it. I can’t fucking pretend that the distance doesn’t hurt when it’s the only thing that’s stopping us. I fucking need you baby, and I need to see you fucking soon.
—  please

                                           Lies and Arbor gold, she thought.