i miss you around campus


4 Years, 4 Months ago, I met Jeff. Since the first day of school, he and I have been friends and turned into family. I love this lil fool and I’m so proud of him for graduating. There aren’t many people I know that work as hard or care as much as Jeff. Although he may be a tad unorthodox….okay a lot, all who meet him come to love him as well. So proud of you lil bruh, gonna miss you around campus, but I’m right behind you. Love you man and I thank the Lord that I met you! (And you know I don’t say things like this often.)  

The Young Graduate: @thatbuffcarrot

“Did you think much of my replacement over the past few weeks? I heard she was old and crabby. I guess you missed the cute, handsome nurse around campus, am I right?” Brodie gloated, joking of course. “I’m jet lagged, so don’t expect me to do nurse things until tomorrow.”