i miss you around campus

“Did you think much of my replacement over the past few weeks? I heard she was old and crabby. I guess you missed the cute, handsome nurse around campus, am I right?” Brodie gloated, joking of course. “I’m jet lagged, so don’t expect me to do nurse things until tomorrow.”

AU: Carmilla works at the library. I might try to continue this?

“Back again already?” The young woman with raven hair smiled, reaching to add more books to the pile she’d be re-shelving.

Laura smiled, removing her scarf and unbuttoning her coat now she was in out of the snow and starting to feel her limbs again. She couldn’t help but notice the woman’s wardrobe choice wasn’t exactly appropriate for the weather they were having, she hoped she had a warm coat as her shirt didn’t cover her midriff and hardly had sleeves.

“I didn’t realize I’d been noticed” Laura admitted, gesturing with her free hand as she continued. “What with the self scanners and book drops now, but hey, at least a machine can’t take over everything”

“I hope not, I enjoy the time I spend here” The woman glances around the library, a wistful look on her face. “And it’d be difficult not to notice you, we don’t get many scholars choosing to spend their time here, especially not when the weather is like this. I take it you’re not into snow sports then?”

The lighter haired woman chuckled, shaking her head.

“Definitely not, sometimes I struggle just coping on my feet let alone skis, and honestly, I’m just a bookworm. I always have been, there’s something just magical about the way you can read a page and have your imagination bring it to life” Laura blushed slightly, watching as the other woman’s eyebrow lifted.

“Please don’t be embarrassed, I completely understand what you mean” She smiled kindly. “One minute you’re in your room and the next you’re in some far away place where anything seems possible”

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