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“Home remedies” - h.s. Part 2

Part 1



Though the time and place for you and Harry to meet up had been planned prior to the actual event, you still found yourself nearly getting hit by a car as you jogged across the street in hopes of making it to the cafe in time. Harry watched from the window, openly chuckling at you as you dodged a couple of taxis and apologized by waving your hand in the air as an aggressive mum nearly flattened you. 

Of course, he was nervous as well watching you as you dashed across the street, but it was endearingly sweet to see your clumsy yet apologetically adorable ways hadn’t escaped you over the years. 

“I’m so sorry I’m late!” you gushed, busting into the small cafe you frequented quite often and throwing off your coat. Giving Harry a hug felt so natural as you both walked towards the line, but at the same time you couldn’t help but try to find that scent of childhood you recalled so strongly. Instead, it was replaced with a manly smelling cologne you were sure cost more than you wanted to know about. 

“It’s no bother,” Harry chuckled, “You nearly killed yourself to have lunch with me though.”

You gave Harry a look as he nudged your shoulder with his side, a small smile poking through your attempt at a scowl as you made it to the counter. 

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Always Far Away

Let Me Have Your Heart: One Shot Series - #29

(Past One Shots)


These next 3 months were supposed to be a break for him, and you suppose it had been, but not with you.

You wondered if he ever really dreamt about finally coming back to the home you two recently just bought together and be able to throw himself on his own bed that you two cautiously picked out.

You wondered if he ever wished he could finally hold you back in his arms after 4 months of not seeing you, but that feeling and wishing that you had spent your time mulling over was slowly dissipating when you got a call from him a week ago saying he’d want to be in LA a little bit to relax.

You wondered if he even loved his home. His home being you, and the physical structure of the house. You were never one to doubt Harry’s love for you, but why wouldn’t you when every time he was set to be home, he’d spend some extended time in LA before finally coming home to you.

Was he not happy with the life he had built with you, that he needed to find a way to escape, specifically being LA, where he could act as a single man and have fun every night with friends? You just wondered what pulled him away from wanting to be home.

At this point it wasn’t even you who just wanted Harry home. It was his family.

His mum had to let him go at a young age, the little boy she dreamed she’d have to herself forever, and now he was rarely home. Truth be told, you all missed him and you’d do anything for him to come home in a blink of an eye.


‘So how are you holding up my love?’ Anne questioned, placing your mug of tea in front of you as she sat in the stool beside you. You shrugged, bringing the mug up to your lips and taking a sip of the delightfully hot liquid as it trickled down your dry throat. ‘I just miss him is all’ you whispered sadly.

Anne sighed and nodded before swirling in a splash of milk into her tea. ‘I understand you my love, have you spoken to him?’ she questioned after a couple seconds. You shook your head. ‘I tried calling him last night before I was going to bed but he didn’t answer.’ You sighed looking over at her with sad eyes. ‘What if he doesn’t feel the same way about me anymore Anne?’ you whispered, putting your mug down as you forced yourself to look up at the ceiling so the tears wouldn’t fall.

‘Oh darling’ she whispered, bringing you into her arms and rubbing your back as you let out a muffled sob. ‘Baby’ she murmured, rubbing your back in a motherly way. ‘He loves you loads my love, I don’t think he’d break up with you’ she whispered. ‘Maybe he just wants some time away…’ she brokenly let out. You sniffled, wiping your eyes cautiously. ‘But why?’ you rasped. ‘I don’t know honey, If I knew I’d tell you…but I don’t know’ she sighed.

And that was the one answer you didn’t want to hear.

I don’t know.


You stepped out the shower, wrapping a towel around yourself when you heard your phone go off. You walked over to your phone and smiled softly when you saw Harry’s face on your screen meaning he was face timing you.

You pressed accept and held your phone up, face level so he could get a decent look of you. On the screen, he appeared looking at you with excitement like he’d just won a million bucks. ‘Hey baby!’ he cheered happily. ‘Hey’ you whispered, giving him a soft but fake smile.

You could hear muffled noise behind him and some music along with people’s laughs and muffled conversations. ‘How are you?’ you questioned, walking over to your closet to grab some pajamas. ‘I’m buzzing love!’ he grinned. ‘You should come out here more often with me!’ he whined over the phone, bringing what looked to be a bottle of beer up to his lips. ‘H, you know I don’t really fall for the LA life’ you sighed.

He groaned, licking his lips. ‘But it’s so much fun! The guys and girls have asked me to stay for a bit longer so I think my trip will be added to another week!’ he smiled.

You dropped your pajama shorts and shirt onto the bed and looked at him through the screen as you could literally feel your heart break. ‘Another week?’ you questioned. ‘Harry, you’ve already been gone for LA for two weeks…’ you sighed. He nodded, not really getting your point. ‘I know, but I asked you to come’ he countered. ‘And I told you I didn’t want to go.’ You replied. ‘Well whose problem is that?’ he scoffed.

You felt a tear prick the corner of your eye as you shrugged. ‘Right, I’m sorry I just miss my boyfriend who I haven’t seen over four months, and he wants to stay away from me longer. I’m sorry, it’s ridiculous. I’ll let you have fun with whomever you’re having fun with. Goodnight Harry’ you muttered, before ending the call and shutting off your phone and putting it on the night stand.

You couldn’t believe him.

This wasn’t the Harry that months ago was dying to be back home, in your arms and spend every second wrapped around you and simply being with you.

He was acting different and you simply didn’t know why.


My brows furrowed as she disconnected the call and I tried calling again but it went straight to rejection. I stuffed my phone into my back pocket and headed back into the living room to where all my mates were along with some girls I’d conversed here and there.

I sat down beside Ed and thanked the waiter who came over to me with another bottle of beer, popping the cap open and taking a sip. There was an opening of the door and everyone’s head snapped over to who entered, and there walked in. A tall, very well figured woman who he knew he had seen before, and when she closed the door behind her and flashed a smile to everyone in the living room his heart faltered to the woman he was sure he knew. 


‘Ed, why did you invite her?’ I grumbled looking over at him, trying to stall myself as she slowly made her way into the room. ‘Mate, I swear I didn’t, knowing you were here I didn’t invite her!’ he whispered, putting his hands up in defeat.

All he could think was how upset you’d be with him.


Harry stood in the kitchen, distracted on his phone as a waiter came to him from time to time offering him a variety of different appetizers which he gladly accepted and they went on their way.

There was a clacking of heels as he looked up and Nadine walked into the kitchen.

‘Well well well’ she chuckled, nursing the wine that was in her clear glass with a smile. ‘Who would think that I’d see the famous Styles again’ she smirked, coming beside him and leaning against the counter like he did.

He shrugged, turning off his phone and clearing his throat with a chug of beer.

‘So where is that missus of yours?’ she questioned, looking over at him. ‘Home’ he simply replied. ‘Look, I’d love to stay and chat but-‘she cut him off with a chuckle. ‘What, you scared to talk to me?’ she questioned with a chuckle. ‘Or is that lady of yours refusing you talk to me?’ she remarked.

Harry sighed, deciding not to further more the conversation and walked back into the living room and went over to Ed. ‘Listen mate, I think I’m going to rain check for tonight’ he sighed and Ed nodded understandably. ‘I’m sorry that happen mate, once I find out who invited her I’ll be sure to give em’ a piece of my mind’ he muttered. Harry shook his head and chuckled. ‘Not necessary, it’s all good mate. I’ll see you some other time’ he smiled, making his way out the house.

Once Harry closed the door, he let out a sputtered breath and groaned when he heard the door open. ‘Wait Harry!’ he heard a voice very familiar to someone he wouldn’t want to be hearing right now. ‘What’ he sighed, turning around. ‘I was just thinking, maybe we could meet up for lunch or something? I’m staying in LA for a while for some photo shoots and thought it’d be fun to catch up’ she smiled, walking over to him and danced her fingers on his shoulder and Harry gently pried her fingers away from him.

‘You and I both know that I’m in a relationship. A happy relationship’ Harry clarified. She chuckled and bit her lip. ‘If it were happy, why is she at home and you’re here? Clearly you don’t want to be at home with her. You just finished your tour and where was the first place you jetted off too?’ she questioned and Harry stayed silent. ‘Exactly…’ she muttered. ‘Listen, I got a new number so here’ she questioned, slipping a piece of paper in his pocket and he shook his head right as she was about to say something. ‘Just think about it’ she reminded, walking back into the house.

The only thing Harry thought about was what you were going to think when you saw this all over the news outlets tomorrow…


Harry knew he had to make it up to you once he’d gotten a phone call from his mum, worried about your relationship.

‘Whoa, slow down mum’ Harry sputtered out. ‘She thinks I want to break up with her?’ he let out confused. ‘Yes, she came over yesterday and cried saying how she thinks you don’t feel the same about her. Baby boy; please please tell me you’re not letting her go. Harry’ she sputtered out, worry consuming her.

‘Mum. I’m not breaking up with her!’ he let out. ‘Why do you guys think that?!’ he let out, somewhat feeling attacked and he didn’t know why.

‘Honey! You haven’t been home in over four months! Then right after tour, you decided to hop on a plane and jet off to LA! How do you think she feels about that? Huh?’ his mother questioned. ‘Honey, you better make it up to her before she leaves and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life because she is literally on the verge of breaking, and I’m seeing it happen right before my eyes baby’ she whispered.


You were wrapped up in your blankets trying your best to keep warm, as you snuggled down into your pillow trying your best to fall back into your slumber and you were glad it happens fast.

You stirred awake what seemed to be a little over an hour later and rubbed your eyes. A sudden need to use the bathroom came over you and you scurried to the bathroom to use the toilet. Washing your hands and pulling your hair up into a bun, you walked out the en-suite bathroom and let out a loud scream when you saw a figure you didn’t expect to see.

‘Holy fuck!’ you managed to sputter out. You placed a hand on your chest, as Harry slowly walked towards you and you tried to calm your erratic heartbeat. ‘Sorry for startling you love’ he whispered. ‘What are you doing here?’ you whispered, in pure shock wiping your tired eyes as he brought you into his arms and kissed your forehead holding you as close as he possibly could.

‘I’m sorry’ he whispered against your shoulder. ‘I’m sorry for not coming home. I’m sorry for not coming back to you’ he sniffled out. ‘I’m so sorry’ he whimpered as a tear rolled down your cheek, as it probably did for him too. ‘I’m sorry I made you think you were unimportant to me, and that’s my biggest fear. I don’t want you to leave me’ he whimpered out. ‘Please don’t leave me’ he cried, pulling away and looking at you intently and you shook your head. ‘I’d never leave you Harry’ you whispered and he let out a huge sigh of relief.

‘I’m just really upset’ you whispered. ‘When you told me you were going to stay in LA for another week I felt so…betrayed.’ You whispered. ‘And you looked so happy to stay…’ you continued. ‘I kind of felt like maybe you didn’t love me the same? Or you were trying your best to stay as far away from me as possible’ you whispered.

He cupped your cheeks, wiping your tears away and kissing your face and then your lips. ‘I’m so sorry…if there is anything I could do for you to forgive me I’ll do it’ he whispered.

‘I don’t want you doing anything’ you sighed. ‘I just want you to try and make an effort to be home more, I can’t force you but everyone misses you Harry. Not only me, but your family. H, your mum misses you like crazy, along with Gem and Robin…you have no idea’ you sighed.

He nodded; pressing multiple kisses to your lips and you couldn’t help but giggle. ‘I’m happy to have you home baby’ you whispered. ‘Believe me, I’m happy to be back’ he murmured against your skin.

He pulled away, bringing you over to the bed and holding you close. ‘Please don’t look at twitter or anything for the next couple of nights’ he whispered. ‘I already know’ you replied. He pulled away with worry in his eyes. ‘Baby, I swear nothing happen she just-‘he sputtered. ‘Relax’ you chuckled. ‘Ed already texted me and told me everything…relax’ you smiled, bringing him close and kissing him.


There was one thing Harry hated most and that was living so far away from his family.

You’d both recently bought a flat in the center of downtown London for you both to settle in. Since you were only dating, you decided that getting a house suited for a family could wait a while more and you were both happy with what you had, but the part that Harry didn’t like was that his family was 4 hours away in Cheshire.

So therefore, you wanted to surprise him. It took you a couple days to forgive his actions but you knew that if you were simply going to hold onto the grudge then your relationship would go downhill and neither of you wanted that.

So 2 days ago, you spoke with Anne to meet up and surprise Harry and have them stay over for a couple days and nights so Harry could finally feel the joy of having his family with him. So when Anne texted you that they had just left the house it were your duty to get Harry out of bed in about 3 hours and have him dressed and ready to go.

You made your way into the bedroom and crawled on the bed hovering over him and peppering his sleeping face as he let out a muffled groan and slowly opened his eyes, whilst squinting due to the sunlight. ‘Wake up’ you grinned, face right in front of his, kissing his lips sweetly. ‘Mmm’ he groaned. ‘I want to sleep love’ he mumbled tiredly. ‘I know you do, but it’s time to get up. We got things to do today’ you smiled. ‘But babeeee’ he whined, and you rolled your eyes. ‘Up or no more welcome home sex’ you smirked.

His head shot up. ‘But I like welcome home sex.’ He pouted. ‘Exactly, that’s why I’m threating you with it’ you smirked.  ‘By the way’ you mentioned with a giggle. ‘Why are we calling it welcome home sex when you’ve been home for a week?’ you giggled. ‘Mm the term makes it sexier’ he smiled lazily.

You shook your head with a laugh and patted his belly to hurry up and get ready.


‘Where are we exactly?’ Harry questioned. ‘Just this little café, thought it’d be nice to finally go out for some nice breakfast’ you smiled. ‘Oh that’s sweet love bug’ Harry smiled, and you blushed. ‘Okay let’s go’ you urged, getting out the car and locking the doors.

Locking hands with him, you made your way into the café and nonchalantly looked around the café and spotted Anne, Gem and Robin herded away in the corner and they smiled once you noticed them.

‘Hello, good morning, would you guys like a table?’ a woman asked by the door. ‘We actually have one already, but thank you’ you smiled. Harry furrowed his brow down at you, but you ignored him, simply pulling him behind you.

Anne, Robin and Gem slid out their seats and stood up and it took Harry a couple seconds to realize that they were standing there until you heard his breath catch in his throat. ‘Mum?’ he whispered. ‘Baby boy!’ she squealed, opening her arms and he crashed into her, making her figure loose balance but the smile on her face told otherwise and she looked as if she were about to cry.

‘It’s so good to have you home boy’ Robin grinned, joining in on the hug as you stood from behind smiling at them all. ‘Hey bugger’ Gemma smirked, bringing him in tightly. ‘I missed you’ she murmured against him. ‘Missed you too’ he murmured against her and let go.

‘Babe, did you arrange this?’ he whispered stunned at you. ‘I might have had a little bit to do with this’ you smirked.  He rolled his eyes with a playful grin and attacked you with a large hug and multiple kisses. ‘Thank you so much’ he murmured against your lips. ‘I don’t deserve you’ he whispered.

You smiled softly, leaning your forehead against his before saying. ‘I think it’s the opposite way around babe, I don’t deserve you.’ You smiled.


Hey babes! It’s good to finally be back! School had just started for me this week and i needed some time to catch up on sleep and i just wasn’t feeling the writing vibe :( But i’m back, so i hope you enjoyed this one shot! :) I took two requests and meshed them together since they were basically the same thing! (: But tell me if you enjoyed it and if you have any requests send them in right here ! Have a great day loves :) xox