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161021 ‘Books’ in Fukuoka Day 1 -  Yesung cried while singing the last song, Sky, because at the back, a Super Show video was shown. He said that he cried because he misses the members.

Yesung: “ My heart slightly felt like crying because a Super Show video was shown. It’s been so long since i’ve properly done a Super Show and did activities together with the members. Yes, i’m in a state where it feels like a long time since the members’ positions have been empty. That is why i always joke about the members, and asking to raise your hands if you are a fan of another member, things like that. If i make conversations that way, it is to express how i long for the members. Because i miss them.. “ (c)

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When Gavin has trouble sleeping everyone has a different process of dealing with him. Geoff gets them both roaring drunk and then they go out stealing shit (literally shit that one time somehow a joke about Ryan and farm animals ended with tons of manure in the garage). Jack sits him down and feeds him and makes him /talk/ through his trouble (Gavin really tries to avoid this stage. It involves *feelings* yknow) Ryan just creepily stares at him until Gavin throws up his hands and goes "WHAT" (1)

and then Ryan drags him off to the nearest animal shelter and they spend hours petting the dogs and cats (this close to adopting all of them but Geoff has a firm No Pets Allowed rule ever since last time). Michael shouts at him until Gavin gets worked up enough to shout back and then they end up in one of their ridiculous competitions that no one ends up winning but they both feel better after. Jeremy clings to Gavin until the blond gives up and goes to bed and falls asleep in Jeremy’s arms. (2)

you, my pal, are a blessing for my heart. this is so cute i can’t even begin to deal with it.

Gavin loves getting drunk with Geoff because its just like the old days when it when just them two. Stealing shit to survive, drinking the nights away because they could. Getting into all sorts of shenanigans, pulling drunken pranks, stealing anything that catches their eyes then forgetting about it in the morning. It brightens Gavin’s days and passing out from alcohol suffocates any dreams that could plague him.

Jack, bless her, knows how to actually help the problem. Gavin wants to hate her for it but he can’t deny that he feels better afterwards. She’s just so patient and listens to everything and KNOWS what Gavin needs. But talking about things is so emotionally exhausting and sometimes he doesn’t even have the energy to talk about things. So avoidance is better until everything implodes on himself and he can’t function at all and Jack drags him kicking and screaming to help him get better because she can’t stand seeing him so empty and tired.

AND YES TO RYAN AND GAVIN WITH CUTE BABY ANIMALS. ITS SO CUTE. They totally try to sneak in a cat once and everyone tried to keep it hidden from Geoff until he found it and gave it back. They all learned their lessons on keeping animals and its that Geoff is heartless

Michael’s way of dealing with everything is anger so it makes sense that he pulls Gavin’s anger out to. Gives him something to focus that anger on and a person who can hold his anger until Gavin spends it all up with words and fists and screams. They never hurt each other, though if whatever is keeping Gavin up is particularly bad they might wrestle a little. Using up all the pent up energy always makes it easier for Gavin to sleep and their “fight” sessions usually end up with a cuddle pile between the two.

And Jeremy. Adorable lovely Jeremy. Just knows that sometimes all Gavin needs is arms around him to hold him together. A soft body next to his to remind himself that he’s not that sharp. That he isn’t going to hurt them. And even when Jeremy falls asleep first, Gavin just listens to his calm breathing and knows that he’s alright, they’re all alright. Even just resting next to his soft boy makes everything feel a little better.

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so i know there are lots of fics based on movies and tv shows, but are there any based on games? preferably in which bucky shoots people a lot? thanks

YES there are some out there actually! These are all I know of but I’m sure theres more out there

Dark Star by Be_eating_you

Steve Rogers wakes up to an irregular banging sound in the distance. He is face down in a pool of what appears to be oil, and the android he designed to look like his long dead best friend is heavily damaged but trying to resuscitate him. Steve soon finds that he is missing time and he and the android Bucky are seemingly the sole survivors aboard a space station riddled with a deadly contaminant.

Fallout: The Winter Soldier by megazorzz

Steve wakes up in the post-nuclear wasteland after 200 years of cryogenic sleep. The country he knew, the land he fought so hard to defend is simply gone. Bleary eyed and aching, Steve becomes entangled in the struggles of S.H.I.E.L.D., a fellowship of five settlements that have banded together for protection and survival. Nicholas Fury and Alexander Pierce recruit his aid for Project Insight, a mission to unearth and restore a powerful aircraft prototype, one that could forever ensure the security of S.H.I.E.L.D.

With such firepower, S.H.I.E.L.D. could safely wipe out entire bands of raiders, mutated wildlife and ruthless raiders. Added to the mix is a merciless assassin shrouded in mystery. His eyes are blue and familiar.

What other secrets lie beneath the wasteland sands?

>>Hey, Punk by WhatTheBodyGraspsNot

Steve has spent most of his life in the infirmary, where everything is dull cream and off-white and worse than colorless. His escape comes in the form of a computer game, which he plays religiously—especially when he meets a character named Bucky. Because Bucky is different. Bucky is special to Steve.

Steven: You’re rude.
Bucky: I’m sorry.

»It’s okay.
»Get out. (Fight)
»Make it up to me. (Flirt)


I’ve walked with you
in wet shoes
while nature flexed its muscles
and saw the sun
and its glare over the tops of our
and when we sat together in them
there was electricity and
not the kind that people have
the better kind
that makes ghosts
and that stamps moments into your
that carries a rhythm like train tracks
and raises and lowers
the moon and the seasons
and our bodies
and I think about you every time I wash
my sheets,
I remember you every time I see
teenagers shouting for what
looks like no reason at all
and if I could go back
and do it again I probably
wouldn’t because
I think it would be easier on you
if it hadn’t happened
and before you give me a medal
let me add that there are also
selfish reasons,
reasons that I don’t want to get into
because if you heard them
you’d feel worse about everything
and I would start to miss you again
but I maybe would go back for
one night,
maybe one of the nights
when we
snuck out of our rooms
and lived
the adult life
better than we’re living it now,
one of the nights when
we sped past the delinquent pizza
places and hollow 24 hour gyms
in search of a secluded
parking lot,
some place
off the cops’ radar,
off of the city’s radar,
off our parents’ and
our teachers’ radars,
somewhere that wasn’t
marked on a map
that existed only in that
invisible and fantastic span of time
between 2 and 4 AM
where we could finally
wake up while everyone else slept
where we could
live our favorite
our legendary songs
where we could
cast off into the deep
and almost cut the line…

but the line was never
and here we are back on shore
with places to be
and with reasons to measure time,
with empty glasses
and sinks with dirty dishes
with leases and habits
and mailboxes that are never empty
what if we
tried it again,
what if we rallied against
reason and dropped our tools,
our last names,
our sanity and
ran naked back into
empty arms

This morning I saw a housing impaired man
sitting on a black milk crate
while sipping a 25 oz. beer.

After every sip he would open his mouth
& laugh to himself & every time he laughed
his mouth opened really wide & you
could see all his teeth were missing.

Something about his gummy smile
looked very comfortable to me.
Like it would’ve been a really good place
to nap. Like I could picture a small version
of myself curled up inside, wearing
a nightcap & sucking on my thumb.

I wanted to tell him, “Hey, I want to nap
in your mouth. It looks really comfortable
in there,” as a compliment, but I couldn’t
bring myself to do it for some reason.

& I got sad.

Like if I can’t bring myself to tell a man
I want to nap in his mouth then I sincerely
don’t know what I have to offer this world.

If anything at all.

So, my wife found two wasps nests in the shed. One looked active and the other looked empty.  So she knocked down the nest that looked empty and left the one with a waspy sentinel alone.

The next day she looked back in the shed and the spot where the empty nest had been there were two wasps frantically searching the corner for their missing nest while the other nest was sitting empty.  She knocked down the empty one.

What’s the moral of this true story?  Simple.


This was my real time response to her telling me about the wasps so anyway I suspect she thinks I play too much WoW for some reason.

Last night I had a dream, where Gem Harvest ended up being about Lapis and Peridot fusing for the first time, and I remembered all that stuff about Peridot missing Quartz soldiers or something like that (things that lead us to think it would be a Jasper episode -or at the very least see her-), so at the end of my dream there was Jasper, teary eyed and frustrated, yelling at their happy, healthy fusion: “Seriously, what tHE F U C K?!”. And I woke up. Thank you for your attention.

I wish you all a lovely Saturday! 😘❤️

I’m going to spend it with my family, I’ve missed them, even though I don’t live that far away from them I’ve not seen them that often since moving to my own flat. I love living on my own but it can be a bit lonely sometimes, so today I’m going to have a lovely dinner with my family ❤️❤️

Hugs x

Those photos of Vice President stretching his head out of his plants reminded me of this photo I have of Cleo when she was all healthy.
She always loved nosing around the glass to see if she could get a few wax worms out of me XD
I miss her, but at least she won’t be in pain anymore


dawwww look at that sweet little face omg… she’s so precious ;_;

I’m so sorry for your loss, it’s very hard but at least you had many good times with her as well! 


So this happened last night

I just

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Wow, um, I’m absolutely speechless. I can’t believe I’m finally here, it’s been truly incredible these past month. Under the cut are some people that have made my time here so much more entertaining, and I’m glad to be able to call my friends.

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OOC: Updates

Okay, so, the ‘reset’ didn’t work. I’m still sick. I’m gonna try some medicine I normally don’t, and if that doesn’t work, I’m seeing a doctor.

Also, anything else to do with Bitter’s birthday event is officially cancelled. I didn’t have much plans from this point on anyway (except maybe bringing in some ‘special guests’) so it’s not like you guys are missing much, but I’ll probably need some time to recover.

I’m sorry about all this. Things don’t usually get this bad, but at least there’s an event on Opal’s blog to keep y’all entertained.

- Tea!Mun

The Doepointe Disappearances

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader, Spirit (Briefly Suzy, Brad, Bill and Mom; Greg and Alex Doepointe – All OC’s)

Summary: Reader is a long time hunter. Travels through a town and hears about a case.  While working the case, crosses path with Sam and Dean.

Warnings: Missing children, language.

Word Count: 2246 (so much for this just being a drabble, lol)

A/N: This is for my 100 Follower’s Celebration.  My wonderful 100th follower is @p-b-and-cas and this was written for her. I hope you like it sweetie.  Blade Trinity is not one of my all time favorite movies for bad ass females, but for this it just felt right, so I drew some inspiration from Abigail.   This is different from what I have written in the past, so any feedback you can give will be greatly appreciated!

The Doepointe Disappearances

A four door sedan drives down a country gravel road outside of a small town in Indiana.  The sun is going down for the night as the couple in the front seat starts to heatedly dispute the reason for their trip.

“I just don’t know why we have to go visit your great aunt Lola, when all she ever does is complain about how the nursing home never serves the food she likes and describes in way too much detail her interactions with the man down the hall from her.  The kids shouldn’t have to sit through this.” A woman in her mid thirties protests.

“I understand, but she was all I had growing up and it really does mean….” her husband tries to reason.

“HAHA! I TOLD YOU I WAS BETTER AT IT THAN YOU WERE!  SUZY YOU ARE SUCH A WIMP!” A twelve year old boy yells in the backseat.

“OOOWWW!  MOM, BRAD JUST HIT ME!” Suzy, a seven year old girl with curly hair, screams.  

“NO I DIDN’T!” Brad loudly argues back.

“YES HE DID!” Suzy whines and sticks her tongue out at Brad.


“Or else what?” Brad snarks back.

“Or else the Doepointe Monster will get you.  It lives in that factory up there.” Mom points to an abandoned factory on top of a dark hill.  “It takes little boys and girls who aren’t behaving and they never see their parents again.” Their mom explains and sneaks a wink at her husband.

The kids quiet down in the backseat staring out the windows.  Mom and Dad return to finishing their conversation. When Mom realized it’s been quiet in the back seat for a long time, she turns around to check on the kids expecting to find them asleep.

“BILL, THEY’RE GONE!” Mom yells, tears quickly forming in her eyes.  Bill quickly pulls the car over to the side of the road and stops to turn around and look for himself.  The backseat is completely empty and there is no sign of the kids anywhere.

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(*´ ∇ `*)ノ heyooo good luck in college!! I start in the fall so im pretty nervous rn but i send nothing but good vibes ur way - can i request a scenario with lev where his S/O who was away for college returns for the holidays and hes so ecstatic <33

|| Aaaah thank you so much, college has been okay so far! But aaah this request. ;u; YES!!! <3 Oh my gosh hello sweeties I’m finally given the time to write so here you go, have some fluffy Lev so happy to his his s/o! Aaaaah I’ve missed writing so much, I’m so sorry I’ve been unable to do requests due to college and org work ;u; I hope you all enjoy this scenario! ||

There was always a reason to look forward to the holidays, but Lev found a reason to be more excited than he usually is.

The moment the door bell rings, he runs down and opens the door. His face lights up seeing you before him. Your smile makes him want to tear up out of pure joy, but he tries to keep himself from showing his joy as he pulls you into a crushing embrace.

“______-chan,” he murmurs, kissing you on the crown of your head.

You chuckle softly in response. Your eyes start to get a little glassy. “I missed you so much.”

Usually dates with Lev would involve going out, walking, eating at a great fast food chain or restaurant either of you have heard about from friends of yours, but here you two are now, simply lazing on his bed. Somehow you feel a little bad that you’re spending your first few hours with him like this, but from the look of things, he doesn’t seem to mind.

The silence ceases with the light squeak of the bed due to Lev’s movement. “Want anything?”

You turn to face him. “Ah… nothing.”

“Water? A snack? A cup of tea?”

You giggle a little. Lev has always been sweet, but he has always been extra considerate with you.

You then take hold of his hand, placing it on your cheek. The gesture takes him aback for a moment and his cheeks redden a little.

“I just want you,” you respond.

He lets out a hearty laugh before caressing your cheek with his thumb. Somehow even with the moment with you it all still feels so surreal. He can’t believe he’s grown accustomed to the fact your presence will be something missing often even if it’s necessary due to you being miles away for your studies.

But what he can’t believe even more is that he’ll be missing all this again once the holiday ends.

He tries to shake the thought away, burying his face onto the crook of your neck. His warm breath tickles you, causing you to whine a little due to the ticklish sensation. But you welcome the warmth either way as you run your fingers through his smooth silver locks.

You’re both just going to have to savor all this while it lasts, but you know you’ll be back in his arms again in no time.

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Lovely! I could just scroll through your posts for hours ❤️

Awwww, thank you, sweets!! ❤️ I really DO intend to get back to the inbox here eventually; I’ve been dealing with some pretty crushing depression this past week (for a long time, really, but this week has been especially bad) so reblogs have been serving as my coping mechanism. I know my blog is a bit of a hodge-podge, courtesy of my myriads ships and headcanons, but hopefully it all combines to present a pleasant dashboard. I’ve got 15,000 (yes, you read that right) potential reblogs in my draft box plus several hundred Chrome links in my “Tumblr Reblogs” bookmarks folder, accumulated from my long and frequent Tumblr absences, so I won’t be running out anytime soon. ;) But if it gets old or weird or dull or offensive (I always stress about posting something even minutely NSFW, which in my case is almost always a slender black-haired woman in a tasteful/artistic state of undress that evokes overwhelming Katniss feels), please let me know!

East Liverpool, OH | October 9, 2016
A police officer holds a drug pipe up as he searches a teenage drug user’s room. The mother called the police after her daughter vandalized the family car. She asked and invited the police officer to search her daughter’s room and take out whatever drugs he found. “Im tired of her using and I don’t know what to do about it…. Just take it all..” Found inside the room were numerous pieces of drug paraphernalia - pipes, bottle caps filled with water, burnt and missing spoons (the mother complained that all her spoons were missing) even ratchets from a ratchet set used to drain heroine into syringes. “Don’t touch anything in this room without gloves,” said the officer, “the carfentanil can kill you… [but] you are enabling your daughter by letting her come back and living here.”

Shot #onassignment for @time

#opioidepidemic #drugs #reportage #photojournalism

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