i miss you all the time

Bts Suga as boyfriend, husband and dad.

Request: Can u do smthg like how suga, bts and jinyoung got7 as bf, husband and dad??? Wht u call ‘em??? Sorry if it’s too much…



He would at least try to be the best boyfriend. He would want to spend his every free moment with you. If he was busy but he missed you or you missed him he would call you to come to his studio just to watch him work. He seems like a quite possessive person so he would get jealous easly. He wouldn’t want to go viral with your relationship till he was sure that you are perfect for eachother. Which means until marriage.


I think that at first he wouldn’t change much but after some time he would start to be more careless about your relationship. I mean that he wouldn’t want you to come to his studio or be as despite in spending all his time with you because now you are his and he now lives with you. The problem would be that he weren’t usually at home. He would still get jealous tho. His lack of care would change after you told him that you are pregnant. (Or after you convinced him to adoption)


While the baby was still in your belly he would already have bought all the supplies. He became Yoongi from the period you were just dating. After the baby was born he would be all over him/her. He would even drop some work just to be with his most two (or three or idk) precious things. When the time went by the baby was slowly getting older and he was growing more like the time from before the baby. He was getting more distant. Not as much as before but still.

Okay so don’t hate me for cold hearted Yoongi. I just feel like he isn’t really good at keeping relationship at the same level all the time. I don’t know if this makes sense 😅


Nile: And what I’m saying is, Jasper- what we have is enough. This is enough. Stay awhile, and you’ll see more clearly.

Jasper: Am I always like this after I return?

Nile: Yeah, most of the time. Actually, all of the time. 

Jasper: Hey now- 

Nile: Let’s just watch the sunset together. I’ve missed this. 

Don’t hide your eyes

Don’t hide your eyes,

show me the color

of your skies,

the sensation of every

breath you take,

if there is one,

let your lashes

touch my face,

for I have turned

myself to pain,

you have given me

the tightness in my cheeks.

Don’t hide your eyes,

I have filled you

with my soul,

if you seek me outside

of your fruit,

you will not find me,

if you will close your eyes,

I am with you,

this love needs you,

this heart pounds,

all that I can pray for,

if only God could grant

us our better favor.

I told myself,

every time I miss you,

I was never silent,

for this thoughts are loud,

they loved you,

they always have been working

their way through you,

all they asked is for you

to return the favor.

-Chuck Akot

a little update:

hi loves! These next couple weeks or so are going to be extremely hectic for me due to all my work for college! I just wanted to let you guys know what I’m working on in-between essays/research papers/finals haha

  1. Steve Harrington x reader; tensions and angst run high in this one forcing Steve to admit his feelings 
  2. Loki x reader; it’s the first time the reader sees Loki since he’s gone missing…and he hasn’t come back the same
  3. Tom Hiddleston x reader; after a very interesting interview the reader and Tom decide to catch up at a cute little breakfast joint!

Alright guys I’ll keep you posted!! I love you alll!!

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One day, one rhyme- Day 1425

There is a treehouse in the wood
That I’ve always adored.
I used to spend so much time there
Whenever I was bored.
It had a funny yellow door
That never really shut,
It seemed the door jam and the door
Just didn’t quite abut.
It had a sturdy ladder tall
But missing sev’ral rungs
And with just the right running jump,
And healthy heart and lungs
You could just grab the bottom rungs
And if your arms were strong
Could pull yourself up to the house
To spend all the day long.
There was a hole up through the roof
Through which to watch the stars
And a small table like a desk
To write childhood memoirs.
Those days that are so far away
They’re almost like a dream,
But nights like these, it feels they are
Far closer than they seem.


Simblrs, hi! 

Still around and breathing.  I am enjoying time off and went for a long walk outdoors yesterday and had a nice run today.  I don’t know what I was up to in ts4 or in ps, but well I like it. 

I am missing Mazen…so I might go into ts3 and take some more screens to continue the story this weekend. 

I’ve missed you all and I look forward to catching up on the dash.

the thing

It’s been a year

It’s been a full year, it’s been three and a half months since we spoke 

seems like plenty of time for just friends but it’s fucking not. it’s not when you care about someone more than yourself. it’s not when you care about them for no alternative reasons, you just plain care. 

you’re not thinking about me right now. this is just another day for you. i know you don’t think of me at all, you don’t have nightmares of me, you don’t wake up crying because of me, you aren’t still affected by me. you do not miss me and i doubt you ever did. 

it just really fucking sucks because i am no moreover you than i was 3 months ago and i know damn well you were over me far before i ever left 

so like  ᵘʰʰʰʰ  i’m back i guess?? (it’s just like like me to randomly reappear without warning at 12 in morning lmao)  but i probably won’t be remotely close to how active i used to be bc ya girl is a working citizen nowadays and no longer a deadbeat loser just a loser and i’m honestly tired 25/8 and will prolly only have free time to play on the weekends so like ya but it’s swell to be back i missed you all can’t wait to try and catch up on all the wonderful content i’ve missed these past few months hope you’re all doing well feel free to send me asks and chat with me and such i’d love to catch up with you pals

anonymous asked:

I just recently moved in with my BF and I am slowly harboring these feelings of resentment towards him, because I feel like our relationship is just me doing shit for him. Grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning. And it’s just like okay what does he do for me consistently? I’m having a hard time answering that. He is selfish. Low key I miss being long distance. What should I do?

I can’t tell you what to do.

You need to talk to him. Communication is key to fixing things that are bothering you.

A couple of questions you need to ask yourself is “do I want to deal with this long term”, “can I see myself without him?”, “is my life better without him?”

I wouldn’t ask these questions unless I have done all I can do and I am just fed up.

Whatever your answers are you need to make a decision on whether the relationship can continue. No need to waste time.

anonymous asked:

(23f) I was raised by a single parent. My dad and uncle used to make me have sex with my cousin starting at 10f, he was 13m and they let people pay to watch us. When I turned 15, he took me for the first time, training me. (He even took my door away, lol.) by the time I was 17 there was at least one client a day. I miss it all, I'd go back and do it all over again.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Prepare for trouble ! Make it double !

Ahaha I wanted to draw Fubuki with Hakuren’s uniform this time !


, I hope you’ll like it :)


!!! OH MY !!! You missing my drawings is the best thing I read for DAYS ! Thank you so much, you’re such a great artist, I feel so blessed ! <3 I’m still really busy but I doddle a lot on paper and then clear it on my computer so it takes less time. Thank you again <3

Thank you everyone, actually, I see all your sweet tags on your reblogs and it’s so cool ~ Oh, btw I’ll post the next part of the Sleep Catcher during the week end ! ;)

Recently, I’ve been having a yearning to play Skyrim again - the first game I ever played, the one that made me a gamer, and one I haven’t touched in a couple of years since I discovered more roleplay-heavy games such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age. The Steam sale tempted me, so I went ahead and got the special edition for PC, recreating my first Dragonborn, J’shana. Wow, I’ve missed her.

I might post updates on my progress as I go along - the first time I played J’shana I didn’t even have a concept of roleplaying, so she had no personality or backstory. In the years since, I’ve fleshed her out fully, so it’ll be interesting to re-experience her playthough with all her characterisation in mind.

Just in case anyone wants to follow J’shana’s progress, I’ll put her backstory below the readmore so you won’t be totally lost when I bring it up in any later posts…

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This is your reminder that boycotting Black Friday involves a level of economic privilege that many don’t have! I love that many of y’all are “opting outside” but please don’t shame people who can’t afford to make many of their year’s purchases today. And if you’re out shopping, be super kind and patient - the people who are working today are tired, overworked, and missing time with family and friends.

So... I’m back... (:

First of all, can I just say that the feeling of having this url back is the equivalent of a wrapping up in a fluffy blanket straight out of the dryer. And I missed y’all very very very much. Like so much. Like I had whithdraws. Like I thought my damn head was going to explode. I really love y’all. I hope y’all come back to me cause I miss my internet fam bam

Alright so now I think I should let you know what the hell imma do. 

tbh I don’t even know but I know that I’m in the process of finally finishing Small Towns and The Intern. And with the exception of those and the two things I’ve already reposted, I’m not gunna bring any old stuff back. Imma just focus on new stuff. Okay good talk. also note to self: next time you decide to leave, dont be so damn dramatic… you’ll be back.

HUUUUUGE shoutout to @zzzanarchy for being kind enough to give this url back. this feels so damn good. 

A New Chance (Part 2)

Warnings: Mention of shitty father, that’s it I think

A/N: Enjoy :)


part one

You broke a rule. It was fine though, you just broke the one rule your mother enforced. You didn’t call her when the movie ended and you fell asleep on the couch next to Connor and Zoe. This may not turn out to be so great

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I try to protect people too much sometimes, and I don’t realise the scars left on myself

Those people I protect have to leave at some point

And I miss them

They don’t miss me but I miss them; I remember them because of all the wounds I’ve endured for them

The wounds heal so quick that you can’t tell I’ve been hurt. By the time someone new comes along, the wounds are all gone physically

It’s insanity, isn’t it? Repeatedly doing something with the same result.

Protecting the ones you love- then getting hurt so badly without realising- abondonment- and then the cycle continues.

What is my purpose? To be a recyclable shield until the luster disappears? If that is my purpose, I guess I’m okay.