i miss you a lot tabi

26. Wolverine

I figure we’ve had a lot of Charles love, so why not try a spot of Wolverine to keep you on your toes? I mean he is a precious babu who just needs a hug after all. So have a little piece of my darling (Nope, I’m not obsessed, what are you talking about?) Happy Reading!


I saw him pull up on his motor bike outside the school from the window of my room. I always missed him when he was away…. My heart always longing, only resting for the brief periods when he was here. I ran down the stairs to see him. See him and his smile, and hear his satirical “hey bub”… See he was ok.
As soon as I reached the bottom, he was standing there, unbuckling his helmet. I ran to him and threw my arms around him and hugged him tight.

“Hey bub” he said with a laugh.
“Hey” I laughed back.

“I got you a present” I raised my eyebrows. That was different.
“What is it?!” I asked excitedly. He took my hand and led me outside. On the back of his bike lay a second helmet. I jumped up and down and turned to him. “A helmet?! OH MY GOD CAN WE GO FOR A RIDE?!” I all but screamed. Logan laughed and nodded yes, which only led to me jumping up and down again.

“Calm down, bub” Logan laughed and grabbed my hand again.

“I can’t, I’m just so excite……” Logan cut me off with a kiss.

“When I go…. I… I hate leaving you. Now you could come with me always?” His face was firm and tough but I could see behind his eyes how much all this meant. I smiled, and stroked his cheek. I had been hiding my feelings for so long, but now I realised… I had never needed to.

“Yes, yes… I’d like that. A bit of adventure.”

I jogged over to the helmet, letting go of his hand for just a moment. I picked it up and put it on. It fit perfectly. I walked back to him and grabbed both of his hands. “When do we start our new life, ma amigo?” I asked.

“Now.” He chuckled, and I laughed too. Life just felt so good.